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Catch Cher Jones on the #PirateBroadcast

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  Russ Johns 0:29
Welcome to the pirate broadcast. And I'm just so excited today cause we get we just asked, Cher and we have all the answers today so it's amazing. Welcome to the pirate broadcast share. How are you?

Cher Jones 0:44
Arrrrr. It's great to be here. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I'm sure it's not.

Russ Johns 0:49
Your a pirate now, You don't have to help it.

Cher Jones 0:52
I know!

Russ Johns 0:52
You're already here. You're pirate material now.

Cher Jones 0:57
That's right.

Russ Johns 0:59
So Welcome to the show. For those that don't know, Cher, I just really want to have you take a moment and tell us you have a show you have a weekly show on Tuesday happens at 5pm Pacific Standard Time, 8 o'clock eastern standard time. And this is something you've been doing for a while and you've had LinkedIn live for a while and you have a YouTube channel and you're, famous across the interwebs. And, , I just love the format and the layout that you have. And I just want to get into that a little bit. But first, I want people to know a little bit more about Cher and what you're doing and how you're doing and let them get to know you from your perspective.

Cher Jones 1:45
Well, I'm super excited to be here. like we were just saying off camera. It's so cool to actually have a conversation with somebody you feel like you've had a conversation with because I've been watching your show you watch mine. I feel like we know each other but this is the first time. This is the first real conversations. This is exciting. For those of you who are meeting me for the first time, I have a social media training company. And I specialize in the personal brand for business. And so what I mean by that is, yes, there's a lot of social selling training, for example, but then there's the rest of the organization that, especially now more than ever, we are recognizing that our personal brands mean business, and we actually need to figure out how to present ourselves online, and then how to be social in a business context, because there's such a huge disconnect. So I've created training programs as well as coaching programs who do a lot of corporate training and coaching programs on teaching people how to be social for business so often their corporate leaders or influencers in a company, so they are subject matter experts. They're in sales, they are naturally socially active. Employees who have influenced so then they share it They have the reach that they'll get much more authentic reach and content than what the major corporate account gets when they share something. So there's this wonderful opportunity for organizations to recognize that instead of having your employees look like they're looking for a job, how about repositioning them so you know what they do and how they can help the people they're meant to serve, whether internally or externally So in a nutshell, that's what I help people do is I help people shine online, in their gifts and how they serve in their in their roles, and help them be social in a way that's going to move their business goals forward.

Russ Johns 3:41
That's interesting. A couple of nuggets that you drop there that if you could, as a business owner, shine the light on your employees and tell people how awesome they are. Emer who's someone I enjoyed, follow? Did it post the other day and he said nobody wants to work with a nobody. Everybody wants to work with somebody, right? So if you can be the authority, if you can be visible and you can shine your talents and your skills and your team's skills that gives you that gives you an advantage in the marketplace and the ability and the opportunity to be in front of more people because of your visibility and your the knowledge of transfer that you're putting out in the world.

Cher Jones 4:36

Russ Johns 4:38
Yeah. And it's a skill that a lot of people have not yet quite understood and adopted yet. So what are some things as smaller business owners that are might be challenged right now, with the current situation? What are some worth? I'm just gonna just ask Cher.

Cher Jones 4:57
Sharing is caring.

Russ Johns 4:59
Sharing is caring and the reality is there's probably some baby steps that we could all take, try to put a little polish on our profile. And what does that look like in most cases for people, what's something you see over and over again that people can improve on?

Cher Jones 5:17
there's a few things that I think are so that are game changing. Because here's the thing, every time we we pick up the phone, call somebody send somebody an email, leave them a message, invite them to a meeting. And if they don't know who we are, the first thing they're doing is they're checking you out. So when they land on your profile, this is your opportunity to give them the language that you want them to either think about you or use to refer you so that they know that this is who they're dealing with. So you have you have an opportunity to prime the pump right now. And people are not taking advantage of that because most people especially if we focus here, if we focus on LinkedIn first, which I think is where everybody should really focus their primary efforts, just whether this is their money, whether LinkedIn is their money network or not. And I'll explain that later. But they need to make sure they have a presence that explains what they do and how they serve. So like I say, most people show up looking like they're looking for a job. But yet they're not. We only look for a job between 5 and 10 times in our lifetime for most people on average.

