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[0:01] So somehow we are live on pirate broadcasts that I'm.
I cannot believe it's November and we have the most amazing people on the pirate broadcast. And today is no different.

[0:15] We got Matt Crump the bearded brother in the room and that guy over there and we got that beard right there.

[0:23] I think it's hard to get. Oh you don't know I can do now is the other hand and I'm right handed.

[0:31] I always do it the wrong way. Oh me too. I just realized if I use my left hand I can always point to the person on it or use your thumb. That's one way to do that.

[0:41] Fantastic fantastic. So Matt. Good morning. How are you. This November 1st.

[0:47] We're talking about how time flies. Yeah like like eggs flying.

[0:53] Pigs fly in me pigs fly and it's yeah it's insane.
And I just I just want to thank you so much and all the gratitude in the world for you being here and and you know it's we've been back and forth kind of in and out in,
this Lincoln world is crazy the online space is amazing and we live in a time that I think is.

[1:15] Don't say amazing.

[1:16] This was amazing. It's more than amazing.

[1:19] It is. It's a name. No it's crazy. I think it's crazy.

[1:24] It is because we can broadcast anytime we want. We don't need permission. You already have permission. I give you permission to broadcast any time you want.

[1:31] It's a great right. Create a podcast create a video chat session anything.
I used to have an FCC regulation card back in the day when I was a broadcaster.
Oh and I had to carry was FCC regulated on radio stations.
So nowadays you don't even have to have it you just go worldwide boom. Here we are.

[1:48] Yeah I know. It is an event worth having.

[1:54] Yes no.

[1:56] So how long have you been online and doing your shows and your your activities online.
I mean are you a longtime online person.

[2:05] Yeah I'm a longtime online person. I've had multiple different shows and platforms over the years. Some are ones that people are more familiar with now on LinkedIn.
Hope revealed and things of that nature. But yeah I've been doing it for a long long while.
I reckon ever since Internet really first came out I've been doing something.
Yeah I've had my I my prodigy account and then I went to AOL dial up you know and that was a lot of people don't know what a modem sounds like.

[2:39] Yeah. A solid job may not take it back then still yeah.

[2:44] Some folks actually still use that they still work but I don't know how they would.
But back in the day I did that and you know I would send out E.P. K's electronic press kits back on Egypt.
I had a recording contract to sing and do all that stuff. So yeah it's been it's been a while here on the old Internet. Back in the 90s is when I started okay.

[3:05] Yeah I was. I was a musician before the Internet so all of the shenanigans I got through.

[3:13] They're not high. You get it. That's enough man when you have to send your packet out in a in a in a letter and stuff and send their snail mail. Hope that you get a gig. No doubt.

[3:23] I remember knocking on doors knocking on doors making phone calls.
So fast forward. We're here we are in a short while. It's going to be 20 20.
You've had a journey. We've had amazing lives an incredible lives in terms of just our depth of experience in you know kind of the the path and the journey that we've taken.
So right now you know one of the things that I want to do with pirate broadcast is bring interesting people on board and talk about what is going on right now in linked in how it's impacting your business your life,
your sanity and all of the connections because here's what I've discovered along my journey is the connections are I always come back to the connections and the relationships I have.
Is that is that similar experience for yourself.

[4:14] Oh it's not well for me. Yeah I'm relational as it is and that's that's all the reason I'm out there. There's a lot of people that are superficial.
I try not to be. I hope I'm not. But I have no other reason to exist out there.

[4:27] But but for relationship I love I love and I love the fact that we were able to connect here on an on a show and there's other shows that are in the future that will probably be happening soon.

[4:41] So we'll see. We'll see how that goes. However however. So tell me what I mean.

[4:50] You focus on your faith. Yeah there's no there's no question about that. And you know.

[4:57] We have experiences in what brought you to where you are today.
I mean what's what's the epiphany the change because I know your early years were a little rougher than they are now and maybe they are you know you got some of your own challenges now and sorry you were going on so well.

[5:16] You were in the man in the head of Matt haha. You don't want to know that.
Bring a lot of stuff that would be an hour and a half show at the long show.

