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Russ Johns 0:04
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

What a happy day to have a Friday,

isn't it?

Anna LeBaron 0:26
Yes, I so excited to be here.

Russ Johns 0:29
I'm so excited to have you and have a conversation. We were actually getting a little carried away before the show started on.

Anna LeBaron 0:35
I know I was like I need to rein this in and save it for the broadcast. I don't know how long this goes. I can literally talk for hours and I haven't had a lot of social stimulation. Just be prepared and grab a beverage and let's settle in for a long chat.

Russ Johns 0:55
Hang on and just enjoy the ride. Today we have Ana, correct

Anna LeBaron 1:03
Anna Baron. Yeah,

Russ Johns 1:04
Anna Baron, I just wanted to make sure that I got that right. Anna has an amazing story and I'll allow her to expand on that story. However, I think the most prominent thing that we want to talk about is what you're doing to really bring joy in other people's lives. The result of your journey and how you got here is really about the fact that you're helping authors promote their book and having been in marketing for a few years and I know that growing up, you were out door to door selling and some of the things that go along with that, and always having the opportunity to have a conversation. I know that you're probably not too shy.

Anna LeBaron 1:53
I don't know where you got that from!

Russ Johns 1:55
I don't know where I got that from. However, I think it's really a fascinating story. The #piratebroadcast is all about interesting people doing interesting things. Talk a little bit about what you're doing right now to help others. Then let's work backwards from there and work forwards from there and just have a good conversation. What are you doing right now?

Anna LeBaron 2:19
Okay, so what I do for a living my bread and butter is I work with publishers to promote new books that are coming on the market, and help the authors reach as wide an audience as possible during that pre launch period, and then after the release. We just launched a book by author jen hatmaker. It's called fierce free and full of fire. A little mug here I have my mug here, and also fierce is like piratey so I was like, Yeah, hello, this vlog. Yeah. So and her book. We just found out yesterday that it is number two on the New York Times bestseller list hospital. I think that's nine or 10 books that I have helped put on the New York Times bestseller list from the 70 or 80 book launches that I've led for publishers. Sometimes I work with authors direct, but usually it's the publishers who hire me to create buzz about this new title that get generate preorder sales and reviews of the book. If you go on Amazon and look at Jim's book, it already has almost 800 reviews on that book, and it's been out for just over a week.

Russ Johns 3:42
I know.

I know that you utilize social media as part of that process.

Anna LeBaron 3:47
Yes, that is 100%. I am a social media expert. I use my skill in how social media works, algorithms ratios, and engagement, all of that to help authors. I do help other people who are growing an audience on social media and I can help anybody but my passion is for authors because books literally saved my life.

Russ Johns 4:16

Anna LeBaron 4:17
Putting the right book in the right pair of hands is what I say I do by harnessing the power of social media for good.

Russ Johns 4:26
Let me say that again, putting the book

Anna LeBaron 4:29
The right book,

Russ Johns 4:30
The right book,

Anna LeBaron 4:31
In the right pair of hands,

Russ Johns 4:33
In the right pair of hands,

Anna LeBaron 4:34
Because not every book is for everyone.

Russ Johns 4:37
Absolutely, absolutely.

Anna LeBaron 4:39
Helping authors reach their intended audience. It has a ripple effect where other people will read the book as well and glean from that book and it like books, change lives. Books changed my life. Books mentored me. We haven't gotten into my family. origin story yet.

Russ Johns 5:01
We'll get there.

Anna LeBaron 5:03
We'll get there. When you read realize what my family of origin story is, you will realize why I needed so much mentoring once I became a grown adult, and literally had no clue about the way the world works. I read voraciously and changed every aspect of my life by reading experts on every topic you can imagine. Actually following their instructions, following their guidance, and except the diet books, all the books work for me except the buy it books. I'm still working progress with that.

LEt's get Real.

Russ Johns 5:46
Let's get real. Yeah, I'm right there with ya. I'm right there with you. The fascinating thing though, is I think there's you can have the right book at the wrong time.

Anna LeBaron 5:56
Oh, yes.

Russ Johns 5:57
I think sometimes you have to be open To the conversation and what it is delivering. Sometimes you can pick up a book and read one thing. Then five years later, you can pick up the same book and read something entirely different.

Anna LeBaron 6:13

Russ Johns 6:13
I think it's really important for people to understand is like, it's not a one and done thing. It's not like you necessarily get one idea from this book, you can actually pick up a book over and over again.

