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Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's the #piratebroadcast and it's another wonderful day. We're going to be interviewing #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. We're gonna be probably laughing a little bit, having some fun. Hope you're gonna join us. If you're live. Let us know you're here in the comments. If you're on the replay, just reach out, connect with us and make sure that we know you're there. We're having a blast in #thepiratecommunity and we invite you to join us every single day, five days a week here on the #piratebroadcast, follow the pirate #piratebroadcast, and like us on social and all that kind of great stuff. Today, we have Annie In the room, how are you, Annie?

Annie Leib 1:02
I am fabulous, couldn't be better. I am living with attitude as with every day. So when one of my children pops in here and says, Hi, Mom, what are you doing? Even though I told him two times? we'll both be very patient with that.

Russ Johns 1:16
Absolutely. pandemic, right?

Annie Leib 1:18
Yes a little bit.

Russ Johns 1:19
That's that Pandemic. Oh, man. We have to go through this backstory because we met through Gabriel, who's an awesome individual that does a show very much like this. At the end of the day, so you have bookmarks you can you can join the #piratebroadcasts in the morning and made from scratch podcasts in the evening. It's really amazing that we get to meet so many different people. You probably met a lot of different people now that we've gone through this space of 2020

Annie Leib 1:54

Russ Johns 1:55
I'm crazy. You have an attitude. Back us into What that story is and how it arrived.

Annie Leib 2:03
All right? In fact you brought up such an important person Gabe Leal is the one who said antitude is really cool. That's like a hashtag. I said, Alright, I'll do something with it. Then it has become, through Mike paronto, who is a partner of mine and a very good person, these two guys have really helped me to sort of see and find my way that this is a way of life and a way of living and breathing and it's not just a plan words, it's not just my name. It's a really, really strong positive way of living that living with attitude is bringing your best self every day and laying your head on the pillow at night and saying how could I have done better today?

What could I do differently tomorrow and was I my best self did I put my best foot forward and you know, help others and help heal others today, it is a play with my name, but it became something you know, not that long ago, but it's always He's been there with me. When I finished my business school, I sort of came out with guns a blazing. I knew that I had impact to me. This is part of who I am. It's what I live and breathe. I don't really know any other way to do it. It sort of became a hashtag living with attitude.

I have a website where I help professionals and teams to be better, and to sort of detox themselves and live a greener, healthier life become more productive, but also do the next best thing. I think when you can live your life like that, if I can make an impact on one person that I'm doing my job, that's how I look at it, but there's a big scale of things to happen here. I'm gonna knock a lot of people and it's all about living with attitude, I mean, it's hashtag Russ, but it's living with attitude. So that's where we are. That's how Ibacked right into that hashtag and wavelength.

Russ Johns 3:57
Well, it's funny cuz I'm kind of smiling on the inside because we've had an opportunity to connect a little bit and I just you're you glow in your attitude. It's something that it probably just erupted is like okay this means something it's like a movement when you find something meaningful, and you can grab a hold of it and you can help others that feeling that emotion of being connected, and being able to say you can do this

Annie Leib 4:30
It is everything. We were talking about that offline a little bit before we jumped on and it was just like, what do you what are you trying to do? I said to you that I think finding people's strengths is what I really bring to the table. When everybody walks around and they think what they can't do and what they haven't done, and it's all about putting yet on the end of that sentence and saying you can do whatever you're passionate about whatever your strength is, we can highlight and find your strengths. What lights you up. Lights your fire.

That's just a gift that you're either I think I happen to bring to the table where I can find people's lights and fire and sort of let them know and make them feel good and in doing so, they get stronger, they highlight their strengths and in doing so heals me. My mission is, is both to heal others but also to in my healing journey as well. I think that's such an important piece is just letting people know and see the raw, real authentic attitude that I have. I don't pull punches like, I screw up things all the time and I fumble this and we all do, right, and I really learn, right?

I try to tell the story, like, look what I did today, I'm such a dunce, but like at the same time, I'm trying to have a good attitude about it because that's what I have. That's what we have. We have our passion. We have our strengths. We have our love of life. It's all perspective. Right? Like Don't you find it like if you Have a take one situation and you can turn a perspective and say, let's look at this angle or that angle, then you're a solution versus just part of the problem.

