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[00:00:00] Introducition: Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

[00:00:10] Russ Johns: And welcome to the #PirateBroadcast. We're going to be talking about podcasting today. Broadcasting live streaming content creation. JC, how you doing my friend?

[00:00:22] JC Soto: I'm doing fantastic. Thank you for having me here.

[00:00:26] Russ Johns: Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™. You're now pirate. You're now officially a pirate. You can go out there and you can tell people, Hey, I'm a pirate. It's all about kindness. It's all about, the smiles. It's all about helping other people. And that's our mission here is to help other people learn, discover, and be inspired about what you're doing. So for those that don't know you yet, and haven't connected with you give us a snapshot. You're working on you. You finished a book you're working on podcasting and helping business owners get visibility and build authority. It's very similar to what a, the pirate broadcast does, but I want to give you a moment to share your pitch and your PR profile and help us out to understand who you are.

[00:01:12] JC Soto: Sure. So online businesses are getting drowned out by all the noise. Nowadays, it's just getting really crowded and especially after the pandemic, and it seems like last year, a lot of people came online after they got laid off from work or whatever, and decided to become a coach or consultant. So they create a more. And so people that are really they have the skills, the knowledge and experience. Sometimes the credentials they'll know how to stand out. They are burying to this sea of noise and chaotic online world. So what I help people do, especially coaches and consultants, professionals, maybe, chiropractors, and that kind of a profession is to stand out by either writing a book. And positioned themselves as the the person that wrote the book, the leader, the authority maybe get some articles out there, starting a podcast, or be a guest on a podcast and create more visibility and trust because the first thing people are going to do when they want to deal with you is you're going to Google you. And they're going to see who is this? Who is this character who is JC Soto? So they're going to go to Google. And they said does he have goose stuff? Oh, he wrote a book. Wow. So he must know his stuff at least a little bit. So they start trusting you. So it's called trust triggers. So you start getting all the stress triggers out there. You get your website straight out, you get your your articles out there. You get your book and you start positioning yourself away from everybody else. And then you get your, maybe some webinars out there and you get some videos and you start positioning yourself and start getting some content to stand out from everybody else.

[00:02:46] Russ Johns: Have you found that. Inviting people to a podcast or engaging them in a podcast is a much easier conversation than opening up with, Hey, I got this product. I want to show you. So expand on that because a coach, no, they're selling knowledge, they're selling information. And I think it's important for people to understand that trust is one of the most. Important pieces of the puzzle, because two reasons, one, you have to learn if that person is in alignment with what you're looking to accomplish, because I w you know, there's a lot of coaches out there that can help me. And I want to work with the coaches that are. I get along with, that I have a personal relationship with, that connection with, and so speak up, speak about that and the connection that, that builds up as you build your process out, because I think it's important for understanding.

[00:03:46] JC Soto: Yeah. So podcasts nowadays, it's the perfect bonding experience that you might call it that way, because when you invite someone to your podcast and you have maybe 30, 40, 45 minutes with personal one-on-one now you create that trust and credibility with that person. And now those defenses in that resistance kind of start to fall away. And now you're talking one-on-one and now you can investigate in research and. How's business going, what do you need help with? Where did you start? And you start to learn more about that person. And now that trust in that, since that trust is already established, it's easier to introduce yourself as a problem solver, introduce a solutions that you can offer that person. So it's a perfect way to, instead of say I have this coaching program for you. It's $10,000. You want it or not? Now it's a no people will be like, yeah, it's dating. It's you want to get married? No. Okay. I'll go to the next person. So it's that kind of a thing. You start with that relationship. It created that bond for 30, 45 minutes. And even before that conversation takes place during the podcast, before that happens because now when that person commits to be on your podcast, now you can email them. Then you can start the conversation before that podcast, they split.

