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Russ Johns 0:03
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. Kindness is cool and smiles are free. And let's get this party started.

And I'm gonna have fun today with Gabriel here. And most of you may know Gabriel in the pirate community because Gabriel does the made from scratch broadcast almost at the end of the day compared to to the pirate broadcast. We married. I do the mornings he does the afternoon evenings. So welcome, Gabriel. How are you doing my friend?

Gabriel Leal 0:47
I'm doing wonderful. It is a Friday. I am not working. So I am in great spirits today. So well I'm getting paid. Let's put that

Russ Johns 1:00

Gabriel Leal 1:01
That's, a little bit different that's even better.

Russ Johns 1:04
I can relax and get paid for it. What better equation? Is that?

Gabriel Leal 1:10
right? Exactly. On top of that, I get to come outside and play around in my little studio and just do fun little awesome things. Like when I was showing everybody before we actually came off So guys, check this out, I'm gonna disappear.

Russ Johns 1:29
I'm hearing stereo

Gabriel Leal 1:31
His hearing stereo, right? He's talking to himself.

Russ Johns 1:37
We are a couple of nerds here in the studio, and we're gonna have a blast. It's funny because I was watching your show last night. you had attitude on which is where the hat comes from right attitude. Annie and she was on the show. Last Friday. She was on the on the pirate broadcast last week.

Gabriel Leal 1:57
Oh, yes.

Russ Johns 1:58
Yeah. So she's a pirate. And then And then I had Sherry Sainte Marie on Monday. She's a pirate, and now we need to swap bunch of guests. Get them on both and say, hey, you're on the golden you're on the golden member club because you're in made from scratch and you're a pirate.

Gabriel Leal 2:18
Right? You've been the double double. I think there's only been one person know who's done the double double on the same day. And that was Russ Desomers he was on your show. Yeah.

Russ Johns 2:37
Yeah. And your show

Gabriel Leal 2:39
If you go back and everybody wants to cross reference that he was on your show that morning, and then he came on my show that evening, and that was like, I think he's the one that planned it that way. So he was like, Hey, Remember? He goes I'm gonna be on Russ' show this day. And I don't want to have to take time off to do this again. Would you be open to having me on? And I said, Well, yeah, I had reached out to you.

So cool. Let's do it. He jumped on. He came on your show. And again, he jumped on my show that evening. So that was one of the ones he's been both on the same day. We've had a lot of the same community guests to come on and share the same platform. I'm trying to think of who's been both. You've had Carol composts on right

Russ Johns 3:41
Yeah Carol

Gabriel Leal 3:43
Lori's been on?

Russ Johns 3:44
Yeah. We're gonna have to go down the list.

Gabriel Leal 3:55
Vicki Vicki

Russ Johns 3:57
Vicki O'Neill.

Gabriel Leal 3:58
Yes. She's been on both and then gosh, there's so many in here this trying to draw a blanket think about it and who's been who's been on both So, that's the fun thing. Oh Wendy is one. Both Wendy's actually.

Russ Johns 4:20
Yes. One of My favorite pirate.

Gabriel Leal 4:23
So, yes, both Wendy's have been on my show and your show and gosh oh, Amy blagica she's been on. She's been. Gosh, there's been so many.

Russ Johns 4:40
Do you know Don?

Gabriel Leal 4:42
No, Don.

Russ Johns 4:44
Don. Good morning. Happy Friday.

Gabriel Leal 4:48
Here's the fun part about all this right? You see, you start seeing a lot of this. A lot of the community we're part of starting to start expanding out into their own and before you know it, Slack tag designs Oh,

Russ Johns 5:01
Sherri lolly.

Gabriel Leal 5:02
Yes. I'm a huge fan of her. She's awesome.

Russ Johns 5:12
Yeah, she's very active than Angie. Good morning pirates. She's always around.

Gabriel Leal 5:18

Russ Johns 5:20
In the I'm streaming live to LinkedIn. Okay, apparently. Well we're talking about that just the other day. Like sometimes it works. Sometimes it does,

Gabriel Leal 5:33
But it doesn't. It's the whole thing about doing a live stream like even like yesterday morning, right? This is the thing about doing live streams. You get what you get. You don't have to go back and do all these

Russ Johns 5:46
You get what you get and don't pitch a fit.

