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[0:01] It's the pirate broadcast that is 2020 and we have Steve Sullivan and we're going to do something different.
First day of the year. That's right buddy.
Steve wanted to get on and interrogate me like a regular pirate.
We're going to have some fun today. We just wanted to welcome you to 20 20. It's a new year a new decade.
Some people technically say the new decade doesn't start till 2020.
I'm not going to get into the weird weeds of it but you know it's like for me today is a new decade.
This is 20 20. What about you Steve. Good morning. How are you doing.

[0:45] I'm doing great. So things get in the way of here. I'm taking over your show.
I'm commandeering your ship.
I'm making you walk the plank.
You don't give me the answers I like. I'm sending you to Davy Jones locker. All right. All right.
So let's stir up,
Russ. Tell me where did you get the idea to do the pirate broadcast.

[1:13] Well you know because I've been in because I have been in radio one of the one of the nuances of radio is that the pirate a pirate broadcast technically is,
a designation that the FCC,
provides to broadcasters that are not licensed.
So they didn't get permission. They didn't ask anybody. They just put up a transmitter and they started broadcasting.
And it's it's not legal and it's. However it has been effective for many people. In fact there's several famous ones that were offshore on ships Rodney international waters.
Yeah. And so actually Roger Wilkerson and I he goes why would you want. Why do you want to.
Why do you want to wait for permission for getting on linked in life.
So what I did was I created a livestream on YouTube.
I streamed live to YouTube. It made it look like I was on LinkedIn.
And then I sent it over to link it and uploaded it on the early shows and then magically I got permission to get on LinkedIn.

[2:31] Good. Good. That was one of my questions. Yeah I know you have to go through an application process.
And how long did it take you to get actual LinkedIn alive privileges.

[2:44] Well I I had applied I think twice before. Wow.
And so what I did was when they said hey we're reviewing your application I would just keep responding to the to the person and I would just keep responding just keeping the flame open.
So it took a little while it took a little effort. I'm not really sure why LinkedIn has such a.
Challenging process to go through because I mean the live streaming has been around for a while.

[3:20] I was live streaming back in 2014.
You know I'm doing some work on live streaming back then.
It's like the technology's been around. It's just the implementation of me on sites like LinkedIn. It's taken a while. It's kind of crazy.

[3:42] I may I put my application. Probably about six weeks ago but I anticipate it to be a very long process.
I've heard from people who've said that you know they really had to give other people but had to go to a platform with linked in to get access so that you did you have anybody who stepped up and said hey let Roseanne.

[4:06] Well yes.

[4:09] Gage and Dan from from stream yard which is what we're on right now on the platform that we're on right now.

[4:19] I don't know if they had anything to do with that I mentioned it to them. I said hey if you can throw out a name appreciate it then also Roger Wilkerson because Dano not was,
Julius Smith and,
Patrick Ward didn't have it. So we started to post to say hey there's a conspiracy these people don't have it. Why.
Well so Patrick and I both have it and,
Julian is still waiting for it. So I see no conspiracy.
Canadians have life yet.

[5:02] Yeah it's a very niche pirate groups that have access to such power.

[5:11] Well yeah I it's I mean it's really one of those things that.
I'd still be doing I'd still be there. I'm streaming live streaming live right now to Facebook and towards streaming life to YouTube right now as well so it's not as if Lincoln is the only game in town.
However it is a place that I enjoy building a community around.
I have I have a large community here as you know.
I like to engage. I don't get to engage as much as I would like to engage our users that work.
Then it gets in the way like you know we all have things to do in our world.
However it's it's really it's really been enjoyable for me to do the pirate broadcasts that highlight others along their journey.
What they're doing and kind just find out what people are doing because I'm always fascinated by what people are doing and how they're doing it and why they're doing it.
How they got to this place you know that's that's kind of one of the curiosities that I've always had.

[6:14] So that's part of the equation. When you're doing life like on Facebook or whatever were you doing basically the same thing interviewing people and finding out about what they do and. How to help them.

[6:30] Well it's one stream because it starts in stream yard and simultaneously streams to those other platforms.

