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​Russ Johns 0:27
It's a great day for a great day, as I always say. Today on the pirate broadcast is no different. We want to bring interesting people doing interesting things. Today, right now more than any other time in history, we really have to have a little bit of connection, conversation, a little more patience, empathy. As I always say, kindness is cool. Today we have Terry earth when Nichols in and Terry has been Doing some amazing things. He's been a US Navy profiler, looking forward to writing a book. He's written the book. He's done some amazing things. We're gonna dive into that today and share a few stories and interesting facts. Also, just to let you know that we are here. I thank you so much if you're here as well, if you're watching the replay, just drop in hashtag replay so I can actually come back and follow up and have conversation with you. We're also on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. So if you're if you're not here on LinkedIn, we're around right around the interwebs and Terry, good morning. How are you today?

Terry Earthwind Nichols 1:48
Good morning, Russ Johns. I am so excited to be here you got such cool show. I had dude a little pirate thing for you dragon for my brother cuz I'm a sailor from another line.

Russ Johns 1:59
Exactly. Yeah, so and this doesn't require you to walk the plank either.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 2:04
How bout that?

Russ Johns 2:05
Yeah. We have quite a community of pirates. Thank you so much for being a pirate. So how did you get to the point of being a pirate today? Talk about talking about your journey, and a couple of highlights in your life.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 2:20
Well, as you alluded, I'm a retired Navy man and a sailor. I've seen about three fifths of the world and got out of high school and and wanted to see the world and that's exactly what I did. I look back with a lot of pride and sometimes a little surprised that I made it, because I was in some wild places. I was never in war. I came in during the last of the Vietnam era, and the Navy decided to send me other than that place, and I'm okay with that. Okay, and The Navy and I agreed that I would retire just before Iraq and all of that stuff started and I'm okay with that. You know I support a lot of people. I am a service disabled vet and my company is global. We're in 13 countries on five continents. We're going to talk a little bit about that as well. You know my time in the Navy I've always been a people watcher so when I would be in European ports and things like that, I'd be the one of the first people at a sidewalk cafe with a mug of cappuccino watching people.

Russ Johns 3:38
I was in blue suit with Maker's Mark at your favorite restaurant

Terry Earthwind Nichols 3:42
That came later. (laughing) I still people watch and that's what I have in my hand when I do that.

Russ Johns 3:52
We share that we share that thread Terry

Terry Earthwind Nichols 3:57
I love that. Back in 2009 I was on the edge of ability ready to step up cool uncomfortable as I am right now not even breathing hard I was done.

Russ Johns 4:11

Terry Earthwind Nichols 4:12
And little voice inside voice behind me whatever you want to take it wherever you want to go with that said turn around I have worked for you to do an idea and I never looked back. And the work I do now stops PTSD and suicide ideation and and smoking and weight issues and self sabotage a lot of different things online, like what we're doing right now talk to you. We do it all over the world. And it's a wonderful thing. So turn around, I got work for you to do I get that thank you and I'm doing it. And along the way. I found that paying attention to how people subconsciously move while they're talking or paying attention means certain things. I started equating it to my world of watching people all these years and all of a sudden, boom, stuff started really making sense to help us find amnesia memories back in early childhood that drives the people's behavior as adults. Dr. Sigmund Freud, a German psychologist or psychiatrist rather, back in the late 1890s was trying to prove that and he was never able to and guess what, siggy I did it. We're doing it in seven languages. So you know, and we're teaching it so we know it works. And it's no therapy, no counseling, it's all online. No office visits. Very cool.

Russ Johns 5:42
So So is it. So is it the Is it the body motion is the indicator of the challenge that a person has having or what's the connection between profiling and Understanding the symptoms.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 6:04
When a person comes to me. And we'll get to the book here in just a minute, okay, a person comes to me, and they're there at all when enough is enough, I'm done. You can't help me. I don't know what's gonna be next. And so when they do, we take it back in time, we haven't closed your eyes and we have an inventory a memory, rather than Tell me the story of the history of memory, we have a freeze frame it and becomes a photograph. When we do that, we stop the motion. If there's no motion, there's no emotion. So it's very kind of cool.