Gabriel Leal 5:49
Yeah, so like yesterday. She was having a problem. Sharon was having a problem coming on the show yesterday. Trying to figure out I guess what it was at the audio

Russ Johns 6:01
She couldn't hear and well earlier on her computer, it just wouldn't allow her to connect is like it kept spinning and spinning and spinning. And I think she probably had maybe limited memory or caching or something. I don't know what it was, but that she grabbed her husband's computer, Harry. But he had his volume turned down. She couldn't hear that he had to come in and turn the volume up. I don't sweat, that kind of stuff. I know you don't either.

It's just like, Hey, we're having a show. We're doing things. We're having fun. And you go with the flow. And that's kind of what the theme of 2020 is about resiliency. Do what you can with what you have and make the best of what the situation is. And I think so many people are learning that lesson that are forced to learn that lesson. It's not comfortable. But it's a good lesson. It's a good lesson to have.

Gabriel Leal 7:04
Yeah, that's one of the ones we we learned about last night when we were talking about was like just going over talk about living in a normal Kenyatta Turner. Thank you so much. She's awesome.

Russ Johns 7:18
Yeah. Sheri Lolly says link was sent today from Laurie.

Gabriel Leal 7:25
Yeah. I've been sending her link because she's had problems for some reason. jumping into the stream. So I've been sending her every time I get in there. As soon as I get in, I sent her a link. So she's been hopping in but I guess today since I was actually part of the interview. Yeah, exactly. That's what the community does. We help each other out. Just like he looks like Lori sent her There's there's Vicki O'Neill. Yeah. So yeah.

Russ Johns 8:03
Jerry's here to

Gabriel Leal 8:05
know what's so fun is it? Exactly right. Without the patient I was waiting for somebody to say

Russ Johns 8:15
that gay let's dive into that because that's that last night on the show and

Gabriel Leal 8:21
Here's the thing, right I was in I mean, I mean I always to just go full commit to whatever I'm going to do in that moment. So I was literally just sitting in the barber's chair and the guy goes, Hey, do you want me to you know what, how do you want to get your hair cut? I get my hair how I want it done. And he kind of explains to me Hey, you want you want me to shave down your your sideburns a little bit. He said, You know what? Yeah, let's go ahead and start so he starts cutting it down. And then he shows me a mirror and he goes, Hey, what do you think? That's it. You Want to shave it all off all have it all gone he just looked at me for a minute goes What?

Russ Johns 9:06

Gabriel Leal 9:07
Yeah he goes what I go I want all the all of it cut it all off. Can you cut it off? And he goes sure so he says oh my gosh it felt weird. I'm touching myself like oh god dog Cause you're not used get used to it after a while and it just becomes a part of everyday life and you don't even realize how much until it's gone and you go wow, I mean for the first day that's what I was literally doing was just touching my face and going oh my gosh, I forgot. I have a face on the bottom half of my on the bottom half of my age.

Russ Johns 9:57
Did your wife freak our when you get home

Gabriel Leal 10:00
Yes, she goes. She tells me oh my gosh, she goes, who? What did you do first of all? And then she tells me You look so weird. Everybody did I like it.

Russ Johns 10:20
How long have you had a beard?

Gabriel Leal 10:22
Ah, since last see last year for a while. It's been almost a year and a half. I had it like that. So it's been a while since I've just been nothing. So, just go ahead and go. Yeah, cut it all off. Get it all done. That was the whole big. It was a whole big shock. It's just weird to see people like that. I know this because my just real briefly my supervisor, he has a long beard like you he'd had a kid grown it long for years, right?

Russ Johns 10:59
Uh huh.

Gabriel Leal 11:00
When COVID-19 hit, they kind of told him Hey, if you're going to be wearing a mask, you know you're probably going to have to

Russ Johns 11:09
sell your hair

Gabriel Leal 11:10
for some of it or cut some of it off right? Just certain length. So he did the same thing he went all the way off. Oh my gosh, I had never seen him. I mean, I had been there for almost two years and I've never seen him without it. So that's like that is like big time shock value when you see somebody go, holy crap. Who is that person and where's my you just get to shock about unit. Even now it takes it. It takes getting used to looking and looking in the mirror at myself sometimes and still going okay, this is

Russ Johns 11:48
you're like looking in the mirror. Who is this alien.

