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[0:04] I don't know why this makes me laugh it makes me laugh.
It makes me laugh every time I fire up the pirate broadcast. And you know these days are very frequent.
We have the pirate broadcast five days a week and today I have a special guest that is back.
He's already a pirate because he was brought in early and willing to put his hand up and say you know I'll be. I'll help you out Russ and thank you so much Patrick. Patrick Ward.
Good day. Thank you for being here.

[0:41] Glad to be here us and yes. As as all the viewers can note I am definitely being a pirate.
Right now I am stuck in a car with like a singular light bulb over here.
I can't do it in the house because I don't want to disturb anyone sleeping because it's 6:00 a.m. here in Los Angeles.
Just gotta you know be a pirate.
You can.

[1:07] Yeah. That's the beauty of it. We don't need permission. And also also we could do kind of.
We can make it work we're whatever way we want.
So I just appreciate the fact that you're here all the gratitude in the world.

[1:21] And since we last connected in you know started this conversation.

[1:27] I know you're you're an avid writer you write for Forbes in multiple magazines in your different locations.
So what do you mean staying out of trouble with today. I mean what's this re last talk.

[1:42] What do you mean. Well the main big thing is my main gig. So the the full time job change.
So last time I was with a telecommunications company that was essentially an affiliate network.
And now I've returned back to Tech specifically app and Web development.
Funnily enough I was I was hired because they were aware of a previous company Doug Towne media which anyone on LinkedIn knows.
I shared a bunch of content around that but they found me because of that. They liked my experience. They liked the the way I transformed them in terms of marketing.
And now I'm applying those same principles with them called bootstrap.

[2:30] It is very refreshing though I think the thing that has most excited me about this new role is,
the level of trust and transparency across the organization particularly for an industry that,
is not necessarily known for that.
You know more often than not people just say we're willing to build your digital product and it costs this much and that's it rather than questioning the why.
Whereas I remember very early on starting here we got an opportunity to work with Chelsea Handler and we went through just a very brief discovery phase.
It was only like a couple of thousand dollars and we basically said at the end don't do it.
Don't build your app you're not ready for it. It's not a good investment you're just throwing bad money away.
Why would you do it. And they were really appreciative of that.
And I couldn't believe that because I I being around the industry I knew how most people behaved.
And it was just radically different.
And and yet it's so simple right. It's just.
Be honest be upfront do exactly what is in the best interest of the client even if it's not in your own best interest.
Because for the long term it always is in your best interest.

[3:56] Well you're spot on and let's unpack this a little bit because I think it's it's absolutely critical that we.

[4:04] When you're living in a scarcity mode and you're you're like looking for the next you chasing down the next meal,
it's a much different attitude than if you're actually consulting with someone and saying you'll just because you can do it. Doesn't mean we should. Right.
You know that old adage that makes us dinosaurs look alike.
The reality is is that life is changing so quickly and technology is moving so quickly that,
you know and everybody has a slice of attention and you know the latest gadget is not necessarily the best move right.

[4:45] 100 percent and I think beyond that it's when you lead with integrity and become known for it like that is more invaluable than anything.
And I think it speaks to something else which is the foundation of all human relation chips right.
Being integrity and trust and this is something we do even on an internal level.
So as soon as I started with bootstrap I got told hey so we're going down to Uruguay. Unlike Tell me more.
So basically we have a distributed team. We have some people in the US we have about 15 or so.
We have 20 in a new office in Buenos Aries in Argentina and we have 90 plus down in Uruguay.
So the CEO said we're all going down there.
We're all going to meet each other face to face. This might be the only time logistically we can do this in the company's history and wonderful experience really nice to see everyone but one thing really struck me.
So when you get in and the morning.

[5:54] You say hello to everyone. I mean not just.
Hey how are you. Like vague thing that we do here in America.
Before we sit down and work I mean genuinely going up shaking everyone's hand the kiss on the cheek is a thing they do as well,
and looking into your eyes and genuinely asking you like how are you going today man. Like how can I support you.
And as you can imagine with 90 plus people or in this case it was the whole companies are 130. That takes a bit of time to take.
That's a good 30 minutes to an hour starting off.
And then when you go to the end of the day you say goodbye to everyone.
But what was really striking to me is you know I was used to the American and even the Australian way.
It's much the same thing of you know the Vai.
Hey how are you. But that level of connection between employees like you know you can do a project well when all your team members show such care for one another.

