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Catch Vicki O’Neill on the #PirateBroadcast

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​Russ Johns 0:04
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community, kindness is cool and smiles are free. Let's get this party started.

Vicki O'Neill 0:22
I love that introduction!

Russ Johns 0:26
Having fun is half the work. If you could insert a little bit of fun in your day, wake up and have a smile or to wake up with gratitude, Vicki and it's always encouraging to have a connection like this and have a conversation with people like you. So, yeah, good morning. Good day. Good afternoon, whenever you're joining us on the live or the replay. Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we bring you some interesting people doing some interesting things. Today we have a pirate in the room, Vicki O'Neill. We're going to be talking about whatever we want to talk about. If you have questions, drop them in the comments. I'd love to have a q&a here. Vicki's just an amazing person for marketing media. She has a podcast. If you're not connected with Vicki, go connect with her. Vicki, how are you today?

Vicki O'Neill 1:26
I am fantastic. Russ, thank you so much for asking.

Russ Johns 1:31
Supercalifragilistic expialidocious.

Vicki O'Neill 1:34
Exactly. There's somebody I used to work with and whenever I met him, he's actually in Texas. I would talk to him. I was like, Hey, Chris, how you doing? He's like, Vicki, I'm super fantastic. Every single time that was his response, I'm like, you know what, that's an awesome response.

Russ Johns 1:47
Yeah, yeah.

Vicki O'Neill 1:48

Russ Johns 1:49
Reto. Laughlin always responds with something. My buddy in Texas, he knows something and I have a tendency to say I'm better than Average is like, I didn't wake up to the average, I'm better than average. I may not be super fantastic, but I'm pretty good.

Vicki O'Neill 2:09
Yeah, yeah, I feel fantastic. That's an honest answer.

Russ Johns 2:13
That's an honest answer. I like that a lot. You got a lot of changes going on. I saw your live video you were going live the other day. You did some experiments with that. I just applaud you for going out and doing these things and reaching out to new horizons. How's the podcast and the live stream? Where are you going to take this and what are your thoughts about this? Because I think right now, as we were talking before, the show, this is what is taking place right now. This is a form of communication that we can use to actually develop conversations, and I kind of want to talk about them a little bit today and get your thoughts on it.

Vicki O'Neill 3:00
Yeah, yeah, I actually talked to, Do you know who Dr. I Addison song is, I'm not sure if you,

Russ Johns 3:08
I'm not sure that I do.

Vicki O'Neill 3:10
Okay I'll have to introduce you to her. She's just a super human. Her and I've always chatted like on Instagram or wherever. It was a year ago that I was telling her that I wanted to focus on my youtube channel. She was like, I do too. She was taken action on that and built her base because she's burned a lot of lives and I'm looking down like how I have gotten, under 50 subscribers. Not exactly feeling the action and activity.

Russ Johns 3:41
I'm a subscribers!

Vicki O'Neill 3:42
Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for being a subscriber. I wanted to be live and especially being on a camera where nobody else is watching and if somebody pokes their head in, and they're like, oh, nobody else is here and they get out.

Russ Johns 3:57

Vicki O'Neill 3:58
It's just like that's okay. It's a mindset thing for me and just understanding that I'm still providing something is being recorded, and I'm keeping those out there, then people can still have access to the content, even if they're not there with me live it. Eventually people start saying, hey, I want to show up live because I have questions I want to ask while she's there. For me, it's just going completely out of my comfort zone, which I've done a lot of over the last year and a half, two years. Every time it's a little bright bowl, but you know what, that's how we grow. That's the reason why I've started doing that just because I want to do more video and I want to be available to people if you have questions. So I thought I'll do it on YouTube.

Russ Johns 4:42
Well, I applaud you for that. Thank you for sharing your talents and all your gifts because I think it's important and this is my platform. I mean this is like, I believe that people have things that they need to share because Even if you don't believe that it's necessary or important a lot of people say, oh, everybody knows that. It's like, no, not everybody knows that.

Vicki O'Neill 5:08

Russ Johns 5:09
Not everybody knows that.

Vicki O'Neill 5:10

Russ Johns 5:11
You have to think about, what can I deliver? It's just being yourself really, because people like to work with you. we kind of do similar things. How Are there going to be people that would work with you versus me and vice versa? There's a plenty of opportunity out there.

