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​And it's a good day and I hope that you're having a wonderful time today.
Post Super Bowl
It was safe fun exciting and you were able to enjoy yourself if you didn't watch the Super Bowl that's OK.
Not everybody watches the Super Bowl.
However, I did want to mention a few things.
I'm here in Houston and one of the reasons I'm in Houston is to help my younger son move out of my older son's house since he's no longer with us.

Somebody needs to move his stuff and so guess what. We get to do that.
Not necessarily a fun episode, not necessarily a good thing. And I want to talk about moving on and releasing some of the things that are holding you back.
And I mentioned this I think last week on Thursday thoughts and it's top of mind because it's really about not holding onto some of the things that no longer serve us. it's about moving forward. It's about learning from the experience it's like you know taking that experience and using it to our advantage because there are so many things that can stop us and hold us back that we need to make sure that we're aware of what it is and what it feels like.

Because you know emotions, stress, and anxiety they can all have they can manifest in physical ways. You know the stress I was feeling last week and even yesterday was my body I could feel it in my body. And I'm a little more relaxed today. It's been a release. It's been good to let go of some of these things and I just want to check into the feed here and see what else is happening in the world. What are you doing today?

Did your team win or lose?

I'm not a huge football fanatic. It's been and I got my volume loud. And I want to check it out because I'm testing a new microphone too so let me know how the microphone sounds does the microphone sound, OK and I'm in a different environment because I'm not at my son's place I'm in an Air BNB a pretty comfortable place nearby and so I just want to check it out and let you see how it is. Good morning Gabriel. Let's catch up today, Lewis. Thank you so much. Wendy how are you. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Thank you for their time last week.
Arcot, good morning/evening for you. Yes. Kenyatta Hey hey hey #piratebroadcast is Poppin. That's the way we go. That's the way we roll.

So Luis yes Good morning. Good morning everyone. Derek Monroe. Good morning from Atlanta. Hey. I have a niece in Atlanta. She she's doing some work for me. So you guys should connect Wendy.
Mike sounds good. Thank you so much appreciate it. Does it need to be up or down? Loud and clear. Can you. Awesome thank you so much, Wendy, had a fab weekend.
You know and I just wanted to. Rob Howze was going to be on. However, he decided he wanted to walk his daughter to school so or take his daughter to school.

And I understand that you don't have to stay on schedule and it's really easy for people to find the PIRATE broadcast if I'm doing at the same time every day and not everybody's schedule can meet those requirements. And Rob's been on and he is a pirate and we'll catch up again ever.
Today didn't work out so I thought well what better way it is kind of you to know I take these little snapshots of evidence that think bigger things are working around the world because this gives me the opportunity to actually talk about You know some of the things that we've gone through with my son and,
in some of the feelings and emotions you have over loss and in some of the things that you have to go through in order to you know move on. Not forget not remove but move on through the tragic circumstances. And it's really about the idea that we can recognize and just appreciate all the gifts that someone brought to our world and the fact that we had an opportunity to be there with them, while they were here and then now they're not here. And so there's a lot of things that we remember about those individuals remember and have a deep appreciation for them. Or maybe some of those circumstances maybe those experiences aren't as happy, and the thing that I want to share is that that some of these experiences good or bad, recognize them for what they are take away the lesson that you need to learn as a result of being in that situation and use it to grow. Use it to evolve.

Use it to improve your life. And understand that you're not alone. You know these emotions these feelings that you may be feeling at different times in your life are legitimate.
They are your feelings. Nobody else can feel that way. You are unique individual and, it's not that somebody can't appreciate those feelings because there's a lot of people that go through this feeling you know it's love those dark times where you feel like why would anybody want to be, you know I'm not useful or I'm not worthy or whatever, lies you're your subconscious mind is telling you, it's those voices that you need to make sure that you listen to and understand how they're impacting your life. And get the help you need and understand what that help is. And You're just letting go of some of the guilt and the shame and the abuse or whatever you're at you know that was yesterday that was then this is not today. You know today's the first day of the chapter in the book of life that you can start writing you know write a new story write a new new way of thinking write a new way of being.

You know you don't have to hold on to those emotions that are negative. You know I like holding onto the good feelings the feelings that. Appreciation gratitude. And you know being aware of what happiness is those moments of joy that you don't even think about. So it's really about how you can frame this in your mind because at the end of the day it's really all about what's going through my head what's taking me to the next level. And where do you want to go? There are so many people I talk to. There are still you know and I'm a this is my story as well because it's not always 100 percent knowing where I'm going it's like I have an idea and I start down a tangent and I start traveling down that road and you think you know one thing and then when you get there you kind of discover that it's not exactly what you imagined. So you have to kind of adjust your course you know just. like a ship captain or a pilot in an airplane.
You know it's all about adjusting your course and your expectations. Learning from each experience that you have and knowing that you have an opportunity to change. Jim Reilly used to say you're not a tree you can move, right? So, the other thing I want to make sure that I understand is what is it that I can do because I really appreciate the people that come on here the pirate broadcasts. I'm already booked through February and booking in March now and there are so many guests and I would like to, I think outline a few of the people that are coming on board so you can actually connect with them. Maybe I'll put a post together for that. Would that be valuable? I hope that would be valuable.

