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In the News from the #PirateBroadcast

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

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[0:02] And we are live. Good morning. Good morning. Good day. Good afternoon. Good evening.
Whatever time you happen to watch this either live or replay this is Pirate broadcast and I thank you so much.
I have all the gratitude in the world for you being here today. This right now.

[0:23] I I started the show a little bit late because I was so interested in some of the facts that are going on and I didn't have a guest today.
And if if you and here's the deal if you want to have a moment in time to share some of the things you're doing not sell everybody but just tell,
a few things about and share a few things about yourself.
This is a good platform to be on because I'm highlighting people on LinkedIn doing some great stuff.
Interesting people doing interesting things.
So if you fit in that category reach out to me send me a message and say hey this is something I'd like to do.
I know I've I extended an invitation to a lot of you.
Not everyone that I would love to have on the show. Have I had the opportunity extend that invitation to.
However it's an open invitation and I will be going through and bring people on as I'm able.
So I just want to toss that out there because there are so many amazing people on LinkedIn and I just want to make sure that you know that you are.

[1:37] Special you have a gift. You have a message. You have something to share.
So it's a day I wanted to bring out some of the highlights in what is taking place in Lincoln and make sure that you're aware of this because this is some of the things these are some of the things that are taken place that you need to be aware of.
And because there might not be in your feed because Will we get a little bit.
We only get a little bit in our feed everyday and it's not always something that we have the opportunity pay attention to.
So one of the things that I wanted to do is that is bring up this opportunity.
That is the 2019 women in tech Award finalist re Bill finalists or rebuild.

[2:23] So as you know there's a lot of people that are out there in the tech world that are looking for these now pervy,
she's amazing. She's someone to follow and I want to thank Sheryl. I hope you get your name right.

[2:43] Tell me if I'm wrong L A L L Y,
Lolly Amy Lally I hope I hope I'm not crucifying your name.

[2:59] I'm sorry if I did and I also have another thing that a special treat for you that she pointed out earlier like last night to me that is amazing.
I want to get this on on. I want to see if I can open this up on my phones.

[3:17] So I can see who is coming in,
and I should have already had this done however I was doing some last minute updates and on something else and I just see activity.

[3:35] Yeah. All right. His linked in unlike YouTube which I am all still streaming to YouTube Live as well.
And so YouTube.
Yeah. There you go.
I could see this cherry. I'm like.
You are awesome. Thank you so much objects for being late. And thank you for the heads up all women in tech.
So Sherry is an awesome individual that is doing some things. She's a designer.
She's an amazing talent that it works.
And here's the thing is she's like doing some amazing stuff out there that you know just one of the amazing people in the world today.

[4:24] And so let's bring up her let's bring up her and she shared this with me so I could share it with you.

[4:30] How talented is that.

[4:32] Melissa good morning. Thank you so much for being here.

[4:38] So gone hairnet now. What's it gonna doula hairnet we'll talk to Sheri and find out.
Get to know Sherri. She's very cool individual. If you're not connected with her get connected with her like that's all I can say she's awesome.
Just let let her know that you saw her profile on the pirate broadcast and you wanted to reach out so give a shout out to Sherri and let you know that she's an amazing individual.
Now I wanted to go back a little bit to this to the.

[5:22] Women in tech because and Perky I wanted to make sure that follow it nominations are in.
You can actually if you can go to the finalists you can actually.
Hey Jessica. Jessica geos another individual.
Melissa is these people are amazing so why don't you follow these people and get to know them a little bit more about,
not the public side but their personal side get to know people because that's part of something we're gonna talk about a little bit later in the show but this is a community that we can actually engage people.
You can get to know people and the friendships that I've developed over the years that I've been on LinkedIn are.
It's if if you we can write stories about this we can have it.

[6:17] We can have a show about this. We can have a movie about the connections that we have on this because you never know who is going to be involved and engaged in your activities,
and your life as a result of being connected on LinkedIn.

[6:33] Trust me it's amazing. It is amazing.

[6:37] And if you have a story dropped something in the comments let me know.
And let me know if you're doing something with someone that you met on LinkedIn I saw that Ryan Schulman is dancing Diana.
He's gone to Australia to the links to local to speak there in Melbourne in three weeks.
Crazy. It's crazy I tell you so another and so Sherry's a unique individual that is awesome and she's wonderful to know so go check her out.