Russ Johns 6:24
It's not something we do on a regular basis as a hobby.

Cher Jones 6:27
Exactly. And if we're on LinkedIn on a regular basis, why do you want to look as good as the last job you applied for it with a new title? Right?

Russ Johns 6:35

Cher Jones 6:35
Let me know what you do now. So the first thing that I always encourage people to do is look like their profile picture.

Russ Johns 6:42

Cher Jones 6:43
Like that is huge, because the minute someone's looking you up before a meeting, or trying to find you at the conference, or looking at you in the crowd watching you speak and they're like, wait, you don't even match you just lied, right? You just started our relationship on a lie.

Russ Johns 6:58
This is a lie.

Cher Jones 7:00
Exactly. And now I'm distracted because I'm trying to figure out Oh, okay. And then it's like, that's a distraction. So whatever you just said, I'm still trying to worry about the distraction of you not matching. But anyways, besides that, the next opportunity is get rid of that blue background. Just get rid of it,

Russ Johns 7:21
MMMMM. The header.

Cher Jones 7:22
Put something up that cover photo and that's what they call it, that header photo, just get rid of it. It's amazing!

Russ Johns 7:28
I put up more tutorials on how to do that simply with Canva.

Cher Jones 7:32
Exactly. Canva is a God sent.

Russ Johns 7:36
and it's like so simple, so easy for many of us to be tha not everybody's technical. And not everybody wants to learn those types of skills. However, it doesn't take very long it can make a huge difference in the world,

Cher Jones 7:54
right? And it's just an immediate snap. It's like a blink judgment, right? So it's like a Malcolm Gladwell thing. You blinking is like, okay, you feel like you're somewhere. And then the next most important thing is that headline. So I'm a fan of making sure your titles in the headline and that's it's, there's no right or wrong with this I love a title, your current title because people want to put you in a box. And that's my argument they want to know what you are. A lot of people just have a statement, which is totally fine like a like a branded statement, a promise statement of how they help and serve, which is great. I'm a fan of having them both. So that's my thing, because I really feel that when I look people up, I want to know,

Russ Johns 8:33
there's always two schools of thoughts.

Cher Jones 8:35
Absolutely. And neither of them are wrong. It's just a preference. Right? And then the next part and this is the most important part, but only for the people who actually need to know about you because most people never go beyond that branded part. Like your your picture your cover photo and your

Russ Johns 8:50
headline. I think 85% of them are just looking to make sure that you're actually a real person. it's like okay, I received this message from someone

Cher Jones 9:00
Yeah, and they look them up. Yeah,

Russ Johns 9:02
What do they what's their deal? Who are they working for? What was their gig?

Cher Jones 9:08

Russ Johns 9:08
That's really for 80% of the population, that's as far as they go?

Cher Jones 9:14
Absolutely. But the people who are going deep are the people who need to know. Right?

Russ Johns 9:19

Cher Jones 9:19
And we make decisions based off of what we know. And we say no to what we don't know. So at this point in that about section, this is your opportunity to now tell people how you can help and who you help. So most people start off talking about themselves. And for me, I believe that because you've already told them about yourself in your headline, you have that promise statement, you have the you have your title. Now let's flip the script and talk about the people you help with. So what you have to do to land their attention is that first sentence really has to be around the problem that you solve and not about You. So it's a generalised statement of how of what the problem is that you saw. So for me, it's like business has a social media has completely changed the way we do business, we look people up, we do this, we do this before we take their phone call their email, blah, blah. So that's the first thing. So I'm laying out what the problem is. And then I start to introduce myself as a corporate social media trainer, I help and it's literally that summary section that about section which is what is what it is now called, is an elevator pitch to who you are to the people who need to know more about you. And so that's why you need to really get a grasp on your target audience. So you know, so they'll know the main area that you work in how you help and it doesn't it doesn't always have to be external client facing can be internal. You could talk about a team you could talk about if you're an HR, talent coming in and and how stressful that can be, but what you do as this person I do this so that my company can find the best talent? And then or whatever the you know, I'm just making this up on the spot. But then the next paragraph, that's when you start to talk about yourself, that's when you're like, and here's why. Basically you're saying it's not my first rodeo, here's why I am able to

Russ Johns 11:21
it's an Epiphany Bridge in the story.

