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Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. Kindness is cool and smiles are free. Let's get this party started.

Chaz Horn 0:13
Nice intro! Nice!

Russ Johns 0:19
We're back again, Chaz. How you doing, man? We was talking about your recovery. Well, we were talking about your recovery and coming back, I saw your dance video and I know that there are people that are not necessarily sick. However, sometimes, hanging on a cough is not necessarily the best thing in the world. Thanks for being here.

Chaz Horn 0:44
Yes! Yeah! That dance video. I've been down for 4 weeks when I say down as like 40 to 60%. Now I'm going to cough. Mmm hmm. Actually, as I was saying earlier, I was feeling much better and I had gone through, I do biohacking if anyone is familiar with that to do something to help you in your health and when I'm in my 50s maybe when your 20s 30s and you don't think of it as much when you get older you do.

Russ Johns 1:20
Yeah no kidding.

Chaz Horn 1:21
So I had to get through my day, literally because it's like flu like conditions, coughing. I would like to get up meditate to get my brain, prayer, focus, read, and then meditate with my mind in a theta state. So I could start thinking clearly go through gratitude to take my mind off not feeling well. Then I would do a Wim Hof breathing. Are you familiar?

Russ Johns 1:46
Oh, yeah! Yeah!

Chaz Horn 1:48
I do that. That would give me enough energy to get out of bed. I would do like a quick cardio. As ridiculous as that sounds and then I would take an ice bath and then coffee, of course. I left my coffee in the other room. I'll wait till after the show. That would get me through the day and then maybe about 4 or 6 hours into it. I was just like, Oh, just doing my bare minimum. When you have a business everything relies on you, because I don't have it to the place where, oh, Jim, will you run this and Sally take care of this. I was coughing, and I'm like, what the heck with it? I can't because I haven't been doing many videos because I was coughing. I thought, I could dance. I'm like, the heck with this. We're all going through something. Everybody's stressed out. There's anxieties and fears. So I don't want to focus on those things outside of my control. I can't do anything that just dries out and makes us worse makes us more susceptible to being sick. I'm going to do the things that I can do and I'm going to enjoy the journey. I mean, like I said, in that post, I said, we're going down, I'm going to enjoy myself along the way, I'm not going to be scared. Then, I did that dance video, and I thought that it would be something that people could enjoy. It got some good traction, and it was a Saturday, and people need something they need hope. They need something instead of the gloom and doom and everything that's going on. Obviously, we should be educated, but it doesn't take but a minute to get educated.

Russ Johns 3:38
I know that there's a lot of things outside our control. As a business owner, and somebody that has some effort that has to go into this. I think it's important for us to also understand that business still has to continue in any way capacity that we can move business forward. I've been a remote for 10 years or so, and it's my life inherently hasn't changed drastically. I'm still working with clients, I'm still doing business. I'm still doing the show, the pirate broadcast and boom, yeah, things are taking place. I think based on what you said earlier, it's a mindset that we have to work, work on what is working, and what we have control over. I think it's important to also understand that business still has to continue. You had a couple of thoughts you did on a post last night. Thank you so much for putting that out there. You had a long list of items that we wanted to attempt to cover in this journey today. Let's highlight a couple of them that people can ask to actually take action with because people continue to take action, Chaz.