Anna LeBaron 6:28
Mm hmm. I have books that I have picked up over and over again, that are just evergreen as far as the content and will serve the reader at every aspect in every stage of their life. Those are the ones that stand the test of time.

Russ Johns 6:46
Do You have a favorite book that you pick up often, and you will?

Anna LeBaron 6:51
I don't reread books annually like that, um, but I have some that are on my bookshelf, one in particular that I talked about in my book that helped change and shape my life was called the divine conspiracy by Dallas Willard, may he rest in peace. I never got to meet this author, and I'm so sad about that. His ideas about spirituality, and helped shape my own spirituality. Then there's an author named Bob HAMP. He wrote the foreword to my book, and he's actually a friend of mine. He's a marriage and family therapist, but he also talks about spiritual things in ways that are not religious and weird.

Russ Johns 7:37

Anna LeBaron 7:37
You know what I mean,

Russ Johns 7:38
I know what you mean.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
And so,

Anna LeBaron 7:40
Bob HAMP has also shaped and changed my life and I have, he has what's now called the think differently Academy. He is very, very much a part of the growth that I've experienced in spiritual matters, that allow me to talk about them without sounding churchy and christianese, which people are really tired of, and it's a refreshing way to look at spirituality and spiritual matters.

Russ Johns 8:13
Well, I think we need to be very aware that you can be spiritual and not religious.

Anna LeBaron 8:20
Uh huh. Absolutely. I highly recommend it.

Russ Johns 8:22
Yes. And it's like we have this awareness that goes beyond any kind of organization.

Anna LeBaron 8:34
Uh huh. Yeah,

Russ Johns 8:36
I know your story. I know your backstory, your story of origin, which kind of launched you into the arena of books, media. Let's talk about that because it's fascinating. The transition that you had to go through in order to accomplish becoming who you are the the wonderful person that you are today. I know there's a few other people that are out there that that appreciate,

Anna LeBaron 9:04
Oh, look at that comment from Angie Hi!

Russ Johns 9:08

Joe here today and I just wanted to give a Shout out

Gabriel who's an amazing individual, wonderful Friday morning. I just want to allow you the opportunity to share some of your origin story in a way that inspires others to think that they can do something differently and become bigger than they are today. Right now we're going through a historical, global event that is changing lives every day. For the most part I'm a remote worker. I've been a remote worker for years I've been in and out of corporate organizations. Right now my life hasn't drastically changed. I'm a caregiver for my parents here at the home in Arizona. My life revolves around family and caring for my family and doing work and #piratebroadcast and a few other things. I got clients. I think that you've inspired a lot of people to do bigger things with the books and everything else. Talk about your origin story and how that transition evolved into your life.

Anna LeBaron 9:12
HI Joe!

Okay, so my story is one that a lot of people can relate to, not because they were born and raised in a violent polygamist cult like I was, but because of the trauma, abuse and neglect that I experienced in my childhood. So when people read my book, they are identifying with those elements of my upbringing in childhood. They find it inspiring to know that because I've been able to heal from that trauma, abuse and neglect. That it's possible for anyone to also go through that healing process and that healing journey that I went on. I dive into that a little bit at the end of the book and kind of give readers some guideposts along the way of what I experienced. The story though, is that I was born and raised in this polygamist cult led by my father. His name is Herbal Lebaron. He was notorious in the 60s 70s and 80s. He was known as the Mormon Manson, by the news media outlets that would report on the atrocities that he was responsible for. Before we go any further, I want to just clarify that the practices that my father engaged in were what's referred to as a fundamentalist Mormonism. It's very different than the modern day church. Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to be very clear about the differences between those two religious practices. Before we go any further,

Russ Johns 12:10

Anna LeBaron 12:13
Important to everybody involved in any either of both of those that there'll be that clear differentiation. So my father, that's how I grew up. I was three years old when my father ordered the first hit on his own brother. That hit was carried out. From the age of three on my family began to live life on the run from the law. We grew up without any kind of stability. We moved often in the middle of the night, just leaving everything behind. Move, go, go, go get in the car, run, run, run. It was very scary and it was a very frightening time for everybody. The children didn't know what was going on. Obviously, the adults didn't talk about what was happening among the adults. Eventually, my father would be responsible for the deaths of more than 28 people. Some investigators have that count up to like 38. There have been a dozens of books written about my family of origin, my father in particular. I decided to write my book because it from the stack of books written about my family. They're the one voice that was missing was the experience of the child growing up in that environment.

