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​Russ Johns 0:05
Hey, good morning. We are running into technical difficulties and I'm waiting here for Jill to arrive. Apparently we I just sent her a link. She's been in a room and I've been in room and it's not the same room. But here she is.

Jill Lublin 0:28
There we are. Sorry. On a totally different one. how fabulous.

Russ Johns 0:34
You know what this is perfect for us, Jill. I love the opportunity to connect. I started the room, I started the broadcast only because if we don't, Facebook deletes it. I thought, well we've been promoting this thing we've been publishing and doing some PR and stuff here and there, as you well know. I just thought I would just start this and get us get us started off on the right foot. Good morning. How are you doing?

Jill Lublin 1:07
I'm doing fantastic. Thank you for having me.

Russ Johns 1:11
Oh, it's a pleasure. It's a pleasure. I just really appreciate the fact and the opportunity to share what you're doing. Some of the things that we may not even think about in this day and age of all the social media and everything. There's so many alternative ways that we can actually produce and publish and promote our business and I wanted to share some of those ideas. You are one of the people that I think has a little bit of experience in that, don't you?

Jill Lublin 1:40
I do. I have four my own books. So of course that helps. Then of all the people I've helped support over the years. Absolutely. I know a few things about it.

Russ Johns 1:51
Know something about something here. Hmm. Tell us for those that aren't familiar and if you're not connected to Jill, we reach out and connect, tell her Russ sent to you. Offer some assistance and encouragement and the pirate community as a wonderful thing, and she's now a pirate. Bring her into the community and welcome her with open arms. Jill, for those that don't know, you give us a snapshot of who you are and why you're here today.

Jill Lublin 2:23
Thank you. Thank you. I've written four books, one of which is guerrilla publicity. Then my latest book is called the profit of kindness. I've been speaking around the world and now virtually, which is a lot of fun. Helping really speakers, authors, consultants, coaches, all kinds of businesses get their word out increased visibility, using publicity as a primary marketing strategy. Then I also help people get books published, like real books, major books, like this one for instance. There we go, Mr. Kelly I got an agent who got him the six figure book deal on Simon and Schuster. I help people get published without a word written. Then I go to the Frankfurt Book Fair and help authors get foreign rights deals, who are self published. In fact, my latest book, the profit of kindness is in India now. I'm thrilled.

Russ Johns 3:21
I'm a huge fan of kindness.

Jill Lublin 3:23
Yes, it's a good thing.

Russ Johns 3:28
Now that you've had this experience, and you've been doing this for a while now, a lot of people are gonna ask, Well, is there like this secret message that I could put together? Is there one thing that I need to do and I've never believed that there's only one thing you can do. However, I think a lot of people minimize the the power of PR. It used to be really prevalent long before social media. I think it's really there's two things that are true that I know is that all media outlets need content. People still love and enjoy reading books, as much digital as we have, and as much computer time and FaceTime and all of these things that we have available to us. People still enjoy a good book. That process in publishing in the PR that goes along with that is not exclusive to books. It's also speakers, authors, creators, people that need PR, is that a fair assessment?

Jill Lublin 4:34
The truth is, everyone needs PR. The reality is, if you're an author, you got to do PR before you have the book. That's a mistake a lot of people make is there. They wait too long. I have coaches who wanted to build a practice and use publicity to drive prospects because the thing that's powerful about publicity is it creates that visibility factor. The I've heard of you Somewhere syndrom. The reality is people start knowing your name, they get attracted to you. That is something that's key. It's great for building prospects for keeping people aware of your name for building trust, right? Cause you heard me on the show, there's a little more trust you understand who I am. I think that's really a key in today's world to create that visibility and trust factor, which is that knowing like, that keeps people connected to you.

Russ Johns 5:31
Well, I think the statement that sparked for me is I've heard I've seen you somewhere, or I've heard of you somewhere. Yeah, that name sounds familiar, I think is so absolutely important to be able to just, and a lot of what I do with the Pirate syndicate is it's that idea of authority and visibility. Just being out there in the world is great. To help that I've heard of you somewhere I've heard your name somewhere. Being able to get out there in a way that is positive and productive, is something that you're a master at, from what I've observed anyway.

