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Join Russ for a Christmas #PirateBroadcast

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[0:05] I want to wish everyone the very best in their day today.

[0:11] Many of us it's Christmas and many more celebrate the Christmas holiday with gifts and hanging out with family and enjoying the day.
You know as most of you know Hermano,
I'm here in Arizona to care for my parents help care for my parents and it's really a gift.
It's a blessing to be able to be here as they grow older and,
move on eventually.

[0:49] So it's every day as a gift. And I just want to extend this invitation for you to think about what gifts do you have today What gifts do you want to share with others.
And how are you feeling about the holidays.
Because not everyone feels the same way about Christmas.

[1:12] The hustle and bustle the shopping.
I'm not a shopper myself but I take that back. I do appreciate Amazon not going to lie.
I don't typically go to the mall.

[1:28] Or go out and a lot of retail space is closed down this year and I'm sure it's a direct result of maybe people getting tired of,
chasing buying doing things that they wouldn't normally do year round.

[1:50] You know it's one of those things you have to understand. So I'm I'm going to go into the comments here and linked in.

[1:57] If you're on me if you're following me on Facebook or YouTube that's great.
I want to capture this thing because stream yard allows me to stream to my business page only it's not allowing me to stream to my business page today.
Well it never has actually I usually go to my my regular profile and then I go to my business than I do my repeats my episodes the replays.
That's the word I'm looking for some of here access,
your profile there's a process you have to go through in order to find these things,
all activity and then posts.

[2:54] I am. I have to a couple of comments a couple of people are watching us see who we can talk to today.

[3:03] Here I'll turn this down.

[3:09] Steve solar and Merry Christmas Seth Merry Christmas,
thank you for being here. There's six people watching and I'm just one is a question I'm asking today is how are you feeling about the holiday season.

[3:26] Positive negative that is a bring stress or does it bring joy.

[3:38] I know Steve Sullivan is one of those people that finds joy in the day.

[3:44] Merry Christmas taps.

[3:49] To you all. So there is no winner today but full of warm summer in every heart.
My warm love to you all on this special day of Christmas.
Merry Christmas my dearest friends. Thank you so much for that and it's awesome. I really appreciate that.
Thanks so much for.

[4:13] So much to be thankful for.

[4:15] I mean the fact that we can connect online like this is just amazing to me.

[4:21] Jennifer Merry Christmas.

[4:24] Thank you so much.

[4:30] And I don't know how people get notified or how people decide to pick pick a holiday.

[4:39] You know I have a lot of friends that celebrate Hanukkah and it's different than you know,
the commercial Christmas.
But I'm also looking commercial Christmas I'm sure.

[5:00] Hey Wayne.
Merry Christmas Steve Hansen,
everyone that tries is a winner.

[5:08] Yes. I love that you just have to try. Just keep trying.

[5:15] And just you just have to reduce the cost of failure right.
And what I mean by that is keep testing little tests adjustments along the way. You can you can make a lot of progress in a year. If you think about just making progress every single day,
and. I want everyone I want to help everyone I want to help more people.

[5:47] And I've got a class coming up on January 4th so I'm going to try to I may do 4th and 5th.
I may split it out to two dates then have a mastermind.

[6:00] Well along with it I'm thinking about that so I'm going to be asking questions,
showing up is half the battle Seth.
Yes I totally agree.

[6:13] You know we have to think about life in a positive way because,
I was talking to a friend of mine who just got his MBA and,
you know he went through a lot of school on top that he's blind,
married and has a family you know and and most people you know,
have simple challenges and he has even challenges on top of challenges and he just tackles that attacks it like yeah you just got to get this done.
He's got to figure it out. And it's so inspiring to watch him.
TANNER If you're watching this. Hats off to you man.
Even if it's Christmas hat you can take it off today. So,
family and friends yes yes absolutely.

[7:14] We've made a lot of I've made a lot of wonderful connections on LinkedIn this year and I'm thankful and grateful for all of the interactions I've been able to have especially the pyre broadcast. I'm really enjoying this. I hope you are too.
If you if you would I would really appreciate you going and following the pirate hashtag,
go to Russ jobs dot com and in get notified for new episodes coming out of you if you want to watch the replay. I put the Pat podcast on the site as well.
You can find it on Apple podcast. You can find it on Spotify it's on,
stitcher. It's all on all the players out there.

[8:03] Whether that should be on it. Well let me tell you this.
Let me ask you this if you have a favorite podcast player that you use and it's not there yet let me know and I'll put it up there.
I'll get it on there so you can listen to it if you want.
So what else Seth.

[8:27] What are what are the big goals that you got going on in 2020.
I know I'm the I'm going to organize a few more classes and masterminds a masterclass for lead generation and video.
So stay tuned for that.

[8:53] Collier is dropping by. Merry Christmas.
Hope you're having a wonderful time with the kids grandkids. Merry Christmas.

[9:05] All the best.

[9:11] I just wanted to do this. I just wanted to put this out there because,
this is like therapy to me. My dad got up but I think 3:00 in the morning turn the TV on.

[9:27] Know why.

[9:30] Anyway one of those things he I have to appreciate.

[9:46] Richard Pickett a loner working this morning long to connect.
Come on my show friends starts All right. Check it out.
Pirates You're welcome. Awesome. Thank you Richard. Appreciate that.

[10:05] Let's head over.

[10:09] So New Year's week away one everybody to be safe.

[10:19] I'll be doing a show then to,
some fair yeah. We'll get there anyway. I'm going to go ahead.

[10:31] I just want to wrap it up I just wanted to wish everybody Merry Christmas. Keep it short and sweet. Be thankful and be grateful.

[10:38] You know kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

[10:48] Merry Christmas everyone.

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