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Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, and your community. Kindness is cool and smiles are free. Let's get this party started. You know what? It's a great day to have an interesting guest doing interesting things again, I just want to welcome you if you're showing up live, thank you all the gratitude in the world. Ask your questions. Let's interrogate the guest here today. Terry Bean. How are you today?
If I were any better, I'd be you dude. That's how that's how I'm feeling right now. This smiles are free. That stuff makes me smile. Every time I hear it
It's cool, man. Kinda cool guy. This is cool.
Hey, there's no doubt about it. I want more kindness out of life. So that's how I was excited to come back. I'm like, I need a little more kindness. I don't see enough anymore. So hang out with Russ for a little while.
Yeah, no kidding, thank you so much for being here. I, you know, we went back and forth and I've got over 200 episodes now and we've just keep rolling this out. I really think that there's... we were talking before the show about how things are evolving and things are moving forward, I think, what we need to be embracing is the resiliency of change and how that moves, moves out and it's like, what we what we know is happening right now is not necessarily what's going to happen forever. However, it is changing how we live and how we work forever. You were talking, you're telling me about a story of the gig economy and how just in time workforce and I want to talk a little bit about that go a little bit deeper. So, first of all, though, for those that don't know you and haven't yet connected with Terry Bean. Tell us who you are and how you got here today.
Mr. Pirate indeed you know what I really wanted to test taking this taking my phone and doing this from my ship racks. I have a ship right over there. I mean it's a pontoon, but for all intents purposes, it's a ship. ship. It's a damn it. So next time, right I'm gonna be on I'll be on the ship.
That would be Awesome. That would Fantastic. I love that.
I think this might be the first time. So I got a huge, it's been a long strange trip man. I started doing business networking in 95. So when I was 25 years old, maybe 24 years old, somewhere in there, and got into it quick and easy, and it made sense and I loved it and that was a much better networker than a salesperson, much to my company's chagrin. So when LinkedIn opened up around 2004 they opened in oh three, but I got on it no four. I mean, because of that I got at Facebook and oh six and Twitter and oh, eight and I was a social media guy, which is weird because I'm not really a social media guy. I'm a connector. I'm a communicator, right? I'm a bit of a promoter but ultimately a little helper monk. So those things kind of aligned Well, in this new economy that we're moving into, right when people start talking about servant leadership that's in my heart, when they start talking about, how do you make an impact and leave a legacy? Those are things that I've been thinking about for years. What's your purpose? I was talking about that stuff in 2009. Right. So I wouldn't call me a thought leader but other people have said that, you know, I would just tell you,
I'm just early adopter it's one of those things that you see something in the vision of the future and you just kind of gravitate toward you because you think, Hey, I think this is gonna work. This fits my style, right?
Well to hit on your earlier point, I've known for forever, that change is inevitable. Right? So to sit there and dig your heels in and kick and scratch and claw made no sense to me, man, it's the adaptability that allows the species to survive. Yeah.
Being resilient and flexible in what you're looking at to accomplish is, I think, equally important, because, we're seeing it right now. In this day and age, I've been I've been pro promoting the idea that you are the media. You are the media now. It's almost a level playing field, Terry, it's like this. You see, everybody is on zoom. It's like running and getting in and making content in a unique way their own unique way and as an innovator like yourself you're seeing the same things take place in the workspace. It's just like those connections are it's not even social social media is a tool you're just using it as a tool to make the connections like you used to go out network and networking physically in a space is is limiting right now. So use what you have where you are right.
100..... 100% and I popped in here I don't know like I have a frustration my my daughter sitting on the other side of the living room right now watching me kind of rant and rave a little bit, because I'm trying to upload the image to this blog post that I just finished about how to network virtually because that's where we are right now. And I know people are likely talking about why are you doing it today? We've been Networking virtually for like three months, man where you been? Um, yeah, but you're not doing it right. So without getting the result.
Lets dive into that, you know, what is? What do you see out there that people are missing out on? Because I think that's really the key. The key point that we can bring home today is how can we improve what we're doing because there's a lot of people that aren't used to the tools, they're not used to the environment. And they're really not used to making the networking connections, like yourself doing this for a few years now.
Yes, thank you very much. I think there's my beard is darker here, I'm sure
It looks good with your tan though.
