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Russ Johns 0:27
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community where #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And let's get this party started.

What a morning, what a morning.

Sharon Hess 0:53
I can't hear you.

Russ Johns 0:57
Were having technical challenges this morning and Sharon is saying she can't hear us. So I will produce a dialog till she gets it on her side and

Sharon Hess 1:00
I can't hear you.

Russ Johns 1:11
Oh, no, you'll have to check the settings. Okay. As with most technology, you know, it's like, you got to go with the flow. You can't get upset over it. You know, sometimes it's, it's all ones and zeros really, when you look at a computer, software, everything like that.

Sharon Hess 1:35
I can't hear you

Russ Johns 1:35
Can you hear me?

We had a challenging time getting in. And so I'm not sure what, let's say. I'm not sure what he's able to do. But I've known Sharon for a number of years and I wanted to get her on and talk about some of the things that she has going on in her community and in her life

Fascinating and also, you know, let's find out what you got going on in your life. So if you're in the room and you're talking in your comments, let me see if the comments are here.

Kathy Spooner, so Good morning. Thank you so much for being here. I love that you join us on the pirate broadcast and you know the pirate broadcast is interesting people doing interesting things. First, quite a few people that qualify for that. No, that's

Sharon Hess 2:30
Oh, okay. Oh, I just saw it. Where did it go?

Russ Johns 2:34
She just saw it, suspense is building suspense is building. It's one of those things.

And we do these. I do these just off the cuff. I mean, there's no dress rehearsal for these

Sharon Hess 2:54
OK I know that you can hear me because I see the mic working, but I couldn't hear you can't hear you.

Russ Johns 3:00
Okay, so let me see if make sure that it's not me that the problem still can't hear you. Yeah, I'm here. You can hear me. Kathy, you can hear me correct. Hey, Howard. Good morning. How are you doing? Thank you so much for joining us.

Sharon Hess 3:21
I'm gonna go grab my husband since this is his computer, and we'll try that I'm so sorry. But I'll be right back.

Russ Johns 3:29
All right. So we're working through technical challenges, Sharon's working through challenges. I'm here. You can actually join in if you have any questions. Hey, Gabriel. You know how technical challenges can kind of challenges. Then devices not connected now. Okay, so Sharon went away. You know, it's funny because this happens on occasion and with live streaming, you never know what's going to take place because it's just the nature of what's taking place in live. You know, this is life. This is what life is all about. So it's it's one of those things that you Hey Byron, Byron's in the room. I just want to find out where What are you guys really interested in learning more about is there is there a subject whether it be marketing, media content creation, live streaming? Is it is it going to be? Is it gonna be about health and fitness? Yeah, it's gonna be bad about can you hear me?

Sharon Hess 4:53
I can hear you. Can you hear me?

Russ Johns 4:55
You can hear me what was the challenge,

Sharon Hess 5:01
Harry had to come set it. I had to go get Harry's computer, and he knew where to set that he had the volume down. I don't know anything as well that ends well. Right.

Russ Johns 5:12
Exactly, exactly. Well Karen, how are you today?

Sharon Hess 5:16
I'm pretty good. I began with some technical issues but you know, hey, it is what it is.

Russ Johns 5:22
Well that's okay. You're pretty savvy on the technology side so it's you know, it's unusual to have a challenge like this because stream yard is very simple.

Sharon Hess 5:34
Oh Yeah

Russ Johns 5:36
There are a lot of there are a lot of nuances that we just have to work around and I appreciate the fact that you're you didn't give up and you didn't leave and you all frustrated and everything in

Sharon Hess 5:45
I tried to keep my head. Yes well Harry was reading the newspaper and I'm like, give me your computer.

Russ Johns 5:56
It's like Sharon at had her computer. For some reason, she wouldn't let her in. So we may have to troubleshoot that later on Sharon, see what you know,

Sharon Hess 6:07
I'm always I'm always game to help. And then she tried her eye pad and couldn't get that quite work and so she grabbed Harry's computer her husbands and tenacity, tenacity, I say, that's what I say. So, you know, it's funny Sharon because it's, it's a kind of a reflection of life, you know, we get beat down or something happens or something disrupts our schedule or you know, and I was thinking about this yesterday, and I want to kind of get your take on it because Have you ever had an opportunity where you know, you're trying to get one thing completed, you're almost completed and then something happens in either with a computer or with you know, something goes out or a light goes out or You know, you lose power or something interrupts it so the last 5% of your project, just, it takes you seems like forever to get it done. And you just have to work your way around it. That's, that's kind of how entrepreneurs work. You know, you got to figure out your way around it, right?