Gabriel Leal 11:56
Who is this guy so

Russ Johns 12:00
I've hhad my beard for over, maybe six years now. Oh, shave off now

Gabriel Leal 12:11
Exactly right. The only time I've seen guys who have really committed that much who've had their beards for so long, it's like they have surgery or something where they do some kind of surgery around or where they've had to shave it all off. Or that's kind of shocking as well because I mean, for example, one of my mentors A long time ago, he I know it's kind of a little bit of a sad story, but he had cancer. I mean he had a beard for over 20 years.

Russ Johns 12:47

Gabriel Leal 12:48
It was so kind of imagine like what Santa Claus looks like with his beard.

Russ Johns 12:53

Gabriel Leal 12:54
that's what he did on the other side as well during Christmas time was Santa. So he had, it's Huge, long, thick, lush beard. And then he contracted cancer. And he had to go through the radiation and you know what that does? Oh my gosh, it was so shocking to see him.

Russ Johns 13:20

Gabriel Leal 13:21
Without facial hair. You feel like you've been robbed or something. Yeah.

Russ Johns 13:30
No kidding. No kidding.

Gabriel Leal 13:32
That's a whole different thing about it. But that's again, it was just a fun thing to do to go say no, I'm going to try it out. I can always go back.

Russ Johns 13:39
Yeah, you can always go back. It's nice. It's nice. You got a you got a couple months to chill out and everything else goes along with it.

Gabriel Leal 13:49
Well, you know about the heat. So that's why part of that was like maybe I'd made the right decision because again you're it gets hot in Arizona, right. It gets hot here. where I'm at Texas So literally, Texas gets warm. It gets a little bit up down in Houston

Russ Johns 14:07

Gabriel Leal 14:09
It gets a little bit warm and then on top of that, what kills it is the humidity on top of it. Or just it just feels insanely like walking into a sauna every day.

Russ Johns 14:19

Gabriel Leal 14:20
Oh God, do I really want hair. I really wanna sweat on here.

Russ Johns 14:25
Do I want hair? the time being Gabriel. I am going to keep my beard. I'm going to maintain it so far. And I'm just gonna continue to go. The worst experience I had a I had kind of a nice handlebar going. And I went in and I asked them to trim my mustache across my lip

Gabriel Leal 14:46
oh my god.

Russ Johns 14:48
I didn't request that however, I guess I'll go with it. So it's okay.

Gabriel Leal 14:57
Have you ever let me ask you this. Have you ever gotten caught Anything like, for example, like putting on a button shirt or something?

Russ Johns 15:08
No, however, I have had, like, one beard hair in my mouth. While I'm eating.

Gabriel Leal 15:24
You start thinking, oh man, there's a hair my food.

Russ Johns 15:28
My hair.

Unknown Speaker 15:30
You pull it out and your like Oh gosh. I've had that as well. Were you sitting there? That's not what is that?

Russ Johns 15:39
Yeah, yeah.

Gabriel Leal 15:41
You go that's my own, frickin hair. That's part of it. It's part of this life. It's like, it's fun thing and that's what we're talking about right adjustments of life and how we've had everybody's had to kind of make some a joke. I mean, everybody that I know. I mean, he was for us? Here's been the wonderful part about it. Russ, live live streaming. And video has become such a huge a huge thing to start seeing explode.

Russ Johns 16:15

Gabriel Leal 16:16
I don't think it would have got to this level as quickly as it did. If something like this could not happen.

Russ Johns 16:29
I started this before we both started doing this

Gabriel Leal 16:32
before but what here's what I what I mean is, is so many different things have been added to or have been opened up because there's

Russ Johns 16:43
against the ability and the opportunity for people to connect.

Gabriel Leal 16:48
Yes, definitely

Russ Johns 16:50
They have the time and they're looking for the connection, right? I mean, realistically, if you're not going to the office and you're not receiving kind of interaction. After a while, you get kind of stir crazy and saying like, It's like Mike was saying, I'm talking to my three year old, it's like there has to be something in your life that is going to continue to connect and continue the conversation with with people that you are willing to have a conversation with and live streaming allows that to take place and and I admire the fact that you do an hour that allows the conversation to develop a little further.

A lot of what I do is I get in you know, we have a great time have a great conversation. Hopefully it's valuable for the community brings a little you know, kindness and warmth to the to the day and sets people off on a positive direction. That's my intention. So hopefully that works. It's like Russ hedge here says Good morning, Russ. Thanks for always delivering such great guests with great information.

Gabriel Leal 18:00

Russ Johns 18:02
it's appreciated.