Maybe Thank you Vicki. That's very kind. Yeah. Simple and true. I'm thinking through my head, you know the next year it's going to be amazing because I have a lot of goals and intentions putting out there and you know part of the thing that really fires my soul is, you know I want to make a matter and I want to make a matter because I know what it's like to lose something precious. And so if I can help someone else gain something as a result of that they're what they're doing in their life I think that that's something I can do to at least recognize and appreciate the pain and the struggle that people go through. You know, be the light, be the person that you can actually help others with and do things that make a difference. So I got off on a tangent a little bit there and I want to make sure that I understand I'm going to be putting out a list of everybody that got booked in February and I guess today is February. We're already in February.
So we're doing it. We're doing it right here right now.

And as always if you have somebody that you think that would be a very valuable pirate I would love to be able to have your recommendation, just drop me a note.
Happy New Year 2020 dancing. Diana you made me smile. You make me smile every day. Daina thank you so much. Nick Dorsey what's going on.

I love the fact that we're here together in this in this journey of sorts. I was talking to my son as we were moving and, you know when you're younger you don't think that life is going to turn out a certain way or life is going to turn out a certain way. You have expectations you place expectations on your life. And as we go through and get more experience it would be great to be able to transfer that experience to some younger people and sometimes you know they're open to it and sometimes they're not. And depending on how you display that that awareness of your experience in another way can be powerful or it can be, taken on as being critical or judgmental or you know preachy or whatever else.
Can you relate to that? Can you relate to talking to your younger self or someone in your situation when you were younger and identifying with that back in my day we used to do this.

And it's so crazy the things that we go through in our lives and the changes that we take that take place. And I just know and understand that it's really about finding joy every day.
You know we can have an intent let's have an intention to go somewhere in the future. You know let's move into a direction. I know all of you have very big goals.

I mean 2020 vision you know new decade it's all about the opportunities that we have right in front of us. And there's some good things that are taking place as nasty as the news wants us to believe life is. I think there's a lot of this community talks about all the good things that can take place and the opportunities they're out there. I look everywhere. There's always an opportunity out there. So it's amazing to think that, we have so many things that are taking place and I'm not saying that there isn't a struggle I'm not saying that there's times where you're thinking what am I thinking of what am I doing. I'm drinking my coffee right now.

So I appreciate every single day find a little joy in it and know that tomorrow's a new day and we can actually achieve major results. If you do things consistently you just roll up your sleeves and get to work those opportunities show up every time, share a little kindness.

Krista. David Riley. Hey there. Good morning Bob Sager local Cincinnatian would be a great guest here. He has a really cool approach. I like that. Thank you so much.
Nick what are you doing man, when are we going to connect again.
I love this opportunity to connect with individuals here and share some of my experiences because well because we can do it now. And if I could just help one person. You know somewhere along the line it would be great. And tomorrow I have on the show tomorrow I have Jarrett Ransom and Jarrett is she's an amazing individual that is in the non-profit space.

[16:06] So if you know people that are in non-profit and you want to be able to actually she has a program going on in Phoenix. She is a local Phoenix business owner. And if you're in Phoenix you could probably have that, I need to post again, I posted it earlier. I didn't get a lot of responses from it, so maybe people didn't see it but there's also in Houston tomorrow starting tomorrow. And it's ongoing a training session for veterans that can get in technology I.T. And some of the things that are going on around I.T. technology. And if you're getting out of the military or you're a vet and you want to be involved in some training this is a volunteer basis. There's no cost associated with this. My friend Bill's putting this on with a couple of other individuals that what they want to do is they want to, help individuals getting out of the military to grow their skillset and adjust their lifestyle to improve.
That's what it's about making improvements. So these are some things that are going on. I know that there are some other people coming up on the show this week. I'll share that.

Traveling on Wednesday so I'll have the show before I take off and there'll be some things that are going on and I think I'll publish that so you can kind of see who's on there you know not everybody can catch every show so it's nice when you can. And I appreciate the fact that you're here. Thank you so much.

I'm starting to get merchandise too. I'm going to order a couple of cups. Kindness is cool. Cups coffee mugs maybe some smiles are free too.
So maybe I'll be giving those out as gifts to my guests. I would be kind of cool, wouldn't it? That would be nice, a nice opportunity.
Let's see what my accountant says for that.
I hope you're watching Mel. She's going. Oh no. What are you doing?