We have to be a ninja

Russ Johns 7:20
Yeah a ninja. A Technology Ninja

Sharon Hess 7:25
when I was when I was younger, and things like that would have upset me and I would have been just devastated. And you know, but it's like, it's not what happens is how you respond to it. Right? Yeah. And then also know that sometimes there's resistance behind what we're doing. And so we're resisting right, but stepping up or stepping into something, however, sometimes it's just, you know, like, what is it Troy, that says some Times of cigars just a cigar. So, so, yeah, so it's so you know, it's like I try not to let things ruffle my feathers. And the interesting thing is though, if something does ruffle my feathers, then I know like, I know, like, I know it's something that I need to pay attention to. In other words, that means for me that it's something

Russ Johns 8:23
Yeah, exactly. He says to giggle the handle Oops, that only works in Plumbing.

Sharon Hess 8:29
You know, something, you know, it's interesting. You said that though, because, you know, my, my way of fixing things a lot of times is turn it off and turn it back on. However, with the computer, I have so much stuff on my computer right now. If I was to reboot it, it would take like 15 minutes. Oh, no, I didn't want to waste all that time.

Russ Johns 8:50
And Gabriel says, hopefully I won't have that problem tomorrow. Because Gabriel is going to be on the show tomorrow. And that'll be a great show. That'd be a great episode because Gabriel does the same thing, Sharon at night. A lot of times, he's done over 100 episodes five days a week at night. Nice. Yeah.

Sharon Hess 9:11
So he's not gonna have me as a guest, cause I never get on.

Russ Johns 9:17
Good evening from Egypt. You know, the pirate community is global. And I just I just think it's amazing. So, an Arcot from India. Nameste. Hi, pirates. Hey, Ross. Hey, Sharon. Thank you so much. I love the top hat there. Arcot I love it. So I like ninja. Yeah, Islam says I liked it. Wendy says Good morning pirates. Andrew jiggling the handle is my only tech skill.

Sharon Hess 9:49
Just turn it off and turn it back on. You know. Years ago I remember I worked in office and it had they had a really elaborate copying machine. And so when ever something happened to it that I couldn't figure it out, I just turn it off and turn it back on. And, hey, it worked.

Russ Johns 10:09
It worked, so Sharon, you and I have known each other for a while. And you know, we've gone through our journey and you've launched a couple of projects and, you know, we've had a lot of fun together. And it's it's one of these things that it's just kind of evolved. Oh, it's like, even if we're not doing anything, we're still I love the fact that you reach out and you say, hey, checking in once in a while. It's all about relationships, and you're such a relationship person that I kind of wanted to touch base on that. And just,

Sharon Hess 10:44
It's been interesting, and I am glad you brought that up because with the pandemic. It's been interesting because I'm such an extrovert and I love being around people. I love being with people. And of course, I can't do that right now. And it's so it has been so you know, I've used them for a couple of years, because when I did, soul story readings, I would record them on zoom, because then that way people hadn't even had to go back and listen to, right. So I've used it for a couple of years. But right now, it's so important for us to have this kind of connection, right? Because we can't have you can't have the physical which is best because there's more energy involved when you're, you know, physically, you know, together. But this is better than nothing in the sense that don't be an island and don't just feel like you have no one or nothing to support you and to help you, you know, reach out. I've had people do zoom calls with me who'd never used them before, and just thought it was this big mystery. And it's not, right.

Russ Johns 11:56
You think about the audience though, and there's a lot of people We live in a digital world. For the most part. So if you're not familiar with it, and you've never used it, it, it is a big mystery at times.

Sharon Hess 12:10
Right? Right. It seems like something, you know, really bizarre but it's it's so but you know, I think the first one I ever used the first one to come out with goto meeting. Does that sound about right because that was many years ago that was back in. Oh, gosh, like the early like thinking 2005, that, you know, that goto meeting was the the only I think the maybe the only game in town. There's so many now that you can choose from. But yeah, so relationships. It's interesting. You said that I've been paying attention lately to social media and It surprises me. Like on LinkedIn, I don't just accept everybody without going I'm looking at their profile. And then if I feel like there's something that connects the two of us, I will send an email. And you know, comment on it mentioned, Hey, would you like a phone call that kind of thing? And I would say maybe 20% of the people respond. It just amazes me. And I think it's because of that. I'm going to go back to my old life to be a sales manager, right? And, y'all Well, it's it's a numbers game. It's a numbers game. Well, it's not a numbers game. Because the quality of your contacts is way more important than the number way more important.

