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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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Wow, it's a Friday. Let's get adjusted here. Let's get our act together for us that's been a year well multi year project. It looks like I'm dropping, so my internet may not be as effective as possible. However, standby, let's make sure that we have this going on. I really wanted to have a conversation with you today because it's important for us to be able to stick together and really rise to the top. We live the new normal as they call it is going to be one of these times that we are going to have to think about and we're going to have to adjust to everything else.

Thank you for being here. I love the fact that you're here and I just wanted to check in with everybody and see how things are going in your world. I know a lot of people are working at home. A lot of people are working remotely As they say, and the people that haven't been working remotely, are going through a learning curve. And a learning curve for some people can always be a little challenging. And some people are not always interested in new challenges like this, when it comes to technology. And so I just want to check in and see how you you're doing in this in this migration.

So, I wanted to put this out there and ask the question and see what's taking place. Gabriel's here. Morning, pirates. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day practicing social distancing. Yeah, it's social distancing. Streaming issues always drive me crazy. Now, Gabriel Cause and Effect, more people are working from home, the more people are going to be on the internet in a residential setting. They've even asked Netflix just start streaming in SD rather than HD in order to reduce the capacity issues that are going on on the internet. So that's something we have to be aware of and be patient with. You know, these things. It's a patience thing at this point in time. It's one of those things that you have to be aware of. You have to be considerate about and understand that this is going to be this is what's going to be happening.

 There's still a lot of activity in the construction industry. There is a lot of activity in the construction industry. And there's going to be a lot of activity and a lot of different industries there's a lot of think. And an Angie says a lot of companies are realizing they need a better emergency plan in place. So these are topics that are top of mind. Angie, says don't mess with Netflix. I'm sure it will, with all things, there's emergencies, and then we find balance.

I was in Harvey, and everybody was underwater. And it was really tragic and so many people so many areas. My nephew was just in Tennessee with the tornado there, lost the entire top of his apartment building. We're all going through some of these things that are out of our control outside of our control, and I just really want to make sure that I check in with everybody and reach out. I'm a fan of video. I'm a huge fan of video, and I just want to make sure that people understand that I'm promoting this video thing. And I'm creating workshops. I think there's probably an opportunity where I could create a workshop on a zoom session, how to use zoom, how to make zoom work for you. I think that would be one area that we could actually provide some assistance to people. What is it you're challenged by? At this point in time? Is there anything specific that you're, finding and there's some craziness going on. I know. I still don't quite understand the toilet paper. Just not sure what the connection is. And I know that being in in the news and having been in advertising and radio, on television, it's sometimes the media likes the sizzle more than they like anything else around the facts. And I also know that we're living in a time that is, not anything close to what we're used to seeing in this lifetime. And I just wanted to remember that there are people out there that are much worse than we are. So I just want to remind people about that and make sure that we understand that it's okay to have a little bit of anxiety. Some understanding and patience. I'm just getting on here LinkedIn live because as you know, LinkedIn live doesn't allow me to bring the comments in. Oh, Angie would love a zoom webinar. There you go. One of many.

So let me go in the comments here and see what else is happening on LinkedIn have changed by streaming. Oh, Gabriel, you've changed your stream from 420 says change to 420 just to continue streaming. Was it helpful? Does it help? I suspect it's helped Chris Behrman, the restaurant that I work at has put my position on hold because of the Coronavirus so many hours of time. That's unfortunate. I know. Jim Nixon morning. How are you today, MD? Good morning. Thank you so much for joining. Cheryl Good morning. Hey, I missed you on the workshop. So we'll be following up later today and making sure that you have the information that you're looking for. So, I appreciate you. My work day hasn't changed since I was already working remotely.  I would love to help anyone making that adjustment or having difficulty. See, look for the helpers. People. Look for the helpers. We're all in different circumstances. We're all in different places in our life. We're all in different modes. And I know that there are challenging times that are ahead. I know there will be moments where you thinking What's going on? And the one thing I want to share with you is, I've been in those moments, I've been to the point where, there were some very dark days. I've been in a place where it's like, I'm camping from my car. Part of it was choice. Part of it was circumstance. I've had things and I've had nothing. My point is at the end of the day, there's a lot of things that are just, it's baggage rather than it's stuff. And remember what's important. Remember to make sure that you're staying in contact with your family and friends, your community and do outreach and help each other out, lift each other up. Don't isolate And I know that video is one of the ways in doing this show. I was doing this show long before corona-virus showed up so don't take my ratings corona-virus and I'm not laughing at it. I'm laughing at the circumstance where we're all working to figure it out. Yes, everything is figureoutable.

