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[0:01] It is another pirate broadcast and today is another amazing day with interesting people doing interesting things and Stapho is one of those individuals that is doing a lot of interesting things because staff though actually runs the marketing family and I was brought into the marketing family because he's,
you know I've been known as a wizard on occasion and staff always is like above Harry Potter.
So we got together we did the marketing family and we had a blast and we we've been going back and forth staff so is an amazing individual running aid agency not in my name.
He's not my next door neighbor but he's someone's next door neighbor. So staff all. Good morning.
Good day. How are you and good man.

[0:50] Excuse me. They would say this because we actually have the whole apartment floor so we don't have any next door some I'm my own neighbor because we have the office next to our place of residence.

[1:04] Oh that's so nice. That makes the commute easy. Yeah it's so nice. It's so nice to be here.

[1:11] We had like two budgets before and what I remember a lot of bottles.
It's like obviously you're live you're a lot more experienced than myself and I really enjoyed hearing about like you know like the billboard era and how you know how things were done then.
It's different from how things are done now. But ultimately marketing is stayed the same.

[1:34] And the thing that's changed is just like now we have the data.
We know what's going on right. Active guests. And so every time I talk to it.
So it's so nice to connect with all that experience so I'm happy to be here.

[1:48] I appreciated all the gratitude in the world for being here.
Anyone joining us live today is is welcome drop some comments in the feed.
Let us know where you're from too because I know there's a lot of people staff so let people know where you you're currently residing so you're right.

[2:08] Right now I'm in Sofia Bulgaria and originally I'm from Belgium. And just last week I was in Stockholm.

[2:15] OK. OK. So and and on Thursday I take off and go to Houston. So it's OK.
The advantage we have in the digital arena is the fact that we can actually do work anywhere. And it's not necessarily.
Transparent and easy all the time because you know you got I got my little microphone I got my environment here that's comfortable it's early morning it's raining outside is in Arizona it's like,
it doesn't rain in Arizona very often but it's a little darker today and so I just wanted to,
remind people that where we are live in right now and the ability to connect with people around the world is amazing and I just I just love the opportunity to make friends and make connections build relationships,
and I think that's really what it's about staff.
Before we jumped on you know we're talking about building relationships and helping your clients develop quality relationships and in quality content and really,
mature their platform rather than just go to scale and just like grow numbers and maybe you can talk a little bit about that and how that strategy has worked for your you and your clients.
And what do you recommend to other people on the on the LinkedIn platform that you know what what can we learn from or any platform for that matter. Because I think it's universal.

[3:41] So so one thing that I've.
So for the longest time I've been generating leads for myself on LinkedIn and I've been able to gather a lot of attention for myself.

[3:58] And I've been doing this in the past but still it's going pretty well.
I think last week I did a post and got like 50 thousand twos or whatever and that I've noticed that,
we when we do we we take over somebody else's accounts and we try to turn them into liquid thoughts later that we're ultimately doing the same actions,
on data profiles as the actions that have that that are taken on my own profile right.
So that on paper we're doing the same thing.
But for a long period of time until a couple of months ago or like six months ago or whatever the results were vastly different.
So so so my profile there's always tons of inbound leads people are tagging me reaching out to me like enjoying my content out of this stuff.
But it has been taking a longer time to get the same sort of momentum in the client accounts in the past.

[4:55] And what we figured out was that the key.

[5:00] Is to really become a part of the community. So the Latino community.
And in order to do something like that to really become part of the community you've got to understand how to this do communities work.

[5:12] And I think really valid ways of looking at it is to divide it into the types of people you have like if you have a hundred people and you would have like a little movement.
You would have one percent of people come up with original ideas and original content.

[5:29] And kind of like innovate and bring bring new ideas to the community and spread that about 9 percent of people they will engage with those ideas and possibly re share or like revamp those same ideas and show them again.
Small 9 percent of people and then 90 percent of people does neither. So they see stuff happening later.

[5:52] But it is all sort of go by their lurkers.

[5:57] And the interesting thing is if we look at the community and see how does attention flow through it and how the resources flow through it is that it always goes up.
So if if you are someone if you're a lurker you ask one of your lurker friends if they know somebody to come help they'll probably refer you to like a 9 percent there and they will be like oh actually you gotta go see this one percent.