[00:05:00] Russ Johns: Yeah, absolutely. I want to mention what a Howard Kaufman shared morning pirates, great point on trust triggers, cutting through all the clutter and providing a great customer experience. That is that's absolutely phenomenal. Point there. Howard and Howard is a great one too. No, he's a pirate as well. If you're not connected to Howard connect with JC it's, this is the whole community. And this is what it's about, is the opportunity to start these conversations without the burden of that. I don't want to talk to somebody because they're, they're just going to try to sell me something, just come out there and have a conversation and not worry about what the outcome is because the relationships far outweigh. The outcome and the introductions that you can have as a result of those, those connections.

[00:05:53] JC Soto: Yeah. And then we've got to remember too, that, we've been in business for a long time. We learned that only like 3% of the people that we contact are ready to make a decision at them about molding. So they might take a little bit of nurturing along the way before they're ready to go. Before they, they go through the process of finding you and finding your solutions and then getting ready to start, going to look different to that solution until they finally see that they need you and then commit. So it's a process and some people might be already into the end of that process when they come to you. A lot of people are just beginning to that process.

[00:06:27] Russ Johns: What you're telling me is I shouldn't have my feelings hurt if everybody doesn't buy my product.

[00:06:32] JC Soto: Yeah. They may say, nah, not now. I don't want to marry you now, let's date for awhile.

[00:06:39] Russ Johns: Come on, JC. We've got to have some fun here.

[00:06:44] JC Soto: Sorry.

[00:06:45] Russ Johns: So you also wrote a book on podcasting and profit and positioning your authority. So talk a little bit about that and share that book, so people can go check it out.

[00:06:59] JC Soto: Yeah. It's called Podcast Profits Blueprint. And the the reason I wrote the book is because I've been talking to some of the hosts and a lot of them don't make money because they don't know how to make money or monetize their podcasts. So the purpose of the book to show people and share some strategies on how to use that podcast, not only to position yourself as an authority, And build that credibility, but make it an income of that income. Online, so that you have an idea of how to increase that podcast, because I'm a host also. And I know that getting a podcast on and editing and doing all the work, it takes work. Whether I do it, whether I hire somebody else to do it, it takes work, takes time, takes patience. We gotta stay on top of what's going on. So instead of just a lot of people have an issue that I, when I was talking to some of the hosts is that once they start to see that the podcast takes time, it takes work, some of them lose interest. Because they don't see a way to make it into a a return on investment kind of a thing. So when I wrote the book listed strategies that people can use, the host can use to make it into an income producing activity online in some way. Some of the stuff that I talk about are affiliate marketing. And besides that, but starting from the most basic is our own product, our own coaching products, our own books, our own stuff that we have that we probably maybe start working years ago and still, collecting dust in our computers that we can just finish and offer them as part of the podcast.

[00:08:38] Russ Johns: It's a way of engagement. It's a great way of engagement. Yes. And I think a lot of people are thinking. Because they're thinking about the old school broadcasting method, where if I get more eyeballs, then I could get a sponsor for my show and real realistically it's about the relationships. What relationships can I build? How can I make the connections with people that I want to work with on projects that are amazing. And so a lot of people get frustrated with the back that nobody's watching their show. It's a long game. If you want people to watch your show and you want people to be engaged, you have to do it over a period of time. You have to stick around and let people know that you're not running away. You're going to be there tomorrow or next week. And it, and a lot of people get frustrated. They're impatient with that process. I want to give shout out to, I love you brother. Kenneth savor the flavor in awesome. He's here, he's sharing his love for the community. Kenneth says JC Soto, such a gem of a gentleman and human being and a friend of mine and millions who share his goodness with others. The betterment of humankind. Thank you. I don't want to give a special, thank you so much for Jim Wolf. Thank you pirate. First time pirate. Welcome. Come aboard. I hope you enjoy it. Sheila chamberlains here. Thank you Sheila, for being here, Wendy. Good morning pirates. Welcome to the pirate ship, JC. Admiral Russ has always brings kindness, new ideas. Great people on the journey. Thank you so much for being here. Yes, I it's really it all takes time, sir. Kenneth Dunner says..

