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[0:02] And we're live with another pirate broadcast.

[0:05] It's an amazing day and I just want to thank you everyone,
that joins in either live or for the replay here because what we want to do is share a little bit of kindness and gratitude and the fact that you're here or you're watching or you're contributing this random act initiative.
I wanted to share with you Rene Johnson today.
She's an amazing powerhouse of a coach an inspiration to so many.
And I just wanted to tell you that this this thing is starting up and we want to share it with you because this is this is something I'm passionate about and I love in my life.
You know it's like what can I give rather than what can I get.
And it's amazing what opens up so welcome to the show Welcome to the program this morning Rene you're doing.

[0:57] How are you.

[0:58] I'm doing great. I was sharing with you before we went on. I am so honored. I'm your I'm your.
My first life. I'm not your first life.

[1:06] So how how amazing it is to share this with you our beautiful initiative and to be the first. That's always going to go down in history. Yes.

[1:15] Well what we could do is we could share this out and get it again so people understand what we're what we're looking to accomplish and wonderful.

[1:23] This started last year and you had started this initiative in a way that people could sign up at just even anonymously.
You know track a random act. And what am I what am I.
One of my viral posts if you will was pushing a shopping cart.

[1:48] It's like Yeah I've heard about that between you and Jill right now. No no no.

[1:53] So it's like OK return your cart. You gonna do.
But I wanted to bring the site up and let you let you kind of explain what we're what's what's going on and what what the initiative is all about for those that are not yet involved.

[2:08] OK. Well so those who are not anyone else on the show.
I'm so glad you're here. Ask is the puffy eyes and cheeks.
I am moving today I was telling telling Russ but nothing is gonna get in the way of kindness. I got my love shirt on. I'm ready to rock n roll hold.
And that's what this is all about basically.

[2:26] You know this started organically and that's what you're going to see when some of the some of the journey posts that are on our Web site here and starting last year in September.
And it wasn't I wasn't looking to start a movement I linked in is so so powerful for engagement.
And I know you and Corey we're talking about that last night right.
Right. And making those relationships if you put the time and the energy into it.
And I was it was that last fall and I was kind of you know feeling I was new here and kind of feel a little bit lonely.

[3:02] So I just moved here when I was pretty good. Yeah. Pretty close.

[3:07] And so I was like You know I see all these people out there in this community that I'm barely on here just over a year myself.
And I was seeing all the job seekers you know all the different stresses and the needs.
And I was seeing other people needing professional support or sharing their stories.
And you know I'm all about my passions about helping people find their voice right.
In their life. And so that was a morning where I went Oh I can't rust no makeup no hair you know lots of favorites video I'd like to take a risk,
if I could take a risk nobody else is going to and you're out there toss it out there yeah just get down there with my coffee and I just shared a little bit of my journey my story and how kindness and love and service,
has not only been part of mine my natural instinct but it's been a way that I've also risen above many challenges you know in my life,
and I put that out there in the community to say you know what where if you reach out people are here for you I'm here for you.
And I offered my time and you know I just wanted to love and I just wanted to bring something to this amazing community that was already giving so much. And you know what happened.
The vibration like it says here on the website the vibration started to rumble and without even knowing it.
Tanya Perry was one of the first ones he's one of my leaders that that as we're posting third day you know people comment on that.
And then she spoke up she gets credit here she goes Well what do we do with that.

[4:36] How are we going to do this. And I'm like wow. I will figure it out right.

[4:42] So it was like by that evening we like we.
So people were posting and that's where were my leaders came from organically new people I didn't know and I didn't really know Tonya that well it time.
And by that evening it was OK let's go for one hundred acts of kindness random acts of kindness you know Morgan Freeman had a quote and we use that as our lodge and I guess Ari did look that up but it's probably one of our post here. Yeah.
And we said OK let's do it in one week. Right let's just do one hundred and one we can and let's just have fun with that.
But you know what happened. It rose it roads it grew.
So what you're seeing here with that with the site up is last year you know we just organically went forward and as a leader I am and I teach leadership and growth scale business as well. I can't do that without a board.
Without a leadership team. So we've created a leadership team. Then from there I'm like well we need we need people to help us.
Let's create some ambassadors see the scaly Russ.

