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[0:00] Awesome.

[0:03] All right.

[0:05] It's another it's Wednesday and I cannot believe where a pirate broadcast again today and I have a special guest in here that I'm going to be,
diving in imagining what he's been doing and having him answer some hard questions for us today.
Sure. Andy is a multitalented individual.
He's actually located here in Arizona where I'm at right now and it's just really amazing to see the people that are around me that you and I've always been fascinated by this.
And Andy I think probably I'll let you speak to this little bit is the the fact that you never know who is around you and tools like LinkedIn linked in life and social media have opened the doors to building relationships.
And Andy and I are both very passionate about building relationships getting in tune with what you're doing and.

[1:02] Finding out what is going on around us. So Andy welcome to the show.
And thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day and being here.

[1:10] Thank you so much. Russ I'm very excited to be here. This is such a cool thing and you just talk about relationships.
I mean that's well you and I met on LinkedIn.
Yeah. I actually met through.
Well you suddenly a video and I was so blown away by it.
It was like wow that is a really an outlier. And talk about building relationships so I've taken that. Yeah.
Because we met just sort of I need to remember what the context was but it was linked down to a video and a shout out to Rubin and the team over at dub dot com.

[1:41] Oh yeah yeah. So I remember you had gone like I got to find out what that is.

[1:46] I looked at the code to figure out you know because seriously it's an outlier thing that I was like I've got to figure out what he's doing there.
I thought well maybe I'd like a whiskey a video and I was like No it's whiskey is I got in there I'm like oh it's dub.
And so no I was like I signed up then the next day because that thing is powerful stuff man.

[2:07] That's incredible. And they're they're always doing something.
And we could have another complete episode on that altogether. Sure.
And I know that it's really a powerful tool and an interface that everyone should enjoy and appreciate. Now I've set a lot of videos out and got a lot of great response from it. Yeah.
Yeah. But I want to. I want to dive in a little bit more into the you know because social media is one aspect of it. Right.
And really to keep the social aspect into social media.
It really has to be part of the equation of relationship.
Exactly. And and I know you've you've got a background in aerospace as well.

[2:55] A long time ago man. I don't go out. I was there. I'm a recovering engineer in another life.

[3:00] But you know experience you have you have that you know I'm kind of.
I'm in the same family. Technology I've been in technology for a long time so it's it doesn't always leave you.
So discovering what works and how it works and you know going through that is part of the equation.
The other part of the equation is the people part and building the relationship.
So how do you approach this in your business and you actually help people get qualified leads.
So I kind of want to dive into that but how do you how do you build a relationship around that.

[3:40] Well I don't think you have to be. I think you have to start with with a strategic framework about how you're going to do that.
And and and actually think about,
those people as people because I think a lot of times in marketing you you know you use terms like prospects or leads or,
you know the buyer's journey and all that stuff which is great but you know you have to think of them as actual people and it all starts with,
you know understanding them as a whole and then knowing who you're going to target and what that messaging is going to look like and how you're going to build those relationships and you see it so much,
on social media where people are just sending out spammy stuff and they're just you know they're they're going on the first date and trying to close the deal on the first date. Well it doesn't work that way.
And so we try to be really strategic about it being intentional about,
you know writing messages and in a way that's going to get people that pique their interest and start a conversation that's all we want to do with with what we're doing we're not,
the things that we do are not overly picky it's just it's about starting a conversation and then building that relationship as you go in these little micro steps along the way.

[4:52] Well when I find that one of the things that always fascinates me it's like,
is social media is just an introduction it's no different than going to a networking event,
yes receiving somebody is you know walking up into a circle of people that are having a conversation and saying OK can I add to this conversation am I,
am I able to understand what is going on in the conversation and if my interested in this conversation or not right. And then.

