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[0:03] And we are live on the pirate broadcast today.
And the reason we are here is because I just enjoy interviewing interesting people doing interesting things.
And one of the things that I love to do is help you discover new individuals that you can connect with in this community.
Bring a little goodness bring a little kindness and hopefully make a new connection today.
So today we have someone that I've been friends with for a number of years and we have been back and forth with zoom sessions,
and he's a cyclist, a skier a writer travel author and some amazing things he's done and accomplished over the years,
are phenomenal and also.
He's a friend. So David good morning. How are you today.

[1:04] Goodmorning Russ I want to thank you. Thank you very much for having me on.

[1:10] It's great to chat to you, on the Pirate Broadcast
And today's his first pirate broadcast Herb's first livestream on LinkedIn as well.
So thank you for jumping in the deep end of the pool and taking part in this.

[1:27] I have been real excited about that. That's great. opportunity. Thank you folks.

[1:36] So I want to highlight the fact that I saw your video skiing in France
Just like that sounds so exotic and it's so fun.
I just love the opportunity to

[1:52] You know ski vicariously through your stories because it's so wonderful that you can take videos like that you can hang out and go do that as an adventure.
Because I know not everything is as simple easy in your life and you know you've had challenges throughout.
And I want to you to share with us a little bit if you can, you know what are you working on now and what is your project that you're working on now, what is your passion about today David.

[2:24] At the moment I'm really enjoying social media and.
You know I upload videos here on LinkedIn most days and there and you know I've.
no idea where that is going
And I make it in that but at the moment that doesn't matter to me because I just really enjoy making a contact with people with whom fantastic and.
Amazing connections over the years that I've been on linkedin and then the whole platform just such,
a opportunity the gave me added to whatever audience happens to be there and then so I'm working hard on Masters of me then also am I right.
They look at Just ton of last year as a book and that adds a bit of two halves.
OK. The first half is more or less now my story.

[3:38] And then they say have you know goes to my advantage doesn't travel.

[3:44] That that I've done in recent times.
So my goal for this year is to get out there and to get it published in some way.
Now I realize that by myself publish it by whatever means.
But that felt like oh well that's it.

[4:06] That's a huge and noble goal because you know having the opportunity to write your story and share some of the things that you've done.
You know some of the challenges and how you over you have got past the obstacles and the challenges in your life and then doing what you're doing now.
And I love your content you know creating content is one of those things that you don't know where you know you have an intention but you don't necessarily know where it's going to end up.
And so creating content out there to start making connections start building relationships and building that bridge to something different than you hadn't imagined before is pretty phenomenal.
So in the book when you're the first half you said you're going to talk about the you know your life and in some of the adventures and then the second half is more about the adventures and some of the things you're doing.
And I know that you're a travel author and you've been published in different publications and things like that.
So you know one of the things that we had talked about previously is going out and getting sponsors and traveling to different locations and having you,
write stories for different publications is that something you're still doing and working on.

[5:31] Yeah that sounds good too. I wouldn't but you know I've been OK. I've got a couple of ski cabins that I work for and they send me to France and Austria which puts us in a pretty nice gig to get and that looks a whole lot like that.
So that doesn't sound horrible. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I can handle it.
I got I got broad shoulders I can bear that and.
[6:09] But still the writing is about my work as curtailing off.

[6:22] But it is still in the background. But I'll add to my story.
some eyes turn to me as an investor.
I can use that as so tight

[6:46] You know as a storyteller and we could go deep into this one David as a storyteller experiences content. Right.
And so whether it's good experience or bad experience it's one of those things that you have an opportunity to.
kind of share how you're feeling about it. Share how you're you know,
what is happening in the moment because I remember you know I don't know maybe it was a week ago or so you know after the holidays and everything else it was it's kind of you know the holidays for me is is not really, I don't know, its not festive you know
And it is one of those challenging moments you know where.

[7:35] It's just kind of exhausting at times. And I know that you we talked about that a little bit.
And so that even though that experience may not be what we would consider a happy experience or you know a festive experience it's still a story.
You know it is still we talk about our emotions. We talk about how we're feeling about things and we're talking about how that impacts our lives because,
you know there's so much of this noise on on social media that you know everybody's looking at their,
A game you know they're looking at all of the things the best and the best of everything they're doing and we're not really talking about the challenges and the obstacles and the things that we have to overcome every day.
And I love the fact that you mentioned that and you talked about it and you brought it to the forefront,
and to me that's great storytelling and that's that's what really impacts the community in a positive way is realizing that we're not perfect we're not immune to emotions we're not you know,
we're just humans you know we tan Under the Same Sun and we breathe the same air right.

