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[0:00] Go on.

[0:08] And it's a fantastic morning on the pirate broadcast. I'm so excited. It's Friday. Guess who we have here.
We have the queen of wipes and we thank you so much for being here in its an amazing day. Thank you Kristin
Thanks for having me. Thank you so much. You know we had a couple of challenging moments. We were at the edge of our seats wondering if this was all going to work out. And I said I told Kristin YEAH THIS WORKS.

[0:46] YEAH. This is my Every day life Russ. This is my life.

[0:50] It's challenging you know. And that's the beauty of what we're doing here is that you know you've gone through and you've been doing this for a while now.
You know spreading spreading the love of the wipes and the necessity for us to be clean and have clean hands and do all these good things.
So you are hilarious online and you are just amazing writer and you do all these things. And I don't know do you have your V.A. with you today.

[1:25] I don't. I. I had to run right from grabbing Lucy off so I couldn't pick her up so no Dolly Parton I do have Oleg, Oleg is in the office.
Oh that's hilarious. So Oleg will be joining us in a second, his Napolski in a second here.
Very good. Very good. I have Bridgette hyacinths here too with me. Oh really.

[1:49] No Way. Oh Hi Bridget. I have Oleg I have Michael David Chapman on his way in. We've got the whole crew for you today.
Hey you got the whole crew in.
Oh I got the whole crew in. Yeah.

[2:02] So tell me the background. How did you start you utilizing Linkedin the way you're using it now and you have a sense of humor. We've gone back and forth before and I love your sense of humor.
And we've rift a couple of times and in comments and I just appreciate and love the attitude that you have. And you know I am also a putter awayer of carts.
Are you. I am absolutely in fact one of my top posts in Linkedin Last year was a video I did of putting shopping carts away.

[2:41] Seriously?. I need to see that. Yes. You need to repost that I need to see that I love it. Yeah I knew I liked you.
So put her way of cards. It's like why don't you return your carts. I don't know.
I know I don't get it. I just saw someone at Costco yesterday not do it. I went up and I looked at her and I picked up her cart and I put it back in the cart return thing. I just don't get it. It takes two seconds. Yeah I think it's pet peeve in life.

[3:08] Well it's you know it just blows my mind away that people are more aware of what the what the impact is around them.
And it's just like you know unless that's the same philosophy on smiles you know smiles are free you can give them away as often as you want.
Right. Right. And it can make somebody stay and it can impact somebody else's day.
And it's really about you know doing something good in the world.

[3:37] Like the same way but I would purse wine like I like to give out purse wine, purse wine is my people I give out purse wine to people that I meet.
I got my box wine here's the rub I love it.
I think that I haven't even had coffee I haven't had Baileys I am just struggling here. Oh no I mean it sounds like it sounds like challenging morning in my life serious struggle.
You feel I'm a train wreck.
But I'm a functioning train wreck. So yeah you're a functional train wreck right. Is Anybody watching this. Can people see this or are we.

[4:17] Yeah let me let me go on line here and see what see what's happening with everybody online.
Yes somebody is watching this or something like that. Is it Oleg. Let's see. Oleg Are you there.
They just didn't get the memo. You know it's not every day that you get online right.

[4:38] Probably Dolly Parton and shes probably logged in. Dolly Parton has logged in. Dolly Parton's logged in I left your home and probably logged in.

[4:47] Oh he's gone Mom why did you do that.

[4:50] I know right you did like you could see people writing stuff yeah.

[4:57] So I have I have it on my phone right. Yeah. So you can see us there.
Oh gosh. There it is delayed all the beautiful people.

[5:11] Lori Knudson Kenyatta Turner Gabriel's their Amy Kilgore.

[5:22] Scott.

[5:28] How many of those people are not wearing pants right now besides you and me. Besides you and me?
I don't think I'm ever going to be allowed to do live again.
Your pants are optional on a live right?
[5:46] Yeah. WENDY Hi. She's here. Gabriel.

[5:54] Oh Ballina.
I had Amy says Hi doll face.