[5:45] And at random at you know moved like like wildfire and continued last year so many people wanted to continue on and have enough touch base throughout it and you'll see on the website here,
the the the video we have featured on the home page.
And I want to call out to our fabulous one of our LinkedIn supporters our community supporters this is sad.
You know he's this is out of love and support. He and I work and sometimes still we hours because he's in India right.
That's done in one week. He's been so gracious. But this video is the end video of last year's movement.
Where we end up picking up our second week after we got organized and went for a thousand acts.
And we had to we end up getting the thousand fifty two and beyond.
And this is our showcase video that tells the journey and tells the story and also talks about why why is this important and what what came forward for Arlington community.
And so it really is about raising that vibration of kindness one act at a time.

[6:49] And I want to take a moment for kindness and and shout out to the people that are that are live with us.
Sherri Angie Janessa Steve Cynthia Tanya Isaac all of you are so appreciated and thank you so much for joining in live.
Yes. What's amazing ambassador is Terry and Brame Rabbie and Shannon.

[7:19] Tanya was talking about some of these ambassadors do you have here and it's just for myself. I just want to.
I just want to take a moment and explain to people in basic terms if you go to random act initiative dot com you can sign up.
It doesn't mean you could just record a random act here.
You know it's just you go to the site and it's right here on this button right in the center.
And you just have to record it an act. And it's not about it's less about what you're doing and more about the ideas you can share by doing it right. Yeah.
I had a great planting that seed that hey you can open a door you can smile you can compliment somebody it doesn't have to be any major you know you don't have to feed a thousand people or when you go home the home buying the homes for the homeless,
it's just a small initiative to actually get people thinking about a little bit of kindness.

[8:23] I thank you for bringing that up. One of the things that came up last year that we've this through our service and love and sharing the stories I believe we were able to educate and love and show the value of this. And we addressed that head on.
This year is you know we did have a few people not like why would you want to call it out.
Why not just keep it quiet if it's random acts of kindness right. Well well here's why.
We we are trying to be a movement we're trying to inspire and it's all about look at me look what I did. It's exactly what you just said.
It's about sharing and and inspired other people to say wow that's a cool idea.
I'm going to try this or I might try that. And you know what so busy in our in our day to day that if we don't have it in front of us this vibration then,
even though many of us have a natural who are involved have a natural innate desire to be kind.
This I know we've talked about it as our leadership that this causes us to think if it's all right. You're thinking okay.

[9:23] What. Which is not my kind of state. Oh yeah.

[9:28] So it's nice to have an example of some things that are and help people out.

[9:34] Yeah it is. And you know it's it's about sharing your voice out there and being an inspiration and being a leader in this.
Doesn't matter what your role as you can help us lead this forward.
And it's about getting people involved and the more that we we actually do this together and we share the impact we're having.
It's going to motivate more people to get involved and that's that's the underlying reason Russ and our listeners is where we want to. We want to share this.
We want to bring this up. We want to encourage people to record the acts and to share their stories on there.
They can remain anonymous. That's OK. Right. We respect that.
But by sharing that and we get to share these different video clips that we're doing now you have created world wide and you've created more and more people wanting to lean in and do this. And what's wrong with that.
And so it's there's nothing wrong it's actually pretty nothing wrong with that.

[10:27] Nothing. So that's what we're doing it for.

[10:29] So those who have question will look at that. No. Yes. Look at what we can create together let's make this movement powerful.
That's our our innate reason behind this well.

[10:40] And I have to bring up a couple of things because you know there's so many people that if you just watch the news and my heart goes out to all the people in the West Coast that fire.
You know and there's so many things that could bring all of us down and really you know cause a lot of grief in our lives and those it's sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference.
You know one of the things that I've always promoted is you know kindness is cool the smiles are free.
And I really believe that because you want into something as simple as a grocery store,
and you and you're kind to the cashier you're kind to the people around the aisles and you smile and you reach to the top shelf for someone that can't reach that.
And you know these small teeny acts are the things that make the difference in somebodies life.
And it doesn't necessarily you know it's not about look at me how good I am. It's more about.
Let's all work together to do something kind in the day because it's really difficult to be in a bad mood when you're doing something.

[11:56] Pause. Well I like that sir. Edit It creates hope.
Do you know how much hope we started that we created last year through this that continued throughout the Lenten community that's why so many people from last year have race stepped up and it's getting even faster movement.
Just a few days into this it creates hope and so that person that you're doing something nice like at the grocery store or the bank or wherever and they're not expecting it.
Now what have you done. You've changed their paradigm their perspective.
You're not responsible what they do with it but I bet you plant a seed and that's going to give them something to think about and giving them that hope back in their lives that this world isn't like what all the news and mayhem and everything it has.
I mean there's this tragedies or things that happen in last year during the cliff.
The other California fires four of my family members up in paradise lost their homes.
And the random act community they've all got safe but they stepped up and other people stepped up all over the country.
And we have that when when the hurricane right out in Texas. Right.
That was going on during it. I mean I could say different things. And you know we created a platform for us as an online community to actually get out in real time and serve and love each other. Right.

