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​Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started. Oh my heck what a morning What am morning Kiren? I have to share with everyone that I have to tell a backstory first. This will set the tone for the call. Kiren was so kind to reach out a while ago and asked me to participate in writing a few things about my story. Kind of just open it up and share a few things about my life and it was just a small story and it wasn't and then we be Came we went back and forth a few times. We've had conversations. Then she was one of the first people on the pirate broadcast. I just thank you so much for being there. Kiren 150 episodes later. Here you are.

Kiran Bedi 1:17
I know I'm so excited. Thank you.

Russ Johns 1:20
Thank you. No, thank you. It's all because of pirates like you coming on here, having random conversations with someone like me doing this thing that we call the #piratebroadcast. This morning, just for the backstory on this morning, it was like, my camera showed up and it was like, blurry. It's like, well, that's not exactly the look I want. I had to go. Then all of a sudden, there was some other things in the background. I had to take care of some client work. All this and that's why the way life is and that's why I want to set the tone Kiran is life has a way of showing up when we least expect it. Kind of bumping around the idea that everything's okay. Shaking us up and saying, sometimes it's not necessarily as smooth as we would like it. I want to talk about how we can go with the flow. I want to talk a little bit about some of the, the concepts around being resilient, and the ability and the opportunity to adapt because I think right now, in our current circumstance, it's really important for us to understand that this is one of the best things that we can do is understand that we don't have control over everything. In fact, truth be told, we don't have control over much of anything. I know you've gone through your your changes and evolution and been ups and downs and Left and Right. Number one, thank you for being here. Number two, if you're not connected, please connect with Kiren tell them Russ sent you and you're a pirate and then number three share with us what you're doing right now. It's been a while 150 episodes since we last really had a conversation. I see you on Instagram and doing some good things over there,

Kiran Bedi 3:30
I actually have to thank you for kind of nudging me to come on your show. I was just reflecting on the show a few days ago and I was like, Holy smokes. It's been like literally about six to seven months and my life has literally changed since then. I was so scared. I had this huge fear of being on camera. For me, the fear was that if I were to speak my truth, someone would come in To me, and I know it sounds so bizarre. For me, it was so palpable. It's not even funny. At the same time, I also realized that I needed to push through by fear. When you gave the opportunity, I was like, this is it. This is my moment, and I need to take it. Oh, my god. Yes. So I'm always so grateful for it, because that just said, the ball rolling. I had been feeling this inner nudge that I need to do it, and I need to do it. When you said, Hey, come on board, and I was like, Okay, great. Let's do it. Since then, I've been doing more videos. I even have a YouTube channel. It's just been very busy in a good way. Like I've always enjoyed learning. This is giving me an opportunity to really stand in my power in ways I wasn't doing before on the show some of the things that I have learned and the more I kind of share. The more I get to learn and even hone in on things even more happy. I'm one of those people who's always learning always because that's how we grow. Isn't that what life is?

Russ Johns 5:14
Yeah, I think so I believe so. In that in this, you know, like you mentioned, you know, it's been a while and you're continuing to grow. What I've discovered along the way is, as you put yourself out there, and you can get a little bit of insight as to what you really want to say and as you continue to evolve on your message, it really opens up and allows you to focus on what you really want to say and what what it is that is important to you because you think you want to say something and then you start talking about the subjects and you start talking About the your priorities or your message, and you start to find your voice.

Kiran Bedi 6:06
Yeah, absolutely. I think it's like us you have this idea of this is how it should be, then people may react to that they may not. It's so yes. putting yourself out there. I think it also builds it gives you more courage more confidence. Then you really start to get in touch with your own intuition. At least that's happened for me. I was in general, we wonder like, Am I taking the right step? Is this the right thing for me or not the right thing for me, but now it's more like, just trust that I will be guided. Like it. I know. It's It's so hard to put it in words, something so intangible. Yet, there's just this sense of knowings like, I know like I will be taken care of and I think in in times like these in which Talk about resilience, having that inner trust, having lost in our own intuition, I think, to me, I can't think of a better skill to have than than that.

Russ Johns 7:13

Kiran Bedi 7:13
You currently know that if you're not supposed to beat somewhere you will not be. I think for me, that was a real challenge because as an analytical person as an intellect, you just want to slice and dice the information and you just want to get everything right and control everything. It's hard. It's hard to just soften up, to give up control. I think, yeah, that's really boils down to

Russ Johns 7:45
You triggered on something that I think is really important to understand is that. Here's the thought that is may not necessarily fit into where you are right now. However, worry. Worry has never paid my bills.