[7:12] However I wanted to talk about what she brought to the table as she brought to me yesterday last night I was out and about was running around and,
I want to go to view my profile here and I'll share it from my profile because,
I know my profile.
I know my profile is so now because I'm connected it's going to take a little bit while to come up.

[7:39] So here we go so you look at your profile and down here on the side we're going to come up they change it already.

[7:55] Let me see if I can go full screen at least see my Harry mug anyway.
Dashboard the sidebars are gone.

[8:09] They were just there.

[8:17] Now tell me what's wrong with this. What's wrong with this picture.

[8:26] Let me see if I can adjust this little bit more.

[8:33] I don't need to edit my profile.

[8:39] But you noticed something different. There's no sidebar anymore. There it is. Came back. That was interesting.

[8:50] I love how linked it.

[8:51] Does this all the time but come down here on your sidebar and notice this event's this is this is brand new. Let's open this up.
Let's create an event let me show you what this looks like.

[9:15] I can't believe that they did this. I wanted this to take place.

[9:23] Oh my gosh. Come on. We all need a power more powerful computer. I'm going to go the pirate broadcast on a small business you need to be in the group regular.

[9:38] So you now have the ability.

[9:41] You now have the ability. Let me say this one more time.
Hey Roger. You now have the ability to schedule events in linked in what you think about that Roger,
Jessica Jerry.

[10:01] Melissa what do you what do you guys think about this,
now that you can't see it here. Because my resources are lacking my computer is going to crash,
oh my gosh.

[10:21] Let me close this for a second.

[10:27] Let me close a few more things.
This is ridiculous. OK.

[10:35] I'm just going to hear Bob sharing stops sharing.

[10:42] So

[10:47] When you have.

[10:51] You know technology when you're on the on the edge of technology it's always great,
Nope linked in events.

[11:01] They're actually for live events for face to face in-person events and you can actually link him to Eventbrite or Meetup or any other activity. And let me let me try to get this back.

[11:13] I'm going to try to get this back for us so we can actually,
bring this to the table. I'm going to attempt this one more time. OK. Let me see if I can do this. Bring this back,
bring this in. Let me set this up for a second. All right guys this is really very exciting right.

[11:42] OK

[11:46] I'll set this up.

[11:48] I'll show it up,
yes. And you can link it out to sell tickets. Yes link it out to sell tickets.

[11:59] How cool is that.

[12:04] There for everything.

[12:09] And so sharing.

[12:11] That's a great point. Explain why this is valuable so you're going in here and you're going into events missive to this one more time for a shirt out.

[12:22] OK here we go OK. I'm going to share my screen,
my camera right in front of my screen. So it's kind of hard,
on my little computer holy cow I'm not sure what that looks like on your side but on it own share this with you.
So now it's it's not as smooth as I would like it to be.
And I'm sure that they'll improve it. So what this allows you to do is name the event.
You can name the event and you have the opportunity.

[13:03] You have to put it in the location and this is not a virtual location.
You actually have to put a physical location in there like New York Seattle Dallas Houston Phoenix Thailand whatever it happens to go wherever the event happens to be.
And then you could do the venue date details and you can actually have a thousand twenty four characters where you can actually explain.
OK. It's in third floor office building or conference room whatever it happens to be.
And you can put the picture you can actually put the header.

[13:38] You can customize the header you can customize the image for the event and then you could put in the date and the time when it starts and then the event description,
you can actually put the actual description you have five thousand characters in here that you can actually put in there and then an external link where you're ticketing or event site.
Now this is could be a public event or this could be a private event.

[14:07] Now the beauty of it yeah Bobby could do a graphic burn ours or our favorite burners.
So you could do a raffle and sell tickets. Yes. Yes you could.
Jessica You can also use it for your webinars and burners.

[14:30] Jessica says she doesn't doesn't like it automatically adds to my Google calendar might be a setting I have maybe possibly.

[14:40] I don't know.
It could be it could be however.

[14:47] I think it's Sherry thank you so much all the gratitude in the world for pointing this out to me.
And obviously you know it wasn't the first time and I don't always look at my profile like it like I need to.

[15:00] Apparently and this is important.
And I said and I don't know. Cherry did you get did you get a notification after I invited you to this event.
Did you get a notification.

[15:20] I'm curious if Roger did you get a notification.

[15:26] Let me know in the comments if you received a notification because I invited Roger to the event as well so that's.

[15:40] Best tip of the week Rogers to Sherry.

[15:43] Best tip of the week. This is awesome and I'm so glad that I can share this.

