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Catch Kami Huyse on the #PirateBroadcast

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Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

We are going to have a fantastic time today. I'm just so excited, like a familiar face that I know and love. It's been a while since I've been in Houston and able to join the social media breakfast, Kami. Good morning. How are you this fine day.

Kami Huyse 0:35
Good morning. I am doing great rest. I'm so excited to be on your podcast and broadcast. It's amazing.

Russ Johns 0:43
Well, I appreciate that. And thank you so much. So for those that are not familiar with who you are, and they need to connect with you. Give us the snapshot of who Kami is and what you are up to these days because it's I mean, it's fascinating to me. It's always been fascinating to me.

Kami Huyse 1:03
Okay. I don't know why you're fascinated, but there it is. the founder of social media breakfast of Houston. I also run an agency here in town social media agency. We help large brands, with their social media, including like their community management. So I've run community management for very big brands and outreach campaigns for we launched Google for nonprofit we run the Houston Methodist Hospital system here with seven hospitals and 200 locations of doctors, which you can imagine right now during COVID has been fabulous. We have been very busy and I ran several social media for many, many years as well. Yeah, I love social media. I've always loved it. I started a group in Houston pretty much so that I could be around like minded people, and really kind of connect because I've always worked from home which is interesting during this time, too.

I've always worked from home. I have a great team of people that work at home too with me. It's been interesting. In the meanwhile, while we've been in quarantine, I went ahead and launched smart social secrets. This is my new online course. Because as a small business owner, myself, I have a passion for small business owners, which is part of the reason why social media breakfast, right. Now I have an online course for those those types. We just finished our first cohort of smart social secrets. 30 students really excited about that, too.

Russ Johns 2:33
Well, congratulations. That's fantastic. I'll tell you, the reason why I'm fascinated is because I connected with you while I was living in Houston, in social media breakfast, as many other people do, and I just found it so refreshing to have so many like minded people in the same room, having conversations about different aspects of social media, and Seeing familiar faces that you have connected with online and hadn't seen in person and just that it was almost like the same experiences I have with a lot of LinkedIn lives when we could go to live events. It was just so it was just fun. It's just a great experience and a lot of activity around people that you already know. You've been doing that for a while and being in social media and being kind of a predominant force in Houston that I just always enjoyed the presentation, the experience and everything about it. Thank you so much for doing that.

Kami Huyse 3:41
We really miss you in Houston. I'll tell you that. Yeah, I started social media breakfast 11 years ago, at this point, and before that, I lived in San Antonio, and that's where I started blogging. At that time, that's when I kind of got my network of people. I've been at this social media thing for 15 years, probably more than that 17 years.

Russ Johns 3:41
Yeah, yeah. Time flies when you're having fun.

Kami Huyse 4:07
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 4:10
On this course, tell me about the course because I want to adventure down that path a little bit more and identify, Who is it for? Are you going to do it much like an Academy where it's a start middle and finish in in people graduate?

Kami Huyse 4:26
Yes, we're gonna definitely do that. Um, so I've been wanting to do this for a lot of years. A lot of people have asked me to do this for a lot of years. I've been sort of resistant to it because it's work and we have a big agency and we're working pretty hard with our clients and what I've realized is I've got this system that we use for all of our clients and then other agencies started to hire me to come in and teach them how to use that system for their clients. I've done that for like, maybe, like five six agencies At this point, and so I was like, you know what I really feel like that the little guy never gets anything. I want to give this as to the to the small entrepreneur, the small business owner. In our group right now, it's crazy. We've got like a carpet cleaner. We got some small agency owners, we've got a business coach, and we've got like a nonprofit, we have a somebody who does social media for their city.

