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[0:06] Hey we got Julian Smith coming in the House he's a little bit delayed.

[0:12] And for those of you don't know about live streaming there is no time limit if you schedule a Facebook Live Stream you have,
about seven minutes before that stream goes inactive and at nine minutes that stream is deleted.

[0:35] So if you schedule it and you don't make it it doesn't go anywhere.

[0:39] Which makes a little sense. However in this case you know Julian's been on the show he's been a pirate before he was an early adopter.

[0:50] And early on this show he came in participated and I didn't have all of the systems in place that didn't have everything in place so I wanted to invite some of the early adopters back in.
You know Patrick Ward Kieran Baty,
Julian. Doug Townsend some of these individuals that are out there and doing great work that I'm going to highlight I just want to make sure that they're available and,
the reality is is that you know life gets busy.

[1:28] We have complications different time zones. You know it's not the end of the world. My hair's not on fire.

[1:37] My hair's not on fire.

[1:39] And so another thing that I wanted to share with you is that with those that are looking to accomplish live streaming on Randal Costa would probably be interested in this fact is that,
if you're streaming live to your profile,
that doesn't automatically give you the right to stream to your business page or your company page.

[2:06] So if you have a company page say for instance you have a company page and you want to produce a show on your company page you can apply separately.
It's a separate application but pray the same application.
But it's you have to specifically apply to have content streaming to your business page.

[2:27] Now the interesting thing about that I find interesting about this is that,
when I'm looking at it from stream yards perspective and I use stream yard to stream the show which I love Dave or Dan engage are awesome they're individuals that I would highly recommend you connect with.
You know that's that's one of those those episodes that you just have to know what is going on and they are the ones that.

[2:58] And a little bit of information that you can use. So in the live streaming world and they have a show every Sunday on Facebook have it on LinkedIn as well but it's,
but it's one of those shows that is.

[3:18] You know an update for the program. So you can stay and involved and engaged in the program.

[3:23] And it's just recently been off it's been off of beta.

[3:30] So anyone is a accessible to anyone that wants to grab it.

[3:33] So

[3:37] A little bit of news there.

[3:39] So now,
trying to get Julian in here almost there is sand though.

[3:49] I just didn't want the I just didn't want the livestream to YouTube to go.

[4:01] Well just jump in.

[4:06] Excuse me while I respond to our guests today the elusive guest Julian has a YouTube channel we're going to be talking about YouTube today.
So let me come back to this item just to recap if you want to show for your business channel if you want to show for your company page.
You have to apply specifically for that show. You have to apply to get linked in live streaming on your profile your personal profile and your business page as well.
So just remember those are two separate things from stream yards or any streaming platform it actually sees your page because well I'm the admin of my pages probably why.
So if I'm the admin of my page my company page and I'm also the admin of my profile it's going to show up as being available.
However it's not actually available because they don't they aren't sharing like that.
Unfortunately so I still posting the show up on the company page.
I just have to download it and upload it again natively so it shows up and if I if I get stream directly to it then that would save me a step. Right.

[5:27] I like that. So I'm going to go in here and I'm going to also.

[5:33] Also what I wanted to let you know is that,
you know I do I do broadcast on I do broadcast,
let me steer this destination cancel cancel that doesn't really matter.

[5:55] I do whole.

[6:03] Lengthen life is not showing.

[6:07] Well that's interesting waiting on Lincoln was waiting for live on Lincoln but it's not Shirley.

[6:14] So I found you here. Vikki you're awesome. That's fantastic. Now if you are happy if you do have a,
you can go find me on Facebook and then I can actually drop the comments in here.

[6:30] How is that. That is awesome.

[6:33] So that's concerning. If I'm not son.
Let me see if I can find myself on so.

[6:42] Vickie my question did you not see the announcement or did you not find the post.

[6:53] I'm just curious,
I'm looking for it right now.

[7:00] No activity posts. OK.
I'm seeing it on I'm seeing it on have five comments and six teens you so I'm on Linkedin now our cots here.
Christine Robinson thank you so much for being here. Awesome. Sherri Lolly.
Good morning. Are you pirates out there Steve Sullivan. He's a pirate.