[8:50] Yeah.

[8:51] And so this month you know January 2020 starting off what intentions are you setting for the year.
And what what do you see forward that we can share with the community with David.

[9:10] It is to take people along with me on my story wherever that be you know because you mentioned that video that I put up in the same category.

[9:21] It was at Intel.

[9:24] It felt like we arrested them because when we saw some vulnerability of weakness or weakness it's how you popped up in an ad to make him valueable

[9:38] But there's been some really fantastic reaction to that. You know

[9:47] And then I hope we can become the story you know.
I'm the one telling that before I really go into LinkedIn.
I mean the head of content has category content creation.

[10:03] I didn't know until it as well though in the same bed but by Benji I read that you know in this,
study as you and you do have the DNA of when they are struggling to get.
I did did become a story that's already there. And.
And and and from that you can you can make so much content.
And now people like to come on the come on the journey with it like this buy it here and there.
And then when they see the whole you know all of you. And that.
Can cause the vulnerability in the and the difficult parts as well.

[10:56] So I think Muslim as well my goal for this year I,
felt was because I got my love back at a villa I can have a massive party I had to me but at the end of that they said they said they can't go on being the story.

[11:14] And just.

[11:16] And to share that and to take people with me wherever that goes.

[11:21] I love that. I love that. I love the fact that you're being vulnerable with the story and the fact that you are the story and that that rings true and.
You know if you think about that it's it's just being is OK. Just be me.

[11:41] You know I tried to be someone else and it didn't work out. Every time I try to be someone else it doesn't work out.

[11:49] So let's just be us let's be who we are and have us be the story because we are the story we are good enough,
and being vulnerable I think is the key is a lot of people are not comfortable being vulnerable.
David you know it's really hard for people to be vulnerable they have to put on a mask and a certain persona in order to be in public and I think.
I think you know maybe you've discovered this along the way maybe you learned it maybe you saw sometime and you started practicing.
I don't know where vulnerability came from. I don't know how it evolves. I don't know. Everybody's different right.
So how did you how did you come across this notion that being vulnerable and being yourself and just being the story was something that worked for you.
Is that something you discovered you know when you just said Hey I'm gonna just be me and that's OK I'll be the story or was it a kind of an evolving thought that evolved over time.

[12:55] Well I think it happened not too long after that, that I started to engage with it community on LinkedIn and I think I had,
you know I had to come on LinkedIn but I hadn't done anything much higher.
And for a while and they did it a few years ago, probably by the time I first,
got in contact with the yourself that I noticed other people that I love have been making video and there.
And I can't remember what happened, but one day I just put up a video I can remember I was by just I do. But let there. Hi there.
I just could not believe the response I got and the people who saw that.

[13:54] And then,
the connections I made of that.

[14:00] And I was I suppose it was at that time.
I thought you know A. I've got a story as happy as I can and B.. People want to hear that.
You know what really hit us and that was such a OK.

[14:17] And life for me and I was the best that time.
I thought you know I know I'm going to train in on this tomorrow.
And that yes.

[14:30] So I can give them its just incredible you know.

[14:37] And I remember when you first started posting and how much of an impact it made on the community because you know there's,
it's almost like you're breaking the mold and you're putting yourself out there in a way that is completely vulnerable.
You don't know where it's going to go. You don't know who's going to respond to it you don't know who is going to react to it.
So it's it's one of those things that I just truly love about you and the fact that you're in this community you put yourself out there on the line every day.
You're creating content. And you know there are days you know it's like where it'd be much easier just lay in bed and you know not do anything at all and you're thinking to yourself it's like OK why am I doing this.

