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Catch Sheri St Marie on the #PirateBroadcast

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Russ Johns 0:00
pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindness is cool and smiles are free. Let's get this party started. It's a wonderful day for a pirate broadcast. Guess what? We're here. We're here. Sheri's in the room. We're gonna have another party. #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. For those that aren't aware, Sheri's in the room today, she's gonna be joining us. Sheri, how are you today?

Sheri St. Marie 0:37
I am awesome. I'm one of those natural get up at five. So I annoy a lot of people by you know, this time in the morning still.

Russ Johns 0:46
So you're an early riser. Early. early riser.

Sheri St. Marie 0:49
Yeah. Yeah.

Russ Johns 0:52
Different periods of my life. I've had to be an early riser and then other periods in my life. I've had to be a night owl. I think naturally, my body clock is probably go to sleep at like 1am and get up at 10 probably.

Sheri St. Marie 1:12
I can respect that of why you were up late because it's part of talent, right? My luck is just, I'm up early when I was a young kid, like up early, and then if it's summertime, I'm still up late. Then in winter, I'm like, Yeah, I read a book. It just depends.

It's like, we're all on the playground. Let's play together. Right? Like that's my most fun like this. I love engagement. I love learning things from people. I love meeting interesting people. I have had the most fun in opening up and doing this kind of stuff. And so it's fantastic. And I wish more people would do it.

Russ Johns 2:44
Well, you know, there are there are a few people. I see a lot of people doing it only because I'm in the circle. However, I know. There's a lot of people that are not doing it. Yep. And so we have to kind of measure it's like okay, well, am I is everybody doing this now? It's like, No, not really. So

Sheri St. Marie 3:02
they're not. So I'm like, I'm the one who people know, they're welcome. So on my platform, I get tons of all different subject matters, people, all ages, all kinds of personalities. And everybody's like, I'm really surprised at the mixture of sharing. I go, you know why? Because everybody's welcome. Because everybody's got something to teach something to learn something to give. And that's what makes it cool. And I'm also a teacher, that doesn't make it uncomfortable. Yeah, that's why they show up. And so I just want to encourage right have just come try this, come do this. It's fun. It's okay. It's good.

Russ Johns 3:33
Or I think we were talking earlier about the mothering effect, you know, you you've raised your family who had these, this opportunity to be there, and now they're going on and doing their own thing so that that ability and opportunity to nurture others around you is something that comes very easy. Talking about

Sheri St. Marie 3:55
Yeah, the mothering skill is like a pretty badass no Like my private nickname, no, it's not private, right is badass Angel. And I earned that. So, where that comes from is I have had a tough background, tough upbringing. What matters most to me coming to this earth was I want to be a mom. So I wanted to be a mother to love to nurture to unconditionally, you know, raise and grow and show the beautiful parts and what's good about life and all that stuff. I teach my kids to be resilient and resourceful. And then when I was getting towards the end of that everyday journey, it was like, super sad for me, because I was like, Oh my gosh, what am I going to do with myself? You know, it's like the Super Bowls over and I just want to keep playing, right? And so about two years before my youngest was going to graduate, I intuitively knew you better get your mind on something Sherry that's gonna keep you going and can keep you till you're 90. And it really was this pivot out to the world. And so now I use all those badass Angel skills of teaching hardcore business skills. teaching the love teaching the underdog get up teaching the victim to thrive. And they were a target, and all that good stuff. And I love it. And I do a lot of that on social media, which is funny.

So, but I like it. I like it. It's fun.

Russ Johns 5:14
Oh, Gabriel is here. This is such a great conversation. Hey, Gabriel. Gabriel, thank you so much.

Sheri St. Marie 5:22

Russ Johns 5:23
Yeah, stepping out. I absolutely love both of these incredible individuals. Each of you holds a special place in my heart and journey. That's fantastic. And you know I Oh, games awesome. In fact, Gabriel I when you hear this? I have. I have some things that I want to share with you. We need to get Connect offline. And Olivia says Woohoo, party time.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
That's right. Do it in the morning. So good.