Russ Johns 6:09
Well, in that thought, we were talking also about the idea that people find their passion or their purpose or their meaning in what they do a lot of times as an adult I was involved in a job that I thought had a lot of meaning and everything, and it's like this I was chasing the dream, and then all of a sudden, I turned around, and it was actually a nightmare. It was like killing me. This is not really what I thought that I wanted to do.

We also have to decide at some point in time, and this is the scary part. Because sometimes we hold on to things a little longer than we should have a little attitude to actually break Out of the norm or break out of the what you're doing and see something different and being able to project something different is challenging at time. Talking with somebody like you that could actually pull up, pull somebody through that cycle of doubt, fear, misunderstanding the void of knowledge is is like gone. You don't know what you're going to get into.

Annie Leib 7:26
It's like you said it's perspective, right. Like on my website, it's So it's a na le IB calm. You can see like, where I say I introduced myself and I say, Hi, I'm Annie. This is why I'm here. I'm an empath and I'm a warrior here to help you. There's a personal detox a team revamp, it's a business lifestyle change. So when you're looking at your life, it's like you had your path and you went through that for a reason. There's a reason for all of this and there's you wouldn't be where you are right now.

You're not going through those things. So those were not mistakes. I have lived a couple of lives for us. I'll tell you this, I don't regret any of it. I've made a lot of mistakes. But I have no regrets. Because I would not be here on this path. I know right now, it could even sound cheesy, but I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be sitting here with you right now. I know that because I feel the passion in the fire every day.

Russ Johns 8:25
I feel like growing, you know, this year, as much as the changes are in place the transitions in a lot of people's lives, and there's unfortunate circumstances and trust me I've had something and I've had nothing, and both experiences taught me a lot.

Annie Leib 8:48
Absolutely. I love that.

Russ Johns 8:51
We have to understand that. It's just an experience. There's no good or bad or there's no right or wrong in terms of What your, what your journey is going to absolutely produce for your outcome. The thing that we were talking about also, is just keep moving day after day, just forward momentum, forward motion, and production and purpose and move forward in it. It makes so much difference in your life when you can do that.

Annie Leib 9:22
It certainly does. It's funny that you've so many things that you've touched on that I could talk about for hours. This is my jam right now. Tthe one thing that you just said was when I was in my we're so aligned, when I was in my in one of my dark times and just trying to figure something out, I needed a mantra I needed something to make me keep going because I didn't want to keep going. I really didn't. There were days that I just, I mean it did but but I really didn't want to and my mantra became do something different.

As simple as that sounds. When I say that to myself today. It's still so my newest thing is because like I told you I'm crazy and I never have enough challenges is I'm running I'm training for a five K. It's raining here I'm at the shore by, the Jersey Shore and South Jersey and I really didn't want to go this morning I'm on my third my third or fourth day of training and it's pretty it's pretty hardcore even for a beginner and it was raining there was a million reasons not to go my daughter looks so cozy and that I wanted to snuggle up with her but I just said do something different. Like, if I am where I am I'm always going to be stuck somewhere if I don't do something different.

I just said the mantras that align in my head do something different and I got out there and I pounded the pavement, literally for you know, 35 minutes and and I feel fabulous. I mean granted I had a great cup of coffee too but I just have this energy to just serve and heal. Bring positivity and light. I'm not a coach. I'm not any kind of certified specialist. I'm just a real, authentic, raw person that's here to tell you I make mistakes. I'm on a journey. I'm starting to turn this corner of transformation. I want to do it with you want to do it with you?

Russ Johns 11:23
That's really important. Because sometimes the only thing we are missing in the equation is somebody to say, you can do it. You have the ability and the opportunity. You're worthy You are worthy. Go do what you need to do.

Annie Leib 11:45
To have that in your life is really special. I happen to have that in my life if I didn't have this certain person in my life. I don't know that I'd be able to do it but it's actually you. This is interesting Ross like that is really helpful, but I do have to say that you can also do it on your own. I think learning through this journey, part of the learning, especially mine being that I'm single now, and I haven't been since I was really I was married, and then I was engaged. I haven't been single since I was 14 years old. I was just telling you a little bit about that. This is my time when I had to find out that I could do it on my own.