Jill Lublin 6:15
Thank you. Thank you. And, you know, part of it is consistency and persistency. Right. That's important. I think a lot of people fall off at that they're like oh, I tried once or I reached out to, let's say, their local paper, which is really wonderful to get in, or let's say podcasts a lot to be in blogs, and it's that consistency persistency factor and the good news about today's media world, I think, Russ, it's really opened up because of podcasts and blogs, because of social media and anyone who's worked with me in my publicity courses, understands the power of being consistent and that there are so many opportunities and that your message needs to be repeated in multiple platforms. I think that that's a real key too.

Russ Johns 7:06
Yeah. I call it a traffic circle where you have a piece of information. Then you have that information distributed across multiple platforms. The message is the same. It's the fact that I can help with this, solve this problem for this person, or something very similar, like a book author is going to say, we are publishing this book in the future. We'd love to have you support us. You can build momentum and build a community around that.

Jill Lublin 7:37
Yes, true. I mean, I'll tell you what prophet of kindness, we started one year in advance. This is something I'm always trying to tell people is that you must be starting your publicity before you need it, not when you need it. When we were counting down literally to the release of profit of kindness, I already had scheduled Fox News interviews. I love talking about kindness on Fox. Isn't that interesting? I had seven of them across the United States, I had a CBS TV show, I've been on a cover magazine in Australia, in Iran, excuse me. We were able to have kindness go across the nation. Because we started early enough and across the world,

Russ Johns 8:22
it's a global thing.

Jill Lublin 8:23
I think that's the key.

Russ Johns 8:24
It's a global thing. Kindness is a global, anyone can have kindness, anyone can share it. When you share a smile to get produced, and you can double it, you can double it in no time.

Jill Lublin 8:37
I love that And they have to use that.

Russ Johns 8:41
Yes, you can use that. I just really think that there's a there's a piece of the process that a lot of people fail to connect with connected dots with. I've been in advertising since 85. I've seen the process of press releases, and press releases people. I don't think they get the visibility that they deserve. Is that one of your tools that you use in your your toolbox to get on some of these platforms and share your message?

Jill Lublin 9:18
I absolutely do. I mean listen, press releases are key only because they encapsulate your story, right? When I say your story, the truth is, when we were doing profit of kindness, it was never Oh, Jill's got a new book out how exciting. The story was the divided States of America. The story was that there is been lacking kindness. That was the interesting story that got picked up, not the new book. I think honestly, this is a mistake that most other again, I work with all kinds of people they don't have to be authors. That most people make is they assume the stories about their story. Where what we really got to do is focus the story on what's important to the audience that the media person has, right? You got the pirates, other people have a consumer base show or a business show, or a Marketing Show, whatever it is. That's where it's got to be focused.

Russ Johns 10:18

Jill Lublin 10:18
I think that people forget that part. They get they get consumed with my story. I'll tell you, honestly, this has been something I'm really working with people on is shifting the focus of the story, focus. Here's the key point to focus on the problem out there. That will make a huge difference.

Russ Johns 10:41
In so let me make sure that I capture this correctly. Rather than it's not about me, it's about the story. I just happen to be a side effect or a benefit of coming along for the story is that what I'm caption?

Jill Lublin 10:59
Pretty much. I mean, I call it the problem today is and that's what you talk about. Me being a publicity expert, I would say the problem today is four to five businesses will go out of business because they have no clue how to create publicity without spending a fortune. Right. That ties into my gorilla publicity book and that ties into my main message, but it's not like ooh the other piece of fire Jill or do one of our courses, we got to focus on the people. I think this is really the piece that a lot of people miss, is they keep talking about the message of them, so to speak, and you got to work at it. Listen, we all know and I think I want all of you to know, you're all promoting something, you're all marketing something. That's okay. It's really Okay!

Russ Johns 11:51
That's okay. That's the way the world turns around is that everybody has something that they want to share. Right now, you notoriety. That's what I always say. It's like, everybody has a gift. Everybody has a message. You are the media, right? We all have the opportunity, the ability to publish. The difference is, is the people that publish and do it, well also have the promotion in place. They have the ability and the opportunity to actually connect the dots when it comes to publishing, promoting, and being able to get the public relations machine behind that whole topic, that whole effort.

Jill Lublin 12:35
Yeah, it's a beautiful way to say it.