[13:09] Does it take. That's the beautiful thing about it is is that it the ripple effect like Angie was saying in the feed it's like the ripple effect.
Not even what we do individually but the ripple effect that what is done is just really amazing to me.
If you can make somebody else's day a little better or black you know it's like in traffic there's no front of the line in traffic lets somebody in front it doesn't you know you're going to get there. What.
A second later. Yeah.

[13:43] And that impact of allowing someone else in front or opening the door for them can make a difference in their day and then that just continues to create the ripple effect out there that ends warmer.
So I want to want to have anybody that's in the comments you just drop something in there that they can share.
That is you know a positive effect that they either either contributed to or received from a random act.
If you have a moment I'd just love to do that every act has an impact. Tanya great culture of kindness Jill I love you Janessa.
All of you these are people that I care about.
I mean I care about you and I love you guys.
So I just want to make sure that Rene has a moment to explain how this evolved what took place where it's going and it's not that we're trying to do this.
This is being done and this and your initiative is taking place so I encourage everyone to go out to random act initiative dot com and.
Sign up. Did it start to look like cure or do they. Yes. So.

[15:01] So here's here's what we have. We have when you go to our site the Join Us page.
You can see four different ways to get involved. And we've made it so no matter what's going on in your life what time you have where you live you can get involved.
And so number one that the goal button if you click on that you can go to our forum and the form is very easy to fill out and it simply is you know if you want to put your name fine. If you don't that's OK. As you see here you scroll down.
We have five different acts of kindness that we we've started with last year that have been consistent in these various areas.
And so you mark that perhaps like last year some people were doing environment and other things that you mark other.
And then down below that what we'd like to have you do is share some of the story you know.
And again this is about the able to add that value.
We could include that in our as you'll see some of our story videos where it's we're one of the most like it begins to bring back this year and see what we're doing in this community.
And also you know hearing of the change that was happening these five areas above there people got out of this.
What they put into it and people cut cut jobs like the job but there's professional support. Help with careers.

[16:18] All what Lincoln stands for right and helping the professional but they also then went out in the community and help with donations and emotional support was a huge aspect of it and a variety of other areas.
So in that story that gives us a chance here as a leadership team to educate and highlight ways like you're saying rest if they don't know about if you include included in there and then we can use that too to tell the story of what's happening.

[16:42] This goes out everywhere last year. I want to bring Julie mayor on on one of my ambassadors. She was in Australia on a bus.
Last year and she was sitting there and she heard two ladies that she didn't know talk about.
Have you heard about that Lincoln Initiative at random that Bubba lover. Right.

[16:59] And see that said raise your hand. What of the ambassadors. So if you don't think it matters could it go you know you don't know where.

[17:08] Yeah it's where land where it's going to land so you don't have to share the story.
But it's not about bragging. It's about sharing the voice of kindness,
and helping to love on others give ideas and also acknowledge the impact that we're having as a community in a way that raises so I have a quote on there.
I believe you know that the blood of life is service.
I really believe that that's what started this last year organically was that and that the more the more love we get the more life we have. Right. Absolutely.
So if you go down here at the bottom you all you gotta do is hit submit. It's so easy to fill out. OK that's it.
And then on the Join Us page Ross there are the name is.

[17:57] My name is blocking it.

[17:59] OK. Well that's all right.

[18:01] So on the Join Us page so random app everybody can do that and if everybody in our community that is following this that gets involved does one during the next nine weeks we're going to surpass our thousand. OK.
So you know all you just do want and you can count yourself in.
That's cool. And it will have that positive record ripple effect the other way that you can join.
Then on the Join Us page if you want to go there is.

[18:26] And if not that's ok. However you want to do this morning is to then share. So if you want to share you can share all these posts that you're going to start seeing as filling up your. If you scroll down there are four different ways there are so in here right.
OK. So you can get involved through to Iran to back. You can share any of the paths.
You can invite people to join like on their com and so forth.
And then if you go back up there is there is a form there right here for the random map for being an ambassador.
The ambassador weak right now here. Here's what I wanted to share.
I asked my leaders this morning. We're just under 80 ambassadors starting our first week. Now your listeners need to hear why that's important.
And shout out to my leaders is that last year we got to nearly one hundred by the end of 13 weeks. This time we're only doing nine weeks trying to make the same goal.
And we're already starting just you know just under 80. That tells you the power of people wanting to get involved. So we haven't.
We have just a few more spots there is requirements in a good way because this is an honorable role.
And during your two weeks of volunteering your time and doing some cool activities you'll see all kinds of initiative. We had people.