Cher Jones 11:23

Russ Johns 11:23
And so, here, this is what I do, this is how I help this is how I can help you why I'm qualified to do this.

Cher Jones 11:35
And you see it and it's not that deep, like when you actually see it, and and love and love your linkage around the Epiphany bridge. That is a really good way of positioning that because it's like, you have to bring that person to the point where it's like, oh, and I'm in the right spot. This is the person and here's why.

Russ Johns 11:57
Messaging is so important.

Cher Jones 11:58

Russ Johns 11:59

Cher Jones 12:00
Absolutely. And that when you give people and this is the strategic side of it is when you are invited to a meeting or when you're inviting people to a meeting, follow it up with a LinkedIn request. Or, if you're already connected, just send them a note saying looking forward to next week's meeting. Right.

Russ Johns 12:18
I love the power of a DM.

Cher Jones 12:19
And the reason is you're putting your profile in front of them, and you're priming the pump. You're getting them ready so that when you walk into this meeting, they already know how they want to work with you. They're not trying to figure out who you are.

Russ Johns 12:34
Yeah, it's obviously changed. And in messaging is going to be key video, I think is going to be equally important and absolutely impactful. And I the one thing that I really encourage people to do or understand is that if you're not if you haven't adopted some level Video in some of your business part of your business, any part of your business to communicate and get that message out. I think you're falling short of an opportunity because it used to be that way back in my day it was this idea that, yeah. Oh, you have a website. Oh. And then it became, what's your website? right that the expectation was is you have a website. It's not if you have a website. Now the expectation is, that you are on social media.

Cher Jones 13:36

Russ Johns 13:37
Where do I find you on social media? Is the question more and more, and business owners, even the business owners that I have, as clients? Mm hmm. Say we don't really do business on social media. Well, your employees are all connected with people people do business with people. back to your original point Cher this This whole process of highlighting the employees of your business in all the wonderful skills they possess, you hired them for a reason. If you can organize this specially on LinkedIn if you could organize your company page and all your employee profiles to generate interest and impact in the community, put some really creative content videos out there that highlight your business. I mean, game changer.

Cher Jones 14:30

Russ Johns 14:31
Game changer.

Cher Jones 14:32
Absolutely. So be listening out there like is this something that's huge because especially when you can teach your pro your employees to position their profile that not only highlights them individually but highlights how they serve your customers or how they serve with from within. And these are huge. These are significantly important things because you're our presence online impacts not only sales, it also So impacts talent retention, because if you are co creating with these employees who are glad to be there and you're creating something that's pushing people out the the mentality behind it is that you're working together This is there a part of it, that loyalty is embedded into these actions. And then because you're part of something, and that's what we're recognizing, now, if people want to be a part of something you want to belonging in there. And then so you've got retention, but you've also got talent attraction as well, because they see the talent. So employers used to be in some of them are still quietly afraid that Oh, if I teach my employees how to use LinkedIn, they're gonna go somewhere else. It's the opposite. It's like, I want to work with that guy. Oh, that guy's on your team. That guy looks awesome. That'd be awesome to work with and being able to put create, as you said, co create that content with branded employees who know how to distribute the content, as well.

Russ Johns 15:58
The attraction factor is is amazing when you start to generate this what I call the the flywheel the attraction flywheel

Cher Jones 16:08

Russ Johns 16:08
It's like the traffic circle. It's a process long before Gary Vee had this idea of purchasing stuff. It's like, this whole concept of being able to take a piece of content and utilize it with your team, and then continue to share it out is is just, I mean, I can't explain the value to people that haven't experienced that. It is amazing. And having corporate experience and training experience, you could probably you could probably, well, obviously validate that point. So,

Cher Jones 16:46
Absolutely. And I mean, it's just something that they as as marketing teams start to recognize the distribution value that they can get when they have more socially active employees. Who knows What they're doing because the problem is is right now they're told, start using social media.

Russ Johns 17:04
Yeah. without any Guidance

Cher Jones 17:06
Without any guidance or very The only guidance they get is don't do. And that's not telling people what to do.