[6:03] I love fellow Detroiter Oh it's so funny to see you know the beautiful thing about it is we have an opportunity.
You know we've not met in person however we've gone back and forth and you know I feel like we know each other a little bit more than just you know somebody in the grocery store line.
Right. Right. Or somebody I don't know I get to know those people pretty well.

[6:32] Well you're the one that talks to everyone right. Slows the line down. Yeah. It's like did you buy your wife.
You want some purse wine? I'll share my purse wine with my dog. That's the story of my life.
I should send you another purse wine container.

[6:51] Oh I would love that. Anybody out there that would like to send it to reality TV my address. I here and expected donations I'm low oh wait me out of my wine collection.
So I have to start back up

[7:07] Did you get your wine collection again this year go to spring barrel tasting somewhere.

[7:13] Yeah. What do we do on these things do we. Shall we dance. I mean what do we get.
No you're on your phone you can't dance with your phone it makes people car sick,
I could hook up to my laptop. That's OK.

[7:28] Do something that's never been done before something that's never been done before aat linkedin live. How long have you been on the Queen.
How long have you been the queen of wipes, 42 years.I was born this way
You're born for this.
I was born this way.

[7:48] No I wish I could see the people that were on and why don't I have a little list to see who is you're on your phone.
Linkedin here's the deal. If you get on a Facebook live you can see who's on right.
Yeah and linkedin doesn't offer that opportunity yet. So they will they will be given a chance you know. And eventually they'll get around to it.

[8:15] So we want that and we want the laughing Yeah we would want that.

[8:19] Let's go now. Like on here we got comments on.

[8:27] We got comments on YouTube. So if everybody went over to YouTube they could start commenting.

[8:33] Oh Gosh. People can see this on there too. Yeah. Oh gosh I really should put some more makeup on..
I put eyeliner on in the car on the way here. I didn't brush my hair yet so thats why I am holding it.

[8:51] But that's what I have to wear your hair looks nice though. No I don't have to worry about my hair. I know it's nice. I'm kind of jealous right now.

[9:00] I have to pay my barber a lot. So what do we do. Do we field questions from people that are. Yeah. Does anyone have any questions. Dancing Diana's here. Oh I love her. Yeah she's awesome.
Jill Brown. You know Jill Brown. Hi Jill. Celeste.
Hi Gary Landum
Who wears the pants anyway that's so 2019. That's what Amy Kilgore said I love it.

[9:30] Yeah. Big hugs from a loving lovely girl. Tina.
Hi Tina. It's not Tina. It's,
Tatia is it Tatia, Tima. How you pronounce it.

[9:47] I can't see. I don't know. I don't know. I can't see anything.

[9:53] All right. I have to get her on so I can so I can learn how to pronounce her name.

[9:58] I can see some of these people.

[10:03] I can't read that.
Hi Everybody.

[10:10] No so. So essentially. So talk a little bit about wipes.
I you know you you've been doing wipes for a while so it's it's something that you do and you've been using LinkedIn to build your community.
You've got a very substantially community.
I mean you know you're very engaging.
You write stories I love I love your V.A. the coon hound and so you know some of these things that you come up with and build and attract other people in the engagement you have them linkedin,
Have you always done this on LinkedIn. Is this always been your personality.

[10:52] We've only been connected for about a couple of years.

[10:56] Yeah this is this is that kind of an insane person.
But this is what you get but I don't know.
I just put it all out there and LinkedIn has been great for my career. It's really helped a lot.
So I just started kind of posting stories and stuff like that I mean I don't post about wipes and things like that because who wants to really want to read everyday life.
I mean that's my living and I don't even want to do that. So I just started posting my stories and connecting with people and then things just started happening maybe like seven years ago I'd say.