Russ Johns 5:56
And I'm not sure I'm going to say Suarez Hey, there's good to see you guys. So thank you so much for being here. Hello, we're getting started in this conversation Sherry in. And I know you've had, you know, you've had a few challenges in your life, you mentioned that, you know, I've had accidents in my life, you know, where, somehow mean gravity, we just don't, you know, it's like I'm healing a broken hip right now. And I've fallen in, you know, several times in my life and, and had accidents like that. And I think, I think being broken, literally broken, has a way of giving us a new perspective in what we can accomplish because you have to power through these things in life. And sometimes what people get down, you know, you I see as a light in the, you know, you're a light shining on other people and helping and encouraging other urine occur and it's worrying freshing to see people like you yourself helping others because they've been bred.

Sheri St. Marie 7:04
That's exactly why so, so I literally absolutely as a wild Mustang at birth, like that's who I really am. I'm a wild Mustang. I'm broken, both mentally and physically so broken by my adoptive father who was the first to break my spirit right and then several other people after that, I've also had literally torn rotator cuff fractured sternum from other humans. I have I have been hit by a semi so I have structural insight. However, here's what I have learned how to do, which is amazing. So I have been that broken human. But that's not who I am. It's what I went through. That was huge for me. It is not who I am not who I am is not who I am. So I thought it was who I am and I was trained. That's who you are. That's when I was powerless. That's when I was a target. That's when I couldn't very far get myself up. When I realized this is not who I am, or who my family is, it is just what we've gone through. And the technique is through, you know, through, you'll stand there while you're on fire, right? And there. And I have learned how to be mentally tough, both with the mental pain, the physical pain. But I have also learned how to the greatest thing, any of those things were trying to do was to prevent my real spirit, which is actually a lot of sunshine and a wild Mustang, you know. And so my job was, you can't let people take that from you who I'm supposed to be on the surface. This was beautiful is because I did the really hard work most people will not do. What you see today is somebody who's done the work to get here to who I authentically am and to honor my spirit and the essence of who I am, which is also a lot of feminine energy, and that's what was trying to be prevented before. But this is what I'm supposed to be doing. You know, and this is what you get when you do the hard work.

Russ Johns 9:00
Well, let's talk let's dig down a little deeper, that hard work because I think it's so important. There's so many people that are hurting, because they don't know how and where they belong. And I think that the the disconnect is that, you know, through society and growing up and being a certain way and you know, or to scroll and saying, Okay, you got to graduate, you got to do this, you got to do this, you got to do this. Here's the roadmap, here's, and when you get to the end, you'll be happy. And that's a lie. I think that's that's the biggest lie that we know the American Dream is, is some people's nightmare, right? Yeah. Yes. And it's not and it's not because it's not a good thing to do. And it's not a productive thing to do. It's that we're not all cut from the same mold.

Sheri St. Marie 9:48
Hundred percent. So I mean, the beginning, the beginning, tough teachings and education which used to drive me nuts is, are you smart is what we used to be asked, taught and trained. That is Not the question. The question is how are you smart? How I am smart is by creativity and talent and encouraging others and that kind of thing how I was not smart was academically wrote stuff on a standardized test. Yeah, so we've ruined a lot of people by the ru smart idea. It what we need to do is how are you smart? How are you best enjoying life or whatever, there is not a right time or path. We've ruined a lot of people that way too. You got to be to this point, but this time you got to be in the game of life, right taught us You are messed over by the age of 12. Because you this happened, right? Or you set up your first job so you're done forever, or I had a boyfriend I when I was in high school I was taught you only get one love of a lifetime. Well, I was screwed by 17. What do you do with that? You know, like, that's all bad teaching. And what to do is to learn how to nurture and love and encourage the soul on how can you best contribute and We need to teach which I do every day. How can you be happy in the moment like it's not a This isn't a wait until the end we see statistically most people are miserable and work their whole life to maybe make it 11 years where they're not physically feeling the greatest and they're at the end, I refuse to do that I'm doing it all the time. And I even did that as a teenager, you know, of enjoy the day embrace the day. Happiness is my response to the moment. Enjoy the moment and happiness, responsibility. It's not somebody else's. Your job is not to make me happy.