I actually teach narrowing your niche and I really do narrow my niche. I'm like I really want to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to find, engage and grow their online community. I'm all about how do you build a community that's pretty much underpins everything I do is like, how do I teach a brand how to build a community around the brand, or for that brand to join a community and be a Good Citizen in that community, both things. I feel like that that's what I'm trying to teach. We have a four part system. It's a framework that starts with clarity, which is around the strategy. Having a strategy, it's not about like, how do you do a really great job getting 10,000 followers on Instagram? That's not what this course is about. This course is really about how do you build a solid social media strategy and figure out which platform is best for you. You may be on several platforms or one, it doesn't matter. Where is your ideal community member living, and you need to go there, and then you engage them where they're at.

That's really what it's about, and the clarity and then we go on to connecting. The biggest question I get from people all the time is how do I find the people that I need to connect with online? That's like the number one question. I have an entire module about connection and how do you find a connection. In fact, that's my free gift that I have if people are interested, which is a two by two. It's really about how go small to go. Big I have these smart social secrets. That's why it's called that it's counterintuitive that you go small to go big. That's really I think, it's a huge piece of my secret sauce is that I go small to go big. These are leveraging points. I know Russ Johns now and restaurants brings me on his podcasts, but I spent some time getting to know Russ Johns. I mean, I actually know him. It's not like just the thing that happened, right? When I teach people that and they start doing this two by two formula formula that I've put together, that's easy, by the way, you basically talk to two people every day, and you put out two pieces of content that are engaging that aren't about you and aren't like big

Russ Johns 7:42
It's simple and brilliant at the same time. I think people a lot of times fail to realize that they don't need to have 10,000 connections. You think of the long game and you think about. I'm always amazed because people ask me to be on the show. They say, hey, I'm interested in being on your program, you #piratebroadcast. Then they say, Well, how big is your audience? It's like, you're kind of missing the point of the whole show here. If you're asking

Kami Huyse 8:12
You watched the show?

Russ Johns 8:16
Have you watched the show? I want to make sure that we highlight that is is connected to people a day and built community. It's like social media is just a tool for building a relationship.

Kami Huyse 8:32
I've got some tips around that and people can sign up for that I'll I can happy to throw the link in the notes later for anybody who wants it. The bottom line is that the consistency of that write every day going out there and even if you only do it five days a week it adds up over a year you're gonna connect with thousands of people.

Russ Johns 8:54
Well, I haven't even been doing the pirate broadcasts for a year and I got over 170 episodes.

Kami Huyse 9:00
Wow crazy!

Russ Johns 9:01
That is pretty, it's fairly substantial in terms of content. It's a lot of great, amazing conversations that and I'm curious about people and I like to have conversation like this andhighlight you. You're somebody that I want to highlight and it's like, people need to know what gifts you bring to the table, and how they can engage with you and where they can find you. It's like, Okay, this is something I can do, and I enjoy it. It sets my day and gives me purpose in my life. I can help others.

Kami Huyse 9:38
I think that's the other part is that you want to use social media in a way that not only edifies yourself, but edifies others, right, so, I don't know. I love it.

Russ Johns 9:49
I think it's a good practice myself personally.

Kami Huyse 9:53
I mean, we're kind of like preaching to our own choir here, but that's okay.

Russ Johns 9:59
Because that's exactly what I See you. It's like you are highlighting you're helping others around you all the time and if you're not connected with Kami, get connected.

Kami Huyse 10:10
I hope you Well, for sure.

Russ Johns 10:11
Yeah. I want to talk I'm gonna go down a little different path because sure you've seen the transition you opened when you were in San Antonio doing the blogs and your blogging and you've seen the transition over into video and maybe some podcasting was early on five years ago. I think I was teaching, I don't know, maybe it was six years ago, I was teaching a podcast movement and teaching podcasting. Also a lot of companies or have it's been kind of a slow adoption in some areas in massive adoption and other areas. I just kind of curious on what you have seen that has surprised or made you go hmm on the social media path, you know, with all the platforms and all the changes And the algorithm and things like that. Just just a general observation of what you've noticed over the last 10 15 years.

Kami Huyse 11:09
Just talking about what everything from the last 10 15 years now, I mean, the funny thing is that things change all the time in social media. The one thing that never changes is people's desires to connect with each other.