I really put on blinders when I wrote the book, because what I wanted my reader to experience is what it was like growing up in those circumstances. For the most part, if I don't know what's happening among the adults, myself Doesn't know either, right. I wanted them to find out things when I found them out. Like, when I found out that my father was a murderer, I was about 15 years old. I found out by finding a book that had been written about him, and reading that really secretly, and my heart, just racing, as I read these things about my family of origin that I'm finding out in a book, it's crazy. My readers find out things when I do. There were a few times when I would say things like what I didn't know at the time. That just to give some context to what's happening to the reader, but I was so judicious in how I use that. I started writing this book in 2014 when I met an agent who said she would represent me. One of the things she said to me was Anna authors have to market their own book. Even if you have a traditional publisher and a traditional contract with the publisher, the publisher is going to do so much. Then authors have to take it the rest of the way and continue marketing the book, which my book has been out now three and a half years, almost three and a half years. It came out in 2017. I have literally been marketing my book since then. In the process of learning how to market a book, I learned about book launch teams and decided to become part of a book launch team so I could get the inside scoop and it was actually Jen Hatmaker's book that released in 2015.

That's called for the love that I had applied to be on that launch team. So that I could learn what happens on a launch team. Well, I was not. I did not get accepted to that launch team, which was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I want your listeners to know that sometimes rejection is the absolute best case scenario. I didn't see it that way at the time. Now in hindsight, I can see that because here's what happened. Three days after applying for that launch team, I got an email from the publisher saying we are so sorry, we had 5000 people apply for 500 spots. That meant 4500 of us got that email saying we're so sorry. Well, they gave us four sample chapters to read in advance. I read those devoured them, and then went to Twitter, tweeted Jen Hatmaker, and said, I'm one of #the4500. I put in parentheses, we're a people group with our own hashtag. I said they got a tasty morsel of hashtag for the love to devour in advance. Jen replied to my tweet, #4500. That hashtag went viral on her Twitter feed.

Russ Johns 17:20
Oh, wow.

Anna LeBaron 17:21
Somebody created a Facebook group called #the4500. I joined the group because I'm like, that was my hashtag Hello. I knew three things about launching books because my friend had been on a book launch team once. I went into that group, and I didn't really know what I was doing. I went into the highways and byways of the internet, all in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere that the hashtag was used everywhere. Jen was talking about what was happening. I invited every single person to join the group that said, that they were one of the 4500.

Russ Johns 18:02

Anna LeBaron 18:03
1300 women join this group.

Russ Johns 18:06

Anna LeBaron 18:07
I went basically, I didn't intend this to happen. This is not my intention. It just I basically said, Well, I know three things about book launching.Jen hatmaker is not the boss of us. We can launch this book if we want to. I basically rogue led a launch team of 1300 women, for that book for the love. It was Jen Hatmaker is I think, 10th book that she had published. This was her first time being on the New York Times bestseller list. I feel like I had a part of that because of what I did, leading 1300 women on what I knew to do to launch a book, we have four chapters. That's what you do when you're launching a book. You read the book in advance, you quote your favorite lines on your socials and you invite people to preorder the book, and we did, like very simple, but also being able to lead people in that and be a cheerleader for another author is something that just comes naturally to me. I'm a natural born cheerleader. My gifts, talents, abilities, strengths, personality, everything was just a perfect fit for this work.

Russ Johns 19:31
That is fantastic!

Anna LeBaron 19:33
I lead so this is the second part of that. I'm gonna get a drink real quick. Yeah. After that book launch was over, and she made the New York Times bestseller list, which is super exciting and fun. I didn't even have a book contract yet. I got this idea, and I believe it was divinely inspired to start my own launch team. Even though I didn't have a book contract yet,

Russ Johns 20:04

Anna LeBaron 20:06
begin using that group of people to help other first time authors while I was waiting for my turn.

Russ Johns 20:15

Anna LeBaron 20:17
For about a week after starting that group and putting in a kind of putting it together, I was like, Well, how do I get first time authors? Let me help them. I don't even I don't know how this works.

Russ Johns 20:27
I'm not really sure, huh?

