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Russ Johns 0:03
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's another beautiful day for a #piratebroadcast. #Interestingpeople doing #interestingthings and what I love about it is the community. It's interesting because we find out we have connections and we pull thread and we know somebody else, or we meet somebody in #thepiratecommunity to join in. Make some comments, meet some people make some connections, and today we have coach K herb, are you in the house today? How you doing man?

Herb Kieklak 0:53
Hey, Russ. I'm doing good. I'm in the house, I would say on the boat. If we're being Pirates. Yeah

Russ Johns 1:03
It's fantastic. I appreciate you being here. We had a missed opportunity and apparently, the missed opportunity for us connecting, you actually ended up meeting somebody else. Tell us about that story because I thought it was fascinating.

Herb Kieklak 1:22
Yeah, it's actually it's kind of like when you and I were talking, like, I was at mindset. In my scrambled little brain thought that I was on your broadcast back in July. Of course, the day comes up and I'm all ready, got my hair comb, and I'm going to be on your broadcast. It was like, hey, where's the link? Where's the special notice? I tuned in figuring, like, maybe you'll tume in somehow. There's Tisha Marie Pelletier and I watched I listenedThis is pretty cool. I like what you're saying. Eventually we went on to connect on LinkedIn and create messages back and forth. So yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. Yeah. Something went whoop. Yeah.

Russ Johns 2:19
Well, that's the beauty of the pirate broadcast is there's no preconceived notion about what questions I'm going to ask. What's going to happen? There's been a few times the process to sign on I made it pretty simple. It's pretty, but sometimes your technology doesn't always finish off like we'd like it to and, but I'm glad you made it. Thank you for being here in Tisha is amazing individual. Then we also found out that we have a mutual friend Frank Madani. Frank is out there Hello, how are you doing today? give a shout out to Frank. He's part of your coaching program, as I understand it, or will be, or your same program.

Herb Kieklak 3:06
We share a coaching program to this group called seal fair, which is run by retired Navy SEAL Mark Devine.

Russ Johns 3:15

Herb Kieklak 3:16
Frank is doing the seal fit training part I was in, actually I was in seal fair. Then I took the coaching program for the mindset training. Okay, a little bit different or it's like in the same house, but they're two different rooms. That's how we kind of link up together. Yeah

Russ Johns 3:38

Herb Kieklak 3:39
Frank's a very interesting character. Very nice guy.

Russ Johns 3:43
Yeah, he's up in Seattle up in the Northwest.

Herb Kieklak 3:48
The last time we talked, he is over on the eastern side and renovating his cabins. Washington, whatever that little Canyon is over there. Right by the boader

Russ Johns 4:00

Herb Kieklak 4:01
Yeah, yes. Sounds like the perfect place to go play and hang out in a mountain. You got cold water. forest floor.

Russ Johns 4:10
It's beautiful country up there.

Herb Kieklak 4:13

Russ Johns 4:15
I used to be out on the peninsula there and have llamas and horses and raise pork and poultry and all kinds of things.

Herb Kieklak 4:27

Russ Johns 4:28
Another chapter in the book of life

Herb Kieklak 4:31
Another chapter of your life in your other life as I would say, another life.

Russ Johns 4:35
My Other line.

Herb Kieklak 4:37
Yeah. At that point, you thought living by the water and the big green trees is like, wow. Now you're in the desert. Right? It's still cool. Yeah. I mean, I think I've gone through your thing, living on sailboats. Now I've lived in the desert by Phoenix as well. Those purple mountains when it gets sunset? Yeah.

Russ Johns 5:10
It's really, uh,

It's really nice to see the diversity because before this I was in Houston with.

Herb Kieklak 5:18
Yeah, yeah

Russ Johns 5:20


Different environments, different mountains and I've lived in different parts of the country in Utah, Wyoming where the mountains are skiing. I think it ties into what something you're doing. I want to talk about a little bit his mindset. We're talking about mindset as as parents in advance of the show, and some of these things that are going on around us right now today are incredibly dependent on a positive mindset, and looking at things from a different perspective.

When you're coaching and you're assisting other people in the community How do you approach it? How do you think about it because you've had different environments, you've had different circumstances. Yalk a little bit about the mindset of being in different circumstances and surviving that or thriving through that.