Russ Johns 6:45

Terry Earthwind Nichols 6:46
So somebody suffering from PTSD or suicide ideation or something like that, all of a sudden, it was common, right now just totally present. Because all the stuff that can stir up emotions are stopped Then we tell we asked him, What do you smell one thing at a time in the event in the memory you're at right now what are you aware of? This, this, this, this and this, okay, so what do you taste blah, blah, blah, we use the five senses. Here's what happens when psycho therapeutic behavior people help people, they go from the front back, and EMDR and NLP, all that kind of stuff. They go from the sides in, we come to the back using an alternate neural pathway. So amnesia is a protection device, okay. And it only knows how to protect you on that neural pathway that was created on if you go down an alternate neural pathway doesn't know how to protect you, it doesn't know how to follow because it learns how to protect you as you learn how to live in life linearly. So abcdefg, two plus two is four. That's how it deflects and defends you. But when you're using the senses It doesn't know where you're at, because you're all over the place. It's abstract thought. So that's what's makes that part powerful. So my practitioners and a lot of my clients have said, Terry, once you write a book, you've got some cool stuff here. Right? So that's that's what we did. We wrote a book. And that's how I reached out to you, Ross because you you, you talk to some very interesting people and I'm sure your audience is just as aware, because the book just doesn't help us with with people who have those behaviors. It's like you and I talking in person or over the phone or whatever, there are certain things you say and how you say it. There are certain things that you move on your body as we're speaking in an engagement that mean things in the sales conversation or just the conversation that we're doing. And so, if a person likes in my book profiling for profit, what crossed arms done tell you, right? Well, if I've caught my arms crossed, I'm not buying anything you're gonna put on me. Right?

Russ Johns 9:07
Yeah, that's the common knowledge, right?

Terry Earthwind Nichols 9:09
Yeah. Well, I sold my first $2,000 suit to somebody was standing in front of me just like this, only their head was left, right, and their head left. Correct. So, for those of you who are listening in, I got to make sure that I was right. They were their head was leaning left. So if you were to pick up a baby, okay, I'm a dad, I pick up my daughter and I would put her over my left side over my heart and I would nurture her. Okay, center line, left means nurture, trust, love, all of those positive responses to the body. The other side is distrust, deflection, fear, all those kinds of things. So what does that mean? So that means if I'm, presenting to the board of directors of a company, and I'm reading how they move around with their heads. In their bodies as they're paying attention to me, I can adjust what I'm saying to them so that they better understand because the sales conversation is about understanding the other person not necessarily selling to them. You can sell something to somebody once, but to connect with them and they have no like and trust with you. You can sell to them over and over and over again. And even better yet, they're going to send you all their friends and people that they know, because they be fans. Yeah. You know, like pirates.

Russ Johns 10:33
It's just like pirates, folks.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 10:35
It's just like pirates. Okay, so, the book teaches on on how to communicate better. Coronavirus has got us a little cooked up right now, but we're to go into event part one chapter in the book is how to go to a networking event. Read the room and in a couple of seconds when you walk in and what to do before you walk in the room to get yourself, your mind and your presence connected.

Russ Johns 11:06
So I want to talk about that a little deeper. And first I want to recognize a couple of people that are here, Terry, just to acknowledge them. Gabriel, he's a future pirate. We got him on board. He's doing some live streaming. So he's, an awesome individual, and he's practicing social distancing, and connecting with people. So we can do both. As you know, we're here on the pirate broadcast. We're actually live streaming here. And Bernie, thank you so much for joining us, Carol Campos. Good morning. Latasha, Jesse, Roz. All of these individuals that are, they have lives. They have busy things to do and they're joining us. So we got a few people that have jumped in and joined us today, Terry, so I just really, want to acknowledge the individuals that Take the time to understand a little bit of what we are around the world and who we, who we connect with. Because, to me, it's always fascinating to learn something about someone else. And I always I know we all have a connection. And if you dive in deep enough, you'll find those connections. It's like you're talking about you go to the dock. And, you know, you'd be at the cafe with the cappuccino there. Well, I, was my profiling efforts came from being a musician in a bar for years. And having to understand who's ready to erupt and who's not ready to erupt and reading people is is a key benefit. And you talked about networking and networking events. And I think, and I want to take it a little different direction, Terry, if we can is because I think, right now we need the skills to understand a little bit more about ourselves, what is it that we're doing and what can Do to do a little self reflection, and understand who we are as individuals. And a little bit of our superpower, your superpower is understanding what people do in their moves and their emotions and their emotions around that. And I think a lot of people are not in tune with that. So, when we talk about your book and some of the work that you've done, how does that fit in? And how can people start to become more aware in this in this time that we're living in to, do some self reflection and understand Okay, well, I'm not quite ready to jump off the bridge here. However, I know I got some work to do. So what's the benefit that we can share today with the with the community?