[6:38] So the show is the same. If you're watching it on Facebook or if you're watching it on YouTube or you're watching it on LinkedIn it got you. But I think my question is.

[6:49] Refers to before you got linked in life. Oh were you basically utilizing the same format.
Of interviewing people talking about the topics or did you change that. I changed that.

[7:03] I used to stream. I used to do two minute tips.
I did two minute tips for a long time beforehand and I was just uploading them to I was just uploaded into at that so that streaming like I am now.

[7:20] So. So what pushed you to go from that very short broadcast to a much more longer pirate podcast.

[7:30] My desire and curiosity to find out what people are doing because I think there is a real value I think that I think in 20 20 the next decade we're going to see a lot more community building a lot less.

[7:48] Broadcasting and getting huge numbers I mean because,
I mean managing a community of thousands let alone hundreds of thousands is is challenging and just at some point in time you just have to start putting up content and being consistent with it.
And I thought about well what is what is it that would be interesting engaging and also.

[8:17] An opportunity to highlight other people because you know it's about the community more than it is about me.
It's about how can I serve the community with you know some knowledge transfer some information that's always engaging and if I have a different guest every morning.

[8:36] That's you know it's a new piece of information right. Yes it is.
And I figured OK if I do another know a couple of hundred episodes this year that's just that's just practice I'm just going to prank continue to practice for.
This like radio you know I used to have a radio show when I was in Houston I was on the radio and I had a show and then just like a musician you know you get up.
I used to play seven nights a week. So doing that.
And once you start you get involved and engaged in the conversation.
And it's it's the same kind of it's the same kind of feeling as the same kind of emotion.
For me it's like OK it starts my day off and it engages people on the Internet and it engages people in the community and sometimes I find new people that I like to engage with they reach out and,
and then people start asking me questions that lead into building a business like all of my business right now is based on my relationships,
everything that I have goes back to the relationship I had. So for myself.

[9:48] That is the easiest way to produce results is go out there.
Great content people to see you know they want to work with me.
I'd love to work with you if and then. Right now I have the luxury of saying Okay well that's that project's probably not in my wheelhouse it's probably not the best use.
However I know somebody that can help you with this is you know you build a community you build a network and then you become a resource.
So that's the other piece of it. So I can.

[10:19] Help others bring value and things seem to go much easier.

[10:26] And that's definitely the way to go.
You have your crew and my crew correct or ship or they walk the plank with you.

[10:35] So now I can have the pirates elected. Now I'm getting ready to watch.

[10:39] I'm watching a private Facebook page for I called it.

[10:46] Well I do have the Russ Johns alumni Now what that what that is is because I have a lot of people that are not pirates.
However I've been there either in mastermind groups or the people that I've already trained or coached or mentored on other projects.
And what I want to create is a small smaller community that we can go in.
We can ask questions safely without being criticized or judged or measured.
And we can actually engage with each other discover what's going on with other people's business and help each other out you know contribute to the,
to the common goal of you know building our business and building our trust and building our relationships because I think ultimately because it's,
proven time and time again and you know it's like I would love to just you know spend some money on Facebook ads and just have everything magically appear.
But that's not the way it's worked for me in my experience.

[11:51] So definitely I hear you. Because there is a great post I think I would suggest today telling the story of a farmer who that champion corn that he produced.
Yeah I saw that post and I thought that is an awesome example of what we can do for each other.
For those that didn't hear the story he would win the competition for the best corn year after year and.
He would freely give away his corn to his neighbors.
And so a reporter asked him why are you giving away your championship corn.
Aren't you afraid they're going to come and you know win the competition take it away from you and he said what you have to realize with corn is that cross pollinate.
So if my neighbors have inferior corn my corn goes down but if my neighbors have corn as good as mine mine goes up.
And so that's an excellent example of life and how we can help one another.

[12:55] Well when you circle yourself with people that are in this similar mindset and they want to see you succeed and you can help them succeed then,
we we all win see we all win.
And and there's a there's a there's a lesson in there because it's like I had a board of directors right.
And some of those people don't know that they're on my board of directors.

[13:27] However I'm sure your wife does.