[5:26] I think that a lot of transitions have happened in my life.
Starting at 13 years old going up to my room and feeling frustrated with life and the world and,
13 year old kid going upstairs and I decided that it was I was done and grabbed a plastic bag and some tape and put it on my head and wrap the tape around my head and I was going to kill myself.
I got to the point where I spot the blackout and I got scared to death and it hurt and I ripped the bag off my head and I really took and I remembered that just that deep breath that I took in it,
that meant a lot to me and I just didn't think I had what it took to take my own life thankfully and I was able to move on to something things so lots of issues got into drugs and alcohol eventually ran away from home by joining the military.
I went to went to the desert and got station with the guy out there for about a week in the in the desert by ourselves guard the tanks and all what.
I was a party animal drug addict alcoholic in the unit and he was the Christian.
I was stuck alone with him for a week alone with the Christian in the desert.

[6:34] It was something if one day it was but I I didn't then I mean it's not the statement that covers everything.

[6:41] I have a problem with some as it was good. I did not give my life to Christ while I was out there but there was are a lot of a lot of transition that really occurred and it wasn't that much longer afterwards than I did. And that changed my life forever.

[6:52] But several military got out right after the war got out 92 and got into college wanting to go back in the military as a chaplain.
Got my endive and theology and biblical counseling and then stayed as a pastor and never got back in the military. I owned a few businesses.
I've had some entrepreneurship stuff and had a few hundred employees and I was passing for over 30 years and then 2015.
Well actually 2011 I end up getting cancer Stage Two melanoma at the all clear.
About a year later 2015 comes forward and I started coughing up blood on stage.
Didn't realize what was happening. Thought I had bronchitis from stage four,
started in my adrenal gland a tumor there by my kidney by the muscle wall my kidney area in my leg and then traveled to my lung and within a matter of a couple of months from there after treatments I think like six months.
I ended up being medevacs to Duke where I go from my cancer treatments and I had a bleeding brain tumor and had to have brain surgery and had a brain tumor removed which was the most horrific,
surgery I've ever had in my life.
The recovery was the worst I.
Was really aware at that point in my life what it feels like to want to kill yourself.
Yeah and close I've ever been before more than that bag over my head. I was right to put a gun to it.

[8:22] Was it the pain or just the intensity of everything around you and everything all of it.

[8:26] It was the pain. It was the drugs that I was on from the surgery that was messing with me.
I mean I would be a basket case depressed all the time I'd be crying all the time but I couldn't stop it.
I was on the inside I was thinking what are you doing Matt.
Why is this happening. And I couldn't pull it and think if it wasn't for my faith first of all and secondly if it wasn't for my children my kids.
We waited a long time to have kids. So I've been married over 30 years. We have a 15 year old and twelve year old.

[9:00] I just kept thinking about them and walking my daughter down the aisle as a bride and you know all the years of everything Dad's always talked about and how he's always promoted other things and helped people to get over stuff and I'm going to kill myself.
That wouldn't be a great legacy right.
You know I didn't kill myself obviously here I am. Yeah.
So they gave me eight months to live. And during that period of time is when I really had a chance to confront myself with.
Have I checked the box on my life and I've done a lot of stuff.
Yeah I've been around the world and I felt like the answer was still no.
Yeah about a week or so after that thought process in my brain.
I was offered a book deal for my my book in my life which is called God's got this.
And that's when I resigned from everything. There's a book Jim Collins wrote called good great and it really spoke to my heart about that I could be a good leader a good pastor a good father good husband good singer songwriter artist director.
I mean all these sort of things I'd be great at nothing.
So I resigned from everything. I resigned even as a pastor resigned as everything and came home to write my book.
And in that process at times where I've gotten into,
really redeveloping myself as a coach and consultant and keynote speeches and linked in content greater now all that kind of stuff. So that's kind of where I'm at.

[10:23] Well I think I hear you say that until your story and thank you for sharing that I really.
It really touches me because there's a lot of things that I can relate to and you know that resonate with me as is my journey. And that's for another day.

[10:42] However one of the things that really the thread that really speaks to me is the idea that when you have when you have nothing to lose you have everything to gain.

[10:57] Absolutely. And when you give it away and you share that and you share that message and you give yourself,
you know you're giving of yourself you're giving your mindset your emotional your faith everything about it and you you have to put it out there with no reservations no no mask nothing else.
And you are who you are and you can assist and help others see that they can they can improve their lives. They can have a different place.
And I think that's one of the things that people really connect with you on is the fact that you can actually you know they can see hope.
You know you exude that benefit of hope and you know I can see a different outcome.
I see a different outcome in my life because you know match doing this and I could actually imagine a different a different outcome.
So yeah it's it's one of those things that you have you kind of had to go through the depths of despair and the uncontrollable emotions of loss and you know where am I.
Where am I in the universe and where am I going and what am I doing.
And so you have to really investigate what's what's next. You know what can I do.