Russ Johns 11:22
Mm hmm.

Kami Huyse 11:23
That is, I think the biggest thing that I've seen is that there's this thread that runs through it always is this, how can we connect and especially businesses don't always do it the right way. Because we're just eager to, like, be heard. The problem is that before you can be heard, you have to listen. I think you see that in our culture right now. In America, we're having all kinds of crazy things going on that's really what that's about is that people haven't been heard for so long. Now they're like I demand to be heard. I think businesses do Feel That Way too. They're like, I have this amazing thing that I want to share. They go out and they just start to share it. The key is that first you must listen, right? In order to really understand what the people are wanting from you really, and then start with them, not you, that's always been something that I found that works the best is start with their needs and speak into that rather than your own. Like, Hi, my name is Kami. I have all these awards. Cool. They're like, I don't care. What can you do for me? I lead with, I can help you build your online community, because I know that you're eager to start getting people to listen, and here's how you get them to listen. Then they are open to hearing the messages around the Connect and all that kind of stuff and how to create the content that actually people care about.

Russ Johns 12:55
I asked you a big question. You brought nuggets of knowledge to the table. That's the talent of Kami. So I just want to illustrate that. So start the conversation, and then listen. That's what social media is really, I think, accelerated at in a lot of ways. People, once they understand that, and they get it and they can start the engagement, especially companies because I mean, what better resource Do you have then surveys and getting feedback from your community, then having a conversation. It's massive when you can do it on social media in a intelligent way.

Kami Huyse 13:39
Yeah, and I always talk about, really, I have something I call a word vault. It's just my little thing, but I I take what people say and I put it in my word vault, under the things that I offer. So like, I know exactly what they're saying their pain points are in specific things. I could open my word vault right now and show you just years years of people saying things and me just copy and pasting them straight into my word vault. Then I go back and look at that word vault whenever I'm trying to write something about that topic, or coming to in here and saying, Hey I feel like whenever I go out and post all I get is crickets. I hear that over and over again that all I hear is crickets. I'll start with, hey, do you want to learn how to make content so that you don't hear crickets every time you post?

Russ Johns 14:30
Right, right and it goes back to the engagement of what they're speaking. What they're bringing to the table so you can actually respond with their words and their message as well.

Kami Huyse 14:46
then they think like, how does this guy in my head? Or this Gal

Russ Johns 14:51

Kami Huyse 14:52
How is this person in my in my head

Russ Johns 14:53
You need a word vault.

Kami Huyse 14:54
Exactly. You need a word vault. So create it and you need to process

Russ Johns 14:59
You created another great nugget of knowledge. Some people call it a swipe file. Some people have different names for it.

Kami Huyse 15:06
I don't like to call it a swipe file because that says that I took something from you Russ Johns and put it in my like, it's like you did the work, but I'm saying I'm actually listening to the people that are my customers.

Russ Johns 15:19

Kami Huyse 15:20
That's the I'm swiping from them, I guess. But so read on the street.

Russ Johns 15:24
It's not a term that has been during as we could use right now.

Kami Huyse 15:29
Well, and you also talked about what if what has changed? Another piece is that obviously we did a lot of blogging back then. There was no, I mean, then Twitter came along, and I actually remember thinking, how am I going to possibly keep up with my blog and Twitter? That's true statement. Then Facebook blew up after that, because people started moving to Facebook and then now Instagram and tik tok and whatever it is, and in the end, I follow my community wherever they go.

Russ Johns 15:55
Yeah. Where's that today? Where do you see the your community?

Kami Huyse 16:03
Currently? It's on Facebook, I will be honest. In the last year or so a lot more on LinkedIn on the business side. A lot more on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has really gotten hoppin, I think you've seen that too. I have to, and Facebook is still pretty strong. I mean, it's probably the strongest still in my age range group. My ICM is what I call my ideal community member. Then a good number of them are starting to move over to Instagram at this point. They're starting to like, or I mean, drift over into Instagram, and Instagram is hard, and it's not easy for me either, but I'm getting the hang. I'm working.