[13:31] Well I'm not married so. And so I do have friends that I do.
You know I do counsel with and I ask them questions and a lot of times we're in our minds so much and we're so deep into our own thoughts that we,
that there are occasions where we don't see around the corner we don't see what others see in us.
You know the the mastery and the communication and all of the skills that you have,
may not be seen by yourself when you look at yourself you know like this self intimidation is a Imposter Syndrome whatever you want to label it. The reality is.

[14:13] Everybody that sees you. Sees you in a little different light heading on their experience with you.

[14:19] And the closer you get to who you are. And you know and you. And you're the same everywhere.
That allows people to start seeing the true you.
And when that happens you know it's. It removes the resistance from what you're doing.
And then you just do what you want to do. You go in the direction that you want to go.
And then there's there's no resistance. There's no airs of being anything other than who you are.
And life is I mean life is so much easier.
It took me years to learn that because you know I was always trying to be a people pleaser and I was always you know I still have tendencies that way and I like helping people I.
I thrive in providing answers and I love studying and research and development.
If you have a tech questions I usually have a thought or you know some idea about where you or you need to go with it.
And I like answering those questions and it's something that I've been that way all my life.
So I didn't want to I just want to shout out a couple of Gerard thank you.
He says this is great guys. Our car is here Carol camp.
Carol thank you so much for being here. Look how you looked the script today.

[15:45] Was flipping the script Michael Jaclyn and Michael again different Michael.

[15:54] So I just really appreciate all the gratitude in the world. And Steve is we're starting the year off.
Steve is already a pirate's voice first mate now and he's interrogating me and and we're we're getting the answers about why I'm doing this and what it is that drives me to help others.
And by the way Steve I've booked all the way through January already.

[16:19] I know you've had a lot of success with your program. And are those booking.
It's a variety of people Linked In Facebook or they primarily LinkedIn contacts contact what.
Well right now at this point the pirates have linked it so well,
yeah a that with a lot of podcast people because,
the community within LinkedIn is so conducive to building those relationships virtually you know as you were mentioning you know people see you as you are.
And then when they meet you it's like wow I've known you all you know all my life. You know you're you're the same person. Yeah.
And so it's a great platform to achieve that.

[17:06] So like this week I've I've been on three different podcast interviews.
So when you start putting yourself out there with information that's consistent and it's in the same lane,
people people show up in your world and they start seeing you as a certain a certain way I guess is the best way to describe it.
And so you have to you know. This to me brings me joy.
This show brings me joy and that's the labor love buddy you know.
Well and then also it's bringing up conversations that will in fact lead business. I don't know.
I'm pretty busy right now. And I have,
an idea about doing this kind of thing for other people and in fact I'm going to ask the audience you know if if you had to learn one thing that I can teach you what would it be.
You know what. What would that thing be would be lead generation would it be now would be content creation.
You know all these things that I do I want to narrow my focus this year.
That's my goal is to narrow my focus on what I do and what I deliver this year. So.

[18:27] Well and you might choose to go through periods of talking about different topics along the same line because I know as an entrepreneur if I were to answer that question for you it would be probably a long lead generation.
Well as you know my career coming out of corporate was not about generating leads building relationships with people.
I love that. But taking those relationships potentially to the next level of,
them becoming a client in the lead generation that's that's an area that I am still waiting through to figure out.

[19:07] Yeah.

[19:09] Well and so lead generation would be one area that all businesses are. It's pretty universal and.
I think I think you're on the right track with relationships especially with what you're doing.
Steve I think it's really important for people to understand who they are what their skills are and how they think about how they think about themselves in the world.
And I think we need to be a little more kind and compassionate towards ourselves a little bit you know.
And you know as a result of my last decade in life you know having having lost my son to suicide and some challenges with that and you know things like that.
It's really important for me to understand.
How can I add value. Because I want to make it matter.
You know it's it's like really important to me to get back to the community and understand what I can do to help other people in the best possible way.
And it's really important for me to to you know connect with and stay connected to people like yourself you know and I think you're OK.
If I could Brooke build a community of pirates.