Herb Kieklak 6:17
Okay, that is a huge difference there and your two little your two words thriving and surviving right now either way, either way you're gonna come out on the other side and kind of looking at like a tissues broadcast that if I was my old lifestyle, I would have looked at the Miss broadcast with you and slammed the computer walked away never talked to Russ Johns ever again. Right?

But instead with a different mindset. I made a friend with Tisha actually made friends with Frank now. I'm here talking to you having a good time. So that the same event depending on your mindset that shapes how it's going to end up.

Russ Johns 7:18

Herb Kieklak 7:18
Right. Yeah, you know that we could bring up your story of your fight with gravity.

Russ Johns 7:26
Oh, yeah. My battle with gravity.

Herb Kieklak 7:28
Yeah. Your Batte with gravity.

Russ Johns 7:30
First it was my arm. Now it's my hip. Okay. A little Older Oh.

Herb Kieklak 7:43
When Frank and I were talking about this, this mindset that the average person could have had his fight with grabbing broken arm, got laid off of work and just said like, right after, right. I'm going to take my disability check. I can go get drunk every night. And my life is terrible because I broke my arm. Right? The world, the world crippled me. Or you could take your mindset and say, yeah, this happened. Not the best thing. But now I can learn how to do something else. Then I can learn to do something else. And I can move on and move on.

Russ Johns 8:24


Herb Kieklak 8:24
Same event, but you have two different mindsets and how that plays out. Right? Completely different. One guy kind of survived and the other ones arise. How you use your mindset, each of those events determines how you're going to come out of that event. Same thing was COVID with a pandemic, right?

You could sit this at the time of like, Oh my god, oh my god. I don't know what's gonna happen. It's so scary. Anyway, You would say in the real world is like vuca there's a lot of voluntary volatility uncertainty. You never know what's going on. You know, this, Arizona. Y

Russ Johns 9:11

Herb Kieklak 9:12
I think you're tied with Florida for a number of hotspots. We're gonna go ahead Where are you more hotspot, we're gonna push

Russ Johns 9:20
We're gonna push

Herb Kieklak 9:21
We're gonna open up some bars or something.

I was just gonna say in you mentioned earlier that your previous mindset was just said hey, screw this. I'm out of here. So what triggered the change for you though but it wasn't good thing

The change was going through the camp with the unbeatable mind program with Mark divine.

Russ Johns 9:54

Herb Kieklak 9:56
Here's my famous for hopefully I have two more minutes to talk My favorite one.

Russ Johns 10:01
You got plenty of time

Herb Kieklak 10:02
Okay, I talk slow. I'm a southern boy.

Russ Johns 10:10
Keep your own pace

Herb Kieklak 10:11
It's what I call the water heater story, so I'm training for this team to go Okay, you have to go part of the camp if you go to this boot camp thing, and I was a good athlete, I'm a runner, a marathon runner. I'll run 50 miles. Do 10 push ups. Now really not my thing. I'm a runner. So I'm going navy seal. What do they do a lot to push up, pull up. All right. burpees. God loves a good burpee.

Russ Johns 10:49
Nothing like a good burpee.

Nothing like a good burpee. Aman. So I'm training and you know this as a parent. I'm training. I gotta get up in But I got a job. I've got the kids at home. I can't train during the day. And I don't want to train at night. I could. I could. I'd say Daddy's going out. You guys have dinner? Go to bed. I'll be back. I wait to then go to sleep or I did the other thing I get up at 430 in the morning to go outside to train.


Herb Kieklak 11:21
That alone was a big shift for me like thinking like way other people go before my, my shift number one. Shift number two was that day I was going out to train and we had this little patio like most houses. I saw wet and then I said Hmm, kind of odd. I opened the laundry door while I hang up the load in a bar. It's wet, all wet. Then you hear that mean with noise that little noise like something and really all the water heaters broken? So I said okay.

Do that little breath training. Go in the house, get a flashlight, look around find a little bow turn it off and then of course I don't know about you but our water our washroom has all these boxes where every human stores crap that they don't need anymore but you still keep it. Right?