Anna LeBaron 20:29
What do I do and how do I approach them and literally a week from the time I got that idea, created the group, and then I was on Twitter. I saw a tweet from a publicist that I followed because of another author I enjoy. She said, this is a new memoir coming out January 2016. It's a must read and I love memoir. I immediately tweeted the author and said, Do you already have a lunch Team, because you get to book read the books in advance. I was just wanting to participate on that launch team. I tweeted the author that. Then later the publicist put a review from Goodreads on Twitter. So I went and I was like, well, I've already offered to help promote the book. I should go see if this is any good. I read the book, I read the review, and it was a good review. So I was like, Okay, good. Then there was a comment on that review. So I'm knee deep in Goodreads right now. This comment says, I've read a lot of books about polygamy. This is one of the great ones. I was like, so what? I went back to that author's Twitter feed, found her website link clicked, started reading her History page. As I'm scrolling, I am seeing a picture of my uncle Joel, who my father had murdered. Then I scroll further and there's my father's mugs. shot because yes, the law eventually did catch up with my father. He was tried and convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Not for that murder, but for another one.

Yeah. Wow!

But I'm sitting there, recognizing that the person that I had tweeted, was my cousin Ruth, that I didn't know personally, not knowing that's what was happening. And so I needed

Russ Johns 22:26
the threads of life.

Anna LeBaron 22:28
I immediately tweeted her again and said, Ruth, I did not know that we were related. When I tweeted, you and I escaped my father's cult when I was 13 years old, and have created a life for myself that I'm proud of, because I wanted to distance myself from what my father had done immediately. Since that happened in 1973, so over four decades later, her family, her father with his multiple wives and 40 some children And my father with his 13 wives and 50 some children. So basically 100 children between two men. Our two families hadn't spoken in four decades. Here I had tweeted her publicly. So I messaged her privately and said, I'll delete those tweets, if you want me to, and I did not mean to intrude on your life in this way. You just let me know what to do. But I really meant it that I wanted to read your book and help promote it because I love memoir. We eventually connected. We had a very long conversation after she sent me an advanced reader copy of her book, and at the end of that very long, difficult, emotional conversation. Well, before we hung up, I said, Well, can we get back to the original question? I said, Do you already have a launch team? She said, What's the launch team?

I said, I'm your girl. Let me help you, I can help you with this. Here she is a first time author. Here I am with this New York Times best selling book launch under my one under my belt. I put together a team of people that would read her book and help promote it, and we did everything that needed to happen. Her book also became an instant New York Times bestseller. That's when I realized that I really had something here that I could offer to the world, as especially the the publishing world, is that the intuitive way that I understand social media and how it works and algorithms and I didn't even know the word algorithm at the time, I just knew that these were the kinds of things that you do to get more people to see your posts

Russ Johns 24:58
your new cause and effect effect. Yes, I go, can I do this, if I do a B will happen.

Anna LeBaron 25:04
Since then that was 2015. Since then I've learned a whole lot more than allow me to do this work that is so fulfilling and gratifying. I believe that every book has an audience. Every book has an audience. Sometimes it's just your mom and your aunt and your husband that believe in you but every book has an audience. When you already have a an audience of people that are waiting to read the book, it's possible to reach further than just that,

Russ Johns 25:42
There's so many ways that we can publish today, words images, audio and video and I've actually published a book I've been published and I achived Amazon number one status in a in a category

Anna LeBaron 26:01
Authors on what to do to get that as well.

Russ Johns 26:03
Yeah.It's still a process, it still takes time and effort and energy.

Anna LeBaron 26:09

Russ Johns 26:09
Having someone like yourself assist with that, having your knowledge in impact and and i will say to a certain extent influence in gathering an audience around a subject, right? That's what it's about is your you're finding these individuals that are like minded individuals that want to promote this subject, whatever happens, whether it's a memoir, whatever kind of book it is, and I think it's important for people to understand that the power of social media is in the attention that we can acquire through this process. It doesn't have to be a million people. It could be a much smaller audience and be incredibly powerful, right?

Anna LeBaron 26:58
Oh, absolutely.

Russ Johns 26:59
Yeah. What's your favorite social platform?