Russ Johns 16:45
You have any secret knowledge in Instagram?

Kami Huyse 16:49
Stories, stories, stories.

Russ Johns 16:53
I have pushed back on stories, I started stories and I just then IGTV came out and I thought This could be cool.

Kami Huyse 17:02
It's getting cooler, by the way, because now your igtv actually appears on your timeline.

Russ Johns 17:07
I saw that.

Kami Huyse 17:08
If you go look at mine today, like I put my weekly livestream on Thursday mornings, so I put mine from yesterday on my IGTV that's the first one I've done on my IGTV. We'll see how it goes. But honestly, I've had quite a few people watch it.

Russ Johns 17:24
I will go there. I'll be like NASCAR. I'll go draft ya.

Kami Huyse 17:29
Yeah, go draft me. I mean, I'm not gonna say I'm like the best at Instagram. Believe me, I'm not at this point. But I'm learning and I'm always open to learning. That's the other part. Right? So I'm like one of these people. I'm super curious.

Russ Johns 17:41
Yeah, yeah. I think we share that gift. I know that there's so many things we could be doing and there's so many activities we could, and there's only so much we can actually do with our time. We only have so many hours in the day.

Kami Huyse 17:58

Russ Johns 17:58
We really have to be Not frugal, but conscious of

Kami Huyse 18:03

Russ Johns 18:05
Very strategic, that strategic worry that we need in our life. Right?

Kami Huyse 18:10
Right. And you do the strategic I mean, you don't need to spread yourself so thin and I tell my clients this whole time as well as my students now. In my class, I tell them pick one, two Max, and focus focus. I have a team. Right now I've been doing my own social media. My team has been kind of writing me So hey, Katie, about my Instagram. She's like, you have been doing much social media lately. I'm like, I'm doing tons of Facebook she goes yeah that true. I said I'm not doing Instagram she goes Yeah, that's true. Okay, so let's do that. We're pouring the gasoline on different things at different times. I launched my course, I launched it pretty much all on Facebook and a little bit of Instagram, and a little bit of LinkedIn, and LinkedIn specifically And Facebook, were the big ones Twitter I kind of let follow during that time, even though I have a big following on Twitter, because it really wasn't the right audience for the course.

Russ Johns 19:11
Yeah, yeah.

Kami Huyse 19:13
But not all.

Russ Johns 19:14
Well, I admire your, your ability and the activities that you put out there and I've followed you for a while now. It's just nice and refreshing to hear you reflect what I'm feeling and it's like, okay, you can't be everywhere all the time and do incredibly

Kami Huyse 19:32
I am omniscient.

Russ Johns 19:34
You are efficient, you are one of the most efficient people I know. So it's like you're always doing something that is really cool. It's generous to the community. I just love the things that you bring to the table and I appreciate what you're doing in social media as well and putting things out there and I noticed things that I'm not doing in it's really like Oh, okay. I could add that to my workflow and it would be very strategic and very, it's not difficult. It's not difficult process, you just have to consider how you're going to add it to your workflows

Kami Huyse 20:11
Yeah, Oh, I'm so glad you said that Russ because I think also give yourself some time and patience. So give your own self patience. I'm telling this to you listening, give yourself some time and patience. It took me a while to think about what my process was. Another thing that really helps, is that thinking about your ideal community member who is that you want to help? Who is that person that you really loved working with? You'd like to work with more people like that? Think about that person and then think about how you help people. If I sat you down Russ and said, Hey, when you sit down with a client or when what you do, I don't actually know exactly what you do. That's the other part not knowing is another problem, right? So everybody should know what to do. What if I sat you down and said, Tell me Step by step, what you do to help a person if they come to you and say, Hey, help me with my social media. What do you do? Step by step. I'm like interviewing you on your own show, sorry.

