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Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's a beautiful day for a #piratebroadcast. Thank you if you're here live, appreciate it. All the gratitude in the world if you're watching the replay, please leave comments. I return on a regular basis to attempt to keep up with messages in the conversation. Stay engaged in the audience and help people out and today we're talking to #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings and inviolate is no different. I just want to welcome Violet to the #piratebroadcast. You're now officially a pirate and we were talking before the show so for those that don't know you just give us a brief intro of who you are and what you're excited about today and some of the things you're working on.

Violet Rainwater 1:06
Absolutely, absolutely. I am a sales strategist. Really just from being in sales my entire life. I like to say that the reason I gained this expertise is simply because how long I've been selling coming to America during the Cold War, I had to learn how to start selling myself at a really young age just to even fit in.

Russ Johns 1:29

Violet Rainwater 1:30
I really just fell in love with sales. Throughout my journey, I really started in corporate sales in 1998. If you remember back then we didn't even have cell phones. We didn't have CRMs if he ss, but what I realized is the importance of systems and processes. Looking back, I was already starting to create not a CRM but pieces of it, so I really developed a passion For sales processes and systems to me when I walk into a business, their sales process is like a puzzle. Most of the time it's put together incorrectly. I love taking it apart and putting it back together in a way that flows. Then they can feel so good about sale. What I'm excited about right now is I'm creating courses. This is the first time I've created online courses, to help people really optimize their sales efforts and fall in love with sales really changed the meaning behind sales, because I know a lot of people kind of feel icky about sales.

Russ Johns 2:35
Well, I really appreciate that and saying that and to unpack it a little bit more is when you add value and you bring something to the table that people need, and you say, here's how I can assist you. If they're having that pain and they're having that need and you're building relationship with them and you're systematic about building that relationship and maintaining that relationship. It's an easy, it's an easy answer. It's like, I know I need violet today. I didn't need her yesterday, but I need her today. I'm ready to buy. I'm ready to purchase.

Violet Rainwater 3:13
Absolutely you're a blessing to someone who has a need, and you're that solution. It's such a gift, I always say that think of sales as just an energetic exchange, where both parties come together and engage. By the time they separate, they're both better than they were before. Because you have something I need. I have something you need. We're going to come together and it's gonna be even better than before. Sales to me is like a beautiful dance when you're in rhythm with your customer. It's an art and so it is one of my passions for sure.

Russ Johns 3:49
Yeah, I love the way you phrased that. I have to go back to the early CRM days I had it. I had somebody that I worked with. Oh, it's probably two Decades ago. He said I was retiring. I was going through my Rolodex idea. It's like, and he took a picture and he sent me a business card with my name on it. He says, I just want to see how are you doing? Say hi. That's like, That's very nice. That was and it's like, it staying, staying in touch staying in conversation with people, even if you don't need, even if they don't need your services, I think is important part of the process.

Violet Rainwater 4:36
Yeah, some of my biggest sales were the fifth or sixth touch. It's because I stayed consistent and created workflows that allowed me to continue communicating with my prospects and my clients relationship. It flows, you can't just stop it and not communicate and then try again a few years later and pick up where you left off. It's a bit building process. That's why it's so important to stay connected and continue to nurture those relationships.

Russ Johns 5:07
Yeah. I think more now than any other time in history, there's so many opportunities out there and so much change taking place as well. We really have to one of the struggles I've had and maybe have some advice for me, please help. Is that the idea that because I have such a diverse background, there's a lot of things I could do to help a lot of people and different people. I've built networks out and brought people together and taught classes and all of these things. It was really about a lot of people were like, Well, what does Russ actually do? I didn't really have a solid stake in the ground where it was like, This is what I am. This is Who I serve, this is how I help. This is what I deliver. I think more than anything, if you can define that and refine that to a niche audience, like we were talking before the show is, is get crystal clear on your mission and your goal, and what you want to do with your superpower. We all have this gift, I believe, share it it's good.

Violet Rainwater 6:27
Well, it sounds like talents and so many of us do, and it's hard. It's hard when you're starting out in business, because like I shared with you, I can help anybody in sales, but who is it that I can bring the most value to, as well as something that is not going to require extra research for me anytime I when I was a consultant, I would work with a new industry, I would have to spend a certain amount of time really understanding their industry and learning everything I can so there was this learning curve, whereas if I just focus on what I already have an expertise Then there's nothing additional no additional work for me to do, other than just learning their culture and what fits for them from a delivery model. I think it's what get what you're going, who you're going to provide the most value to, as well as what brings you the most amount of bliss. Those two when they're connected. That's when I believe the magic happens.