Gabriel Leal 18:03

Russ Johns 18:05
Then, Howard here, do you both think people have adjusted to the new normal, and they're more optimistic or pessimistic about the rest of the year? riff on that a little bit, because I have thoughts and I don't want to hear yours.

Gabriel Leal 18:21
Well, I think a lot of people are a little bit more. I think people are a little bit more optimistic now because they've come. We've had time to adjust. Right? When in the first few months, everybody was a little bit more on edge. Information were still scarce. I think a lot of things were still formulating as we were having these kind of conversations and that sort of thing. I think people now have, again, adjusted to it so people know how to now remotely work.

Were at the beginning of this thing. It was For a lot of people, a lot of people had to learn how to operate. Zoom. A lot of people had to learn what a streaming camera was people had to learn how to connect audio, all the things that they weren't used to doing, it probably wouldn't have had the probably wouldn't have had to mess with.

Russ Johns 19:15

Gabriel Leal 19:15
Now they've had to go out there and learn how to do it. So people were more adjusted, people learning a little bit more skills. So as we go along, people are getting more open to Hey, this is the reality that we live in right now. So I think every new advancement or every little thing that happens, I think people are a little bit more optimistic about where we're heading where we're going, even though it's uncomfortable, and when in times of uncertainty.

I mean, we still have a, here's the here's the biggest thing about all this, I've told you, we still have an election this year. So these are usually just big years anyway because you're choosing who's gonna run the country for the next four years, but now you're doing it in this in this time, of of Trying to figure out life in this, what we what we call the new normal. even now people our schools are about to start opening up again, they're going to start doing they're doing early testing on a lot of vaccines.

Just listening to a lot of what people are saying at least there's a little bit of that glimmering shining hope that we have that hopefully, sometime within the next year, all this will just be a memory because again, they're shooting for vaccines by the end of the year. That means by me, hopefully, by this time next year we have a little bit more grip and handle what what we're dealing with in this kind of, we'll look back on this kind of as one of the huge big things We didn't.

We didn't know how to expect but we learned a lot from so it was kind of like a big thing going forward when people started talking about, for example, back in 1999, when 2000 was coming y2k,

Russ Johns 21:13
Everybody was really freaking freaking out.

Gabriel Leal 21:16
Oh, what is going to happen? This is on a huge scale, of course, but again, we look back on it go, okay, it was actually not that big of a deal. So, when we look back on this, we'll see. Yes. It is a huge deal because people have lost lives, but it won't be the thing that I think what I do is it'll prepare for the next whatever comes, whatever. I think that's what it's taught a lot of people it's his perspective on Hey, I got an optimism.

Russ Johns 21:48
I think a lot of the optimism that people have right now is that, hey, I've made it this far. I can make it the rest of the way. It's I've learned How to work remotely. I've adjusted I've had my workspace reclassified to my, from my kitchen to my living room to my second bedroom or my den or the garage, or the shop. And the idea that you've already gone through the transition in the change in being resilient is really important to a lot of people. When they look back, it's not comfortable and you're looking at it face to face. It's more like I've survived this so I can survive and thrive.

Gabriel Leal 22:37

Russ Johns 22:39
I think there's a lot of fatigue. I think there's a lot of fatigue taking place where people are saying, how long is this thing gonna last? And think of it this way. Think of it this way gabe is if what happens if this lasts for another five years? I mean, is this last for another five years? The resilience and the change and everything that goes on with it? Because I mean, the Spanish flu. I mean, how long did that last? and it lasted a few years. Setting those expectations on and focusing in and around the resiliency piece, and the staying positive, and how to adjust to the change today, like it, we're going to be around for a while,

I think is the best approach that we can all take. And going cautiously, and also going out there, you know, my, I'm carrying for my mom, if she came down with COVID. I mean, that would be tragic for her. And so we we have to protect those around us. And we have to protect our environment and our work and everything that goes along with it. So I think there's a there's a certain level of resiliency that has to be Included in our lifestyle now, that didn't, didn't exist.