Russ Johns 11:32
It's sometimes it's a choice Sherry, sometimes we have to make we have to decide that even if I'm not feeling 100% even if I'm, if there's reasons I could use as an excuse to be miserable. I choose not to be miserable. And I choose to be a victor not a victim. And I had to take responsibility. Yep, we have responsibility for our for all. emotions and our feelings and our actions

Sheri St. Marie 12:03
we do even today I could you know, I come on here and I'm like ready to go and whatever I could tell you today factual things that would make you go oh my god, girl, why are you not like crying on the couch? And it's because I refuse to be there and I refuse to let my children see me that way. This is not the way I want to spend my life. And so I make a choice every single day and I practice something that might make people puke. But it's an optimistic comment. And it is I practice 73 and sunny in here. So like in here, every day, it's winter. So all winter, I really practice

Russ Johns 12:34
70 to 78 guy.

Sheri St. Marie 12:42
This is funny, I've gotten a little hotter in the last year. I've learned that so getting up to the, you know, 85 sometimes, but the point is, yeah, it is.

Russ Johns 12:54
We've made a decision in our lives even even though there's tragedy and things that could draws down, that we're going to continue to inspire others or put it out there that you know. And that's not to say that I don't have my down days. That's not to say that I have my moments of a I, I'm just going to take pause right now and I'm going to take my five minutes and I'm gonna, I'm gonna cry in my ear.

Sheri St. Marie 13:20
Hey, listen, I do the same thing. So that's probably the biggest misnomer people have of me that they think oh my gosh, she's got it made her life's amazing, who's whatever, people would never perceive me to be somebody who ever experiences loneliness. What I do, I do so, but I do that on the backside, and I take care and I do things that I can do to make a difference there of connecting with other people or things like that. But yeah, I absolutely do. I just try to not stay there long. That was my learning of own body clock of if I allow myself to stay there long. It doesn't feel good. I can stay there. So I'm like behavior. out of it is what I do with my soul.

Russ Johns 14:01
I don't like this feeling.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
I like it.

Russ Johns 14:04
I don't want it. I find I don't like it.

Sheri St. Marie 14:07
I don't like it and I don't want it and it goes you just got to stay in the scene as long as you want it No I don't like it I'm not having it feels bad. So it's my way out of it, you know, by whether that's, you know, exercising or calling a friend or what can I do or get doing something creative, my number one that flips me out of that or anything, whether it's loneliness or, you know, whatever is a thing, do something for someone else. And so the number one thing I do if I feel like that is I flip it around and I do content does that not surprise you? I do for others because then it's not

Russ Johns 14:40
your do that.

Sheri St. Marie 14:43
Anytime I feel bad for myself, like I've had a little pity party for a minute. I'm like, you know what, get over it and go do something for somebody else and I shoot it out to the world. Right? That's,

Russ Johns 14:53
that's my number one trick. That's awesome. Jerry says Good morning and all pirates.

Sheri St. Marie 14:59
Hey, How are you? spell sharing my same way.

Russ Johns 15:03
And Angie, Angie, good morning everyone in our community. When you fall, you always get back up, right?

Sheri St. Marie 15:13
Yes. You know what, that's the number one thing so my I have three children and my biggest thing about that is my children have never not seen me get back up. So they know a mom who every single time gets up they have seen at one time where it took me longer than we thought and it was a little scary for all of us. But what was in it was they've got a mom who never stays down. And when you have that personality and that commitment and that whatever, you got to get up and get up for them and I get up for you guys more than myself. Which people in the past have told me that's wrong You know, you need to want to do it for yourself and like guess what if we got a way that works for us, what do we care like you guys make me get up my kids make me get up you know, it's all good.

Russ Johns 16:00
Well, I'm inspired by like, people like yourself. And I love the fact that the pirate broadcast was designed to highlight individuals in the community doing interesting work and the fact that we can highlight individuals like yourself and share this and grow the community is a gift to me in my day, so

Sheri St. Marie 16:25
that is super So the thing is, that's the stuff that's going to keep us all going. Right That's the lightworkers that's the you know, pirates are bad asses. So when I first learned pirate this is interesting was four years ago, I was in the worst place my entire life for you know, outside circumstances. And I have normally the sunshine and you know, and I was in a place where I was like, Oh my God, I've been hit by the semi I couldn't even carry a pound people had to bring my groceries to my cart, which like I have a hard time accepting help. It was bad. And my daughter sent me this pirate card and it was about you know, The pirate way is about pissin and swearing and grunting while you're climbing, there's it just doesn't sell a lot of posters and I'm like, Oh my god, pirate way. The pirate way is like, you know, rented out do what you're supposed to do. It's loud. There's dancers, whatever and I'm like, that's when I became like this pirate things a smart idea. Yeah. And it doesn't have to look smooth and easy and perfect is what I loved about the pirate way. You