Russ Johns 12:25
Sometimes your journey requires you to do it on your own.

Annie Leib 12:30
Yes. It doesn't mean forever..

Russ Johns 12:32
It doesn't mean forever. However there are some chapters in the book of life that you have to read alone.

Annie Leib 12:38

Russ Johns 12:39
And say yeah, this is real. This is me, this is what I gotta do.

Annie Leib 12:43
A part of that is so I can bring myself to a relationship and be a whole person instead of half trying to find this other half.

Russ Johns 12:51
Well, if you can't love yourself on your own.

Annie Leib 12:53
It's true. It's true. You know what, Russ, I have to tell you, I thought I did, but I'm really finding that I'm really starting To understand accept and love myself more so than ever, and I have to tell you 40s I mean, I'm 41 right, fine. My pattern, I'm 41 and a half. I would always tell me that I'm like you only 42 42 yet, but we are awesome. I mean, it is by far the it's been a hard time. I'm not going to tell you it hasn't been hard. It's really just an enlightening time for a female. I don't know how dudes feel, but I just feel like, I have more energy. I feel hotter. I feel better. I feel smarter, I feel more experience all these things that I just didn't have in my 20s and 30s. So it's like a really brilliant time right now. It's a fun time

Russ Johns 13:48
You have to have experience to understand what you enjoy and what you would rather not do.

Annie Leib 13:55
Exactly, exactly, exactly.

Russ Johns 13:59
A little bit of work. Behind you. And you know, those are the things I love. And you know what else I love? I love the people in the room in #thepiratesyndicate, and the #PirateBroadcast here, Gabriel's in the room gave me your morning Jacob.

Annie Leib 14:19
We love guest. It's so fun

Russ Johns 14:21
here because of both hot exciting

Annie Leib 14:25
Look how bad ass he looks in that picture to

Russ Johns 14:28
Good morning Russ. Happy to watch if you're watching live

Annie Leib 14:33
We was just talking about his hip

Russ Johns 14:35
Yeah, we're just talking about my hips like, yeah, she's training for a five k on training to recover.

Annie Leib 14:42
Man you really got slammed with that but that's just

Russ Johns 14:46
five steps. Just Give me five steps. Then Howard coffin Top of the morning. I hope you got Howard so you should have my address. Another one from Turkey. That's fantastic.

Annie Leib 15:08
I love it. He is living. Look at that smile living with attitude today.

Russ Johns 15:12
Yeah. Good morning, everyone. There's Angie, how you doing? Good morning, everyone fellow pirates. She is a great person a real firecracker. Yes, she's a firecracker.

Annie Leib 15:27
He's my biggest supporter. But if we were in a playground, he would pull my hair and pull my braids. he teases me so much. iI have a meeting every Sunday with my twoi boys, Gabe and Mike and I have to tell you that I said I'm not coming to this meeting anymore because you guys make fun of me so much. I mean, they just mock me. So I'm like this whole living with anitude done with you guys.

Russ Johns 15:49
I'm done with you guys. Andrew is here. I'm always curious to hear about a definition of business development. It varies meaning so much from person to person. Absolutely true. Absolutely true. I think a lot of lot of definitions like that.

Annie Leib 16:06

Russ Johns 16:07
Oh, a good morning. Lovely. People love it. This conversation already. Thank you for sharing this powerful. I read these out because after this broadcast, I convert this into a podcast. If you're unable to watch the show, you can still listen to it afterward. So it's just one of those things that I love to do, because you can either read it, watch it or listen to it.

Annie Leib 16:32
Russ, what did you say? I don't want to cut you off. You're still reading them? What did you say to me earlier when we weren't live yet when you said about meaning finding meaning or meaning finding new we were talking about that? What were the two about passion and

Russ Johns 16:48
there are two ways to find passion. Either you love what you do, and you discover what you love to do. Or you learn how to love what you're doing.