Vicki O'Neill 5:34
Yeah, there is. And I think sometimes too, it's just a matter of different people have different ways of not just showing themselves but also explaining things. There's a thousands of marketers out there, but who's focusing on different things, and then who can deliver it in a way that it's going to resonate with a group of individuals. That's really what I'm trying to do with doing the live videos and even just doing More videos in general,

Russ Johns 6:02

Vicki O'Neill 6:03
That I can kind of show how I talk through different examples and it's not like I go to a deeper level of marketing so I'm not focused on the social media and putting content out on platforms that's a piece of it, but mine's more strategic and understanding who your target audiences so that whole persona developments and knowing who they are and not just geographic or demographic but also getting to the psychographic piece of it as people buy on emotion and if you don't know what that emotion is that they're going through, whether it's frustration or anxiety or it could be panic because if you're a plumber and or if you had a pipe burst and

Russ Johns 6:49

Vicki O'Neill 6:50
That's different than putting an addition on your house

Russ Johns 6:52
Right. Right

Vicki O'Neill 6:53
We need the plumber to help with adding a new bathroom or whatever.

Russ Johns 6:57
One is a planned event and one is an unplanned event.

Vicki O'Neill 7:00
Exactly. You're still needing a plumber.The need is different. Understanding that and then delivering content in the places where they're most likely going to look is what's key for attracting and going through that whole like and trust factor process.

Russ Johns 7:18
Well, I think a lot of people confuse branding, withg marketing.

Vicki O'Neill 7:25

Russ Johns 7:26
I think there's a lot of companies that, myself included, need to spend more time marketing. Why would you want to buy this product for your business or your future? Versus Hey, I just want to make you feel good about what I'm doing. Kindness is cool and smiles are free. It's a great message. However, it's not marketing. It's more of a branding element than than anything, and whereas the pirate syndicate, I need to really push more on the marketing piece of the puzzle. It's like, Hey, this is a tool to build your business, and your sales. This is something to build authority and your visibility. I think video is one of the most impactful tools you can use to build authority and visibility in the market.

Vicki O'Neill 8:27
Mm hmm. You're putting everything out there, you're showing your face. Well, most the time if you're talking so they can hear your voice and they can hear the authenticity that's coming through in it. Also the level of expertise and depending on if you're explaining something or just sharing something, it goes to show like your processing of information, and how much information you're willing to put out there or you kind of hold back or you like putting it all out on the table and saying, I'm here to help you. I'm sharing what I know. It's here for you to use. If you need my help I'm here.

Russ Johns 9:01
Yeah. Do you see a lot of people that are migrating toward the, I'm going to give as much away as possible, like Neil Patel in the marketing space he gives away a lot of information

Vicki O'Neill 9:16
A lot. Yeah.

Russ Johns 9:16
It still affords him the opportunity to have a conversation with companies that want, hey, I don't want to do it. It sounds like you know what you're doing? Will you just do it for me. That's kind of the the short story of the equation. What are your thoughts about that? How has that impacted your business in your, in your kind of positioning in the market?

Vicki O'Neill 9:38
Yeah, I think it's a it's a combination of those two things. By putting information out there for people to have access to so like, basically doing a dump of what I know and just providing it to people, then those people who have either the resources or the know how, or just kind of like needed some thought triggers to figure out what their next step was, and they can do it themselves. I'm fine with that. That's going to help them in their business and they got what they need to take that next step, that I'm glad that I was able to help them. It's also there to show people that: hey, here's what's available. If you don't have the resources, or you really don't know how to do it this is what you need to do, then I'm here to help you. So I just feel to provide what I can do, and then leave it up to them to make that decision on whether they want to use my help or do it themselves.

Russ Johns 10:31
Yeah. Those that want to do it themselves. Hats off to you, because I know how much time and effort it takes to really that.

Vicki O'Neill 10:41

Russ Johns 10:42
It's funny too, because I think putting yourself out there. Vicki, I mean, like you have with your podcast and you know going live, it changes the people that you're having a conversation with and it helps you build a relationship with others. Like all my business is relationship based. A lot of people have no idea what I do. Look, it's funny, but I mean, there's still people who have no idea what I do. It's like, well, if you've followed me, you might know

Vicki O'Neill 11:20
Yeah. Exactly!