[7:29] Good morning Steve logically. Yay.

[7:34] It's showing I linked it for me now. Vicki awesome. Appreciate you. Thank you so much.

[7:39] Switching over now Cherry lol you appeared as an alert on linked in on phone so. OK so it's still showing up.

[7:50] Good morning. In the order you little pirate you.

[7:55] I saw the announcement when I went to the page it wasn't showing why there is a slight delay.

[8:02] What's the delay. I wonder what the delay is. What.

[8:05] Let me say let me say on one thousand two one thousand three one thousand or one thousand five one thousand one thousand seven one thousand,
eight one thousand nine one thousand did I miss it already.

[8:22] I don't know.

[8:26] I'm not really sure where. I'm not really sure where our guest is today Julian Smit,
this tech stuff always happens.

[8:38] Yes. It's inconsistent it's inconsistent.

[8:44] When,
Now I'm switching over there rule get Julian in the stream here. We made it finally.
Holy cow. Oh sorry about that. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Well you know it's the end of the it's the end of the decade. So we get tired.
That's right. Yeah. It was like a little slower at the end of the decade.
Now you start a new decade it'll be all right. Yeah I'm get it from the decade. Yeah.
Good morning. How are you my friend. I am great. Let me get to a place where you get a little more light free. Here we go it's got.
A. Little Christmas Tree in the background too. Oh yeah.

[9:23] Fantastic. Fantastic. So we're going to get video. I mean come on. Yeah.

[9:28] I do know a little bit about what I wanted to interrogate you a little bit about video today because I think there's a lot of people that are curious about it.

[9:37] And before you jumped on by the way I was telling everybody here we've got a few people in.
We got Steve our card. Vicki O'Neil.
Jennifer good morning how are you.
Sherry Lolly Steve Sullivan Christine Robinson a few a few fine people in the room to join Julian Smith the rockstar,
unleashed in and another pirate here. So definitely definitely up here at this.
Now I just want everybody to take in a moment pause and understand that Julian is the first double pirate we have on the pirate broadcast.

[10:24] Two times two times pirating two times pirating two time learning I feel on it.

[10:30] Well here's the thing though is you were kind enough to join in early before I had a few systems built up.

[10:37] Now at this point in time I have it built out Julian so soon as this is done it'll go into production my ad men will take this content download it,
convert it to a podcast it'll be on Spotify Apple stitcher all of the all of the podcast platforms.
And if you if you miss it on your iPod your favorite podcast platform of it's not there let me know please let me know so I can get it up there on there.
So you don't have to chase me down. I can. I can come and visit you.

[11:12] And then is that I had the transcription created and then it goes up on my blog post typically before noon my time Arizona time.
So yeah. So then you can re share it out and put it out there to the world if you want to.

[11:28] That was that was just a few months ago so it's cool it's amazing how quickly our systems suck you know you've got a whole new studio.

[11:35] Yeah yeah. Just a few months. It's good though right. It's great isn't it. Yeah.

[11:43] So it's on YouTube it's on two channels on Facebook. It's on linked.
And I was telling everybody that the LinkedIn company page and the LinkedIn profile are completely different separate platforms and you have to apply to stream video to each one.

[11:57] So it's kind of unique.

[12:00] And they were testing the LinkedIn pages a while ago and you could actually send out 50 invitations a day in order to grow your audience.

[12:11] But they took that away apparently.
It was that fell expand to some people apparently. So they went I want I want to get in today though.

[12:21] Julian is you know you've been in marketing and media for a little while and you know we've been doing this thing for a little bit and,
there it is important to have systems in place it is important to have an understanding of what it takes to generate,
content build up content and one of your favorite pieces of content is video.
And traditionally in his historically you have been doing this on YouTube.

[12:52] Correct. Yeah. YouTube is my central repository for a lot of my videos. Exactly.

[12:59] OK explain for those that are unaware or uninformed about all the wonderful stuff you generate there.
What is what is the focus behind the show and what are you doing. And how are you doing it.
Walk through this simple process high level right.