[12:12] And the answer that always came to me was I'm going to help others.

[12:20] I'm going to help do something positive in the world because it's really difficult to be down and out when you're helping somebody out.

[12:29] It just comes down to this two things for me is like when they told me I had eight months to live a lot of times people say you know they hear something like that.
Oh did you hear about Maddie's dying of cancer right. It's always a dinosaur.
I choose to say none. Instead of saying I'm going to die of cancer I live life.
There's just one way or the other. You either aren't are going to die of cancer or you're either going to live life now that cancer might not necessarily be physical cancer or my body.
Yeah that mental cancer that affects my entire being that ends up killing me faster than the cancer did.
Yeah. No you know I have to make a choice and I had to make that choice.
RUSS Every day Every day I can't just say now and then I just zoom zoom along because every day I wake up it's a different day.
And I have a choice to live. And I I did that this morning before the show making a choice.

[13:22] Yeah every day's a choice. Right.

[13:24] And I wake up and the first thing I do is you know I wake up with gratitude and I just I have to take a moment and think.

[13:41] Everyone.

[13:42] God The Universe faith everything around me.
Thank you for everything that I have everything all the blessings that I have all the interest in my life that I have and all the people that I can help.
And I think I think there are so many people that are so unfortunate.
You know it's like the weather where they call it the DNA lottery you know.
And there's a lot of people that are and in unfortunate circumstances that you know we can help share and this is what we started the show with.
It's like sharing your gifts with the world right now.
Is unselfish it's available to anyone.
You know we're recording this. It'll be down in history for somebody else because I know for a fact there is a message in what you're doing.
You know the broadcasts that you put out the information you put out the songs you write everything else it's going to touch somebody in a way that's going to stop them from making a decision about ending their lives. Absolutely.
It's going to. It's going to happen.

[14:48] You know that's very low. I mean that's all I have.
And you know the Bible says there's interesting scripture a lot of folks have seen it printed out and people use it to hang up their walls pretty and stuff. It's faith hope and love. Right.

[15:02] And I've thought about it the other day because I have to hang up on my bathroom wall.
Actually I thought I saw Faith Hope and Love and I thought hope sandwich like hope is the meat.
Faith and Love are what binds it together right. So I just feel like those three things are most important here on this planet.
As a person to exude faith hope and love I don't need faith or love after I'm gone because that's you know I don't need faith.
Well love. Let's take that back. Only faith and hope. That's what I meant. So when I'm gone I don't need to hope for any.
Thank God. Faith anything it's that it's over. I mean all I have left is love. So those faith and hope things are big Earth stuff.
Yeah. It's for our Earth suits and it's important to wear those clothes during the day.
All three of them added to be eaten. Healthy diet of faith hope and love.
So I had to as I used the line I'm a purveyor of hope that I feel like I just exude that it's possible. I mean I am supposed to be dead several times already and I'm not.
And I had to believe that that there's a reason and the reason for me is is you.
That's all that's left. I feel like if I'm on overtime right now on this planet I may as well do what I'm supposed to do. Why would I waste the time I have.

[16:28] And do you feel like you're you're doing exactly what you're supposed to do.

[16:34] Yeah. Yeah I think there's more there's more of it. There's a lot of others.
There's plenty more. I mean I need I need some things to occur to help me to to live into what I'm supposed to be doing.
You know there's this thing called money that's a that's necessary.
I hate it sometimes. And then at other times you know you have to get past that. So I just tend to believe God that things are gonna work out. But yeah I mean I'm just ready to do more of what I do and more not in the sense of work yourself silly.
I think that's a recipe. Mean there's a balance to everything you should always have a rhythm of rest in your life. And I do have that built in my life.
I wouldn't mind building some more of it in greater. Take it show and be more effective with my time.
If I had more help you know that that's helped me to reach more people. So yeah man I'm I'm living into it.

[17:31] Yeah. I like that a lot. Rhythm rhythm and the breast.

[17:38] Yeah man that's a whole nother show. I've got a whole whole chapter built in that memo book about that rhythm of rest.

[17:46] That's I really. That resonates with me a lot.

[17:50] Yeah. I mean it's and it's a big deal. Yeah it's a huge deal. Yeah. I don't know you can feel it. You could see it.