Chaz Horn 4:56
Yeah. I put that list out and I told everybody. I told Russ before the show I'm stuck. After I put that out there, I was a little bit overzealous. If anyone wants me to cover that after the show, reach out to me, I'd be happy to go through that with you, Okay? I truly, this is how I look at things. Before this crisis started, it was all about the first step in our process is intention, the intention to serve. With the crisis. I grew up in the midst, with my mom being an art teacher to going into real estate when mortgage rates were 20%. She told me, because I was reading in the news, the Plain Dealer that's the new in Cleveland, this New York Times for Cleveland area. I was reading about real estates going under and all this stuff and my mom sat me down she said, You don't understand. All the bad realtors are getting out. There's just that much more business for me. That instilled in me at a very young age because I worked my mom's business under 10, slave labor. Then through 2008 2007, the Great Recession, we innovated as an employee. Our business flourished, while other of our 70% of our competition went out, so today, where we are with the intention to serve, that's where you got to start. You cannot stop marketing and selling and I use the term serving as opposed to selling Because ultimately, that's what we do. Let me explain that if you close your eyes, everybody out there, close your eyes. I can see you. Hey, Jim, close your eyes. Let's go. If you close your eyes and you think, fine. What do you see? It's really not, it's usually not a pretty sight. People like to stir people like that. To be served, as long as you're not serving in a way that's cheesy, which I get this all the time. You just go with the intent, it changes how you talk, it changes how you write, if you write a message, it changes how you put content together, look to serve. This is where we are today. Serve, listen, innovate and execute. That's the model we use with my clients within our marketing, within our sales. Here's something really cool on LinkedIn. Everybody can do. Stop mass sending messages, stop spamming, don't do any of that. Okay. On LinkedIn, just regular LinkedIn, you don't even need to go to Sales Navigator. Reach out to those people in your target market. You should know who those are, and serve them and here's an easy way to do it based on emotional intelligence. Go to people's activity. What do people care about, they care about themselves, the thing rough that people get Wrong, is they reach a guy. I'll backtrack here and you keep me on track. If I forget, I had a guy reached out to me, I connected with him and I said, Hey, let me off. Because I always look to serve. First I go, if you have any content, I'll share with my, 20,000 followers and this and never get no response. A week later, hey, I said, Hey, this isn't LinkedIn messages. He goes, how are you? I go, I'm good. Why do you ask? Well, I was wondering if you might be a customer of mine. Dead serious.

Would you like to be a customer of mine?

Yeah. I don't know what you do. But it's all about him. With the intention to serve, you go to someone's activity, and look at their content. Mm hmm. I have someone who I've developed a relationship with because doing this exact process. Remember, you identify your target market, go to their activity, emotional intelligence based on what's important to them. Look through their activity. This one person in particular Angelica, she's an inventor, a small inventor of interactivity. I saw that she shared someone's posts were Intel was suing a small inventor. She shared this post with all caps. I knew she's a small inventor, from doing research, you have all this information you find easily. I sent her a message. I said, Angelica, I appreciate the post you shared about Intel suing, how would that affect your business? She had about a 500 word response. Well, we in LinkedIn, that doesn't happen. When you reach someone based on emotional intelligence based on what's important to them, we had a conversation and I had a quality Meeting. It wasn't like a LinkedIn. It's a message message message. It was like over a course of 3 hours we have 3 messages back and forth.

Russ Johns 10:08

Chaz Horn 10:10
It's a skill set and I just drilled down meaning asked additional questions. I found out that she was needing sales she was needing marketing. It's always this is the key. If not, I can help. I may be able to help and Think about this. Do not look at Okay, they're in your target market. This is a client. Don't think of it that way. Think of it these 3 ways. potential client, Yes. Potential, someone who can network with, Yes. Today more than ever rappers get it. Collaborate. Members rappers collaborate in. Collaborate even if your own industry.

Russ Johns 10:49

Chaz Horn 10:50
Don't be fearful you being you will attract the right person to you.

Russ Johns 10:54
I think you bring up a really great point and I want to kind of like dig down a little bit deeper on this. I think people are fearful of reaching out to people in their own marketplace their own.

Chaz Horn 11:11

Russ Johns 11:13
There's competition and there's competition, right. There's things that we're both in the marketing space, right? Where do we approach, we probably approach our efforts in a completely different way. If we were to work together, I think the outcome would be able to exceed our individual efforts. That's how I see the world. It's hard to. I don't want to have all the skills of the universal person that is doing everything, because I've been there, done that and it didn't work out. It never works out because you're trying to do too many things mediocre. If you can actually get really good at something and then have people around you and delegate, define and document that process, then other people can help out. It's really nice when you can collaborate and help each other out and add a little bit of community to the project, right?

Chaz Horn 12:16
That's exactly right. I mean, here we are, this is the perfect example of collaborating. When you look at someone I used to always sell compete, sell, compete, and I'm very competitive person. When I started my business, there was an inner dialogue that was off, it was like out of alignment, whether you say out of alignment with the universe for me, with God, how God created me, it was just off. It's just been a learning experience over the course of my life, where I want to be able to feel good about what I do not just sell compete and win at all cost.

Russ Johns 13:05

Chaz Horn 13:06
Iwant to get to the end of each and every day and feel good. I want to change lives and I discovered my why in the process.

Russ Johns 13:14
Yeah. I think we all have a why and our job is to find out, what's our why now?

