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[0:02] We are live on the pirate broadcast today and it amazing day.
It's another interesting person doing interesting things on the pirate broadcast.
And I want to share with you a few things that Gina is doing.
I want to also announce that if you are watching us live all the gratitude in the world I love you and I just want to respect your time and effort and bring something to the table that could help you in long your day.
And also if you if you're watching this on the replay leave a replay comment in the bottom and let us know so we could answer questions after the fact.
If you in fact have questions and so there are you know we are also on YouTube and Facebook in and I just launched a podcast.
So if you want to listen along on your commute at some point in time you can do that as well.
So Gina good morning how are you this fabulous day.

[1:00] I'm doing fabulous. The sun is just coming up here in Colorado and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

[1:08] Fantastic. So I want to talk about you know we crossed paths a while ago you were on another show and then also I noticed that you were on Rubin you on with Rubin overdub.

[1:20] Yes. Yes. And so we have to cover the handedly till we connected.
He reached out on LinkedIn and asked me if I would be on his podcast and I had not heard of Deb which have a surprise because it's such a cool platform. That's one of my.
Yeah. You know I I use loom a lot too. I do as well you know for our team and sending cookie. It's like I was saying if if they're trying to troubleshoot something I'm always doing a quick loom video.
But the fact that Dan has all these great analytics. Yes. So Ruben and I connected there and I told him I said what caught me was when I watched some of his videos and he had these hilarious bloopers and I go those are my favorites.
Like when people do things like that I go. There's a brand with personality. I need to know them.

[2:07] Absolutely absolutely. Robin Thicke or Ruben and the team are over there are just amazing amazing I've connected with him several times and they've got some announcements coming out that if you're not familiar with dub.
I encourage you to get familiar with dub. You know it's it's one of those platforms that is unique and really pushing the boundaries on what you do.

[2:32] Yeah. And I just think it is the way of communicating when we have to send an email.
If you're sending it to someone like me and it has more than one sentence in it I'm probably not really reading the whole thing.
But when you send a video and the video looks like a gif so it's intriguing and you can send it in a LinkedIn message or email.
I love that kind of stuff and I really think that's going to continue to be the way of the future.

[2:58] Yeah well and it's and it's just so easy and little inside tip of share a little inside tip with you.
It's just you and hygiene.
So when you record a Dub video on your phone and copy the link you can actually go into LinkedIn and paste that link in a comment when you're replying to somebody.

[3:27] Wait so only if you record it from your founder. Yeah. Oh that's a quote.

[3:33] Well recontest it out because we could actually record it on the desktop and then copy and paste it in the link in live mobile app mobile.

[3:45] So you're saying to pace it in LinkedIn it has to be on your phone.
Correct. Yeah. OK. OK. That makes sense then of course you obviously can.
You had to do it on your phone and then go into linked it on your desktop. But you're just saying Just stay on your your father and your phone. Love that new phone.
I love that. Another thing most people don't know on LinkedIn is sending a voice message instead of a text just talk to people and people.
Yeah it's like I think we I think we've gotten away from actually talking and being real with people.
And so I mean again I think we have so much content coming at us that it's text overload.
So the more we've in voice and video it's it's just a pleasing Joy.

[4:27] I have to ask you a question. So are you have you been bombarded with spam calls or phone calls. No you haven't.

[4:37] Well I shouldn't say that. I do get a lot of calls that I don't know the number and I if I don't know the number I don't answer so I'll probably probably.
I save every time somebody calls me the first time or if I said a phone appointment I ask them what number will you be calling from.
Because if I don't know it I won't answer it. Yeah.
Yeah I think that's probably it is I just get a lot of yeah yeah.

[4:59] Hey back to Deb before we move off this platform.

[5:03] They they also allow you to insert a form into your call Action.

[5:10] Yeah.

[5:10] So for a great lead which is another which is another opportunity for a platform that I know you like is paper form.

[5:18] Paper form. I don't use paper form.

[5:21] You do. I thought you mentioned that you love paper form.