Annie Leib 17:00
Huh, isn't that so interesting that really struck me, I'm gonna write that down. I said either way you find yourself at the same intersection, right? Either way, you're loving what you're doing, whether it found you found it. When you look at it in that perspective, it's like, I'm going to find this either way. As long as I put my mind to it, and find it, it's going to find me or I'm going to find it. My passion is out there. I think too many people go through life and just sort of experience life or maybe they don't experience it. And there's a meaning for them. And they're not finding it because they're not highlighting their strengths and passions.

Russ Johns 17:40
I think too many people diminish what it is they're doing, and they don't, they don't put enough importance on what it is because there's so many things that are required for life to move forward. at so many levels. The person that's a plumber or a carpenter or These are all powerfully important work. This is work that is so critical to life and

Annie Leib 18:10
Think about that these are essential things.

Russ Johns 18:13
Yes, absolutely. People sometimes don't give themselves enough credit.

Annie Leib 18:20
I can realte to that. I can Defiantley relate to that

Russ Johns 18:22
yeah, yeah. You just have to one person in my life that Angie has really, we've had conversations, some deep conversations about, and that's a mantra, I am worthy. I am worthy of a lot of things and have gratitude when you wake up. It's like, there's all kinds of difficulties and challenges in life. But if you wake up with gratitude, and you know that you're worthy of the day and you can move forward and you can pursue whatever it is you want to pursue, then it's going back to what you said. is just keep making progress.

Annie Leib 19:04
Just keep swimming as they said and Finding Nemo, right? I mean, you just have to keep moving forward. But also start like, I find that in my most horrible mood or some kind of funk that I'm in, and when the last moment is less than I want to do, if I stop and make a gratitude list, it makes me stop and catch my breath and say, Okay, I have reason to be here. I have worthiness and I have what it takes to keep moving forward and when you can stop and have that sort of gratitude, and look at what you have in your life and I don't even mean things I mean, whether it's self compassion, self love your partner.

You know your kids laughter whatever it is, that made you grateful that morning, like just it's anything just make a list of three things. And I did a podcast on this today and living with it energy pod It's just about having some self compassion around like, you know what I'm gonna stop right now I'm going to be grateful. I'm just gonna stop now, in the midst of all this shit and just be grateful you could deep breath, just

Russ Johns 20:13
let it in. I know we talked a lot about several things is just popping up in my head is like and there's a reason we are here.

Annie Leib 20:25

Russ Johns 20:25
We may not know our reason we may not know the outcome we may not know. We're Touching Lives every single day, whether we know it or not, or if it's on purpose or not. We are impacting in making a difference in somebody's life as long as you're putting things out there. That's why #kindnessiscool. And #smilesarefree to so important to me.

Annie Leib 20:48

Russ Johns 20:49
I bought a Facebook memory. That's like I was saying that thing is I was promoting this stuff five years ago. It's like it's been a journey. It didn't pop up overnight. I've been saying this for years.

Annie Leib 21:03
Totally. I mean, I have been living with attitude for a long time. It's just when it comes to fruition you know, it's when when you finally bring it it's time you're here to share your message and you're on your mission. That's why you have all these people popping up talking to you and saying hi, and sharing in your happiness and smiles and kindness because that's what you're passing to them like, I could help I have in my cohort for my business school class. We were I did like a 20 month program. We were with the same people. Like when I heard I wasn't I wasn't valedictorian by any means.

I wasn't first in the class, or I did well, but what I heard at the end of it from from the feedback from people was my ability to be the therapist of the group and rise, like, raise everybody up and lift them. There was a couple I couldn't have done this without us. I have to tell you, Russ that's better than any eight plus I could have ever gotten. there that is how I know my mission is minimal refreshing. I mean, it was, I can't tell you what it meant to me. I have certain people that I'm thinking in my mind, like, I couldn't have done this now. You're kidding me. You're brilliantly smart. You could do anything. It's like, that's what they think of me. Wow. Because I think so highly of these brilliant people I went to school with and everybody is families and kids and jobs, and it's just really hard.