Terry Earthwind Nichols 13:50
Wow, that's good. That's a really good setup. When we network and you and I are talking right now and people that are be watching us and those who are listening to us there are certain things that the way people talk how fast they talk. What, is the formality of their language? Do they all sudden, enunciate very carefully and speak just a little bit slower? When they talk to you, we learn that very early on in life, a lot of time that's condescending. Somebody wants to make sure that you understand what I am saying, you get that? It's like, Okay, can you push me just a little bit longer? Or do you want to just hit me over the head? But when we're talking to people, even over Skype, zoom on the phone or whatever? How are my words my actions, getting my message to the receiver? It's not what I say it's what you hear. Okay? And how you interpret what you hear.

Russ Johns 15:00
Rejection is my reality.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 15:01
Exactly right and presence is a point where manifestation becomes action, whatever manifestation represents for you, it could be a sale, it could be a new girlfriend, whatever it is, okay? presence is everything. So when you're fully present with somebody and you're observing them, not from a position of how to respond, but from a position of understanding, okay? You're not listening to somebody for your comeback. You're listening to somebody to understand what they're saying, and how can you use it, to help yourself first, and then help others. So there's a Native American saying, You can't give what you don't have. So, basically, if you want to give love, give yourself love first, and then when you give somebody love, it's more authentic. It has a different vibration. of your body because we all vibrate, everything vibrates.

Russ Johns 16:03

Terry Earthwind Nichols 16:03
So if you're vibrating that love out, rather than just saying the word love, you're actually giving love out, then the people are receiving authentic love, and they can send it back to you. You and I are giving each other love right now and that play back and forth is authentic, it's real. How does other people do that? My book is got some really good pieces in it, of how to do that, from that position of not to respond, but to understand.

Russ Johns 16:39
Well, and I think in especially in this day and age, social media is, is kind of a catch 22, it's a great tool, and it's allowed me the opportunity to have friends all over the world. The downside though, is the chasing the comparison when you have an opportunity when you're thinking, Well, wait a second, they're further along than I am. And you're, they're doing something different, or should I do this? Am I doing the wrong thing? And it's a guessing game, then you start comparing what others are doing around you, and when you're putting yourself out there in a loving kind way and you want to react and respond in a certain way. Not everybody's willing to respond back the way you're putting it out. Not everybody's responding to understand. I found that when you remove your expectations about what you're putting out there, everything's okay. It's really okay and you don't have to have anybody's acknowledgment or understanding. As long as you like you said, If I love myself, and I love what I'm doing And I love what I'm putting out there. That's enough. That's, my path. You have a journey, you have a mission. You have this understanding, when you were on the edge of the building, ready to give it up in 2009 you said?

Terry Earthwind Nichols 18:17

Russ Johns 18:17
Yeah, there's so many times I look back at my life and I've fallen three stories I've, been in car wrecks that I should not be here. I mean circumstances that I probably been given a slightly different outcome, I wouldn't be here. So I feel like I'm here for a reason, right? Just like you did. And putting this message out and sharing this stuff is really important to me. I just want to thank you for doing it and being here and being present and sharing this information with this Terry, so I want to talk a little bit about current situation and how people can frame their own emotions around it. We don't want to necessarily build the brain activity in a negative way. I think right now we need to look at things in a in somehow frame it in a positive way and how we can be protective of ourselves and build those connections in our brain don't necessarily need to be a negative thing, even though there are some unfortunate circumstances and a lot of people will be impacted. Talk about how you can frame things in your life in a positive way. Because I'm an advocate for that, and I just kind of want to get your perspective on that.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 19:47
Well what immediately comes to mind Russ is what other people think is none of your business. That's hard to do. But

Russ Johns 19:51
It's the truth.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 19:56
It's the truth. There's no one more way for everyone to be okay with themselves when you're an hourly employee in the hospitality business right now your world really sucks.