[11:35] My company used to be called Fit wipes and we sold wipes basically just for gym equipment to wipe down gym equipment with and we became a preferred vendor for a few different gyms and.
Things like that and then I started connecting with people outside of my industry and I'm one of those that you know I just I'm not going to just connect to somebody because they're in the fitness industry right. Right.
I'll connect those connecting with chicken farmers down in Arkansas and all kinds of things and the next thing you know started using the same wipes that you wipe down gym equipment with people were wiping out eggs with them.
This guy in Arkansas that I'm using them to wipe down my eggs and now we're in different hatcheries and things like that and we going into General Motors and all kinds of.
Fun places like that. So we drop the fit from our name and now we're just wipes that com and we supply every industry you could think of from stripper poles the eggs to gym equipment.
I mean everything you can think of, do you do shopping carts. Yeah we do shopping carts
Yes I really want to get into Kroger and Publics. So if anyone out there is watching.
Yeah. But you know wherever there's germs you need wipes.
Now you you should talk to Randall constant.
You know Randall are you connected with Randall. I don't know. He's big in the food industry. I'm sure he has some connections over there.

[12:58] Yeah that would be great. I mean I'll talk to anyone Russ.
I know you're awesome like that.
Anything they need wipes. But sometimes they don't know they need wipes yet.
Yeah. So what do you do. I just do the pirate broadcast and invite people I find interesting online and talk to them yah, do you do that every day.

[13:26] Every day except Saturday Sunday. They don't want to join me on weekends.
What's been your craziest person.

[13:36] Queen of wipes. Probably. What's it like. Is there anyone one interview that you just didn't like.

[13:44] I like them all. I you know I just I just find it fascinating that we can generate relationships and connect over Miles.
You know geographically it's it's unlimited.
I've had people on all over the world. You know I'm a lot like yourself. I'll talk to anyone. I'll have conversations with anyone.
Everyone has a story everyone has a message.
We all have a gift. And when you start having a conversation. There's always a common thread that you can connect with someone with,
you know whether it's whether it's kids family wife's pets you know experiences, wine.

[14:26] Box wine.

[14:31] And so you know I'm I'm a I'm a creative. I do you know marketing in media and technology and all that kind of stuff.
And it's really about the idea that we can bring interesting people that are not aware of you,
and bring them into a different community different audience and and share your gifts with the world because I find you fascinating.
I enjoy your content.
And I just wanted to have you experience the Pirate broadcast and allow your gifts to be shared with the rest of the Pirate broadcast.

[15:08] I like them called gifts. My dad's here did you sell gifts. That's it. Well thank you for having me. Yeah.

[15:16] Well it's just it's like the one thing that touched me was the story that you had with when you were at the NASCAR event and you know you took a picture of the family and that was a moment in time.

[15:27] You know it's like OK live in the moment right. Yeah.
The whole story was about living in the moment and we all have times you know I'm I'm here in Arizona. I care. I'm here for my parents.
You know my dad's 91 he has dementia and he's like he sometimes he forgets things you know as people with dementia do.
And so we keep him on track and Mom's here.
She's older and they don't drive anymore.
And and so somebody has to be here to to care for him just like,
you know around the world we have a lot of people that just need a little encouragement a little assistance little support and that's what I want to share with the world.
So when you share stories like that and you know you know and the putter awayer of Carts that was the clincher for me Icing on the cake.

[16:28] The wipe on top of the ice cream.
All right. People are starting to come in. You probably think I'm crazy. Good morning.

[16:41] Well what's Kristin doing talking to herself here. Oh that wouldn't surprise anyone.
You know that's every day you hear, who else is out there.

[16:53] Let's see. See.

[16:55] Yes Sherry Lolly Hi Sherry.

[16:59] Sherry. Bill Singer Celeste. Vicki O'Neill.

[17:05] Gas stations always grab paper towels before I grab before I grab the pump.

[17:10] Me too that is like oh that's another pet peeve of mine I hate grabbing it.
Yeah well I usually I try and find people and pay them to pump my gas just so I don't have to touch that thing if I don't have any wipes.

[17:24] Brenda Miller hi Place is crazy.

[17:30] Metro Detroit. Jill Brown Rachel beck.

[17:35] Hi Rachel.

[17:37] She has a dog named Odie. Oh it's awesome. Seth Marlowe you know seth.