[13:20] OK. So DIY have marketing balls in your face marketing is an interview show very similar to that.
I sit down with industry experts in a variety of fields not necessarily entirely doesn't have to be marketing.
So for example I've had professors of psychology come and talk about.
The brain. I've talked to. Philosophy professors come and talk about a few subjects of interest.
And so it's it's very silly like this. I use I happen to be using zoom at the moment.
I'm also going to be playing along with the remote platform which is more like a video cork convention type format.

[14:05] It's very interesting which platform is up. It's called primo R E M Oh okay.
And they have little sort of virtual breakout. So if you're running it like an event have a panel discussion everybody's mikes and cameras would turn off during the panel discussion,
and then there's a breakout rooms where you can network with people in a virtual way.
So I thought that was an interesting platform. But basically once the show is recorded.
I quickly throw on the sort of branding and the theme of what that day's discussion was kind of top and bottom in similar way that you've got. Up.
Here right now. I see on the screen I see my name and.
Range in lights right up here. Yeah it's very cool. Very very cool setup.
So it's very similar kind of top and bottom render out both the full version and a an under ten minute versions that I can post on to. Then.

[15:06] How long does your how long is your typical so long.
They're anywhere from anywhere between 30 minutes to I've had a few that run of a run a little over an hour.
I try to keep it at least I try to keep them under an hour but often the conversations go and I let them go.

[15:25] So as far as the setup the system and so on that I have.

[15:29] That was something that was definitely very important to me to have to be efficient because the show was never sort of my main bread and butter or or anything so I really wanted it to just be,
a very sort of quick and efficient way for me to get that content out.
So the reason why I ended up using YouTube as my central repository is because I found that one is as a general link I mean people tend to trust YouTube video.
So if you were to send that out in an email or anything like that it's recognized people feel comfortable with it.

[16:03] But more important Leigh I would say that it allowed me to automate a number of of posts basically and that made my time was very efficient for me.

[16:15] So for example as soon as I posted video to YouTube a few things happened on the ladder.
One is that. I have a plug in in the DIY of WordPress Web site and it's called Yo to why TV,
and that plug in does a couple of things that once I've synchronized it with my YouTube channel.
Basically on my episodes page that episode now will appear automatically on my Web site. I don't even bother.
I'm just posted to YouTube I'm not even reposting to my own Web site. It's going to going to appear there. In the episode section.
So just a slate from YouTube and posted in WordPress. Yeah and plugs it into my unto where I have that assigned.

[17:01] As an episode. The second thing that it then does is it also shoots out a tweet to my account and says hey there's a new episode of DIY marketing.
Cool with some additional configuration I've got it.
So that that YouTube video automatically converts into an audio podcast and gets posted onto I Tunes Institute. OK.

[17:28] So are you using YouTube as your host for audio as well.

[17:33] Essentially yes. So. So I've got a video online and I'm happy to share that with you and with the community of how that configuration is set up.
So in fact let me just quickly do a quick look on it because it's on the market someone Academy which is where I offer training and that's why I put that as a free video where you can learn how to,
do this configuration yourself.

[18:07] Basically by doing you know mapping out this configuration that I use as well.
I mean it's very similar in what Julian's talking about is using tools and automation and plugins to.

[18:20] Do some of the heavy lifting so you don't have to download an upload and edit and everything else but in the meantime Kenyatta I hope you're feeling better today I know you are a little under the weather doing the Nyquil dance this weekend.
Or I guess it's not the weekend. Here's today's Thursday. It just feels like Monday doesn't it. Yeah.

[18:42] So you had a holiday and their holidays. Yeah. Throw everyone off. Suggest that people know what it is is exactly.

[18:49] So basically goes from from my YouTube channel to pot sink from pots to Feed Burner.
And then from seed burner to i tunes and Stitcher.

[19:00] OK so an RSS feed you got an RSS feed going in there.
So very cool vertical. So but.

[19:08] So how long have you been doing it.

[19:12] The showed itself so the show I think it was around March 2013 that I started. So it's been a couple of years.
It's been about almost a little over two years.

[19:25] Very cool very cool. And still people can find you over on YouTube and put that link in there and get the YouTube channel.