Experience as a whole this many times on the show experience is one of those things that can be good or bad. You just have to understand what is the lesson I'm learning today? What is it the things that I need to take away from this? And I know that the people that are most adaptable resilient, and creative are the ones that are going to be coming and shining in this moment, and the things that you can do to. I think over this time in this period, depending on how long it lasts, and what the end result is, it is I think that it's going to be really key to understand how to utilize some of the technology of remote worker, companies are probably going to understand that it doesn't really require us to have all these employees in this building, because we can and we can still survive, and we can still thrive in a remote work environment. And there's probably going to be some changes and shifts in the market and I truly believe that. And I've always believed that. I was in remote working back in 95. I was traveling and working remotely and I actually had a satellite dish on my place to be able to connect. I just for myself, it's the way I live the way I live now. And for a lot of people, it's completely alien. It's like uncomfortable. It's like I don't have the place setup at work. I don't have to. I don't have to really do anything like I do at work. There's so many things that you just have to get your mind around and make adjustments. I think in the coming days more people are gonna have to connect via methods like zoom. Absolutely, you know? It's really one of those things that we just have to, we have to get past and we have to lean on people, like going to meetings. Debbie Wemyss, used go-to-meeting for years. would conduct a free 30 Minute Webinar each week. Our March newsletter has the details. So, Debbie Wemyss, she is a pirate, go support the pirates. It really has an opportunity to shine on different platforms, just go-to-meetings is, there's all kinds of platforms out there

I'm a fan of zoom. I've been on zoom for a long time. I use it every day. And it's just one of those tools that I'm familiar with. here's changing to a lower stream helped with the live stream 720 was lagging too much too much pixelation. So yes, it helps. Thanks for that update. Gabriel. I really appreciate you. There's so many people out there that. Debbie, thank you so much for offering that You can go to her website find Debbie on LinkedIn Wemyss. And you can find it in the comments as well. So Sherry, lolly my IT department, Vicki O'Neill has to send me link to get into LinkedIn live. Look for the helpers. Yes, look for the helpers. Thank you, Vicki. Thank you, Sherry for being here. It's really challenging. Marie Forleo quote is, everything is figuredoutable. Linda Tilson, you're ready, honey. That's so kind. Thank you for being a pirate. It's fantastic that you're here. I really appreciate it. Angie says she had to come to LinkedIn because Twitter is glitchy so Twitter's having issues. Hmm. That's interesting. Being on the front line of helping people though what they have. Being on the front line to help people through is what I have and will continue to do. I have seen such creativity and innovation, innovative things come. Just this week transformation is here. Absolutely, Linda, I mean a lot of people and that's what I go back to this statement of transformation. It's a resiliency and creativity in the ability to adapt is really going to be some skills that people need to really consider and think about because crying about what's happening and being angry about what's happening or depressed about what's happening, serves no purpose, it serves no purpose. Notice how you're feeling about it. If you have anxious, anxiety, depression, things like this, you know, reach out and get some help it really matters. Make it matter, because it's important for us to stick together in these times. And it's going to be challenging.