[17:45] I don't think. I don't know. Seth do I know. Yeah. Wendy Gahula Hi Wendy.
You know a few more People, Is Lyla there did Lyla tune in? Sorry.
Lyla they're. I don't see Lyla, Lyla hasn't joined in.
Kellen. Jeez, Nope no Kellen There's a lot more people that are on but they're not making comments. If they don't make comments they don't show up in the feed.
OK so it's OK. I get it. No Oleg. Oleg Where are you. I sent you the memo.
Someone's knocking at my door. Someones knocking at my door.

[18:33] But.

[18:37] I'm in the warehouse.Trying to hide

[18:40] No it's really about sharing you and sharing what you're doing and in the positive experience that you've had on LinkedIn and building communities.
And so you know if you're not connected to Kristen I don't know if you are you are you excepting anymore connections at all.
Kristen I don't think so.

[19:06] I don't know how that works right. I think you get to a certain number and then you can't accept anymore.
But I like new friends send me a message and I'll try and connect with you or I'll follow you will follow Kristen if nothing else just go follow.

[19:23] Start a conversation start a connection and also just make sure that you reach out and say hey I saw you on the pirate broadcast.
Let her know that you are watching and if you have any questions ask her. She's very willing to answer the questions.
So what's the most challenging moment you have with Linkedin.
What's the biggest challenge is you you see and experience over Linkedin Per remend I guess
[19:51] Oh right. I think that everybody's. No but linkedins been pretty.
I mean I don't I wouldn't say there's too many challenges it's been great.
You get all my sales through Linkedin. I've made so many friends through linkedin and I just.
New Year's Eve I was hanging out with people I'm on and linkedin and last week it was.
You know and last year I flew a couple of different places to stay with people that I've met and linkedin and it's just it's a great community I mean people are awesome and so welcoming and still encouraging and it's definitely life changing.
I got my book published because of LinkedIn Kirsten Sherry you got me into her publisher.
So I mean yeah it just just get out there is just start saying something I mean just when I started I mean I don't even know how I should look back and you look back and see your old posts. I don't know if you could do that.
Well it's it's difficult to find your own old post but you can see how long you been on LinkedIn because I'd love to do that and see you like what.

[20:51] Yeah I'd like to go back and see what I started writing and things like that.
And if anyone even if I had one like or if anyone was even listening I guess somehow somebody a little along the way started listening so that's good right.

[21:03] Yeah very good. How long you've been here.

[21:07] Oh I got on LinkedIn in 2005.

[21:11] Oh no you're an old goat.

[21:14] Yeah I'm I'm I'm vintage. I love it I am vintage too.
Yeah. You call that experience right. Yep.
So talk a little bit about talking a little bit about Ollie your book.
Yes. Because I think it's awesome that you wrote a children's book.
Thank you. I did that years and years and years ago
[21:43] So it's about this couple that goes to Africa to adopt what they think is a little boy and they bring them back in.
They soon find out that he's different when plants start missing around the house and he has a beak instead of a nose.
So it's fast forward and alleys and third grade living in suburban Detroit area and trying to fit in.
But it's actually saying you don't have to fit in and not being afraid to stand out and be different.
And it's about bullying and kindness and so it's a series of the second one that's coming out is called alli Olson saves the D as in Detroit and it's going to have links to all kinds of things like,
the American Heart Association and Detroit Dog Rescue and things like that how we can help Detroit and give back.
But yeah that's my passion I have about nine of them written but only the second one's coming out.
So my goal is to get that turned into a cartoon some day I already wrote the theme song and everything.

[22:42] I dream big write big dream big. Yeah why not. You never know though.

[22:49] Well you you've already put it out to the universe so you know you just have to follow through and just keep going keep banging on the door. Right.