Gabriel Leal 24:04
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Huge. I mean that's the whole thing about it is the fact that, yI've always told people it's good to be optimistic it is. I mean, because we hang, that's what we live on if people can't have hope we're in trouble. So, but I always tell them, you also got to take things with a little bit of grain of salt whenever they tell you stuff, especially inside of the media and anything that you watch on TV, people were,

Russ Johns 24:43
I don't really know what they say and I know they're lying about the other half

Gabriel Leal 24:48
If their mouths are moving, right. There's that some semblance of truth in what they're saying and a lot of these companies That are really pushing fast to find vaccines. It's been shocking to hear like it's good to hear that they're working that fast. But it's also kind of I'm kind of wary about some of it because when I hear the experts talk about creating vaccines and doing these things most of them say it takes anywhere from the fastest they've gone from from inception to creation to testing to mass producing was four years.

Russ Johns 25:34

Gabriel Leal 25:36
That was figuring out how to how to do everything and only thing is yes, we've had a bit of a there luckily that they've had a bit of an advanced testing on something like this.

Russ Johns 25:50

Gabriel Leal 25:52
Because of what happened with SARS a couple years back,

Russ Johns 25:55

Gabriel Leal 25:56
since it is a considered at Coronavirus as well, but Still, it, they still not a permanent vaccine for it. And neither is this one here. So I tell her like, Look, if you're thinking that from something that happened in beginning of January by December, we're going to have a quote unquote, all encompassing vaccine. And I'm just very worried about that because again, you're talking about something, it's not like,

Russ Johns 26:27
are you skeptical? I hear I know that it can be done. I like to believe that it can be done and I would like to have the hope that it could be, but I'm not a huge fan of vaccines, though. And I'm not an advocate for taking additional drugs to to counteract and also I think that there's there's a there's a lot of controversy around the fact that I think Continue to hear stories about that there's other strains or modifications of the primary.

Gabriel Leal 27:09

Russ Johns 27:09
viruses out there and, and I don't know if they have enough information about this virus to know and understand to stay ahead of a vaccine or the virus, stay ahead of the vaccine, or the virus with the vaccine.

Gabriel Leal 27:24
Oh, I'm with you there as well. That's why I say people, please take it with a grain of salt, man don't. You're gonna see it. You're gonna go Oh, okay, cool. Vaccines here, everything saved. We're good, right? I don't. I'm just one of those things, man. You gotta just be cautious in doing that. Because one of the parts that's really scary is that FDA fast tracking a lot of these.

A lot of these tests because of what's going on in the, again, just as much as uncertainty that we know about the future. How are they gonna figure it out and have it have a way for us to go? He will go we just have it. The vaccine guys, it's gonna work

Russ Johns 28:10
Pirates make adjusting the sales look like norm.

Gabriel Leal 28:14
Well, we do. We do folks and but here's the thing right Russ, both of us have adjusted very well, I think both of us have kind of in our own ways have kind of taken the bull by the horns when all this took off and just see just seeing again how much we've probably grown. As people our shows our communities have grown because we've had the opportunity to people now who were very at the very beginning stuck at home, they were looking for content, they find us they go, I love the conversations, I love all this stuff here. it just has a different approach now where I think I think live streaming again has become Bigger, it accelerated the growth of live streaming.

As opposed I think it would have, I mean, it would eventually would have got to here but not to this point because of so many things. Now there's people out there now who do probably do live streams now who know what streaming content ADP is what what learning in all this stuff is here that they never would have had to, or they never would have thought to make that jump because it is what it's something that they have to deal with now. People are learning again, they get interested in learning about this stuff from zoom and learning how to do all these other things. And they start messing around with the functionalities of it.

They go this stuff is pretty cool. So there's a lot of people who've stepped out of their, their own comfort zones and are doing these sort of things now because of what has happened and what forces you in it. And I'm still hopeful that there's so much still going on now. I mean, you've kind of experienced it. Well, you were sending stuff up here, but I think it's kind of accelerated across the globe. As well what you were doing with the Pirate syndicate, because now people want to get into live streaming, they see its potential, they go, Hey,

Russ Johns 30:08
I believe that if a company is not involved in some way, shape or form of creating content, they're not, they're not participating and they're not promoting their business. In addition to that, I think one of the, the, the more effective ways and efficient ways of creating content is to create video because I mean, you see what we're doing is we're where it's at. And it's easy to take this content and then create additional content from it. turning the camera and creating content is is a great way to share your ideas, share your thoughts and what you have going on.

That's why the pirate syndicate, to me is such a passionate project is there's a lot of people out there that are still overwhelmed just by the Technology, you know, not everybody's a nerd like you and I figure it out and play with this stuff. Some of us like, ah, I don't know what to do. I don't want to know what to do. I just want to get it. I just want the results. I don't want. I don't want to deal with the process.