[5:24] I use lead pages and now we do a lot of even building out automated campaigns and landing pages in MailChimp for clients.

[5:32] Our form is just a day to day only from Australia.
They created this lovely amazing form for my paper form.

[5:43] I love new tools. I'm I'm all about checking out and seeing which ones. How we can work out all day on this. Yeah.
I love things like that and I'm usually you know I jump on and I use them for myself for a while just to see OK.
Is it easy and does it make sense for business.

[6:03] Yeah I guess it makes sense. How did how. It's you know I often I often equate it to like a carpenter with a craftsman with a good set of tools.
They may only use a single tool once in a while and they know that tool right so but they know when they need it and it makes things easy.
Oh yeah. So much easier. Do you have any special tools that you like to have in your toolbox.

[6:30] Oh my God. I mean one that I probably use. Well there are several that I use daily and one of them is sketch,
and it's built into Evernote but it's a separate app on your phone and your computer and I use that literally every day to take a screenshot of something and point an arrow and say,
you know you have to click right here because I get so many questions that I can't figure out where to how to add somebody to a business page or I can't figure out how to go find my LinkedIn company page.
So I just go in and screen grab and do the little arrows and type text on there and send it and so sketches one that I love canvas another one I always hand.
Yeah that's a go to and I've tried other tools and I think the whole thing of my brain it's like if it doesn't do something really different.
I don't want to I don't want to kill more brain cells that I am hanging onto for dear life I don't want to have to learn something new unless it does something. These don't do.
Absolutely. Absolutely. One of those. Yeah.

[7:32] Okay. I want it. I want to shift gears because I know that we could nerd out and talk about tools all day long and that's interesting to some people other people they're just like,
Just give me some resolve this Kerry was telling me the story and so I want it.
You created a book. Let's talk about this book because.
Which one. Well I want to talk about it. I want to talk about the header you got on your your LinkedIn profile.
It's like OK social media doesn't work. Yeah. You know I I've been telling people this for years social media it doesn't work.

[8:11] All these people because they go they think it's this magic button that once I create accounts on social media.
Suddenly sales are just going to come flying in the door and all I have to do is just throw some automated stuff up there every day.
And sales are going to come in and every cultural media doesn't work unless you work.
You have to be present and be there and engage on other people's platforms and get to know other people and there's a lot of work involved in using. But what I think is funny because I hear this all the time.
Oh it used to be so easy. Business has gotten so hard because of social media and I go wow I started my business in nineteen ninety five.
I'm right you remember spending hours at night at Kinko's when Kinko's was a thing making copies of brochures and printing things and I spent hours that was hard.

[9:03] I don't play out and canvass difficult Kinko's.

[9:08] And I was doing it. I was doing in PowerPoint cause I don't even think PowerPoint was out then.
No I don't even remember what I was using but I literally spent hours on my marketing and it was so manual and so cumbersome and so time consuming.
I know people that tell me wow it's so hard. Social media has made things I want to go Wow you don't remember the day when it was hard.
So we have this you know romantic notion that things used to be easy to market our business and now it's so hard.
So you just have to be human with people and and build relationships and anything we do in marketing is all about building relationships. So yeah I wrote that book.
You know kind of out of frustration and out of having a guide that goes through every platform on yeah.
Here's how to set it up and then here's how to be real on there to connect and do the work. And I always tell people there's no easy button.
You know that if you're looking for something to be easy on that easy button it's not. Go buy one. Yeah.
I used to have four of them on my wall and you know I could just push it every once in a while when things were easy.
But yeah I just think we've gotten away. Social media. Another thing I always tell people we need more social less media.
I think we just put out so much content and then we leave.
We go back into our closets instead of put your content out there and then engage with people on there we caught walking about. Go about your virtual neighborhood.

[10:33] I'm so excited that Mr. Rogers is coming because I love Mr. Rogers.
And now I can't see any means coming from that show.
I love. I've always loved Mr. Rogers.