Unknown Speaker 17:25
know, ugly, imperfect

Sheri St. Marie 17:27
perfectly and I am so imperfect. If anybody even tries to make a comment you saw that happen with any any open about perfect the perfect woman to me and I go, oh my god, don't say that. I am, am and want to be so completely imperfect. You have no idea because there is no perfect and imperfect is every one of us like that's the greatest thing I think people are hurting over is not realizing, gosh, you being yourself and it's probably not even perfect. It's human. Right.

Russ Johns 17:58
Well, and I think there's a lot of people that are saying You know, reaching for the Instagram. Yeah, right. The filter media compounds that a little bit. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And what we need to do is measure measure who we were yesterday.

Sheri St. Marie 18:16
So my Instagram smart alec, one of them is me at 50 years old, no makeup and I say how naked Are you willing to be? And it was just because I'm a smart alec on the platform of You know what? Let's be real, right? Because I think we have damaged so many people with that. People that have been raised for however long that thing's been on where they think that's life, you know? And really, we got to show up and like this is what I have and who I am and all of our pieces and it makes a false reality is the biggest problem with it. It's a false reality that crumbles, you know,

Russ Johns 18:50
yeah. I I admire the ones that can tell the truth because there's so many people that are hurting Yeah. A number of reasons right now, you know, COVID is out, you know, the pandemic jobs, you know, job loss and everything else, where there's a lot of change and a lot of challenges. A lot of people are not comfortable with change. And so if we can actually put it out there that, you know, changes, okay, you're not on. There are results at the end that may surprise you. You, you can't, you know, limit your beliefs because you're, you know, if you do, then your beliefs are limited,

Sheri St. Marie 19:31
right? One great question, just to get a little comfortable is, what if it was even better? Yeah, it was even better. What was

Russ Johns 19:40
the best outcome could happen from this?

Sheri St. Marie 19:43
Or like, what what if what if you like opening up and risking you meet the most amazing person that you never would have in your lifetime? Had you not been? What if it's better? That's like the greatest question anybody worried about change can put up all over the place? What if it's even better what's the

Russ Johns 20:00
Yeah, and sometimes, I don't know that, at least for myself. I don't know that I dream big enough. A lot of times

Sheri St. Marie 20:08
I don't either.

Russ Johns 20:11
Very common thing, you know, it's like,

Sheri St. Marie 20:12
it's common for me. And I know, I know, we see a lot about books about it write about dream bigger, big. So we must know that it is. I am very guilty of that.

Russ Johns 20:24
Yeah. So how do we how do we think about bigger ideas, bigger, bigger thoughts, bigger dreams, bigger, bigger ambitions? How do we work towards that?

Sheri St. Marie 20:39
Jerry? I think some of it is first to ask yourself, Is that something you really want? Because we're also in a culture that always tells us we have to have bigger I don't necessarily want bigger I want better.

Russ Johns 20:52
So I want

Sheri St. Marie 20:54
to do want bigger because it isn't, it shouldn't be a should thing that you should have bigger. So let's talk you into bigger. So that's a question. And but if you want bigger, so an example would be a bigger dream I have is for humanity to be happier and healthy and whole and all that stuff. That's a huge dream. You know, that's a huge dream. So that's one that's easy for me to get up for because it's not about myself, where I fall down on the little is when it's for me. And that's a personal funk I'm working on, right? Like if it's for anybody else where I can sell the heck out of anybody else, you know? And then when it's me, I like okay, I'll just do this. So once you decide, yeah, the biggest for me, I think the second thing is to look at, take all the shoulds off it and take all the reality off of it and just go if you could not worry about it. What would you like it to look like? One of the best books I've read recently, when I was on a trip to Florida and it was a lot of fun is the Buddha and the badass that is a fabulous combination of getting bigger. That's business. And a little bit of this creativity, intuition into life and business. And that is very helpful and it has small exercises that can help you. And I'm actually doing it now in terms of my impact work I do, you know, of honing down and what is that? And how do I do a better job of that? I think the other part is, is believing that we can do it. I think that's the number one problem for those of us who do it small. Is is a lack of belief that you could

Russ Johns 22:28
Yeah, I know. That's part of one of the challenges I have with some of that is that the other side of the same coin is there. In my my life, I've I had a big dream. And then I got there and it was like, This isn't what I really want.

