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Introduction 0:02
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:20
And what an amazing day to have a #PirateBroadcast™, don't you think? I think, Felicia, good morning, how are you doing my friend?

Felicia Miller Johnson 0:28
Aloha, Russ, I am doing well. How are you?

Russ Johns 0:31
Oh, very well. And I'm even better now that you're here. And I just want to kind of go through this process because we met through one of my favorite platforms, Dubb. And for those that don't know, Dubb, you should probably connect with Felicia or I and learn a little bit more about it. Because, you know, it's how I've actually booked over 300 episodes last year, and connected with some amazing people over the year. And it's really a powerful tool that you can use to enhance your business, grow your connections, and your network and your conversations and everything about it. So, I mean, what's your experience with Dubb? Is that your experience, Felicia?

Felicia Miller Johnson 1:17
Absolutely. When Lynn sent me an email that had a video, I was like, immediately girl, tell me more. I charged her wonderful her class about Dubb and it's been fabulous. It gives me an opportunity to connect with people, do video, and also to stand out and it makes it more personal than just like a regular email communication. And I can share, you know, links, calendars, payments for clients, like all of them. It's no, I jumped on quick.

Russ Johns 1:53
Well, you know, it was an ephiphony moment, when I was driving down the road with my sister. And I was, you know, I'm on LinkedIn all the time. And, less than I would like to be however, you know, I love catching up with my LinkedIn comments and things like that. And I thought, well, I wonder if I could put a Dubb video in a comment. And you can do it with your phone. I haven't tried it recently. And then it just blew me away. It's like, this is amazing. I love it, I love the opportunity to where you can actually create something, put it in there. And it links to a landing page where it has a call to action and everything else. If you're interested in learning more, we need to connect. However, I want to talk about your business and how it's, you know, it's moving along. So I just wanted to give a shout out to Ruben and Darius and the team over at Dubb. And let them know, you have a couple of fans here. And we're excited about the community and everything ramped up. And also, you know, confidence, it takes a little confidence to go out there and put things in place.

Felicia Miller Johnson 3:10
Test the waters. Oh, now you're talking in my alley, confidence for sure.

Russ Johns 3:16
So you're the confidence coach, you're focusing on bringing up people's confidence in smashing that imposter syndrome. So what possessed you to get into this area of work and help so many people in the confidence arena?

Felicia Miller Johnson 3:36
Life? It's the best teacher? Right?

Russ Johns 3:41
Life. Yes.

Felicia Miller Johnson 3:43
You have those those those life experiences. So yes, you know, growing up, there were these thought patterns that I was connected with and grew up with. And it was the whole, you have to be twice as good. Always have to be on your A game. And for those of you that are watching live, as you notice I'm on. I'm a black female. So that was entrenched very early that you know, are you black minorities, I would say as a female, you may not get a second chance to do this. So you always have to be doing things. Well, who are you representing? And all that comes with that. And so with that came a drive in addition and success, and so with imposter syndrome is that you succeed, but it's also at a struggle, and that is you're in this imposter syndrome cycle. It's like either you have to put all this effort into it, right? Or if you procrastinate it and it was like, Oh, that was just lucky. So when people say that you did a good job or you get an award, you get a promotion, you disregard it. It's just like, on to the next you don't really celebrate that. So then you also start feeling like you're a fraud. Like somebody is going to find me out that oh, I really had to work hard at it, or I didn't do a lot of effort. And so that means I don't know what I'm doing. Right. And it gets tiring. And so that showed up in my career that showed up in my life as a wife, as a mom, all of them. Am I a good wife? Am I good mother? Am I good business owner, like all of that. So it becomes a struggle. And then I finally had my, as we'll call it, you know, come to Jesus moment. It's like, okay. My life is not what I thought it was going to be.

Russ Johns 3:50
This is my life.

Felicia Miller Johnson 4:39
Right? You got to show me that. What is this? And that's what started my whole journey of deciding, you know, my parents nicknamed me brain. So again, another one of those things that you always got to be smart, right? And so I thought, okay, I'm a goal oriented woman, I go after goals, and many people as business owners have heard of SMART goals. But I said, you know what? I want to be smart. Right? And so that's what started me on my journey of smaresque, see yourself in awaken that moment, like, Okay, this, this is enough, you know, the M, master your emotions, a lot of times I squashed them, especially because I didn't want to be labeled as the angry black woman or, you know, but is this going to all those perceptions that come along with that. And so it was, then I was limiting all the other emotions I was filling in, if I got time for that, just keep it moving.

