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Happy happy day and we are back with the #piratebroadcast. For those of you just joining us thank you so much. All the gratitude in the world for you being here live. And also if you're listening to this on the replay type in hashtag replay so I can actually come back, and connect with you and coordinate and answer your questions if you have questions for our guests always drop them in the comments and we'd love to come back and get those questions answered. Also if you're looking around the interweb and you can see us in different places and you know we're on Periscope and YouTube and, Facebook and a few other places so if LinkedIn is difficult to catch sometimes in the 7:00 a.m. Arizona time you can find us elsewhere. So also on podcasts Spotify and all the other popular iTunes podcasts or whatever it's called.

So today we have a special guest that we're we'd be talking about the nonprofit space and some of the things that are going on in the nonprofit space as far as engagement in your community.
So today we have Jarrett. How are you? Good morning. So Jarrett's a friend of mine in Phoenix and in the Phoenix community, she's very entrenched in the nonprofit space.
And so talk a little bit about what you're doing here today and how you arrived on LinkedIn and how you how are you generating business and how are you having conversations Jarrett

All the things right Russ.

All the things.

Well, first of all, I would like to nerd out with you. So Jarrett Ransom #nonprofitnerd. .
This is some of my swag. Some of my personality.
I started my business in 2009 Russ and last year I celebrated 20 years.


Yeah. It's been amazing. So I created these these nonprofit mirrored glasses because as I like to say I am a nonprofit nerd.
I love to nerd out over these topics in the sector branded with my #nonprofitnerd.
So LinkedIn almost a decade ago I didn't even know when LinkedIn really started. But focus on LinkedIn because of the power of connection or relationship the power of you know for me in the nonprofit sector my main wheelhouse. When I started my career Russ is the thing. So let's not fund development in the relationship and Six Degrees of Separation which now it's really like two degrees inside.

No kidding. That's it.

But I love to go onto LinkedIn and find out who knows who. How might we open doors. Russ. That's what you do you're a big door opener. Wonderful. So the power of connection and LinkedIn has really been amazing for me. By way of connecting clients connecting donors connecting board members and then personally in full transparency for anyone who knows me, I am a transparent authentic what you see is what you get. It's a great way for me to build my sales pipeline so tons of board members on LinkedIn right. They use that platform for their work.
And so I've really pivoted my main marketing away from any other social media platform. Facebook used to be the main one is so now LinkedIn, because that's where civically engaged people are connecting.

I like that term civically engaged and I think I think more so. You know it's business-focused so you know board members and people that are investing time and,
the energy in any company or organization in its cause as well there's a lot of cause-based organizations on LinkedIn that are really going after, you know building value in the community and I think it's really about the value that we bring to the table versus what's in it for us right.
And we were talking about that a little bit earlier maybe you can dive a little deeper into that because it's you know it's like.
We don't have to chase new people we already have people. So why do we need to do it anymore.

That's right. And so really it's about being focused on the donors the supporters the champions for your cause being focused on them. Because it costs ten times as much money to obtain a new donor than it is to maintain an existing donor. So keep your people happy. Right. People engage share that value gets them even further invested in your mission. And. And that's exactly Russ, Thank you for this opportunity. Because on February the 14th love day we are doing a workshop. So donor engagement workshop myself and the CO presenters Sarah Grone
is your CEO of Project big impact and she is a marketing guru. She's also a token millennial which I love. She brings in a whole new sect so much creativity and vibrancy around that engagement that marketing communications piece and she and I are just so synergistic in how we serve our community. So we have a workshop coming up. Would love to share more and. Yes. So we're going to talk about it. Creating value that value that you set for your donors or your supporters. How are you providing value and how do you keep the ones that you have happy and engaged.

Well, the thing that really really stirred my mind is when I saw that we were talking about it earlier and the reason I wanted to have you on the show is you know I love talking to interesting people doing interesting things and we've had some great conversations over the past number of years. And I know that there are so many people in the nonprofit space that are still struggling with some of their goals ideas and how to implement them. And that's one of the things that I thought you're really creative with is being able to apply, some of those strategies in some of those conversations around how do you maintain the continuity between having a donor and having somebody involved in the community and then, keep the engagement going forward.
And I think it's critical and a lot of people miss out on that because they're really busy you know. Nonprofits typically where a lot of hats. And so the environment's a little hectic at times and there's a lot of volunteers that are not necessarily as educated or informed as you know they're there for their cause they're not necessarily there for the business of the nonprofit. And it is a business you know. And so we have like a business. And so having an event where you're talking about maintaining client engagement and bringing in that continuity in the conversation is important. So what are some of the things you're gonna be talking about?

