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Catch Coach David Verdu on the #PirateBroadcast™

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Introduction 0:00
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:18
And it's a beautiful day for the #PirateBroadcast™. And another amazing guest in the pirate community to come on board with us today. David is in the room. Coach. How you doing, brother?

David Verdu 0:34
I am jolly. I am Jolly St. Coach today. I have my my belt on and my I got my Santa. Wait, wait, Russ. I do youth stuff. Right. And kids right there. Alright, that's enough. Thank you so much for having me on the show, Russ. You're awesome.

Russ Johns 0:58
Well, I appreciate you, too. And, you know, the thing that we were talking about before the show is that not everyone this year has had a great year. And I just want to make sure that we push out something positive today, because there's a lot of people that need to hear a positive message in the fact that it even when things don't go as planned, we can continue to plan what we want our goals to be. And, you know, sometimes that requires adjustments, navigating the maze of, you know, decisions that we have to make and some things around there. And I know you've been coaching a lot of people around a lot of subjects and have a lot of wisdom around, you know, seeing around the corner, seeing what maybe others don't see. And I just kind of wanted to have you share a little bit about your journey and and how you got here today.

David Verdu 1:55
Wow. I think the very first thing that I'd like to say in my journey is I've discovered that you're never alone. You may feel alone, you may feel, but see feelings are a life giving emotion to move you into something either better, or to push you away from something that you could get hurt. So feelings is my understanding. You're never alone, that that's what I've always learned. And I'm so thankful. I mean, I could be in the midst of my car by a river thinking that nobody is listening. And the pirate calls you Russ out of nowhere, just makes a phone call and says hey, coach, just thinking about what? Listen, pay attention, open your eyes, there are people and people do care. Russ, thank you so much. Um, my journey began. My goodness. Really, my eyes got opened up probably when I was about, like 40 years old. When I went to i was i was a dad with a blended family, six children, foster, being over 50 kids. And so I've seen the mentality. I've seen the mental health. I've seen these things. And one day my, one of my foster sons said, will you come to school and watch this assembly with us? So I go to the school and I'm thinking this guy has a captive audience of 1000 high school kids. Dude, come on! My expectation was very high. Because I understand that youth want something that will move them and shake them. We compete against PlayStation, Xbox, and we compete against when it was hip and all that stuff. Concerts where you go in and you hear and you're listening. You move and you're bumping up. There's a lot of competition out there. I have to do... we had to... and he just didn't... it wasn't an oomph and I went out of there. And I heard this audible, you do it. What are you talking about, Willis? Who? Me? So I set up a...two weeks later, I just set up up an assembly at a friend of I said I'm gonna try something. And he goes, man, you've been preaching all this, this is going to be great. Dude. We went from 8am until almost 10 o'clock at night, they wouldn't leave. That's powerful. Not because of who I am. Because what I stand for and the message that I brought of hope and peace and love, and whatever it is, nice hanging fruit. The problem is is when we speak to kids, we put the fruit so high up that they can't reach it, put it to where they can grab it and enjoy it. So way beyond measure was birthed out of the desire of my heart to impact others, and inspire people, period. And so they say, well, what's your talent? Where does it land, I said birth to dust. We do all of it in between and all that. And so for just, it was just one part of what a lot of my friends family members like you Russ and, and the others, just a part of a bigger community that has one piece of the puzzle to say, okay, I'm in on helping, I'm in on making a difference. I'm in on change for a change. So little bit of my journey. I mean, there's so many other things that have happened and I've seen and this paradigm shift of the COVID and being in front of a whole bunch of kids to not being in front of anybody to now doing videos being in front of more people. What?

Russ Johns 6:19
And, right now. Excuse me. And right now, the challenge that you have is the challenge that a lot of speakers, a lot of influencers, a lot of people instigating change have is the access to the audience. You know, being there and being in person is not the same as being on a zoom session. You know, it's really one of those things that we have to think about how can we continue to have an outreach program that allows the change to take place? And how do we make an impact in in a different way and evolve, you know, into that process and evolve? Because, you know, January 1, this thing's not gonna just shut off automatically. So what needs to take place for you to be able to continue to reach out to know, I've been live streaming every single day, or five days a week. And you know, I create content every weekend, and I create a lot of content out there. And it's just a lot of people that are in the community now that I think really care. You know, we got Wendy here. Good morning, pirate. If I was half asleep, I'd wonder if these two gentlemen were separated at birth. That wouldn't be the worst thing that can happen.