Russ Johns 17:13
That's not inspirational

Cher Jones 17:15
No! it's scary. Because no one and then that's the other thing is it this is not an inherent talent that everybody gets, they can just know how to position themselves strategically for work, be social for work, they're just practically figuring it out on their own time, on their personal channels. So now when you've got something on the line, when you've got your reputation, a visual version, like is that like literally a visual version of your reputation, it's right there. It's like people are scared, and then they're not doing anything because they don't want to get fired. They don't want it but instead of empowering them with the how, and focusing on things like relationships, and understanding how important that is, and it's not about The swinging the pitch the connecting the pitch, you know what I mean? Like, that doesn't work either. Yeah. Yeah.

Russ Johns 18:05
And not everyone. I mean, we're kind of unique because we're, I would I would consider some of the people that are setting examples in and pushing boundaries and going live and doing these things that most people are unwilling or when,

Cher Jones 18:26

Russ Johns 18:26
And because we're probably in this you probably see a lot more live videos like I do, because that's what's in our feed and seems like that's what gets attracted to us. But there's a lot of people out there that are not doing it. They're not even putting out content.

Cher Jones 18:43

Russ Johns 18:43
Well, it's part based on the analytics and information I receive these post as, and it just boggles my mind that people are not putting themselves out there, telling their stories sharing that information, and that's what the pirate broadcast is all about. love talking to interesting people doing interesting things.

Cher Jones 19:03
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 19:04
Finding out okay, well how do you do it? What are you doing? Why do you do it? You know? What? So what brought you here Cher what? What was it that what evolved you to this position? I mean, what was the spark in social media that decided I think I'm gonna do some social media I think I'm gonna video

Cher Jones 19:23

Russ Johns 19:24
What the where the heck did that come from?

Cher Jones 19:26
Well, um the cool thing about my my road to this is I well you don't know but I've been on LinkedIn since like 2004 like I'm on LinkedIn. OG, and I've actually like Original Gangster on LinkedIn. Okay, so I've been here a long time. And I also have been doing social is so crazy because how much time has passed. I have been in some way or another social media training since 2011 2013. When I left my corporate PR job, full time, government, corporate PR job full time to do this in 2013. So it's like, I've literally been at this game for a while figuring it out and create and focusing on that personal brand for business. So in that space, and it's what's interesting is I started my career. So this is such a culmination of all the superpowers that I've been amassing over the years. So I started my career,

Russ Johns 20:31
And didn't realized there was an intersection, did you?

Cher Jones 20:33
Not at the time, but that's what I love doing is I love helping people because when I realized it, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is awesome. And now I get to help people connect the dots to distinguish

Russ Johns 20:46
helping people I care about.

Cher Jones 20:47

Russ Johns 20:48

Cher Jones 20:49
And also to like, help them feel awesome about their journey and tie together those points that distinguish them from anybody else who has the exact same title as them. So I started In my career in sports broadcasting, and I, yeah, I did. And this is again, like I this is not my first rodeo like I was telling you before, I may appear objects appear younger than they actually are, because I'm going to be 46 this year. So I just started my career, like, almost 20 years ago. And I worked for the rappers for five years as a pre and post game producer. And I did some honor work with our national broadcaster because I'm Canada, CBC. I have worked as a in marketing, and then I worked in corporate communications and PR for the City of Toronto. So what I have is I have all these different communication lenses that I get to layer on just social. And I've naturally always been into tech and social media. I was using my space before MySpace was even cool. You know what I mean? So it's since 99. I've been using social right it's something that I've always see I've always looked at the opportunity to figure it out. And my last job before I jumped into this, I was working with the City of Toronto, I was managing communications for an entire I was responsible for communications for an entire division, like their strategy to execution and everything in between. And the one thing that I saw is, this was the time where governments were starting to realize, hey, social media, this is something that's happening, this is a thing. We don't know what to do yet. So what I did is I developed the first social media training program for all the communicators in the city. And the city is there's like 140 at the time when I was working there, so I developed that first training program. I was like, I told my, yeah, I heard that they were starting to develop a policy. And I said to my manager, I said, Listen, I gotta get a seat at that table. So by the time I left the city, if you Said share Jones, you said social media in the same sentence, because that's that's when I realized I didn't even have that term personal branding yet because that wasn't even a thing. And that's where all these things start to come together and make sense. So,

Russ Johns 23:15

Cher Jones 23:16
Yes, yes.

Russ Johns 23:18
That's interesting. Yeah. I mean, our backgrounds are I always tell people, if you have a conversation long enough with somebody, you'll always find a thread.