Yeah we're gonna be talking about that donor journey and you know really mapping that out for every agency is going to be customized we're allowing only 10 agencies and for the workshop.
So we want it to be an intimate setting because Sarah and I want to work with you. We want to be side by side with you. We want to customize a plan that works for you and you're nonprofit.
So this isn't a cookie-cutter right. It's not you know this is your plan. Everyone gets one. You get a plan. You get a plan and you get a plan. No this is where you get the plan. It's really customized for your community for your engagement because honestly Russ it could be a startup non-profit and maybe you have two hundred donors right. Or you have two thousand donors or maybe you have twenty thousand. We are going to work with you to create this donor journey. And when I say do donor journey it really is it's customized and I like to do two-fold really three-fold but we're going to focus more on these two which is the new donor. So what is the journey when a new donor comes into your organization. How do you treat them?
How do you communicate with them? What is your outreach to them?

What does that look like?

What's it's look like and then that recurring donor. So these are your donors that have been with you for a long time. They've loved you. They are going to continue to love you but they still need to be treated well and not neglected. And you know off-air I was sharing with you that I like to use the analogy because we've all been there. We've all been to a restaurant and we had horrible service, horrible food, horrible experience and I'm not knocking the restaurant sector, you're right. When you have a bad experience that's what you talk about.

Well, I think to that point though there's a parallel between the ability and the opportunity to have a strategy, train your volunteers to train your staff either one and then have increased,
awareness of what the value proposition is for the person engaging that buyer's journey that nonprofit that donors journey is the same thing.

Same thing.

Everybody wants a good experience. That's why we're. That's why we do things right. That's why we want the experience. And I think it's absolutely critical that we think about that. So yeah.

And you know people give for many reasons. I like to focus on the altruism that people truly give to be altruistic. Now you know let's not downplay the tax credit. There is a benefit to us as donors especially in the state of Arizona. If you owe the state you can give that money to a qualified charitable organization that's a tax credit and that's a transition. And there is a purpose for that. So that's also a donor journey because they get to pick your after year if they continue to give their tax credit dollars to you or to another bucket of money.

Hey, thinking of credit. I want to give people credit for being here. Rachel BECK Good morning. Gabriel always a fantastic morning. Sherri Lally. Gadar and Angie thank you so much for being here. It's fantastic to have people in here and learning about what is going on in the non-profit space and I've had other non-profits. You know events and opportunities here and I know that you're also a keynote speaker so you're going to be speaking here in the near future completely unrelated to this event. However it's still some to note that you're out in the community you're doing these things you're seeing this take place you're helping the other nonprofits and the business owners, that are in there trying to organize their volunteers and their board members and the staff. So you know that's one thing that I think is overlooked a lot in the nonprofit spaces is how the board operates and how it communicates back and forth with the nonprofit.
Maybe you could talk a little bit about your board retreats and how that affects the organization overall.

Absolutely. Board members are a critical very critical piece to the organization's critical stakeholders. And you know to be honest another plug for the workshop I'd love for the board chair to attend so, in fact, it's $895 to attend the workshop on the 14th. But the few that are up early are watching the hashtag replay. Let me know. I will give you $100 towards your event. So we are allowing agencies to bring to representatives because we want this to be successful so we don't want just one representative from the agency if you have a very engaged board chair or chair committee member bring he or she or then with you to the workshop. I want you to engage them with this plan. But board members really are critical not only do you hold the fiduciary responsibility of the non-profit meaning the books the accounting that help the finances but you're really serving as a huge ambassador to the community. A huge champion for your cause and to be honest Russ I share all the time as a board member instead of saying at a networking event. Hi, this is who I am. This is what I do for work. Talk about your mission. Talk about what boards you serve on. Talk about how you are civically engaged in the community because people want to build relationships and we want to give to people that we know like and trust not just purchased a widget. So I always coach during my board retreats and facilitation. Start talking about the boards you serve on and start talking about how you positively impact the community above and beyond your day job above and beyond your career. Because that does connect to people on that altruistic level.

Well, and you know where there might be an opportunity to place that information also as one your LinkedIn profile.

I coach that and I tell them I said if this is not on your profile do it right now. Go ahead pull out your phone your laptop.
What happened. Because you should absolutely be shouting rooftop your engagement in the community.

Well, people fail to realize that there are so many great amazing nonprofits out there doing good work even in a small impact is still an impact. Right. That's right.
That's the whole purpose is #piratebroadcast. Let's take some individuals that may not have an opportunity or may not have the time or the skillset or whatever reason let's bring them to the table and highlight what they're doing. And you know you've been able to go out. You're an author as well so you've got some traction in the market. You've got some visibility and you know how to get in front of people and you're not shy to talk to new people and do that. However, there's a lot of people who have questions that they're not really sure who to ask so like you said if I can open a door to have a conversation with you and somebody is like how do I do this. We'll get a hold of Jarrett, just connect with her right.