Kiran Bedi 8:06

Russ Johns 8:09
It's counterproductive because what it does, it's the opposite. When you put yourself out there and you continue to grow and evolve and face the fear and really challenge yourself with your environment what you're doing and you test things, that's when growth takes place that's when you find out what that is that you're supposed to be doing that thing that you're supposed to be doing. That, it when you're not doing it you've had that feeling you've been there you in the corporate world and it's like okay, the logic fits, but everything else doesn't fit.

Kiran Bedi 8:55
Yeah, but Russ I also feel like it's it's good to point out like Yes, we know the worry is not going to pay the bills. When those negative emotions come up, like worry, doubt and insecurity and the whole shebang, I think it's also really important to not run away from them, which is what I used to do.

Russ Johns 9:16
Acknowledge them,

Kiran Bedi 9:17
Acknowledge them. I know it sounds maybe not practical. I don't know how it sounds. Back in the day, I would try to control that even more. The more you're scared of something and don't acknowledge something, the more you're going to make its presence known. I think for even now, and I was actually, I just published a new video yesterday. When I was doing some research around stress, and one of the things I learned again, was that when you are stressed out when you have these negative emotions, part of the reason is you yourself. stuck in that fight flight mode and when you are in that fight or flight mode, you are not using all of our mental faculties you're not using all of your senses, you're not using your full body. As a result, I think the point even I drove home that video was that when you're stressed out when you have these problems when worry comes around, instead of saying over is not going to pay the bills. It is one of one of the things you can say. I think at that point, it is more important to come back into your center instead of going cray cray, and I mean, acknowledging, okay, I'm just going cray cray, I need to take a step back. Well, that means you're painting, writing, sleeping, whatever works for you. I think when so it's not running away from the problem, but coming to a point of stillness or centeredness, where you are in that green zone where you are not in that fight flight zone. When you come back into that center, you're like, Okay, what is the next step?

Russ Johns 11:06

Kiran Bedi 11:06
I think for me, that was such an important distinction to know that you're not running away from problems you are addressing problems head on, but with what intention? With what focus with what energy? Are you addressing those problems? I just felt like sharing that in case helpful to someone.

Russ Johns 11:24
No, that's very helpful. I think you're spot on as far as acknowledging how you're feeling. Panic is a real thing, understanding that not knowing is a real thing. These are all emotions that we have to acknowledge. You said it so well, bring it, bring it back to center because there's a place between emotion and logic that we have to kind of just sit down and say, Okay, well, what do I need to do like you said, next.What is next? It's funny because one of the first companies I started back in the early 2000s was, and I still have it is #nextstepnext and it was that idea of what is next. What is the next step? What's next? It was the whole concept of, Okay, now what now what do I have to do? I was going through some pictures for my son and I was looking, I was observing when I fell and I was in the hospital for two years on the three surgeries and is bringing back a lot of emotion around the idea that I've been through a lot, and I'm still going through life as we all are. Mom and dad are here and she just got on oxygen last night or yesterday and it's a change in it's a shift in things. We have to adapt to Our life in our surroundings. It's one of these things that it's outside of our control, yet we have to bring it into our life. It's acceptance, I guess and then being going back to resilience Like, Okay, I have this thing in my life, and I have to still continue to do what I need to do.

Kiran Bedi 13:24
Absolutely, absolutely, as you said so beautifully. I have so many years of meditation practice under my belt, and still there were so many days when, when I just felt off. There was just this lingering sadness, just seeing pictures of what's going on in the world. You just have to like, read through it and just find courage to show up to keep showing up and just acknowledge yourself, I don't know how it's going to unfold or when Don't give in to the fear. I think that's where our power is. It is so easy to go into fear these days so easy.

I think it's really about courage. For me courage is always about going back into your heart and finding what is it that really matters. Really speaking from your heart, rather than from your head, and there's a distinct difference.

Russ Johns 14:27

Kiran Bedi 14:28
When you to connect with people, because they see your genuine voice, your genuine intention. I think for me, again, every time I get disconnected, I'm like, Okay, I need to go to my heart. For me, luckily, writing does it.