Cher Jones 23:29
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 23:30
I used to work for the Sonics. Radio broadcast television,

Cher Jones 23:35

Russ Johns 23:36
Outdoor advertising. And when I was in Houston, I was running radio stations and broadcasting all the high school varsity sports and the Sugarland skeeters, baseball League, and this is all these little experiences, these little episodes of what am I going to do with this? How, where's it going to go what what's gonna happen with this? All of those experiences you accumulate to the skills we have today? And just like yourself being in that environment, being in growing and developing skills brings you to where you are today. And people realize that. I mean, you make it look so easy, right? You make it seem so seamless, and hopefully your experience to be on the pirate broadcast was pretty painful

Cher Jones 24:27
It was Awesome. It was awesome!

Russ Johns 24:29
And I make it as simple as possible, because not everybody's as technical as you are. And so it's really an opportunity to be broadcasting to be sharing to be producing content.

Cher Jones 24:45
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 24:45
It's very simple way.

Cher Jones 24:47
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 24:47
On your show, I want to shift gears a little bit before right before we wrap it up. You don't use I'm curious what platform you use because I love the slides that you come in and bring in it I use e cam.

Cher Jones 25:01

Russ Johns 25:02
And I was wondering that reminds me of E cam or even before that was OSB

Cher Jones 25:08
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 25:09

Cher Jones 25:10
OBS Yep.

Russ Johns 25:11
And I'm just wondering, what's your preference? What's your platform?

Cher Jones 25:15
Well, I use stream labs OBS so it's a it's layered on to that but then all of those graphics this chick right here I designed everything like it's all custom built like everything. So my brain

Russ Johns 25:30
But you bring this slide you slide them in and out.

Cher Jones 25:33
Yeah, yeah, no, I designed all of that myself.

Russ Johns 25:35
Okay, so

Cher Jones 25:38
See this is not my

Russ Johns 25:40
The timer is pretty cool.

Cher Jones 25:40
The timer. Yeah, so I found this like countdown clock timer. It's like just pieces because with stream labs, it's kind of like Photoshop. You can layer things in like you have you build it, what they call a scene, and then your OBS and you just, it's very technical. And I always tell people listen, I worked in a live broadcast. environment. I went to school for journalism. I like this is not my first rodeo. And it's not my first streaming rodeo either. I don't know if you remember Google, I'm sure you remember Google Hangouts on air. So I had a show. And I was a co host and a producer. And I was like, the whole back end producer of all the graphics, and that's where I start to figure it out. And yeah, and I just wanted I wanted something so unique and so different, and I wanted to produce a show. I didn't like how you have a show there's beginning middle and end you know where you're going, you have things set up. There's a there's a high level of professional polish to what you do. That's the same thing I wanted that to I wanted to stand out so when when people talk about LinkedIn live to bring up your name, right? They're bringing up your name, Russ their bring they absolutely are I see you You're always mentioned the conversations, they talk about me they talk about a few others, because we went that broadcasting route and we wanted to show and what's interesting right now, this is the coolest thing ever is there's a show out of Canada called the social and it's just like a it's kind of like the view our version of the view. And they are all do Skyping in to do this and I'm like, this has completely leveled the playing field because they are doing no different from what you are doing right now.

Russ Johns 26:11
Oh you watch the TV right now? I just had this conversation last night he watched the television now when everybody's at home in quarantine, and we're all on this same kind of platform. It's like television to Dotto there's exactly and i have always I've been I was way early. I was way early, because I used to be on Blab and I used to I used to stream to you know YouTube early on when you took a little bit of technology

Cher Jones 27:51
on air. Yeah,

Russ Johns 27:52
it's like holy, you know, this is finally at the point where you are the media.

Cher Jones 27:59

Russ Johns 28:00
You are The brand

Cher Jones 28:01

Russ Johns 28:02
You have a message to share it out people in your circle of friends want to be inspired by your stories. And they don't want to just do it over a phone call once in a while every three weeks when you decide to pick up the phone, they want to be inspired all the time. And it doesn't take a lot of effort and it doesn't take a lot of energy. And and I really, and that's why I built the pirate syndicate. So I can actually offer assistance to those individuals that don't have the technology don't have the interest in learning the technology andjust want to be able to share and be able to connect with their

Cher Jones 28:44
Love it.