Russ Johns 7:23
I love that. I love that. The intersection between your skill set

Violet Rainwater 7:28

Russ Johns 7:29
And your joy.

Violet Rainwater 7:33

Russ Johns 7:34
well, and I want to shift gears a little bit because I know that that is really where people I think accelerate their business. Then one thing that they also have a challenge with at times and I think you're really good at this is finding and discovering the workflow that they can use. That allows them to just get in flow, stay in flow and really bring the most value to the to the community. Let's talk a little bit about some of the tools or some of the techniques you use to stay in that groove. It's like a good musical instrument it's like you're playing this thing and you're practicing it. It really sounds wonderful and it's played.

Violet Rainwater 8:19
It is but it doesn't happen immediately. I always start with strategy. But when I create the strategy doesn't mean that it's done the strategies. Think of it as a skeleton version. Right? When I'm creating strategy, I'm always thinking about when you're connecting with your customers, or you're reaching out, it's all about how they feel and how you are able to make them feel. That's why I'm a big supporter of video because I think video evokes emotions. In fact, statistics have shown that video when somebody reads something, they might get 10% of it with video. It's like 80% of it. Huge so I would say for me I always start with strategy. Always I recommend a CRM one of the things that really blows my mind are how many sales professionals entrepreneurs and small businesses that are still doing business like it's 1987 like a

Russ Johns 9:21
stack of business cards on their table they shuffling

Violet Rainwater 9:25
Or just writing things on a notebook or in a calendar. But yes, it is a learning curve. Yes, you're gonna have to invest time and you know, sometimes money, but it's so worth it your future you You're one year later you you're five year later you the more that you can document, the more that you can document your conversations and create those workflows within the CRM, the more you're going to be able to really create a consistent lead flow down the road. So strategy CRM, and then obviously my biggest favorite is using a video platform within my strategy and I shared with you I have been studying video platforms you know as a business consultant I would come on kind of I guess, like the Director of Sales and overtake all their sales efforts and you know there's a lot of noise today there's a lot of noise so I was always looking how do I help my clients rise above the noise and the best video platform out there by far and there's some really great ones so if you're using one great but my personal favorite is DUBB and you and I,

Russ Johns 10:28
Yeah we share that that passion for DUBB I started using the hashtag for Reuben is like hashtag love my dUBB.

Violet Rainwater 10:40
I'm gonna use that that's what I love

Russ Johns 10:42
We'll have to start using that, bring it on board

Violet Rainwater 10:45
So supportive. I'm not a millennial things don't come easy for me like there was a little bit of a learning curve with dub but they anytime I needed anything they helped me answered all my questions. They're so supportive, but the what I love About It is there's so many different ways that you can use it to really drive the connection. Why is that important? Well, my entire framework for sales is called connection based selling. I believe and I'll share this with you Like when I started in the financial service industry, my first year, I never had a finance course I was a communication major, like I love people.

Russ Johns 11:25
That helps you in the relationship side, though,

Unknown Speaker 11:28
That's I was extremely successful. I finished first in the company and I had a lot of success. I'll be honest, I was not the sharpest tool in the shed, I really wasn't. What was it that I was able to do is I was able to really connect with my prospects connect and touch them more intimately more deeply. I always say the deeper that connection, the higher the conversion. It's so true pay people make sales so complicated. It's so like, overthink it. It's really simple. Just connect. Just share share your gifts share your knowledge and video really allows you to do that.

Russ Johns 12:08
I think in a not an overproduced stiff way, but open just Hey, casual conversation. We're here having coffee. We're just having a meal, whatever it happens to be. It's like, violent. How are you doing? It doesn't have to be super complicated.

Violet Rainwater 12:26
No, it doesn't. I call it conversational video. That's what I used for. It's really just having a conversation like to people like you just said, and what it does to the person receiving the video. It makes them feel like they're special. Like you care about them like you're connecting with, you're taking time out of your busy day, and you're sending something just for them. That's what I love about dub. It makes people feel good when they receive and the analytics, you're at To see who opened it when they

Russ Johns 13:01
How watched it and everything else.