Russ Johns 20:13

Terry Earthwind Nichols 20:14
And if you're an hourly employee in the hospitality or in the hospital and medical field Your life is absolute chaos. The old adage for this is the fly caught in the in a spider's web life is chaos for the spider. It's another day.

Russ Johns 20:33

Terry Earthwind Nichols 20:35
Where are you at? You got to ask yourself, where am I at with all of this? What can I control? And what can I not control? Because what I can control is completely up to me. But what I can't control I can let go. It's not mine. I don't get to carry it. You know, people. Yes this Cornavirus this is a first in the world. Okay? Yes, the black plague in Europe and stuff like that stopped work and stopped everything because everybody was sick there was nothing there is no alternative. How is that? Today there is alternatives. But we're taking because of this platform internet and everything we can share this information live with people so they can make those decisions. What can I control? What can I not controlled? There's a lot of things. There's breathing exercises. There's a lot of different stuff meditations, you can go meditate for hours at a time. Well, if you're not completely present with that meditation doesn't matter if it's 15 seconds or 15 hours, you're not going to get the benefit. But if you jump up and say oh, Okay, this is what I got. I got me first, then I got my family. Now I can go from there.

Russ Johns 22:07

Terry Earthwind Nichols 22:08
It's me first. It's like being on the airplane, when that oxygen mask comes down, you got to be first, or you're gonna die trying to help everybody else not gonna happen. It's smart. So, here we are in this situation right now where we all get to change the way we do business every day and live in this world. And that is washed your hands all the time. Right? I come in from the grocery store, which was an interesting experience.

Russ Johns 22:20

Terry Earthwind Nichols 22:30
I live in a small metropolitan area in Asheville, North Carolina, not like New York and Phoenix and these different places where you stand in lines to get into the store that's half empty. The dynamic is way different. But the principles of your mindset is not, okay? It doesn't matter if you spent two hours standing in line To go in and get a shot at toilet paper, or 10 minutes to go in line and could buy, all you want that the mindset is, am I coming from scarcity? Or am I coming from a place of love for me? Because if I love me, I'll figure it out how to fix that. I go and tear up some t shirts and take care of myself and wash those t shirts every day after I'm done because there is no option, then there's no option. It's just, okay, this is the way it is. Then it's the way it is. If you went camping and there was a storm came up. It is what it is.

Russ Johns 23:41

Terry Earthwind Nichols 23:42
You're out a way to get through the storm.

Russ Johns 23:44
You have to work around it through it, do whatever it is.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 23:49
Whatever it is. Yeah, you got to do what you got to do. I was in a big Zoom chat room earlier this morning. It was International and the thing that came through with everybody is one word that kept resonating. That's community. I saw a video this last weekend of a guy driving up and down the street with a bingo thing on the back of his truck and everybody in his neighborhood were outside on their driveways with bingo cards, playing community bingo, do what you're going to do. Nobody's laughing and hugging, being with each other. But they were with each other. They said, Okay, we're going to do something.

Russ Johns 24:38

Terry Earthwind Nichols 24:39
And it's we're going to do it all together. We're not going to sit in our houses and overdose on Netflix or whatever. Never wrong with Netflix because I don't watch television. Okay, I haven't for years. But man, I can do some stars and Netflix and stuff like that, because I get to choose what I get to say.

Russ Johns 24:58
Yeah! You get the choice!

Unknown Speaker 25:02
Yeah, the choice is me, I make the choices I get to make the choice. I don't have to make the choice. You know, I teach this in my company, you get to versus have to you have to get up on time you

Russ Johns 25:19
that people don't really it. You know it's a change in the way the word sentences said but it's a huge mind shift. If I get to do something like this show, I get to do this show I get the opportunity to interview people that I find fascinating. And

Terry Earthwind Nichols 25:39

Russ Johns 25:39
I get to share this opportunity. That's a completely different position than Oh man. I have to get up. I have to wake up early and get I have to do the show again. Dang!

Terry Earthwind Nichols 25:53
Yeah, I gotta shave. I'm gonna be on camera. Right?