[10:46] Whether you're afraid of his scary puppets or what.
I I my boys I I raised them watching Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. So I love it.
But we need to be like Mr. Rogers and he would walk about his neighborhood and he knew all his neighbors and he didn't wait for them to come to his house.
He went out to them and I think in social media we need to go to other people's profiles and platforms to comment on their stuff.

[11:13] Well it's interesting too because I've been in Texas.
I've been in advertising since 85 and I was in tech.
I started in tech really in tech around 90 to so.
So from that race you know saying hey I've I burn these wrinkles and it's like wrinkles you have gray hair but you don't have wrinkles like man. I have.

[11:39] I have your wrinkles are all on your chin and now they're all on my chin.

[11:44] The beautiful thing about it though Jean is that I have watched this whole.

[11:51] Cycle of you know and I'm an automation freak you know anything that I automated or systems building processes or I've been in corporate America you know going through and building systems and processes and the reality is as I've come,
I've arrived at the realization that it is all about the relationship right and the pirate broadcast is is like an example of,
you know when I was in radio you know pirate broadcasting is still a thing.
It's kind of a you know if you don't have a license you're a pirate broadcast Tester.
And so the Internet has allowed the playing field to be leveled.
And so if you can if you can build a few systems and bring a few tools together you can be you can publish your own words images audio video whatever you want to do and you can go put it out there.

[12:41] We don't have to wait for a publisher to to come and say OK. Yes your manuscript looks great.
We don't have to wait for someone to say OK your podcast sounds good enough to to get an FCC license like we can just choose to do it and do it.
And I'm just always so shocked how few people take that freedom and put their content out there.

[13:01] Yeah well in a video as well I mean you know linked in video is still it's still maturing still but you know evolving and I started pirate broadcast by streaming live to YouTube and then uploading it to the links.
So I don't I don't need permission anymore unless i,
i get easier because we will always find a work around,
and it goes back to also building a relationship with the community because if you add value and you bring,
something of value to the community I think that's really where you you are allowed to shine when people highlight things you know.
And part a random act. And you know helping you know kindness is cool as you know some of my my whole that's who I am.
That's. That is me. So it's like OK let's let's not live in a toxic environment let's just try to spread some kindness around here and make it work.
You know you're getting ready to start a coworking space right. Yes.
I have to believe you have more to do with relationship is all about it.

[14:12] Yeah it's it's that you know it's funny because I said I've been I've had my digital agency now 12 years before that I was always doing marketing,
working with companies one on one but through that I kept saying I miss just sitting down with people and I said I would love to open a coffee shop except I don't want to wake up at 4:00 in the morning,
and I would love to have a restaurant where I could sit down with the people who come in and get to know them.
But I don't want to work weekends and holidays and I just kept thinking I just need a place where we can all come together and our our agency builds community online.
And I thought wouldn't it be cool to be in a space where you're just surrounded by cool people and you help each other you support each other you cheer each other on you.
You let them cry on each other's shoulders and have those things instead of working alone.
So many of us today work alone even if we work in a corporate environment many times where we feel alone and isolated.
And so I started looking for a coworking space and I would go in places and I felt like everyone's mom.
I felt so old I would go at these very young tech invite Get up.

[15:19] And go. I thought I was doing them a dorm like dorm check and I would want to start charging into the den mother.
I felt like and I thought wow OK that doesn't fit my vibe then I would go in some others and it was all men and I thought OK that doesn't fit my vibe.
So I just kept saying maybe we need to create one maybe we need to start one.

[15:38] And so my two daughters who worked for me at social.

[15:42] Peace. We started dreaming. And a year ago I said I'm calling a broker and start finding a building and we found this amazing space across the street from this top golf.
It's in this really beautiful business park and it has 28 private offices and a workout space.
Most importantly a napping room for me and a big coffee bar. So I have my coffee bar and yeah I'm just super excited about it opening. Congratulations.
That's fantastic and so exciting. Yeah.

[16:13] That is fantastic. I. Yeah I was with help to work on a startup here in Phoenix.
And they were looking to do the same type of thing and it's in.
I have been just amazed that you know some of the some of the development of I don't know in your neighborhood.
If there's a lot of startup people but there's a lot of things happening in the startup world.