Russ Johns 22:23
There are so many times where doing this five days a week is is the way I set my pace. I have a pace I have. It brings some it brings some normalcy into the chaos, and allows me to highlight people out there doing things like what you're doing and bringing joy in value to the world. It's just really nice to be able to say, this is this is important work, and you need to see what's going on around you. It's really amazing how that journey has Taking place and there are days where it's like, I just feel exhausted or fatigued by life and everything else. Because almost every time that happens to me and I'm starting to feel a little bit, I feel a dip. I posted on this many times, it's like when the dip in life happens to you what what do you do? Iinevitably, someone will either call me or email me or message me and say hey, you made a difference in my day or you

Annie Leib 23:30
You know, you're doing it

Russ Johns 23:31
and it's like, oh, that's that just fills me up in terms of it lights you up. Your gift

Annie Leib 23:38
is your

Russ Johns 23:41

Annie Leib 23:42
And if you're serious, you great attitude. But we were on the show we were on game show together and you have this calm about you that just you know i of all people because I'm so Baba moment in your face, and you have this general calm that I sort of just like to just take in and it lifts me up and just sort of calms me in brings me back down to down to center. So it's really nice. It's a nice offset that we have here. I think

Russ Johns 24:07
we'll have to do another show.

Annie Leib 24:08
Yeah, my gosh, I would love to it goes too fast, man. It goes too fast.

Russ Johns 24:13
It does go Too fast. And look who else is in the room? Hello. I need to get in contact with you. Happy to see you here. Let's get some Gabriel. Yes. Happy to see you support you. I can't wait to link up. And then I love that name. Gabriel. Yes, good there, bud. Rick Hudson. Great stuff.

Annie Leib 24:37
I'm so happy.

Russ Johns 24:38
Michael is here. He looks so suave. They're super cool picture. They're like supporting two wonderful people. So fully heart is loving the truth here. 2020 is a year of tremendous growth.

Annie Leib 24:59
No one's out. In fact, it is so true and it's many people are like, Hey, I have a shirt that says Mulligan 2020 and everybody's like redo I want to refund but truly like I don't really want i mean aside from the horrible circumstances

Russ Johns 25:12

Annie Leib 25:12
I don't want to change and Gabe said this to in one of his shows like I don't want to change what we're like I'm growing so much and people around me are learning so much about themselves. It's just really telling time that you can learn how to be adaptable and flexible in a really challenging time. And if you can do that you're on your way to something good.

Russ Johns 25:35
Absolutely. And Sherry, lolly says it's much more fun to chat with friends during the #piratebroadcast. This is full circle in my journey. I wouldn't be here without Ross and seeing you both here makes me feel like life is wonderful.

Annie Leib 25:51
You know what we are getting like this. Wonderful gave. That's what it is. This is like really boosted my whole day roster.

Russ Johns 26:01
Russ therapy, Ruben your Rockstar. Awesome. Have you here and Ruben Ruben is the founder of which is my one of my favorite platforms and I just love what they're doing over there. It's just brings a slice to happiness in my life. So

Annie Leib 26:18
I'm going to check that out for sure.

Russ Johns 26:20
Check it out everybody check out dub. So Sherry, lolly, you got my message. I love this. So I just want to go through here Byron pick. People are waking up for sure.

Annie Leib 26:33
Yeah, they are. Yes. Yes.

Russ Johns 26:38
I love it all perspective. It's all in perspective. Many things are going on around us. Yeah, Angie says 2020 is definitely a reflective year. I'm loving. It's true. A lot of people are, I want to talk I want to touch on this before we jump off and start Are day and because one of the things that I have found valuable in my journey at times, is releasing things that are no longer serving me. What's useless?

Annie Leib 27:14

Russ Johns 27:14
Because there are times where we think we need to do a little more. We see the social media feeds and rethink Oh, I got to catch up, I got to do something more. I've been kind of quiet on LinkedIn last, Dad passing away, break my hip and life and life is like, I don't have to be everywhere every day, every minute.

Annie Leib 27:37
You can never be everything to everyone. If you try you won't be anything to anyone.

Russ Johns 27:42
Yeah, I think it's really important for us to understand that there are limits there are places and times in, moments in our life that we have to pause and understand and reflect on what it is we're putting our energy in, because there's only 24 hours a day.