Anna LeBaron 27:04
My favorite is Facebook. I love Twitter for what Twitter does, and I love Instagram for how Instagram does. Facebook will always hold a special place in my heart just because I discovered Facebook in 2009. It was like the heavens parted and the angels sing the Hallelujah chorus because I'm such a social person and connecting to people and I'm an include or if you've done the strengths finder I'm an occluder. That's one of my top five. Being able to connect to people and include people in my life that wants to be part of my life. It was like my hearts longest desire was fulfilled.

Russ Johns 28:00
So it fills you up and provides you with joy. That's my, that's my thing with the #Piratebroadcast is, the opportunity, the ability and also with #thePiratesyndicate, being able to provide this support for other people that want to do it and don't want to necessarily deal with the technology of doing it.

Anna LeBaron 28:24
Right. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are where I'm most active.

Russ Johns 28:29

Anna LeBaron 28:29
I do have a Pinterest account and a LinkedIn account and I have a YouTube channel that all of those I just like I have not mastered them and the work that I do, keeps me so busy that finding time to figure those platforms out has not been high on my priority list just because my work takes up a lot of time. When I began launching books for other authors in 2015. I had a full time job launching Erica craft for the automotive industry.

Russ Johns 29:02

Anna LeBaron 29:03
I was for all of 2015 and 2016 I literally had two full time jobs. I wrote my book. I was able to quit my other job in the air charter industry at the end of 2016. I've been self employed since 2017, January one

Russ Johns 29:25

Anna LeBaron 29:26
In doing this has just been a dream job that, where I've found that little mix up of something that I'm passionate about, which is Books and social media and something that people are willing to pay for which is marketing, which, like who everybody needs marketing of some kind or another. Then something that I really consider was a hobby that I turned into a now full time employment

Russ Johns 30:00
That's beautiful. I think they call that finding your ek guy.

Anna LeBaron 30:04
Mm hmm

Russ Johns 30:05
It's you know the the opportunity where the intersection between doing what you love what people will find valuable and you can and you're good at gathering those people that include her that can bring those people together and include everyone in party.

Anna LeBaron 30:24
My bread and butter is book launching where when publishers hire me to do that for particular authors. Then on the side though, I still offer coaching to anybody that wants to learn how to master the use of social media in

Russ Johns 30:42
Where do they find you?

Anna LeBaron 30:42
On is my website. There you go. is my website and you can schedule an appointment with me to meet to talk about how you can use your social media platform and expand your reach increase engagement and grow that platform for to do whatever you're doing what selling whatever you're selling whatever message product service, whatever, I can literally help anybody with that process.

Russ Johns 31:15
I love, I love this conversation. I love, I know that we'll probably have another conversation in the future because

Anna LeBaron 31:24
I hope so.

Russ Johns 31:25
We're passionate about very similar things and really, it's about bringing people together and allowing, I love shining the light on other people and allowing them to take time to share their story and thank you so much for sharing your story today. Anna it's really refreshing to know that you have found joy in this journey in and, like like we talked about earlier. You can be very spiritual without being religious, and you can offer value and, at every turn and there's things that I think are going to happen in the world right now where people are starting to reflect and think about what is it that I really want to do with my life? What do I want to do with my time and effort and energy? it's fortunate when someone like yourself with so many gifts can actually evolve and it's like the you know, the caterpillar and the butterfly, you've gone through the process, you erupted as a butterfly and now you're helping others fly along their journey as well.

Anna LeBaron 32:33
Can I talk about that for just a minute.

Russ Johns 32:35
Yes, please.

Anna LeBaron 32:37
The process that I went through that evolving from this, what years of you know the caterpillar to the butterfly. It was a long journey for me. I began to go into professional counseling in 1995. it took me five years working with a professional counselor who had written her thesis on color. as somebody that knew what they were doing, and in the needs that I had, it took her five years to get me to the point where I could reconnect with my emotions, because trauma causes you to stifle emotions. in the family of origin I had also it was they, they asked you to grow, they groom you to stifle your emotions. I was just set up to be detached emotionally from my life and from the people around me. it took five years to undo the damage of the trauma that I had been through. what we're experiencing now in this global pandemic, it's very traumatic for a lot of people. I believe that at the end of this when we're begin to come out of it, there's going to be a lot of people who don't even recognize that what they have experienced is trauma. has a way of hardwiring your brain. It creates certain neurological pathways in your mind where your mind just travels quickly down a path when you're triggered. For me having grown up in a religious group that believed in the end times and used fear of the end times, and, the destruction's, and all that happening, that was very triggering for me how all this global pandemic was triggering. I was able to use the tools and the skills that I gained in professional counseling, to manage all of that. I want to offer your listeners just one of the tools that I've learned that might be helpful to them in the days to come. Because what we've experienced is traumatic in a lot of ways. The thing that I learned that was so helpful that anybody can do is when you're experiencing anxiety or panic or anything like that, that where you're triggered, and now your body is feeling wonky, and jittery or whatever that the physiological way that your body expresses triggers. What's happening in your mind is that when you get triggered you go into what's called fight or flight mode, where survival is key.