[20:32] I think. Think about this though Steve. I mean if if if I called you a month from now on it and I sent you a message I said Can you get on the zoom section and talk to me for a minute.
The likelihood that you would increase is right. What if you're a pirate. I mean that is increasing. So I just think that this is this does a couple of things. It adds value.
It opens up the dialogue between you and I. It increases it improves our relationship. And then if I can if I can illustrate that I can help you in some way.
And then you know six months from now or a year now or whenever it happens to be if you say and I need what Russ has then you're going to come to me and say Hey Russ can you help me. Right.

[21:24] That would take me a little longer to grow that white beard to have.
But I do like the bald head I think about this tree.

[21:33] This is much easier to hang out with.

[21:38] Yeah.

[21:39] You talked a little bit about wanting to it may be focused on a direction in the coming year.
Do you have any other goals in 2020 for the pirate podcast.

[21:51] Yeah I I. My goal is to continue to broadcast five days a week with different people.
You know you've been on before. Yes I.
You know in the early days when I'm just getting go on and some of the systems I had in place were in place. The thing about this.
I mean right now at this point in time when I broadcast the show in the morning at 7 a.m.
And this was this was strategically on my part.
So I have an AD. My sister she works for me. OK.
So this show comes off when we're finished.

[22:33] She starts she starts processing this show,
it gets trust the audio gets processed a transcription gets created and it goes to out to podcasting so Apple Spotify,
iTunes you know whatever platform podcasting platform is available it goes out to that platform.
And if I'm not on your platform let me know and I will make sure that I get you on I get on that platform.
And then the transcription is there it's machine generated. So it's not perfect.
I'm going to work on that also.
So that is posted. It's a blog post it becomes a blog post which then allows me to be present on my own Web site.
So if you go to Russ John's Russ John's dot com slash pirate broadcast you can see all the episodes of the people that I've been collecting you know what would be great risk is if you put together and maybe you have already,
linked in article.

[23:44] Listing these things and links to some of this stuff so that others who are interested in saying hey this is a great system how can I duplicate it.
They can use your roadmap and achieve success also.

[24:00] I'll put that together but then I could go on that's why I got to you too.
Yes it's on YouTube it's on to two streams and Facebook.
It's on LinkedIn and I've applied now to get it on the Russ John's business page.

[24:16] OK. So I know you have to do applications for business pages for yourself.

[24:21] Yeah yeah. So it's just an effort by everyone. So chips are order you go.
But I mean the reality is is that I love.

[24:32] I've been creating content for years I mean creating content my whole life actually it really boils down to it.
And I love the creative process because I'm that's just my mindset.

[24:43] Implementing that.

[24:45] Also implemented that I looked at my statistics. Steve in.
I think I was averaging I don't know three hundred views a day on Earth. Three hundred Deuce.
Or Conti per piece of content per day across the board in the last quarter.

[25:06] At least that doesn't make dinners that linked them fast just like that. So.

[25:12] But it's not about the numbers as much as about the the value that we bring to the table.
I think it's really important that we understand what what do we produce in terms of intrinsic value. Yes.

[25:27] And what can we put out to the world that makes people smile,
and gets people to engage. I mean if you look at some of my posts for us you see a lot of high numbers.
You know maybe a few thousand this or that once in a while.
But the thing I'm always excited about is the number of comments that I get and the people that come on to engage with the content or at least support my content by making comments.
That's incredibly valuable much more so than likes or views.

[26:04] Well your Saturday stories are priceless too.
Thank you. They come from the heart and you know it's it's one of those things that you know.
Storytelling is such a fundamental thread of our lives that it just really it draws us in it.
It allows us to imagine that situation in our lives and we can visualize that thing.
So storytelling is such a key element in what we're doing. And I would.
For my myself looking outside it for you.
That's one thing that I would probably consider leveraging a little bit more you know like you could publish that medium you could publish that in other areas and then you could you know produce results on that,
and then allow yourself the opportunity to bring those stories back to the fact that.

[27:04] Not necessarily in a.

[27:08] Strategic move but gently allowing yourself to the opportunity to say hey if you want to learn more about how this you know you know going back to the map culture is where I think it,
is you know because that's an important piece of the equation.

