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​Russ Johns 0:03
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's a beautiful day for a #piratebroadcast. We have another pirate in the room, where you're going to be talking about #interestingthings that Troy is doing today. Also, as we go through this process, and as we go through and grow #thepiratecommunity, I'd love the fact that you'd go to social media, maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can catch up on the comments that you have you missed out on in LinkedIn, or go to Facebook. If you like Facebook, go to Facebook, get notified for the events and the opportunities to have conversation with #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings.

Also the podcast. Don't forget the podcast, I just want to make sure that you're aware that there's podcasts and you can give a review, and all those good things out on social media. Troy, welcome to the #piratebroadcast and welcome to the community. How are you my friend?

Troy Holt 1:17
Thank you. I am well, we all can't complain. I'm grateful to be alive.

Russ Johns 1:23
It's a good day to have a good day. Right?

Troy Holt 1:26
Yes It really is. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a pirate. I'm officially a pirate now. So I'm grateful for that

Russ Johns 1:34
Awesome. That's fantastic. One of the things that we'd love to talk about in #thepiratecommunity is relationship but I know you're passionate about relationships.

Troy Holt 1:42

Russ Johns 1:42
You're passionate about building and maintaining relationships you got. I want to dive into that a little bit.I know that you've been in sales for years, and you're kind of versed in that and you're also in the financial focused,sales industry.

A lot of those are challenging pieces of the puzzle. A lot of people are like, I don't necessarily know everything they need to know about finances, they don't always know about what they don't know. Asking questions. Building relationships are key. Tell us how you got to this place and why financial, why sales and what brought you to this point in your life that you're doing this kind of work?

Troy Holt 2:26
Well, you know, I started out years ago, I was kind of a, I'm an extrovert introvert, so I'm extroverted in a lot of ways, but I do have some introvert. Growing up, people say be a leader. I always thought a leader was a person having a position. Looking over my life, I remember when I was about 18 I've thought of an idea of having a group. We wasn't a gang or anything, but we were just a group of guys, we got together, we went and have fun and party and people liked us and respected us because we were not troublemakers. We just like to go to parties and events and have a good time and have fun.

Russ Johns 3:19

Troy Holt 3:21
I said, Look, let's have a president. Let's have a treasurer. Let's have a vice president and all that. We met over my house and we still connected today we call a group called first class we're still connected to today. We have a group on Facebook, everybody's different places and things. When I look back over my life, and look back, I was leading them because leadership is always about influencing my position.

Russ Johns 3:49

Troy Holt 3:49
At the time, I didn't know that and so I've always been in a place where I've had influence because my past misconception was it had to be a position. One day a friend of mine told me about a position with American Express financial advisors. Something I'd always wanted to be involved in. I got licensed and I worked there for a year and I've stayed in I've had license about 20 years in the financial services industry, also have been in wireless sales. What I found was that I enjoyed sales for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is, you can make money because you have commissions and salary and commissions, but also, you meet great people.

Russ Johns 4:41

Troy Holt 4:42
For me, it's always have been relationships over revenue, and people over profits. Some people you may never have. I may never have a sale, but I may have a lifelong friend.

Russ Johns 4:57
Well, I want to recap Tap on that a little bit because you have friends for life, and it's people over profits. Is that what I heard you say?

Troy Holt 5:11
Yes, yes.

Russ Johns 5:12
People over profits. This is the key. This is a key takeaway that I really want to bring home because I was having a conversation last night. As I mentioned earlier, my dad passed away on Father's Day and this month has been helping the family being with the family and I've been off line a little bit more than I would normally be online. I posted last night, the obituary because we're going to have an event around this and people can come and celebrate my father's life. I had friends calling me and Luke pappano who I consider a friend

Today was my sales representative, my account manager in another company where I purchased equipment and hardware and networking gear from, I don't know, almost 30 years ago, and we're still friends. I'm not purchasing anything from him, but he's my friend, always been people and we're having this exact same conversation, Troy, on, people over profits in when you're looking at the next quarter's earnings. Sometimes it doesn't include the relationship with the customer and the client is the investment of time.