Take all the boxes out to dry place, get the broom, clean it all up and then find a broom. And it's okay. Oh, hey, I took a 15 minutes workout before I have to take a shower and make breakfast for the family.

All right, good, Lord. Good. Okay. And then wife wakes up down, honey, no laundry today. The water heater is broken? Don't worry. I'll call the landlord. I'll take care of it. Okay. Okay, I thought and at that moment, my light bulb went off. My old lifestyle my old life number one, I wouldn't be up at 430.

Right? I would have said, I'm doing my crap, you guys, I don't care what happens, you know, I've got the paycheck, I'm coming home.

And number two, if I would have signed up broken water heater, there would have been a lot of bad words coming out of my mouth. Right? My landlord when I got a call at 4:30am, you know, not his day would have been ruined. Right?

I probably would have thrown a bunch of boxes, you know.

And then if I met you, your day would have been ruined, because I would have told you about the whole story and how terrible it is. Blah, blah, blah. Right. And so that's when I realized that training for this other thing carries over to your real one. Yeah, that's why this is pretty cool. Thank you. You know, like thing go so yeah so now I mean you're a real believer that mindset training even though it's technically for something bigger you can apply it to your parenting you can apply to relationships

you know all those little things you know stuff like that yeah yeah

Russ Johns 14:23
I want to give a shout out to some of the people here I don't know if you know Gabriel or not Gabriel Good morning gentlemen and fellow pirates Gabriel's on this week as well. He's gonna be on the show. He runs a made from scratch he does a show every night. I start the morning Gabriel ends the day so it's it's it's an awesome individually you can probably connect with LinkedIn is going live stream actually I got a message on stream yard that LinkedIn had disconnected and that's what I dropped off earlier. I was attempting to reconnect it. However, it's not So it's not streaming to LinkedIn. So I have no way of telling it. And so Angie, awesome is she is She said she put the Twitter link on LinkedIn. Thank you, Anthony. Appreciate that. Awesome. Thank you. And then, so Gabriel said, LinkedIn is playing live stream. Okay. And then Angie said, Aloha. So thank you for being here, Angie, appreciate that. LinkedIn dropped the link the connection for the pirate broadcast though. LinkedIn dropped the connection. So I'm trying to get I'm trying to get the word out. So as she says, nice. It's so I want to go back. I just wanted to give that announcement out in case people are watching it had failed to connect on LinkedIn. So if you're delayed or you're watching it, you know, I apologize. I'll look at it when I get off the show. Okay. So, coach, I want to I want to talk about how people can think about this transition that you went through, how they went through, you know, how you process that in your head. I mean, you experienced it, you're going, you're seeing the difference in what come is, you know, a lot of us are outcome based. And so, when you can see that kind of outcome, what is it that how do you transfer that feeling that emotion that that epiphany to other people in your coaching practice? How can you How can you change that and adjust that mindset in other people?

Herb Kieklak 16:41
Yeah, good question, Frank. So, you know, us still part of it would be is what I would say you go through this sort of minus decks, right. If you want to be a surfer, you go through certain steps of you know, learn how to paddle First you learn what to surfboard what side you'd lay on all those things. And this certain steps and to get to the mindset, you know, for Tiffany is I would say you go to these little steps and habit changes. And then like for my epiphany, you know, I could tell you that at the moment or before that story, I was not really aware that I'm having these like big changes. It's not like, you know how

Russ Johns 17:32
to walk up one day and you're two inches taller, right?

Herb Kieklak 17:35
Right. Oh, I'm levitating in midair or something, you know. And when you call like, in that movie, the angels are going, you know?

Russ Johns 17:46
So, not that way.

Herb Kieklak 17:48
Not that way, unfortunately. But these little changes, kind of just like changing your diet, getting in shape. Add up bit by bit by bit until all of a sudden one day you look in the mirror. And you say like, wow, what happened?

Russ Johns 18:09
Right? Yeah. Yeah. So you're looking back, then looking forward. I mean, you're practicing. And like I say, life is like an instrument. You have to practice it. Right. depending on what music you want to play will determine what you practice.