Russ Johns 6:34
Keep it moving. ignore that. It'll go away,

Felicia Miller Johnson 6:36
Ignore that, right, keep it moving. And then, you know, with the ask, believe and receive, it's like, What do you want? Many times people can tell you what they don't want versus what they do want. But then when you ask, do you really believe it, that you're going to get it, that you're going to receive it? A lot of time, that's where that low vibration feeling comes into place to self doubt, like no, I don't think I really can. And then the R is, shout out to all my different world is to relax, relate, release, I was always busy doing doo doo doo. And so it was like, okay, you can just be you got to relax, you got to breathe. That's where my meditation came in and taking time off for that. And then finally, the talk wisely was the worst that I'm saying to myself, in my head out loud, others, all of that. And so now, it's just the motto, my work/life motto of be smart. It's our neighbor, all of those things.

Russ Johns 7:35
You know, one thing that came up when you were talking about the smart process that you have, and it's brilliant, by the way, I love it. I love the elements you share with that. And the one thing that came up to me is the thing that and this is, you know, discovered over a period of time, is the thing that I love is the thing that comes easy. And when something comes easy, you almost feel as if you don't deserve to get paid for it. Because it's feels so good to be doing what you love. So then the imposter syndrome comes up. Because you're thinking, this is so easy for me, I feel guilty about charging money for it. And it really becomes this circle of, Okay, I love it. I enjoy doing this, I would do this without getting paid for it. And people want to pay me for it. It's sad. And that's what went through my head. It's like, okay, but that's not the truth. The truth is, is it takes years, like it's like an instrument, you know, it takes years of practice and develop your craft and to the point where it feels like muscle memory, and feels like it's comfortable, right? And so, it does have value, you have value. So the value that you bring to the table is worth it. And and when you speak that truth and you you really put it out there. That's when the magic starts happening.

Felicia Miller Johnson 9:31
You got it, Russ. But that's the thing is that we grew up, so when we talk about is easy. The limiting belief is that we grew up thinking that you got to work hard for it, you have to struggle and so when it's no longer a struggle, then you start thinking, oh, wow, I must be faking it because I'm not longer, you know, efforting doing those different things. And it's just, you know, you know, the the comparison of the people, how many times have you gotten in your car and you're like, you get to your destination. And sometimes you don't even remember the drive. I don't remember how I got here. Because driving has just become so innate. It's just what you do. And else like, you don't consciously think about all the time I shoot, let's just do it. Right, but that doesn't evaluate how to drive or that you know how to tie your shoe just because it's now an unconscious behavior that you could do just like, yeah, that's the scale I can do.

Russ Johns 10:29
Another skill that should come easy to everyone, and it hasn't always been available to everyone is kindness. You know, it doesn't cost nothing to be kind. And it is like return your shopping cart. It's a simple, it's, you know, like that. And not everyone does it. However, it would be nice if everyone did it, right.

Felicia Miller Johnson 10:55
Yes, it does. But you know, it's so funny that you should mention that, Russ, because I was at the grocery store yesterday. And I was like, there was a cart, right in front of the cars like toward the end, but maybe maybe 10 feet, it was the cart return. Oh, here's one of the things that I've done, that I've realized is releasing a judgment. And what I thought at that time is that, well, maybe the person that put that cart there, maybe it was a mom, and she had a baby in the cart, and she felt uncomfortable, even going to 10 feet to put that cart back. So that's the thing that now that I do to to relay what that particular situation is, versus they were just lazy didn't put the cart back.

Russ Johns 11:40
Well, and I totally agree with you. In the end, it's funny that you would bring that up because the judgment is coming from us because the risk is the recipient of that judgment is long since gone. It doesn't really matter. However, what I like to do though, is I'd like to go grab that cart and take it back. Because it's like, every time I go back, I take it back with me. It's like, hey, somebody couldn't do it, I can do it. So you could turn around and something as simple as that random act of kindness in something that you can do, actually helps in benefits yourself. As long as it's positioned in the right way, in the right mindset. And you're set in a way that's, you know, you're giving back.

Felicia Miller Johnson 12:39
Yes. Because then now that energy vibe is with you like now, it's not that situation, someone else. And now you re directed that energy to now I'm going to do this and I know that this is going to help the person that has to come out with that little machine and the button and have you do all these carts to do that, or you know, now this buggy is not going to come out and hit someone's car but it didn't it so, it's like now you...

Russ Johns 13:04
You saved somebody's life.