Troy Holt 6:39

Russ Johns 6:40
To build that long term relationship?

Troy Holt 6:42
Let me tell you a story that happened to me just yesterday. I had someone to message me on LinkedIn. A couple of days ago, this person reached out to me. They are one of those industries that some of us get unknowing. They reached out to me and messaged me and asked me Do I know about this industry. Yes. I said, Have I been invested in it before? I said, Yes. I said, I've had a series seven license. I said, if I did want to get involved in this, I said, have a good friend. We've been friends for about 25 years. I would do that because he's talked to me.


He said, Well, you can trade with me. I said, thanks but no thanks. Next thing I know, the person blocked me and deleted me. Again, that's where people value profits over people.

Russ Johns 7:52

Troy Holt 7:54
Sometimes. No. Just means not now.

Russ Johns 7:58

Troy Holt 7:59
In relationships. My wife Russ, my wife and I've been will be married 29 years in September.

Russ Johns 8:08

Troy Holt 8:08
Thank you. My wife The first time I tried to get involved I was rejected. The second time I was rejected. She was not interested

Russ Johns 8:21

Troy Holt 8:24
Yes Declined. The third time God touched her heart. I came to her I remember vividly I was waiting we would go to the same church and I was waiting cause I'm afraid I'm was getting rejected again. her maiden name is Lindsay, I said sister Lindsay when you go out with me? She said when all that time she said no, she said when I knew that was April of 91. September of 91. We were married almost 29 years. That's wonderful. No, Sometimes it just means not now

Russ Johns 9:01
You may not need the service or you may not be in the mindset of whatever it happens to be

Troy Holt 9:07

Russ Johns 9:09
Have the patience and the consideration to build the relationship because you don't know where things are gonna land six months, nine months 12 months, 18 months from now what it doesn't cost you anything to invest in a relationship and stay in contact and be kind and considerate.

Troy Holt 9:28

Russ Johns 9:30
I was talking to a friend yesterday. It's like, there's the only answer is #kindnessiscool. Make it cool. If everybody could be a little kinder, a little more considerate of others.

Troy Holt 9:46

Russ Johns 9:47
We wouldn't have any of the problems we're having right now.

Troy Holt 9:50
So I agree. I agree. It just just a little. I have a saying of small acts of kindness can create a big impact. Somebody could be on the verge of committing suicide and you do some small act, and it changes their life and they said, Hey, I was about to commit suicide, and you encouraged me and just a small word of encouragement. I'm encouraging others. We just never know. What we can do for people, in small acts of kindness

Russ Johns 10:25
Shushy has helped so many people in her laughter therapy. She's a big advocate for that. It's really amazing. Here's another one. midlife Woohoo. We're in here. Also Troy's really good at building relationships.

Troy Holt 10:51

Russ Johns 10:52
It's fantastic that you're here. Thank you so much. Jimmy Clem says leaders get up early. Good morning, Russ and Troy.

Troy Holt 10:59
Good morning.

Russ Johns 11:00
Absolutely. Chris Mannix is here. Thank you, Chris. Appreciate the phone call last night it was great to hear from you and Roger. And Jessica. Thank you, Jessica for yesterday. I really appreciate it and also love that title, Chief encouragement officer. It's a great title. It's encouraging to know that people are out here doing good work. Arcot I'm checking out how good is the PC version, pandemic has been bad. Sorry about your dad, Russ, may the soul rest in peace. Thank you so much, Arcot. I really appreciate it. Thank you, and what's up pirates. I just want to touch base on this because these are people in the community. People I consider friends. It's one of the things that we have an opportunity, and you brought it back earlier is leadership doesn't necessarily mean the title that you hold.

Troy Holt 11:58

Russ Johns 11:58
Sometimes it's the example You set for others

Troy Holt 12:01

Russ Johns 12:03
Help others see what they need to appreciate a little gratitude in the world.