Russ Johns 14:49

Kiran Bedi 14:51
Because every time I pick up the pen, I feel like talking to a trusted voice that can guide through all these challenges. And my feelings. It's so comforting to know that there is something that I can go to And trust that I will be guided and which is why I'm so big on all the videos that I create that find something because we all are wired differently in our brain, what may well for one person may not work well for another. To have one thing that just that just bring some order to this chaos that we live in.

Russ Johns 15:34

Kiran Bedi 15:35
A place you can go back to every time. I think it's crucial.

Russ Johns 15:39
Oh, that's beautiful. I love the idea and I share that it's words, images, audio, or video. We have an abundance of outlets that we can use to create something and you're using words and you're using video and it's really about the idea that I have an opportunity to create something that is, it's bigger than yourself. It's an opportunity that if you help one person shift their perspective on an idea or concept, it's a it's wonderful experience. You may never know it. However, you know that it's going somewhere, right? You know that it's being seen. Yeah.

Kiran Bedi 16:29
You can Show with intention and and then rest. The Divine does its job, right.

Russ Johns 16:34
Yes, absolutely. What is it that you're working on? What intention are you putting out in the world right now because I know that you've come a long way since the first video, the first pirate broadcast. Talk a little bit about the the ongoing projects and hearing in what you're really passionate about what you're excited about, and what it brings you Get you awake in the day?

Kiran Bedi 17:03
I'm really loving making YouTube videos, they are a lot of work, but I never thought I would enjoy it so much. Part of the reason is that with the YouTube, I literally have labeled the YouTube folder as YouTube/thisisGod'sproject, because I really know and I really feel that way. From choosing the topics to what needs to be said, I literally feel like I'm not in control and I love it. I'm really learning to trust that intuition and trust and for me I'm very analytical. It's just the way my brain is wired. I keep harping back on the same thing, but it's a real issue for me.

Russ Johns 17:59
It's real issue

Kiran Bedi 18:01
My teacher would always say, You are so intelligent that you don't surrender because you don't jump into the abyss of nothingness because you don't know what the heck are you going to find there?

Russ Johns 18:13

Kiran Bedi 18:14
prevents you

Russ Johns 18:16
Not knowing is the secret key. Huh.

Kiran Bedi 18:20
This whole exercise, you know, has been like trusting that I just need to show up. For a very science driven person, and someone who needs to see proof, someone who needs to see facts and checks and this and that.

Russ Johns 18:41
Show me some evidence, please.

Kiran Bedi 18:44
Exactly! When are you showing up? Do I need to make a video whether you're showing up that it's, and then I'm like, Okay, I need to meditate. For me, I literally get information and insights when I sit and meditate. So I'm loving that and On the lines of that I am also very passionate about meditation. very passionate, I don't even know where that passion comes from. I am very passionate to help people to learn to meditate. On that note, I am creating a course, I am creating more videos, I'm starting to create more videos on meditation on YouTube. A lot of times I feel like, it's not that you don't know how to meditate. Like once you learn the basics, then it's just a matter of practice. I was really thinking of doing like maybe once a week where it's like, Come meditate with with me or where you just hang out for half an hour and all you do is meditate.

Russ Johns 19:46

Kiran Bedi 19:46
It's like an online place that you can go this is the time if it's aligned with your schedules and What's with your schedule, great. That is something I feel all of us can add And then there are so many benefits of meditation, you know, the list goes on. For me, the most beautiful has been just getting those insights, those aha moments like, there's never a time when I sit down, and I don't hear that voice or it's just beautiful. Okay, I can keep going on and on.

Russ Johns 20:20
Yeah, yeah. That's the beauty of it. It's the really the realization that you know, it. That's how I feel about this, this show. There's two sides to every story. There's two sides to how to see things. When I just do the show, and I connect with people, and I engage with people like yourself, and I have a conversation, and everybody asks, well, what questions are you going to ask me? What are we going to talk about? It's like, we're going to talk about whatever we talk about. It's the whole idea of the show is that we'll talk about interesting things because interesting people come on And there's a lot of things that people don't realize they're interesting about themselves. Part of my goal is to talk about these subjects that come up, that are interesting to other people. Also the fact that just do the show. It doesn't nothing else matters. And if I look at the numbers that I'm chasing numbers and things like that, the outcome is different with the show. It's not the show. It's not the essence of the show. It's not the care that goes into it. It's not anything. It's like, oh, is somebody watching me? It's like, maybe somebody watching I don't know, it could be like, Where is everybody? It's like, it doesn't matter. It's the fact that we're here. sharing information that might be valuable, that is valuable to someone out there. It's that connection and putting it out there with intent that that this is valuable, and it's gonna live forever. It's on Facebook. gets on YouTube, it's on Twitter, it's on. It's on LinkedIn. It's out there, it's on Russ,John's.COM. It's there to be available to people that want to hear it, and are available to hurt. So I'm super excited about the creative process. Then the other side is like the worry and the other emotions that don't necessarily contribute to the outcome. always show up. Well, why am I doing this?