Russ Johns 11:23
I just think it changes the conversation. That's all.

Vicki O'Neill 11:26
Yeah, it does. I've actually talked about this. I think it was two episodes ago on my podcast, I've changed the format a little bit to be more I think relevant. Though, it's shorter episodes. I'm doing a lot more solo episodes that are more education and talking about different topics. The one I think it was two weeks ago that I released it, it was talking about trying something new. I knew that I was going to do the live stream. So I was like, I think I could do a podcast episode on this too and just talk about the importance of being uncomfortable and making yourself vulnerable, which no one likes to be vulnerable. Let's be honest.

Russ Johns 12:06
Let's be honest.

Vicki O'Neill 12:07
Let's just be honest!

Russ Johns 12:09
Let's just drop it on the floor here.

Vicki O'Neill 12:11
Let's just put it out there. I do know if you think about it, when you have tried something new, and you have that fear of I don't know what to expect. In fact, I watched a video and it was from Who was it? That was on your show yesterday?

Russ Johns 12:31

Vicki O'Neill 12:32
Chaz. So in the comments, he had said, Vic, you should watch this video by Mel Robbins. It was her five second rule

Russ Johns 12:38
Five second rule. Yeah.

Vicki O'Neill 12:39
I watched that. It was very interesting because again, it's the whole psychology of making decisions. when you are vulnerable, and you decide to take that step and actually do something like I did with the live video. There's always this fear of no one's going to show up. something's going to happen with technology. once I realized that Those things could happen. I'm like, you know what, if it happens, I didn't do it on purpose it. I'll figure out a workaround. I failed, last week, but I did that live video on YouTube. I had scheduled it. I didn't know what I was doing it, I scheduled it, it looked like it was there. I was just in the wrong place to make it go live. So I ended up having to make sure I was following through with going live. So I had to create a live video on the fly. I'm like, What happened to the one that I had? I was like oh my God! I was just like, I'm keeping this out here because it shows that I did something I follow through with it, it's okay if you fail. I'm going to go live again today at noon. And I think I haven't figured out how it actually works.

Russ Johns 13:50
That's fantastic. Well, I applaud your effort, because here's a little secret that I'm going to let everyone know about is that. You don't learn something by thinking about it. Yeah, it's just like riding a bike. You can read a book about riding a bike. Until you get on the bike and you start rolling down the hill, and finding your balance and falling down and getting back up, and trying it again, you have an opportunity to learn the process. As you learn this process, it's like an instrument, any instrument You learn how to play a guitar or piano or violin or trumpet. it takes a while before people like, could you not play that anymore? It's the same process. it's just like, just keep practicing Because ultimately, what you're doing is, for the greater good. You put it out there and we can actually generate some content. I have failed more times than most people try. it's only because of that, that I, that I have this accumulation of information that allows me to do something, make it look a little less complicated.

Vicki O'Neill 15:14

Russ Johns 15:15

Vicki O'Neill 15:15
Exactly. So we have to share those experiences though. Show that I didn't like you didn't get to where you are today doing this video with stream yard and everything around here and having your introductory message music and that's evolved over time. We can see that progress. People have been following you from the beginning. It continues to evolve because maybe you figured out anything that you could do a stream yard or you saw somebody else and you're like, Hey, I'm gonna try that out and see what happens. You wouldn't be here today with this live stream if you hadn't taken that first step. Do take that step. It's that whole life. Oh that wasn't so bad. I can totally do this then after I failed I'm like, that's all right. I'm gonna do it again. I'll put myself out there again. It's okay. We'll see what happens.

Russ Johns 16:10
Look at this. We have people, Sherry lolly Good morning. That's Awesome. We have somebody, I'm not sure. JD is it?

Vicki O'Neill 16:25
On YouTube?

Russ Johns 16:26
Yeah, on YouTube?

Vicki O'Neill 16:28
Uh huh.

Russ Johns 16:28
Here we have somebody from Periscope. Ang,

Vicki O'Neill 16:30

Russ Johns 16:31
Angie thank you so much for being here. It's amazing to me, and I would love to be able to bring in LinkedIn comments here.

