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[0:00] Come on board here come on board here and we are live at pirate broadcast.
This is an amazing episode of The Pirate broadcast where we bring interesting people,
doing interesting things and we want to make sure that you have conversations that kind of enlighten and open up your mind and give you a new perspective on what people are doing.
And today we have Lonnie Ray and I just want to welcome you.
Ground gratitude in the world for being here money and just,
love the fact that you're willing to jump on and let's talk about life liberty and the pursuit of all things happy and you know I'm I'm you know me kind of school and,
smiles are free and there's a reason behind that and I want to talk a little bit about your journey and coming through some of the challenges you had in life.
How do you got to this place and why you're here right now. So with that being said welcome Lonnie. How are you today.

[1:04] Outstanding. But I'm trying to get better rest. Thanks for having me.
I've got the seat belt on my chair so I don't like jump to my body.

[1:14] Life is exciting. So we have to kind of enjoy it once in a while and you know and stay put is is sometimes required.
We don't always stay put because you know I know your background a little bit is,
has included some travel before and also you know as a musician I did a little bit of traveling here there around the countryside and you know I think,
I think as a result of travel we really get a new perspective on what people are doing and what the rest of the world is taking on.
And then kind of gives us a broader approach to what life is all about. Maybe you could speak to.
How your definition of life is at this point in time and your journey.

[2:01] Well how much time we got.

[2:06] And that's just it we don't know how much time we have.

[2:08] No every every day is a gift. So we have to unpack it like it's a gift right.

[2:13] It genuinely is genuinely as you know my focus is its life my ass I'm just getting started and I love. By the way. Thank you.
Thank you so much. And it really is about resetting and restarting and each moment we get to do that.
So the blessing as you said is that we had a new day every day.
The opportunity to make it whatever we want is is immense.
Thank God we don't have to carry a ball and chain with us because we picked it up back and we were 10 years old or whatever.
Know it's so freeing your soul. Really. The Lightness of Being is a process of realizing where you're kind of chained and hemmed in and then cutting that free so that you can float,
instead of drag this thing with you through life which is so much of what I did and learn how to undo.

[3:00] Well you know early in our lives there you know as we're our minds are you know growing understanding our environment everything else I think so many of us have,
picked up baggage along the way.
For myself you know it's it's been the last 20 years of unpacking my baggage you know removing the guilt the shame the ego everything that goes along with that and becoming who I am.
And I think you're much in line with that. And you know removing stuff is what allows you to be who you are. Right.
And I think you know midlife you know I'm a little bit seasoned.
You know I've been around for a little while and it it's like I don't have time to do.
To carry on a lot of B.S. that your life brings us.
It's like you've just got to let it go let it go. Life's too short like this so short and at any moment we could just be doing something else or have.
You know if you've had any kind of a life threatening moment in your your journey you understand that this could have turned out completely different. Yeah.
So what do you what do you focus on right now. You have your podcast. You have a lot of exciting things taking place.
Tell us what was happening along you.

[4:28] Thank you. I'm excited to apply all the things that I undertook to study and live.
At the age of 20 when I started learning about metaphysics and delve into personal development. I was reading books at stop signs just to get better.
I couldn't get it in fast enough to undo what all had been done.
And that's the beauty is that we can actually do that. It just takes some awareness so that we can let things go.
You have to go through it to get over it. And the trick is not to get stuck in it.
And so I really really love helping people to figure out what their gifts are.
Now get rid of the things that are blocking their view of their magnificence and then help them to stand out with their brand out as a podcast guest or on stages doing TED talks whatever it is that you're messaging needs,
help people to customize that that brand statement so that they really do have a unique and authentic place and statement in the world.

[5:23] You know it's funny you should say that because speaking talking or being a guest on a podcast or speaking on a 10 stage or anything like that.
I think it takes a fresh perspective on what,
others are doing and if you're playing that role and you can see the vibrance in their personality or a certain type of you know move or effort and you know we talked about the tuning for you know there's that resonance of,
it and I believe in the frequency you know being a musician frequency is very important in there there's things that will vibrate and you just kind of resonate with you.
When people speak some of the topics are important and key and you know you resonated with me because and I wasn't sure exactly what it was but it was I think the vibrancy in your personality.
And it's just like this person is interesting.
And I just love your title and it's just like OK I need to talk to this individual.
Get them on the pirate broadcast because they are a pirate and we know what that means is like you don't always play within all the boundaries. And so.