Russ Johns 13:39
Yeah. Well, that's, and that's, you know, part of the reason that I wanted to develop a community records. I mean, if you have you know, Kevin Kelley has, you know, the he wrote this article years ago, and it's 1000 true fans and he was basically hypothesizing the fact that if you have 1000 true fans that want your product every time you put something out and enjoys and appreciates what you do, then you have an opportunity to actually cultivate and nurture that thousand true fans into a very reasonable accommodating business. And that's, I think the case with anybody, because, you know, you have, you have a deep relationship with a lot of people. However, you can't have, it's impossible to have a deep relationship with 100,000 people. Right?

Sharon Hess 14:38

Russ Johns 14:39
You know, it's, it's, it changes the dynamic of what you can actually have conversations around.

Sharon Hess 14:44
The is the difference you know, that's a good point because a lot of times people what I see with clients, a lot of times they'll back away from stepping up and stepping out because they fear losing that right there is a there's a, I just saw the comment so I lost my train of thought, she says that Russ' laugh makes me smile every time I like, what's not to love about Russ' laugh, right? But so there's a so there is that fear that you'll become so big. So out of touch with the people you're actually trying to serve. You know, the people that most people that I work with have some kind of spiritual practice and they're really all about, you know, being of service. So they fear losing that contact. However, there are ways that you can work around that. And you should never hold yourself back from from giving too many, if that's what your your part of the equation is, that you'll lose that connectivity because there's always ways that you can maintain the connectivity on the level that you want to

Russ Johns 16:02
Yeah, I have to I have to agree with that. Because even though, you know, we broadcast over 200 shows, with the Pirate broadcasts. So that's, that's at least, you know, a few guests, right. And some guests I'm very connected with I'm on a regular basis, I'm reaching out to them, you know, we're having conversations online. And then other guests that come and go, and I never hear from them again. And I, you know, I'll reach out and send them an email and sometimes it doesn't get opened and it's, you know, and it's like, Okay, well, I don't know if I, if I have it. If maybe it's not meant to be or maybe I haven't made an effort or you know, some reason you just don't connect with some people.

Sharon Hess 16:52
Well, it's not necessarily on your end, though, because a lot of times we beat ourselves up it's funny, you said just thought about something and it's sad. Actually a family member that I have, and we've never had a close relationship. And I've tried and tried and tried. And for the longest time, I thought, you know what the hell's wrong? You know, what is what's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? They did that. And then I realized it has nothing to do with me. How do you react to another person says everything about you and nothing about them and how somebody reacts to you says everything about them, and nothing about you. But we get so focused on this wanting to be loved and liked and, you know, we want people to like us and so we kind of wrap our own self worth into other people's opinions of us.

Russ Johns 17:41
Yeah. I think that's a dangerous path to take.

Sharon Hess 17:45
But but it's a human. It's human nature. It really nature.

Russ Johns 17:50
It's a default. You know, everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be needed. Everybody wants to be appreciated. I mean, it's it's not go It goes without saying that At some point in time, we want to be needed. Right?

Sharon Hess 18:04
Exactly. But I think the world teaches us that. Hey, just came into my mind when you were saying that was, you know, in school, we're taught to compete. And that in order to get the attention, you have to be the best, right? So the world teaches us to compete with one another. And early on when I first started doing my own business, I heard the saying about, you know, you're not in competition with anyone but yourself. But it's really hard in business to, to maintain that mindset. Because in business, we do compare ourselves to other people. It's like, well, they're doing this when they're not being successful. However, you don't really know if they're being successful or not, you know, the first thing I did In business was when I did my own business where I caught myself intuitive money healer. And that's I use my intuition to really help people with their money issues and so so I really dug in a lot to money mindset, right? And I discovered there were people who look like they are so successful. And it's like, oh my god, I want to be like them and I want to do a business like them that could not even afford to do a one off session with me. You know, so it's all it's a it's an illusion, you know, and we in their specialty and social media has its own specialty illusions, right?

Russ Johns 19:37
Yeah. Yeah. It's like we only want the best parts of us to be seen.

Sharon Hess 19:43
And nothing wrong with that because it makes you feel good about yourself and you know, it lifts you up then fine. So be it but never, I guess what he was saying here. Don't try and fool yourself.

Russ Johns 19:57
Yeah, well, you're the only person you can't lie to. Right?