That what I said to somebody, they're like, you're gonna shave it. I'm like, not until my skin gets pale. Like the guy dress man. So I think a couple of things right now. This is I put together a 15 point checklist and you'll be able to find it at if you're interested, I would drop the link in the notes here, but in the image or anyway, so what I would tell you is three things, right? Three of the 12 things that are 15 things that are on there, one is no grandstanding. Right. We're also happy to talk and to share that if we're on camera. In you know, we're in a room with 30 other people and I say room and I mean, zoom. You have this 60 second commercial, but if you've ever been to a live networking event or on a zoom, people have no concept of time. When it's their turn to speak. They know how long everybody else is, but no clue for them. So you got to really work on your messaging front, right and be concise and be crisp and be clear in not tell your life story right? Not tell everything you do. My friend Charlie Wahlberg used to use the line. We need to tidily not satiate. I just thought it was so poetic, right?
Its so poetic.
I still cite him. I've been stealing that thing for 10 years, 12 years, but I still cite him because that's the kind of dude I so number two, right. Number two is you have to figure out where your online home is. Where are you going to direct people to learn more about you the LinkedIn profiles a great one. The About Me page on your website or About Us page on your website might be a great one. But don't just drop people to your website with no direction as to where to go. Right. So put them somewhere in the one that I still use in a pet forever, isn't about me page and I like that one because it allows folks to choose Their Own Adventure once they get there a summary of who you are, and then they can figure out where they want to find you where they're comfortable from there. So that's, that's number two. And number three, man, number three is the idea of just following. Write stay in touch with, if you make good connections, I talked about in this post about the idea of using this time to disqualify people, right? So you shouldn't be trying to meet with everybody to try and meet with the people that make the most sense for you, and what you're trying to do and how you can help them. Right. So you could network all day if you want to.
Oh, yeah. I know that, people like yourself, and others that I know in the pirate community. I mean, we could sit on the phone all day long with 30 people and have conversations about almost nothing and make it a good day. Like I don't know that it's profitable, but it's a good day for a conversation.
It's exactly right. And let's be honest.
A lot of people miss out is being clear and concise.
That's it. No grandstanding. That's one of the points in there. No grandstanding. But to your point, man, we can spend a phone call all day, which is one of those people. I mean, if you and I sat down and had nothing better to do than sit and shoot the shit, I do think we could be done in two and a half hours. I mean, we could but we wouldn't have to be we could talk. I think hours easily,
Easily out on the pontoon pirate boat.
Fly the Jolly Roger won't go man. Yeah. Johnny Roger Jolly Rancher Jolly Roger Jolly Ranchers the candy
Yeah. Yeah.
So it's kind of fun
We will find something to work on.
And that's it, man. We can we can we can do that all day.
So keep going down the list because I want to make sure that we cover these points
Yeah, so the disqualifying was was something that's important. And then what you do from there is you turn those meetings, those first meetings into 15 minute conversations, right? So in the old days, we used to always schedule coffee or we'd schedule lunch. And that should never be the first meeting. The first meeting should be a quick phone call and maybe a quick zoom now, where if we want to have coffee, you have your mug, your favorite mug in your living room, or wherever you set up. And I have my mug in mind, right and we talked for a few minutes and determine whether or not it makes more sense. You know, in the old days in the real world, you know, I'd like and neither one of us spend a lot of time doing our hair but we still have to get ready, get in the car, get there, sit there, do whatever leave in. If it's close, I don't know where you are in Arizona where you are. But for me, if I Have a meeting with somebody and it's close. It's probably 12 minutes away. And that's if it's, you know, it's in town. Yeah. 45 minutes away. Yeah. And so that's why I haven't rode home to just sit down and chat with somebody for a little bit. Yeah. So try to avoid that. Try and avoid that. So, but there's, there's some other good stuff inside of this list.