[6:40] So how do you how do you form and work with individuals to get the best out of them in a speaking environment,
one of the things that we all know is true rest is that insights from the outside make all the difference participants can't see nearly as much as the observer.

[6:59] That's I like that I like it.

[7:01] And so that's what I bring to the table. As you've seen from that that lifetime line that I gave you I've covered a lot of ground. Yes.

[7:11] You have to I love that too. By the way I enjoyed that.
And if you haven't connected with Lonnie go connect with her and she has some great information and she has some what I call it the opportunity for possibility also.
So go check go check Lonnie out.
Good thing I can only do so to get there.

[7:37] I'm not happy helping people to have the courage to express they're their best their best self and their message.
I call this the global microphone and the opportunity to reach the world with a good vibration.
If you have and we've all spoken to someone who you mean they could talk about how grass grows.
It wouldn't matter because the tonality the way they tell a story there there their vibration is something that you're picking up as much as the words.
And when it comes to being a podcast it's very rare that you have the visual rigor.
It's all auditory. So half more than half of the communication is missing. So we don't get a chance to see body language.
So what what my work does is it's is part informational because there's some protocols to being a podcast guest that a lot of people don't know yet.

[8:30] But then the rest of it is is transformational so that they can find their spot.
There and help them create an authentic resources.
That's right. That's right.
And then to present that because you need to have an angle if you want to have an edge. My work for this year is differentiation.
I wish it was just a simple word. But you know the rules well it really is about how can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.
What is it that you bring that's different and every one of us is an expert in our own story and what we bring to the table.
So encouraging others to realize that gives them the confidence that comes through in their voice their presentation and it translates and trickles down into their business their relationships everything changes. So exciting.

[9:18] Everything changes you know every interaction we have and every every every conversation that we place out there in some way shape or form has an impact.
You know I can't reiterate this enough to say that when you create content when you puts things out in the universe it changes somebodies life.
It makes an impact it makes a difference. And so anything we can do to.
Adopt and improve and practice and implement the best possible outcome.
I think it's important for us and it sounds like you do that with a lot of individuals and a number of levels. And I think.
I think we have to think about that because I don't think a lot of people are consciously thinking in that process and that level when you're on a podcast especially if it matters.

[10:15] I mean earbuds are really good now and when you're in someone's ears.
Yeah man they're picking up things you're not saying as much as what you are saying.
So the opportunity exists to really let them up or you know turn them on or turn them off. You know what you want is for people to lean in and want more from you so they're compelled.
It's seductive sales techniques but what is similar is it is seductive is eye catching it's it's compelling. You know I love that word.

[10:47] It's like it's like ear worms right. It's like that song you can't get out of your head it's it's like oh my gosh hey I want it.
I want a shout out right now and I want to ask everyone in it's online right now listening to this is how many of you are interested in doing podcasts or have done podcasts.
And I know. And you. Good morning Elizabeth. Sherri Lolly Vicki Vicki has a podcast.
She's she's an awesome broadcaster here on campus.
Gerald's been on several programs and she just launched,
a nice program this week. Just give you a shout out Carol. Right.
And Gina Adam Adam I've been on Adam's podcast he's been on my pirate. He's a pop. He's a pirate.
And so I'm looking.
Danielle Oh.

[11:51] He says you're the bomb.

[11:55] WENDY Yes lean in. Jennifer good morning.
Yeah. Vicky has your own podcast. She's dead. How many episodes have you done Vicky.

[12:07] It's been quite a few and when he's been a guest on several podcasts as well so I just you know coming back from podcast the government involved in podcasting for years,
taught a podcast movement one year trying to workshop on how to how to start your podcast.
You know I've been in radio and television broadcasting and advertising. Nice.
And there's a lot of things that you know I don't have experience in you know because we all have a different experience.
However learning from others and observing others is one way of doing it.
And you know getting a coach and having somebody guide you along the way is another good process.
What are some real life tips that you can offer.
I want to be podcasters or people that are thinking or considering it 20 20 to get in the live livestream like this or podcasting,
because it's really important for I think this program the pirate broadcasts to allow people to believe that they can do something like this.