Sharon Hess 20:02
We can but not for long because it will come up and bite you in the butt. Right?

Russ Johns 20:08
Yeah. Well, it's, it's funny because, you know, talking about illusions and everything is like I was talking to Wendy earlier in the in the room, you know, Wendy Weiner Runge. And we were talking about the process of making a movie. And once you know, once you've gone through the process of making a movie and shooting a movie and all of the the start to finish. And you know how the sausage is made? It kind of loses its illusion. It's like, okay, it's like that's it's not exactly what I had imagined, you know. And so life is is kind of that way because we have this idea of what it should be and how it could be and how we feel we fit into the equation. And it's not always it's not always way sometimes we have to venture out and break out of our own mindset to reach our own goals, and expand our ideas in what thinking big actually means and what our own limitations are.

Sharon Hess 21:14
Yeah, I was thinking this morning I was thinking about when I was talking with you one of the points that I wanted to make and one of the points that I want to make is that so I've done different things in my business and only because is, as you expand and grow the way you do things should expand and grow. Now, what that means is that if you believe, you know, doesn't matter if you do or not, but that we come in with a purpose, and there's something that's our, well, everybody pretty much believes they have some sort of genius, right? That we all have something that we're really good at and that we really enjoy and that we really can bring to this world, right? That never changes. However, the way that you express it has to change might extend has to change because as you expand and grow But if it doesn't change, then you're not expanding and growing. Yeah. You know, and I know you and I are in the same age range. So we've been around the block

Russ Johns 22:21

Sharon Hess 22:25
it's the underlying your foundation doesn't change. No. But you know, like, I live in an older house and I'm constantly changing and rearranging and redoing things, you know, you've got to keep it fresh.

Russ Johns 22:39
Yeah. Well, and I think that goes with education as well. You know, learn a new skill, learn learn a new craft, even if it serves no purpose except to bring you joy.

Sharon Hess 22:52
Exactly. You know how to always say the day I don't learn something the day I don't wake up.

Russ Johns 22:57
Yeah, no kidding. No kidding. And right now, I want to give out a friend of yours and mine. Kenyatta Turner.

Sharon Hess 23:06
Yeah. Sharon here.

Russ Johns 23:09
Michelle in from Colorado. Thank you so much, Michelle for being here. She's a firecracker. She's awesome. And Arcot has been fixing up computers from the days we had black screen and if anyone needs anything like a normal tipper, just ping me I'm happy to resolve it for you. Senior tech for ages now happy to help with pirates call it swathology. That's awesome. That is awesome. I want to also Gabriel here saying hi to the you know, that's the beauty of the pirate syndicate in the pirate broadcasting community is that, that we have all of these people that are connected with each other. Wendy says we might wonder how other people make their sausage, curiosity and powers growth right Amy? Yes, yes. So and then Kathy says so true about mindset and business owners small business for 14 years, made lots of business mistakes and good business model. So much in the small business world changed during that time. I've learned a lot that will now help me in my next business adventure. Lots of great info on your show. Well, thank you so much, Kathy. And it's and it's people like it's people like yourself, people like to everybody in the community. Sharon here, you know, we we love the fact that we can bring interesting perspectives to the table

Sharon Hess 24:39
Can I address one thing what can I address one thing that Kathy said, Kathy, right, the last thing there, there really are no mistakes, right? A mistake is just a matter of perception. Because I teach there's a gift in everything. And every you know, I've done a ton of things that don't work or didn't work or, you know, whatever. And I used to really beat up on myself and judge myself for it. But I learned that there's a gift within every single thing, right? Everything is always working towards our growth. Yeah, that's what we're here for.

Russ Johns 25:16
Right? I mean, what did I learn from this lesson? Because a lesson is a lesson, right? Good or bad.

Sharon Hess 25:24
Right? It's all about what Abraham Hicks It's all about it might be for contrast, you know, like, you might experience something to go. I don't want that. I don't want that in my experience. Right?

Russ Johns 25:36
Yeah. Well,

Sharon Hess 25:37
Then we go what the hell was I thinking thing?

Russ Johns 25:44
Like you said I think like you said, Sharon, too, and I want you to speak on this a little bit because, you know, after a few years of life, you get to the point where if it's, if it's not a hell yes, it's like it's a hell no It's like, I don't necessarily, that's not for me. I don't want to do that, you know, it's like, there's certain things in my life I just, I've had an experience and it's like, yeah, I tried that. Not what I want to do.

Sharon Hess 26:12
I say, Been there, done that got the T shirt, burned the sucker.