[16:39] A lot of big startup and Colorado is the number one state for women to start for. Women starting businesses which is really interesting.
I'm not sure why that is but Colorado you think that. Why is that. It's weird.
I mean I think Colorado attracts a lot of families because it's the quality of life it used to be. Now we've got just as much traffic as anywhere like Phoenix.
You know it's crazy traffic and so I mean I think our youth and quality of life people move from California or Texas and they come to Colorado and it's a little more laid back so maybe more families moved here and then the women are starting businesses.
I was reading that article and wow that.
That's awesome. But there's so many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs even when they're in a startup phase of a small team they need the support of other services provided to their business.
So they're not having to incur those costs. And so you know we have the mail you know you have your own mailbox for your business and you have coffee free coffee and podcasts almost like a bridge between,
working on your own remotely and isolating.

[17:50] Which I am actually what I I'm doing that now because I'm I am a caretaker for my parents here in Arizona.
And so and and I've been in Houston and I've been in Seattle and I've commuted. Yeah.

[18:07] So I'm a multi would not be meeting right now. You talk to people every day which is I talk to people every day and this is and I tell you if I go I think that is one outlet when you you know when you're on video a lot you are connecting still with people.
But when you have an idea that you want to bounce something you know you want to bounce something off of or you have a I mean sometimes you have this amazing call with a client.

[18:29] You hang up and you're like I am a rock star. And then I go who can I celebrate with my dog.

[18:35] All right. Say it.
Or reverse. You know you have something really bad happen to you and it's like oh I just I just need somebody to tell them you know get take me off the ledge and I need a shoulder Police joke or I need someone to just you know hug me.
And so I said that's that's a big part of it. And our team we have a team of 12 that social connects and we all work remote and the rumbling was nobody wanted to come into an office every day.
But nobody wanted to work alone either so they won't have flexibility to go into expensive balance.

[19:11] It's such a balance. Yeah so it's awesome. That is awesome.
I know applaud you for applaud you for the effort and energy that goes into it.
Yeah I know personally what it takes.

[19:23] It's a lot of money and a lot of time and a lot of energy. There's a place in Phoenix.
Shout out to cahoots Jenny pun dingo and her husband started cahoots in.
I think they're right down like near downtown Phoenix.
That was one of the early spaces. I have a house. We have a house out in Gold Canyon Arizona.
So I go out there first little stints here and there to escape.
And I I toured her space and was like wow I love the vibe here.
It just was very comfortable and friendly and I loved it.

[19:54] Now they're opening one I think in Mesa Yeah Macy's on Easter and Tempe and that whole South.
Yeah. Rita south of Scottsdale is really booming. So yeah. So I was just an hour away from me at this moment. Yeah.
Are you all right. Where are you. I mean I'm on the west side over in Sun City. OK. I'm complete Eastside. Yeah.
Yeah. IBM superstition. Yeah.
But yes but. You know you can find the beauty I love about the online world though is I have friends all over the world.
You're right. There are places where I could go to a city and I could connect with somebody and I can put a shout out and say hey I'm going to be in town.
You want to grab coffee. You want to grab dinner whatever.
And I could find somebody that I've been able to connect with and they have built a relationship with a community.

[20:50] In 2000 it was either 2007 or 2008 when I got on Twitter.
That was the thing I found immediately with Twitter was the community I connected with immediately.
We're just using people and we were using we were involved in this crazy Second Life and virtual world and posts here and all these 3D immersive platforms with some clients.
And I was trying to find other people to connect with that were doing things in there.
And Twitter was immediately. There was a big community and same thing. I felt like I built such great relationships with people in a virtual space.
And that was even before video was know easy.
And we were always in chats and things with each other. And I felt like I could go to any town and say Hey let's meet up in India.
And there were people that I formed such great relationships. They would come here and stay at our house. You know I was like Yeah. It just you form friendships.