[13:17] I love that. I love that what you want wants you even more than you want it you know.
So if you're called to do it there's a way there's a way through it. Yeah.

[13:26] So the only way to it is through it right.

[13:28] That's right. That's right. And there is a protocol in there and you can't burn a bridge twice.
So it's really important to make a great impression and follow things but there's.
That's why I like to do what I do Ross because with information people can then excel and not wonder what the heck did what I did wrong.
So the tip I have for those who want to host a show is to be a guest on shows first.
Oh please please know what the guests go through.
There's a lot of things that you don't realize there are involved as a guest just to be able to get on a show.
And then when you're on the show and then what do you do after the show.
You know what are the biggest tips that I have for for newbies. Is I answer the question and stop talking.

[14:11] Stop talking and then to realize that it's not talk radio. You don't have don't talk on top of each other.
You know you try to you know you formulate your stories and in a nonlinear fashion so you become a professional,
conveyor and purveyor of of vibes and stories and fables and messages in a way that really grabs their attention.
It's not a linear Well we walk in the door and then we saw the guy on yawn Hello.
There's seven hundred thousand podcasts. People are going to turn you off as quick as that and instead of it being a lead magnet it becomes a waste of time.
No podcasts can generate leads for years after they've aired so.
So it also establishes rapport with an audience that the host has cultivated.
So you really want to have a lot of respect create your message for that audience.
I've had so many people come with AI and it's like wait a minute wait a minute I get it that you've done some cool stuff but how does that help the audience. What is that for them.
Well I want to promote. I get it that you want to promote what you do. I'm happy to do that.
But let's find a way to craft that message for my show or another person show in a unique way that really speaks to them because communication is the job of the speaker.

[15:31] Well I think that you nailed it. You know bring value to the audience bring value to the community at all levels.
And I think I think if we if we win out in life and just did that normally and consistently I think life would be so much easier.
You know it's like you know open the door give compliments give free smiles you know our free offering value has never had a diminishing return.

[15:59] Right. That's right. Well said Ross.

[16:02] Yeah. So. So when you're out there as a guest or a host or anything else you don't think about what you get out of it. Think about what you can give into it.
I think I think that's really that's really important overstated.

[16:20] The messaging shows up everywhere. I recently had somebody in LinkedIn reach out and and just started a pitch about bitcoin.
Just reaches right out of gate and I said Yeah.
And then I offered a few things and they're like here's what's going on here.
He didn't didn't pay any attention to any of it. Clearly his agenda was was just about him.
And you know and that's a real turnoff because what you wanted to I don't know say hi before you start pitching.
We know that but if if they don't have any idea how to do it any differently.
I'm not blaming. I'm just saying you need to find a way to actually be in a conversation with someone as opposed to just blasting them with your message and then hoping that they'll buy that.

[17:11] That's what I'd like to know a little bit about a person I'd like to observe what they're doing how they respond and react,
how they interact you know because the interaction is important in a lot of people miss that especially when they spray and pitch you know it's like OK connected bitch. No.
Yeah I'm out here. It's not here. It's like I just like Carol says thanks for the shout out. She has a podcast as well.
She's just a tremendous value in the community. I just.
The unlinked and that's one of the number one turn offs of people on LinkedIn is when you,
receive a connection request you accept it and then the next message in the next 2 minutes is they buy my stuff.

[18:04] Yeah really great. Yeah. I I would love to have like a I'm gonna do a spoof or something.

[18:13] Put a video in there and then reply with a video like hey,
you know something over the top it just gives them the message that because here's the thing for everyone listening is you have like you said you can't burn bridges twice right.

[18:30] And so here's the other side of the coin is that when you when you,
it's just like cold calling 20 years ago you can make 50 cold calls in an hour whatever it takes you know whatever however long you could take.
And you can make it you can make an impression or you can build a you know a few relationships and make a greater impression.