Felicia Miller Johnson 13:09
Mm hmm. Exactly. Exactly. So, yes.

Russ Johns 13:14
Oh it's so fun. Life is so funny. And life is so wonderful. And perception is absolutely critical. And when Felicia, it really comes to confidence, and having the confidence in knowing everything is going to be okay. You know what I'm worried about right now, if I don't have control over it, do I really need to be concerned about it?

Felicia Miller Johnson 13:42
I don't know. Maybe I'm right. My favorite phrase that I tell people is all is well. All is well, everything all is well. Everything Is working out perfectly.

Russ Johns 13:52
Yeah. Well, you know, especially when you're an entrepreneur, and you're looking at the way you would like things to be is never the way things end up. Sometimes they end up much better than you expected.

Felicia Miller Johnson 14:11
Better. Exactly. So that's why that ask, believe and receive one of the other things you put on there is like you ask him this, like you put on there, this or something better? Because that's the way you look at it, it's like you said, it may not be what you thought you were gonna get, but actually it's even better in our lives. And if we look towards that, then you know, the energy increases in doing on the high energy vibe for sure.

Russ Johns 14:42
And the other part of that, that I absolutely love, and I'd love you to kind of speak to this is that a lot of times people are afraid to dream big enough. They're afraid and there's fear around it because the commitment it requires To move out of your comfort zone, to be different, to have different, right?

Felicia Miller Johnson 15:07
Yes, yes.

Russ Johns 15:09
So talk about that spin on that one for a bit.

Felicia Miller Johnson 15:12

Russ Johns 15:13
What are your thoughts?

Felicia Miller Johnson 15:15
My thoughts are a lot of times people have the fear of failing. And usually, that's probably connected to some type of limiting belief. So each individual person is different. So like in my situation was that you may not take that risk. Because if you fail, there may not be another opportunity. So for example, like I said, African American female, I'm in the workplace. And it's like, okay, I may not take this particular risk to speak up on this particular situation, or something like that, like, I'm gonna weigh all of that, because if what I do fails, that then means now maybe another African woman that comes after me may not have that opportunity, because now they always think about me, who took some kind of risk and fail. So you will hold back in that area, but that reasoning is different from for everyone for each person. But that's where the whole see yourself, you have to figure out, what is it that you are afraid of? What was it a memory, maybe between seven and 12? Use a lot of times, because that's where a lot of the programming really is, is happening? up? What what was told to you? What did you think that you had to be that if you do a particular behavior action that you're going to fail? So that's where the questions come in. You got to ask yourself questions, and you got to think, and that's definitely a lot of people don't want to do that. They want to continue to be in that stage of, you know, unconscious. I don't know what I don't know. Yeah. But then once you know, you know, honestly, I didn't know, then you got to do.

Russ Johns 17:00
And then you have to do it. You have to be different. And once you have information, you can't unlearn it, right? So I encourage everyone to learn something positive every single day to be a better person than you were yesterday. We have quite a collection of amazing individuals in the room today, Felicia. Senor is here. Senor. Jeff Young. He's an amazing individual that I love. He's so endearing and so helpful and so supportive in the community. He says, Good morning, Russ. How's my favorite pirate? Haven't been able to catch live recently. So it's nice to see you. It's nice to see you, Jeff. Lorrie J. Scott. Good morning pirates. She's in the house. Darlene. Darlene is going to be on here silverfox talks and she's helping a lot of people. She's an amazing individual. Floey Hart, serving us and helping make people so much better in their lives. The inner voice can be crippling. Thank you for opening up about this topic. Well, Foley, I'm honored to be sharing this with you as well. Laura Cobb, good morning all. The ever present, Tracie, she's the producer of the show. She does all the magic behind the scenes and makes everything work for me and supports me.

Felicia Miller Johnson 18:38
I love my Tracie.

Russ Johns 18:39
She's so awesome.

Felicia Miller Johnson 18:40
It's so easy.

Russ Johns 18:42
How was your experience?

Felicia Miller Johnson 18:44
Easy. That's what I said. I had all the information. It was streamlined. I'm all about efficiency. It wasn't 5000 emails and just like it was, here it is, the information and the link. Love it.

Russ Johns 18:58
And here we are.

Felicia Miller Johnson 18:59
Great job, Tracie

Russ Johns 19:00
I turned on the camera and there you are. Magic. So thank you for doing that, Tracie I love you. Laura Cobb, I'm confident. I'm a confidence leadership coach too, because I've struggled with confidence, yet I know I'm a leader.