Yeah. And I'm going to be completely honest. And again if you know me I am transparent through and through. I do work nationwide just like this platform here video conferences that is available so if you are in another state besides Arizona it doesn't matter borders is not an issue. Contact me. I'm I've even done some international work but I have a heart for grassroots. I have a heart for the underdog. I have a heart for people with a huge passion and a mission. So I offer. Free phone calls. So you just go on my Web site. Maybe we can write that out but it's and schedule a 15-minute call with me and happy to chat. I also do sessions like pick my brain. So if you want a little longer than 15 minutes we can schedule that I do. This is when my glasses come in handy I do a nonprofit nerd out session it's 90 minutes of customized strategy. In fact, I'm doing another one this Saturday with an organization. The Rayven Group THERAYVANGROUP.COM A little inside tip there. Rayven is my middle name so. OK. Jarrett Rayven Ransom and now I would love to nerd out with you I would love to be a resource. The other thing to Russ is I'm the talk show host for the American nonprofit Academy so it's called the N P O nonprofit organization talk show. You can find that on my Web site as well. I like that little scroll I feel like I'm on CNN right now. You are just dialed in. You're amazing. Yeah. So you know however I can help you however I can be of service I offer tons of resources tons of resources on my Web site that NPR talk show is a great resource. It's also on the podcast and at all, there's Apple I play tune things that we talked about earlier.
I want to help you. And don't worry if you're in Arizona or not I'm here to serve my community.

Well and one of the things that I'm doing is is is reaching out and helping get the word out to some of these events. Some of these activities because you know I'm in the same mindset. I love helping others. I love being able to highlight people out there. And it's really great when you can meet somebody and know somebody and say hey you have something going on. Let's share it with the world. It's not the worst thing in the world.



So let's talk a little bit about how and why you got in the nonprofit space you've been on since 2009. Earlier Russ earlier so I really started my career as an intern for a nonprofit that's a C6 Chamber of Commerce. So I started my career. In the in the chamber of commerce space. So that's really where I was I, my undergrad, as mass communication. And so I started off.
For those of you that have been in the field a while. I was you know creating printed newsletters that were mailed out to members. I designed them on Quirke express. Like that's what I did and I worked for two chambers of commerce in South Carolina. And then I moved here in 2001 and I worked for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. For Valerie Manning so if any of you have been in the valley a while. Yes so that was my Mass Comm degree and I moved from the C6 space to the C3 space. I still serve both those of you that may not be familiar.
That's just a designation of a nonprofit so there's still a non-profit organization just a different designation so we'll see 3s and c sixes and I love community like I just love being in community.
I love being of service. My mom had me volunteering as a young child. You know we're making cookies for Ronald McDonald House. We are donating Toys to the Salvation Army. I have my son doing that now he's nine and he's very very civically engaged. It's just I love it. You know I'm from a small town and I feel that the nonprofit sector is more of that small-town feel

It's in your DNA

Yeah, it's a community. It's a family. I did work I was in the cog of the corporate sector for about six months and it was miserable and I sucked at that job I was fired and I was so grateful.
Just like thank you I needed to leave that job tonight. Mission accomplished. I want to get back to the non-profit sector and I'm a huge extrovert and so you put me in front of a group of people with a microphone and an opportunity to share about a wonderful cause and a phenomenal mission. I will do it all day long.

Yeah well when we had an event in Phoenix there and I called you up and said Yeah. Can you be an MC and you were like yeah sure.

I've never done it before.

And here's the thing though it was a wonderful event that turned out well and we had a great turnout and it was nice cause maybe it was like a pop up party right.

I was like OK let's do that again Let's do it again.

It was so much fun and it was a lot of fun. Thank you for that opportunity. And that's where we connected and we've been fast friends since.

Yeah. In fact Tanner Gers and Ginger Johnson you know they're both TED X speakers.

That's right.

We're at the event and it was fun. We had a good time. So what else is going on in Phoenix? You know it's been a few minutes since we caught up so,
you know there are some things going on in Phoenix and I haven't really been downtown that way on the East Side recently

Oh my gosh, the cranes the buildings. It's crazy skylines and then of course right now currently is the waste management open.
So we are flooded with tourists right now.

That's right.

Yeah. Or maybe that ended. To be honest I'm not sure I'm not a big golfer or there's a football game to be.
There is a game. Yeah. Anyway, I was about to bring out the tweets of Kansas State that I won't. I'll just stop there.