[15:20] And the reason why we do this. And the reason why we communicate with each other even if we're not in the same town building location it's it's the connection.
As humans you know storytelling and being able to find a thread that binds us,
you know there's that connection and the connectivity that we can build with putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable and I think vulnerability is something that we're going to see a lot more of in the next decade.
I think a lot of people you know numbers and the vanity metrics and everything that goes along with social media I think is going to turn the corner here shortly and we're going to see smaller tighter communities.
And I think we're already seeing it on LinkedIn it's really I mean I don't know how many connections you've built over time however it's it's the deep.
It's the depth of the connections that we build. And I want to I want to give a shout out to some people online here David because I know that a lot of these people are friends of yours and mine as well is Nick Dorsey. Gabriel Vicki O'Neil.
Love you Jordan Thomas. Thank you. we keep missing each other.
So Shelly Lally yeah lots of seats filled today.

[16:39] This is great.
You know this is fantastic. Throttle up and see who else we got.
Michael Baker Wendy Russ Dennis. Thank you for being here.
Angie so true.

[17:02] People want the real vulnerability and you not some fake person who thinks others that you think others want you to be.

[17:12] I love that. Thank you. Thank you Angie.

[17:16] And then let's see who else has joined us.

[17:24] And lots of good comments here. Lots of good comments here. You're going to have to go back in and read these comments because it's really heartwarming to find out that you know people care David. People care.
And when you're actually the story when you're being the story and you're being vulnerable and you put yourself out there that's that's a dangerous place for so many people.
It's the opportunity that we have you know to let it down and say OK well how much should I share.
How much is too much. I don't know the answer to that.
If you have thoughts leave him in the comments because you know I don't necessarily need to share everything.
Like how bad my flu was or anything like that. No. However you know it's like.

[18:16] You know what that I eat for breakfast. I don't know if that's important or not but it's it's who we are. It's what we do.
It's the story that we're living right.
Yeah. And and so I applaud your efforts and efforts and and how you're telling your story and be participating,
and helping us all understand that it's OK to be us. I.

[18:41] I've never felt Linkedin that I always on a few social media platforms but tend to contact with people.
And you know how to reel it in of a meaningful discussion.
You play no offense and then link the five strips and then the other platforms out and that parliament and the lot of a voice and an engine.
And that's because I you know I always saw you know linkedin and a business,
you know so work in professional type person is powerful and that's not how I see him.
myself not fully employed and I haven't been for a very long time.

[19:35] And in that facility I just found a home on open on that Linkedin forum

[19:53] So you're not going to leave Linkedin anytime soon. So,
long as you know the other day is the smaller communities that we have within Linked In.
Yeah you know like the Blue Angels.

[20:10] You know Jill Sullivan and Steve and Jill Brown and Ted.
You know I was on a show at TED last night and some of these you know we're becoming friends.
You know the people that I met in person and I care for and as I go out you know I was talking to I think it was Joshua out of Dallas.
You know I'm going to be in Houston in a couple of weeks and we're going to connect in person live.
You know and it's just like it's like you've already got past the coffee talk the small talk you know and you can actually,
encourage each other that to be real and be vulnerable in person as well as being online.
And I think video is really incredibly powerful and there's not very many people doing video and there's less people doing live streaming you know much like the pirate broadcast,
and I think that the thing I love about the pirate broadcasts is having people like yourself,
come on and talk about how you've evolved the story how you're continuing to be vulnerable and how you're growing as an individual as a result of putting content out there.

[21:24] So I mean you've you know the last two years that you've been putting up content pretty steady in a way you know you're biking videos last year were phenomenal.
So if anybody hasn't seen those you know I don't know where they are they on a Web site somewhere.
David are they on YouTube or have you got them somewhere else that you could share with us.

[21:46] Yeah they're there on Monday

[21:49] My Youtube channel as well as under David ventures and that at.
But if you want. If he can find this message send the I say it along your show.

[22:07] Well what we would do is maybe after this broadcast is over you can leave it in the notes show hear out the broadcast.
And then that way people will have access to your content because I think it's important for people to set an example because that was a very well done video I really enjoyed the video and enjoyed the story and the way you put it together.
You know when it's I know it's not it's not a simple process video is you know kind of a long process.
People you know think well you could turn the camera on yeah you can do that.
It's simple but when you're producing a video it's it's a it's a project you know so it takes time and effort and then you had people there taking shoot video with you as well I think.

[22:53] Yeah but I've seen it. It's an unfair set of events that must have demos.