We put the link inside the, you know, in the in the post and get that out there. And I think, to your point, Terry, I think it's really important for us to understand that the most valuable commodity we have to deal with today is time. It's really about time and it's not that I wouldn't want to have a conversation with somebody. It's that we need to have the right conversations at the right time. It's one of those things that I like exposing people to the pirates community because there's a lot of connections, a lot of relationships that have developed out of this and a lot of introductions that take place in the back of the community. And, and I just love the the connection that takes place as a result of having kind of a centrepiece of activity, you know, it's like, Okay, everybody could come in here, some people come and go, and they show up here, and they show up there and they might watch a replay or they might, get an update on the, you can sign up for the update, by the way, all of those little activities add up, and you continue to show up and you're staying consistent. I like what you're talking about with the follow up. So give us some hardcore recommendations on what following up looks like in this day and age right now? Because I think this is, where I see so many people, including myself, I'm not I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. As a pirate, sometimes I get up and go off and and I get distracted. So following up is so key. So walk us through some of the strategies that you use to, to take that to the next level.
So man, it's so it's so straightforward and so simple for me. So I'm glad that we're going to talk about this because I think this will solve some issues for folks. Here's what it looks like. In the beauty of this system, is it can be a phone call, it could be a voicemail, it could be an email, it could be a LinkedIn message. It could be a Facebook post, it could be smoke signals, whatever you got at your disposal. Here's what it looks like. Hey, Russ, you and I met on the private broadcast. We talked about the future of work and how to network virtually. I think we could do some really cool stuff together like X, Y, or Z. I'd love to continue this conversation. Can we start Set up a phone call or a Zoom. I'm available Tuesday or Wednesday at 10am to either work for you, right? So super straightforward, super to the point, breaking it down further. You tell them where you met. You tell them what you talked about it, tell them what you want to do together, you suggest how to do that. Then you give them a couple of times. So it's just a real simple, straightforward five point system that you can implement and takes less than 67 seconds if you can type in less than that. If you're talking.
You know, years ago, I used to get in the habit of texting, five to 10 people a day. Just just do an outreach ahead, check it in hope you're well have a great day. No expectation, no, no commitment, no requirement. However, it did keep people at top of mind and I I've been thinking a lot about That and how I can put that in place in a system in a workflow because I'm a systems guy I like systems I like process I like putting things in place otherwise it gets off the rails and you get out of the habit next thing you know, you're knee deep in work and client activities and and you forget that you have all these relationships that need to be nurtured because we're all distracted by the three second rule, it's like three seconds go by and on to something else.
So amazing.
It's, scary. Hey, I want to I want to drop in the comments here. terian and let people know that we're here. Okay, we got Janet can't she's here, Kathy and Kathy, thank you so much, and Kenyatta. She's a pirate. Hey, hey, hey, pirate broadcast. Mary Jo. Nice, Wendy Wendy. Hey, hello, pirates. She's one that we need to get. Coffee with.
I like the pencil I want to know about the pencil.
Yeah, I haven't seen the pencil one before. Its fascinating. Terry.
You're not lying handy, but you're not lying. Is true
Yes, Yes He's a pirate. Yeah, he's got
Hes got that cool scowl about it too. I like that right? Yes. A mug and talking about that fascinated like, yeah, yeah,
He's just on a couple of weeks ago. So had a blast with that. So is mine. Plastic? You know, it's and then here's Angie Good morning Russ, Terry and all the pirates. Hi, Larry Knutson. So displaying Hello pirate peeps. So an archive from the other side of the world. Bonjour.
Oh, very nice. Oh there you go using comrade let's
Change it to the rancher broadcast totally different vibe Jolly Rancher. We will work on that brandy and Kenyatta See, this is what I love Terry's is Kenyatta is talking to Angie now and Lori and all these people and it's really happy evening morning. Yeah, Russ. I wish those model pages black and white ones were still around. Yeah. So Wendy, right kind, right kind like that.
Where's that important right now?
So important. You know, sharing a little kindness has never hurt anyone. So, a. Terry, I want to talk a little bit about, we talked about follow up in the importance of follow up and nurturing relationships. And also, what is it? What is it going to take in the next hill, the zoom, the zoom arena here and how does that impact so many people that are afraid of video. You've been on video you've you've used the video for a while and it's not anything to be afraid of it's it's something to embrace and I started the pirate syndicate. They help people produce shows that aren't necessarily they may not have the time to deal with the technology and everything that goes along with it. And on these zoom sessions you're in. Is there like a theme that you use besides grandstanding? I know there's some other etiquette things that we can talk about and what else have you seen that do's and don'ts of online networking now?