David Verdu 8:01
Hey pirate I apologize about that. I was told that he broke the mold when he made me But apparently, Well, it depends. Maybe I'm molded after you. I don't know how old you are. Nor will I ask.

Russ Johns 8:13
I have a few years on you

David Verdu 8:16
How do you know that though? Where is your proof?

Russ Johns 8:21
I looked at my driver's license.

David Verdu 8:26
If you were a Beatles fan, you're older than me.

Russ Johns 8:31
Well, I I can't say that I was a fan.

David Verdu 8:36
See. We might be very very close. And anyways, but well....

Russ Johns 8:41
Lorrie Scott says Good morning. Happy pirates. Happy Holidays. Nancy's in the room. Good morning, friends.

David Verdu 8:48
It's like 430 at Nancy's house.

Russ Johns 8:51
She's early, yeah.

David Verdu 8:52
Go to bed.

Russ Johns 8:54
Melanie said, Joy to the world, positive thoughts.

David Verdu 8:57
Nice. There's my pumpkin. Renee.

Russ Johns 9:04
Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Nancy says hashtag #SUSO. That's right.

David Verdu 9:12
That's right. So SUSO is stand up, stand out. I think it's a it's a tag to let people know just really quick to go oh, what do I do in this situation? SUSO, got it. Stand out just real quick like a reminder and oh, and it was really cool how Suso came about because I was talking about it's well I was in a studio with friends and we were just talking gospel and just sharing love and this and that and I said but there's got to be a way to take now just for for whatever well there's got to be a way to take WWJD and make it universal for everybody because WWJD will mean different things to different people. Because some Jesus to some is not...yeah, you understand? Anyways? Love that WWJD, but how do I lead with that at schools? So I started thinking I said, You know, I just need a way to stand up, stand out. And so the guy writes big S, stand up, a big U and small P, and then another big S and then another big O for Stand up, stand out. And he holds it up. And he goes, Oh, Suso. It's funny because right from those acts, SuSusudio. I start singing Genesis, right? And I'm like, wow, SuSo, SuSo, SuSo and it caught, it connected. I made a wristband SuSo, stand up, stand out. And so it's a way to help students to remind them to say, okay, I do have a voice, I can do something. And I will do something. I will stand up. I will stand out now and move with this thing.

Russ Johns 11:12
I love it. I love it. Felicia, that's what we're talking about. We're talking about how to stand up, how to stand out.

David Verdu 11:18
So I said earlier in the show, I wonder if she heard me say what you're talking about Willis?

Russ Johns 11:27
She's a pirate. She's an amazing individual. That was on yesterday, if you didn't? If you didn't catch that episode, you can catch it another time.

David Verdu 11:36
yes, for sure.

Russ Johns 11:38
Go check out Felicia. So, Leslie Martinez. Good morning. How are you?

David Verdu 11:43
This lady is a rock star. Just she...I mean, we were just... we've been praying and thinking and my wife is doing all of our administration stuff. She's amazing at it. She hates it. But she's really good at it. But she doesn't want to do it. She had to figure it out. And as Oklahoma musical would say she's gone about as far as she can go. Yes, sir. calls and says How can I help? Yes. Well, I don't know. And then I go look at her background.

Russ Johns 12:18
Yeah, here's how you can help. It's just like you're talking about earlier. people show up in your world when you need them the most.

David Verdu 12:29
Just like it was just last week, it was like, hey, Brian said, mentioned way beyond measure. So I went and checked it out. And she's like, Oh, my gosh, do you need help? Yes.

Russ Johns 12:44
Yeah. No one is alone.