Vicki O'Neill 16:42
That would be so nice. I wonder when they're gonna do that.

Russ Johns 16:44
I don't know. I don't know. I really would love to see that happen. But anyway, on LinkedIn, we have Claude. Tapas Das How you doing? Jeff young is here. Greetings, Pirates,

Jeff. How are you doing? Wendy. It's always a good day.

Vicki O'Neill 16:59
Hey Jeff!

Russ Johns 17:04
Jason, always say I'm better than I deserve. I like that. I like that. Kenyatta Turner's in the room, happy day. I'm ready for take of Vicki's live. Fred Costas here and it's Arcot's here. Sherry Darden. Thank you The fail created the way to do it into a differently I like that a lot.

Vicki O'Neill 17:04
Hi Wendy!

Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 17:35
Kenyatta loves Mel Robbins as well. There's so many things that we have. Thank you everyone for being here. If you have questions, I'll try to catch the questions because the timing is off always. It's not always easy to catch the questions in LinkedIn. Going down this path, Vicki, and creating videos, go subscribe to Vicki's channel so you can catch the live videos that she's producing now.

Vicki O'Neill 18:05
Yeah, it's just Vicki O'Neill, same as it is on LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 18:08
Okay. Okay.

Vicki O'Neill 18:11

Russ Johns 18:12
It's really easy to be able to, I mean from a technology perspective is it's a little tricky, but not impossible, right?

Vicki O'Neill 18:21
Uh huh. Yeah.

Russ Johns 18:22
if you can actually continue to put it out there and continue to grow and put information out there. I know there's a lot that goes into creating a live stream and then returning and making comments and coming back and responding to comments and things like that. On YouTube there's the thumbnails, there's the tags, there's keywords, and all of these things. You could spend all day on a YouTube video.

Vicki O'Neill 18:36
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 18:48
Work on your channel. So what is your longer term goal? You're going to be doing shows every week?

Vicki O'Neill 18:59
Yeah. That's my goal is to do at least one live show a week, and I may eventually depends, I don't want to commit to it yet, but I probably end up uploading a video a week to. Something educational or something maybe I think people need to know about or somebody requested it. Today, I'm going to talk about, like the consumer buying process as it relates to know like, and trust. I'm gonna put that out there, I don't want them to be real long. Like, I don't want them to be hour long sessions at all. I'm thinking like, 20 minutes, because if it's going to be recorded, and other people go back to watch it, I don't want it to be like super long.

Russ Johns 19:39
Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what the ideal length is. I see a lot of videos that are around 10 minutes or so. I used to do my Two Minute Tips. So I got, I don't know, a couple hundred of those out there.

Vicki O'Neill 19:54
You should do that Again.

Russ Johns 19:55
I should do that again. I also need to Start creating some content for the Facebook, the pirate group, the private pirate group, and I thought about that, this morning as I was getting up, it's like, I don't know why, because it's so I could turn the camera on and do this.

Vicki O'Neill 20:15

Russ Johns 20:16
For me, I just start talking.

Vicki O'Neill 20:22
You could actually use your old two minute videos as like your introduction back into it and just repurpose those and then find a good takeoff spot or something that you can expand on and then just keep it going new content.

Russ Johns 20:36
Or I could do maybe an older one and a newer one, and rebranded and something creative maybe about to get in, in the pirate group

Vicki O'Neill 20:47
Yeah, exactly.

Russ Johns 20:50
The bigger value and I think you know this as well as anyone is just being there. Just be consistent, pick something that you're comfortable doing. So you have the attitude of I get to do this.

Vicki O'Neill 21:02

Russ Johns 21:02
Rather than I have to do this?

Vicki O'Neill 21:04

Russ Johns 21:04
Or I have to go do marketing now. Right, I have to go do I had to do content creation? Now? It's like, No, you get to do this.

Vicki O'Neill 21:12

Russ Johns 21:13
It's a different mindset. I think it's a more productive mindset.

Vicki O'Neill 21:16

Russ Johns 21:17
We kind of wrap your arms around.