[19:34] There's DIY s dot marketing stance for balls in your face.
People don't have. Once they know what the name is they don't have too much trouble remembering that. So why ask the dog.

[19:45] Marketing. Yeah. Yeah.
No it's it's been it's been a wonderful experience to do the show. I mean I'm sure you've done this to get to.

[19:55] Just speaking to interesting people you know you're you learn a lot on your own just by having the conversation.

[20:02] Oh yeah.

[20:05] And in addition to that that is sort of your exposure you're seeing with them they're seeing with you it's spread to a wider audience the benefits just kind of keep on coming anyway so.
So I'm very happy that I ended up doing.

[20:21] Well I wondered in comparison how YouTube would play out vs.
Linked in live on LinkedIn because a lot of people were saying you know you bring in LinkedIn you bring.
Youtube links interlinked and they don't get as much visibility. Has that been your experience though because some people argue that it doesn't really matter as long as they're less than 10 minutes you can upload them natively.

[20:47] So yeah. So I do think that there's some advantage to the native video within LinkedIn for the LinkedIn crowd.
It's I don't think that that LinkedIn lives is as valuable in a way as a YouTube life.
Because what I've what I could be wrong I mean I haven't been doing LinkedIn live yet and nor is it a major priority.

[21:14] One of the slain brothers Roger tried to get you linked in life. I know there's a conspiracy of those.
Most people in Toronto I should probably reapply.

[21:25] Before we say that there's anything really fishy going on but my sense of my sense is linked in live is is this is that you.
So you know for sure you get people will get a notice if they're following you if there some.
If they're a subscriber or a friend of yours they'll get the notice to say hey you know Rusty's live right now. That's right.

[21:48] And so I think it is good for driving that initial audience.
But I do feel as though those videos then disappear into the ether very quickly and they're difficult to find as well.
They're difficult to find and that's the thing. So that you've got sort of the live you've got you increase your on the spot engagement but you're not really maybe getting longer term engagement from that video.
I would say that actually just posting a video as a post and then sharing that link too with your friends sums seems to do better sort of over the long run.
And that's a major difference where I would say with beauty or that thing about YouTube you said Youtube is owned by Google,
and so the largest search engine and the second largest search engine after Google so basically Google owns rank 1 and 2 and whatever comes. Right.
So. So that's a major major factor.
And in fact the thing about live on that's unique about live on YouTube.
Similar. Similarly on Facebook great is that you could actually pre-recorded video.

[22:57] And then stream it live from your computer. And the thing about being live on YouTube is it kind of lets you jump the queue on what your search phrases.
So once you've entered in because you know if you're going live you're still entering in your type of description and all of that stuff.
So YouTube has now an idea of what the subject is and what competing videos it generally displays for those search phrases.
Because it's an event because it's live. They basically are allowing you to jump the queue and appear at the top of a search while your alive.

[23:34] So that the trick is to is twofold and I've done a number of training on this but very you know at a high level very quickly.
The trick in ranking videos on Google which is you know an on demand.
I mean that's an ideal thing is when somebody is looking for something.
Right now I'm looking for the expert in in this and you are a video comes out.
Right. Because that's it. That's an intentional buyer. That's an intentional potential client correct.
They're already searching for what they're looking for what you have. So having your video show up has huge appeal.
And so as I said you know the ranking strategy that I have is basically twofold.
The first is to you leverage lives so that you're able to jump that queue,
and then to use the descriptions in YouTube which offers a lot of space and that description doesn't offer a lot of space,
and very few people actually bothered to click through the more button to see what's under those top three lines that they show and all those words all those words generate some activity or interest in the search queue as well.

[24:45] Absolutely. So not much average pre work do you. How much.
Search term optimization or SEO or you know some of the tags that you're using or what.
How do you categorize which one it is. Because it's essentially an interview show just like this.
However there are some nuggets of knowledge that you can share in setting up that episode to jump the queue so to speak right. Yeah. Yeah.

[25:16] Well so is the habit that you've gotten into that allow your visibility to increase. And I really haven't done any work on the YouTube yet.