[22:58] I'm trying. Yeah yeah. A lot of the things going on right now though so I'm doing,
linkedin local here in Detroit and I'm throwing a big one for the American Heart Association in February and we're trying to bring awareness to this new thing that they're doing it's called,
mouth 3 hands only CPR and I guess if you have a heart attack in the United States your chance of survival rate is 34 percent.
Detroit has the lowest survival rate in the country of 7 percent. Wow.
So we're trying to get all of our schools educated and raise money for them to be CPR certified and save some lives and everything like that.
So I'm going to help with their heart ball.
In June and then yes I'm really starting to do some stuff for them it's a great organization put it out there.
But if anybody is up out there is interested in that because one in three people die of heart disease in our country right now is the leading cause of death.
So that's something I just got into in December and yeah it's been great and I'm just surprised by the statistics.
So I'm really passionate about that right now too. So anything I can do to help that.

[24:12] So I'm wearing a lot of different hats now trying to sell wipes.
You know put it all together right. Right. What's your passion.
Rust my passion is is helping people.
Share their their gifts. Just like this. You know kindness.
You know my whole my whole spill is kindness is cool smiles are free and I truly believe that because I've had some challenging moments in my life.
And you know I lost my son to suicide a few years ago.

[24:49] And the really the really big impact that I want to make is that you have a community you have people you can reach out to.
Yes you can make it matter. You know every day you can get up and make it matter. You can make somebody else's life a little happier or you can make a little life a little brighter.
You know people around you don't have to you know don't isolate you don't have conversation you know connect with people.
And I just really want to share a little kindness with the world with the world.
And you know I do marketing business and stuff like that and that's business. You know it's like the wife thing you know I. That's who I am is is somebody that wants to make sure that you know you have friends out there.
You have something you can do. You know you can make an impact and a difference in someone's life.
So you are so important. I had no idea. Yeah. So I mean it's just amazing.
No matter what happens to us and that's the worst thing possible that I think anybody can go through what you've been through.
But what you're doing is a lot about you. I mean so many people would just give up and things would be over after that.
So it's just amazing that you are trying to help so many other people and I mean I'm sure it's some kind of therapy towards to yourself too right. Absolutely.
It can help. Yeah. So wow.
Well if I could bring If I can bring a smile to someone else. You know that's that makes my day right.

[26:15] Well you make me smile.

[26:20] Anyone else out there smiling is anybody else smiling. on that thread. Yeah. Bring them Jennifer out there. Sheri.

[26:29] Wendy. I mean it got a lot of I do what I do because my dad had heart disease many years before he passed. So we all have a story we all have a message we all have a gift.
And that's the whole point of this. This is just a conversation.
It's you and I on the on you know and people can listen in. Check us out.
Check out the conversation and be encouraged by it. Hopefully an encouragement is is what I want to bring to the table.
And you know just like your stories in your children's book and cartoons that are going to come out soon is it.
If you can bring a little bit of you know happiness to somebodies life it makes a difference.
And that's and it's like OK let's have a positive day rather than a negative day.
You know it's two degrees of separation between the perspective that we have.
So if we can actually add the positive side to that anywhere we can.
You're making an impact though right.

[27:34] Yeah I. I fully believe like my goal in life is I don't need like a giant pile of money and I'll picture some pot waiting for me at the end of the rainbow.
It's just seriously it's kind of sounds cliche or whatever but it's just enjoying your every day like that's the ultimate right. That the ultimate goal.
So that's what I strive to do is just have fun. Smile. I mean I don't try and think too far ahead.
Maybe I should be more of a planner in life and stuff but yeah seriously it's just what's today have in store and you just try and enjoy and embrace day.
And ever since I've started doing that maybe seven years ago life has really gotten a lot better.
So you live in the moment take time right.

[28:18] Every day is an adventure right. It's a day of discovery. You know why not enjoy it.
right. So I think we future trip way too much in our in our society and in life in general it's like OK I need this to be happy I need that to be happy I need outside influence to be happy and it's like you can just be happy.
It doesn't take a lot you know just taking mushrooms with it in your living room that's all you need to be.
The simple things in life right.

[28:52] Yeah. I promise you I'm not on mushrooms it might appear like that.
I don't know what I would do if I was ever at something like that. I don't think I could handle that.

[29:03] We should be completely doing things in mind when we're on mushrooms probably.