Russ Johns 12:37
Yeah. I think it's the whole package. It's like, Okay, I got a car, but I don't have any tires. Why can't I go anywhere? Right. I want to talk a little bit about the philosophy that you have within the first book was the first book to guerilla marketing.

Jill Lublin 12:58
The first book was Guerilla publicity, yes,

Russ Johns 13:01
Guerilla Publicity

Jill Lublin 13:04
Guerilla Publicity

Russ Johns 13:13
That's been out a while. There's been a lot of growth hacking, and how would you differentiate growth hacking versus publicity?

Jill Lublin 13:24
Well, can I just tell you, we have our third edition coming out. The good news is we always update it, put it with the power of what's happening right now.

Russ Johns 13:33

Jill Lublin 13:34
The reality is publicity is a powerful medium that has been around but continues to stay strong. The reality is people still watch, whether it's TV on their device, whether it's a standard TV, whatever. People are still watching mediums, which include TV they're reading they're watching video. They're listening to podcasts, every plugin. In fact, every car is gonna have a plug in podcast right? Yes, it's key to not plug into different mediums. Yhe truth is publicity is publicity is publicity whether you're on a podcast, sound TV show, on a radio show, your social media doing a Facebook Live, hey, guess what, the other day I was on an Instagram show. It's still a show, right?

Russ Johns 14:27
It's still a show

Jill Lublin 14:28
It's still a show exactly, just changed formats. I just really want people to get the power of the formats. In fact, I really like these podcasts that are simple and time effective right

Russ Johns 14:42

Jill Lublin 14:42
People don't have a lot of time so they like things delivered to them in chunks and segments. I think you really always got to be breaking down your content so that your content can get recognized with simple messages. I like to call it the problem solution formula, keep it really oriented. For that, keep your message simple. Keep it five year old language. I tell you, I was helping a guy the other day. He's putting out an app and creating a whole new technology. My whole session with him was focused on recreating a message that anyone could understand. Real estate investors, like you're assuming real estate investors have this high tech mine that you have, but they just want to press a button and go.

Russ Johns 15:30
Well, it's perception and reality. Because if, like on the tech side I've been in tech in marketing for a while, and you get the sense that everybody should know what you know. It's not the case at all. You have to change your perspective and step outside and say, Okay, how can I change my perspective to see what the audience sees? I think that's part of what you offer right?

Jill Lublin 15:59
Thank you. Yes, absolutely. Because as much as people I work with are smart and focused and committed and have great messages. If nobody hears it, how can anybody participate with you, whatever you're selling and promoting an offering, right? Whether it's coaching or a product or a block or whatever it is, right? Are you willing to do any of the above, nobody's gonna participate unless they have a way they can say yes to you, and offer digestible segments, or easy to understand ways that people can ingest and want and say yes to,

Russ Johns 16:40
Well, that's a great point because 20 years ago, the ability to digest a piece of information looks considerably different than the the way it looks today. How has press releases or media are promoted? Or publicity in general changed as a result of that?

Jill Lublin 17:05
Well, social media obviously has exploded everything but one of the things I have a gentleman, Australia, and one of the things he did was shifted his message to my problem solution formula. He said he got 250 likes, in one day on Facebook, as an example, by shifting a message to simplicity because he too, was talking too high above people. I think that's really often an issue. Because things have changed, and the other thing I would tell you is the 15 minute podcast. One of my clients is doing a six minute webinar now. I do think I tell people when they make videos, particularly on YouTube, and even Facebook Lives, I think two minutes and under, because at least if people tune in, they'll listen and they're out. Right and they really know that so they're not going to press the button too quick. The reality is we all know that the, the attention span is much shorter than it's ever been. You've got to be fastly serving people give them good information, not dance around it too much and and be authentic and be more transparent. That's what people want.

Russ Johns 18:19

Jill Lublin 18:20
Marketing has changed in that way. I know people are still writing sometimes long sales letters, I don't think they're as effective anymore. Like all the kinds of stuff where you have to just keep reading and the truth is there are different mentalities. I always say to people, listen for the high brainiacs and the analytics, you give them the click here, and then they can find much more information for people who are bottom line wanted now you got to say, here's what you get. Here's the Boom. Yeah

Right. Multiple personalities, so to speak, and you market slightly different to them, but I do really believe people want things much faster. much quicker and much simpler. The click here is important for the rest who want more information.