I still think it would be fun. So, there's there are some other things that are coming up in the future that are really, really exciting.

I am going to I'm developing a couple of courses on this whole platform. Some of the things that I do and how I actually achieve results of showing this video on Periscope.
YouTube Facebook LinkedIn live. And then also a podcast afterward on Spotify. It's submitted to Iheart. Maybe I'll get there before they go broke. I don't know. Maybe hard to say and I'll be putting it up on other podcasting platforms as time progresses. So the pirates that come into the #piratebroadcast and share their information share their value and everything else that's going on to quite a few people. Over a very short period of time and I really encourage participation and because there's some huge value is brought to the table every time I have amazing guests on and all the pirates know and it's just a conversation between you and I. And it can mean something to someone and that makes an impact across the universe and airwaves and all across the Internets. As my friend Ronnie would say "across the Internets".

And I love that so I'm going to spend some time today.

I got some donations to go out. I'm going to be putting some donations in place for my son's. Things he had we just need to let go of and I just know that I appreciate you. I appreciate the fact that I'm able to do this and share with you a couple of thoughts. A couple of recommendations suggestions things that are really you know it's really just me to share my stuff. Healing over time. So. Oh yeah I like that Arcott. We should have a pirateversity day and some of the nice supers like all your pirates are welcome. I should probably do. I'd like to do a round-robin with a bunch of pirates in and get them all in the room and share some stuff that would be good.

Elizabeth Westbrook. Good morning because it's Awesome
Yes. Bob Berg. Bob Berg would be a good one. I'll have to reach out to Bob,
Saw the shirts of the mugs will be getting a couple. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate that. I when I was doing #twominutetips I still had I didn't have #twominutetips shirts and I'll probably get a few more of those. And I'm thinking about doing #twominutetips again on Instagram Stories or IG TV. What do you think about that? who's on Instagram? Let me know if you're on Instagram or not. I'm on Instagram as Russ Johns. Go figure that you know the only thing that here's a tangent.


There's a guy called Russ Johns he's like he's done three tweets, and I've been trying to get the domain so I could have Russ Johns and everything and it just doesn't work out. It's so frustrating.
So it's Russ JohnsDotcom
It wasn't a really smart move but it seemed okay at the time because Russ Johns dot com right. But you can't use a dot com on Twitter. So I had to spell it out which I thought and that's got a smart but it's not, cause nobody searches for that. However, I'm on Twitter as well so. So all of the periscope broadcasts that go out end up on Twitter which I think is kind of cool.
Now I know that LinkedIn probably degrades my reach because I'm sharing everything else on all the other platforms so it may not be a good numbers strategy. However, I do other things with my life. So if I can share this information across multiple platforms then that way other people can find me and they can find you the guest all the pirates and then we can all party together.
And just go to and click on get notified and then you get notified. And I will be upgrading the email so I know that it's kind of basic right now it's not a great piece of information. However, I'm thinking I should revive it in a way that provides additional super valuable information. So when a show gets released you have another piece of information that can be included in that notification. So it's like a newsletter slash notification. So I think that would probably be a next step in the right direction that I think would be valuable. So so these are some of the things I'm thinking about you know moving on the last couple of years have been Challenging. So moving into 20 20 changing and evaluating some of these things that I'm doing removing what is not necessarily benefiting me, knowing that I have an opportunity to create space for other things that are more valuable more exciting more encouraging more supportive more valuable, and so all of these things coming together are really about how do you develop your strategy.

How do you develop your mindset?

How do you develop your direction for what works?

And for myself, it's a lot about the #piratebroadcast and then helping other people produce a #piratebroadcast for their business and also start conversations. You know this is a great way to start a conversation. Imagine if you will you have a large organization with thousands of people working there and you want to start developing culture. Imagine you could actually broadcast this out there and put this in place in the hands of your employees.

So just thinking. That's pretty powerful an incredibly powerful tool and now the technology is available. We can do this.
So if that's of interest I'd love to hear from you and start a conversation around that idea. Also, I will go ahead and publish the calendar for I have to figure out how I want to do that. A published calendar for the upcoming guests, on the #piratebroadcast the scheduled guests and events. So I'm still doing Thursday thoughts unless I have a special guest drop in and need a spot.

Or want a spot. Sometimes I give those up occasionally, not always but occasionally. Anyway, this is kind of a rambling fun day and I'm going to go donate some things to people less fortunate. I'm going to move the last few items.
Start writing a new chapter in the book of life and one page at a time. So I hope this Monday in February finds you to be grateful for the people you have around you.
Kind to those that you may or may not know and just enjoy the day. You know it's just like I say
and you
Enjoy the day
until next time.

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