Troy Holt 12:08

Russ Johns 12:09
Because it's really important for us to have gratitude, to have a little sympathy, a little empathy and bring it to the rest of the world. We're getting back to a few stories that what are some other things that have happened to you, along your journey that have allowed you to lift each other up or lift others up in your community? In the financial world, I have to believe that a little bit of education goes a long ways a little bit of empathy goes a long way. How do you navigate that on a regular basis? Troy?

Troy Holt 12:49
Well, to your point, a little bit of education. I get a joy when I can educate someone and a light bulb, come on. Being in sales, there's numbers, there's money that has to be made. I enjoy doing the educating than I do the selling, because I'm helping something. Russ when I pass off the scene, and people come to my funeral what is my legacy? What I want my legacy to be is Troy always try to make an impact. I believe that when we are out in and I'm not against anybody making money, make buku money. My philosophy is I would rather make an impact than income. The impact is going to be a legacy. It's going to affect others because I can impact one, then that may turn around and impact someone else.

Russ Johns 13:55

Troy Holt 13:56
It's a saying, John Maxwell

Russ Johns 14:01
I love john.

Troy Holt 14:02
I'm one of his they're part of their program. John Maxwell has a saying that he said when I was young, I chase success. When I'm older, I chase significance. That's where I'm at in my life now. I still want to have some success, I'm in constant accomplishment, but I'm more chasing significance now. I think if we look at how can we impact people? How can we be significant and educate people? It will help people and then people will refer you and talk about you because you didn't just try to sell them. You really try to genuinely care you really genuine, genuine and try to help them now you still got to do sales tactics and sales strategies.

People appreciate that and so that's why I have when I was in the wireless industry, I had low income Customers they would not they come to the wireless or worked in wireless store, they would not deal with anybody else but me. Sometimes they will come and ask me, should I buy this phone? If I was you, I wouldn't buy that phone. They appreciate that honesty, right? I've told people, hey, look, if I tell you this, I could get a sale. I said, but it's not good for you. I can sell you and make a sale. I don't tell you, but that's not good for you. I wouldn't buy that.

Russ Johns 15:26
Well, I think the funny thing about sales overall is that if you have the right product at the right time for the right person, there is no selling. You're explaining what the product will do, the value it will bring and the change that it will make in your life.

Troy Holt 15:44

Russ Johns 15:46
It's an emotional decision. A lot of people say I gotta have it

Troy Holt 15:50

Russ Johns 15:52
Then you reinforce it with logic. You say it helps me It adds value. It creates circumstance and everything else.

Troy Holt 15:58

Russ Johns 15:59
It's not a, you don't have to sell. It's like Jeffrey Gitomer says people like to be sold and buy. There's nothing wrong with making money on the value that we've created for you and your education and 20 years in experiencing the financial world and getting your license and taking those tests and studying for those tests.

Troy Holt 16:24

Russ Johns 16:25
That's a skill set that not everybody's willing to go through in order to accomplish their education.

Troy Holt 16:31

Russ Johns 16:31
Same with wireless the cellular world is a very competitive place to be in.

Troy Holt 16:39

Russ Johns 16:40
All of the models and everything else and the things they're coming out with are always changing technologies moving quickly. It's nice to be able to sit down and have a conversation with somebody and say, here is a feature that might make a difference in your world. The only way you can find that out is listen to them.

Troy Holt 16:59
Yeah Yes,

Russ Johns 17:00
I have competition. I think that's what's missing in so many areas of world we're living in I was people are used to shouting and not listening.

Troy Holt 17:11
That's true. It goes back to respect and kindness in relationships everything the industry, I've been in the industry that I'm in now, still, my number one thing is relationships. How can I, as my title says, Chief encouragement officer, live that title, it's just not something I made up. That's what people call me and text me all the time when they need somebody to talk to listen to give advice, because I'm always encouraged in this time sometimes. I'm still encouraging others,

Russ Johns 17:44
you just call me then when you're down, you just give me a shout

Troy Holt 17:47

Russ Johns 17:48
I'll bring you up.