[7:00] I mean we have started implementing that in the American Office which is great.
I love how this cultural exchange is not you know coming from a place of superiority which let's be honest the first world can have a tendency to do.
I love how there is that genuine partnership between the two. And again that's unique.
A lot of I was speaking with a lot of the product managers developers and they usually come from things like Cognizant and Tata Consultancy like these big like mega I.T. companies.
And they say yeah they're just dictated to by you know overlords and then they come here to root strap and it's suddenly they're trusted for their opinion.
The trusted for their expertise they're listened to they're encouraged to speak up. I mean that.

[7:57] I didn't. I knew that rude strap was unique because of the certain people I'd met but I didn't quite appreciate like how they'd constructed a company to be,
all these values that you and I and many others talk about.
And it's difficult right because we talk about a lot of the ways that a company should be better.
And yet I've seen so many examples where they're not so that after a while does get a little challenging because you're late.
Whereas the example whereas some thing that I can see that is demonstrably doing these better values and seeing success for it not being hurt in a business sense and I found that I was I was really shocked.

[8:41] I was I would love the opportunity to you know experience that kind of that level of,
connection you know all the time and a lot of times you know the best connections we have are the ones that we can actually,
you know relax around the rules adjust our expectations on who's doing what and just connect with the individual because.
So when you actually learn what people are doing and what what's involved in their lives and you know it's like OK what are your kids doing.
What are your what are your family members doing and what's surrounding you what's the what's the pressure you're feeling today to day.
And it's it's amazing what kind of change in challenges you can overcome when you're working together at that level of connection.
You know when I was running teams and in large organizations you know it would I had a habit of you know taking you know getting together in small gatherings and doing you know just.

[9:50] Informal parties for no reason at all. And everybody was really appreciative of that fact and then we would have conversations that were deeper than you know.
What are you doing at work. You know what's what's work doing. And it's about life.
And this is the connectivity that we can build and the relationships we can develop that really I think add a lot of impact in our in our life and our psyche and our stability.
You know this year you know with mental you know mental illness being a highlight.
And you know you know so much pressure on social media and the comparison.
The other thing that it's just really you know you just got to slow down and just make real connections.
And I think it's it's important for us to realize that and understand that you know that's where it's really that's where it really shines. I think. A.

[10:44] Hundred percent. I'm glad you brought up those light ways to have like small parties.
So Uruguay calls them office and every single day we had a different after and it was small scale maybe like a handful like 20 to 30 people.
We go over to a house.
We'd play Sim card games they love their card games.
We were tasked with bringing a whole bunch of board games contraband pirate style into the country.
And and and that was that was the point where we sit down we play a board game together that we talk about life,
in a in a non forced way which I think was lovely when I counted to.

[11:35] Happy hours. I do. I do like doing happy hours but I've noticed that some of them can feel a little forced here in the States.
You know you're still a little on edge but like this it's almost like a business requirement at some level exactly like you think. I've got to attend this because x x y z executive is going to be there.
Maybe I want to get some networking time with him.
Love above a bar as opposed to Uruguay is very much founded on multi culture.
So Marty being this I guess you would call it a tea type drink.
I'm probably going to be crucified by my team for calling it that but.
But you pass it round. You have one person pouring the hot water in and that was that was striking.
I was everywhere every meeting even the most formal of client meetings you had someone with the Marty passing it round.
It's a very communal drink. And I'd actually first had it when I first came to the States because when I was on exchange at George Washington one of the.

[12:48] One of my friends was an Argentinean and he had the MARTA.
He brought it to us. He showed us how to how to drink it and I didn't know that was just.
It's such a simple thing but it's a really special experience. I'm.
Going to try and there we go. There's there's another.

[13:13] Another light another light the light. Well I think it's I think it's more about bringing people together in an en measured way.
You know it's it's this. We're just people you know the sun shines on all of us about same way.
You know we're all traveling through space at the same speed on this thing called Earth.
And it's really about relationships and the diversity that we have in the world and the fact that we can actually jump on a on a call right now and broadcast to people all over the world right now.