[18:59] And also probably to develop business as a result of the relationship quicker than you can't the cold calls. Yeah.
And I just think that I think more now than anything you know because there's a lot of noise like you said there's seven hundred thousand plus podcasts out there.
Yeah. And podcasting is getting incredibly popular and it's I'm excited to see where it's going.
So you've probably had some experience in that.
And what is your experience in the growth process.
And how is that impacting your your conversations with clients.

[19:36] I'd say the biggest challenge Russ is that the guys that have been around for a few years say they've got a thousand shows under their belt.
Those are the programs that people I just want to go right there first of all you need to know what the guys know what their style is actually listen to a couple of shows,
because so many times that people don't listen and then the host has like this regular thing that they ask every single time. And the guest isn't even ready.
So it's a matter of preparation for sure but it's also it's also a matter of differentiation.
Getting back to the guy that has a thousand shows he can't have that same topic on again again for the tenth time in five years he's been on unless you have some amazing things changes everything kind of solution for his audience.
Not really thinking about them and the value to them and so that the challenge then for me as in helping my clients to customize their message is all right.
It's all about the who that is you behind the what that you do and then that how you're special side.
So let's figure out what it is that we can present you as in a way that is really compelling so that you get a chance to tell your story.
Share with you what you're born to convey and then make a difference that you both you both seek to do. And the host.

[20:50] I. I like that because we all have a personality right.
Yeah and we all have a way to possess that information and present it in a way that is valuable to the audience even.
I mean you could talk about like you said anything and make it sound interesting if you know how to use the inflection in your voice and maybe you know some volume and then.

[21:17] Some pacing or something like that you know it's like I have not I'm far from perfect in any way shape or form and I just read.
I just realized that you know the best people I enjoy most just make it sound like a conversation.
It's very easy it's very simple it's very fluid and I just I just love having the conversation and that's my style that's what I enjoy.
You know other people like a different different style. So it's it's really everybody has their unique style that they need to go with and trying to fit guests into certain shows that don't fit.
I think it's another problem a lot of a lot of times I see this.
It's like the subject matter or the you know the topic or the subject you're just trying to get on shows just to get on shows that counts,
and it shows and then it goes Yeah Vicki said that cold calling can be effective when done right.
And I don't disagree with that. I don't disagree with that. And in my experience I have done a lot of both like.

[22:23] And it's just to me I've always been one that has always been more comfortable in the relationship building process.

[22:31] It's just it's just that's just my guess that's despite.

[22:35] So to get back to answering your question I'd like part to us is that when there's anybody can start a show now,
they can have the ability to speak doesn't necessarily mean you're a great interview or interviewer any more than being able to bounce the ball makes you ready for the L.A. Lakers.
Right. It really is about being able to cultivate a conversation ask questions listen to what's being said and what isn't being said as much.
It's just as important. No I did. I took a one way ticket to Alaska.
You know I ran away. Finally I've been back for 20 years. Couldn't wait. Pippi Longstocking you read that right.
And it's interesting to see the responses Russ. It tells me a lot about where the host is at the time because some of them will go oh Alaska.
God I've always wanted to go there. How was that.
Like you. It's everybody's dream. It was beautiful. And everyone will say really what prompted that trip.
Like what was behind selling everything you own and buying that one way ticket.
So you know the complexity of a conversation depends so much on the people involved.
And if my guess and my client is a guest and you have a host who isn't quite,
you know adapted hearing or then it's up to the guests to make that conversation roll and flow and steer it in a way that is useful for both of them without dominating the show.

[24:01] It's a tricky balance isn't it. Yeah you do it so well. So thank you for being a guest today. Thank you.
You've been fine. Thanks for having me. Yeah. And here's the here's here's one part of it. One piece of the puzzle that a lot of.
Podcasting guests you know it's like the setup you've got an interactive setup you know you your voice sounds your mike sounds good you know.
Think about your environment as well because a lot of times you you'll see you'll hear a podcast that we know trains or fans or you know dogs dogs barking and it's something that's challenging.
I mean things. Life happens you know we can't always choose the environment that we're in.
However you can attempt to control a few things if possible but just be aware of it.
That's that's what I'm you know. That's my point is.
So do you coach people on that type of tactics and efforts that they could take to improve the podcast.