[22:58] There was a few of us and not right that that right killing that was came that through my contact was a cycling of,
oh it has vision cause they had a route called that the Caledonia way that they wanted to promote you know that 248 miles or so.
So I went to write them for them and I said and then was a guy came along was a cat made a film and then and as David,
Pegg is putting together it had a drone and set eyes and say start from one full hit well hit the drone up and,
then I'd say hop I was yeah I was alive,

[23:50] There was a there's quite a long ride as I recall to.

[23:54] Yes this is two hundred and forty miles so we'll just come to see the six steps.
So what to do in five days. I was I was really tired really grumpy

[24:15] We didn't see the happy day. I didn't I didn't show my father lot grumble that's.
Believe me it was there.

[24:27] I've been on some long rides so I can appreciate that.
So you know as we wrap this up David I just I just want to give a shout out to everybody that's been in the room sandbars you know Gabriel Wendy Michael Bill up Sherry.

[24:46] This is why we do what we do we make connections. We we have an opportunity to collaborate with other people.
You know storytelling is so important.
And you know it's it's one of the things that you know I've seen a couple of people you know kind of slam storytelling and it's like you know,
we've been telling stories since we were running around in caves you know painting things on the side of cave walls.
And it's a it's a it's in our DNA.
So when we can actually be vulnerable enough to tell our stories and put things in a position and kind of leave it leave an impact with the rest of the world.
I think it's worthy of our time and I think it's worthy of our interest in sharing these stories.
And again I'd love the opportunity to have you share these stories that we put out here every day on the pirate broadcast and you know it like it make comments join in you know,
Message me if you're interested in doing something along this line. And it's just.
It's just so important for us to to maintain communication and have a little kindness in the world.
You know I think people are right. You know if you turn on the news.
Nobody's going to survive this. If you get on LinkedIn and you start in the community you communications we're all okay right David.

[26:15] Yeah. As you can rise above the news above that you know on this daily stuff that goes on.
You know we have no control whatsoever. So fun.

[26:29] Yeah well I think I was talking to somebody the other day and this is like we don't have control over what happens around us but we have control what we do with it. Right.

[26:39] Yeah. Yeah. And.

[26:43] Yeah I've been a good one. Know I have felt like that all my life I've really taken an end to the news and kind of therapy the last twelve months.

[26:56] You know as you know in UK it's just been horrendous.
And I do know that you know I was I was getting so bummed out by all the publicity in the press.
and his and I didn't need to watch this and kill your TV just kill your TV and that is no difference to my existence whatsoever,
that they. let me obsorb it all.

[27:28] Oh but.
And that brings up another point though David.
I mean even though you don't feel like you can make a difference in the big picture of the world at the global scale,
you can make a difference everyday by sharing stories and you know impacting others around you because we all make a difference.
We all make an impact. We all have a gift and a message.
And when you share with somebody that plants a seed with somebody else in a positive way.
If you're putting out positive messages. Right.
I mean I mean train wrecks sell your news.
It's like the The downside is always you know draws attention more than anything else.
And I just want to I just want to recognize that positive messages can also make an impact.
You know supporting each other makes an impact being kind to others make an impact and you make a difference and I just want to I just want to have you on the pyre broadcast.
Share a little bit about what you're doing on what you're you know what you're all about.
Introduce you to a few new people out there on LinkedIn and hopefully make an impact on your on your connections in your communications and your conversations.

[28:50] Thank you so much for being here David , no Russ. Thank you very much.
Me has been living with his town but at the spot of fun.
And I always get a talk to you on that.
Yes. Thanks so much again. It's been great.

[29:10] So if you're listening in. I'd love to have you like comments share all of these things.

[29:15] You know we're broadcasting on Facebook Periscope YouTube and linked in live is our favorite place to go.
And also after the show David will bring this into a podcast where people can listen to it's on and John's so we can actually listen to that,
and you know enjoy it.

[29:43] If you're traveling or wherever we're going so you can share that out as well.

[29:46] I'll send you the link afterwards and drop it in the comments and share it in Lincoln bee later today so it'll be it'll be wonderful to enjoy this.
And then also share your story with,
you know where people could find you in the comments when you get a chance David and I appreciate that because go watch the video on his biking adventures because while the skiing adventures are equal he funds so,
I enjoy those as well so it's tons of fun and so as always as always.

[30:25] Kindness is cool.

[30:27] Smiles are free free and you enjoy the day.

[30:33] Thank you very large to us anytime.

[30:36] David I've got a full week to get my.

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