Chaz Horn 13:23
It changes it does. My why and everyone out there if you're not knowing what we are talking about just go Google Simon Sinek or you can LinkedIn. The WHY drives us in most people in business I talked to CEOs, founders, presidents, and and business owners in 95% of them do not understand why. The WHY usually comes from a place of pain in our past. It's usually when it's strong, it's about helping other people. They came through a place where a very critical and This environment I'm not a victim. We're not responsible for our childhood but we are as adults to learn and change from those pains of our past.

Russ Johns 14:10
Let's grow from it.

Chaz Horn 14:11
Exactly. I always thought that I was less than no potential nothing. Then sixth grade teacher, Mr. Donovan said you can be I heard those words and I was the smartest kid that straight A's and then my first mentor my first b2b sales job. Ken Upton said you can be and I was 119 out of 119 salespeople, zero zip Zilch, nada sales. He said you can be those words changed me. I became not the number one salesperson he said you could be number one salesperson. I was number 3 in 30 days I was homeless at the time. Not after 30 days. I got out of my car and got into a hotel, but I did it. My point here is that pain with not feeling just feeling down just feeling less than in hearing those words you can be now me my Why is to help other people say, hey, you can be and help them understand their potential. This the aha moment and then helping them execute on it so that they can realize it. There's no greater joy except my kids, seeing them with their AR is seeing my clients step out of their comfort zone and into their potential and start to crush it.

Russ Johns 15:36

Chaz Horn 15:36
Love getting messages.

Russ Johns 15:38
Isn't that great? That's a great feeling.

Chaz Horn 15:40
Oh it is! There's no better feeling except, as I said, my my kids and whatnot.

Russ Johns 15:44
Hey, Chaz, I want to make sure that I recognize some of the people that have joined us here on the pirate broadcast. I know the pirate broadcast the whole Why is the spread low kindness, interesting conversation with interesting people. It's really about the idea of, there are opportunities out there, there are things that you can do, there are things that you can imagine in your world and just like you were at 119 and then you went to number 3, you're changed your life. I think that's the theme that we really need to really play some emphasis on. Then also recognize people that are here and helping others in the community. Joseph, thank you so much for being here. Sherry lolly as always, it's a pleasure. Vicki. O'Neil, thank you so much, and Hasson I'm not sure how to pronounce your name. I just really appreciate the fact that you're here anyway. Vicki O'Neill. She's gonna be on this week. She's an awesome individual. If you're not connected, Laurie Gregor, Emraan, Angie, thank you so much. Love Chaz and Russ. Thank you, Angie.

Chaz Horn 17:05
Hey Angie!

Russ Johns 17:06
Jacob Warren. I'm not sure if you're friends with Jacob. George Laurie Knuston. Thank you so much. Laurie Gregor. Lots of love from New York. Thank you so much. Randall, Say hi to Calvin. Love that you're here. Article. Hey, David Munford you're here. Erica Warfield , Hey! Wim Hof will give you a natural high when feeling well, that's awesome.

Chaz Horn 17:36

Russ Johns 17:38
Hi, you're back. Erica. Angie, thank you so much. The dance was the bomb. She says.

Chaz Horn 17:45
I actually did!

Russ Johns 17:49
Yeah, Wendy's here as well.Gabriel, good morning, fellow Pirates. Are you connected with Gabriel, Chaz?

Chaz Horn 17:57
I think! Yeah! Hey Gabriel! Yeah, I believe so.

Russ Johns 18:02
He's doing a lot of great work in the live streaming broadcasting arena, which I'm a huge fan of supporter of great approach example the impact of researching. Kenyatta. What! Good morning fellas. Chaz Horn, thank you so much. Thank you so much for being here. Peter, Vicki, Sherry, Angie, Preston, sending Chaz an invite now. One of the things that we have, and then we're getting a lot of comments here from, there's Gabriel right there, Randy Martin from Toronto, up that way. Right north than Angie's here from YouTube. Some people are here from YouTube as well.

Chaz Horn 18:51
I was just listening to a song from the Rolling Stones last night. An J!

Russ Johns 18:55
Yes, yes.

Chaz Horn 18:59
Love it!

Russ Johns 19:01
Let's shift gears because you had a long list of things that you wanted to inspire people with Chaz around the sales and staying motivated in this today's arena. We're all going through this together.