Violet Rainwater 13:04
One time I had somebody watch my video 70 Note to self do not even know that was like a little too much. But that's the kind of analytics that we're able to get. I love teaching business owners and my specialties really in the financial service space but this would work anywhere, but just a way to really rise above the noise. Think about how many emails you get with just word copy I don't even open them anymore. If you are able to incorporate a video in your outreach throughout your sales process, while they're a customer just checking in on them without any hidden agenda, that you build relationships for life you build fans that are out there telling everybody about your business.

Russ Johns 13:55
When I was in sales years and years ago when we Had textbook text messages? I would text five people a day. Just say hey, check it in how you doing thinking about, you know, just a short message? easy, simple process. You just the reaction you get though is very incredible, because I don't know about you. However sometimes when I've sent videos out, people are just like they send an email back and say, I can't believe you would do that.

Violet Rainwater 14:26
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Thank you 20 seconds using dub to send and send it maybe 30 seconds. Okay.

Russ Johns 14:35
Yeah. Okay. However, we don't need a million connections, to do a really good business and help a lot of people. We need to have, I think deeper connections, more intimate connections. Understand if they have a dog or kid or you're just they just moved or something else that one of my friends who's still a friend who I used to purchase with, back in my corporate days, Luke Papp know that Luke's out there, and I still connect with him. He was so good about remembering birthdays and anniversaries and special dates and things that took place. I mean, he had CRM down before CRM was popular. It was just so good to watch that work. He was so considered around that. I just

Violet Rainwater 15:35

Russ Johns 15:35
Hats off local, I'll have to tell you the message.

Violet Rainwater 15:39
It's just like a relationship with a significant other or your children. It's those little things that end up being the big things. I remember when the market crashed. It was back in 2015. We had like a few weeks where the market was just doing crazy things. financial advisors will hide the market. What I did is and I was more on the insurance space. I loved annuities and using life insurance as a way to fund tax free retirement. Most of my products were protected. I also had other vehicles that there was quite a bit of volatility. What I decided was just to call every client just to let them know like, Hey, I'm here if you have any questions, do not rush. I remember one of my customers it was I think they had done like about an $80,000 sale, which is not a lot. My average client was higher. Well, because of that one call her husband brought over his $1.2 million rollover.

Russ Johns 16:43

Violet Rainwater 16:44
They told me they said it's because you called, you know, so it's these little things when most people don't show up and they don't do it. Look, I know it's scary to show up on video because this is what I teach. I remember when I started doing video and posting them, I felt physically sick because it's that inner critic, I am always critic like, why do my eyes move when I'm talking? Why am I so animated, but it made me. I would say just even if it's gonna feel uncomfortable, it's gonna maybe make you physically sick. I would say do it anyway, do it. No, eventually you'll get comfortable. It might take months, it might take years, but eventually it'll become a part of your business practice. I think daily, whether you're letting them know you took care of something for them, checking in with them, wishing them a happy birthday, using video as a workflow. Part of your workflow is really going to allow you to rise above the noise.

Russ Johns 17:42
Yeah, I want to give a shout out. There's a couple people in the room I've highlighted it's Lonnie Ray. I have not seen Lonnie Ray How are you Lonnie Ray I love that. Byron's in the room. He's here. Good morning. Lani loves

Violet Rainwater 18:03
We're like soul sisters.

Russ Johns 18:05
No kidding. She's so funny. Uh, Gabriel? I don't know if you know Gabriel or not. He' awesome. He's got a live show going on the evenings made from scratch broadcast. Hi, Gabriel stuff. I just want to talk. She's absolutely fabulous. I want to shift gears a little bit because I know that we before the show started and I've been a administrator I've created CRM. I have taught classes on different CRMs and also video and marketing and media email marketing. I've been an email since 95.

Violet Rainwater 18:52

Russ Johns 18:54
I know one of the things that we talked about but we kind of glossed over and I want to dig a little deeper and this is Developing a workflow that works for you.

Violet Rainwater 19:03

Russ Johns 19:04
how important it is. Maybe you could offer some suggestions or some ideas where we could think about and reflect on how to develop something like that.

Violet Rainwater 19:16

Russ Johns 19:16
What do we need to think about and how we process this information because it's once you get a workflow down

Violet Rainwater 19:22
It's awesome.

Russ Johns 19:23
It's awesome. That's why I do the pirate broadcast every morning. It sets the pace of my days. I hang out with #interestingpeople and awesome individuals like yourself, and it sets the pace my day

Violet Rainwater 19:38
That's awesome. That's awesome.