David Verdu 12:46
That's right. No one is alone. That's that one thing is no one is alone. So that brings me to this point. We talked about the holidays and how the holidays are a very, very difficult time for a lot of people. There's that separation of family now. And so there's that separation or the anxiety, of separation and loneliness and being alone and am I worthy, all that stuff? We need to understand as a people that it just don't happen in December, and November, December, we start talking about all these mental health problems. 45 days from the month, starting in the middle of November. holidays are coming. Yeah. Oh, right after Thanksgiving, we start sharing here they come. Let's do something. No. Every day. What are we doing? reach everybody? Talk to people, share every day because I promise you January 9th is coming. I don't know why I picked that day. But January 9th is coming and there's gonna be somebody. Daily.

Russ Johns 13:56
Reach out. Reach out. Stay connected. Have a conversation, even for nothing. You know. David Mumford says Hey, guys, good morning, Nancy.

David Verdu 14:07
Nice. I like that name, David. Pretty cool.

Russ Johns 14:12
I wonder if there's a coach named David.

David Verdu 14:13
I don't even know if there is. I'm thinking.

Russ Johns 14:16
Probably not. I'm not really sure if that's the way it goes.

David Verdu 14:21
I had somebody asked me yesterday if Verdu was my last name for real. No, for real, is that your real last name.

Russ Johns 14:26
Is that your real last name? No, it's my stage name. It was given to me at birth. I was on stage.

David Verdu 14:33
Um, yeah, I'm gonna call my mother on that. So check this out. I've got nine brothers. So doing you know between that I know two are step brothers, but they're my brothers. And my mom had it together, man. Wow. There was 11 boys in the house with my mother. And you know who ran the house?

Russ Johns 14:59
Oh your mom did.

David Verdu 15:00
My mother. With not ever raising her voice, however, she did throw your clothing around. When we got bigger, she couldn't hit us and spank us it would be like, that hurt. And so she'd wait to your dad comes home and I could take that. I don't worry about daddy either. So she would go into the room and drop dressers and fling everything out of the closet and say you got 20 minutes to pick all this up young man or I'm coming back in and doing it again. You know what I used to do? I left it. There's no way, not in 20 minutes. Might as well wait to say what have you been doing? I said I wanted to wait the 20 minutes. So you didn't thrash my room again, so I could actually really get it done. Boom. Oh, I got in trouble.

Russ Johns 16:07
In a sarcastic kind of way. I'm sure.

David Verdu 16:10
I hope my mother's not listening. Oh, poor dear.

Russ Johns 16:14
I was one. I was second of six. So I only have a fraction of what you've experienced.

David Verdu 16:25
You were the one that we learned off of?I just, I am a YouTube administrator. My wife wrote. What? You don't even know. You don't even have YouTube? How can my wife get more love than me? Whatever. This is ridiculous.

Russ Johns 16:48
Miguel. Hey, here's another David. Tomorrow morning. We're going to have...I'm on again. Same time. Same bat channel.

David Verdu 17:00
Come on.

Russ Johns 17:01
I'm going to be there tomorrow. And we're going to have, Wendy is going to join us, Nick is going to join us, we're gonna have a party for those that don't party on Christmas.

David Verdu 17:12
So you know what? I don't know if I'm up with the Nick thing, but do have Nick holler at me. We'll get that at the end. I want to all these pirates that are coming on. I want to connect with you guys. Yeah, I'm willing to grow. Listen, you don't know enough? until you've been learned enough. So we got to keep learning to grow. So I have a saying Ready, set. Grow. I mean, what ready say go where I don't... most people don't even know where they're going. Yeah, where my I got GPS, I just turn left at the next intersection. Oh, I missed it. Dang it.

Russ Johns 17:55
You missed it.

David Verdu 17:58
I threw her out the window once. She was wrong. Didn't tell me in time to turn left. A lot of my way.

Russ Johns 18:08
You're not lost. You're just on a new adventure. If communication patterns change, reach out, some people struggle to initiate change. Absolutely. Yes, that's true. So you know what's on the next. So let's look forward. You know, let's imagine what we can, imagine the possibility, David. And let's think about the idea of what it could look like, say, for instance, this thing, you know, continues on for a little while, for a long while, whatever, you know, whatever duration is, how do you make the connections? I mean, I think we're doing a good job at, you know, learning the technology, learning how to make connections, learning how to process this. Some are further along than others. What's the intent that you want to place in in this community right now today and speak out and speak out intention in what you're going to do next?

