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Sharing Interesting people doing interesting things.

I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

So… I invite them to become a PIRATE on the #PirateBroadcast

Join LIVE or on the ReplayWe live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

With technology today, you can create your own broadcast. YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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​Transcript[0:09] It’s a good day for a great day. Don’t you think?[0:15] I hope you’re having a fabulous morning or evening or whatever time you happened to watch this.[0:24] I know you’re awesome because I just said so you’re awesome and I appreciate the fact you’re watching this.[0:32] Thank you. All the gratitude in the world. And today I wanted to let you know I take Thursdays out of the schedule.Tomorrow we have Patrick Ward is a Forbes author you know writing stories all over doing great things.He was an early adopter of pirate broadcast and it’s really amazing to see how,the pirate broadcast has evolved and I wanted to bring him back because he was kind enough to be on when I was continuing to develop the systems that this this has in place.And speaking of systems there’s several different tools I use to create the pirate broadcast and bring it together.And I want to talk a little bit about that.[1:21] And I was going to go ahead and send,you know well put something together and then share it out with everybody.[1:31] So that kind of see how it’s built and put together.And I just thought that would be a good thing to do.I don’t know if you’re interested in that. Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in learning how all these things all the graphics schedules booking follow up the e-mails,notifications all of that stuff happens.[2:03] I’m a nerd so I think that’s an important thing to know about. However it’s not necessarily for everyone.Some people just you know they say I just need somebody to do it for me so we could talk about that as well.I’m trying here’s something that we all know if we’re on LinkedIn now right now I’m posting this I’m streaming this to periscope YouTube Facebook LinkedIn,and by the end of the afternoon by today we’ll be also on,it’ll also be on a podcast and a blog post that blog post will live on. Where will it live.You tell yes. Russ Johns slash pirate broadcast is that’s where all of my. That’s where all of my,content lives so I’m going to go in the comments here and I’m going to say hello to a few people Oh Happy Thursday.Nico Anya Lewis Seth Melissa Melissa. How are you.I hope you’re OK. I just want to give a little moment here and and send your prayers in.[3:30] Anything you can do to help Australia out. I know there’s a lot of challenges going out there for dance for Australia.And if you have an opportunity to donate or contribute to this devastation that’s going on in Australia.[3:43] I just want to. I just want to put that out there because.[3:47] We have a lot of friends in this community there in Australia and sharing that string win in.[3:58] Kiki and a whole bunch of others that are over there.Leonard all of you that are over in Australia I just my heart. Our hearts go out to you.And please I hope it ends soon because it’s it’s very very.[4:20] Sad.[4:20] It’s sad to see that much loss but.[4:25] Contribute.[4:26] Can the firefighters I don’t know a lot of people don’t know this but I I was a firefighter one time and EMT and a first responder.And it’s just a chapter in the book of my life.However I appreciate and understand what it is to fight brushfires and you know work hard to avoid somebodies house going on fire somebody’s barn or animals to go on fire.You know be lost to fire and I don’t want to,yeah,it goes with the compassion that we all have.[5:10] Oh Seth why is there a whereas their iPhone hanging sideways behind you because I use iPhones I have a couple of iPhones because I use them for other camera,setups in some of the work that I do for video shoots for other people because it’s just a nice effect where you can actually put in an extra camera and iPhones are pretty decent cameras.I mean they’re not you know they’re not a hundred thousand dollars cinema cameras however they are they do captures capture some b roll and some other effects.So that’s I have a couple of Actually there’s one right down here that said there’s a there’s an original I five right here there’s a.Let’s see if I can get this there’s an eight right there and then there’s that’s a six plus and then this is a eleven to eleven so.It’s a nerd. That’s why I got lots of equipment.Now I’ve got the camera up here. I got right above me and I got lights above that.So that’s kind of what I shoot with then I’ve got a model pod right here off to the side that I I used to stand anywhere I want and then see I got a tripod on the bottom.[6:36] This tripod I can I can take this off and move it around and use it on my different equipment.[6:43] So it’s versatile.Out there answers your questions Seth.[6:50] I love I love getting questions this is like Q and A this hey this is like the Q and A PI pirate broadcast.See this. What is it called Q and A Perfect.[7:02] I love it.[7:04] Nico How are you been man. Let’s get together sometime.[7:10] Also. Who else is in the room Seth. Good morning. I answer your questions. Always interested in learning about all of those.[7:21] Yeah you know here’s here’s a little story. Let me let me take a break here.[7:26] Have a sip coffee.[7:30] And good morning everyone. I love that you’re here.[7:34] I appreciate that so some of the things that I do I actually started years ago in advertising.I’ve been in radio. In Houston I had a radio show I actually managed multiple radio stations I’ve probably helped produce over a thousand podcasts.You know my philosophy with podcasts is if you have an idea and you want to start it get going.Right now the easiest most simple way I used to promote Sprecher and that’s where I have my my pirate broadcast hosting on because I love the way it’s social shares and everything that goes along with that.However a lot of broadcasters.[8:22] Can start on anchor now anchor is a free platform that’s owned by Spotify which has expanded.They spent millions of dollars on purchasing anchor and Spotify will actually help you publish two i tunes all of the hosting platforms.So if anybody wants a platform or wants a webinar let’s do this I’ll put together a webinar and I’ve done this before for other groups is a put together a webinar on how to produce a podcast,and we can we can bring that together and if you’re interested and just say nice,to say nice or say pirate broadcasts,podcasting or just let me know just let me know. I’d love to do it.Wendy Wendy hula. How are you today.I love that you’re here. Thank you so much for stopping by and joining in because I appreciate that and also our Scott I And good morning to you our Scott it’s evening and time for you.So I do appreciate you snap in us jumping in and.Hopping in and a higher broadcast into your day.