[00:10:17] JC Soto: Yes.

[00:10:19] Russ Johns: So with your book and the investigation you did and the conversations you have, some podcasters think that they're going to get lots of eyeballs and that's how they're going to generate income support. And what's the position that you take on that. And how do you position it, your strategy for business owners and coaches?

[00:10:39] JC Soto: Through that process. Yeah. You don't need a huge audience. What you need is to be target on the audience. Do you need to niche down and be that big fish, small pond a mentality that you are the authority in that niche? And that's what keeps people, the passion that people have for that niche is what are going to keep the podcast alive. And it's going to keep expanding. And that's why you don't need, it is nowadays with all the podcasts, the big names out there. People think I need to be a Joe Rogan or somebody that has a big, big audience and a hundred million dollar contracts to make money, but that's not the case. As long as it's just like anything online, you have an email list of maybe a thousand people. If you stay constant and you send them value, you can see continuously and you keep positioning yourself as that person that wants to help out have solutions. And that has the authority mentality that just to help. Help out and help out. It's sent value. You do the same thing with the podcast you offer value. One of, one of the advice that I give some of my clients I want to be invited to a podcast is that, a host not going to be crazy about you, when you say I want to be on your podcast because I want to sell my book. Wow. Woo. I'm excited about that. I'm not. You gotta come to my podcast because you have some value for my list. Yeah, that's the point of the whole thing. So it's the same thing with the host. The host is going to be concentrating on providing value and remember. People are, they expect you to promote, they know you're there. They know that you have a business. They know that it's, especially as the progression start getting more and more into the process. They know that you're the authority. And now that they want to also work with you. So in a way you also have these debt, if you want to call it that or that responsibility to offer your solutions to these people that come to you. You want to help them out because they're looking, instead of them going to someone that like you said, might be a coach, somebody that really can not help them, or they pretend to help them. But when you have a real, genuine, real solution proven solution, then it's up to you to let her know that I can help you. I can help you out.

[00:12:50] Russ Johns: Yeah. It's it. And it brings the barriers down. It just removes the barriers conversation. I think that's what the amazing thing. Like we have, we've not met in the past. I know you attempted to get on the show a few times and, it's finally, we got you on the show, but it's a process. And I know that you'll share this out and you'll promote this to your list. And there's, just like I put a newsletter together this weekend on, I've been encouraged by my coaches and people in my life that Hey Russ, why don't you just put a weekly newsletter together? And I used to do newsletters years ago. And so what I'm doing is I'm putting this newsletter together, which you can access it, Russ Johns dot com, just saying, and then I'm going to be doing, I'm going to be putting out the episodes that have. That I had in the past week. And then I'm going to be announcing the episodes that I'll be in, in the near future. And then also be putting in some information of some valuable information that people can take away and using their business. And so that communication, that kind of communication is what you're talking about. That's nurturing your community. That's providing value. That's adding information that they can use. To decide. Okay what do I want to spend my time in?

[00:14:08] JC Soto: That's right. Relationship building. You gotta build that relationship. And it's like you said, it's a long game. It's not, we sell you the $7 book and I'm gone, this is people that, the people that are coming online. Nowadays the SPECT, a long-term relationship with their coaches, the consultants, wherever is helping them out because they want to keep learning, the internet I'm into marketing and every day I'm studying because there's something coming on every day. None, no one thing, but a lot of things. So we got to keep updating ourselves. Now, even for us, for me, sometimes it gets complicated to follow all this stuff. If it's complicated for me, how much more complete again, it will be for a client or coach, a coaching, a client that doesn't know much about promoting online is not keeping up with the updates and the changes that are going on online. So it takes time and it takes one of the things that, what we do is educate people. We got to keep educating people all the time, all this stuff that's coming up. We've got to educate people. Not only the new people that we are our spot prospects, but we got to keep educating our own clients because I think that the most painful thing is to hear a client say, I was gonna I was looking for this service in a hire but I didn't know you offer the service to, I think that's, I think that's a heartbreaker when you knew you had the service, but you failed to offer that solution.