[5:24] Finding out OK. Is there someone in the room that I want to have a conversation with that is meaningful deep that actually I can have an intelligent interaction with.
Tonight social media is just a tool. It's no more nothing more than a tool to start a conversation with taking it to a relationship is another skill set that I think a lot of people skip over.
Sure. And we we know all the you know it's like OK you know you receive a connection request and the next thing you know you're they want a job.
And right. You know and I want to get to the US or I want to know I want to sell you some FCO someday.
You know that's one side of the equation.
The other side of the equation is the kind of relationship that I have with so many people that you know you go meet them you have coffee you'd have dinner you know you,
I have some friends that I've met in person that I talked to on a regular basis that I've met through LinkedIn years ago.

[6:31] Yeah well a friend. Yeah. Well and it's it's it can be a great tool with that for that and that's why you know when we do these campaigns we like to start locally with people.
I mean so for that very reason. So if you if you connect with somebody you could actually go meet them for coffee and then take that next step as opposed to just you know sending out stuff and trying to just do everything on mass and and you know have it be a numbers game.
So I think you know the people that are really successful you have to do that extra work and,
take the time to kind of research who you want to talk to and kind of get to know a little bit about them like you mentioned the aerospace things he actually looked at my profile and you know so yeah a little bit.
I can't say how many M.D. 80s I've been on. My God.
Yeah I don't even know you don't see that much anymore I guess they're still out there but you know it's a long time ago.
That was interesting experience though it's amazing they fly actually with so many involved it's kind of amazing.

[7:30] It's amazing any of these things fly.

[7:32] Oh like God. Just to see the problem blazing. Well Boeing's having a hell of a time.
It's like we've gone down a rabbit hole there. But that's true.
I want to I want to give a shout out though I want to take a minute and highlight people that are joining us because Sherri thank you so much.

[7:49] She actually was the one this week Andy that gave us a heads up on the events.

[7:55] That's certainly something that is really amazing about.
This opportunity is events just launched right now.
If if you go and I'll just I'll share this with you because it's worth sharing. Sure.
So let's just go with me here. I'm going to I have you.

[8:16] I have an I.D.. And if you're not connected with Andy go connect with Andy.

[8:23] Message him. Let him know that hey you are.
You saw him on the pirate broadcast. Follow the pirate broadcast.
And Melissa good morning.
Love the fact that you're here. Appreciate everyone watching joining in.
However I want to I want to kind of go to this. I want to go to the feed the main feed here.
Yep. And share this because I really I glossed over it the other day and I didn't really I didn't really share it to the degree that I think I should because.
Well I think my systems I just got too many things going on in the background here.
But I know the feeling. Yeah. See how many tabs I got open right now. It's frightening.
Well I don't have that many tabs open but it just seems like when I'm live streaming and I got you know the external.

[9:22] Camera and everything going on a microphone USP other places bandwidth my next to it.
So right down here come up here shortly on.

[9:38] See. It's almost there. I got two screens gone.

[9:46] All right. So right here on the events so you have a plus and you can actually add events.

[9:58] You can actually add events. On this and so I went in I invited you so I would love the opportunity to hear back and get your feedback on what the events were to me Cáceres.
I actually and she's been on the show before to make.
I really appreciate you being here and I love to hear your feedback on on what the event notification and if you received one before the show started.
But I know Andy is. I know Andy you're you're one of these individuals that kind of goes through and understands what is you know how to connect real real world connections,
not just surface by my stuff kind of guy. Right.
So. So your organization actually goes through and you have an opportunity to,
help people generate their leads through nurturing campaigns and through activities around that just talk a little bit about how you do that and what.

[11:04] Sure people need to do to understand you know that's what this is if you're on LinkedIn or whatever platform you're using you connect with all these people and then I find that a lot of the,
small businesses that I work with you know a lot of times they don't they don't do anything.
So you've got I don't know five hundred or a thousand or more connections on LinkedIn but then you don't you're not you're not nurturing them you're not you're not,
sitting in front of them delivering value in telling them a little bit more about what you do and how you can solve their problems or,
you know just posting stuff that people are going to resonate with even if it's like positive quotes. I love doing positive things I know you do too.
Yeah. Well it just it's just being out there and providing value in whatever form that is.
And so we have a social media management platform because again that kind of came out of the need that well I had to do it for myself in a bigger way.
But then just the people that I work with just do not they don't do a good job of it because they don't have the time they don't have the knowledge or the expertise.
So it's one of these product tied services that just helps gives people the ability to stay out in front with with content that's relevant to whatever their business or product or service or personality is for that but for that matter.
Right. So that's essentially what we do in a nutshell there.