So I you know, I talked a little bit about this idea of having a place right having the about me or the LinkedIn or the About Us on your web page. Dropping that in the chat early on. With quick value proposition statement is a great way to casually and politely Introduce yourself. But more to the point, it's a great way to get other people to do the same. Because we need someone to take the lead to do that. And once you do people like Whoa, whoa, whoa, ba ba ba ba ba boom. And now you have an idea of really who's here, right? It's one thing to be able to look at someone's face and look at somebody's name. But if I can dig in a little bit deeper, right, if I can understand who you think you are, or who you want me to think you are, because that's really what our LinkedIn profile is, um, then I think there's some value there. I think there's some opportunity. So the idea of putting that stuff out early is very, very helpful.
Fantastic. I, a lot of people, there's two camps I see. People that connect with only people they know are met, which is a little bit challenging now and and they really build deep relationships. with everybody in their community and, someone like myself that I connect with everyone, because I'm so curious about what other people are doing, how they got there. And it's an interesting story, and obviously, there's good with bad and some people, the first thing you see is you connect with them. And the next thing is the next message you see two seconds later is that, buy my stuff message and it's like, that's right. I want to I want to create a PSA, public service announcement to send to those individuals that are special.
Yeah, so the close networker versus the open networker, right? It's the quality versus quantity, argument. Right? Which way which way do you go? I'm like you man. I'm a firm believer that new opportunities come from new connections and sometimes new connection or excuse me, request acquire new connections, right and new connections lead to opportunity. So I'll never be a closed networker, but I put myself in a position where someone on LinkedIn reaches out and says they want to be introduced to someone else on LinkedIn. And I'm like, I don't know either one of you at all. Yeah, we've exchanged two sentences. Oh, but not I'm a bridge, man. I'm not stop sign. So I'm gonna forward that introduction as best I can. Hey, based on what they say about themselves, and based on what I read about you, maybe you too should figure it out. I'm not the guy that's gonna be like, you know, I'm not introducing you to him. Oh, I don't I can't stop that. If you thought it was worth the introduction. I'm gonna help facilitate. Yeah.
So great. That's a great analogy. The the bridge not the stop sign.
And that's what this should be about. Right? We got a we there's so much for all of us to do. So if you can't enlist other people to assist you once in a while, you're gonna not be able to complete whatever your mission is.
Well, that's what I always tell people, you can't run out of abundance, right? And you're only one conversation away from something a new opportunity. Like, so. It happens so often. It's like, Okay, I get excited about new opportunities, and sometimes it's like, I just need to say no,
But that's my biggest time management tool. No. Like, if I could give you one piece of advice. Do you know Berta Garcia? Do you know Berta?
I don't know that I do.
Oh, goodness. Okay, good. I can't wait to introduce you to Yeah, they're gonna hit it off. Famously, you can have a home and Home Show. She's super dope and cool. In I had a conversation with her for an hour on Friday. I met her through a mutual friend Frankie again, who I love dearly. Okay. Franken brought a group of his favorite connectors in a zoom call recently, and I kept hearing Bert his name of a house. You just made all these fascinating introductions. And so we spoke for an hour on Friday and she's like, I'm gonna introduce you This person and I was like, Okay, cool. I'm not gonna do it today, cuz it's Friday and nobody cares about their introductions on Friday. So I'll wait till Monday. Monday shows up I wake up starting at 520 in the morning, there's seven or eight different mutual introductions. She told me she was gonna make one. She made a bunch of amazing people.
She's, our kind of people man. So I'm gonna introduce the two of you and you guys like I said, home and Home Show is totally appropriate man order.
Yeah. you know the pirate broadcast I, like bringing people like that onto the show. Just to have a conversation that because I think it illustrates the example of What can I do in my life that other people are doing? Because that, that creates the roadmap that creates that plants, the seed, it's like, okay, that's a thought that's an idea. That's a concept. It's like, if he can do it, I can do it too. And it's like, it's not difficult. It's just something you need to adopt in your life. It's like, okay, go find examples of somebody that is doing something you think about doing and get some information, ask questions, and get some updates on what that it looks like and what that feels like. And then pursue it. If you're thinking about doing it, pursue it. That's, that's one of the things that makes life go much, much easier.
I was looking at a meme yesterday and it talked about the idea that we should spend time reading books from people that have done the things we want to do because as Tony Robbins has said for years success leaves clues. Right and those clues if you're reading a book from a guy that did what you want to do those clues my in their book and I say guy meaning gender undetermined yet, so that's not necessarily a dude, we don't even know what their gender is. Yeah. You know, try and be gender neutral with it.