Herb Kieklak 18:29
Correct. Right. And so yeah, exactly. So as you practice some of these skills, and you practice them consistently day after day after day, then it becomes part of your routine and it's no longer a practice. Yeah, say like, we do these special breathing exercises that they call and in the beginning, like, yeah, you have to go sit quietly for 1015 minutes and it's almost like meditating. But now get to the point that I can like I had a incident the other day of, you know, run into somebody who's in a very bad mood and just take and Okay, God says, I can deal with it, whatever it is, it's not like, I can't like, hey, let me dash off to that phone booth and meditate for 20 minutes and I'll be back. You can start to do it on the spot. A little bit of practice. Yeah. Pretty cool.

Russ Johns 19:32
I know, in SEAL training in a lot of the military disciplines, breathing is an important part of focus. And, you know, being able to maintain a sense of calm practice and breathing. And are you familiar with Wim Hof?

Herb Kieklak 19:54
Of course, yeah. interesting character because part of training with the seals is The course ice bathng. So, you know, being a Florida boy I hated the ice bath. And then after my experience, I said, Okay, I'm not gonna let that bother me again. So I studied the Wim Hof stuff and I learned to sit in ice bath for, you know, a long time and I wouldn't say enjoy it. But come to realize that this is actually a useful tool. But Wim Hof isn't like you say a lot of breathing and it's a lot of mental. The Wim Hof is quite the character. No, but I think he's onto something.

Russ Johns 20:44
it's amazing to watch some of the results that he's had with some of the teachings and some of the classes and some of his students in his courses. And there's people that swear by it, you know, and I haven't I haven't had that experience yet. However, you know, the conversation of breathing comes up in mindset and things like that. He's the first one that came up to mind, in my mind as far as that discipline of breathing so and yeah, the answer is that's another dimension of thing.

Herb Kieklak 21:21
Yeah, that is a whole nother dimension. But you know, I've actually it was one point I remember like if I was having a really hectic day or a stressful day going to sit in an ice bath would actually be calming You know, and I know what that is cuz your breathing changes your metabolism changer. Or it would come out that ice bath, I think, Okay. Practice. So yeah, it's interesting, but the breathing part does change or actually your physiology your nervous system. You're and from what the research shows you can actually change your brain to like alpha rhythm, which is usually calmer, more creative. Yeah, that's kind of cool. More has more focus and it's so simple and you really don't have to go no monastery and sit for 20 years to be able to do it.

Russ Johns 22:24
You don't have to live in a cave for five years

Herb Kieklak 22:25
you wouldn't have to live in a cave you can do it at home.

Russ Johns 22:30
Although these days maybe living in a cave might be okay.

Herb Kieklak 22:34
Maybe not be so bad. Yeah. EOB least you'll be socially debt that and you won't have to wear your mask

Russ Johns 22:42
Wouldn't have to worry about a few things. So how do you approach the breathing part running for me? I've never. I've never I've never mastered the discipline of running. I used to ski heavily and my knees are like, not the greatest shape. And biking, I enjoy cycling more, much more than running. It is more time consuming. A friend of mine goes, I can run, I can run five miles and burn more calories than you can, you know, you can bike in the same amount of time. Right here. It's true. I said, I know what I enjoy, though, is why don't run to enjoy it. I run to stay in shape. It's like, okay, I like to enjoy it. So how do you how do you? How do you walk through that when when you're coaching clients and people that you talk to engage with? It's different people run for different reasons. And some people run because they have to right,

Herb Kieklak 23:55
Right? Yeah, you're out hiking in whatever the outback Can you all hear that grumble grumble noise? Yeah, you better start running very fast. but definitely, you know, I run it, you know, first for me it actually became my meditation. I mean, I could have something going on at work or relationship, something. I go on for a 20 mile run. And by the time I come home, it's all cleared up, flushed out. And I used to joke that if I ever become like, you know, blissfully happy I'll quit running. Because I won't need to go run anymore. Yeah, so I run I find it enjoyable. I look at running as my, my thing is biomechanics. So when I'm running, I'm actually I'm actually paying attention to what's happening with my leg, my shoulders. How is my foot sound and that's why I don't wear earbuds when I run. So it kind of like a race car driver when he's driving, he's paying attention what his car's doing. Right? And so that kind of I knew when I run, I look at it. Oh, How's it hanging on? turb? What's going on? up here? What's going on now? And so for me, and then by the time I'm done, oh, I am done already? Yeah, so I have a kind of a different approach to running than most people do.