Russ Johns 21:13
This is brilliant. I'm doing live video and I'm an advocate for live video. My recent project, #thepiratesyndicate is I essentially do everything on the back office production. You show up for the show. And everything else is done for you.

Kami Huyse 21:34
It was very nice. By the way, it was like, usually I'm the one doing all this work. I'm like, this is an easy show to be on, by the way. Thank you.

Russ Johns 21:42
Thank you. It has taken a lot of time to make it look that easy.

Kami Huyse 21:46
It's good and you got to get you've got good team members on the back end that are helping you so you're not doing this all by yourself. That's very important, right

Russ Johns 21:52
Document and delegate. So anything you can document you can delegate Right

Kami Huyse 21:57
Right. So the question is, then how do You sit somebody down and teach them how to do that process for themselves. I'm assuming you teach people how to do that process for themselves, too. Do you have any like?

Russ Johns 22:07
Yeah, absolutely. In fact, what I end up doing is I have all of these steps. There's some shows have, like 54 steps, start to finish. It's the creative process. It's like the graphics, the social media connections, the ability and opportunity to add their descriptions in what they're really their voice is all about. Then it's also the production of, how does it go out on social media? When does it go out on social media? Where does it appear? Where do you want to focus your time on?

Kami Huyse 22:42
There's like the before the during and the after, or something like that? I would suggest you take your 50 something steps and break them down into three to four buckets?

Russ Johns 22:54
Yeah, I called them milestones

Kami Huyse 22:57
milestones so you break them down and and the human brain Only really remembers about optimally for things three to four things. If you can have a process because mine's a four part process clarity, connect, create your content, calibrate your results, start over clarity get your strategy in order, connect, create, calibrate, over and over. If you can put everything into buckets. Those of you out listening, I'm talking to Russ, but really I'm talking to you, what is your process? How do you help people? how can you make it extremely simple for them to understand how you help them. then you can articulate that you can turn it into buckets of content. I can talk about clarity, I can talk about how to connect, I can talk about how to create your content, and I can talk about how to measure it and get results and do some pivoting. Those are the four things

Russ Johns 23:44
That's a beautiful process because once the onboarding process is completed for me then it's exactly that process. It's like okay promote the show, mate produce the show. Promote the show that was done. Rinse and repeat.

Kami Huyse 24:05
That's how it works.

Russ Johns 24:06

Kami Huyse 24:07
That's how it works. The cool thing about that is you can do that with any company, any business, any nonprofit, any, organization, what is your process and if you if you don't have one I used to really find myself. People ask me what's your process? I'm like, Well, I like work with my clients. It's all customized Well, it's still it's all customized But no, I have these four parts that I take people through, I can help them do and in the Create bucket, I can help them create their content put together like about six months worth of content in about two hours. As far as ideas in the Connect bucket, we can help them find and engage their audience. I can also help them use influencers to do so which is also a part of connector. How do you find those influencers and engage them and have them help you? I had to find the process that I had and then start Talking about the process instead of saying I just because people need to see how you're going to work with them, they need to understand it in order to say yes to it.

Russ Johns 25:08
Yeah, confused mind never buys as well. So if you can simplify it and deliver very simple terms, then it's much easier to consume and get on board with it too. So it's like, okay, we're just going to make it simple. We're going to do AB7C.

Kami Huyse 25:25
Believe me, it's anything but simple. As far as like the actual, the machinations behind it, there's a lot but the quicker you can get your client from like Point A to Point B and the result, like if they can start getting little wins, little results, whatever you want to quick wins, whatever you want to call them. They're going to start to believe or trust you and want to work with you more.

Russ Johns 25:49
Well, I think the danger also is in the initial communication with them because there are times where social media is not just a. It's not a one and done event, it's an ongoing process and engagement in a community is in relationship building. It does take some time,

Kami Huyse 26:09
It does

Russ Johns 26:09
Build a little bit of momentum. Some people just say, Hey, I just need to sell now, just tomorrow, can you book? I don't know, it's a challenging approach, if that's where they're coming from.