[27:24] And you we had Christine cherry on here and tip to Kirsten Sherry in what she's done she's done some of work there sharing a lot of people are hurting right now because they don't have a direction they don't have an understanding where they need to go.
So you know you Mac is a place to start.
It's a place that they can actually gather information and understand whether what their strengths are and what they need to think about what they consider.

[27:52] I mean that's that's an excellent perspective in the sense of people are often looking outside themselves for answers or where you map helps them recognize the answers that are within them,
in their own self their uniqueness and if they could understand that about themselves their strengths their values or skills their personality they will position them to be more effective in whatever career choices they make.
And in the relationships that they built because this will help you understand,
why you have this tension with this other person it's likely because they have a different strength than what you have trying to get them to go the way you want to go in there.
I want to go a different way because Bush strength so there's a lot of good answers inside if we know how to bring those out.
And Kristen Cherry's NEW MAP process definitely enables people to do that.
Well I think more than that I think people I think once you have some nodes.

[28:59] An understanding of who you are you know whatever journey you take to discover who you are is like when you can be entirely comfortable with who you are and what the value is that you place the table and you understand that OK,
there's no one else like me and everybody will see me differently because they're the they're their own unique individual.

[29:22] That really. That's so liberating because it's like I don't have to I don't have to be anyone else but me to anyone else out there that's you know and sometimes just like coaching,
you know and I was talking to.
I was I was talking to Joshua earlier on coaching. I think it was on Monday and.

[29:47] And we were talking about this concept of.

[29:51] Even the highest performers have blind spots.
Yes. And they can't see around the corners because they haven't had the experience yet.
And so professionals and people that are in business and people that are working to achieve a higher level results.
They only you only. Everyone needs coaching. That's why I have the you know the board of directors so to speak.
I think Chris Chris was saying his father was a board of directors and loves the idea.
So I think there's really an opportunity here for for many of us to think differently about how we're showing up.
What about and I think that if you know if you're comfortable and you find your skill and you find your value and you can put it out there it is.
I mean I'm still working on it. So I don't have all the facts.

[30:46] I'm not you know I'm far from I'm far from my you know this illuminated being here.
Tell me about it. This pirate is,
always trying to figure out on my sword today or a pistol. Her neither windshield or am I the bug.
Because you know especially more experienced people have a lot of talents and they go a lot of different directions.
They could help people a lot of different ways.
And sometimes figuring it out this morning well you guys. Yeah.
Gerri good to have you on the program here. Happy New Year.

[31:28] Love to have you here. Thank you. But again just being able to.

[31:37] Help people in any way you possibly can. It's a blessing. Yeah.

[31:44] Somewhere along the way maybe you'll find a nice little course that will get paid for it.

[31:49] Yeah well you know your payment could be in a lot of different ways.
A lot of people seek value in no way. We all have to turn the lights on.
We'll have to exchange value for some revenue somehow and in doing it in a way that is authentic and I think authentic we're gonna see authentic move out of the,
dictionary here in 2020. I mean I think it's been over used a little bit.
However you'll get real with ourselves you know understand what are our true strengths are and what we're doing.
Because you know you like myself I've been in corporate backgrounds you know in our our entire lives.
And I think I'm you know we're,
very basically the same that age and you know when we were growing up it was like we were taught that you had to do things in a certain way and you know your path was A to B to C to D.
And there are certain things that took place and you know you you do this and you do that and then the outcome will be you know then you can retire.
It's like it's like yeah let that happen to me. It's like that's not that's not really what.
Not everybody's path is going to be the same. Not everybody's path is going to be.

[33:12] Necessary. You know we're all not we're not widgets in a machine,
although some people would like to think that we are in being asked our individual selves and being an individual,
and understanding what you are as an individual and what strengths and skills and benefits you bring to the world.
It's like what do I want to do. Because I create you know like yourself you might have a different skill that you know you can actually write or you can organize or you know,
build teams of people you know there's lots of different skills that everybody has.
And sometimes they overlap and sometimes they complement and sometimes they conflict with each other.
So it's not it's not one thing and it's just you know we're all bumping around this world together trying to figure it out.
So if somebody has a if somebody looks like they have their act together they just have their act together today.