Annie Leib 28:00
To spread yourself too thin is not getting you anywhere. So releasing what's useless I always say that useless thought that's not helping me. That's not bringing anything. Anybody that is useless release it. So right there with Russ.

Russ Johns 28:13
Yeah. So how do you share that with other people though? I mean in your coaching or your connection with other individuals or business owners are

Annie Leib 28:24
I mean, I think I say what I just said to you, which is I'm pretty direct. Like that's really not useful for either that's not useful for you that's not useful for whomever you're talking about or telling that narrative and Mike and I do a show on Friday nights at 10 living with attitude conversations with Mike. And interestingly enough tonight at 10 we are going to talk about narratives that we tell ourselves 10pm Eastern Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm here. 10 pm eastern living with any two conversations with Mike Morgan. Talk about narratives and things that are in our lives can be very, very useless and really just bog you down when you're telling stories that that you don't need to be telling. We always talk about that Mike and I always have conversations about that like you're telling a story here.

Russ Johns 28:27
Stop lying to yourself.

Annie Leib 29:18
Yeah, I mean why would that be lying? It might be right, but you don't know. So just like, let's take it down one notch lets get back to center here. So that's how I would say it. And in my attitude way.

Russ Johns 29:32
It's it's funny that we were talking about this. These are all the thoughts that I have all the time. And I know we could carry on this conversation for days. And I think it's important conversations. It's absolutely critical conversations to have and I think a lot more people need to understand that. You're okay, you're doing all right. Even if you're having a challenging month, or 2020 is not the best year you can reset. And then move on. Think about the the process of growth that you can achieve. And if you take the initiative to just learn something new or compete against your yesterday, not not everyone else's yesterday, not someone else's today, but you're

Annie Leib 30:20
where you are right now is okay.

Russ Johns 30:23

Annie Leib 30:24
Is it okay no matter what that is, it's okay.

Russ Johns 30:28
How do people track you down and if you're not connected with Annie connect with her Tell them Russ sent you. Captian Russ sent you,

Annie Leib 30:39
tell me the captain sent you and we'll get your shirt that says hashtag Russ. So again when he leaves calm, so it's an ni e li ve calm. Everybody misspells leaves, so make sure that you spell it vi B and then, you know I'm on. I'm on LinkedIn, and my living with attitude and living with any two conversations with my partner. Cast is all over. So I mean, it's YouTube easy to find, but really just my website, you can always reach out to me, I am all yours. I am open and ready and willing to help. That's what I'm here to do. And if I can make an impact on you, then I'm doing my job

Russ Johns 31:14
now. And as always, you can find the replays at Ross, John's calm,

Annie Leib 31:19
I will be watching

Russ Johns 31:20
and it's just there. You know, the podcasts, the posts, the transcription, the video, it's all there for your wonderful consumption. Now, you aren't if you are a pirate, you have the pirate Mojo now you're in the pirate community.

Annie Leib 31:40
We're doing great today. Ross. We really are. And it's

Russ Johns 31:43
and it had just happened to be Friday. So it's, you know, there's no downside. I think

Annie Leib 31:50
that's a great really, really good engine.

Russ Johns 31:53
And, you know, even if it's raining, there's sunshine on the other side, right?

Annie Leib 31:57
Always. There's always wherever there's dark light, so Don't forget it.

Russ Johns 32:02
Well, thank you so much Annie. And I know that our paths will cross again. And I just look forward to the next opportunity to have a conversation. I'll have to check out you and Mike tonight and we'll gather fuel my weekend. So

Annie Leib 32:16
very grateful to be here with you and to honor to be a pirate. I'm excited to be part of the community. And I look forward to our next talk.

Russ Johns 32:25
Thank you so much. And everyone, as you know, join #thepiratecommunity hashtag follow the hashtag #piratebroadcast is simple. It's on LinkedIn. You just go there. And if you want to be notified of episodes arriving, go to us jobs comm and sign up for the notifications so you can get seeing you don't miss an episode, because they're fun field the fact field and we

Annie Leib 32:55
love it. Always a good time.

Russ Johns 32:57
Yeah, it's always a good time and always #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree. And you #enjoytheday.

Annie Leib 33:06
Thanks, guys.

Russ Johns 33:08
Take care.

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