[29:11] Would anyone watch this. I don't know. I don't know you know anymore. I don't know.

[29:18] Yeah I mean we have I don't know another seventy five people watching right now.

[29:24] Know so I.

[29:26] Well that's sort of you know that's the that's the beauty of it. We just have conversation. Can people watch us.

[29:31] No it's it's like,
be the king.
I'll be the king of kindness and you can be the queen wipes. Right.

[29:38] You know I love it. Yes. I want one of these.
I was I was wondering if I was going to do this.
Maybe I should. Should I do this now. They keep bothering me to get this live thing.

[29:52] Yeah you might want to do that. I'm glad you did it.

[29:56] I'm glad I did it. But I've been a content creator I've been a podcast or I've been in technologies for years.
So it's it was something that's very like this particular recording now I'll have it converted into a podcast and it will.
And then a transcription up by the end of the day.

[30:20] Yeah. I don't see that. I never watched myself back in back
You don't have to watch yourself back. You don't have to watch yourself back.
But there's other people that want to hear your message you want to hear about ollie they want to hear about you know putting away shopping carts. It's it's amazing what you can do to bring a little joy in someone's life and a new perspective.
It's like you're laughing you're smiling you're telling great stories and not everybody knows you yet.
So if you can if I know a few people that you don't know and they see this and then they know you. Right.
And that's way communities grow.
And the reality is is we're all part of the same.

[31:01] You know I get a tan from the same sun you would you know I breathe the same air that you do.
It's like we're all connected. I mean it's all you know it's like.

[31:12] Just enjoy the day Amen. Oh boy you need to wear a hat when you're in the sun. OK. You promise me that. I do I wear a hat all the time.
I have a hat collection. Do you. Yeah. You should start bringing out a different had each time you.
Think that would be something you know separate the beard a little bit or something.
Yeah but I have the I have the I don't have one handy right here. But,
yeah if you look on my Web site I I got the hat and the beard and that's kind of my brand. So I love it.
It's all taken. Yeah. I tried the beard for a while but it didn't work for me it didn't work for you No I couldn't get a go I mean like.

[32:04] Me. So I'll go sans beard you got the beard thing that's your thing. That's my thing. I'll do the beard.
You do smile. There you go. I'll do the purse wine. Yeah. Did I make it.
I have to stretch. Sorry. Oh that's OK.

[32:20] I know your house. So what do people usually do do they just sit in one place like on a laptop is that the way you're supposed to do these things though I know for next time.
Yeah yeah yeah. You usually have a camera and some lights and things like that and maybe a microphone.
And you get centered and but who's who says that that's what's OK.
I mean we're writing the rules here. This is our rules. Yeah.
I know oh wait people are going to see that I'm not wearing pants.
So if they'll let them in on the secret OK I know I really I promise I am wearing pants right now. All right.
I mean it's all good. So let's answer questions Is there any one answer asking questions.

[33:07] They say it's so inspiring.

[33:11] I do what I do live broadcasts great live broadcast had a challenge with your lives. Kindness is cool.

[33:23] Hand mounts, I'm not sure what that means but maybe like I'm supposed to do a hand mount. Oh here.
My making people dizzy.

[33:33] Always smiling.

[33:39] Adventure indeed,
somebody that you're asking somebody said you're crazy. Somebody said I'm crazy. That's true.

[33:50] Maureen I love you. Maureen is it a destination.
This brought a fresh cup coffee and I'm happy. Gary thank you.

[33:59] Well that makes me jealous. I've had zero coffee so far.

[34:03] I love hats. Let's see the hats.

[34:09] Where are the hats I got I got a couple of hats here. Let's see.

[34:14] I can bring out wipes if you do bring out hats. Let's still get some wipes.

[34:20] So this is this is one of the hats that I used to wear all the time.
[34:25] My hat is I think I've seen you in that hat.
I like that hat typically black. Here's another one. Oh. Me. Does the black hat. Well I used to wear when I lived in Houston I used to wear it all the time. Oh I like that. Does that look familiar to people.
Yep that's. Yeah. That's picture you. I got another one here. This is the sunshine hat.