[21:45] But I think the key is you have to you have to put yourself out there you have to do the work you have to do the work and the beauty or the challenge.
You're looking at it. Is that making it look easy.

[21:59] Takes a lot of work. That is very true. That is very true.

[22:04] And so it's like you know I quit it because I was a musician for years and so learning social media and making it look easy is just like any other instrument.

[22:16] Yes you have to learn the nuances the community the rules the engagement and how to maneuver through that platform. And they're all different.
Right. They're all unique. Every one of them. Yeah. It's like I'm more comfortable on Linked In than I am on Facebook although I have followers on Facebook I'm on Facebook and doing things.
And so we're all unique we're all individuals and we're all doing our own thing.

[22:44] Hey I want to give a shout out Gina for a couple of people in the room.
You know troy's here Canada your rock star she's there Jennifer is in the room.
Sherri thank you so much for everyone being here.

[22:57] It's it's it's amazing opportunity to meet Gina and learn a little bit more about social media and what we're doing and a few tools and some of the things that are taking place in the Lincoln Community.
And if we could do something answer some questions or assist anyone along the way I'd love to help gap and out for sure.
So let's let's shift this so took top 24 B2B marketers the following two thousand nineteen.

[23:27] I don't know how you know all those things when you go LinkedIn just named you one of the top 20 for B2B marketers.
Is that just a random list that they put out or is this something you.
Didn't a. I don't even know it's like I have no idea. I think I think truly it's because I tell me by go here's the secret sauce.
Just showing up. Show up every time I show up.
Show up every day for your community whether it's sharing content whether it's answering questions whether it's just helping somebody and not ask you not trying to sell them something.
I don't that's the only way I could think of what they put out a guide. Every year the sophisticated marketers guide to LinkedIn and they had a page that said here are the top 20 for people to follow in the B2B space and,
I was on there and I was like wow what's going on.
Well you know it's kind of like it's calling being the president of an association which I have been before.
It just means that you are the one that was there the longest.
You were showing up the most consistently and telling everyone else is already off the list.
Yeah I always say there's no honor in sum being a president of Association. Sometimes it just means you had that sucker in my head.

[24:40] Am I the person to contact you or am I the target.

[24:44] Yeah yeah yeah.

[24:46] Any for special skills than anyone else it just means I was the one that forgot to step back when they said Oh yeah yeah I missed I missed the moment so going back to your book on the social media doesn't work.

[25:00] So what kind of tips would people be able to find in here that we could leave with our our wonderful audience here today.
You know I mean there's even there's just things like on Twitter you know how to create lists so that because people say oh my gosh how do you follow so many people and I go know it's information overload and I know that's filter failure.
If you're not filtering then there's failure because it is too much.
But if you enter into lists and then say okay right now I just want to read all the marketing news.
So I read all the marketing news tweets that are coming in and then I go to this list and I read maybe business news or maybe people a people that I just love to watch because they're fun.
And I write so I if I filter and I create lists with my Twitter followers then I can filter the content and then,
it definitely there's still times you just go to your home screen which is overwhelming but and scroll but I give tips like that of how to set up your lists and how to use those appropriately.
And then on Facebook I always tell people you know so many people use their best.
They use their personal profile as their business.
Yeah number one your family and friends all hate you now want you to put out they've all muted you by now. You know.

[26:14] There's ways to look at each platform like you said earlier each platform. You behave differently on my personal profile on LinkedIn.
I want to. I want this to be mine. My personal and professional networking page. I want to meet people. I want to connect with people.
And then from there my hub I say oh if you want this business blog post you know come over to my business page.
I want a podcast that I'm doing here. Here's the link to go over to watch the podcast.

[26:40] By the way there is a pirate broadcast Facebook page.

[26:43] Yeah. See now I do. And you're just broadcasting this into that.
Yes. Yes. So does doesn't mean if people want to see it then they go to the business page.
So you're you're giving people the options and then channeling them and then from a business page.
It's not my job to tell them where to go then swap where they want to go. So you want to go Oh yeah.
But you don't want put all business business business on a person like try to sell to your family members.