[15:47] Now if I go back if I go back to this and I go back to my event if I can get this that,
home on this is what I need when I start feeling like I need to upgrade my computer.

[16:08] Things are not like this invest money but I should okay.
I'm going to go here let's make a little bigger city and see it.

[16:18] OK
so see how I've updated the header and you can edit this.
Lets go to edit so we can actually.
This is private. We can invite our connections we can share your event and post about your Ben do I actually last night.
I did a video I did a video about behind the scenes so if you,
type in hashtag pirate broadcasts you probably be able to see this event and,
so if there's a tag or reminder I'll updated it a bit.

[17:01] I'd like to reminder. I'll update it. I would like a reminder.
I don't know if there's a reminder to test it out.

[17:14] So Roger did you see a tag.

[17:21] Oh yeah. Roger. Well I have not been getting live notifications. They throw those down,
yeah. I mean I I took a pause a couple of days it took a weekend off and my my views dropped a hundred I think a hundred seventy five percent.

[17:46] It was insane. It was insane.

[17:49] So I don't know. I mean they're going to do what they're going to do.
So it's all about the community. It's all about the community here and doing some relationship building you know connecting with people like Jessica and Sheri and MLS and Roger and Kim,
what It's a burner if you know about Bobby the bear go follow Bobby the bear.

[18:13] Roger real concern is on YouTube as well.
And Hey also I want to I want to throw something out there.

[18:24] Roger has been talking a lot about this and I I've been doing some research on tech talk,
there are people making a lot lot of traction on tick tock and I'll be doing a deeper dive on that maybe maybe I'll put that on YouTube or I don't know a two minute temp or something,
another. Another initiative.

[18:47] So as an example Alexa is appearing on a Food Network cooking decoration challenge next week.

[18:54] That is so cool. SHERRY That is so cool. That is fantastic. I love that. So.

[19:05] I think that is so you'd be able to see this event post and then tap the miners support your friend so that's a perfect example how this work.
See this is how a community building actually takes place.
You can tag your friends. Now there is a tag yesterday I want to talk a little bit about this tagging thing because tag people that you want to update and I don't tag I don't tag very many people because.

[19:34] I don't want to impose and I should tag because people want may want to see my stuff you know and if you want to be tagged let me know.
I try to do better. I'm working on a solution where I can actually notify people that want to be notified on a regular basis because it's not really reliable.
Because sometimes I tag people and then they still don't see it.
Again looking at alternatives. If you have a recommendation for me or you have a solution that you've seen work out there in other broadcasts let me know.
I'd love to explore this a little bit better.
And also one thing I'd like to do is you know with this pirate broadcast every morning I'm going to do this five days a week I'm doing this five days a week every morning at 7:00 and I know that there's a lot of opportunity out there to share.
Great work by other people.
And I want to highlight the things that are going on in the linked community and things that you should be aware of and know about.
And I'm also sharing this on Facebook and YouTube and in all I'll probably shared on Periscope and.

[20:37] You know I'm I I'm a website and I'm also creating a podcast as a result of this.
So if you can't watch the video and you can't listen in live you can always catch it somewhere else at your convenience so it's easy access no friction.
It also hit me up drop me a message if you want to be notified or updated on some of these things.
I am building out these systems I've built systems for a lot of other people now I'm trying to do it for my.
I'm not trying to do it I'm doing it for myself I'm doing it for some of the people that want to be made aware of what's going on in the world I'm not applying when they give it to everyone I'll join in.

[21:17] Roger a smart yeah.

[21:22] I have been on tick tock Raj I just haven't I haven't produced anything so however I was I was scrolling through tick tock there are some brilliant brilliant creative ideas on tick tock and I,
in my mind is my mind is rolling Roger my mind is rolling so,
yeah Sherry all the gratitude in the world for this tip does this tip is magnificent and also thank you sherry for women in tech,
pervy go connect see what the nominations are. I'm going to go check it out later.
I know everybody's busy. We've got life to run. We've got things to do.
We've got places to go and I just really appreciate you being here and thank you so much for everything that you do and I got more tips coming all the rest of the week we got some guests on the way.
I've a book through the end of October for guests most of November is filling up so if if you if you are a guest who you want to nominate a guest or you want me to bring someone on let me know.
You know it's an open invitation and I've got lots of people that are actually coming on board all the time so I love you.
Thank you so much kindness is cool.

[22:43] Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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