Vicki O'Neill 21:21
I think you have to, I think you have to enjoy what you're doing too. If you're saying I have to go do my marketing maybe that's not for you. So set a goal and say, okay in my business, when I hit this benchmark, then I look at hiring one person, either create content or create a marketing plan for me or something, so that you can offset that. When you set smaller goals like that, it seems more realistic and more achievable. Then you're like you're trying to get to something. And it's just helpful. When you can set goals like that, and then you create a plan on how you're going to make that happen, and then follow through with it. You'll see your business grow

Russ Johns 22:00
Yeah. It's ironic. It's totally ironic that for years I've been doing web development, marketing, media content creation, radio broadcasting, creating shows, podcasting, all of these things. It really, all of my skill set in technology and in media has allowed me to kind of create this platform all of the technology that's finally here. Five years ago, I had an organization called future media Association. I used to teach people on how to go live. I actually broadcast all high school varsity sports in the community. I would stream it from a web based, actually spreaker the same tool I use for my podcast, and I would stream live on spreaker and then I would play the video at the radio station and run it into a circuit that would go out to the tower and broadcast it over ham radio.

Vicki O'Neill 23:07
Oh, wow.

Russ Johns 23:09
I had broadcasters, college students that love broadcasting in the sports, and they would have the headphones out. I was using an iPad, and an audio interface and headphones. They were calling the games out on ham radio.

Vicki O'Neill 23:23
Oh, really?

Russ Johns 23:24
Yeah. It was amazing opportunity to broadcast these things. That's the whole that's the whole idea is like, you don't need to be FCC. You don't need to have a permission, you can broadcast and it's like, I applaud you. I get excited about this thing. I watch you and that's why I'm so excited about your YouTube videos like Yes. You're so talented and you have so much information that you can share and I would love to see more of it come out

Vicki O'Neill 23:57
Awe! Thank you! I'm working on it. You're inspiring me to do that as well, because I can see that you can do this. And I'm like, you know what? I'm sure Russ was not comfortable when he first started out and turned on that camera and you knew he was live. If you're going by yourself, you didn't know if anybody was going to show up and it's just, you have to try it. See what happens. If it doesn't work, then stop doing it. That's okay, too.

Russ Johns 24:21
Yeah. Let's talk a little bit. As we wrap up here, I want to talk a little bit about the biggest challenges you see in the marketing and media world right now with people, there are people out there that are still kind of transitioning from scarcity mode like panic. I got to buy my toilet paper kind of people. making sure that I have everything I need. I feel secure. To now people are starting to venture out into the I know I need to do something different now. I know I have to start thinking about The new normal, whatever that looks like, we don't know what it looks like, we don't know what it is. However, I think right now, we still have to continue to market our business, we still have to pursue business as a whole. Anyway, we can. I mean, there's a lot of people that are not. They're currently unemployed, they're off. Right now it's an opportunity to learn something new, do something different, and really see a new opportunity. How can we help people through that process and plant some seeds that they can actually use to find their future? I guess?

Vicki O'Neill 25:41
Yeah, I think it depends on the person and like, what situation they're in, because if someone's lost their job, they're in a completely different mindset right now of how am I going to pay my bills?

Russ Johns 25:51

Vicki O'Neill 25:52
they may have more time right now, but the emotional state that they're in to even like make sure that they're meeting their ends their financial commitments, is the top priority. I'm glad that there's options for them to, whether it's unemployment or these checks that are going to be mailed out in the US for everybody. I think that helps, it gives them some peace of mind. There's different subsets of people and depending on the situation they're in, if there's people who still have their jobs, but they're finding that they have more time at home, so that the parents with small children who were working in offices, kids were going to school and now all of them are in a house, those are the people who don't have time right now. They're trying to figure it out, because now they're having to homeschool. You're kind of like subsetting, a group of people. Those people who actually do have more time on their hands, they do need to continue marketing, but the message needs to change. So that's the thing that a lot of people didn't realize at the time. I think most people have migrated to that now is that you can continue to market your brands but you need to do so with a sympathetic or empathetic message, we understand that your life has changed or that your work has changed, your environment has changed. Look at the solutions that you provide and look at how you can help those people and let them know if you're doing something for free, then let them know that you can help them for free. Then a timestamp associated with it during this time, or we don't know when it's going to stop. At least show that you're trying to help you're trying to continue, helping your business at the same time and just communicating in general to use your resources to, help others and just try and keep all. we keep saying that we're going to do this together. Well, the only way we can do it together as if we're doing it together.