Pakistan already University lectures are live on zoom. I think a lot of remote schools training, you know, are going to adopt is open it up for you know, they're expanding their platform to free to a lot of people right now, as a result of this. This is Mark Schaefer shared cats they bought his people are falling hilariously at work from home. They're failing, hilariously at work. So we're gonna I'm gonna have to Fred that Fred Costa thank you for being here. And also, you know, community is here. So join the Facebook group on join the pirate broadcast group on Facebook. So I need to find that link. Let me see if I can find that link and get it out here. So you can go join it. Let me see. I should have it memorized. But, you know, I just wanted to I just wanted to share these things with you because it's important for me To stay connected and stay in touch with people, you know, I have been remote working and I'm here mom and dad you know i'm concerned about mom and dad  we're in a place where 90% of the population here is retired and over 60 fact everyone in the house is over 60 truth be told, ain't gonna lie.

So let me put this up here in the banner so you can see this. So let me create a banner. Let's create this quick banner here. All right, I'm going to scroll across here. Okay, so if you're not connected on the Facebook group, get connected on the Facebook group connect right down here. Here it is coming across Facebook slash pirate broadcast. Just sign up. If you're a pirate already, there's also a private group. You know, it's one of those things that we can stick together. High Tide raises all boats. It's, you know, together, we're stronger. And together, we're going to get through this past it. So I just want to make sure that everybody's available here. remembering your links. Yeah, Gabriel. Yeah. And Gabriel is going to be on the pirate broadcast. So people that know Gabriel, and I appreciate you so much. Oh, yeah. Debbie shared the same thing. Absolutely. Thank you so much for sharing that. Debbie. Vicki. O'Neil. You're welcome. I like things that are clickable. Yeah, this is not clickable. This is not clickable. However, in the feed. It looks like they're clickable. So if you go back and you look at it Yeah. So the Facebook groups pirate broadcast share the point is in the thing that I helping people with video and producing video and producing results for long time and I got an upcoming webinar or an upcoming. Yeah, an upcoming webinar and I just want to make sure that there's workshops here. I'm doing workshops, and you can actually register the next one at crowdcast. Let me share my screen here. Let me share my screen. Let me see if I can I haven't had as much coffee as I need this morning. So let me let me see if I can do this and make it make it happen. I'm gonna change this brand. Let me turn this off that stuff. Sure, sure. Let me share my other screen. There we go. I got to share the right screen. So this is on crowdcast. This is another video platform that I use all the time for webinars and conferences. And so it's really one of those platforms that we can actually utilize and put out there. Some webinars help people get past this, get through this.

You know, and it's one of those things that you're using video all the time. I love video, I love the fact that and I started out in podcasting, you know, because I have a face for radio. And I just really love the fact that I can use podcasting. I can use video, I can use other forms of communication. I used to post a blog post every week, did that for years. I don't know where they are. And there's lots of information, you know, long form, pod, you know, posts out there that are just randomly placed out there in the ether net. And I just, if I could sit down and share a story and produce something that can be valuable. I just want to put it out there and it's really important that we learn how to adapt, we learn how to move forward with whatever We're doing in life and get creative and be resilient. That's the biggest message I want to share is be resilient. Be flexible, you know, be patient. You know, kindness is cool smiles are free.That's the way I live my life and I just want to share that and continue to share that with people. Because it's absolutely critical that we do this. it's not a joke. It's not a marketing effort. it's why I live and, you know, open doors, returning cards, you know, things compliments. appreciation. Patience, extreme patience some days. So, Linda says she's going to host a webinar to that'd be cool. Got to get into session. Have a great day, Russ. Thanks for Debbie, thank you so much. Have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend. The link Russ shared is from the Facebook page. If you want to join the group, use Angie's link. Thank you, Angie. Since I'm not as good at sharing, apparently. But, but maintaining a relationship in a community with video. There's some simple things that we can use to do this. The webinars there, say it's gonna be next Wednesday night. If you can make it, I'd love to see you there. There's no charge to it. there's no fee or anything like that. So just something I wanted to provide for you. And then also I'm doing more on The Pirate Syndicate. You know, the #PirateBroadcast I created this whole platform to broadcast shows with 'The Pirate Syndicate. Now The Pirate Syndicate is an entire system that we can use to be able to publish and promote, and branding. I got a couple of shows that are coming out, you know, developing your solution, broadcasting your message. This was all created before this whole thing blew up. And it's even more relevant today than it was three weeks ago. And I just can't, I don't know how to feel about this. I am just sharing the value and continuing to share the value , is important to me in getting more people out there and getting the opportunity out there to share this with more people. And I would be if I didn't share this I had somebody tell me it's like, it's a sin if you don't share this, and you're gonna go to hell if you don't share it. So that's one of the things that I just I really And I'm just passionate about this. And people are going to have to learn how to use video, people are going to have to learn how to adapt to their current environments, and understand that this could be the new normal, this could be a new representation of what is what the way life is going to be.