[6:20] And and then that's heartless. That's a big part of how communities work in my opinion.

[6:25] And so what we're trying to do now for our clients is to figure out what's relevant one percenters so people that are talking to the same ideas to the same community but don't offer the same service.

[6:37] And if they build relationships with other one percenters just like you and I build relationship we're selling we're connected right. Yeah. At.
If somebody comes to me and they needs something that I cannot provide. But you can that that is gonna be good for you.
But it's also good for me because that means I've been I've been able to provide value to somebody my audience.
And if you have somebody reach out to you that need something that I offer.

[7:06] It's also good for all of us. Yeah. The individual gets helped you manage to give value.
I managed to make this installation so the new way that we're looking at doing it for our clients in a systematic manner is identified as of one percenters,
build the real you have them build real relationships to them by inviting them to be an object in life inviting them to be on a call engaging with their contents and then leverage the bigger network,
for everybody's benefit.

[7:35] So. So I think that's what I could give away as I look at all these other people active in your community that have a voice and become real friends with them offer them something of value,
engage with them and it's going to pay off for both of you and everybody is going to win if you do this realistically there's a Dunbar number the modest people that you can maintain a close relationship with is between 50 and 150 people less.
You cannot maintain close friendships with more than that. So be a little bit picky about that.
So they do have that you maintain relationships with people that that have impact on the community.
And this is just a really good way of extending your actual sphere of influence.

[8:20] Yeah I think it's important for everyone to understand that.
And I've seen this a lot. And I'm in it for the long haul.
You know I've been doing this a long time and you know I don't understand the mechanics that it takes consistency over time builds a reputation. Right.

[8:41] And there's a lot of tactics we can use. And ultimately though I think showing up every day and doing something consistently over time also has a solid result.
I think you're going to have a base and a foundation of people that are going to show up.
I see these people that pop up. They scale they get lots of numbers and then they burn out and they. And then they disappear.
And I've seen it over and over and over again. I don't know if that's your experience.
But you know you've been consistent for well as long as I've known you.
You know you're in there you know putting out content you're putting out quality content you're making connections they see your name pop up on a regular basis.
And even though we haven't necessarily you know we don't have.
We don't comment on each other's posts every day. Every once in a while we're show up and it seems like almost LinkedIn knows that you know the big numbers are going to really matter as much as,
you know showing people a certain amount of numbers that are helping out.
And the algorithm almost lends itself to a hundred and fifty people you know and it it's like you have to go out and X actually systematically reach out to some of these individuals that are you know maybe on the.

[10:00] Top top 10 percent or top 1 percent and really engage with them and make an effort.
And it takes time it and it takes a little bit of energy. So I know MS and some of the communication works really well for me of you.
Have you found anything else to be unique or working for yourself in terms of really building relationships and on LinkedIn.

[10:27] I think so. I am a firm believer in equality as as much as I can.
So I'm a really big believer in just getting getting on the phone with people on 1 and was OK or doing a show like this. Yeah.
My experience has been that especially they actually in a broadcast like this where you're really forced to pay attention to each other and to really listen.
It allows you to create a relationship a friendship that doesn't and on the can have that much impact on each other's thinking yeah make that much of an impression.
They don't need to talk every week. Right. So. So I know we'll talk again.
Oh I know we don't have to talk every single week or even every month. Between that now and then.
But I know I will remember you fondly and I hope you'll family as well.

[11:23] Right. So I think I showed up in your neighborhood in the next six months we'll probably go out and have a beverage or a meal.
A positive first of course.

[11:35] So and I really dislike spending a lot of time on my chats.
Really I am busy allergic to notifications,
so Meister that a G is it gets this get my get people on Nathan on the phone and like maybe once a year or once every two years even though when I'm on the phone to make it like look I'm here with you I'm listening to what you're saying.

[12:00] I'm actually trying to help if you're asking for some sort of help.

[12:04] I'll give you my best advice for free. And just do that well one by one.

[12:09] You know like half a few calls every week. And that is just for my personality the best way of doing it.

[12:17] And I if you pick the people correctly,
and of course you don't only talk to people that have a big sphere of influence but if you make sure to get at least some of those people and you actually talk to them you actually get to know each other it adds up.