[13:53] This is Patrick. This is amazing and I just want what's really amazing is we got people in here that are watching this and I just want to give a shout out to some of these individuals that are continuing to support higher broadcast.
Vicki O'Neill thank you so much for being here. Jennifer thank you.
CARL WILLIAMS Good morning. I just mentioned your name to Patrick and he's going to be a he's going to be traveling to Japan.
I'm not sure when you're going to be there but you two should connect.
Gary keynotes and she's a pirate.

[14:26] You all know our Scott.

[14:30] Go ball. How are you. Gabriel. Thank you.
Man it's just I'm just amazed at the relationships that we've built online and the communication and the culture that we can actually develop and the diversity and how we're,
bringing this together.
It's it's it's always amazing to me that we can do this and know you do a lot of writing and I'm sure content creation is part of the equation and root strap and the culture is about doing the right thing for the right people at the right time.
And you know that's that's the whole point of life I think is is you.
You don't always know what's around the corner you don't always know what next year is going to bring or the changes that are going to evolve our lives and our experiences and I think it's really important to know that,
there are people out there that care about us and everything that we do.
Does make an impact and that's why I'm such an advocate for kindness. You know it's like hey please. Thank you. You're welcome.

[15:42] The fact that you said you know you have the morning meetings and everybody says hello with a meaningful way.

[15:47] It's not just say Hey everybody I'm here you know take your coat off and go to work. Exactly.
That sounds that sounds amazing. And I love the opportunity to learn more about the organization and what you're doing there in.
I also think it's important for us to talk about you know what are your goals and what are your ambitions in the next little while.
And what have you discovered in this last year of transformation from one company to the next.

[16:15] Are there any things. Is there anything like the epiphany wise that you can share with us now.

[16:23] Easily easily.

[16:24] I think we want to inspire a few people here too. Because I know you're an inspiration that way.

[16:30] I think there was one very clear thing in spite of the fact that I was successful in the previous role with,
the telecommunications role and when I say successful I mean metrics wise.
Traffic was up 40 percent revenue was up 52 percent.
You know we have an expression in the FCO industry which is up and to the right.
You want bold graphs to go up and to the right. Right.
And so according to that metric I'd done everything right but there was just,
it just didn't it didn't sit well with me in terms of I was having to play a bit small.
I was I was not communicating in the right way to to my boss.
So when I left that and was thinking about the next role that I'm going to take I did a bit of a retrospective I thought you know let let me not blame the other person or the other,
elements involved would be the victim.
Right. Let me like look. OK Patrick what could you have changed about this situation.
What could you have done better. Because you can't control anyone else's. But you kind of control yourself.

[17:54] And so I thought for myself. OK well maybe maybe I was a little arrogant at times.
Maybe I was a little too assured of myself because I thought the metrics would stand for themselves and maybe I was very much communicating that in a very strong manner.
So that naturally led me to the thought.
Maybe I play it a little smaller maybe I don't offend so many egos and we all know there are a lot of bakers out there.
And yet the very pleasing thing that when I went into route strap started with them had the first initial meetings.
I actually thought I was coming on for a consultant role.
I sat down and my now boss who is the Chief Revenue Officer Ben Lee who was also very active on LinkedIn which is very pleasing to see.

[18:49] He he said All right slid this over to me.
That's a director of marketing job description. Does that look good.

[18:59] Yeah. And there's like all right. So I'm gonna have you meet with a few other people and we're gonna get you hired as I. Oh OK.
I thought we were gonna discuss projects but so be it.
And through that process I came to a very powerful realization is that,
everything that was putting me at odds or putting friction in the previous role I was now being encouraged celebrated,
and and praised in England in the new role with roots strap and that,
to take a further retrospective was.
OK. So really what it was was you know whether it's whoever you believe the universe being in L.A.
I generally call it the universe the universe giving me a sign not that you can't do this role but it's not the right environment for you and then to come into this new environment where it is the right environment.
Now I'm not saying there aren't challenges but route strapped like any other company sure has challenges but because of that transparency because of that trust because of that integrity because of that way that everyone interacts with one another,
we are able to authentically be ourselves.

[20:21] Everyday we go into work and people across the organization respect that.

[20:28] One of the things that I've noticed to be very different is that everyone is trying to solve the business challenges,
whereas I've seen in previous organizations particularly more corporate ones that there's always another element.
Right. There's office politics. So.
I'm trying to get a promotion and I'm using your efforts to funnel bad or you know all these other types of you know conniving strategies meanwhile that bootstrap is no.