David Verdu 19:15
I think everything that we want to do it way beyond measure has to be intentional, and it has to influence others. So here's what we I want to just share just one of the phases we I've reached out to my brother Paul, who is just one of my heroes. He's 11 months younger than me. He works for Molson, which is a Miller Brewing portion company. He's just an amazing guy. And he he reached out to a marketing gal who was just Roman are just thinking how can I do some consulting and I reached out to her and she said, Dude, I love what you're doing. And she is phased everything. So come January. We are rolling. lean out our school programs all in video form. And so we're so excited because these videos are now going to be from K through fifth grade, our first rollout will be available daily instantly. Now, there's a situation now we have school prices. We have home prices, way beyond measure, doesn't want to compete, but we want to do exactly what sort of Netflix is doing. Have a channel that produces things that will bring life when we were younger, my mother only let us watch kaboom gangbang like bat POW for one hour. Because bang, kaboom. Wow. With 10 boys. I'm gonna get her Hmong gonna get her. And so she would regulate that because now, can you imagine taking these videos sitting us down and learning how to be kind? Man, learning how to take out the trash by singing, because I teach kids to take out the trash faster than they can complain. I want you to think about that. Yeah, how many hours do our children and then they spent 20 minutes and then guess what they still have to do when we still have to do it. Teach that? You are but I here's what I tell them. I say get back on PlayStation four. Pause, go back. I promise you if you concentrate and focus, you'll be done in less than 90 seconds. Yeah. And then they do it and they come back. And it's like, dude, high five. Great job. How was that? I didn't know I did it that fast. I know. Because you think that everything stops you in your future? And you're gonna miss out? And? Yeah, so it's very simply good for someone else. Yeah. Any video, so I'm sorry, go ahead.

Russ Johns 22:21
I was just gonna say doing something good for someone else doesn't take all that much time.

David Verdu 22:25
That's a fact. So way beyond measure in 2021 is going to be rolling out videos that are going to educate, equip, engage, empower families to be everything that they can be very inexpensive. If I was to tell you that we got the price down to 25 cents per student a month. Yeah, what would you say?

Russ Johns 22:53

David Verdu 22:54
I'll take 100 students. I'll do whatever it is 25 set 19 bucks a month, or whatever it is. You can do $19 a month and you can take care of like two homes and like 25 students. Why? It's very simple, but I need the income so I can get the go out. That's just how it works. I think.

Russ Johns 23:22
Yeah, you need the content for... I wanted to.... Sarathi is gonna hit last part of the live went back on now. Sure. Feel free to connect. Welcome to India, fellow mateys. Thank you so much for being here. Like so, ready, set grow. You know if all of the... Hiett Ives is here, from Texas.

David Verdu 23:48
Hey man,

Russ Johns 23:49
Russ, Russ and Leah. Good morning. Merry Christmas Eve. Thank you so much for being here.

David Verdu 23:56
If they all if they all stick around Russ. I'm gonna sing them a song at the end. But they have to stick around. Tell them, tell them. Go ahead.

Russ Johns 24:05
Hey, stick around before David sings a song. Stick around. We're gonna be singing later.

David Verdu 24:17
Oh, the blue group. We could be the blue without even having to put wigs on our head.

Russ Johns 24:22
can. We could go blue. You know, the funny thing about helping others is you know, I was talking to Felicia the other day on the #PirateBroadcast™. And we're talking about just return your shopping cart.

David Verdu 24:35
Oh my gosh,

Russ Johns 24:36
You know, it just takes a second in and, you know, not everybody's able to. So you have to think about how that fits into your equation. However, if everybody just returned their shopping cart, or grabbed a shopping cart on their way in just thinking much more beneficial that would be to everyone. Just saying.

David Verdu 24:58
You know, think The bottom line is this awareness. Yeah. So we go back because it was a top behavior. If I walked through a door and there were people in bakmi, the right hand of justice smacked me in the perfect location of the cranium. Now. Pay attention. Yeah, I don't what do you mean? There were people. And all you do is open the door and ran. And so you can go get a piece of candy? I tried. The candy is there. Not only did you miss it, but now you only get one piece. You could have had five? Yeah, you're not paying attention. Yeah, and see little things like that were the things that helped me to understand that all I do now. I'm looking. My wife says it's like a fault. I'm always looking to find something that I could do. Yeah. Are you that guy, Russ that can walk through Walmart and for some reason, Willie, the 90 year old man asked you a question. And you end up hanging out for like, 11 minutes. Because he just shares with you about...