Gabriel Leal 31:17

Russ Johns 31:18
Okay. So it's not for everyone. However, it's there for the ones that need it.

Gabriel Leal 31:25
Again, you're you're learning about this as well. So my Yeah, you know, this is what what has becoming a buzzword here in, in the communities like what we operate in. People go What is remote producing? What does that mean?

Russ Johns 31:40

Gabriel Leal 31:43
You start seeing more and more people that's essentially us, doing what we do now, but for other people. So imagine what we do and what we create. And we go out, create it for somebody else, go out there and do any sort of things. And again, you see the results that we do But here's the magic part, here's the people, people need to understand. And this is the lesson that I've learned. And this is one of the things you first told me was, remember, you got to be consistent.

It doesn't matter how good the technology you have, it doesn't matter who you have setting stuff up for, he doesn't matter all that if you're not consistent with what you do it's gonna be even more difficult to build any kind of traction to build any kind of following to build whatever you're trying to reach. Now, be consistent with what you didn't man. That's the biggest thing I've seen out of all of this.

Russ Johns 32:36
Well, in a lot of people imagine because podcasting is so big right now. I started out in podcasting, and a lot of people imagine that they're going to start a podcast and they're going to get a sponsor and start making a lot of money. It's really, it's a long game. It's a long game and you have to be on for the ride because you get pod fade, you get people that have 7 10 12 episodes. Then they just say, Wel nobody's watching. Well, people are watching, just not 1000 or 10,000 people are watching.

It takes time to build up an audience, it takes time to build a community. It's like, you don't go to a networking group and make 1000 friends one night same thing, it's life, it's the process of life. And unless you enjoy it, unless you want to and have a goal with it it's like, it becomes work. And if it becomes work, then what's the what's the goal here? You have to have the right mindset, and you have to be consistent. You have to know that it's a long game. It's for a biggergoal. If you didn't start a year ago, and if you're just starting now and think about how you could think about where you're going to be in a year. Gabriel.

Gabriel Leal 33:55

Russ Johns 33:56
How many shows are you gonna put out in a year it's quite a few shows.

Gabriel Leal 33:59

Russ Johns 34:00
How many conversations are you gonna have any year? It's quite a few.

Gabriel Leal 34:06
I mean, even if you're even if you're only doing it, say, once a week, right? Somebody says, I commit to once a week, that's 52 conversations you can happen a year. Okay? That that is 52 ways to reach out to different people and to grow an audience and connect with so many people, um,

Russ Johns 34:26
Tell people to

Gabriel Leal 34:27

Russ Johns 34:28
if I want you to be on my show, and you're my target market, or possible perspective, do you think this show if I can say, Hey, can I sell you something? Or Would you be on my show? What answer Are you gonna respond to?

Gabriel Leal 34:44
Yeah, exactly. Right. That's essentially that's like me saying hey, do you want to just hand me your bit my business card, or would you like to have center stage in a quote unquote newspaper article or you're just writing center front, what do you want more of?

Russ Johns 35:04

Gabriel Leal 35:05
I don't want the business card, I want to be front center, I want people to see and hear. And these are the things I tell people look when you're done with this. And I can send you the video, copy up, whatever. You can slice it up, you can do whatever you want. You can embed it, you can put it on your website, you can do so many different things you can share, you can share with people say, look, I was, I was on the show, and this is what we talked about. Here you go, bam,

Russ Johns 35:26
builds authority builds visibility.

Gabriel Leal 35:30
I mean, there's people who build it all the time. That's what Anna sabinas does have her own show, but she builds authority by going on other people's shows, showing people how to do it.

Russ Johns 35:43
That's huge. There's so many ways that you can do that. And all you have to do is have a little bit of time and creativity to imagine what your business can do it, especially in this time, where we're kind of restricted on what we can do for public attractions. There's a lot of businesses that are not going to an expo, they're not being involved or engaged in a, at a conference. They're not doing a lot of things like they would normally. I just really think that it's important for us to get creative and do this.

Wendy said, Let's show it Wendy said. Henry Ford said, allegedly, if I asked people what they wanted, they'd ask for more horses. I think the table was they would want faster horses. That's like, it's one of those things that we have started weekly lives in my business private Facebook group for the five psychotherapists.

Gabriel Leal 36:42

Russ Johns 36:43
Your show inspires me to do it and to understand it's okay to have technical issues. It is absolutely okay. And so we know we can adapt things we didn't think were possible.