Russ Johns 25:25
So so you get in the flow,

Herb Kieklak 25:27
Getting in the flow. Oh, yeah. And I look at running and just like a, just like a carpenter would be putting the house together, or piano player playing that song. You're just putting all those little pieces together and you've got the song. And that's kind of how I look at running. So when I teach one and I really teach it from the, pieces to biomechanics, definitely if you do these little pieces, like if you play this scale those notes those notes eventually have a song

Yeah, I guess it's a new way of thinking about it, I could be doing it wrong and creating more discomfort than necessary, right?

You could be and the old school approach is that it has to be difficult and has to be painful. And it has to be you have to go through an X amount of suffering to get to the other side. And when I really started teaching beginner runner, my focus was, if I can teach them these little tricks, they can get past that suffering. And they can get to over here where it's maybe enjoyable. Maybe they'll keep doing it. And we'll quick because you know, for most one big chunk, where it's not very enjoyable, you're sweaty, or you look terrible, you feel terrible. yeah, not very conducive, right. If we can get rid of that period and go over to here, we're not bad Yeah, you might stick to it. All right, I could I could walk up to a piano and start playing. I would more likely probably stick with it versus going out there and sounding terrible. Maybe I'll maybe I'll try another instrument.

Russ Johns 27:18
Yeah. Yeah. That's that's an interesting way of looking at it. Yeah. You know, that makes a lot of sense. So, so how do people get ahold of you? What's the best way for people to connect? I know you're on LinkedIn.

Herb Kieklak 27:32
right LinkedIn when we're usually used to be in the old days or being like your website and you hand out a business card. Nowadays, I don't think anybody hands out business cards anymore. Because now you know, you can't touch them. But yeah, I guess LinkedIn would be good. My website email works good. My guess. Ah, I mean, huge email person. I haven't, you know, I haven't learned how to Twitter. Yet, someday. Good job. Yeah.

Russ Johns 28:09
Thank you so much. This is a this is so interesting because I'm really well, a lot of the pirate broadcast talks about mindset, attitude, staying positive, you know, because I believe that #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree for a reason. You know, it's like I don't want to be a victim of my circumstance, I want to be responsible for my circumstance, I want to be able to take what I have, and do the best with what I can. And, and I think that's that's very similar attitude with what you're talking about is, you know, we're all starting at a different place in life. We're all starting at a different our journeys are all unique. So you have to realize that the value you bring to the table is that unique ability for you to get started and do something amazing. So, I appreciate the fact that you're here. And I hope that people if you're not connected, if you're not connected, get connected, reach out on LinkedIn and tell him Russ sent you. So, you know, write a note and say, hey, Coach K, Russ sent me. I'm a pirate. I know you're a pirate, too. And make connections, make those, do that outreach and let people know that you're out there and you're, you're looking for a community to improve your attitude improve, improve your perspective in life. So anything else you'd like to add any legacy thoughts that you would like to leave with the community today?

Herb Kieklak 29:50
I had some big ones I was just gonna ask about special pirate handshake. Yeah, somebody says, well Russ sent me, and I say well do you know the secret handshake?

Russ Johns 30:09
I'll have to work on that one. Okay. I'll have to work on that one

Herb Kieklak 30:11
Yes you'll have to work on that one. There we go. Now, I think that's about it. You know, I really do think I agree with you that we can all change our mindset. You can come home from a hard day at work and still be happy and friendly to your family. Instead of being coming home and grumpy and go have a beer and watch TV. You know, we can accomplish that.

Russ Johns 30:36
Bingo. Yeah, bingo. Well, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate. I appreciate this. I appreciate the conversation. And as always, everyone, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree. Go out and make amazing day today because you know, you deserve to #enjoytheday. Thanks, coach. Appreciate you being here.

Herb Kieklak 31:02
All right. Thank you. Yes. All right.

Russ Johns 31:03
Take care.

Herb Kieklak 31:04

Russ Johns 31:07
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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