Russ Johns 35:30

Anna LeBaron 35:31
It shuts that your your mind has a top brain which is your thinking and analytical and reasoning brain. Then the lower half of your brain is your survival brain. When you're triggered, you automatically just go from your thinking brain into survival mode. The way to come out of survival mode back into your thinking rational brain is one of the ways is through breath and by taking six deep long slow breaths.

Russ Johns 36:05
Just get centered.

Anna LeBaron 36:08
By doing that, it takes six breaths where you were very intentional about it to reconnect your body like through the Vegas nerve. It's a physiological thing that allows your mind to reconnect to what's happening in your body and you can begin to get back out of that fight or flight mode into rational thinking. When we experience a trigger it what it does is it takes us back to a time in the past when we experienced the trauma. Your job as an adult person who can now think and rationalize is to recognize, oh, I've been triggered.

Russ Johns 36:50

Anna LeBaron 36:51
Then go, this is the step I need to take.

Russ Johns 36:54

Anna LeBaron 36:54
Then begin that breathing work and then it brings you back into the present. Where, and then th other half of that is once you start the breath work is to begin speaking out loud. It's 2020 I'm safe right now. If you're really safe, you can actually say that. I mean, if somebody is chasing you or a bear is chasing you, or somebody holding a gun to you, you're not safe you don't say that, and you're sitting in your house and having been triggered, you can say, I'm safe right now. It's 2020. It's May 1, well, it's may 1 now, but you say the date the time I'm in this room, the walls are green. I can feel the carpet under my feet where you're grounding yourself back into the present using your senses. What you see what you hear what you feel, what you smell, what you taste. here, I have my coffee so you ground yourself back into the present, and it allows your body to then release that those physiological experiences I'm being triggered.

Russ Johns 38:02
I really appreciate you sharing that I think that a lot of people may not even recognize, they just feel anxious, they feel anxiety and so they they may not connect the dots between being stressed and triggered and him having an anxiety. So take that. use it to your advantage. Brief. It's okay, life will go on life continues to go on. I really appreciate the fact that you're here and the conversation we had today on it's inspiring to know that people can change, they can grow, they can evolve and actually inspire others and we all have a gift. We all have a message that we can share and I really, truly believe that We just have to go through the process of finding out what that is and what that what that can be for others around us. So,

Anna LeBaron 39:07
If you go to my website, one of the first things you'll see is my logo, which underneath it says, personal growth activist. That's really my heart is for, to help people grow into the person that they were created to be.

Russ Johns 39:27

Anna LeBaron 39:28
Like, I believe that, God knit me together in my mother's womb, and took the DNA of my father and my mother as dysfunctional and horrible as they were and the life that they formed me and I formed me into I don't know if that's good English, but it took their DNA to create the person that I am today.

Russ Johns 39:53

Anna LeBaron 39:55
For that I'm grateful because I have been able to become the person That was hardwired with my personality, gifts, talents, abilities, everything, to be able to bring these gifts to bear on the world. That's one thing that I can be grateful for, in spite of the family of origin that I was born into, but it's taken a long time for those things to mature and grow and to bear fruit like you if you plant a seed, it takes a long time before the tree becomes fruit bearing. Now I'm that I've been tended, and the trees been watered intended well, and all that I can bear the fruit that I now offer to the world that nourishes the lives of the people around me.

Russ Johns 40:40
I have an idea that you're just getting started.

Anna LeBaron 40:48
like I said, we could talk for hours.

Russ Johns 40:50
Yes, yes. So stick around. I thank you everyone for being here today. What a wonderful, wonderful opportunity to, you'll find a little kindness because #kindnessiScool. #smilesarefree. And you #enjoytheday. Hold on Anna I'm gonna check out here with the show and then I'll be right back.

Anna LeBaron 41:14

Russ Johns 41:19
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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