Chaz Horn 19:14

Russ Johns 19:15
Some people are really being challenged by this this time. Those of us that can actually help and inspire and support each other. I think it's really important for us all to stick together and do what we can. Don't worry about what we can't control, like you said, and what are some other things that we can do to inspire and continue working in our business and do some positive work?

Chaz Horn 19:45
Yeah, so let's just, the thing I alluded to my morning routine, t's especially right here now, and this should be always, you have to start the day with the right mindset. If you don't have the right mindset Ain't nothing gonna happen,

Russ Johns 20:02

Chaz Horn 20:04
In my process, there's 4 things that have to be in place. tabs is the acronyms. It's keeping tabs on who you are, and where you are. And if you're not succeeding, it's going to be one or more of these 4 tabs. If you are, it's because you have all these 4 tabs together. It's a tedious technique. technique is not about manipulation. It's about guiding and directing the process. You cannot let your prospect guide and direct the process. It's not because you're an authoritarian is because you want to serve them. You are the expert not only in what you deliver to people, but you have to be the expert in the authority and how you guide and direct the communication. If you do this right, then people are going to see you as an authority and you're going to reduce your sales cycle. One of the simple things you can do is each and every time you end a conversation, make sure you have these things in place, a time, a clear next step, a time date, and it's in each other's calendar and you know who's doing what, and when. Okay, so a technique would be you go to do that. Well, how about you get back to me Monday morning? Most people say, Okay. That's based. That's because it's poor mindset and probably poor technique. So simply frame the conversation with Jim, to be respectful of both of our times we're not going back and forth, would it be okay, if we have a time and date on our calendar? People respect that. if they're serious, they'll schedule that, attitude or mindset. Again, what we put into our mind controls us right now. I can look through my Facebook feed and feel pretty fearful and pretty anxious within a few minutes. I don't even go to Facebook right now. Seriously.

Russ Johns 21:56

Chaz Horn 21:58
That's why I spend my time on And I usually do. I have a My Client group on Facebook. Put your and what do you do in your mind? or whatnot? In fact, there is real great Evan Carmichael on YouTube has a top 10 I mean, that's a great 15, 20 minutes every day.

Russ Johns 22:18

Chaz Horn 22:19
Right mindset. Focus on two things, your behaviors and your responses. Not reaction. If a doctor gives you medication and you react, not good, right?

Russ Johns 22:30

Chaz Horn 22:30
If you do fine to the medication, that's good. So your behaviors, what you do, and how you respond. If you focus on those two things, you're going to be in the right lane, you're going to be able to move forward. By the way, feelings follow action. If you act, if you execute, you look to serve, that's going to really help you build a solid mindsets. If you keep your promises to yourself, that's the best way to build solid self care. Confidence. If you break the promises to yourself, it's the best way to destroy yourself confidence. I'll make that call at 10. Well, they're probably not going to be available and your subconscious will store all that information and I'll make it tougher and tougher on yourself. Then the behaviors right now, what are those behaviors that you have to do? I just talked earlier with with Russ about what you can do based on emotional intelligence to reach people.

Russ Johns 23:30
Mm hmm.

Chaz Horn 23:31
People in your target market, you can reach people like that. One of the things I talked about, Russ, is serve Listen, innovate. If you reach out to someone based on their activity, you ask them a question. There's all these trigger events, they go to your profile, they follow you, they view your profile, they follow you, they go to connect with you, they're engaging on your content. That is a trigger for you to reach out to them and have a discussion. Right now, If you want to provide value when you want to serve someone collaborate, guess what? Everyone's on zoom. If you're scared and gone to something else, because of the security of that thing corrected them from what I've seen, I've used them for three and a half years, I haven't seen a real problem. Do a zoom meeting, this is what I'm doing with my clients, they're interviewing each other three questions under five minutes. then they share the interview of the person they are with their LinkedIn audience, and then the other one will share and so this is a great way for you to reach out and you could do this with people in your target market, you build a relationship and guess what if they have a need you'll discover through the conversation so that's that's another thing that you can do in innovating in this time. Just back to the thriving in the in the mindset here's, you want to hear something interesting. Did I forgot about the cryotherapy. I'm serious.

Russ Johns 25:01

Chaz Horn 25:02
I'm sorry about this. Okay.