[25:24] I know this is all part of the process and part of the equation and I will in fact get there I figured out OK after I get a hundred episodes are sure you know of that playlist will start to share.
In fact I've actually got work from some of the videos that I've put out there in the past.
And that is it it works it works. I know it works.
So yeah so tell me a little bit about what kind of effort is required to get that.

[25:54] That particular episode showing up right here.

[25:58] Q So like as I said the going life allows you to jump the queue and then all of that language in terms of what your title is and what your description is.
Is keyword research which allows you to hold that rank over time.
So there's a couple of things that that we know of right off the bat.
That we're YouTube because YouTube when you search something on Google let's say a case as you know sometimes does just give you a list of links. Some times they will show videos.
So that's the ideal situation right. If you want a search phrase that also lines up with showing videos and not for your videos show us the videos.
There's no it's it's there are a few rules that we know that tend to have those videos on that page.
So videos that have titles like how to.

[26:55] Videos that have reviews the subject of reviews fun and funny tend to.
Have videos in them and all a lot of things about that are health and sports related tend to if in those industries.
That's great. And you're right and we have a very good chance of having videos appear.
So part of it we'll do a quick search of Okay Here's roughly what my title is.
OK. Is there a how to or tips into creating something.
Let me search and see on on YouTube or on Google do any of these search phrases. Are there any existing search phrases or are there is there any auto complete. Once I start to write that title right.
What did it auto. What is it suggesting that tells me what other people are primarily looking for in that field if I find one that I'm like OK.
There's great there's this now I know how to rank videos on on Google launched a million searches for that particular phrase that would probably a decent phrase to actor.

[28:02] Yeah.

[28:03] So the other the other thing now is usually other thing is like I will then whatever that sort of.

[28:12] Primary title is. I'll see OK. Well can I squeeze in yet another time. Another is to try.
You know there's a decent amount you may have the tag line. I believe so.
Yeah. So some people some people have the impression they're like OK well what I want to do. They want their titles.
Most people what they try to do is they have the title match precisely the search phrase that they want to hit for.
Right. So again you know if it was how to launch your own pirate broadcast right if that's what you wanted to rank for you if you were making that mistake you would say how to launch your own private.
Broadcast. Yeah. If it was me what I would be like OK.
What are the alternate very then it would be pirate broadcasting on you know on LinkedIn or whatever it is I would throw in more keywords I would use the keywords that I want in that title,
because it's only going to here is it's just appearing more and then tricking the algorithm into.

[29:12] Saying OK this is they're really talking about this.
They're for anybody searching up broadcasting pirate broadcasting.
Yeah. So was it in it's white. And now now it's in the Dow it's in here.
You ask the brand a little bit more now it's in his description 10 times. This really must be about that.
The final thing then is in that description is OK.
So when I'm searching those search phrases what other videos are coming up top rank.
OK. Is there any language in their description in their title that is applicable to mine that I can kind of cut and paste and use little sections of what they written,
or that are applicable that I can rewrite for my own purpose and stuff it in there.
Now again what I'm basically doing is telling the search engine.
Not only does my title search exactly have these,
these keywords in it multiple times and then you see my keyword in the description multiple times but you see that it has very similar language to these other videos that you consider very popular on the thing. They must be in common.
They have a lot in common. So anybody who would likely find that other video should be looking at you too to what you're telling me.

[30:27] And so those things all combine going live jumping the queue having your keywords,
in a long tailed title what we call a long tail versus short tail the short tail title is what people are actually going to search the most efficient search that they type into the long trail and takes a little longer.

[30:46] So one quick question if you have an underperforming episode because the title wasn't optimized the way it needed to be or something like that does it.
How does it impact it if you go back and update that title and that content.
Does that get thrown back at the first line in.
In the YouTube algorithm or does it kick it in and say OK this has been updated it must be important Yeah I don't think. I.

[31:17] Don't know 100 percent. Obviously you really never know how you're going to stand by what Google how Google is managing that but I don't.
So they're not they're not treating an update as important.
They're not going to be you know jumping you jumped a queue like it was a live event or anything. Yeah.
It would simply update the key words and phrases that were associated with that and would likely do better.
You might what you might be better off to do and I've done this before.