Russ Johns 19:08
That's great advice and anybody that's listening in, I just want to share the fact that Jill has been doing this and producing results for a lot of people for a lot of years. If you're looking to accomplish something in your publicity and your promotions and everything else.

Oh, we lost her. She's back.

I just want to make sure that you're connected with her and reach out and make sure that and as Jill, I'm streaming this live on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and LinkedIn. Multiple distribution channels, and then by the end of the day, it'll be a post in a podcast and a transcription on All of these things, add up. two volumes, and I think you're episode number 180. On the #PirateBroadcast

Jill Lublin 20:05
That's exciting! Thank you!

Russ Johns 20:07
I just want to make sure that people have an opportunity to connect and I can highlight people, #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. One of the things that I want to find out about is, especially with podcasts now, they're different than a book. I'm not really sure if I understand the best connection and how people can actually articulate in a press release or how they can publish or produce results in the promotion process. Is there anything that you've experienced along your travels that would give us clues to on how to best promote our podcasts as it relates to other media.

Jill Lublin 20:54
Having a podcast as a form of media, we love that. Being a media person, what I always say to media people is you use and leverage that to other media people because they understand that you understand media. One of the things about having a podcast depending on the topic is you want to be promoting it to other topically oriented media people. It's not the podcast itself. It's perhaps the business of podcasts, or it's the theme of the podcast that is more interesting from a media perspective. I think that's a real key. One of the things I'm always big on and yeah, press releases, announced certain things. Again, it's not that Oh, the Russ jobs podcast show, right. It's more around maybe who you are the unique perspective of maybe a guest or three.

I always think putting roundup they're called Roundup. Articles and pieces together are more interesting because it gives multiple perspectives, right? One of my clients, for instance, in Minneapolis, walked into a consulting interview. The gentleman said to her, listen, I googled you. Well, she had gotten one line in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Because of that publicity, and the power of that actually got the gig. Why? Because she was the one who was featured. He assumed and knew she knew how to work media and understood the presence of the power of that. Even as other media people, I mean, the good news is, there's an assumption that you already know that you're inside. But one of the things I think, is a really powerful strategy. Again, another sort of now strategy is following other whether it's podcasters reporters producers on Twitter, LinkedIn, the platform, for instance, where you're already on, I think would be great. Obviously, you're already on LinkedIn, you're on YouTube so the places where you already add follow other people who are doing things similar and I think momentum creates momentum. That connection creates momentum.

Russ Johns 23:14
Yeah. I love that.

Hey, I wanted to give a shout out to some of the people that are in the room today. Sharon, us and Angie, she's gonna say good morning. I love this. Joe. Good morning. Batman in the room. LinkedIn. Good morning, friends. Saima Good morning. How are you today? Gabriel is another live streamer that we know and love in the room. Another LinkedIn user. I'm not sure why some of these LinkedIn users are not showing up. I think they need to allow stream yard or they need to access stream yard somehow. I need to reach out to Jill Gabriel does a evening show, Jill, so he's always up for wonderful guests like yourself.

Jill Lublin 24:06
Thank you.

Russ Johns 24:09
Another one. Then Byron, good morning safe, strong, safe, sane. Then Wendy. Wendy does a podcast. She helps authors in children's books, specifically a lot with children's books and getting published as well. She's another great connection that I love knowing love. Wendy, she's worked a lot in film industry, and she's done films and a number of creative projects, and she's just an awesome rock star. Wonderful conversation, Jimmy Clem. Well, viewers engage with a posted open ended question as a conversation starter. Well, viewers engage. Let me answer that question. Jimmy so there you go, Jimmy. I will, yes. Asking open ended questions in a post are really great for conversation starters and engaging people for for what they're doing. I love that. Wendy, thank you, Ross. Appreciate it.

Jill, I don't want to leave today without having an opportunity to get people a little bit of information on about how they can connect with you. What's the best way what's the preferred method of connecting you engaging with you? Everybody has a different preference. Everybody has a different way of doing that. Share a few things with with the audience today on how you like to be connected and reached out and engage with.