[12:25] Well and how many times have you had the opportunity to have a conversation with somebody that says well yeah I tried social media Oh it didn't work Yeah well yeah you put up a page and you posted one thing right.

[12:38] It's like well it's a lot of it's the same thing with with you know with with lead generation or prospecting or whatever and that's what I find too is that people's expectations.
This stuff is you know you do a campaign and money is going to fall from the sky Well it doesn't work that way.

[12:56] And I always tell people to marathon not a sprint. And yeah all this stuff is an experiment.
I mean that's the thing is you know you you know there's best practices and you do your best to put all those things in place.
Yeah but until you kind of get out there and see kind of what the response is to stuff you don't know and you can adjust and tweak and go as go as you just go.

[13:19] I love that. I love that because you know what I tell people is you know until you actually put something out there there is no feedback except between your ears.
Exactly. That's the worst place to keep it.

[13:31] Oh my God I can tell you how many times I thought I had this brilliant idea and then it's my Field of Dreams If you build it they will come and then it was like crickets.
It's a great idea. Nobody else did.

[13:43] Why is everybody running away. Come back come back.

[13:47] When I become a big believer and you do those you know that sort of minimum viable product idea you know,
you get out there and test something get some data back and that's a great thing about where we live today is that everything can be data driven you can you know what's working what's not almost instantly and that's the beautiful part of all of it.

[14:05] Well and I grew up in. You know I started an outdoor advertising. Eighty five. All right.
So I've been in advertising for a while and I've you know people were still painting billboards in eighty five. Yeah.
There was no digital billboards there's not you know computers weren't on your desktop.
Right. You weren't born with an iPad in your hand. You didn't have walking around with a phone.
Right. And so I've seen the entire range of opportunities from broadcasting you know to relationships.
I mean ten years ago this was not even possible. Right.
So this is I mean we are living in an age in an era that is amazing.
Information is flowing.
We have the opportunity to have relationships and meet people around the world and start developing things. And.

[15:05] People you have to have. You have to slow down take the opportunity to start working on collaboration projects that interest you and take take the time to find it out.
Find out about the person on the other side of the conversation and really dig down because I believe if you allow a conversation unfold long enough you'll find a common thread right. Sure.
And it's just amazing to me that people try to shortcut that process into my my stuff.

[15:40] Well but you know it's it's it's it's kind of the society we live in too.

[15:44] It's a short term focused. Can I get my Amazon delivered this afternoon.

[15:51] Listen I love that by the way. I mean you know I need I need a new microphone I need it now.

[15:56] Yes. And speaking of outdoor it's kind of cool because I a few,
I don't know a couple of months ago I just discovered this platform called Blip Blip dot tv and it access to all the digital billboards in the United States.
And I am so I am like looking for an application for that because I so want to try it.
You imagine sitting here and just you could create the ad load it. And it's like boom.
I mean think about that. It's like old school like a little bit off line. But when the new school.
Oh my God. You could just do think of all the kiosks in the in the airport. All right.

[16:37] Think of those screens and then think imagine if you will,
being able to say OK on I got to Southwest come in from Houston and I'm going to do all the kiosks on exit when they explode after they arrive.
And I'm going to mention something about that connection.

[16:59] It's like are you arriving are you coming from Houston or you know coming home welcome home.
Right there at the restaurant. We have happy hour at 5:00. You know something very very localized.
And that that goes back to the relationship that you build with your clientele. Sure.
That goes back to,
micro. Advertising in a macro world.
And it really like Marine said Marine. Thank you so much for being here Angie.
Awesome everything is an experiment.
Francisco thank you so much for being here. Mika. Again love you.
Make sure that we all have an opportunity to experiment with these things and adjust your expectations to know that some things are going to work.
Some things are not going to work actually and it's just a mat. It's just a matter of being able to understand.
What the data says is what your gut says and what your mind says may not necessarily be accurate always.