[34:53] It's like a crocodile. Oh like a jazz.

[34:57] Yeah. Okay. I'm not here. I'm rocking and rolling. I like that Georgia planes hat. Yes.
So wheres your wipes. I don't have any hats here.

[35:14] I'm trying to. These are my babies. They put pit wipes.

[35:22] Mm hmm. Yeah.
Those are for NASCAR. The special for and tires down.

[35:29] Yeah. Well no they're for rubbing your armpits. Oh very good.

[35:34] Yes.

[35:36] Well he started his sponsor. We started to sponsor NASCAR and that happened because of Linkedin too.
So somebody reached out to me and here and said you know.
Hey what about wipe sponsoring NASCAR. Yeah.
Is that like Dale Earnhardt. It's more like Yeah it's like Dale Earnhardt come down to Charlotte North Carolina and we'll put you on the car and you can see what it's all about.
So I locked myself in my office and because I didn't know anything about it said besides steal her heart.
So I watched two movies I watched Talladega Nights and I watched Days of Thunder,
and then I googled the top twenty five like NASCAR terms and then I went down to the race and then with all these guys and these big race people and I was,
like wow he's really drafted you know he's cornering the rails.

[36:30] Don't Even. drive

[36:35] So much on their driving around and he and me people are there for like a week like they they stay there for the whole entire week and they camp and everything that make a big old party out of it.
So yeah I was having so much when I was like but where do these people like shower like they have these bath halls but they're nasty.
And I was like it's hot out here is like one hundred and four degrees like I was hung over it could be.
So I was like I need to make a wipe for this. You know like I like you can a shower and in a bag essentially.
Yeah that's it. And we call them pit wipes and you can freeze it.
I mean they're life saving so just a little story. That's the power of linkedin right. That is the power of Linkedin.

[37:15] And what we're doing. You know it's it's that's the power of connection. That's the power of asking right.
It's like sometimes you just have to ask. And we're two conversations away.

[37:28] You know somebody reached out. all of a sudden you're having a conversation. And it all starts with the relationships. It all starts with conversation.
That's what I love about LinkedIn is I've had some amazing conversations with people around the world doing things like that in all of my business.
Actually all of my business right now is direct result of having conversations and building relationship, every piece of it.

[37:56] And that's all sales is its relationships. You know people want to buy from the person at.
It's not all about the product right. No. My wipe is there. I mean they're fantastic. But I'm sure there's a lot of wipes that are comparable or almost comparable but. But they don't have you.
Right. And I mean it's that relationship building. I mean I'm going out for a happy hour with one of my customers today and we just have so much fun so it's about building that relationship and you want to work with you know people like you want to working with them and having fun. That's all it is.
Well that's what I tell you. Yeah. It's like you may not need my service right now or you may not need my wipe's right now.

[38:39] And when you do if you're just top of mind and your continuing building and developing that relationship they're going to call.

[38:47] Right.

[38:48] They're going to call Queen wipes or Ghostbusters or both.
Yes. Or they can call Ollie too. Yes. You're absolutely right.
I mean you know and maybe I'm talking to somebody that doesn't need wipes but they know what ton of people and I'm sure one of those people that they know probably do. Right.
So that's all. It's all full circle. But even if I don't make the sales just about meeting people.

[39:15] All right. I like the day. Yeah. I love that. I like it.

[39:20] Well I just wanted to get you on and have a conversation with you because I enjoy your content and I just I I love purse wine of course. And I just love the idea that you know a sense of humor can travel for miles.
It's universal.
And I just I just thought it would be great to be able to share your gifts with the rest of the world. So I just want to put it out there.

[39:45] Thank you so much. Thank you for having me on. Yeah well thank you.
I'll let you go get coffee I'll let you go do some some wipe stuff and maybe some creative things and how much you said you know mushrooms apparently.

[40:02] I'll send them to you next time. OK.
Good bye buddy.
Thank you so much and as always kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day later.

[40:18] Later.Gator, Later

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