Troy Holt 17:51
We need it.

Russ Johns 17:52
We all need it. It goes back to your group that you're still connected with friends. You know, I'm in a A couple of masterminds and I'm working with friends, I consider friends that we're like minded individuals working toward our goals in parallel, and we can support each other and saying, hey, this works. This doesn't seem like it works very well. Have you considered this? Have you considered that? I'm here for you?

Troy Holt 18:23

Russ Johns 18:23
Then and I encourage everyone to really take a look at that and be someone that is an encourager.

Troy Holt 18:31

Russ Johns 18:33
Like Mr. Rogers used to say, look for the helpers.

Troy Holt 18:36
Yeah, that's it

Russ Johns 18:38
We all need helpers.

Troy Holt 18:40
Russ relationships. I still do the financial services, but I'm more involved. My company in really sharing with people, ways to build relationships. One of my biggest pet peeves, especially on LinkedIn is Somebody send me a quick connect with me a request. Then I get a pitch or a long email and a pitch. Now, my philosophy is, if I go to the doctor and I got a headache and I'm going to the doctor for a headache, I get there. The doctor sees me and then the doctor starts prescribing me Metformin, which is a diabetic medication. That's medical malpractice. I got a problem. He's prescribing me, Metformin, and he has not he's pitched me prescription, but not diagnosed first.

Russ Johns 19:37

Troy Holt 19:37
Diagnose, Where does it hurt? When does it hurt? How long has been hurt? What have you done to fix it? No questions asked just automatically assumed that I have this problem. That's one of my biggest pet peeves on social media. pacifically. LinkedIn is just pitch without a name. Without diagnosis, and so I've shifted to teach people how to build relationships. This is I have a three prong principle, three prong principle.

Russ Johns 20:11
Drop the knowledge bombs here Troy.

Troy Holt 20:16
celebration, appreciation, and constantly. That's my three principle approach. Now. Let me break that down celebration, celebrate others, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, whatever it is that's happening in a person's life. Celebrate. This helps via relationships. Because Youre giving you're not trying to receive you're giving appreciation. It's a saying yes, people do more. If they feel appreciated. If somebody does something for you, appreciate them. If it's a call, if it's a no, it's a card. Hey, I appreciate you. I'm grateful for you. appreciation goes a long way and then constellation Everybody have losses. Last week, one of the biggest time that you can really uplift a person is when they have a loss.

Russ Johns 21:11

Troy Holt 21:11
Russ you had a you had a loss. Your friend told you 30 years ago, that was uplifting because you had a loss and they, they call you so you consult constellation. When you do that, pets, people have pets, another loss when the children leave out of the empty nesters, that's a loss for some people. When you recognize that, and you console people, so I always look to help people celebrate the wins and convert them and their losses.

Russ Johns 21:46

Troy Holt 21:46
By doing that, I'm able to build relationships with people because I genuinely care and those things and I have a system to do those things, to really put that out there to help people and people know how This person, they genuinely didn't have to do that. They really did something to show that they genuinely care.

Russ Johns 22:08
Well, it's really, I want to come back to this and it's a system that you've developed. I'm all about systems and workflow getting on the pirate broadcast is an easy process. It's not too complicated. It's pretty straightforward. Following up and doing that, it takes a lot of work unless you develop a mindset and a workflow that allows you to do that in your business. It's like, okay, every week I know I have certain things that have to be taken care of. Right?

Troy Holt 22:43

Russ Johns 22:44
It becomes muscle memory, you just get you get the opportunity to do it.