We're earlier and and we were talking about people, younger people, Millennials specifically. And the idea that I always felt like when you're in high school and people ask you, what are you going to be when you grow up? What are you going, what are you going to do after you graduate or, get out of college or whatever it is? And I think it's, I think it's backwards because I think a lot of people need to take classes on exposure of multiple industries and different types of disciplines. Because what you imagine a job is, it's not necessarily what the job actually is. When you're talking about jobs, and when you're talking about the workforce, and you're talking about things that are changing, which is really happening right now, it's it's active change right now. It's it's you don't, you're not going to a company and working for 30 years and retiring and get the gold watch. You're working on projects, you're working on activities, you're working on tasks, you're working on different things. Even in stable organization, it's not necessarily guaranteed that you're going to be there for 20 years. So you really have to adapt some of these these resilience skills in order to achieve something that you're interested in. Because if you find something you're interested in, and you do it well, you can transfer that skill to any organization that you go to. And I think that's, so I think people need to understand what that looks like and how that can evolve over time.
I think that's 100% true, And oh, by the way, if you find something you're interested in, you're good at it, and you actually enjoy it. You don't feel like you're working. I somebody sent me a note on LinkedIn. They want to know what are your plans for retirement? I'm like retire from what what I love doing No, man, I'm not gonna stop doing this until I'm six feet under. I'll be selective about it. I'll say no more. Right? But I'm gonna do something like this until I can't. So not because I want to be done. I should I feel like I retired 20 years ago. Right, because I do what I like doing. And I say no. Yeah. But the your point about the kind of future of work mentality, that gig economy and it's it's ironic that we call it the future of work because the gig economy or remote workforce or what Millennials are been kind of doing. It's here it's now I don't it's the knowledge of work right. The work model that we follow is optional. It's 100 plus years old. Well, if you look, I just read an article yesterday. Google has 102,000 full time employees, as of 2019. Wow, they have 121,000 contract workers. They have more people on contract than they actually employ. Right. And so the benefits are huge. But
yeah, that's insane. I just to think about that number. And understand, you know, I'm sure that Amazon's a lot, a lot the same way. There's a lot of contractors that work and a lot of contractors that work for, you know, a lot of companies, you know, I do, I've been doing contract work for a lot of different companies over the last decade, you know, and it's like, hey, and 99 not, and then when I want to not, not do that anymore, I can move on to something else, you know,
That's right. Yeah, that's right. And that's, that's the beauty of it right? And you have the ability to control your schedule and do what it is that you want to do when you want to do. And that's the piece, you know, and COVID really kind of ushered this in. Because, you know, six months ago, FaceTime, if I don't see your face, how will I ever know you're working? Now? It's like, it's pretty easy, right? So we have to reset some, some expectations, we have to realign and adjust some of the things from a priority standpoint, from a result standpoint, from what we actually expect to see. So everybody's on board, but for the most part, man, it's already done. It's theirs, which is flipped. So have you
I think your mindset has to catch up with the community. Boom. Hey, Terry, I could talk at least for another several hours with you
I appreciate that.
I appreciate everyone in the community. Thank you for being here. Wendy, Kyle, Dennis, Laurie, Angie, all of all of the pirate community I really truly appreciate you and I'm humbled by your activities and your access and your your conversations. Connect with Terry, if you're not connected with Terry, tell him Ross Sencha tell him he's a pirate. I'm a pirate too. And make those connections make those introductions and stay active and connected. And all as always, Terry, kindnesses cool smiles for free so and where do people connect with you? Where do people chase you down next
Best place to find me if you're not looking on LinkedIn we're on very cleverly hidden, is try being calm.
Fantastic Well, it's Pleasure to have you back. Thanks. As a two time pirate, I suspect there's probably another one in the future. So, always, always a pleasure, Terry. Look forward to a man. See when I do. Take care. Kindness is cool. smiles are free, and you enjoy the day. Thank you for joining the pirate broadcast. If you found this content valuable, please like, comment and share it across your social media channels. I would love the opportunity to help others grow in their business. The pirate syndicate is a platform where you show up we produce the show. It's that easy. If you want to be seen be heard and be talked about. Join the pirate syndicate today.

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