[21:00] We all know what we need to do. Maybe we have different ways of getting there.

[21:06] But let's do it collectively. And and I was I was really I was really glad to say that I didn't have to change myself.
Now I'm not using this as an excuse for bad behavior or anything like that but it's nice to say that,
if even if you think you're behaving in a quote unquote wrong way it might not be the wrong way it might be right for you.
You just need to find the organization that values you in that way.

[21:39] Well I think we shine brightest when we're doing what we're we're designed to do.

[21:44] And on top of that I think you know our experience molds the you know the skillset the attitude the abilities that we have.

[21:57] You know sometimes you're not ready for the right opportunity to in line with what you're designed to do.
You know in when it comes together when it all comes together and it flows and everybody is responsible and willing and able to do their work it complements and commands attention.
It just it's amazing thing to watch.
You know I've worked with some brilliant teams and engineers over the years and you know when it doesn't matter who gets the credit it just works.
It just works so smoothly and it just it's amazing what can be accomplished.
And I think oftentimes we limit ourselves by the the thought that you know so and so has this role and that's not my job.
When if you took it and turned around and said you know how can I contribute to the outcome how can I do the best job possible.

[22:53] For the end user customer or whatever outcome you're measuring against then and then it becomes something along the lines of you know let's all work together for the common goal.
And I just I've seen it over and over again and I've seen it happen and when it happens you just it's it's like magic.
And I don't know if you've experienced that here.
I would anticipate it. It sounds like that's the experience that you're you're having now and and comparing to how you are feeling.

[23:29] A year ago versus now in your role and your responsibilities as some of the things you're taking place.
Yeah. Their challenges turns out we can be challenged. That's that's what makes life beautiful.
It's like you'll find the opportunities in those challenges right and you go ahead.

[23:48] Well I was just going to say that I think this is the perfect blend where the challenges they are still very difficult.
We have a very ambitious revenue goal. And when I first heard it I was like whoo.
Okay how are we going to get it.
And then slowly as I went further it was like okay. Well that's the goal but do I have the support.
Because that's really what matters. And again for,
for the first time and this has been partly due to a lot of my career you know as it's been early to to now mid level has just been a case of,
either I'm executing which is many of us in the very early stage or even as I started to get up to mid level I didn't really have,
enough teams and resources I got promises of those things but was never really delivered. And yet here.

[24:52] Route strep has really delivered on that front.
Like literally I'm only a little shy of three months in and I already have.
15 different people who report to me for various different tasks that I need to be completed.
So yes there's a lot of things that probably should have been completed yesterday but it's nice to know it's like okay.
Patrick you need to do case studies is to write as to designers and a developer.
It's like you need to do outreach. All right. This guy is our press guy.

[25:30] There's a vendor here and and not only that but feel free to change someone if you think you've got a better fit.
So our good friend Andrew Helms once again I I brought him in on the previous company and there just wasn't that alignment.
He was perhaps too creative telling people but yet I brought him in too.
He actually it was actually at entrepreneur business live in L.A. Richard Moore's event.

[26:07] I brought my boss to come in ostensibly say may speak but then he also saw Andrew speak and at the end of it he's like I like that Andrew guy.
He's quirky he's got some really creative ideas let's bring him in.
And so we've been working with him creating some scripts creating some ideas and it's like that that's just it's just wonderful to once again have opportunities where,
your judgment is valued and.
You are supported right. I think that's been the thing that's missing.
I think I've got I think every job has taught me something.
But it's given me part of the puzzle rather than the whole puzzle as I sometimes I've had resources.
But no you know where's the opportunity.
Well sometimes I've had opportunity was I right.
Patrick you are going to do this all by yourself because I don't want to pay for anyone else and I'm not going to pay for else.

[27:07] So that to me is a big deal because again we talk a lot about how companies can transform themselves.
And often when that word is used it is in in respect to a functional element.
Right. Usually it's something to do with technology.
Right. Maybe they need to update to a new technology which is fine.
We can help them with that but a bigger component I think too for a company to transform itself is mindset and it's we all know this to be true.
It's it's very elemental to us but yet it could make a huge difference.
Anytime a company could could undergo this type of mindset transformation I think it would really unlock a huge amount of our life for them.
But it takes a brave leader takes the brave later to do that.