[12:36] You know like I think I've had about two to three calls a week with no links and France a week for the last three years.
Yeah. And those are the people that I will always see in my comments.

[12:46] Yeah. Especially if my content's a little bit more shady I give it good content to lots of people.
Strangers will respond to. But we're going to see bank staff.
We're going to bust him because he's not graphic content.

[13:00] But that the crappy content the people that are still engaging those are like. My friends just like OK stop for whatever like Elsa.

[13:08] She's so funny. Hey I just want to give a shout out to Sherry Avey David Jordan,
Kush boo Gina.

[13:23] I just Sophie. Thank you so much for being here. Where would staff go and he's created the marketing family.
He's he's an awesome individual if you're not connected with staff so get connected,
consume his content let him know that I sent you and say,
hey we're part of the marketing family we're part of the community we're part of the pirate broadcast his staff is now a part pirate so I'm a wizard because here we are in the marketing family and now staff I was a pirate.
So join in and make sure that you you know stay engaged as much as possible.
I know it's busy life gets busy and we're talking about Linked In and some of the things that are going in,
and investing in it for myself and I think staff can agree it's it's about relationships it's about making those calls it's about making those connections it's about engaging and,
so I love that and I love one of the posts you recently put out where you actually talked about stream yard and and building you know building a Lincoln live and everything so I know Lincoln live hasn't,
rolled out completely.
So you've been able to get some people in Lincoln live fairly quickly.

[14:43] Can you talk about the process for those that are unaware of Lincoln live and what it means.
Because I think it's really important for people to understand that it's not for everyone.
And it's not delivered to everyone.

[14:57] So in order to get life. Need to send like an application to Lincoln.

[15:03] And what they actually do is they look at how much we do content without over the past certain amount of time.
And that's they will use to choose whether or not to give you things in life we have.
But when we've done before we've made this request for our clients and actually they got approved very fast.
And I think it is because before their application we made sure there was some video content on the profile.
And I think that would be a good tip is to just before you send your application like put some video out there make sure you look good that you're not spotting so up like,
Nazi bullshit or whatever you have to say something that later was that we'd be able to support an idea have a just being approved fairly fast.

[15:49] And then the other thing you need to realize is that you don't necessarily mean you need a third party to be able to go live.

[15:58] Right now we're using screen yards which which is also my favorites go instantly.
And the reason I like it so much as I think it's the cheapest one. But it also allows you to go life in multiple locations at the same time.

[16:12] And I think it's very valuable to be able to be life at multiple locations at the same time just because I mean people have different preferences for different like sub functionalities and different platforms.
For example I know lots of people like to consume long form content on YouTube but they actually don't enjoy it to consume it on liquid for example or I don't like to chats on,
YouTube for example but I like I like to have a little bit more on LinkedIn or Facebook you know.
So. So maybe somebody that prefers to have this kind of long form content on Facebook.
So putting it in multiple locations is I think a huge benefit for both the producer and the consumer.

[16:58] Well I have a lot of friends that I'm sure you do as well as you know there are people that hang out on YouTube. There are people that hang out on Facebook.
There are people that hang out on Instagram you know you don't necessarily know where your audience will find you. Right.
And we're talking about you know being able to be found is one one part of the equation.
And then also showing up on a regular basis consistencies is part of the equation. And I think.
When you're when you're live streaming to multiple platforms with a platform like this,
stream yard I think it's much easier to to be found in multiple locations because it's so simple you just turn it on and you know it's there.
So like right now on this show we're streaming to Facebook lied to the pirate broadcast on Facebook and we're streaming live to YouTube to my channel Russ Johns to the to the play list.

[18:03] It'll be a playlist for and then also I I turn that into a podcast so people can listen to that.
So that's an I just launched that the other day.

[18:13] So this will be on Spotify.
SPRECHER apple. I tunes all of the you know anywhere you want to listen to your podcast so if you're traveling or going to work in the morning or something like that you just want a piece of,
information to listen to or check in or check out. You know it's available.
So being able to be accessible is really part of the equation.
I think it's really important I understand to be accessible you know to be able to get on a phone with a phone call with you.
You know I created a book Russ book dressed up book Roscommon so people it just goes to my booking.
Platform and it is schedule it and we get on to call it casual conversation just.
Have a chat. So it's super simple and removing that friction I think is really opens up the conversation a little bit more.
So I suspect you have strategies for that. Or do you do outreach more than.
You know if you see somebody interesting you just reach out to them and say hey let's jump on a call. Or how do you how do you approach that.