Kami Huyse 26:24
Well, there's a lot of pressure, I think in a business, you come up with an idea and then you're like, Okay, we have to sell that sell this immediately, right. There is some like outside pressures in that maybe a boss pressure to and some other things. 've worked in public relations, by the way for over 20 years. That's where I started was in PR. That's actually why I loved social media so much because I felt like it was a true realization of that one to one, exchange of information that this is the whole thing we learn in public relations. Is this important connection that we're supposed to make with the public, for our companies or brands.

It was not really super easy to do that through a press release in the media, just saying. The idea of being able to sit down and have a conversation like this with you, and then at the same time scale that because so many other people could be watching at the same time, is huge for like communications. I mean, we're living in an age of communication that is like, unprecedented.

Russ Johns 27:28
Oh, it's insane.

Kami Huyse 27:30
We're really lucky to be here. So I want to use this opportunity wisely. I want to use it to make the biggest impact possible. One of my goals right now is to help 1000 small businesses and businesses and entrepreneurs build their communities of at least 1000 true fans, because if you have 1000 true fans in your community, you're making a living.

Russ Johns 27:50
Yeah. Kevin Kelley, he wrote the article and it's just like something

Kami Huyse 27:54
In 2008 By the way

Russ Johns 27:56
Yeah, and it's still true today.

Kami Huyse 28:02
Wait before you go on Kevin Kelley, so you guys know, was the founding editor of Wired Magazine. He just came up with this idea. Very simple idea. That's just a no brainer in so many ways. And when you say it, if you have 1000 people pay you about $200 a month, or not sorry, $2,200 a year, so they buy anything from you and they spend $200 a year on you. That's a $200,000 income.

Russ Johns 28:26

Kami Huyse 28:27

Russ Johns 28:28
Simple math.

Kami Huyse 28:29

Russ Johns 28:30
I just wanted to say hi to some of the people that are in the room and the show. So zeal, you know, zeal.

Kami Huyse 28:38
Another amazing Houston guy who's doing awesome stuff for the podcasting community in Houston. So, thrilled with him and what he's doing. He's pulled amazing community together.

Russ Johns 28:49
Yeah. Zeal you got to be on the show. I've been on your show you how to be on the #piratebroadcast.

Kami Huyse 28:55
Yeah, he does. He should be here.

Russ Johns 28:57
He should be sure. So we As Rafi he's in the room, Stacy.How are you? Good morning. Thank you. Oh, Jimmy. He's been in Houston before. Sherry.

Kami Huyse 29:15
A lot of people been through Houston. Hey, Sherry, how are you? She's a connector. I like that.

Russ Johns 29:19
Yeah. Wendy, she's started a podcast. She's doing some amazing things

Kami Huyse 29:23
Oh cool! Awesome. I have to check all of you out. I'm excited to meet you all.

Russ Johns 29:27
Then Wendy. Good morning, Wendy. We were on the phone last night. I Love, love what she's doing. She's amazing. And then two by two, I can do that. That's the message that we want to be able to convey.

Kami Huyse 29:42
I get you that link. Well, we'll put it in the comments. I guess.

Russ Johns 29:49
David Mumford Good morning. Oh, Michelle. Good morning pirates. She's getting ready.

Kami Huyse 29:55
Hey, Michelle

Russ Johns 29:57
I know you have a busy schedule and busy days.

Kami Huyse 30:01
You forgot Marie. Don't forget Marie. Marie. Hello

Russ Johns 30:05
There is Marie.

Kami Huyse 30:06

Russ Johns 30:06
Hey, nice to be here. Thank you so much for being here. I know there's there's probably others that are not showing up

Kami Huyse 30:15
It doesn't always show up for some reason. I don't know why

Russ Johns 30:18
Yeah, I don't know why they're, it's kind of a no, I would love the opportunity to have you connect with Kami she's an amazing individual. Thank you so much for being here, Kami. I appreciate you and all you're doing the next time I mean, you still have to schedule it next to social social media records

Kami Huyse 30:39
Well hey and honestly since your not you can come anytime you want. I mean, cuz now we're just doing it all online. So anybody can attend social media breakfast, right? Right now, by the way, because I've been doing this live. And we do it on the second Friday of every month. In the morning at it's about it's after this so that's good.