[17:56] And also something that you know if,
if you're anything like a lot of men you know and I think and I don't want to generalize this however I have to I've seen it in my life. And maybe this is your experience or not.
But we have a tendency to say I got this and it's asking for help is the last possible outcome.
Right. And so sometimes you know you're when you're open and you're you're saying Hey I need some help.
There's people out there that will help you know and when I stopped depending on my own self and I just put it out there and I said a god I need some help here.
And I know that you've done this you know you're open to this. You know there are other people out there helping there's things that happen in your life that it when you introductions and acquaintances that come by and people pop into your life.
And it's just it's like these little miracles happen all the time. They're all around us all the time and sometimes we're not in tune.
Like when anger comes in or hate or frustration or those negative emotions.
We don't see them as much. You know and I and I feel when you're your hope love you know faith and things show up in your life in a different way. You do that.

[19:24] It's very easy. Even if you are eating the sandwich of faith hope and love it's pretty easy to to succumb to negative emotions.
And I have to see that in my life every day. I mean I've got a lot of negative emotions I got things that I could be angry about. I do have things I'm angry about.
I've got things that I can allow to consume me.
And I won't say that they never do. They do do those things.
But you know it's it's the ability to to understand those things and back to the whole thing about about dying.
You know when I was a young gentleman here on unlinked and that asked me what do you mean when you say die to yourself. What am I supposed to die.
You mean that what that means is as a scripture in the Bible Paul talks about being dying to herself daily,
and dying to myself means that I put Matt and I put him on the shelf back there and say OK what am I supposed to do today and how do you want me to do it,
because I'm going to screw this thing up if I try to do it myself as I have already proven that I can't do it right.
But through him and through the guides that he gives to me I surely can't.
So it's about dying of myself. It's about saying no I'm not going to do those things about Sam you know my son gave me this last night I'm going to eat it.
However I'm not going to eat seven of them today which I would love.

[20:42] I would have got even more here.

[20:51] This is a private OK just that stop there right.
So you have to make a decision when to stop and when to when the hold up when they move on when to carry on what's kind of Kenny Rogers song you got to know when to hold up you gotta know when to fold them. Yeah I wonder what kind of run.

[21:07] You know when when we're in this. When they're in this space of,
I know you mentioned you know walking your daughter down the aisle and coming back to yourself and giving it up giving up you know giving up yourself.
There's a lot of things that you know it's like when days are dark and things aren't going very well.

[21:31] How. What have you used in your own life. You know prayer you know giving it up.

[21:38] What are some other things that you can offer other people that are might be in a dark spot that needs some help and encouragement.
Yeah. What works for Matt.
Because I know you have tools.

[21:49] I do have tools and it's not always the same one. It doesn't always work for me.
You know people say prayer works it does but there's sometimes I need something that I don't know where it's coming from. So yeah what will be prayer too is relationship and accountability with other people.
Allowing myself to.

[22:14] To be transparent with someone that I trust and love to help me through situations and not be scared to say those things to that person.
Another thing for me because I'm a musician. You know I'm a creator guy I love to create.
So there's times from me that my my prayer closet is an old Christian cliché word.
You know the place where people go to that place is a guitar.
Now with my guitar and I write and I play and I just can sit down with an instrument and and plan on being there for 15 minutes and go oh crap that was three hours. Where did that come from.

[22:54] Well I relate to that one.

[22:58] Yeah. You know that place of healing for me it's a place where I can I can re-engage where I can be transparent where I can,
where I can open up and you know times I've cried my eyes out with a guitar on my hands and I've written I've written masterpieces that no one will ever hear.

[23:17] And once I leave I remember. But Mayor. It was the best thing in the world right.
I'm a singer. You're not one. It was fantastic moments of inspiration moments of inspiration.

[23:28] And I love the fact that you know I remember playing music and you know it brought me so much joy in and it still does.
I mean I still you know find my moments.
And I was a drummer and so drumming is not always as convenient picking up a guitar.

[23:47] However you a quiet place collapsed.

[23:53] Oh we used to practice in my parents house and it is just like they I like how did they survive that. How did they survive that.
So hey man I want to give a shout out to the people that have joined in today. It's amazing.
Steve Sullivan Marine guy.
Angie thank you. As Ralph.

[24:19] You know routine.
Steve. There's just a lot of people joining in supporting us tap us.
You so apposite. Yeah it's great.