[34:14] That's very true. But going back to the map process I have seen how people come to understand their strengths the ability then to see where they need other people to help them,
and how they help one another might complement each other.
A good example of this is Lyla Smith. She and I have become good friends and.
She has her say things better mastermind that I help facilitate this last one but it was evident to her and to me that our strengths which are different really complemented each other.
And that's the kind of relationships you want to build with people. Absolutely.

[34:59] And within teams to find people that,
are excited about your success yes find people and surround yourself with people that you can help you can provide value to that are,
not necessarily you know financially invested but mentally invested in your success.
They can complement. They can recommend.

[35:26] They can see things that you can't see it doesn't have to be a financial transaction.
You know friends or friends I mean have some friends you know like I said this other human to the other day and become I want to be my friend.

[35:40] You know it's it's not like going to Wal-Mart picking a friend to go through the process. Right.

[35:48] I thought was to tell them to a pistol and say you're my friend now.

[35:58] Seriously it's just it's just encouraging to see.

[36:03] The way in here I started in advertising.
Eighty five you know I fell three stories to get an advertising that's what I tell people.
Actually I was on a billboard you know.
And so I grew up in commercial construction.
I mean I remember my dad pulling me out on Saturdays when I was really young.
The first dollar I made was I think I was five.
I was shorter than a broom. I know that.
And the owner of the project came up and paid me for sweeping. I think you thought I was cute or something you say.
And so the reality is is that we go through all of these experiences in our lives.
And what what brings our value is our perspective and our understanding.
And so when you actually have an opportunity to connect with individuals and have some shared experiences and have a conversation about that you know like we can talk probably in the health care industry you know,
because I've been in health care I was you know I've seen I've seen the,
like I said go back to the advertising analogy I've seen the progress and right now in this point in the world even though we've not met in person.

[37:27] I know that if we happen to be standing in line at a restaurant someplace or waiting for a show we would recognize each other and we would automatically have a conversation right.
It definitely is. So it's it's like OK if I were in your neighborhood I could call up and say Steve I'll go grab coffee.
The answer would probably be yes unless you had a conflict where you were born without a talent.

[37:51] No definitely because I'll give you the example of police on you Davey and I live I think about three miles apart here in the Chicagoland area.
And we're now workout accountability people. Yeah.
You know again that friendship has grown through LinkedIn.

[38:12] Yeah. That's great. I knew you you were posting the links to some of the people you met over the years.
That's amazing. That is amazing. That's truly amazing. So this is the thing that's amazing to me.
I mean this is just my observation is that because I've been in Texas ninety two I guess so.
So looking at the transfer of information and what we can do around the world now geography is no longer the limiting factor to do it to developing relationships.

[38:49] And I've.

[38:51] Created and experienced some amazing relationships as a direct result of being humbling thing and just having conversations.

[39:00] And it's just it's just mind blowing when you think about that.
Compared to you know a hundred years ago.

[39:10] Definitely. I mean in the last year I I learned about WhatsApp you know pretty that I now have regular conversations with people in Europe Australia India.
And it's awesome to have those friendships in some sense.
Want to go visit them. It's like Oh we had the money ever comes.
I want to go travel and see these people more so than seeing you know the Taj Mahal or some kind of cultural thing.

[39:40] I want to go see my friends. Exactly.

[39:43] I'm gonna go see my friends. Well Steve I know it's it's 20 20 now.

[39:51] Come to the realization that we have a lot of work and effort ahead of us.

[39:55] We have a lot of opportunity ahead of us and a lot of relationships to go out and build.
So I guess my question to you is is what are your plans and what are your strategies this year to expand and enlarge your network in your your opportunities in your world.

[40:15] That's a great question because I've been thinking about in terms of goals for 2020.
And you know one of the things I enjoyed doing was having a phone calls some calls with people.
Well you know I always look at Brian Shulman and his list that he puts up weekly that he talks to and I'm always admiring him thinking wow I'd love to have you know communications with people that often,
and I've been fortunate to probably have talked to maybe upwards to 50 different people in this last year.
So I definitely want to.

[40:55] Make note of that and try and talk to 50 new people.
I still talk to little people like you but you know there's always.
Somebody else to discover on LinkedIn. Yeah you know that's incredible. That has the story. I love hearing people's stories.
Just this week I got to talk with two new people hear their stories. It was awesome.