[31:47] If I wasn't happy with how something was was landing was saying OK well is there something else that could be for a couple of reasons either your or your research in the words you use were wonderfully aligned with what you're trying to achieve.
Or vice versa. It could be just that that you're trying to get into such a competitive search phrase there's so many videos that that it maybe it's not a great place to start.
Maybe there's something an alternate variation we think of all the other people.
And so then what I've often done is simply just changed the thumbnail image so that the video at least looks different.
I repost it with a new title new thumbnail.
Updated description. And then there's a new version that's likely to come up higher than I did so let's not lie either.
Let the old one die. You can delete it or you just let it sit there and that'll collect it you but not as far as your new one and your fingers. Exactly.

[32:48] They don't take up space on their hard drives.
So this is an i and i love youtube and I consume lots of YouTube.
You know that's you know my philosophy is information is is available now.
You want to learn about something. It's available you want to learn about a trade or skill or a job or an effort.
It's available. Those are the things that are. That's what is so amazing about what we're doing right now.
And it's just and it's available to learn something new. I just want to give a couple of shout outs here.
Yo Sherri it is true well there's been a lot of changes.
Sherri Lolly is talking about YouTube channels favoring those who are monetizing versus non monetizing channels.
I'm sure that there's an algorithm for that.

[33:45] Can you audit says cool tips on video. Julian thank you. So be putting content and FII T.O.
I do put all of my videos in FII T.O.
To make it easier to binge watch and so it's it's available on FII as well as YouTube and so Rodrigo Martinez,
you know going out there doing these things in and making sure that we have available content so wherever you want to show up you have it available.
So I put that out there as well.
Nick norm and another treat as we move towards the New Year. Thank you so much for being here.
I appreciate you guys. Jennifer thank you.
Truly resourceful thank you so much for this broad live broadcast.
Julie is an amazing individual. If you're not connected with Julian get connected I hear he's got on YouTube. I don't know. I have to check him out.

[34:50] Maybe you know you're write me on your show sometime. I will. We definitely do have to get you on the show for sure.

[34:57] Yeah I mean what's interesting with again is the youtube I've liked and people have been interested in what it because it's the ranking the videos.

[35:04] Yeah. And so I've gotten a lot of views on YouTube but where I would say for score where the engagement has been high is where the audience is actually kind of responding is online.
Yeah that's why I think it's important you know. I mean that's sometimes what I'll do is I'll try to get a show a really short clip you know under 30 seconds like a little moment and then I.
And then sometimes I'll throw those out on Instagram or whatever. Right.
So you know the more that you're sort of omnipresent the better overall.
But for sure as you know as a platform that is stable that helps you rank that allows.

[35:47] As I said For me I just found that it. OK. This is an efficient system where I can post my videos and know that they were getting distributed and not have to spend too much time manually putting them everywhere.
That was a big thing for me but there's a million ways to skin this cat and you're right.

[36:04] Like that's that's why you're saying people are going to YouTube either to be entertained or to learn.
Yeah my kids certainly use it for entertainment. They're just watching other people play video games.
The phenomenon I don't fully understand but you know each generation.

[36:24] The release of an article where the highest earning YouTube or right now with an eight year old.

[36:33] Yeah well I think you know this is this is the thing and I think people are going to say well what is going on when when when when a small when an 8 year old doing soccer tricks is making more than Renaldo himself.
Yeah. And people will say what is going on right.
And what's going on is this in a way. First of all I mean one to your point earlier like you can learn anything and everything.
I mean if I did it if I had the time and the energy I think just as a social experiment meaning who knows nothing about construction I'm not the handy guy in the world.
But I do believe it is fully possible to build an entire house off entirely.
I just for the sake of just showing that it could be done that something goes and I think about building a house could just use youtube video to do all of their electrical wiring all of all thing or plumbing. Yeah.
And that's amazing. And so you know I mean.
There's a lot of incredible new technology but in a way YouTube is the printing press in the power of the heat.

[37:41] Imagine if I mean think about what the printing press did for Gutenberg to education today.

[37:48] Yeah it's. I mean who had that power I mean that was the thing was the printing press allowed people all of a sudden to change literacy around the globe.