[24:32] And I just thank you so much for taking the time to be here Matt because I know your story is is you know you're still on a journey you're still doing good things.
I love your posts. I love your sense of humor and your animation that you bring to the table and I know there's a gift that you continue to share with others and I.
And for me it's you know I have to say you know they're there.
I've laughed till I cried and I've cried till I laughed.
And so these gifts that you're bringing to the table and bring into the world are are worth it.
And I just want to let you know that sending your love and prayers brother and making sure that God,
sends all his love to you and makes sure that you know he protects you and everything you're doing so much for that reason is I value that a lot.

[25:22] I really do appreciate it. And it's hard sometimes pretty hard to to to be me how when when there's days I don't want to be that guy.

[25:34] My books called God's got this and that's my whole movement. They don't talk about much.
Yet unlike Daniel Wolfe shortly but you know on other platforms that's all people know me by and it's really really hard sometimes to be to be the God's got this guy. Oh.

[25:50] This guy right here. Yeah.

[25:53] Yeah well some days I feel like I don't know if he does and you know get him to get out of bed but he does and that's what this book is all about too.
But yeah I mean there's days to be really hard to live in to that.
And I'm grateful that I get a chance to to be here today especially with you.
And you've been gracious with me and sent some great great words to me I appreciate that as well.
And when you feel like nobody's listening because it's a lot of times I wrestle with that here on LinkedIn and other places.
I know that people are but sometimes I just feel like I'm beat my head against the wall wonderfulness I just quit today.
Donner Yeah right. And then I get another message or 50 or 60 another thing that somebody saying Hey man you're phenomenal. I appreciate you or whatever you know.

[26:38] Yeah well there's a lot of people out there that are are paying attention that you may never know.
You may never ever see them they may never say anything.

[26:48] And I just think I mean for myself.

[26:52] Giving things away in and creating that hope and that joy is a way I can heal myself you know yeah.
Being broken and using that glue of gifts and enjoy and you know maybe some a word of wisdom that'll help somebody else along the road,
at least plants the seed for me that you know God's got this and I have a job to do and share this information and highlight people like yourself.

[27:22] We can bring to the table that may not get the recognition that they feel at the moment even though they're you know they're helping others they might not get the feedback.
So I want to highlight you Matt and what you're doing in the gifts you're bringing to the world and pass that along and you know yeah I appreciate that and you're so right.

[27:43] Rome in Rome quickly as I've had I've had people that I've been at this game for quite a while.
So over 30 years now and there's I had got a message from somebody not too long ago in the past year from someone who reached out to me from something I had done about 20 some years ago,
and I was at a concert some of us singing and doing some speaking.
And they wrote me a message saying you know I remember that day you were there you said this you said this you said this and it stuck with me and now I'm doing this time doing this I want you to know that now I've got this going on my life.
I'm this kind of person like wow and you would never have known that even happened.
And then here 20 some years later somebody writes about how their life has changed from something and you know that's that's amazing.
So to put all your hope into the basket of now that now everything is what where it's at.
You will never be satisfied because now is not where it's at now where you need to be.
But who knows what could happen 30 years from now. Right. This broadcast on the show we've got right here.
Somebody who's who's 12 years old right now when they're 42 years old by pick it up and go wow this is what I need in my life Yeah I'm dead and gone but hey you know that's pretty awesome.

[29:00] Well we all have an expiration date and we all have to live and give everything we can at the moment.
That's my opinion and the people that that don't,
that live in a pity party and are always the victim mentality I just I I think wow you are missing so much in life.
You know you're not living life and you're not living life to the fullest so I applaud you for living life to the fullest. Matt Even.

[29:31] Even on your down days you still you still have delivered hope to millions.
And and I just I just want to make sure that you know that you are loved and you are cared for in this world.
And thank you for being here on the pirate broadcasting and I look forward to the next conversation and future conversations yet to come.

[29:55] Yes. I think that there may be a episode of hope revealed coming up where Russell is going to be on it.

[30:03] You have not in a future later on who knows.

[30:05] Yes shenanigans planned here.
When pigs fly right. I.
Love it.

[30:15] Well thank you so much for being here Matt. And you know you know you're loved so thank you.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

[30:25] Yeah. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. See you. Thanks for for for chiming in today and being here and those are watching in the future as did your guests.

[30:33] People in Austria there in the future so yeah. So you know the rule kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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