[19:38] Meet about this too. I get so excited. We had this is a growing opportunity to brand yourself and the network guys.
That was one of the biggest things that came from this. People are still talking they a new friendships.
They got their very first post they got out of their comfort zone. I love that Bebe and you know the powers of me you and Jill for the reason you know and linked in life liberty and Nate that they they did their first videos.
All my leaders got their first video done by the end of it. I'm so proud of that wherever the logs together in our videos said of just me myself. You know my voice.
Yeah. People grew personally. So.
So yes the acts are a priority because we're going to create that universal you know ripple effect for the desk all over the world.
But it's also a personal growth opportunity. Right. So that's one level.

[20:27] I saw a lot of personal growth as a result of being an ambassador to you. Oh absolutely.
Because what you have is you have you're not alone.
You know you're in a community and you have you have peer support.
You have people out there cheering you on. You have a whole bunch of cheerleaders doing great work.
And so I just I just can't say enough good things about it. And I just wanted to you know shout out to anybody in the in the live feed.
Jill you know Cynthia,
Tanya you've all of you folks that are ambassadors now or have thought about or considered being ambassador now is the opportunity to reach out get on random act initiative and just I mean.
It doesn't take a lot of time and effort and energy to do something positive. The world.
A lot of people get overwhelmed by the ideas that Okay I got to do a lot. And that's it.
We're not talking you got a lot of things here.

[21:33] No. So you know you talk firstly because you're one of our ambassadors which I'm honored. Right.
So if you look at those requirements again we were only have a few more openings just because of the.
Also having us as leaders bail to communicate reach out and we want to you know follow our talk as later to make sure that we have the capacity to serve you well if those spots become you know no longer available that we have a community supporters.
So community supporters. And then we have our general links and families so there's different ways to get involved.
And you know you could easily be a supporter and we'll tag you. And we're keeping track of you and you're gonna get love and attention all you need to do on that is do one random map during our nine weeks and then get in there at least once a week and love it.
Love on these different posts by doing that they go in the stream. Right.
And then what happens. They go out and people go What is that like those gals on the bus in Australia right.

[22:29] Right. How random is that. Yeah. So yeah it was really cool.
So there's there are lots of ways to get involved even if you just like on the post that will spread it right.
Or you comment. And so don't think you can't.
And the value of this. You just ask any one of us that are returning.
And yes there is some involvement as an ambassador. You you're committed to two weeks not consent secondly consecutively but throughout the campaign. But here was a cool you bond.
You get to meet new people all over the world on your team.
They are creating your initiative that week and you could do whatever you want in our five categories.
And there was some cool because if you go back and look at the stories last year some neat things that got done and fun that we had and we're going to have even you know I was trying to help more you know. Yeah.

[23:16] And you know it's it's when you have a focus or a group or an activity you know there's a move that takes place automatically. It's just organic.
And what better what we're getting what more organic positive thing than kindness. Right yeah.
I mean look let's make it let's make it a normal thing.
Yeah. Let's work towards making it a normal thing to be kind.

[23:48] You know many of our ambassadors didn't want it to end.
They can't try to egg Assad to keep going last year you know with that and and stay and they kept up during when's it coming when's it coming.

[24:01] What it like carry out if you're watching your when you do I love you. She tracked me down all over the different platforms right.
What are we doing this I can't wait. And other ones did too.

[24:11] And then many commented as we wrap this back up I never stop. Well that's what.
That is it gives me emotional. That's beautiful to my heart.
I can't help but say the reason this started is the fact that I was. I was needing some kindness in my life.
And when you need kindness in your life the first place you go is outside of yourself.
And I reached out to this community and said How can I love and how could I serve and then return.
Sara gets emotional and returns all these people that I didn't even know is barely on this platform rose up and said let's serve in a big way.

[24:46] And that's why we are here today. And so if you doubt what our what our motive is that's our motive,
is you know if you're feeling low you're having like you're saying having a bad day you're wanting to raise your leadership voice your skills give kindness.
Use this as a forum for you to practice and take it back into your culture.
Take it back into your family take it back in your community and watch the magic happen.
I did reach out and transparency to my leadership team who you know we get busy in our lives.
We've stayed in touch. We've had our fun we'll have fun gift moments. We do.
It's kind of bloopers This is I'd ever use a gift.