[00:15:29] Russ Johns: I am so guilty of that JC. I am so guilty. Yeah. Cause I build a company, the #PirateSyndicate and we produce shows for people. And I've been in podcasting for years. I've taught podcasting and podcast movement. I've taught at a university. I built websites since 2007, and they're still people that have no idea what I do. And so I'm the worst one at advertising. What I can accomplish and help you with, what problem can I help you? And it's really about introductions, visibility, authority and creating content that is going to make an impact in your business. And that's really what it's about. I wanna get a shot at Kenneth again. Yes. Get it. You are a pirate. You believe in kindness, you believe in smiles, you believe in helping others around the world. So absolutely positively you are. Of the best pirate material ever. So Jim says some great insights on this podcast. JC, thank you so much. Yeah. I really love this talk. I get really passionate about this topic, JC cause I've been doing it for so long and I love to highlight other people doing great stuff like yourself, and I often forget to do it myself and stuff. What processes have you built into your community and your, from your book in the piece that, they're podcasting is one piece of it, but the marketing and the relationship building is the other piece of the puzzle. What what kind of, what can you expand on.

[00:17:06] JC Soto: Yeah. You mentioned having a newsletter. I think that's for some people that sounds old fashioned and it has been around for so long that people don't even think about having newsletter anymore. Yeah. It still works. Email still works. It is, it's still a bonding activity creates that relationship. And one of the things that I like really email and having a newsletter is that all this, your competitor is on your list. Nobody else knows what you're doing. You're just incognito with your tribe and you're educating your tribe and you helping them out. And also one thing that is really important is to get feedback from your tribe, have a survey, ask questions, have them contact you. It has something that they can have access to you without anything. Obligation if they want to talk to you once in a while, they want to email you they want to contact you for something that have that bonding relationship that they can start to trust you. Because now when they do that, when they it's like, when you go to the doctor, when you go to the doctor you want to ask a question because he's the authority, he's the expert. So then when they come to you, it's the same point. They trust you. Now they trust your knowledge, your opinion, and they want to hear from you. So when you have that access and you get people that axes, and you have your email address and you have your newsletter and at the end of UCLA to say you have any questions, contact me here for your charge. No obligation. And then you start getting that, back and forth, like we were talking about earlier it's relationship building. And then another thing is that ask for referrals. A lot of people don't ask for referrals. That's one of the biggest I think one of the biggest blunders and, I'm guilty of that sometimes also, but it's one of the easiest ways to build our relationships. Our bill, our list build a business is to, people that are really happy about what we did for them, how we help them out to ask. It's simple referral. Could you hit anybody else? You know my benefit for, by the things that I help you with. Just a simple question. Yes or no, it's not as bad as Russ let's get married. You want to marry me now? You don't have to answer now.

[00:19:08] Russ Johns: I want to give a shout out to a couple of other podcasters, live streamers, Jenny Gold. She's got access to LinkedIn live and she's done a few episodes and I'm going to have her along with Marcia Reece and a few others on Saturday on Amazon live. So we're going to be doing a show on Amazon live talking about Marcia's product. And so if you want to catch up with that and see what that's all about, let me know, because I'd love to share that with you because that's another opportunity, Russ Hedge. I'm going to be talking with Russ Hedge. Oh, heck in less than an hour, I think. And or thereabouts and Eliya, and also he has a podcast and he's great. I received your email newsletter today, Russ, and here's a perfect example, JC. Russ put it out and he asked in there what do you prefer? And he asked some questions in it. It's a great newsletter and it's a great, it's a perfect example of what we're talking about, asking questions and asking for business. And it's a very simple process. And I want to go out there and say, thank you, JC and Russ for excellent content. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate that. Kenny says Russ Hedge savor the flavor and the awareness of your joining us today, sir. And it's one of those things, JC that I know it takes a little bit of time and effort to get it started, but once the machine is working in the system is in place. It makes it a little easier to reach out and connect with me.