Russ Johns 26:19
That's long since gone.

Sharon Hess 26:23
But you know, it might show up in a different package that's what I've discovered, you know, it's like, you might think that you experience something you don't want and then it shows up in a different package. And it's just, you know, it's just, it's truly truly a matter of knowing yourself and understanding yourself. Because we all have this individuality. We all have skills, we all have likes, we all have dislikes. We don't all want the same things. We don't all like the same things. And you know, that's perfectly fine. That's what I always say two people can have opposing opinions and both be right. Because it's what's right for you. My way I explained that is I have a friend she loves loves loves to weed her garden pulling out pulling those weeds is like it's like meditation for her and she feels like yet like she's really accomplished something give me a root canal before you make me go outside in a weed you know, but then there's things that I love and enjoy doing that she doesn't. Neither of us are right and neither of us are wrong. It's just what is right for us. And when we start looking at ourselves and learning about ourselves and honoring ourselves and who we are that's when it feels okay. That's that's another thing and Russ I know you're really good at this as you know yourself. You understand yourself you you get who Russ is. Yeah, I

Russ Johns 27:55
Russ still gets me in trouble now. And then, it's usually around it's usually around getting excited Well, I usually get excited about different things, you know, I was talking to in fact, I was talking to Kenyatta on a call the other day and we're talking about the book called Big Magic. And the concept of Big Magic is that ideas, ideas are out there. Inspiration is out there, and everything comes and goes. And it it almost, if you if it lands on you, and you don't take action, they'll go someplace else,

Sharon Hess 28:34
You know, and when I read that book, and I read that part in the book, it made me think about Joe Vitale. I saw one time he was talking he actually said, he said, when an idea comes to you, that means it's in the universe. And if you're not the one who makes money on it is the one who takes action on it. You know, there's so many things that are like this is a great little teaching moment. I can use thought and action. So there's particularly for entrepreneurs, it's like we have all these great ideas and who this would be really cool. That would be really cool. Let's do this. So if you think about it, like if you think about, we're going to talk about energy for a minute and the law of attraction. So if you have a thought, okay, so you have a thought, oh, that would be really cool. That's something we should do. Let's just say this is the ball. And then you should go over here to the action part, and you take action on it, you keep your thoughts and your action in the same, the same level of energy, right? But if you have a thought, and you don't take action on it, then it that gets bigger, and then you have another thought, and you don't take action. You're just going to draw more thought to yourself, and then you don't take action and then you draw more thought, and before you know it, that's all you're doing is thinking up fun things that you could possibly do that you never do anything with. So it's important that we keep our thoughts and our action aligned.

Russ Johns 29:59
That's what that called it. the couch chop your murder entrepreneur, the way the couch entrepreneur?

Sharon Hess 30:05
Oh yeah, of course,

Russ Johns 30:06
I'll think about it from the couch.

Sharon Hess 30:08
I'll never forget I had a guy who worked for me I ran a print and mail business and he sat they came in there with me to sit down and I and we were talking about what is it you really want to do? He goes, I just want somebody to pay me to sit and think that you let me know.

Russ Johns 30:25
Let me know about that.

Sharon Hess 30:28
You have a gazillion other people right?

Russ Johns 30:31
Yeah. Yeah, I just want to think about stuff. I don't want to do anything.

Sharon Hess 30:35
I just want to think about stuff. You know.

Russ Johns 30:38
This is fantastic. So what projects are you focused? What are you thinking about right now? What are you thinking? What do you want to start right now.

Sharon Hess 30:45
Well I found it miracle to my mastery. And what that is is I okay, so you know, I in my everything in hands and my astrology and my you know, any of the land of woo stuff. I am always interested because I'm a spiritual teacher, right? And I've studied and taught a course in miracles since 1991. And so I always had that that's my foundation, my spiritual Foundation, but always kept thinking, Well, I'm not just a spiritual teacher, right? Because I've also created million dollar businesses, right? So I always had this and you know this because you know me. so am I a spiritual teacher? Or am I business coach? Am I spiritual, do I teach spiritual stuff? Or do I teach business stuff, right? And so I always had this struggle between I knew the two were connected. And I kind of went ahead and my idea about it, but recently, I had this amazing realization that Okay, so your miracle mind is actually when you know that space in the middle where you bring both of you on board your spiritual self, your Universal Mind, and your individual mind, which is who you are. And you they need in the middle and that beautiful, perfect space where all of you is on board. Yeah. So that's that was my huge Aha. And it was just, it was just so amazing to me to finally have that firm understanding of what it is and how you create what you want in this world.