Kiran Bedi 22:30
Absolutely. On that note, I do want to add for anyone watching if they're watching,

Russ Johns 22:35

Kiran Bedi 22:36
One of the best ways to get out of fear and set up netic negative emotions most of the time, is to really create something, even if you don't share it with the world. I felt like because I was involved in so many things, during the past couple of weeks, I didn't have time to worry because I had things to do. Was everyone around me is like, well, you're not freaking out because I was like, I don't have time to freak out. Things create. Exactly. I didn't realize it at that time, like what was happening. Now as I reflect back on the weeks gone by, I was like, Oh, wow. Either you worry, but you're creating something, even if it's a painting.

Russ Johns 23:23

Kiran Bedi 23:24

Russ Johns 23:25

Kiran Bedi 23:25
I felt like because I kept myself so busy just because of the number of things I was pursuing.

Russ Johns 23:31

Kiran Bedi 23:31
I don't have time to worry. I was like, Oh, this is just going to suck my energy and I need to step away.

Russ Johns 23:40
Oh, yeah.

Kiran Bedi 23:41
I think if anyone watching finds themselves in a lot of worry and negativity and what ifs and whatnots, and all those things, start creating something. Even if you think it's the worst thing.

Russ Johns 23:55

Kiran Bedi 23:56
Simple like there are times when I literally tell myself, okay, What is grade? C or D or E work that you can do? Start with that?

Russ Johns 24:06

Kiran Bedi 24:07
Don't get like I need to get an old perfect but just start somewhere and then build on it. Because sometimes it's just that initial resistance.

Russ Johns 24:16
Yeah. So every performer started at zero. Remember that?

Kiran Bedi 24:21
Exactly. And

Russ Johns 24:22
Every person that picked up a violin didn't sound first time.

Kiran Bedi 24:29
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, just keep coming back to your heart. These were the words that kept coming up in my mind as I was logging onto your show. So yeah,

Russ Johns 24:38
Yeah. Well, we do actually have people Vicki O'Neill's in the, in the show Kenyatta Turner, Arcot is here. Sherry lolly and Olivia. I need this book. Yes. Saima Darrin Thank you so much recharge, stay away from the toxic energy draining Sherry, thank you so much for that. There are a lot of people that are very avid supporters of the #piratebroadcast and I just my heart, it just opens up and I just really get excited about the things that are important and the feeling I get. When I do create. Do you get that same feeling?

Kiran Bedi 25:28
Yes, absolutely. Even if it's a even if it's a painting that I create, and I'm not a painter or artist by any shot, but I think it's the joy that comes in creating that created you give birth to something that did not exist before. I think for me, and it's so satisfying. Like I when you go to bed and you can say to yourself and this is one of the things that my meditation teacher or Often used to say he said, when you can go to bed, when you can go to slumber, and be rest assured in your soul in your heart that you did the very best, with energy with the resources that you had, and you showed up for life. He said, You're a blessing man or a blessing woman. Another day it doesn't matter if you create something small or something big, as long as the intention with which you showed up, because sometimes I show up for work, and I get nothing done. I still know that some blocks moved, even though I see them. I know I learned something, even if I didn't create. Sometime it's really a balance between learning and creating. As you are discerning that and as long as you're being mindful, because in order to create, you also need to know, do you see what I'm saying?

Russ Johns 26:55

Kiran Bedi 26:57
People say, Oh, you just need to create a nice creating more than you are consuming, I don't really buy into that I see where they're coming from. At the same time, there's an ebb and flow to life and to learning, creating, sometimes you retract, sometimes you go back into the world. There's just this balance such that even I have to remind myself from time to time, you need to honor that respect that it's okay to be where you are in the flow of things.