[18:05] And you know it's the whole idea of you know there's that great book I think I was what David Maxwell failing forward.
You know and it's true. I mean you just you're going to fail a lot when you when you do this stuff but you're going to if you keep if you're consistent and you're and you don't mind that it's you're going to find that that find the thing that works.
Well you said it earlier. It's a marathon not a sprint right.
Yeah it is. So anyway that's like you know with my clients that's one of the first things I tell people is that look if you're in this for the quick hit you know I'm not your guy. So yeah.

[18:36] So tell me tell me who who is a good connection for you for everyone on board that is out looking for you.

[18:45] Well you know listen I mean like I said we work with a lot of small businesses so it applies to just about everybody.
We do a lot of B2B stuff just because you know linked in but you know like I I work with just all outside of LinkedIn.
You know I work with the with some big real estate companies were reimagining their entire marketing process. Cool.
So that's you know more of a you know be to see kind of thing so kind of pants I mean these processes in building out these systems are you know it's the same.
It's just you're targeting different people with different messages and yeah.
So you know we like to help people build out the entire funnel system if we can.
Because what happens is you know we find that you know linked in campaigns or or email campaigns or whatever it is but then we hand these leads off to people but they don't have,
the right systems on the back end to either follow up or you know close the sale or whatever.
So it's you know you got to have that whole systems approach so a lot of times we're going to say hey look you know if you.

[19:49] Built the same landing pages or whatever it is to kind of help them build that system out and make some suggestions that help it help them make it better and one of the things to that that I really love to do when we build these whole things out is use.
There's a great app called piece of software called Fun Olympics and it allows you to build upon whether you have an funnel and you can simulate so you can.
You can put in numbers and conversion rates and traffic and it is you can attach the traffic to the funnel into that why traffic.
And that is just so cool. I mean it's in it just makes it so easy to do it and it's you know the analogy I always use for this stuff too.
People like to jump into the tactics and they like to do social media let's do Facebook let's do Instagram let's do this that and the other thing,
and it's like go into Home Depot if you want to build a house and buying two by fours and nails and some cement and just start nailing and pour in cement and you can end up with a mess you know a blueprint for your marketing or for your business or what,
any aspect you need a plan.
So that's that's what we love to do is use those kind of tools to really plan out how this is going to work and then intentionally build it out step by step.
You know what content has to do with what's what's the intent of this e-mail what's the intent of this video.

[21:09] So I'm laughing because I mean it's like speaking to the choir here.

[21:14] Oh no I know I know but it's amazing. It amazes me every day because I guess I'm so close to it.

[21:19] And so yeah it's like common sense but I know the code and the secret code of knowledge where you you know what sort you think everybody else knows it and it's not it's not accurate.
And so where the curse of knowledge I think is what they call it is is the idea that,
not everybody understands how the sausage is made. Right. Right.
And so we have to go back. But but I guess you know that's just the nature of the business.
In a lot of people the other side of the same coin is that you build this amazing funnel you got lead generation going to the right people you got everything working and then it goes to a black hole where you know it's like OK nobody answers the e-mail.
Nobody calls or returns the call. So it's challenging on the entire thing has to work.
Yeah. Like I can't have three out of four tires on my car working.
All my tires working as have all the gas in the tank got them.
Everything has to be working in order for it to work. Right.
Yeah. Feel like the same thing going back to relationships. You know you have to have everything in place and you have to. It takes work and effort and.

[22:36] And I know that there are no shortcuts. In order to get the work done you have to do the work. Yeah it's that simple equation.
So he tell me something secret that you know you love to do on the outside of digital media and marketing everything like that. What do you want.

[22:54] What's a person to do. Ox jumps ox jumps.
Tell us about ox jump that Fox Box Box. No like.
OK. I go to a special farm in our turkey and they have ox as I jump over them. Awesome. No no no not really. Actually that would be kind of cool but no no I just I know I like to.
I like to do exports Sports Performance Training stuff so I like to jump. It's like freedom for me I don't know why it's weird but I just like it.
That is very cool. I have three dogs so between that working and everything else it's keeping me pretty occupied.
In fact they're sitting under my Oh really. They're just using wham spreads you can't hear him snoring.