So I just want to share that and put that out there. So anyway, got a webinar next Wednesday, and I got some things that are taking place and I just want to include and invite you and support you in anything you're doing. If you want zoom session training, let me know put, put that together. Linda Tilson, she's made. She's made an offer to do some training. I know that Vicki O'Neill would probably do some training Debbie Weems we could probably get some training out there Social Media Examiner uses crowdcast too for their weekly show. Yeah. psi. psi is the founder. I was a beta tester for Crowdcast. And I used it years ago. Vicki just as a side note there and met with the guys out in San Francisco and next to the whole downtown tech sector that is in trouble right now. That's shut down completely. The point is, is all of these tools I've been using for years, all of these tools have been broadcasting. I mean, I used to do remote training sessions and bring people in from all over the world into a live networking events and all of this stuff is to me is is part of what I've always been doing in Now it's like, we have to teach this, we have to train this, we have to learn this. And all of a sudden drop of the hat, you know, you're, you're forced to be home. And there's possibility that, you know, it's it's probably going to get worse before it gets better. Just like any catastrophe out there, whether it be weather, you know, infrastructure. power's out, you know, things are in the unknown. And that's why people are, you know, buying toilet paper by the truckloads. I still don't understand that today.

So video is going to be so big. I would love to help do some training with newbies starting out how to begin on a budget. So that's a class we could that's another class we could teach. I just find that it's really it's really important for us to understand what is possible In what is necessary, because there's so many things that are going on right now that we don't know about. And the one thing I do know and I'm passionate about is learn how to use video, communications, stay in touch with your community, stay in contact with your people. Understand that you don't have to isolate. You don't have to, you know, shut down, you have the opportunity to help others around you. Even if you can't be in the same place with them. You know, travel is going to travel is going to be reduced or potentially eliminated. And I don't want to go into doom and gloom. I just want to make sure that we understand that flexibility, ability to adapt the opportunity to get creative, because there's opportunities are surrounding us. Even in the worst circumstances, you can be a helper. Look for the helpers like Mr. Rogers used to say, when you see something scary, look for the helpers. And we're in a scary time right now. So, look for the helpers. Set the example to be a helper. And I just want to share this with you on a Friday and let you know that I'm here. I would love to have you share this, you know, subscribe to the channels, do all the social things to get this word out because it's important to me. And it's important to you because you're here. So I love what I'm doing. I'm passionate, I will continue to do what I do. And I just want to make sure that everybody understands that you matter. You make a difference. You have a gift. You have a message. You can share this. And together we can get through this. This is this is not only So, this is a war. This is you know, it, it knows no boundaries, it knows no limits. So let's get on the Facebook page. Let's hear the group. Get on the Facebook group, join the Facebook group. Let's start a communication. Let's start conversation in different platforms. Let's share this around as many places as we can broadcast this platform, share it out, make comments connect with each other. You know, we've got almost 120 shows and I'm almost booked up through April here shortly. So that's a lot of people that have been able to connect and communicate here. And if we expand this network in The kindness and the generosity and the gratitude that people have. We can do this and at least stick together on this. All right, I'm going to go. I wish you the very best in your day. Have a wonderful weekend. I know that you know, you know what I say? kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy your day. Love you all.

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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