Russ Johns 28:46
And it's just it's a super, and the pirate broadcast is the platform. All this technology and then

Cher Jones 28:52
100% Absolutely. That's one of the reasons why I picked up Google Hangouts On Air way back in the days because it was like I need to learn this? I was like there is no way else my cousin and I we had a show called The Lori and Cher show hacking into awesome. So very similar concept in the sense of just trying to find people are doing awesome things and hack into it. Yeah, so long ago.

Russ Johns 29:13
Your YouTube channels.

Cher Jones 29:15
And I'm so like, when I look at that now and I look at the live format with the beauty of the live format is, for me is for its force consistency.

Russ Johns 29:26
Yes, yes.

Cher Jones 29:27
It makes you show up because people are waiting for you. Especially when you said you're going to be there. And this is the one that you don't get caught up in editing, you get caught up in prep, sure. But once you go live your live, and you just gotta roll with it.

Russ Johns 29:41
I have trained a team of people that I get up, I show up I do the show.

Cher Jones 29:47
I think that's awesome!

Russ Johns 29:48
Everything else is done.

Cher Jones 29:49
That's where I need you to level up to your game. I'm telling you, Russ I need to level up because seriously,

Russ Johns 29:56
I just and the whole point my whole brainstorm My whole idea was this concept of if I can do a show every single day, I've got 140 shows now on live, which I don't know if anybody else's done that much live,

Cher Jones 30:14
Not to your consistency. Your Fire.

Russ Johns 30:17
I mean, I'm booked through April. I'm booking me May right now.

Cher Jones 30:21
It's so crazy because I know when I was booked I was like, Whoa, three weeks. Okay.

Russ Johns 30:26
Yeah, is awesome. And it was kind of a crazy time because I think we had connected earlier and it wasn't the right time. And I came back and I sit down. Okay,

Cher Jones 30:38
So glad you did. Thank you.

Russ Johns 30:39
Come on. Gotta get on. Gotta get on.

Cher Jones 30:42

Russ Johns 30:43
I am kind of curious because I'm wondering what's happened Ang said, Good morning, everyone. Happy April Fool's Day.

Cher Jones 30:50
Hey Ang!! You know what I remember looking at the calendar and remembering that was April Fool's Day, and then I forgot. Thank you for the reminder, I wonder who I'm gonna play joke on.

Russ Johns 31:00
Well, the joke is on us, apparently because I had been watching the feed here on LinkedIn.

Cher Jones 31:06

Russ Johns 31:07
And nobody, nobody's here.

Cher Jones 31:09

Russ Johns 31:10
so I don't know. It says 1 person.

Cher Jones 31:14
Let me take a look because sometimes it's just it shows up or it doesn't. Yeah.

Russ Johns 31:19
Because it's like I'm a little curious here. Like we've been on for a little while, and it says 59 comments 104 views but the comments are not coming up for me.

Cher Jones 31:37
Right and not even right now. None of your when I look on your calendar, or sorry, on your profile, and I'm looking for your activity, I came on your activity right now, so might be something up with LinkedIn. So all of you guys commenting. We appreciate you.

Russ Johns 31:53
All the gratitude in the world.

Cher Jones 31:54
All the gratitude in the world. Oh, yes.

Russ Johns 31:56
I love that. You're here. I love the pirate broadcast. And now that you're pirate I have a pirate group, that pirate broadcast group that I share extra content in.

Cher Jones 32:08
Okay. I'll jump in.

Russ Johns 32:11
And I just I just really appreciate the fact that we're here and we can have this conversation because I think there's a lot of people that are out there that are in transition there are going to be in transition for a while and there's an opportunity for people to be creative. When boredom sets in creativity erupts. So, use that time to learn a skill.

Cher Jones 32:36
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 32:37
Grade your skill set. Understand that there's an opportunity in the future waiting for you. And if you take the time to improve what you're doing, rather than just not do it.

Cher Jones 32:55

Russ Johns 32:56
Be positive everyone. I just want to be able to put that out there.