Gabriel Leal 36:57

Russ Johns 36:57
Absolutely. At this point It's not the new normal, it's just normal. I think more than that, I think we just have to appreciate every day. Wake up with gratitude. Appreciate the things you have right now. Stay in the moment. Don't project don't future trip. Don't, you know, anchor yourself to the past. Let it go. Learn from the lessons and take what you have and keep going. You got that great quote. Thank you for highlighting it for us. Thank you so much Wendy for being here. If and we'd be

Gabriel Leal 37:36
interested. These are such wonderful people that are sitting here. Operating dance. And again, guys, this is what this is what I mean when I say this is what grows your community. All these people here,

Russ Johns 37:52
Should I block this guy?

Gabriel Leal 37:54
Yeah, I should block him I don't think who he is. Look at the face, that kind of So, yeah, but here's the thing, right? building that community and having all these people. These are real people, you out of all these people that have had on here, I've had conversations with each you develop, you develop more than just acquaintances and people that you connect with some of these people you build really strong relationships with.

Russ Johns 38:25

Gabriel Leal 38:25
So much so that they become friends. I mean, we literally can have coffee

Russ Johns 38:29
with you. I don't think we're not we're not selling anything on the show. It's not It's not like GPS. We're selling Hey, like, you take my cup, but you don't have to buy my cup.

Gabriel Leal 38:44
Or you could buy shirt right?

Russ Johns 38:46
Yeah, kindness is cool. That's awesome. That is fantastic. I really appreciate the fact that you brought that the program today. So that makes my day, man What it's like okay party over I'm done.

Gabriel Leal 39:03
That's how you support people who do these shows. Okay? Go to their websites go to their stores go buy these things too so I don't have to sit here and push products and stuff like that to try to make this happen. But hey I do have merch you want a coffee mug? Cool. You gotta check it out. I got a hat Cisco. Ne t so this support people I mean it's here's another one. Check it out windy. Right? Remember that? You go to your friends and family do any sort of thing. So yes,

Russ Johns 39:33
probably chill lm exert with the kite.

Gabriel Leal 39:37

Russ Johns 39:38
Decided to be kind act and everything. But here's the thing gave is that we it takes a lot of time and effort to set this up to get it all established and put together and in place and everything else. And there are a lot of people that do appreciate it. They do understand and you know they identify with the goals. And the mission and the process. They just don't. They just and they are supportive. There's so many people that are supportive. And I just think it's, it's a gift to the world that we can share other people and highlight what they're doing. And I love highlighting people like yourself and others that I bring to the pirate syndicate in the pirate broadcast.

Gabriel Leal 40:23
Yeah, that's if there's a product that we push. That's what we push. It's the people. That's our product.

Russ Johns 40:30

Gabriel Leal 40:31
That's what we really do is just highlight those people and have those people on and have the bring their stories to life and go out there. And again, you see what starts happening. They start filming, they start building communities, they go out there and start doing things and it all comes back in full circle some point. So yes, um, I think if that's one thing people say, What do you have to sell? I sell you. So if you can come on here and talk. Awesome. I'll fly

Russ Johns 41:02
Wendy's gonna come down and hang out with me next Tuesday. So, oh, I'm looking forward to that. That is someone that does a layover in an airport so she can hang out with me. That's what it's all about, folks. It's it's about this whole process. Well, Gabriel, I know that you got a busy day relaxing today and I want to make sure you have an opportunity to kick back and and you know, work in the studio and create some amazing things. Maybe update your, your profile picture.

Gabriel Leal 41:37
Yeah. I got to work on now, folks. So that is true. Take care of that.

Russ Johns 41:43
This. It's so much fun. And everyone, everyone that joined us today. I know there's a lot of people that I didn't get a chance to bring to the table. And thank you so much all the gratitude in the world view being here. And as always kindness is cool. smiles are free. And our goal is to make you enjoy your day.

Gabriel Leal 42:06

Russ Johns 42:08
So thank you, Gabriel. I'll be right back.

Gabriel Leal 42:12

Russ Johns 42:14
Thank you for joining the pirate broadcast. If you found this content valuable, please like, comment and share it across your social media channels. I would love the opportunity to help others grow in their business. The pirate syndicate is a platform where you show up we produce the show. It's that easy. If you want to be seen, be heard and be talked about. Join the pirate syndicate today.

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