[37:59] But it was expensive and now basically everybody has their own printing press in their pocket for nothing.
How transformative is that.

[38:09] How much of this is the thing. This is why so many videos are going up. I think we're at.
Something in the range of 70 to 80 percent of the content online that's consumed as video.
Yeah. So I preferred content and I can certainly vouch for the fact from a market perspective from having worked at agencies that did research on this that when you are trying to explain a concept especially if you can explain your video or,
if you have the right visuals in a video with the right words kind of pumping that popping up in time you have,
the retention level on that video is through the roof compared to what you just read.

[38:50] Oh so in summary it's insane.

[38:54] Ask Carmen brothers. Yeah. It's like they do a movie party or all those videos they do.

[39:06] Oh yeah. Yeah.

[39:08] We're like Dollar Shave Club. You know it's like that video had millions and millions of views but.
But the reality is is that we're you know interesting information and I really believe in the space of everybody has a gift.
Everybody has something they contribute to the world.
And my goal with the pirate broadcast is to interview interesting people doing interesting things.
You know every time you put out a show or broadcast that it goes up on YouTube there's a process there's the thing that there's the thing behind the thing right.
What you see is only a fraction of what actually takes place in order to accomplish that goal.
You know it's like anything it's like building a house. You know there's a lot of things that you don't even notice because you walk into a house and it's all finished.
There's a process involved in that. And I find that process interesting to share and deliver and kind of,
talk about you know it's like OK build awareness in the world around what is going on and then maybe along the way there'll be some appreciation of of what people are doing to accomplish this goal.
And I think I applaud you for the things that you're doing in marketing.
And I love if you haven't seen Julian's animations go watch go check out his channel.
Click on posts and activities and then go check it out because I love your animations so the.

[40:37] Well the other side. It's been I'm very due for an old of the linked in the news. Yeah.
You did hashtag linked in the news you'll see a few cartoons where.
I have a little fun at the expense of some common content creators on Lincoln to thread another one for sure. Those.
Exactly. That for me it's a it's about the quality of the engagement that you get and those got a lot of really quality people were enthusiastic and that's where it says that's what gets me excited.
I don't really care that much about OK this video got.

[41:12] Two thousand views this one only got one. You know what was wrong. Do I spend too much time.
Analyzing those metrics. Not much to be honest it's when I know I've hits.
I know I touched on something of value when the when somebodies comment is you get a few comments and there's sometimes longer than your post itself that tells me OK.
I really touched on a subject. Yeah.

[41:38] And it's exactly that's that it's that impact because people I think also with,
a couple of things that you're mentioning there that are very important for people to keep in mind is a lot of people will say OK oh well we're gonna start our own show and they get one or two episodes in exactly what you're saying.
There's this whole process around after the show.
If you shot the show before the show that people haven't wrap their heads around they've underestimated.
And then within a couple of episodes like this is too much for me it's taking away from what I did.
So having templates in place so that it's easy to cut and edit that you know having a format having those processes in place saves you a lot of time.
Yeah. And then the other thing I think people have is you know as I was again on the show and and just need one viral video.
Well first of all I mean you know being viral getting a viral video there's no easy easy formula for it.
It's a bit of a hit and miss is a bit of luck and talent.
And just the timing and everything. Absolutely. And even if you do have one video that has huge viewership.
It's still kind of disappears after a while. Even something that's viral.
There's something new viral that's going to take its place within a couple of years and people will forget it.

[42:59] I think longevity and consistency will always outweigh one viral hit the most part.

[43:09] So I would say and the person of note that I would say that to really look at say as a phenomenon would be 20 years.
Now I know he's just slightly controversial figure. So let me just. But let's ignore the controversy over him. It's not that he should be.

[43:25] But anyways you know he had tons and tons of he had full lectures because he was a professor at the University full lectures on his channel for years.
They weren't kidding and they only had a few thousand views here and there people weren't going to see sit through an hour long lecture on psychology. They weren't interested.
One viral video that lasted three minutes and all of a sudden everyone was like Who is this guy.
And then they checked out everything.

[43:56] Yeah. So it's just your backlog is important for that moment when everything hits.