Troy Holt 22:49

Russ Johns 22:49
Nothing You have to do it. You get to do it,

Troy Holt 22:51

Russ Johns 22:52
You get to reach out to people you get to get on just like this show. Every morning. I get up. I set the day. Set the tone, I talk to interesting people doing interesting things, and I get it have a great conversation. It allows me the opportunity to share with other people, and I get to highlight you. If you're not connected to Troy, tell him Russ sent you. So,

Troy Holt 23:17

Russ Johns 23:17
Go connect with Troy. And, you know, it's really amazing what happens when we have an opportunity to make those connections, and build those bridges and offer some encouragement and so, Chief encouragement officer is a great title.

Troy Holt 23:37

Russ Johns 23:38
What are some things that we can do that you've experienced over the last 20 years? About outreach or staying in contact? Like you said, anniversaries, birthdays, things like that. That's always been a good practice.

Troy Holt 23:54

Russ Johns 23:54
Not always one that we recognize.

Troy Holt 23:57

Russ Johns 23:58
Social media makes it A lot easier to reach out to people and say, Hey, checking in and I just wanted to see how you're doing.

Troy Holt 24:07

Russ Johns 24:07
What are some other practices there that you find that have been valuable for people to experience?

Troy Holt 24:15
Yeah, well, part of my process that I do is out. I will use Facebook, for example. I get up, and I look through my Facebook feed, I look for people that I'm connected with, but I may not even know if they haven't a birthday, anniversary, or a email allows and what I do with a pin on which it is, let's say for example, it's a loss, they have some pass in a family, they put post pictures on Facebook. What I'll do is maybe reach out to them prevalence and hey, offer my condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. I'll be praying for you. I'll turn around and say, Hey, may I get your mailing address? I get a mailing address. When they have some time people put pictures on the loved one on there. I will grab those pictures, a system called Send Out Cards.

Russ Johns 25:18
Oh yeah,

Troy Holt 25:19
Yeah I can create a car on I put the picture in now a little message and send that to that particular person, something that they always have a keepsake for something I'm not trying to sell them anything or buy anything. I'm just really just trying to

Russ Johns 25:37
you're building bridges.

Troy Holt 25:38
Yeah, definitely up now what I will do also with that, I look at the Facebook profile and see if they had their birthday on there. So then I put this birthday in my CRM. So nine months later, they have a birthday. I shoot in my card.

Russ Johns 25:54

Troy Holt 25:55
Just they won't know what's coming. I may send a gift with the car but I send them a car. I just continue to do that build a relationship showing them care anniversary send them a card and things like that. And then I'm staying top of mind. I'm building that relationship. And I'm not asking for anything and just giving, giving and giving

Russ Johns 26:16
Drips filled buckets, right?

Troy Holt 26:18
Yes. I like that Russ. I'm going to write that one down. I got me a great One

Russ Johns 26:25
Nugget of knowledge today. The whole point is consistency. That's what I want to bring to the table because showing up and being consistent is very key and it's bright it's like, Chris was saying, You're so right. being genuine, authentic is what people respond to.

Troy Holt 26:44
Agreed Chris Agreed

Russ Johns 26:46
It's really important for people to you know, really understand that they're, Kenyatta says, Hey, Troy on the #piratebroadcast, right on.

Troy Holt 26:56
Hey, Kenyatta

Russ Johns 26:57
Yeah. She's an awesome Individual

Troy Holt 27:00
Yes she is

Russ Johns 27:01
KenYatta Hey, what's up how you been comrade? It's like these just showing up.

Troy Holt 27:09

Russ Johns 27:09
Just showing up Troy can make the difference and it's like I say #smilesarefree. You can give away a little bit of joy and the next thing you know, it's our crowd says Wendy, how you doing? Gabriel is here, you know Gabriel, right?

Troy Holt 27:29
I do not. Hello Gabriel make sure we connect. We may be connected, but make sure we connect on LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 27:34

Troy Holt 27:35
I love to connect with with people, new people, I'm open always.

Russ Johns 27:40
Just drop a note and say Russ Sencha and say, Hey, I just want to connect.