[25:06] Absolutely I do. Absolutely. Not one of my clients is gonna be the one that's looking down down their nose at the camera.
How many people do that they hope that that's down here and it's like I really don't want to look up your nose but thank you.
You've got to be I right. Coming up in the week not all podcasts are video but in case it is you know your camera needs to be eye level. That's why you look not over here. We're not doing Papa John's commercials anymore.
So it's the kind of big right here guys. That's where the connection happened.
And I love that I'm amazed at how many hosts don't realize that it's Edina where the eye is for the camera.
Can you like not have it way down here. So there's some technical things as much as there are transformational things that are important to know when it comes to broadcasting a show of being on a show.

[25:55] And here's another tip folks if you haven't been on a podcast and you get invited to a podcast listen to us a few episodes before you start asking the host what their podcast is about.

[26:09] Oh God please. It just made sense.

[26:15] It's like you know it's like well.
What's what's the layout. Do I need to have questions do you ask the same questions.
I mean it's like just go listen to a few episodes you'll find out what the podcast is all about. Yeah.
I'm not one for a lot of editing so I choose to do live.
Yeah because it's like hey I'm going to put it out there. It's going live.
That's the way it is. That's why we're gonna roll with it. Yeah.
And for me that works. Not everybody is comfortable with that. They want to do the other takes several takes and edit it and spend a lot of time editing. It's like why.

[26:56] Why how we practice.

[26:59] Let's go we get better right. It's like okay let's just let's just keep practicing.
Life is about practice. Let's keep practicing it everyday when we get up. Right.

[27:08] Right. I'll tell you what one of the most important things that someone can do once they've been on a show and the whole should do this to go listen to the show you just did.
Yeah I had one client who said it wasn't until she actually heard herself on a show.
She was almost third party to her own story and she said I didn't realize how much value my story had.
I know you've been trying to tell me that for two years but I it wasn't until I actually heard it broadcast back to me and then I realized how many times I said you know you know I said Yeah I know I'm here to tell you.
You know just to be aware of how it is that you're coming across your translating because you know that nervousness can set in and people just start chattering and talking on top of each other.
And it just you can get distracted. I had people look at the camera rest and they're gone they're mentally gone. I don't know where they went to pick flowers but they're gone. They're in a field somewhere. It's like Go back go back please.
You know we can't air those shows if you're not here.

[28:09] Come on we have to be present to be present right. Yeah yeah yeah.
And your point is well taken because there've been some times where I think this goes back to your earlier point is.
Sometimes a guest will say something that is so profound and so important to dig into to the next level and someone is going to interview needs to listen to that.
They need to. It's like a great interviewer will pull on that thread and say Well tell me Tell me more about that.
What you know. Just like the. The response to the Laskar.
You went to Alaska and I know a little bit of the backstory so.

[28:57] However people that haven't listened to the backstory may not understand all of that backstory because I listen to somebody that is,
why I know a little bit more about you because I actually heard you talk about it.

[29:12] Yes.

[29:14] And I think it's also important for hosts to go out and listen to their stuff because asking better questions makes better outcomes.
Hundred percent. It really does.
So I'm still learning. So the reason I brought here is so I could get your coaching for.

[29:40] Okay. I'm okay with that. Let's just be transparent. You need it. You have a great approach your warmth is evident.

[29:47] The person who that is you shines up in your eyes and your smile. You're not a rock star level man. You just be at home.

[29:57] I applaud you for your generosity.

[30:02] I wanted to say that I must've taken my own workshop too. Thanks Russ and getting on podcasts just to spread joy.
I've been through so much turmoil and so much despair.
And to have been able to turn it around. I don't necessarily. I don't ever want to tell my own story again.
There are the hard parts. There is enough podcasts out there about that let's move forward.
What can we do now. How can we have more fun today than we ever thought possible.
Asking the question you want the answer to that you laid up in the work environment and light up your mom at home whatever it is.
If we're all enjoying ourselves just a wee bit more. Imagine the ripple effect that will have for keep at it like this is a big picture thing that I want to really generate. Light it up.
I know who that is you behind all that you do.
It can be lighter brighter and happier in a blink of an eye.
Everything can change and I want to share just a couple of those things as I go along.
Not right now but certainly when I'm on these shows because that matters.
You know that we have less road rage and we'll have happier people in office and that's just my.
I don't know maybe I'm just a hippie or a tree hugger. I don't care.
I think that there's right to be joyful.