Felicia Miller Johnson 19:17
Absolutely, Laura.

Russ Johns 19:18
Own it, Laura.

Felicia Miller Johnson 19:23
Yeah. And what I love about that, like I said, we talked about, you know what our experiences are. And that's the thing is that she's connecting with what her struggle was probably before and now she's able to help coach other people. So absolutely.

Russ Johns 19:39
It's amazing when you can see the difference, right, Felicia? Before and after.

Felicia Miller Johnson 19:44
Yes. For sure. For sure. Like you can see it and see that's one of the things that people will say, like, we talked about the energy and the vibrations, and it's like confidence you guys know when somebody's confident and when they're not because you can sense their whole body language, their energy, what they say, what they don't say, you know it.

Russ Johns 20:05
Yeah, sometimes they don't have to say anything.

Felicia Miller Johnson 20:08
No, that why I said what they don't say.

Russ Johns 20:13
All right. Howard Kaufman, amazing individual that is here in Arizona. Thanks for the stimulating and engaging topic this morning.

Felicia Miller Johnson 20:25
Howard, I love that.

Russ Johns 20:27
Yeah, that's very nice. Oh, Gabriel's in the house. Do you know Gabriel? He's made from scratch broadcast. He's got the goofy gang and a whole bunch of things going on. All kinds of shenanigans happening. Good morning. I love this incredible community and unique individuals. Absolutely, positively. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Felicia Miller Johnson 20:55
I don't know him personally. But my son is named Gabriel. So yes.

Russ Johns 21:03
Wendy and I are going to start a process Friday morning, Christmas. And we're going to bring a bunch of people on and talk about what we learned in 2021. What is going on in 2021? What are we going to expand into and believe in? And what greatness are we going to accomplish and create in 2021. Good morning, pirates. I want to go grocery shopping with Russ because he'll bring our carts back. That way my act of kindness of making a mess for the admiral to clean up. Set the example and be the example. That's all we got to do. So. Kenyatta is here. Hey, Felicia. Oh Kenyatta and I have a long history of going back, we need to catch up soon Kenyatta, hope you're well.

Felicia Miller Johnson 22:07
She's doing great things. I know she's doing... I participate in one of her days of her superpowers. And about the assessments and people getting to know each other in a more in depth way is absolutely so yeah, she's doing her thing. Shout out girl.

Russ Johns 22:23
Yeah, she's awesome. So, uh, yes, great to see it. Felicia Miller Johnson. I love confidence coach, because that's one thing we all lack. Junaid love seeing you here. Thank you so much for saying, I really appreciate you. You're doing amazing things out there all the time. And you need to become a pirate. I'm just saying. So hashtag #PirateBroadcast™. Okay. So Felicia, what's on your intentions and your purpose in 2021? What are you moving into? How are you growing into the future? What's taking place in your world?

Felicia Miller Johnson 23:09
Absolutely. So continuing to be smart. And one of the things definitely is reaching more individuals in regards to some full coaching. So like, you know, the last comment is about that confidence that a lot of people are impacted by this. But it's like, they may not necessarily know to go to get the help. And so being on a great platform like this with you, and, and letting people have these conversations, knowing that there are people out there that can help you with the confidence struggles that you may be having, and that you can increase your vibrations. And so that's like the big focus that I'm having. I know I go by the prosperous woman confidence coach, but that is affirmation and words and talking wisely. But I do also work with men and also work with married couples, because communication and having confidence as individuals and men together is also one of those things that it was an experience that life lessons taught me as well. So, you know, shout out to my husband, Trapper.

Russ Johns 24:16
Fantastic. I love that. I think you know, 2020 has been a challenging, and I don't want to diminish or remove any kind of pain that anyone has gone through. And there are a lot of times that we have an experience in our lives that is completely outside of our control. And sometimes we internalize that as being part of our fault. And that's where it erodes confidence because we're bringing on a burden that we do not own. So I just encourage people that have gone through challenging times, that they're things that they're not inside your control, they're not within your ability to change. And releasing that and removing that from your life has an impact on the way you think about what you're doing for yourself, around your other, you know, friends and family and people around you. So, how to shift that? Where do you take that to shift in your approach? How do you think about that, Felicia?