Russ Johns 25:58

Terry Earthwind Nichols 25:59

Russ Johns 26:00
Thanks so much. Carol is here. Angie, Vicki Lolly. Thank you so much. Thank you, Vickie O'Neil. Bernie, thank you for the comments. Thank you so much for the service. Kenyatta Real Talk, Roz one foot in front of the other? Absolutely. To that Roz. Can someone share the guests name please? Yes. Terry Earthwind Nichols. Terry Earthwind Nichols. Jessica GO Good morning, Terry. Good morning, Russ. We are in an era of transformation. And just like you've transformed formed from, the Navy and the structure and everything that goes along with this to helping international clients and get unstuck and finding their fix, so to speak.

I think It's really important that we take this time in our lives, and we get more present with ourselves start loving ourselves. Love is abundant, you can't run out of abundance, right? So it's really one of those things that we can reflect on we can meditate on and understand that this too, will be something that we'll look back on. And we can either say we did some amazing things to create a new future, or we're going to say coulda, shoulda woulda, and my position is, is I want to make sure that as many people as possible, have a positive outlook, have a positive outcome and continue to move forward in what they're doing in improving their own life and the lives of others around them. So that's what a pirates all about. Thanks for being Being here Terry any closing last words any epiphany that you want to share with the community and big ideas that I think are gonna last forever

Terry Earthwind Nichols 26:01

If anybody wants to find me there's about 10,000 Terry Nichols out there but there's only one Terry Earthwind Nichols that's my tribal name I'm chickamauga Cherokee and I use it that way because if people want to find out about me I'm an open book so they can just google Terry Earthwind Nichols and you got my Google you got my YouTube channels, you got everything that you want. Enjoy, contact me if you feel the the pull I would say that that thing that really resonates with all of us in these days, is just remain true to yourself and smile at somebody be kind we're all going through this. Nobody's exempt. We have we have movie stars getting the Coronavirus, we have hundred year old people who are surviving it. We have newborns that are surviving it. Okay, it's for all of us. There's no economic cutoff for this one.

Russ Johns 29:11
There's no geographic demographic.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 29:14

Russ Johns 29:14
It's all over the world boundaries.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 29:17
And we'll all get through it.

Russ Johns 29:20
I could talk a little bit. I mean, we could talk for hours, I'm sure about different subjects, Terry. And I just want to make sure that people understand and appreciate the fact that this can bring us together, humanity, because this is a common thread that we're all working towards solving. This is something so look at it from that perspective. And not a Me too. I'm going to get my toilet paper kind of attitude. Because we don't need to be everything is able to be solved. We're able to solve these challenges. It may not be the outcome and the process that we would like to see. However, this will pass and this will be something that we're going to have to live through and survive and thrive in. So I just think the more positive in the more love and kindness and generosity and gratitude we can put out in the world the better off we're going to be.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 30:27
Yeah man. Yeah man.

Russ Johns 30:28
That's my story. I'm gonna stick to it.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 30:31
Yeah, that's my story too is Yeah, It is what it is and it's gonna get it's going to get better. If you really look at the overall picture of the world, we don't have any World Wars. We have war zones and those kinds of things and they're going away too this is a time in the indigenous cultures teach us that this is the Age of Aquarius is which is water, water connects to water and the people of the Earth man asked us every day people were tired of status quo. We're coming back. We're going to get together we're becoming a community. And we're giving up this we they stop. It's beautiful time. We just get through those rough spots. And I look to a very bright future. I really do.

Russ Johns 31:18
Yeah, I as well. Well, thank you, Terry, so much for being here. And as I always say, kindnesses cool, smiles are free, and you enjoy the day. And I also want to share one more last thing is this Wednesday night, I'm going to be putting on I'm going to put on a webinar, to talk about using video to stay connected with your community stay connected in making sure that things are operating smoothly as possible for you in your environment. So, Wednesday night, I'll drop it in the comments. I'll drop the links in the comments, make sure that you can attend it's free of charge. I'm just here to help and help us get through this. So Terry as always it's a pleasure. I look forward to future conversations. And you enjoy the day.

Terry Earthwind Nichols 32:15
You too. Thank you very much, Russ. This is cool.

Russ Johns 32:18
Take care!

Terry Earthwind Nichols 32:18
Pirate it on!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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