Russ Johns 19:39
Let's talk about that.

Violet Rainwater 19:40
Yeah, well, I think workflow has to start with creating time I call it time blocking. I see a lot of people do not do this. If you take one thing away from today, but take dub, but if you take time blocking time blocking will transform your business. Time blocking is when you Pick. For me, I'm a morning person, for me, when I do business development, I time block, maybe nine to 12 two days a week or nine to 11, two days a week. You want to have that dedicated time where you're not checking emails, you're not answering the phone, you're not doing anything other than focusing on business development. You got to give yourself that time to work the workflow, right. The workflow is really important, because once you have something that works, you have confidence about reaching out to your customers. The reason that people don't move into action is because they feel silly, they don't know what to say they don't want to seem like a fool.

It's just human nature that if we are not confident with what our messages and what we're going to say, then we're probably not going to even get out there and do those outreaches. When you're creating a workflow, it's really important to just know that not everything. is going to work. You're going to start and you're going to perfect it as you go. Perhaps a workflow is a combination of you reaching out and connecting to someone on LinkedIn. For example, sending them a connection request, they connect with you, and then you send them a voicemail, LinkedIn voicemail is huge, I get so much response from people. Oh, my god, you're my first voicemail.

Russ Johns 21:24

Violet Rainwater 21:25
Already, you're just made a connection. If you're able to just even do that, the goal is to get them off of LinkedIn and start a conversation with them. It's creating these touch points and maybe one of your touch points doesn't work or it isn't in the right sequence. Then you move it, but you're never going to know unless you try and you start, and you create that time blocking period for you to perfect it because here's what's going to happen eventually, you're going to figure it out. Eventually, you're gonna find a workflow that works like magic, and all of sudden you're gonna have money it's gonna be raining like violent rainwater is gonna help you make your game by doing these new little tweaks and practices incorporating these new practices. It's a combination of what really works with your customers. Some clients are better on text message some clients are better on voicemail. Some clients are better with video, finding out what your audience responds to and creating a workflow that works in connecting with.

Russ Johns 22:28
Yes, I totally appreciate that. Now your new tagline is rainwater is Rainmaker.

Violet Rainwater 22:37
My business used to be called the Rainmaker way. just because if you have a last name rainwater and I was always told how do you make it rain? Everywhere I went and I just had great sales. yes

Russ Johns 22:51
I get the impression that you are You and I are in like minded fashion interested in building a system that works. They can have multiple components, multiple pieces. However, you have to, once you have a system in place, and you can go out with confidence and you know that I can duplicate this, I know I think your guest on my show, I know that I can have a conversation, I know that I can engage with somebody and start a conversation with for any reason, whatever it happens to be. Once you have that competence in that workflow, and that it works, then it gives you the confidence to go out and ask the question, hey, I have this thing. Looks like you're trying to solve this problem. I help people solve this problem. Would you like to have a conversation?

Violet Rainwater 23:42
Yeah, then and it's fun. Then sales doesn't feel icky? I used to always say so right. When I left the financial service industry, I was really probably at the peak of my career, but I had been doing it for 15 years, I was ready to share my expertise, instead of being in production, and I'd gotten system down where I trained my assistant on what to say when she called our book of business or the bank customers because I worked within a bank. I do not rough I had, I had a client, 9, 10, 11, 1, 2, 3 O'clock six appointments every day. I maintained an 80% closing rate because of my systems in place. I only worked 25 hours a week I went to yoga during my lunch hour.

What having a system does is it drives your efficiency, because I don't believe in a 10 hour workday, I'm over the hustle, I'm in my 40s I'm done hustling, I'm ready to flow. I want it to come easy. If that sounds like your speed, that's where systems are really going to help you. It's all about doing less and getting more so yes, you're gonna have to put some time in ahead of time to build it to figure it out. It's gonna be uncomfortable, you're gonna fall flat on your face. That's part of the process. But eventually we will figure it out and it will be the best thing that you ever did for yourself. for your business.

Russ Johns 25:01
So if somebody wants assistance in developing the system and they would like someone that could guide them along the way that's been down the road before, like violet. How would How would they approach connecting with you and building a relationship? maybe doing a voicemail or something?

Violet Rainwater 25:25
Send me a video.

Russ Johns 25:29
Get on dub and send her a video.