[41:24] It's amazing how much you know when you start engaging with people and you show up on their feet and you know all of a sudden your name becomes a little more familiar.
It's so easy to approach humans and say Hey I'd love to jump on a zoom session to find out a little bit more about you and have conversation.
And you know getting on a few podcasts is not a bad strategy. You know it's like OK I.
You know I'm willing to I'm willing to speak to anyone who.

[41:54] Spends time with me. So.

[41:56] Now I'm with you in that as well. So that's definitely one of my goals.
From a business standpoint one of the things I realized and a difference from transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship in the corporate world.
You always had deadlines even if you were part of that decision making process of what that deadline is going to be.
Yeah you get an entrepreneur area.
I've noticed I switched the task list. So I've got all these things I want to do.
But because I haven't really set deadlines or goals to say I'm going to get this done this week now,
I'm not driving myself forward to be as productive as I could be or were was in the corporate world where the deadlines were there so that I know I need to grow and learning how to set those constructive,
specific goals.
Now you can have general goals like I want to get healthier I want to eat better which is what I had last year. But ultimately.
That's something you could do for a pretty broad subject if you could do it forever.
But getting more specific in your goal setting is the key to knowing a target and working towards that target.

[43:23] Yeah. And one thing that I know that a couple of friends of mine might room and has is he has he has like five goals for the week.
You know measurable goals. Even then he has accountability coaches. Know he has people that help now.
And also he has different goals for different things. You know whether whatever happens be in areas of life.
And so it's really easy. And I think for especially for business owners or freelancers or solar producers they really have to think about the bigger outcome.
What what's your intention and then work backwards with milestones and then the milestones drive the tasks.
You know it's it's like project management one to one day have some milestones that will move the needle and then then when you're looking at the activity you're spending time on this like okay is this moving the needle is this.
Is this a task that is helping fulfill this milestone and is this milestone working toward my intention.
And I think just thinking in that framework helps clear a lot of clutter out of what your activities are doing.
It does and to you or for you.

[44:45] But even let's go back to those general goals of fitness or eating better.
If people start the new year with those type of goals what they should do is maybe.
Add to that goal find an accountability structure or person that should be the goal.
Because if you can connect with somebody who wants to be physically fit like you that wants to run a marathon like you or whatever it might be they're gonna help you towards that goal.
Then if you said it yourself like oh I'm going to do this.

[45:22] And then you realize I think there's a huge argument also for masterminds.
You can actually create a mastermind and much like the board of directors you know somebody that can actually steer you in the right direction.
That's had experience and something that you're looking to accomplish some direction you're working towards and then have some set some examples.

[45:45] Know I think it's really important for us to do this. And so if you could do that it's it's pretty awesome. It's pretty awesome.

[45:53] Yes definitely.

[45:55] Well Steve we've gone way over time. I know the regular the regular things and I know you probably have some family time and you know I know you have pets and family so it's like they were around.
Yeah but so. So I want to I want to thank you all the gratitude in the world for everybody joining in. Jennifer.

[46:17] Rowena Angie thank you so much. Have an amazing year. Gerard.
Aka. Thank you so much. DAVID RILEY Thanks so much for being here.
He's scheduled to be on the on the show.

[46:33] Gerard is scheduled the other show.

[46:38] Michael thank you so much.

[46:42] I really appreciate that. Lots of comments lots of conversation.
If you listen to this on the replay just type in replay and you know I'll come back to this and I'll continue to come back to this and get a hold of Steve.
Steve has been a huge part of the Blue Angel crew here. So Jill Sullivan and other people over at the Blue Angels.
I love you guys. And I want to see all of you succeed in the best possible ways in 2020.
And I look forward to future episodes. Got another episode tomorrow Friday and then for next week I mean I'm going to be doing episodes all year long.

[47:30] Yeah definitely. And if you ever need somebody to spell you or back you up. I'm here for you buddy.

[47:38] Thank you so much Steve. I really appreciate that.

[47:40] All right. So let's close out the session since this is my session.

[47:46] Kindness is cool and smiles are furry and you enjoy the day and you joined the.

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