Russ Johns 26:11
They think I work there something like that. And I'll even go help them find something.

David Verdu 26:17
Well, I'd never wear a yellow vest. So whatever you're doing here, whatever you're doing, I don't know what you're doing. But I don't know if I look like I work there. But anyways.

Russ Johns 26:28
Maybe we just look like we could answer questions.

David Verdu 26:33
No, actually meet you look like the greeters stop.

Russ Johns 26:41
I smile at people when I see when I walk through the grocery store. It's like, Hello, how are you?

David Verdu 26:48
Yeah, I would apply it. Like, Sir, are you okay to be able to stand for six hours? Shut it shut? zipping up the chair? No, but but I think really bottom line is being aware of your surroundings, understanding that there's always somebody perhaps in a different state of mind a different place a different place in time. And so what is it that you're going to do that brings life because this is this is where I'm at? And this is what I teach kids. Because if they get this...done. Two things. Two things come from your mouth. Two things come from your texting writing. Two things. Do you know that is life and death? construction, destruction, you know? Now, if you think before you speak, is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? And he's hoping then you can pause and say, Suso think I'm going to do something that is going to bring life bring something that will edify, not destruct something that will ignite not. So really, someone wants to I mean, a buddy of mine said, Dude, you're like, he just, I'm just gonna sit he goes, you're like a genius, because you took something that's so simple and even made it simpler, that everybody can understand, and will love that. It's just a simple, simple program, that we need to get out there as to as many people as possible, again, way beyond to, to just click that button, you want some free videos, click the free sample pack, show them to your kids. During in the morning, we got those cartoons, there's videos for you and then and then give us a call. We'll give you a smoking deal to have it with you forever. And so we're so excited, because it works. Not only is it good, but it works and I want to be able to say that. We have a friend of mine principal in Eureka that has said, David, since the four years you've been to our schools, do you know that principal visits have gone down? Dude, dude, that means, excuse me. That means what they're What I do...equals victory. Oh, no.

Russ Johns 29:49
It's a win.

David Verdu 29:51
A win. I got it.

Russ Johns 29:55
One word, influence, impact. It's a win win.

David Verdu 30:00
It is buddy. It really is. I'm just weird. I don't know if you know this, but I lose with excitement because I know what we have. And I just want to help people. And so, and again, I'm just one piece of that puzzle. And we just want to fit in somewhere. And there's so much room guys don't don't spend so much time that he does that. And I want to be like that. And he does that. And he does that. Listen, it doesn't matter. I sense.

Russ Johns 30:32
There's one thing that grows when you give it away. And that's love. That's a fact. I love what you're doing. Keep doing it, man.

David Verdu 30:45
Love"s not a feeling. It's an action.

Russ Johns 30:48
Yeah. And also, when you take action, and you reach out to someone, you know, and allow them to know that you care. And you're here and you're supportive, allow your community. One thought I want to plant the seed here is that if you have a piece of content, if you have an idea that you can contribute to David's community, an introduction, an introduction to somebody that can actually expand the message allowed to grow, allowed to expand, reach out to David. You know, let's let's make sure that we we have, we continue to share positive, impactful, you know, things that are going to grow in the right direction in 2021.