Violet Rainwater 25:30
Yes, yes, that will really send me into a blissful state. I love helping I love connecting. I always offer complimentary strategy calls like I shared with you. I'm not in the business of taking new customers at the moment because I'm very focused on creating my courses to help. I'll do it themselves. Anybody that is lost and would like a little bit of guidance. I'm happy to give a complimentary 30 minute strategy call. They could reach out on LinkedIn. I'm pretty active there. My email. I don't know how we could share it here but it's violet, violet rainwater speaks calm, but really, it's in any way that they want to reach out. I'm always happy to help. I truly have a passion for seeing people fall in love with sales, especially the ones my favorite are the ones who like, didn't see themselves as salespeople and didn't like sales. Then once they're done with me, they're like, this is so cool.

Russ Johns 26:28
I process a lot of invoices and a lot of P O's. I've always been an operations person for the most part. It's everyone is in sales. If the team is working as it needs to work together, everyone is in sales everybody from the touch points of the clients, the customers, the environment. anybody the front desk, personnel, the person that answers the phone, everybody is in sales. Not doing customer service. You're not training your Sales Team.

Violet Rainwater 27:01

Russ Johns 27:01
That's part of the process. That's part of the system that you have to build as an organization as well. It's like you're saying, you had back to back appointments 20 25 hours a week. Because you had a system and everybody on the team was part of that system. I think that's beautiful thing and as a huge fan of dUBB and what they're doing in the direction they're going, Shannon, Ruben Darrius, all the people on the team are just really amazing individuals that I love and support. That's one of my go to goals, and In fact, it's fun to use. It's fun to create. The playlist you mentioned the playlist, I think on the show, it's like, okay, I want to do some playlists. Then I was thinking about doing like a survey so you can have a button, two buttons asking a question and depending on which button you select, would go to a different playlist.

Violet Rainwater 28:04
Oh, I love that. I haven't figured that out yet. I love playlists because I prior to COVID I was working with a lot of speakers helping them really drive their business and what I love about it. most speakers have like a speaker reel, but it's not really personal and so what I love about dub is that allows you to send a personal message followed by a speaking or testimonials. so there's so many different ways that you could build it, but we mentioned how fun dub is I'm currently taking a 10 beta testers through a course and when they send me like so at first they are nervous and now it's so such a joy to watch them and they're having fun with it. They figured it out or having fun with it. They see how easy it is. Perlin is a lot of fun and I think when you're doing something that's fun, your energy changes and

Russ Johns 28:59
Oh absolutely.

Violet Rainwater 29:00
Your customers are going to get what they're like they're they're going to be drawn to you, they're going to want to work with you, you know, it's going to be like magic. So video is just it really is the future. Anyone that is not using video. Right now is the time because three years from now, two years from now, everybody's going to be using video like this.

Russ Johns 29:22
Oh, absolutely.

Violet Rainwater 29:23
Why not get ahead and swim in your lane but use video to really help you rise above the noise in your lane.

Russ Johns 29:31
While you're the only you there is

Violet Rainwater 29:34
There's only one.

Russ Johns 29:35
There's a lot of people that can validate the fact that you have a product that people want, right because they may be selling the same product but they're not selling it like you were selling it right. If you take advantage of taking the time to build a system, a workflow and utilizing the tools that are available to you. It's a magic thing. I just want to remind everybody that this show violet is also streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope. Then also at the end if you want to connect with violet, you can reach violet and her podcasts, her posts or transcription and her show, this show this episode will be posted before I go to bed tonight so I have a team of people that do this and and I think it's an awesome it's an awesome workflow and an awesome process because I get to sit down and do the show and it's all done for me so and I do that over at the pirate syndicate as well. I'm getting ready to launch that a little harder and have conversations because that brings me passion. You've inspired me, violet to

Violet Rainwater 30:51
Follow your bliss friend, follow your bliss,

Russ Johns 30:54
I really believe it's important for people to understand how powerful it is and how powerful it can be. for them.

Violet Rainwater 31:01

Russ Johns 31:02
This is absolutely tremendous. I thank you so much. It brings me joy. It fills my day it sets my mood. I just really appreciate you coming in and sharing a few nuggets of knowledge and some knowledge bombs here and also shared passion for Devin Rubin. Hashtag love my dubb. Thank you so much everyone for being here and love the fact that we're starting another day, a fresh day if it's in the evening, Arcot people over in the other side of the world. Get some rest. I hope you're staying safe and sane. As always #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday. Take care.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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