[19:27] Laughs Yeah.

[19:29] So so right now I'm kind of like in a luxury situation where I will just have lots of people reach out to me and then I'll send my book and link to them and hang out with them most of the time.
But ever if I see somebody interesting I will almost almost always reach out to them and what I like to do is send them like a connection requests about something that caught my eye. This really proves the acceptance rates.
And then afterwards I try I like to send them like a voice message. First of all this shows that the media are nuts.
So make me a message or whatever. And then the next step is to send them.

[20:05] I think like usually Yeah I think it's really powerful way to introduce it.
I use a platform called dub and I just create a short video message with a call to action in it.
And it's it's amazing. What kind of response I received from that tool just because it's video,
and you know for me jumping on a video and just you know saying Hey I just want to say hi. Checking in.
I saw your post. You know thanks for thanks for being on the show. You know anything that.
Anything I can do to build that relationship that helps out is is incredibly powerful and talking to people like you said just having a conversation makes all the difference in the world is memorable.
It's easy access and if you're unaware,
like you mentioned the audio file you know it just pushing that blue button on your phone and leaving a voice message is a powerful tool that a lot of people fail to initiate.
I don't know why not more people don't use it but it works.

[21:15] Yeah I think lengthen still has some level of stigma that people think you got to be like super professional or super corporate and everything they do,
an N E and you do X they sometimes get people that are like yo the way you just approach me I don't think it's professional enough or a scene similar to that.
And I think if you if you if you feel like more comfortable being like super corporate and business see that that's fine and you should,
go along with what feels natural to you but I don't think people should be afraid to show a little bit more vulnerability as say some stuff where they're like OK maybe not everybody isn't going to like what I have to say about this.
Not everybody's going to like me setting a voice message or whatever if that's what feels authentic to you. I think you should go for it.

[22:05] So.

[22:05] So there is especially people know to lengthen.
They think oftentimes assume that they've got to be a harps and professional percent of the time.
And and I would say that's a it's a false belief. I feel comfortable.

[22:20] Yeah I agree. You know I think we're in an era where you know back back in the day when I was in advertising.
It's like you know there is this persona that we all had to wear a mask. And I think a lot of people are.
Getting more in tune with who they really are and you know when you get to know somebody and you know you can relax around them. People are.
Not so buttoned up they're not so professional and I don't think it's a requirement.
I think it's really I think it's important for us to understand that just be who you are and develop your voice in a message that's comfortable so you don't have to think about it.
The closer you can get to just doing what you enjoy and being able to voice your opinions your.

[23:18] Ruby. OK so did you drop something.

[23:22] Yeah I dropped something and sang about,
it so it's so I think I think the more we we can relax.

[23:30] I mean we could still get results and a lot of people don't care about how the sausage is made they just want the results.
Just give me some results. You know especially lead generation lead generation is key to every business. You know it's like hey where's my next client going to come from where's my next piece of business going to come from. Who's going to buy my product.
I think that's that still boils down to relationships and conversations. And.
And I don't know if you have anything to add to that because I think it's really important for us to just continue to build relationships.

[24:05] Yeah. And my opinion about Lincoln in general is it's it's a business that's fair for people to create opportunities for themselves and for others.
And part of that is being pragmatic. So I think it's important to figure out OK what is the results that you want out of your.

[24:28] Time and energy is spent here on the platform. What is the result that he wants an end to be pragmatic about how going to get those results and also building for most people I would say actually building the relationships is gonna be the correct strategy.
And then there is the multiple tactics that go along with that.
It could be like you're doing setting those up videos that makes for a powerful could be doing this like the lives could be just writing posts whatever it could be posting pictures of yourself in a bikini without a doubt. If that works for you right.
I think it's about knowing what it is that you want from this platform,
and then trying different things tracking whether it's actually getting you that desired result or not and then going all in or what works for you.
I for example lots of people like to use LinkedIn automation. I don't I don't really see a problem with that.
If it's if you're not hurting any third parties.
Yeah and you are actually using it to create your desired results.
I mean at the end of the day if you have a business to run into people and the business grow in a business keep it life.
I think we should be pragmatic and use the tools that are gonna get you there.