Sheri St. Marie 22:49
I know a lot of people like that. So thank you for saying that. I know people who have had massive dreams, huge, you know, company dreams, huge money, dreams, all this stuff. privately know, from working with a lot of people in that capacity, they are not personally happy.

Russ Johns 23:07
Yeah, they got miserable,

Sheri St. Marie 23:09
right. And miserable is the word I was gonna say so so I can tell you from decades of work with that, that they are personally miserable. And it makes me so sad. makes me so sad because it doesn't have to be that way. And I think you could have both. But I think the thing that happens is you develop the big dream and not the full life maybe, I think, I think

Russ Johns 23:28
I think that's the tip of the iceberg is that we shouldn't be living someone else's idea of what life should be.

Sheri St. Marie 23:38
No, no, you can't be so one dimensional. So so what I see of the people that are doing the big dream, and usually the big dream has to do with business. So what I see is they develop the business side, they're phenomenal the business skills, they have created a level that is like, so to be commended and amazing, but they don't have the personal skills and their personal life

Russ Johns 23:59
period. Andy foot stepping in, and he's a pirate. Hey,

Sheri St. Marie 24:06
can I get the hook up? I appreciate that

Russ Johns 24:09
seriously that badass the secret spiritual art of succeeding at work.

Sheri St. Marie 24:14
That's so that he says at work, but really, it's about. It's phenomenal. Thank you so much, Andy. That's awesome.

Russ Johns 24:19
Yeah, thank you, Andy,

Sheri St. Marie 24:21
it really is a way to help us all with work, whether it's paid or unpaid. It's a phenomenal resource. And that's my book for the next short bit here and what I really spend my time on.

Russ Johns 24:33
You know, I really think that, you know, this message can be shared universally. Absolutely. And, and so, I applaud you for sharing it. Now. I like to share the same message, you know, I create a lot of content and I have, you know, I mean, I think I think we're over almost to 220 episodes of the pirate bra.

Sheri St. Marie 24:55
Oh, I commend you for that. That is huge. That's like a Look at my eyes light up. Like that's a huge commitment. That's huge. In the world. I thank you for giving all of that.

Russ Johns 25:07
Yeah. And you. And I look back on that. So Sherry, and I think it's gone so quickly it's gone by, and I know gain real pride feels the same way because we're on the hundredth episode. So he's cranking it out, and we're doing good things, and we're having good conversations. So when you say I want to reach humanity with this, this is one of the ways that we can reach humanity. So we all have our, our journey, and are messy. And I think the, the intent is the same. It is we want humanity to improve, we want to help each other we want to support each other in the journey, and we want to be able to maintain some level of, you know, civility with each other. It's like,

Sheri St. Marie 25:57
pirate would be awesome.

Russ Johns 25:59
Yes. Yes. So let's, let's all join the pirate ship and all along.

Sheri St. Marie 26:08
It's awesome. And this is a great platform to do that. And I see you. I may have a broadcast regularly coming forward soon.

Russ Johns 26:17
I think. Yeah, I think you need to probably get better out there.

Sheri St. Marie 26:21
No. And the coolest part is just how much we grow when we do this stuff, right? Like what partly what really fires me up personally is I have done 1000 in some videos in the last couple years. It's just an unbelievable cathartic journey of like, I can sit back and watch like how much I've grown as an individual from everybody that I have encountered and created cool things with and whatever. That is also a really special thing

Russ Johns 26:46
about what it does given by speaking and and sharing this, it. It formulates ideas that you're kind of thinking of you haven't really formulated If you haven't articulated them in a way that is really concrete. So the more you talk about this, the more you put it out there. Yeah, the more you can look back, and you can see the journey, everything is a stepping stone to the next idea, the next conversation, how you voice what your voice is, how you articulate those ideas. And it really, it really provides a lot of clarity over time.