Hey, I wanted to give a shout out to Jennifer. Jennifer thank you so much for being here. Good to see you. Arcot. I know Arcot has been a huge advocate for the nonprofit space.
And then he's done so a lot of great work just Jessica Gio. Thank you so much. Carol Campos thank you so much for being here. All of these individuals that are so supportive of the piratebroadcast and the guests that come on if you're not connected with Jarrett reach out to Jarrett connect with her tell her Russ sent you, and know that you're in good hands if you're in a nonprofit space and you can actually have an opportunity to call up dial in a conversation and have that conversation with her about what you're doing in your nonprofit space. And also if you're thinking if you're a business owner and you're thinking about being on a board what's the journey for that. I mean I've been on I've been a board member before in different organizations. And I actually started a nonprofit like a farmer's market at one point in my life. And so what are some tips or strategies that people and business owners and they're thinking about what's the journey looks like for a board member.

It's funny you ask that or are you mentioned that I get asked this a lot right. I get asked that a lot Russ, And I love it because again it tells me that there are so many community members out there that want to be civically engaged so they get your time. Now I've dropped that phrase civically engaged so I did a YouTube video on that and it's on my YouTube channel. But the first thing I mention is what are you passionate about. Right. Kind of like no you're why. Simon sinic What is your like in non-profits. What are you passionate about. Is it hunger is it children. Is it education. Is that farmer's market and nutrition. Because I want you to tap into your passion and your mission. I want you to serve on a board and with an organization that you are passionate about and start there right. In Arizona alone. We have over 20000 thousand nonprofits while in Arizona. There is one point three million I believe in the US so that's just the United States.
So there are plenty out there and many of these organizations need board members. They really do. Always ask if they have DNO insurance which stands for directors and officers insurance.
I've had several board members you know be remiss in asking that basically that covers your booty. Right. It's like an insurance policy that covers your booty and not your pirate booty but your other booty at work that in their Russ.

just to be clear just clear just to be clear.

Yeah and then talk to the organization. Ask them what is an expectation of the board members right. Are they looking to diversify their board or are they looking to gain new board members?
And then what is the expectation of a board member. Is there a time commitment expectation. Is there a monetary commitment expectation and just have that conversation.

Yeah. Because you know they're open to having the conversation and as you know as well as anyone. You start the conversation you don't know where it's going to go and it's just one conversation away from getting something that you need or giving something that someone else needs. Right.

Serving on a board is so rewarding. It's a lot of work. It can be a lot of work. Every board is different. It depends on, I don't want to say the age of the nonprofit because even if the nonprofits been around for 30 years they could still very much be a grassroots, Roll up your sleeve board. You know to serve on the super large boards of hospitals and things like that that there might be a financial commitment of twenty thousand dollars. So you just want to be clear of what are the expectations. Money. Where do they need help and support?
And it's fun. But make sure you connect with your mission because you'll be much more you know in alignment with the community.

Fantastic. Well, I wanted to I want to make sure that people reach out to connect with you. Remind us one more time next. Is it next Friday. A week from this Friday Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day.

Leave your heart at this event because it would be working for you in the future. So yeah. And new nonprofits or someone that's even considering starting a non-profit it would probably be valuable to engage in because I think there is a lot of things that you don't know what you don't know correct.

Absolutely. Yeah. You know and I'll say that this workshop is really designed not only the price point of $895 but it's designed to help the smaller nonprofit so under a million dollar operating budget. Arizona where a small business state where a small non-profit state meeting or operating budget so big impact small, small operating budget. Yeah. And for all of you here I want to give you $100 off so that I'll take it from $895 tp $795 bring your board chair or your fundraising committee member with you because you can bring two representatives to the workshop.
Contact me even if you can't make the workshop. I want to be a resource. I want to be of service for you.
So and on Instagram or whatever we're calling it these days it's a #nonprofitnerd

I'll have to go follow up and tag you on that. So.

Yeah please do.

It's so fun to see you again Jarrett and I smile every time we connect and it's always a joy to have good conversations with you and anyone we're around.

So you're the best.

Thank you so much for being here Jarrett. I wish you all the best. And when I get back to Phoenix we'll have to connect and talk about life liberty and the pursuit of nonprofit space.

Yeah, I can't wait. You're a great hugger. So I will one of those awesome hugs that before we sign off before you let me go I want to say cheers to all of the morning,
birds all the early birds that rose and joined us this morning thank you so much for all of you watching the replay. You're awesome too.

Thank you so much and thank you all for the support.
And as you know
and you
Enjoy the day
Thanks Jarrett

By and I thank you.

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