Russ Johns 32:18
Well, I think it's important more now than any other time. And I think there's a lot of people that are looking and searching for meaning, and understanding and how their energy is being used, where they're placing their energy, and where are they placing, you know, what am I interested in doing? You know, it's like, I'm a remote worker now where I used to have to go to the office. And now you have to kind of shift your thinking and your understanding about what it means to be an employee in a different in a different arena, so to speak.

Sharon Hess 32:54
Right? I think we it redefined what matters? Yeah, we had to all really sit back and look at you know, for me, it was easy because I've worked in my, and my home office, and I've worked in it for, you know, since 2008. So, so it wasn't that hard for me to adjust to working from home so I had to stop and think. So when I first started working from home, what did I have to do? Well, I had to define my space, in other words, so that I knew how to cut it off, bring it back, you know that thing? And it's and that's, that's the first thing you have to do is, is figure out exactly how you cannot be totally in your office and doing your work. 24 seven, because that's not good for you, but then also to where you're not distracted when you need to be focused on the work that is at hand, you know, so so that's probably the biggest challenge I think people have had that weren't used to working at home, I don't know if you agree with that,

Russ Johns 34:03
I don't disagree or agree, either way. The thing that comes to mind though is his parents that have kids in there family and everything else at the same time. Because you know, multitasking and task shifting drains your energy already. So it's one of those things that and we're going through a lot so I just encourage everybody to go out, find an outlet that you can, you know, kind of burn some steam off so to speak, and get settled, you know, get kind of get centered in what you're doing whether meditation exercise or you know, going for a walk or shifting. You know, getting away

Sharon Hess 34:53
Now in Arizona when it's 116. You can't go for a walk, but I thank God every day for my pool

Yeah, no kidding. I want to give a shout out to some of these people that have joined the room this video Oh Olivia is here she says A mistake is a matter of perception and there's a gift in everything. Olivia. I teach it I live it. Yeah, ale is an acronym for first or 503rd attempt in learning. Yes, absolutely. So Kenyatta Big Magic. She says I love the land of woo and Angie says A Course in Miracles. ?, Olivia. I'm interested in corporate miracles. You probably have something right there, don't you Sharon? Yeah, just gotta grab it.

Russ Johns 35:56
Olivia, Do you remember the Sound of music that song? Miracles. Do you remember that song. Yes, leaving the space where you work is so important. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. A course in miracles Yeah.

Sharon Hess 36:13
So it's, it's an actual interested in me explaining what it is because it's actually a metaphysical spiritual psychotherapy. And that just just PM me, and I'll be happy to just have a quick phone call explain to you what it is.

Russ Johns 36:28
So that brings up another item. Sharon, how do people get ahold of you? So now if you're not connected, Sharon, she doesn't connect with everyone. So if you tell her, if you write her messages if you write her a message and say, I'm a pirate, I would love to connect I saw you on the pirate broadcast or something along those lines. I'm sure that she would like to investigate you further.

Sharon Hess 36:55
So Exactly. And you can also if you want to, if you're interested in chatting with me just shoot me an email at Or, you know, wherever you're seeing this, you know, I haven't I have a presence. So, yeah.

Russ Johns 37:18
Well I know, I know we have busy days and everything's going on and I just wanted to thank you for being on the show, Sharon and thank you for everyone in the audience. I have all the appreciation in the world for you and what you do. And thank you so much, and Sharon. I'm sure we'll see each other again at some point in time when things change shifting around and things happen.

Sharon Hess 37:47
Until then, I said we should do jazz hands

Russ Johns 37:50
Jazz hands, Well, thank you so much for being here, everyone. I love the pirate community. I love the inneraction I love the connection in the communication in the in the chats and the windows. If you're not connected to each other, continue to connect with each other. start the conversation, don't isolate, don't stay at home, and know that you have an opportunity to do bigger, better, more amazing things in your life than you ever imagined. So don't be afraid of trying new a few new things and going out there and, and chasing some dreams, right? And all as always #kindnessiscool #smilesarefree. And you #enjoytheday. Thank you, Sharon. Appreciate it. Love you. Thank you for joining the pirate broadcast. If you found this content valuable, please like, comment and share it across your social media channels. I would love the opportunity to help others grow in their business. The Pirate Syndicate is a platform where you show up, we produce the show. It's that easy. If you want to be seen be heard and be talked about, join the Pirate Syndicate today.

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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