Russ Johns 28:01
I like that. I really feel that, like you said people are in different places right now.

Vicki O'Neill 28:13
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 28:15
My heart goes out to the people the waitstaff in restaurants, the local restaurants, some of those things, some locations and facilities may not ever come back and it's hard to realize that that's the case.

Vicki O'Neill 28:33

Russ Johns 28:35
My thought process and that is that, okay, there are people that are going to have to, they're going to be forced to acquire new skills and do something else.

Vicki O'Neill 28:46

Russ Johns 28:48
If we can provide them with some ideas or some visibility or something of hope, down the road that they can do or maybe accomplish in Their life, it would be. If we can put that out there and just plant that seed for people to see a different outcome, it would be at least hope there'd be

Vicki O'Neill 29:10
This has happened. We've all been forced into the situation of working from home and reevaluating our situation, whatever that is.

Russ Johns 29:21

Vicki O'Neill 29:21
Hasn't changed a whole lot for me because I work from home, and my kids are. So I'm not in the same situation as some other people. If this is to become our new normal, then what does that look like? With the extra time I have, what have I always said, I want to do. I want to start and this is a great opportunity to take that extra time and invest in researching. if you want to go back to school, I mean, you can't go to school. They're all online. So that's perfect. Found out what schools are offering one of the local private universities I saw yesterday, online That they have cut their per hour credit in half for the summer courses. It's still crazy high, but at least they're trying to help out and set the time frame of when they're going to do it for but anybody who wanted to go back to school if they wanted to go to that university, now they can go at half the per credit hour fee that they were charging before. So this use the time to, Google is a great resource for researching anything. Then on certain platforms, LinkedIn is full of experts, including everyone here and all the pirates that are part of your network.

Russ Johns 30:44
The pirate community here.

Vicki O'Neill 30:46
Yeah, I mean, your community's full of people from all different backgrounds and levels of expertise in different areas. that's a great place to start is just to go back through your guest list and say, Okay, I want to, find somebody who's in sales, VP sales,, then you know, go to his information, watch the video and then go check out what he provides on LinkedIn which Chaz does a great job with videos. There's resources there and just find a starting place that you can start that process and then just follow through with it there. There's people will help if you just ask for help and say I need to find someone who

Russ Johns 31:26
Who is available to people that are willing to put themselves out there and say, Hey, I need some help.

Vicki O'Neill 31:34

Russ Johns 31:34
Ask for help. I've always been one that hesitates on that. I found that there are a lot of people reaching out and saying, How can I help you? it's like, I'm good. Thank you very much. It's like no help. Allow them to help you because what it does is two things it allows them to learn a skill by working with you and allows you to To share your knowledge and share that experience that you have with someone else so you can actually. So you don't run out of abundance? You can either share this information,

Vicki O'Neill 32:14
Exactly! Video is a great way to do it too because you can reach the masses.

Russ Johns 32:18
Yeah, it's amazing. Well, Vicki, I am so excited that you're on video. I love your podcasts. I love your content and what you're doing if you're not connected with Vicki, get on LinkedIn. Tell her tell her Russ since you just send a personalized message and then go subscribe to her YouTube channel. Help her grow get that. Now are you connected with Rob Bell? Assa Savas?

Vicki O'Neill 32:43
I think I am on LinkedIn. I'm not on YouTube.

Russ Johns 32:51
We got a show coming up. He's actually been on the show. There's a lot of resources out there that you You can learn so much and just start

Vicki O'Neill 33:04
Take a step.

Russ Johns 33:05
Just take a step. Here's the secret sauce is if you try something and you find you don't really like what it is, you could do something else.

Vicki O'Neill 33:17
Exactly. Just to make the decision within five seconds or else your body and your mind is gonna be

Russ Johns 33:24
What Mel said, right?

Vicki O'Neill 33:26
What She said, Go watch the video. Five second role.

Russ Johns 33:31
That's so fun. Well, thank you again. Vicki. As always, kindness is cool and smiles are free. You enjoy the day.

Vicki O'Neill 33:41
Thank you for having me Russ. It's been a pleasure to be here. I appreciate it.

Russ Johns 33:45
Always a pleasure. Take care.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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