Cher Jones 32:59
100% now's the time because I mean, there's two sides to this story. Right now there's a lot of devastation, there's a lot of pain and there's a lot of suffering. And most people are feeling both. And then there's a lot of opportunity in the chaos. And they both these both worlds exists simultaneously. So it's like, what's the better what's the better offer right now. And if you can turn your focus as much as the other offers, still exists like that negativity, it's there. And we can acknowledge it there and acknowledge it as being there. But turn your focus to the better opportunity, right? Because that exists too. So is trying to find some some being creative in the chaos like creating this opportunity, finding that opportunity in the chaos right now because it does exist and it's hard. And the thing is right now, what I can just tell everybody in your network and who's watching right now is that most people that you see on LinkedIn you can reach out and just ask them a question like we are in everybody's in giving mode right now. Yeah. Yeah, the everybody that I've seen everybody that I'm connected to and we both have very large networks, and they're in giving mode and we see a lot of content going out there. And if you are in dire needs, if you just need a conversation, if you need an idea, like you just need to bounce an idea off of somebody, don't think that sometimes you might have to request more than once and it's not because they're ignoring you. It's just because they're busy or whatever, but just leverage the relationships you have and ask.

Russ Johns 34:36
Another thing I'm doing is I'm putting out some outreach people to share a story

Cher Jones 34:44

Russ Johns 34:45
something of inspiration, share something that you're feeling. So we can actually share some of those things on here and publish because not everybody's willing to get in front of the camera, online and Voices still need to be heard, show the emotions and the feelings and the inspiration needs to be published. It still needs to be shared and I'm doing outreach for that as well.

Cher Jones 35:12
That's Awesome. And I think it's such a great tactic for creating content and this and also for developing relationships with people that you want to get a little tighter with. And so, just for those of you guys watching, you've never seen what my broadcasts so my work is a little bit is significantly different from Russ's in the sense that mine is a one woman show me but what I'm doing most here for the most part, thank you. I do miss the interview format. I do a lot of love having conversations with people.

Russ Johns 35:44
You can always come back, now that you are Piraate.

Cher Jones 35:46
Absolutely. And, but what I do is I share a lot of tips on that whole side of employees and entrepreneurs not knowing how to be social for business. So it's all about the tips. I'm giving tips every week. How to be social. And what you can post content ideas, I break down content I like I break down, like what I call a scroll stopper. So if anything made me stop scrolling, I break down the why so that you can take the same lessons in the why, and apply it to your frame of reference. So there's a lot of help out there. There's a lot of content out there. There's a lot of amazing creators on LinkedIn. Whether it's learning from stories in this type of format right here there's so much to be had and learn from stories and if the comments were going we could even get into your questions and stuff like that, but I'll be back promise

Russ Johns 36:38
I've been doing webinars on how to utilize video as well. basis so just free webinars for people out there that are curious or really want to be able to do something.

Cher Jones 36:51
There's a lot of free content to get you started.

Russ Johns 36:54
Yes! Yes.

Cher Jones 36:55
And then you invest when you feel that this is the strategy forward for you. And that's it and that's why the good content creators, the good teachers, the good coaches out there, they will put it out there so that they can bring you along the path to make a decision whether that teachers for you or not,

Russ Johns 37:12
Yeah, we never run out of abundance, remember that.

Cher Jones 37:15
Yes, exactly, exactly.

Russ Johns 37:17
Cher. This has been a phenomenal time and I know that I've taken a little bit more of your time than I normally do. However,

Cher Jones 37:25
I'm appreciative

Russ Johns 37:26
It's April Fool's Day. So

Cher Jones 37:28
You get extra!

Russ Johns 37:31
You get extra tips.

Cher Jones 37:33

Russ Johns 37:33
Just ask Cher. If you're not connected with Cher, connect with her on LinkedIn and just take a moment and watch the show cast the show on Tuesday. It's live and I guess April Fool's Day is on us because I'm it's like they turned me off or something. I don't know. But

Cher Jones 37:52
No we'll find it Well, guys, we mean you both will jump into the comments of the live show after goes on replay and we'll go and respond to everybody. So if you guys got questions? Put them in there? We'll answer them.

Russ Johns 38:03
Yes, absolutely. And reach out. And let us know if you have any, if you need assistance or have any questions in the future as well. So,

Cher Jones 38:12
For sure, Thank you for having me.

Russ Johns 38:14
And also Kindness is cool. Smile for free. And you enjoy the day. Thank you so much Cher.

Cher Jones 38:23
Thank you for having me. Appreciate it.

So we are we were on LinkedIn I checked.

Russ Johns 39:00
We are on LinkedIn.

Cher Jones 39:02
Yeah, she's good. So I'll go

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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