[27:09] Yeah. No no. And I think it goes back to our original point of. You have to create content.
I mean I create a lot of content. I love creating content.
If if I could do is create content I'd be happy.

[27:21] I know I would love to spend more time just writing. I love you.

[27:24] And so what we have though is a unique personality on multiple platforms where you have to kind of,
maneuver through those and I call it you know I call it the traffic circle where you you build a piece of it and you and you have to make make the rounds and go through and process this information in a way that makes sense make a joke.
And I just want to again give a shout out to everyone that is live and joining us here with Gene.

[27:54] I guess it's not early if you're on the East Coast.

[27:56] And it's just yeah it's just it's just amazing to me that we can do this this type of work in this type of effort and get a hold of get a hold of Gina. She's on LinkedIn.
Where else would people want to.

[28:10] I would say I'm everywhere. You want to be. I think you might be might be taken already but I'm I'm on Twitter at Gina Schreck. I'm on Facebook at Gina's rack. I thought you could just google Gina Schreck.
There's not a lot of Gina shrinks. And if I if I could just take the seeds out of Shrek then I'd be like the movie. But then I could only work during the day and when it gets dark I turn green. So you know,
usually you know it's always sad when I travel alone and I go to a restaurant and they call Shrek. Party of one.

[28:47] And it's sad it's a sad sight.

[28:51] I'm sure that you get along well with others. I play well with others.
Yes. And I just appreciate you bringing bringing your gifts to the table here.

[29:02] You know I thought of you this weekend this past weekend I went to Houston we have a new client and the client's name is be good to people it's their brand and their Web sites. Be good to people dot com and it's all about spreading kindness.
And I actually thought of you I was like This is your.

[29:18] This is up your alley. This is my jam. Amazing.

[29:22] Just be good to people. Get out there and just be good to people. Yeah.
Spread kindness. Yeah. I just think there's so many people online that want to be snarky and Oh and why.

[29:35] Oh I don't get that toxic energy and go somewhere else.

[29:39] Yeah. Just you know what if you just maybe hang out with some other people maybe that nice one and you're I think the same.

[29:49] You know you have the same personality if you help the people around you.

[29:55] You big you become the one that's being helped you know and my rule on social media I always say be interesting be helpful or be quiet. Yes.
And that's that's my rule to live by on social media. Just everyday. Be interesting be helpful.

[30:12] Go take a nap. Be quiet. So you have a nap room now coming up. Oh I do.

[30:17] I use an app called pauses. I don't know if you've ever heard of it. Oh.
P.S. I's easy peasy eyes easy and it's a power nap app.
Years ago like 15 years ago before iPhones were a thing.
A friend of mine was a pilot and he told me every day when they have these flights that they they need to nap in between.
He uses this. MP 3 player and it was a posies thing and I was like but I don't think that worked for me because I usually fall asleep deep and then I sleep for an hour and I wake up groggy and he says Oh no.
This is amazing you can set it to 12 minutes 15 minutes 8 10 whatever I use at the time and then it has to put headphones in so it's 3D sound,
and then it it puts you into a deep REM sleep fast and then at the time that you set it for it gently wakes you up and you feel energised I was like Alright I'll try it.
I got hooked and now it's an app and I've used it literally.
Well I'd say probably four times a week at least I will go lay down about 2:00 in the afternoon for 15 minutes so yeah I'm amazing.

[31:26] I need to start practicing and then I can do my second shift which goes till midnight so see it right. Right.
That's who we are to get more done. Yeah. So thank you so much. I mean I know we're going to wrap up and I you've got a busy day.
Yes was interesting people doing interesting things here on the pirate broadcast.

[31:44] GINA Did she brought it to the table and I applaud you for her being here.
Thank you for getting up and starting your day this way with me. What a great art.

[31:54] And everybody that joined in. You know all of the friends. Lori Sheri Troy and it just.

[32:00] Thank you so much. I know I missed somebody but I love you all so kindness is cool.
Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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