Felicia Miller Johnson 25:26
Absolutely. So it does come back to that, that S, the self awareness of even knowing that you're holding that energy in. But it also goes back to the R I was talking about, the relax, relate, release, there are some things that we have to acknowledge, beget, release, like, okay, I've experienced that. What was that lesson that I was supposed to get from this situation? What did that teach me? Did I not like this feeling to this situation that served me, I want, you know, help or something like that. Like, what is that that's, you know, connected to that. And one of the ways that I do that is, from the aloha spirit, having looked there is the whole Pono Pono Meditation. And that is a way of talking about, you know, how you're sorry, I love you. Please forgive me. And thank you. Those are like four things that a lot of us need to embrace, and realizing that would increase our vibration. But the whole point of Pono meditation is something that I use with my clients, as well as helping them work through that.

Russ Johns 26:29
It's an incredibly powerful exercise tool.

Felicia Miller Johnson 26:33
Oh, for sure.

Russ Johns 26:39
I co authored a book with Dr. Joel Batali and he was teaching that process now, that whole process and it's like, amazing. So I hadn't thought about that for a while, but I'm gonna have to go back to that. So Junaid says, Felicia Miller Johnson, what inspired you to become a confidence coach? That's a great question.

Felicia Miller Johnson 27:06
Yeah, the life where after I had my aha moment that I was dealing with imposter syndrome. And a big piece of that was the self doubt. And so the opposite of this self doubt, is confidence. And so that is where if you funnel it down, what are people wanting? What can you need? And what can people you know, resonate with, and confidence was that word. And so I wanted people to ultimately be happier, and work better. So do those things. You have that confidence, you can shine, energize and share it out to other people in the screen because like you said, everybody deals with it. Right? So now it's how can we connect and be better? How can we ascend to the next level? That's what inspired me to help people to be on that journey. And do it succinctly.

Russ Johns 28:00
Thank you for doing it.

Felicia Miller Johnson 28:04
Well, thank you. Like I said, it was a journey getting here. I will tell you as part of my story, I did not think that I would be part of the imposter syndrome. You know, as an entrepreneur, solopreneur I would thought, oh, maybe that's a side hustle. You have to do that on the side. But letting this be be my full time position of serving people and building a business around that. I had to bust that myth, right, and doing all those different things and just challenging because that's not how I was raised in that six. So yeah, it was something different. So that was all part of my inspiration of becoming the process of the company.

Russ Johns 28:44
It's part of the journey. I love it. I love it. LT's in the room, recovering addict. Thank you so much for being here. LT, appreciate you. And Junaid says Kenyatta Turner. Good to see you here. Love what you're doing in the world. Creating safe spaces. And Sheri Lally sending down the baggage from the past. Absolutely. positively.

Felicia Miller Johnson 29:15

Russ Johns 29:16
Let it go.

Felicia Miller Johnson 29:17
Get all meditation on that, girl.

Russ Johns 29:24
So how do people connect with Felicia, how's the best way? What is it that you enjoy doing when people connect? What surprises you and invigorates you, when somebody connects with you? Where is it? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter?

Felicia Miller Johnson 29:42
I will say LinkedIn for me, and then even more so when you send those videos. Because you know, against like the whole extra and just being able to connect and sort of, you know, a moving face with voice so definitely, we can especially on LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 30:04
Fantastic. So if you're watching this in the future, you're watching this at another point in time. Just get on LinkedIn. Look for Felicia Miller Johnson, tell her that you're a pirate and you want to connect. You're looking for some confidence coaching, you need some #inspiration. And you need to fill up your bucket with a little bit more smart goals and smart attitudes and some things that need to shift. So thank you so much for being her, Felicia.

Felicia Miller Johnson 30:38
Thank you so much for inviting me to the pirate family

Russ Johns 30:43
I hope it was a good experience and you enjoyed it.

Felicia Miller Johnson 30:46
I did.

Russ Johns 30:47
Pain free.

Felicia Miller Johnson 30:50
Like I said, it's just you and I having a conversation, other people are watching and participating.

Russ Johns 30:55
Exactly, exactly. So and also for the pirates listening to this, watching this and supporting the pirate community. It's an amazing community, I would love and encourage you to like, comment and share the podcast is out. You know, every single day. The live stream goes to YouTube, I would love to... I'm building more subscribers. I'm trying to catch up to that guy, Gabriel. He's like, he just beat me. Beat me up on the YouTube subscription list. So go out, support the community, support each other, start a conversation. Make sure that you're encouraging those around you and doing something kind today. So Felicia, thank you so much for being here. I really truly appreciate this experience, this opportunity to connect with you and talk with you a little bit, you know. Reach out to Ruben and the kids over there at And as always, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree, so you #enjoyyourday. See you next time everyone.

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