Russ Johns 30:43

Kami Huyse 30:43
8:30 My time so that'd be like literally Yeah, like before I don't know maybe over this so no go to Russ thing and then watch mine and replay or I'll have Russ on and we'll do like a #piratebroadcast slash social media.

Russ Johns 31:14

Kami Huyse 31:15
Mash up

Russ Johns 31:16
We'll have a mash up.

Kami Huyse 31:17
Oh that would be fun! Let's do that. No, no, let's do that. Let's just go ahead and have a mashup.

Russ Johns 31:21
That would be fun. That would be a blast. That would be a blast.

Kami Huyse 31:24
Oh, let's do that. I mean, I August is open. Let's do a mash up. Oh, let's do a mash up in August then. Awesome. Cool.

Russ Johns 31:32
Thank you so much for being here. dropping these nuggets of knowledge in these these golden tips and strategies. Where would you like people to go to find you so I can drop those in the notes as well?

Kami Huyse 31:48
Yes. Okay. So first of all, you can go anywhere on k m IC h a t on any platform, except for probably. I mean, I'm Kami Huyse on Facebook because they don't let you have a funny Name. So I'm candy chat everywhere else. That was my AOL screen name back in the day. So that tells you how old I am. Just FYI. So who am I? So you can reach me anywhere in any of my platforms there. And then I'm Cammy haisa, which is kameez smart social secrets on Facebook. And then of course smart social secrets is coming along and I'd love to get the two by two in your guys's hands. It's a six emails I send you and it goes step by step through how to do it. Easy peasy.

Russ Johns 32:32
The podcast, the post the transcription and all that stuff will be up by the end of the day.

Kami Huyse 32:36
Awesome. I'll get to that. I'll get you the link today. Love that.

Russ Johns 32:41
Thank you so much. I look forward to having a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. And if you're listening to this on the replay, please like and share, add comments and all the social things that go along with that. And I will see you again with another interesting guest doing interesting things.

Kami Huyse 33:01

Russ Johns 33:02
Kami as always it's a pleasure. All the gratitude in the world for you.

Kami Huyse 33:06
Yeah, you too. I'm so glad to see you. I super miss you. I mean, I love that I always loved Russ sitting in the audience with his beard and just very thoughtful. I just missed that in person stuff. I really do. I think we all missed this in person stuff. So guys, be kind to yourself right now. For those of you who are black that are listening to this right now, I just want you to know that, like, I have been like, absolutely. Doing whatever I can to help out in this regard. I want you to know that too. For those of you who want to learn more about that, too, you can talk to me because if you're white, especially, because we're going to have a group that meets up pretty regularly once a month that talks about how we can be great allies. So let me know if you're interested in that as well. I guess I should talk about that too, because we're going to have an ally group that's starting called joining voices.

Russ Johns 33:54
Oh fabntastic. I love that. I love that. Well give us more information and drop it in and I'll be happy to share it.

Kami Huyse 34:00

Russ Johns 34:00
then also, once it's going, let's get you back on the show to talk about it.

Kami Huyse 34:04
Yeah, we can bring Jennifer Tahada in with me because Jennifer Tahada, who actually helped me start social media breakfast back in the day. And she's an amazing black woman. She reached out to me and said, Kami, I want you to use your platform to make a difference in this issue. And I was like, tell me what I need to do, Jennifer. And so Jennifer and I are starting joining voices together.

Russ Johns 34:26
Fantastic. Well, thank you, everyone, and look forward to hearing more about that Kami, and also the #kindnessiscool. It #smilesarefree. So I want you to #enjoytheday. All right.

Kami Huyse 34:43
I love it.

Russ Johns 34:45
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