Jill Lublin 25:57
Thank you. Well, first of all, a couple things. I want you to get my free gift which is more cool publicity tips. Go to Okay? So, JillLubin,com/publicity, if you want to talk to me, connect to me in any way, work with me or ask a question please email would be fantastic. Let's rock and roll and help you with get whether it's get a message out whether it's put a book together, whether it's powerfully create a message that matters. That's really what I think is so key. Getting a message that matters out into the world would be really important with whatever you're working on.

Russ Johns 26:45
Absolutely, absolutely. I really love your your process. I'm kind of in a selfish snapshot sort of way. I promote a lot of #kindnessiscool #smilesarefree. That's been a tagline forever. For myself, I believe that right now that's important.What I probably should be doing is promoting that and publishing that fact out to some local channels are doing some local promotion here on the fact that this is a channel that is promoting kindness, this is a channel that is promoting the smiles are free, because, you know, you could take one down and pass it around, right? A few things like that and make sure that people understand and appreciate that. I'm highlighting people like yourself to improve the world and you know, because everybody has a gift, everybody has a message. I need to promote that and publish that fact to some other other platforms, I guess. On a shortlist where would I want to go? Look in and search out those other platforms and some alternatives that I may not have thought about in the past.

Jill Lublin 28:07
A couple things that I would do. Number one, and yes, the kindness message is great. The reality Russ is you do what's right in the time, right. In today's marketplace, yes, kindness is so key. I think I would look at a few things like I talked about regarding, start seeing who's doing stories about kindness or about unkindness, right, sometimes you can take the opposite piece and see who's doing what about other elements that relate to kindness, or people who are doing business stories where kindness is key right. I think that's really as we look, Honda did a huge campaign on kindness. There's major, excuse me, major companies jumping on who are doing great things

Russ Johns 28:59
Oh Fantastic! You just kind of have to do some searching around and find out who's doing that. Reach out to them and just say, Hey, I'm doing something around that subject and then just offer them some assistance or an opportunity to connect. Is it that simple?

Jill Lublin 29:17
yes, yes. It's that simple. People complicate things. But truthfully, it's really that's the pitch, right?

Russ Johns 29:24

Jill Lublin 29:25
The pitch, of course, would be I would, I would mold it just a little more. The point

Russ Johns 29:29
I'm sure

Jill Lublin 29:29
You don't have to make your pitch difficult. This process is easier than you think. I think the point is, let's just get started with some main key points. What solutions would you tell others to do? I say, practice a conscious act of kindness every day, not a random act, but a conscious act of kindness every single day. That's one of my key points, right? So find your key points, whatever your topic is, and those are the ones you lay down. Remember Words consistently and persistently.

Russ Johns 30:02
Yeah. I also do a show at night, Jill. It was funny that you brought this up because it actually ended up being kind of a sideways joke because I used to do Two Minute Tips. I would sometimes go over and people say they're not Two Minute Tips. This one lasted more than two minutes. I kept watching it. So I did two minute tips in 10 minutes or less.

Jill Lublin 30:29
Oh, that's good. I like that. I like that. That's funny.

Russ Johns 30:33
I do that I stream it live to YouTube and then posted on LinkedIn.

Jill Lublin 30:39
I love that. When networking magic came out, I did a show called the connecting minute literally one minute connecting tips, networking, how to be effective and then I put that actually on a local show. It's called interstitial marketing, literally a local major news show and I just created this Time it bought the time in that case and showed up on a business show which was really powerful in my local market. Get creative look for ways to keep spreading your message and the good news I tell you I think it's good news is that we have so many formats now to multiple spread our messages.

Russ Johns 31:18
I love that. Well thank you so much for being here, Jill. I really appreciate the opportunity to connect and and have this conversation that helps a lot of other people out there that are thinking about it, considering it, wondering what they're going to do so I will put everything in the show notes in put that out there. If you want to learn more go to And subscribe to get notified when a new episode arrives. Also if you like this and abroad you value share it out and do some things the social all the social media stuff. As you can tell Jill, I probably need some PR as we all do, right,

Jill Lublin 32:06
Everybody needs PR best way to get yourself out there. Thank you so much for having me.

Russ Johns 32:11
As always. I always say, I just really, really love the fact that you're here and the pirate community has been so wonderful to me. As always, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday. Thanks to Jill.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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