[25:45] And often if if some person if they notice that their target audience doesn't respond well to let's say swearing or whatever then you should probably stop swearing.
No it's it's all about tracking what is working for you or what isn't. And then going all in on those things.

[26:05] Yeah well I'm always amazed.

[26:08] I'm always amazed that whether a post a certain post goes,
gets a lot of views like a lot of because you've had that experience on more than one occasion about how to develop,
a post that gets a lot of traffic and,
and I'm I'm fairly consistent and I get a couple of them here and there but it's not necessarily the volume that you get on a regular basis.
And that's that's an area that I think takes a lot of practice you know and and being pragmatic and being understanding your audience and understanding what's going on and how it works.

[26:52] And so you know that's a skill set that you know I'll continue to to look at and investigate for my audience because,
it's interesting and I'm not I'm not necessarily want to chase the numbers because you know they're important and they're their measuring tool.

[27:12] And and I like I really like what you're saying with you know making the phone calls having the relationships building that community.
And I think that's that's that's a huge part of your your numbers and growing over the last well three years that we've been connected.
So I think that's a huge part of it. Would you agree.

[27:35] Yeah I think so. It's the to engagement and views and stuff.
There's there's like two parts two parts of it right.
On the one hand you can be pragmatic in the sense of like I know if I talk about this or if I talk in this way or whatever that's gonna gets lots of juice or whatever.
But then on the other side you also have Okay I need I know I need to have these elements within my content for it to actually be relevant to my business.
And oftentimes the posts that gets the most views are not necessarily going to be the most relevant to your business and then vice versa.
So yeah maybe me but me it's it's not always clear you know like maybe you need less let's say for four let's say for myself.
So I might do a post where I'm explaining some super specifically generation stuff and this will get me some some leads in the door.
And then while I'm negotiating with these people my sales cycle might be two to three months I might need to prove to them that I also know how to generate the volume.
So then I might do a post that's more like viral click bait or whatever.

[28:48] And then they do that. But it's it's pragmatic at the moment because I'm telling them I can help them do the same right.
So it's symbolic. What does they need right now.
And like I said that the copywriting and the content creation itself is it's for sure.

[29:06] A valuable and learnable skill for me.

[29:11] I would say the key is to first of all talk about something that other people are already thinking that are not yet able to say and to make the message intense.

[29:23] Like to make every single letter counts have no no fluff in there.
Whatever you think those are two really big keys is to talk about things people are thinking about it to make sure that there's not no filler.

[29:37] Yeah. Cut the embroidery. Get to the point exactly. Because that's difficult. Yeah it is.
Yeah it takes a lot of time to make something very tight like that and a lot of thought process goes into it. So.
So Saffo I know we've got to wrap up and you've got a busy schedule so how do people get ahold of you.
I want to make sure that people are connected to you that you know or haven't met you yet haven't talked to you haven't come out of conversation with you yet.

[30:09] Linked In is linked in profile the best way yet just connect right here with me on LinkedIn and make connection. Send me a message.
Although I always try to get back to everyone as much as possible. And so yeah I'd love to hear from anybody whose insistence to build a relationship or to just learn a little bit more about what we do or to get some advice on regeneration or whatever.
I really enjoy they reached out to me and my length and profile. Yes send me a message.

[30:36] Yeah send a message in Angie. Jennifer Nick Sophie,
thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you.
I appreciate the fact it's staff so individuals join into the pirate broadcast.
You know we can't be found on YouTube we can't be found on on Facebook.
If that's your jam just make sure that you connect with us and ask questions and I'll get I'll continue to work on getting responses in the comments.
I know staff was anxious to see what kind of comments there are and linked in comments are not necessarily the easiest ones to do on alive afterwards. So it's kind of it's kind of a challenge at times.
However I want to make the effort to bring interesting people doing interesting things.
The pirate broadcasts and staff. Oh thank you so much for being here. I really truly appreciate it.
And as you know kindness is cool. Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

[31:44] Of IRAs. It's nice being here but by everyone. Thanks for paying attention.

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