[28:06] It does take a brave leader in leadership is one of those things that is really necessary in today's environment.
I think more and more now than any other time because consumers have the opportunity to jump on Facebook and,
you know get instant instant feedback on products and services and experiences from you know companies and you've seen it over and over again the companies that really thrive are the ones that are,
customer centric they're very focused and they are no one understand what they're delivering what they're doing and the people in the teams in the company all understand the goals and the missions behind that.
And it seems like the larger the organization becomes the less.

[28:55] Flexible they become because the processes and everything that goes along with that it takes a strong leadership to continue to pursue that goal of customer centric innovation.
So it's really it's really amazing to watch.
So I know you're going on a trip family and you're getting out of town for a little bit. There has to be a kind of a nice little break now that you've been.
You've got three months into the company and that's very refreshing.

[29:23] Oh yeah.

[29:24] So I'm going to feel for your viewers I'm going to Japan to tomorrow which I still haven't packed but Will Fuller.
We'll get around that. Now we'll get I'll I'll just be a guy about it I'll just throw some clothes not even folded into a suitcase in 10 minutes. Right. That's how we roll them.
RUFFLE travel half correct.

[29:50] Yeah it's gonna be really nice. We're going up to the Snowy area of Hokkaido which is going to be just just nice to refresh.
I think I mean I'm certainly guilty of this.
I I very much love to dedicate myself to to work both you know both in the professional sense with bootstrap.
Also we had another linked in local L.A.
Yesterday we had our first one for 2020 which was fantastic.
Madeline Mann just again I really am always impressed by the caliber of the speakers that we continue to gain because they just provide such wisdom so many people coming up afterwards.
Thank you for putting this on Madeline was amazing.
I can't believe someone's doing this. You know the usual types of elements and I think that.

[30:46] In that very workaholic state that that I often get to,
it's important for me to to book Ways to recalibrate my self because otherwise I'll just you know like I'll just keep going.
And it it it's fun. It's very fulfilling Don't get me wrong but it is important to take those slow times take that meditative times,
and I couldn't think of a better place than you know snowy Japan right now.
For that moment. I guarantee you by the V.P. of sales Charlie.
He said to me have a awesome trip and I don't want to hear from you.
Right. I guarantee it.

[31:36] Well we all need to decompress and disconnect that once in a while a screen screen time reduction right.
So let's all come together. Hey Patrick I just love the fact that you're here and it's been too long since we last talked and let's continue.
When you get back Liz let's jump on a call as well and reconnect.
And I just want to make sure that I highlight some of the people tricked Jennifer.

[32:03] MAUREEN You know Donny,
Sherry Jerry Ben just lots of wonderful amazing people here that are you know so supportive Terry Bean. Thank you for being here.

[32:20] And I just I just want to make sure that everybody understands that you know we all go through these processes and sometimes in our lives there is moments that we are,
thriving and everything feels alive and things are flowing exactly how we want to be.

[32:38] And at the drop of a hat things can change. Companies can be purchased you know economies can shift and all of these kinds of influences,
and just always remember that if you have relationships if you build and develop and create relationships or deep relationships that are caring not the not the Instagram famous kind of,
attitude but the real ones where you can actually pick up a phone and people say hey Ross how you doing.
That's the thing that you're looking for in life and it may not necessarily be in the same physical location.
It may not be relative to your industry.
However there's always a connection we can make and build.

[33:19] And I think you know we're all pirates at the end of the day because we're in an environment that allows us to broadcast whenever we want.

[33:28] And you know make those connections build those relationships and I encourage you to go out make someone smile today.
You know like I always say kindness is cool smiles or free.

[33:44] And you enjoy the day. Thank you so much Patrick for being here.
What's one thing that you want to leave with words of wisdom that you want to leave with people today before you go on vacation.

[33:58] I think the key thing that is gained made the success in 2019 and we'll continue to gain me the success in 2020 is never being afraid to transform your mindset,
we particularly as we become adults we get we can get stuck in what I call mental schema and ways of thinking.
And the key to always be open to new ways of thinking and changing your ways of thinking is when you do that suddenly so many other,
components suddenly you talk about yourself in a better way that then infuses into your body language when it infuses into your body language you start to attract the right people when you attract the right people.
Opportunities come and then suddenly piece by piece your whole life can radically shift but it starts in here.

[34:57] Beautiful. Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend. Then you too.
See you again. Have a safe trip. Thanks us.

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