Russ Johns 27:28
Yeah, yeah. I just know that for myself, and I believe this is true for others is that when you look back and you see how much you've accomplished, and when you're creating something you love and enjoy, it just seems like it's just it's a massive accomplishment and momentum builds confidence in counting confidence grows momentum. It's this flywheel effect. When you start to think about life too much, it just, it doesn't necessarily benefit you in the way that it could. If you just keep going with the flow and being resilient and finding abundance in your ideas and your concepts and sharing your ideas and building on those ideas, and I just love the idea of expansion, the idea of expanding these ideas and these concepts out to the world and right now in history, we have the opportunity to do a YouTube channel and share these ideas and share our concepts and ideas and it's nice to get accolades and, get recognition and have people like what we're doing, however, do it for The love of the creative process, do it for the love of your embodiment of life and everything that we're doing. It just seems to flow so much easier for me, right?

Kiran Bedi 29:12
Absolutely. I'm so with you. But at the same time you so got to do what you love, because that's the only way you keep showing up for life and for your work, even when it sucks and there are days when it's just sucks.

Russ Johns 29:27
That's true. It's like sometimes the creative process can beat us up.

Kiran Bedi 29:32
I think, when you when you genuinely like what you are doing and creating. I think you're at least I can only speak for myself. I'm able to put up with a sock a lot more. I'm somewhat if I don't like something, I just can continue that. I guess it's in my DNA.

Russ Johns 29:50

Kiran Bedi 29:51
Doing something that brings you joy. Super important and then the creative work becomes so much easier because You've already pushed through that inner resistance, and then live to seems to bother a lot less, because you're genuinely doing what you enjoy. On the same way, Russ, I also feel it's so important to have the right mindset and have the right intention. When intention is to make a difference, when the intention is to serve others, when the intention is to really help everyone grow, you will be guided your work will just because that's who you are. I think that's going to become even more important as we go into the 2020s. The energetics of the planet is changing and the energy that we had before it's not going to sustain focus on me kind of businesses, at least that's been reading and also feeling a lot

Russ Johns 31:00
Yeah, I have to believe that and I really believe this idea of kindness and everything goes around that. As we wrap up the show what can we do to help you succeed in your day and your goals, follow you on YouTube, connect with Karen, go to Instagram and support your initiatives and your goals and everything that you're doing your projects and your process.

Kiran Bedi 31:36
That would be an honor absolute honor. If there's anything, if anyone watching, just drop me a message on LinkedIn or YouTube or anywhere and let me know how I can add value, how I can assist you the things that I know.

Russ Johns 31:51
Keep us posted on your course too.

Kiran Bedi 31:54
Yes, absolutely. I should be ready in another eight weeks. Okay, totally on that. It should be very busy. Yes about to it. Anyone listening, watching, if there's anything I can do to add value to your work. If you want to learn to meditate, let me know, I'll add you to my mailing list so that when things become available I can share those with you.

Russ Johns 32:23
Absolutely. Absolutely.

Kiran Bedi 32:26
My book. I do have a book!

Russ Johns 32:28
We didn't even talk about your book.

Kiran Bedi 32:31
I Published it last year.

Russ Johns 32:33
Yeah. Oh, you hadn't? Okay. Mentioned it talks about it

Kiran Bedi 32:39
I'll quickly share that. So the name of the book is overcoming fear and failure. A Practical Guide for women who overthink and overanalyze just like myself. I did that as I was leaving my career in it, and it was everything that I had learned up until that point That actually helped me to surrender and make the shift. If I wrote it, saying that it's for women, it's actually applicable for both men and women. That I happen to run it across most of my girlfriends. So I was like, okay, it's for women. I look like I think it applies to both. Yeah, give it a read. It's very simple. I have tried and tested everything that I share in the book. Everything in the book is from my own personal experience. Some of the topics that resonated with me and I applied and they worked. If anyone is stuck, give it a read.

Russ Johns 33:42
Yeah Yeah I highly recommend you following Karen. Thank you so much for being here.

Kiran Bedi 33:49
Come join me.

Russ Johns 33:51
Yes. Join me are gone. We're going down this travel, we're traveling down the throat. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate all the gratitude in the world for you being here.

Kiran Bedi 34:04
So grateful, so grateful everything I think every time I think of you, Russ, I always have a smile on my face, because I know you just bring so much heart, and so much love into what you do. Even in interacting offline with you. It's a blessing to know you, and I'm honored to be on your show. Thank you so much.

Russ Johns 34:27
Thank you so much.

As always, #kindnessesiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday.

Kiran Bedi 34:38
Thank you everyone for joining.

Russ Johns 34:41
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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