[31:15] So what brings you joy.

[31:17] Helping other people to to act authentically express themselves. Is my jam.
I also like house music a lot.
You know I perform dub in Houston. Oh yeah.
Oh there you go. That's interesting.

[31:37] And I performed dub music in while I was in Houston. I got here a few years ago to care for my folks.
But I'm still into electronic music here.
So I'm thinking I used to have my console here but I don't anymore.
But but that's part of my jam.
That's what I do. It's like OK creative the creative process has so much power and authority in the world to generate happiness,
and art in conversations deep conversations that mean something,
you know and bringing joy to the world.
This is part of what I do.
You know one of my hash tags that I like to use is make it matter.
And you know out of the tragedy in like the flight of the Phoenix you know lead board into something new is is that that let's make it matter,
because when you make it matter it's important when it's important you can find joy.

[32:37] So I love that. I honestly believe that genuine fulfillment.
It's so ironic. It comes from giving away the very things we've struggled to own.
I like that that's where it's at. You know it's so hard to own everything and who we are.
And I consider that source and I don't mean that in a negative way like in certain songs.
I mean the source that makes our flowers bloom in our hearts beat we're all from that.
Like how how could you not just like really remember you've got a powerful source that gives you life and and utilize that and give away the things that you've been given and then you have more. It's a great cycle to be on.

[33:21] Well we're all connected. And that's that's what I was so amazed that all of the time is like this pirate broadcast,
is an example of the connected the connections that we have in the world and the ability to transfer ourselves to the other side of the world.
Have conversations with people that we could build relationships with understand what other people are doing and how they're doing it and why they're doing it.
You know what. What what are they doing to bring joy to the world. And you know in.
Just it just boggles my mind sometimes that I just filled with joy with like we could do this. Folks let's all connect.
It's brilliant it's brilliant.

[34:06] So I wonder is it really makes everything accessible. And that's again why I feel so strongly about the global microphone because we're broadcasting something and it can be it can be uplifting or maybe not.
And so I take it very seriously and really want my my message to be out there in a way that's uplifting.
Whether it's vibrational you're actually because it's informational and it helps to you know to touch somebody with a little tiny bit of gold does little sparkle where you go to friends.
But we have to have it to give it. So now that's part of the process of getting somebody to the stage to the microphone to life at the networking events where they can stand out with their brand out in a way that feels authentic to them,
and figure on your brilliance.

[34:53] Your brilliance. Yes and some that occasionally it takes,
an outside perspective or a coach to understand what that brilliance is and how they can how they can bring the best out so connect with Lonnie. I know we're busy.
We've gone over on the show Lonnie and I just. I'm okay with that because.
Well I'm a pirate so thank you so much for being here.
I applaud and I'm humbled by all of the things you're doing.
And thank you for doing good work out there proving every podcast one podcast or anything.

[35:28] Thank you so much for having me Ross. I did a special page for the show today so that people can download awkward moments on the air. What to do when you don't know what to say.
Thank you so much. So sorry Coach forward slash pirate so.

[35:43] I'll put it in the podcast of this podcast in this livestream and the transcript and I'll also include that into the notes the show notes.
Terrific. Now I'll be up later today.
So thank you so much everyone.
Thank you so much for being here. Carol Shelley Cheri Kanata Jennifer Lewis are caught I mean it just warms my edgy.
Thank you so much Vickie.
It's just amazing Jill. All of the individuals that are out there that are wondering about podcasting.
Considering podcasting or being asked to be a guest on a podcast connect with wanted work and they find you Loni that's it.

[36:36] You mentioned it up in the clouds now 20 20 storey couch com 20 20 story coach Doc come in and all.

[36:45] I'll allow that. That will be up there on the Russ Jones dot com slash pirate broadcast that'll be enough episode. There you go.
Take a look at now. I'll be sharing it on LinkedIn and other places around so long. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much for all the gratitude. The world would have the very best in 2020 all abundance you can and more than you deserve.

[37:08] I'll take it. All right. All right. Thank you my brother.
Thank you so much everyone kindness is school. Yes smiles are free and you enjoy the day by.

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