[00:20:44] JC Soto: Yeah, definitely. And I think one of the the ways that we can cut that, that learning curve you will is by aligning yourself with an influencer. Somebody that already has contacts that you can work with. Maybe a cross promote the different podcasts. You promote mine and promote yours somehow collaborating work together. And that way you give yourself more explosive. And get more of the trust that I think the main element that we gotta look for today is creating that trust. I think there's so many scams online, so many scammers online, so many ransomware issues. There are so many things online that the trust is number one in credibility. It's number one, it doesn't matter how visible we are. If we don't create that trust and credibility.

[00:21:29] Russ Johns: Yeah, that's a great point. That's a great point. It's often thought that if we start creating something, it'll just, people start calling us in and picking up the phone and all of a sudden we'll be famous. And it's really a game of patience. It's really a game of finding out who. Is resonating with your content discovering, that connection that you have with individuals. I've been doing this podcast for a while. I've been doing this live stream for awhile and it goes out to a lot of audiences and I don't have big numbers. However, I have a lot of relationships as a result of it. And it really helps me in my business and I'm going to put out a shameless plug because, I have some. Open slots coming up where I'm going to be available to do some coaching, make some connections, build authority, just like yourself. JC and I, before the show started, I asked JC, it's like, Hey, maybe we can work together. Maybe we could create a partnership. Maybe we can do something that's exciting and fun. And that's just reaching out if you need or want or interested in building your authority in your business and building your visibility. This is by far the best way to do it. Podcasting live streaming content creation. In my opinion, would you agree?

[00:22:56] JC Soto: Oh, 100%. This is the best. You can have access to CEO's, professional coaching clients, anybody out there, anybody that... I will say that 99% of the people are craving this type of attention and visibility. And then snap they'll say, yes, I will be in your show. And I, I've seen it. I'm sure you've seen it. And by the way, that plug that's exactly the way to do it, that shameless plug, that's what we all need to keep doing this. This is the thing that, we are here. You're providing this content all the time and yet you can provide a lot of a lot of help for people that are listening to this content.

And I think that's the way, we need to keep doing this thing. Yeah.

[00:23:34] Russ Johns: I shared a couple of pieces of my process with somebody last night and they responded this morning. They said, my head still hurts with what you shared with me and how much I can, how much it will make an impact. My business. This is just some simple process like that. And it doesn't have to be complicated. It's not so JC before we leave, you're going to come out with another book in October. So you'll have, you're going to have to come back. We're going to have to promote your book, but tell us a little bit about the next book and what you got going on with.

[00:24:04] JC Soto: Yeah, the next book is going to be more into the authority, marketing and positioning. What's working now to to break through that barrier of standing out. So the strategies and why, and who's doing it. And with some examples so it's going to be more. Taking what you have, your expertise, your knowledge, your experience, and stand out, be that person that go-to business in your market or industry. So that's what I'm working on right now.

[00:24:31] Russ Johns: Very cool. Very cool. I thank you so much for being in here. JC, it's a pleasure to connect and I know we're going to have future conversations cause, cause we need to, and also. How do you like and appreciate people connecting with you? Where's the best place for them to chase you down and say, hey, I'm a pirate. I want to connect, JC.

[00:24:55] JC Soto: Yeah. I'd love to to connect with the other pirates or my email

[00:25:05] Russ Johns: Very cool. And as always pirates all this information, all the links, all the tech, the transactions or the the transcription. If I could speak the transcription, the podcast and the broadcast is all available on RussJohns.Com after the show. So JC thank you so much for being here and as always, like comment and share. Send this to someone, a friend, let's share this kindness with the other pirates in the community, make sure that we have visibility in what we're doing here. So thank you, JC. Appreciate it. You're welcome. And as always #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Take care.

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