Sheri St. Marie 27:27
And it's a ton of fun. Like what nobody says the fun part. I think it's just a ton of fun. And I need to put that secret out because a lot of people think like, Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous to do it or whatever. I like just jump in the seat and it's just fun, like at a party, and you just put yourself like that part's a possibility too. So yeah, it's great all around.

Russ Johns 27:47
So how do you how do people track you down and get ahold of you? What's the best way for you to?

Sheri St. Marie 27:52
The easiest way to get me is that LinkedIn so under at Sheree Sainte Marie on LinkedIn, my real estate website is story lane. properties calm, okay, on Instagram and on Facebook, on YouTube a little bit, all under my name. But the place I'm most active is LinkedIn. That's right hang out.

Russ Johns 28:12
So if you're not connected, you reach out to share you write a little note, a personalized message and say, Hey, I love that. I love the pirate community. And I hear you're a pirate. So tell

Sheri St. Marie 28:22
me that because then I'll know to accept you honestly, that's the trick, because I do that. But if you give me a connection, like, Hey, I was I watched you on the podcast. I know, Russ. They it's a faster in. Yeah,

Russ Johns 28:34
yeah. It's a super simple quick trip. And also, you know, for those that are not familiar with the Pirate broadcast, or you're watching or ask questions, you know, leave it leave a comment, leave it leave a question. You know, I have been, I have been a little lacks, you know, kind of things in my life and I'm gonna get I was putting together a video last night about some of the Things have taken place in the last few months. And I just want to encourage everybody to reach out, stay connected. You know, there's a lot of people out there that need support. There's a lot of supporting people out there, just like Sherry, that are willing and able to have these conversations. And, and Sherry is going to be broadcasting more frequently. I bet.

Sheri St. Marie 29:25
My own show

Russ Johns 29:26
your accountability partner.

Unknown Speaker 29:30
Heard you.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
All right. All right.

Sheri St. Marie 29:33
But and I think that's a huge message. What you just said is the whole part about please stay connected. The number one thing I'm concerned about going forward is just our mental wellness for all of us. And if we didn't ever have an issue before, so the Connect, this is amazing. And it also produces unbelievable results, and we all need it. So thank you.

Russ Johns 29:52
Yes, thank you.

Sheri St. Marie 29:56
That's number one thing I say every time I appreciate the opportunity to contribute

Russ Johns 30:00
Yeah, yeah. Well, we are, we are here, five days a week. Bring interesting people doing interesting things. So Sherry, I love the work that you're doing. And I love your energy. And I'd love to see back anytime. So let's make sure we stay in contact. tag me when you put something out so I can contribute. Okay.

Sheri St. Marie 30:26
Pirate Ship any time so you just invited me I like to show up. So that's good.

Russ Johns 30:30
Fantastic. Well, we should probably get Gabriel and Annie both so so we could have a party and have a regular party on on the pirate broadcast. That would be fun. That'd be fun. So you're doing the show with Gabriel. You're co hosting

Sheri St. Marie 30:48
is not so I was his 100th Guest I was 20th Prize was the 100th Guest so when I was 20th I was like, Oh my gosh, I want to be 100 He's like, okay, you're the prize 100 so I was the toy of the presser 100. And now he's doing his own thing. I'm actually broadcasting with a I'm using my platform for a couple other interesting things. So I have brought on, I will start doing my own. But I have used my platform to bring on subject matter important, interesting people, and I'm doing it in a format of real conversations like your voice hearing at a coffee shop listening. That's kind of my Yeah.

Russ Johns 31:33
Well, fantastic. Well, I thank you so much for being here sharing and I know that there's so many people and Wendy is here. And she says, fun is good. So

Sheri St. Marie 31:47
far, so good. Always.

Russ Johns 31:48
Yes, yes. rozin Sherry Swathi. And he says high pirates, interpersonal and personal skill depends on the outcome of the performance of furnish behavior. and attitudes that can improve business. Cheers. Maybe

Sheri St. Marie 32:04
that's exactly the real platform is personal development to or, you know, business and organizational transformation. I mean, that's, that's a lot of what I do. That's awesome.

Russ Johns 32:15
Well, thank you. I, as you know, I love the pirate broadcast. I love the pirate community. And I want you to know that kindness is cool. And smiles are free. And you enjoy the day. Thanks, Sherry. Awesome. Thank

Sheri St. Marie 32:33
you so much.

Russ Johns 32:34
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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