David Verdu 31:44
Thank you, man so much. I want to do a quick shout out. I want to do a shout out to the administrators, principals, and the teachers of this new era. Y'all are dynamic. Y'all are on my heart. I was a teacher for 30 years and being in the classroom and now having to become a computer science technician, and a nurse and a whatever. I mean, there's so many different things that you need to become in this era so that you can reach and meet the needs of the students. Keep going don't ever stop and PS. We would love to partner with you. We're not taking over. We don't want anything from you, nor your school. However, we want to echo what you have been saying. I call it the uncle fun method. So for instance, we have a we have children, so we'll use you Russ. Russ has a young son, his young son comes to us and says Mr. Good Daddy, Daddy, I want to be a better basketball player. Great. Every day, 20 minutes, dribble, dribble, dribble everyday, 20 minutes, free throws every day. 20 minutes, spot shots, and every day just do something to hustle when it comes to basketball. Oh, whatever. Whatever. I thought you were gonna give me something like take me to the YMCA. Like can't take you to the why every day, but this is what you can. Whatever. Hey, guys, we're so excited. Coach verdoux is hanging out at our table today. anybody have a question? Your son asked me because I want to be a good basketball player said dude. You get out every day for 20 minutes and dribble dribble dribble, make a whole bunch of free throws, do some spot shots, dudes taking notes. scribbling and you're going thing it's it's a it's a fact. Yeah. absolute fact that the person that doesn't say no. will win. Yeah. So the teachers know you can't go to the bathroom. No, you can't. Uncle fun comes in Coach verdoux and he's like, hit Pip. Let's go to the playground. Yes, let's go do it. Yes, yes. Yeah. Coaches the grade is only for probably a week until they said no. Yeah. Or and. But no is a position to protect you. Anyways, that's enough.

Russ Johns 34:29
Sometimes you have to say no in order for yes's to arrive.

David Verdu 34:34
It's so true. And there's Gabriel there, man.

Russ Johns 34:37
Yeah. Gabriel says, acting with integrity, actionable, actionable purpose, and passion.

David Verdu 34:44
I'm waiting for him to write a book. When's your book coming out?

Russ Johns 34:46
Yeah. When your book coming out, Gabe?

David Verdu 34:49
This guy here spoke very highly of you. Not only that. He is a father of many. He had to listen. I'm not trying to to hurt his brain, but he canceled one day on me. Because he was out delivering product for his job. And that and when he caught Dude, I am so sorry. I am so... I apologize. Why? You're providing for your family. Dude, that would suck if you would have left that, came on the air with me for 20 minutes gotten fought, oh god, I would have felt horrible.

Russ Johns 35:37
There wouldn't have been good.

David Verdu 35:40
I just appreciate him because of his passion, his heart. So Gabriel, thank you so often. He's a great dad too.

Russ Johns 35:48
And also, he has some amazing guests on his show and his podcast and his production is awesome. And I just love to watch him grow and expand and make an impact on somebody's lives.

David Verdu 36:01
Yeah, go check him out on January 4th. I think he's got probably one of the most classic interviews on January 4th. Yeah, he's amazing

Russ Johns 36:12
Some guy in a red suit and white beard.

David Verdu 36:15
Unbelievable the way that guy brings it. That's what he was saying. I don't know.

Russ Johns 36:22
He helps so many people too.

David Verdu 36:24
Yeah. But he's got, you know, that's the key. And so to you, Russ, Russ, man, if no one's ever told you before you are a beacon of light, you really do make a difference in our community and stuff. And here's what I'd like to do one day, I would like to come on the podcast and interview you.

Russ Johns 36:44
There you go.

David Verdu 36:45
See what I mean? I understand that maybe... I think there needs to be a once a year or once that you do the podcast all by yourself and just share your heart. Dude, you have so much greatness.

Russ Johns 36:59
I appreciate that.

David Verdu 37:00
Don't be afraid to say you know what? I don't have a guest. These next couple days. I'm gonna just bring my heart dude. People will respond. Yeah. So you've got you got a tremendous voice and dude, the beard. All right, guys. I need as many people...

Russ Johns 37:20
Thank you so much, David, I appreciate you. Hey, we gotta wrap it up. And everyone. You know, this is this is a cause, this is a something that we've been doing, you know, I'm going to show up every day, I'm going to be here. I'm going to continue to be here. And I want to reach out to more people. And I want to be able to have more people impacted in a positive way. So when we wrap up, go over to YouTube, subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast, leave a review all of the things that allow me to grow and continue to expand this positive message to even more people. And I want to make sure that you have the support, and the #inspiration, #motivation and some of the tips that come along every single day on the #PirateBroadcast™. So thank you so much for being a pirate, David. Keep coaching. Keep moving forward, doing what you need to do every single day. And if you need anything or I can add value to your day. You know how to track me down.

David Verdu 38:23
You got it.

Russ Johns 38:24
All right. As everyone knows, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday.

Exit 38:35
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