[44:04] I think so. Absolutely. It goes to your point is is exactly right that if you're showing up consistently you have to end it.
That is one and certainly my experience and was my surprises.
You know you're doing it for a little while a few months and then you look back and all said you look at your channel and you're like oh those pagers videos scrolls on for a long time. This looks like a lot of videos,
for me for sure. You know I mean I'm still kind of shocked that we're over it for over four million minutes watched how that seems like a lot of times people,
will be and I don't consider myself I don't call my go round calling myself an influencer.
Are you rather hear anything like that.

[44:51] So you do a weekly show. It's about It's monthly. OK.

[44:58] YEAH I DO THAT. AND THEN AND THEN I post other videos. I really try to mix it up a lot.
So I'll write articles as well to do middle posts. I'll do the cartoon videos for fun.

[45:12] I'll do some other promotional stuff around other work services that I offer.

[45:19] Precisely because you know some people prefer to read them to watch videos.

[45:22] Some people liked long form people other people just want it all in a little condensed version.

[45:31] The Twitter camp the long form kind of right.
Yeah yeah exactly. Exactly. The Jordan Peterson hour long lecture three hour the joke joe rogan and Jeremy Rogan's couple hours.
I mean I mean he was ahead he's ahead of everybody by a lot by a long shot and probably the thing that he was ahead of everybody on in particular.

[45:55] What does the fact that there is this appetite for for long while he was starting him. He was one of the first few people out there podcasting.

[46:03] You were like Oh you got to edit those down to a few minutes you'll never know.

[46:08] Yeah. Why.

[46:09] Why is it if they don't if they can only put in they can only listen for half an hour and only get half an hour and maybe they'll miss some stuff.

[46:16] Maybe they want the same thing you look at you look at when he first started.

[46:19] And you look back on his early stuff and it's it's just as rough as any stuff that I ever put it on.

[46:25] I mean it's you know it's all right.
That's the whole point. It's like it evolved right.

[46:34] Right. Well that was the thing. Exactly. I mean I I'm I'm very happy to tune into that show in the early days to watched it evolve from day one.
It's just you know him and his friend they were just having these these these.
Stolen conversations for the longest time community and quality and he finally gets one sponsor which is the fleshlight.

[47:00] I think he's he couldn't have it and now I mean.

[47:05] Celebrities would love to be a guest. Yeah right.

[47:09] Because his platform has grown to be so huge. And this speaks to this speaks to what this new technology is.
It speaks to how I think we underestimate in a way how intelligent people are.
We think that people don't have the attention spans for anything that lasts more than 30 seconds completely not true.

[47:32] Shows how curious people are.

[47:37] So yeah. No I think he's a good example. Yeah well I really appreciate it Roger. Yes.

[47:44] Julian is the first person to be on twice and that's only because he was the original. He's the O.G.
And he's in the Toronto conspiracy Lab..

[47:54] So what he's he's the code of silence linked in life.
I could go like I could be pirate for the rest of my life and never an island we didn't live I think it would be great. How did happen.

[48:06] Well a real rule gets you back on. But we're way over time and I just I know you've got things to do and everything else and I do truly appreciate it.

[48:15] In fact I had someone booked tomorrow and they actually had,
had a conflict. So this is the first week I would pry beyond solo for three days this week.
It's like OK which is OK.
I love I love I can I can yammer on for a half hour and talk about things,
but I just I think it's fascinating the whole point of the prior broadcast is we don't need the FCC we don't need a producer we don't need anybody to give us permission you already have permission so if you're thinking about,
producing video in in 2020 are you thinking about producing content in 2020.
Don't think about it anymore just go out there and do it.
You have permission to do it. Julian you've given permission right.

[49:04] I absolutely you have my full permission and endorsement.

[49:08] I second the motion moved and seconded. There it is. You have permission to go create content today.
So thank you Julian. Have a fabulous fabulous week a weekend and Happy New Year.

[49:23] Likewise Russ thanks so much for having me back and as you know kindness is cool.

[49:28] Smiles are free as they are and you enjoy the day you're good man Russ.

[49:34] Thank you brother,
and the broadcast. Now.

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