Troy Holt 27:44

Russ Johns 27:45
All my beautiful friends Gabriel is a amazing individual that's doing a lot of great work and in the community,

Troy Holt 27:52

Russ Johns 27:52
Make sure you connect with him.

Troy Holt 27:54
Okay, definitely

Russ Johns 27:55
Kenyatta. Another one. It's just living loving. It's what I do. Yes, yes.

Troy Holt 28:01
Yeah. Kenyatta and I are already connected.

Russ Johns 28:05
Yeah. Angie's Hey pirates.

Troy Holt 28:10
I see periscope is also Hey, Angie.

Russ Johns 28:13
Yeah, troy I don't know if you do this or not, but we're live streaming to Periscope, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Troy Holt 28:20
I just thought it was LinkedIn. So I'm glad to hear that.

Russ Johns 28:25
Oh wait, there's more. Another day in paradise and a nice one dude. Love shows. It's 5:30am my time.

Troy Holt 28:40
Oh, wow.

Russ Johns 28:42
He does a show just like this. Tory In the evening.

Troy Holt 28:46
Okay, gotcha.

Russ Johns 28:47
It's awesome. So, the set of connection invitation.

Troy Holt 28:51
Okay, thank you.

Russ Johns 28:55
This is what the show is about, somebody, somebody the other day was saying I've listened to a couple of shows, but I really don't understand what what it means what it what it is. It's like, we're just having a conversation about great things that can be shared by other people and you pick up some nuggets of knowledge, you pick up some ideas, you have a little bit of encouragement during the day, you have this knowledge that you can go off and apply in your business, using your life, share with others, and it's just a way that you can start your day on a positive note. I just really encourage people to think about how they can apply this in their lives and I just wanted to bring you on and give you a shout out and highlight what you're doing. Cause Chief encouragement officer, that's that's a great title Troy.

Troy Holt 29:47
Yeah. I mean, like I said, that title fits me and then I think what really connected me with you, Russ was youre advocate of promoting kindness in which I am too and so what It really was a connection with people talk about kindness. It's easy to be harsh, rude and mean. This takes a lot of credit to be constantly be kind to people, especially when sometimes people don't deserve kindness and smiles are free. It doesn't cost anything to you know sin occurred your word give a smile. uplift somebody, it doesn't cost you zero sit.

Russ Johns 30:27
No, nothing. Zero.

Troy Holt 30:32
I want to say this to Russ, I like your broadcast, because it's kind of like My podcast is set up I do interviews on my podcast. It's an interview slash conversation. I just want to learn about you your journey. I want people to be exposed and you learn nuggets, you get ideas and so the same thing you you can't really describe it. It's just your broadcast is you exposing your audience to people, amazing people and people can pick up a nugget here, an idea here and they come back and say what I listen to your show Russ and I got this idea. I got this encouragement, I got this. I appreciate that we have people that's out here doing this thing. Also promoting kindness.

Russ Johns 31:23
Yeah, yeah. Well, I really appreciate the fact that you're here Troy and if you ever need a guest, let me know. I'm happy to accommodate that.

Troy Holt 31:35
I was gonna ask you, but I was gonna ask you offline.

Russ Johns 31:39
You can ask me offline. I just want to thank you so much for being here, Troy and keep going out and encouraging people.

Troy Holt 31:48

Russ Johns 31:48
Keep offering value, assisting people in in their education and financial world and build those relationships and everyone out in the community. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate Get you all the gratitude in the world. I wake up every day and I type out gratitude and reflect on what I need to do for the day. There's so many reasons out there and you're one of them. Stay connected.

Troy Holt 32:15
Yes sir

Russ Johns 32:15
Build more relationships.

Troy Holt 32:17

Russ Johns 32:17
Everything else. And as you know Troy #kindnessiscool

Troy Holt 32:23
Super cool

Russ Johns 32:23
#Smilesarefree. You #Enjoytheday

Troy Holt 32:30
Thank you.

Russ Johns 32:31
You bet.

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