Russ Johns 25:05
How did it work for you?

Chaz Horn 25:06
Really good. I came across this by accident. There's something I made up. I don't know, maybe somebody else uses this. About a year ago, I had extreme debilitating headaches. I was just going through the day, kind of like it just was recently in the last four weeks, but it was just my headaches. I mean, I literally felt like there's a tumor expanding in my brain, and my head was about to explode. I was talking with my coach, and she said, Well, sometimes she was hinting about maybe I need to cry. Like no need to cry. Dude, I'm in the West, right? Seriously, it's sad. You talk to the warriors who fight and are in war. They cry all the time. It's healthy. She said she watched some long movie I don't know some romantic movie. Don't so I don't want to Wait, you know, watch a whole movie. I want to search how videos that make you cry real hard, real fast. I literally I did a video about I have a dog and I'm close to hers about dogs dying or something. I lost it. And as I was crying all these different feelings that I had suppressed because that's I didn't learn to deal.

Russ Johns 26:24
You didn't realize that you were suppressing all these emotions

Chaz Horn 26:27

Russ Johns 26:28
You was holding on to it. Carrying baggage.

Chaz Horn 26:32

Russ Johns 26:33
Yeah. I think it brings up a good point, because there's a lot of things that we have time right now to reflect on. Many shows recently where I'm talking about the idea of become self aware. Think about what you really want to do with your time. How do you want to spend your days? How do you want to involve yourself in activities? What is it that you really enjoy? What finds you, that moment where you're thinking you're doing something and all of a sudden it's 2 hours, 3 hours later and you didn't you think it's 5 minutes, that's an indication that you're enjoying what you're doing right on time just kind of disappears and you get lost in the moment. If you could find that in a way that actually produces results you can really grab on to some of the things in time right now is learn a new skill, learn a new habit, develop new habits, like you're saying, mindset is everything in and transfer the information into little habits, make the movement. It doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't have to happen all at once. However, you can move forward with some of these activities and ideas.

Chaz Horn 27:55
Can I dovetail on that?

Russ Johns 27:56

Chaz Horn 27:57
I hate to interrupt you. I don't want so This is the coolest, one of the coolest things that's happened as I'm working because I have my LinkedIn process I have my sales process. What ideology we bring them together concurrently, is I've had over well 1897 conversation with my LinkedIn connections, and along with Russ was the same. In those conversations, I used to be real hesitant about this person, I don't know. Then I started taking every call possible. I've had people that have instructed me giving me ideas for different different additional revenue streams, one that's added $5,000 in business to my every month in additional revenue, just from this conversation, 20 minutes. As Russ was saying, if you're looking to have conversations with people, talk, learn from them, learn about them, and maybe it's just with where you are, they may give you some ideas. If you lost your job, reach out to people start talking to them. It's the best is executing, as I talked about your mindset, if you're sitting there, you can read through how to do those other things. if you don't execute, take action, your mindset isn't going to grow, reach out to people have conversations, learn about them, and you will grow through the process.

Russ Johns 29:21
I think that taking action is so absolutely critical. Hey, Chaz. I know, we could talk for another two hours on this subject. I know that there's a nuggets of knowledge that you're going to share and we have an opportunity to share this out. There's a lot of great comments in the feed. There's a lot of great comments in the community here. I know that people can get a hold of you on LinkedIn. If you're not connected with Chaz, get a hold of him.

Chaz Horn 29:54
Yeah. Please do! I have 500 people or maybe six Now, and I'm very selective with who I connect to this like spam. Mention Russ or something.

Russ Johns 30:07
Yeah. we're not here that, write a personalized comment which makes a difference when you're making connections, right? Take the effort, take the few minutes that it accounts, it makes a difference. So, Chaz, as always, it's a pleasure. I'm glad that you're feeling better. Thank you so much for being here, once again, in the pirate community. I love the fact that we can get together and talk about this, because I think it's healthy for the community. I love sharing information. Because you know why? kindness is cool.

Chaz Horn 30:46

Russ Johns 30:47
Smiles are free. What's the rest of it? You enjoy the day

Chaz Horn 30:55
Also, We're in it together and we will get out of it together. You've got this!

Russ Johns 31:01
Fantastic. Appreciate you. Take care.

Chaz Horn 31:04
All right. Take care.

Russ Johns 31:06
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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