[23:38] Oh you're so funny. So. So how do people get ahold of you. How did they help you down.

[23:46] You know what. You can track me down right here on LinkedIn. Obviously connection requests and that's the thing is you know what.
Anybody that connects with me you know I'm here to if I'm here to help. If you have questions about anything I am open and I will do.
I love. So I use that Doug platform every single day.
So you know I love to jump on there people have questions and just you know give my thoughts or opinions on it. So connect with me here you can send me an email at Andy at thought cloud digital dot com.

[24:17] I'm so glad I should have brought it up I should I should have enough Twitter.

[24:21] It's all good. Now those are the easiest ways and then I do.
I've been doing a podcast everyday called liquid Andi found look what Andy found I love this I love.

[24:32] Look what Andy found. Everyone go to his profile track down that that look what he found.
Now it's on both Sumo. The link was plus Sumo.
Really. Ah no. Bob. Yeah.

[24:48] On its own you know it's on all the big podcast platforms. For me it's I had this knack of finding.

[24:55] Tools and.

[24:58] I'm sure you do too. Yes. You gave me dub. So that was like that.

[25:03] Are you on why I don't feel sorry. Are you on f why I got to you.
I am not. Shout out to Roberto. Roberto.

[25:14] I need to be there. I'll check it out but so no it's the podcast is just tips and tools and tactics of software and things that I'm just trying to put on people's radar that might help them make their businesses more efficient or grow it or whatever. So that's what the podcast is about.

[25:28] Yeah. I love it. I love it. It reminds me of myself.

[25:31] So yeah. Well and that's you know speaking of that we need to we need to meet up one of these days and keep out.

[25:38] Yeah. I love that. Andy it's a pleasure.

[25:41] I love.

[25:42] I love the opportunity to come through and I just want to give some a Maureen pervy thank you so much for being here.
Hey if you haven't connected with Percy she's doing fan time. Go vote for she's been nominated for women in tech jobs doing some great stuff.

[26:02] Sherri Napoleon Dynamite moment. Yes I love it.

[26:08] Need a blueprint. When we want to put the cart before the horse. Yeah you need a blueprint for that.
Yeah exactly. Let's get up let's get our blueprints together. You know what would be really cool is have a webinar or the process the entire marketing process. Yeah. No it would be really cool.
And I'm going to put that together. I'll invite you in. So that would be awesome.
Gonna get a couple of people together and put that together. Yeah.
So thank you so much for being here everyone. It's always a pleasure.
And I'd love to have everybody drop a comment.
Did you get a notification from the event. Did you understand or how I saw that a lot of people accepted the invitation.
Did you see an invitation at all. Did I. Yeah.
You know what I did not. I may have missed it and may have missed it. Okay so I can look go back and look. I'd love to.
I'd looked because I was late last night and I put a bunch of invitations out.
Yeah I didn't know a lot of people were probably not paying attention to it so I need to get the timing down on that look at the data. I'm excited to try that actually.
Yeah. So because you know if I could do it I don't know a couple of days in advance.

[27:25] Yeah. Because if you do too soon people forget.
Right. Too early. People miss it so so it doesn't do like a reminder or anything.

[27:34] It's just that I'm not sure. I don't know if it does. Well there you go. There is another experiment. Yeah.
So let me know if you're in your feed. Andy give me a shout and let me know what it is and they will continue to look at it.
So while Russell I'm grateful that you had me onto this is so much fun.
Absolutely absolutely and as we grow and expand I'll have you back and reduce a bottom with funnels in an absolute another episode around that.
But I love the fact that we're connected in.
Thank you so much and we'll get together and have coffee or lunch or dinner of some sort. Our future.

[28:12] All right. Thanks so much everybody for watching you. Thank you so much for everyone watching. Take care. Appreciate it.
Bye-Bye Oh and here's it a kindness is cool yes smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

[28:38] And broadcast.

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