[25:25] I guess it's called gift right. Yeah. I never used it before and I'm coming back to my point is last year they were doing all these and I couldn't find it.

[25:32] They're busting up so by leaders in our street right in our private e-mail there and I'm trying to figure out what is this What is that they're doing all these funny wires that I wrote on the floor that finally I figured out that it was like glue.

[25:43] So we started doing this last year kind of like check it in our Pulse where we at with thing and I did put out there.
I said Listen guys this year this is that you know time my business right now busy and I'm moving yes and things like this and are you guys sure you're up for this because I need your help.

[26:00] One person can't do this right. Right. And you know and I secretly thought because it was.

[26:06] Like a part time job last year to do it right. That's OK.

[26:08] That's OK. I could play please know that you are watching but I did put it out there and say OK are you sure.
Because I need help and if if you can't well then we'll figure it out. It's OK yeah.

[26:19] And they all raised their hand and I'm like oh boy here we go. So you know.

[26:23] So if it's happening it's happening so I'm so.

[26:28] So by leaders who are listening I know I am so honored to serve with you.
We didn't know each other we didn't know each other. We met each other during that first week of that. Let's just go for it. Teddy and I for one hundred hecklers try it.
And I'm so proud of them. They have in their own rights they've got that in their communities already and they have raised up so many wonderful supporters.
And I couldn't do this without them and I want them to feel that because I know you know I bring my leadership love in there and I'm like where we are where we are. But ultimately.
They are just such gifts and they have unique qualities and you need to get to know them.
The random act family and all those who step up please reach out and get to know the other leaders.
They are wonderful powerful women and just happened to be women. OK so it's all right.

[27:14] I'm here to hear lots of it. That somebody posted yesterday said I want to be like in my group.
He says Is this just for women. And right away I said no.
We probably have at least half right leaders if you're that way of men and we love it because like Martin he was one of our first.

[27:34] He's one of our ambassadors who did his why. So this week community linked and family watch for all these ambassadors. Like I said nearly 80.
Their goal by the end of this week their first charge is to each of them including you rest right.

[27:49] And you can go out right. Is the post there why why. Kindness is important to them.
Why did they choose to be involved and what do they want to do during this initiative and why do they do it by post or do a video or an article whatever they choose to. This is all going to go out this week.

[28:09] So follow these stories in the hashtag is random error Correct. Correct.
Yes. So let's put that out there. It's not that there's a lot of cool ones like Isaac came up with random back revolution love it fun. There's there's lots of different ones out there.

[28:26] But for us to follow and we will be taking turns as a leadership team you know if you go to your search part linked and family and you type in random app not with it s,
not with kindness behind it but random app then you can see everything that's going on in the and community.
So if you don't use that now you can use it in conjunction with other tabs you come up with.
Sure. But if you don't but people understand that. So thank you for let me bring that up.

[28:52] Yeah. So I put it in the show notes here. OK. Down below and so ok. Oh that and I know that.
We're coming up on we're going to wrap up this this episode of of.

[29:04] Oh but I read broadcast and five.

[29:08] I just want to I just want to highlight that that you know it's difficult to be in a bad mood when you're doing something good.
I just I just really applaud everybody in the random act initiative.
Rene thank you so much for being here and contributing. I know you got to move and.
I just thank you so much everybody that joined in. Hashtag random act. Yes.
Isaac Jill Janice.
Sherry all of you. Angie Edna.
Love you all. And thank you all for being here.
And if you're listening to this on the replay just shoot me a text and a message and let me know and tag me so I can actually respond.
If you have questions or.
Rene you know it's just tag us and let us let us know what your questions are and how we can help you,
start you on a kindness journey if you ask can I say really quick linked in this is your movement.

[30:13] Yeah that's why we call it the link random act The Lincoln Initiative. This is your movement.

[30:18] I mean this is a way to get involved in your community get to know new people build your plot your network make new relationship get connections so it's much more than doing a random act.

[30:28] Although the power of it is those stories and the movement of it so so get involved. Yeah. Love and serve yourself and get involved.

[30:37] Thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate you rene and it's always great to have interesting people talking about interesting stuff on the pirate broadcast can you.
It's just that's the whole point of the pirate broadcast is we can bring in people that have something going on and linked in and I just I just appreciate you and thank you again for doing this. Thank you for having me.
And as we always know kindness is cool. Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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