[9:36] I wanted to view the back your head. You know.[9:40] Here is a great thing is that.[9:46] I’m on stream yard right now.[9:47] However there’s another platform that I use that I could actually use this camera to stream into the pirate broadcast and I could probably do that and I should maybe,maybe I will experiment with that.[10:04] So you can I can stream from this camera and then stream my workstation to allow you to see that.[10:11] That would be interesting I think. You know it’s like a over my shoulder kind of thing.[10:19] So diverse. Totally cool dude like when I used to jam with the buddies into the rock band.Yeah I played music for years and played professionally toured the Northwest in Canada and driving down the road in a 33 foot Bluebird bus and,having fun with the guys.[10:40] So who else is here.[10:43] Eric Eric Cox. Nice Krish.[10:49] Parrish. Thank you so much. Nice. Derek Monroe.Count me in. Nice windy. I’m well thank you. Can you schedule that for a weekend please.I would love to schedule that for a weekend. There’s a platform that I use that I’ll all I can schedule that life’s little webinar and we can all join in and just learn how to answer questions.Learn how to podcast and put some things together that would be good.My loving is broadcast restaurant. Thank you so much.I really truly appreciate that means a lot to me is the reason I do this is to highlight other people and help you learn about some of the things that are going on around us.[11:40] Use the belt is back cameras your guest set up says the back cameras. My guest.[11:46] OK. My guest today is another camera.I like that. I like that. Eric So some of the things that are going on around us.[11:57] We hardly even pay attention to.[11:59] And one of the things that I really want to share with you today is is this idea that,another fun fact is that I’m a caregiver for my parents. You know I moved to Arizona to be with them.I live here. I live,and care for them.[12:21] They don’t drive any longer. I think I think Mom has a couple of appointments. She had surgery a few weeks ago.They’re doing well. They’re doing well they get around really well that’s 91 he has dementia.[12:34] Sohe doesn’t remember everything all the time.[12:42] I reminded him that we have a garbage disposal because he was trying to use a plunger to unclog the sink.[12:55] To me it’s just it’s just life.You know we can’t get upset by anything because it’s just an experience we’re just having an experience that’s all it is.And I just want to make sure that you understand that this broadcast is the sole purpose of this is to learn what is going on and I appreciate the fact that you’re here.I love doing these doing these things. I love sharing other guests on LinkedIn and what I would really love to have you do is I’m over on YouTube.You know subscribe to the channel just to support what we’re doing here.[13:41] It goes over to you know the pirate broadcast and get notified when the broadcasts get published and things go out the door.[13:52] That would be very helpful encouraging and supportive and you know you can actually go there here and turn this ticker on the pirate broadcasts follow me. I’m on Twitter.I even shot a two minute tip on TV last night.[14:09] And I livestream to Facebook I. I work very to me this is not work.Let me let me. I don’t work hard because I enjoy this stuff.So it’s really encouraging to me to understand what it really means to be here and help people and get get people going because it’s exciting to me to see how it all comes together.And I just really appreciate the fact that there’s people that are interested in learning more learning about other people in the community and learning about other people and what they’re doing in life because we’re all in this together.You know it’s like a cloudy day you know. Just think about the sunshine on the other side.It’s only temporary as the clouds are here now but not forever I should tell myself that when I lived in Seattle there was always clouds.I’m sure I’m sure Nick if you’re watching this you can actually appreciate that.[15:18] Because he lives up in Seattle. And the thing that we also understand is that,you know we all have the same sunshine we all breathe the same air essentially.You know Seth Godin posted a post he’d posts every day so the Post today and I’ll recap this. And I’m sure that all,it’s not exact but the but the point of the story is is that there is thirst and there’s hunger,and if you get stranded in a desert and you have a bag of chips you’re going to die in a week because you have no water you know you may not be as hungry because you have chips to fulfill your your hunger.However the same thing. You know if you have water and you have no food.You can’t survive either and there’s a lot of people online.There’s a lot of business owners there’s a lot of you know corporations that would lead you to believe that you have to be hungry to always be going after you always have to be doing something you always have to be growing.[16:39] Always always forever and ever never. You know there’s no end to the hunger you always need more. You are not good enough.[16:47] I’m here to tell you you are good enough. You know you are exactly where you need to be. OK I’m getting off tangent.So. So the point is is you also have to be thirsty for knowledge or art or relaxation or the other side of your life that you need to,satisfy that thirst that you need to satisfy.That’s kind of what the whole point of this program is is.I want to satisfy you know I’m not selling you.[17:21] I’m not.[17:21] This is not a 90 minute webinar telling you that hey I’ve got a product at the back of the room pitched here to save your life.This is a show to actually highlight some of the things that people are doing around us highlighting a few people here and there.And I I want you to share this broadcast because it’s important to me to highlight more people.I’m booked through the end of January and I’m going to try to I think I’m going to try to book the rest of February the next week or so and and then what I’ll do is I created a promotion.[17:57] I hope you saw that promotion didn’t want to see that promotion. I don’t know.[18:03] It was a pretty good promotion if I don’t say so myself. So I’m going to continue to create innovative promotions like that.Carl Lewis reached out to me. He’s doing a project in Tokyo and he wants to do some creative stuff together for that Randall Calvin in New Orleans,Hey I heard.[18:28] I heard that you’ve got some things going on so I’m looking forward for updates. If you don’t know Randall constant.He’s been in the food industry for 30 years and he’s working with Michelle who’s video. And she’s going to be on his live broadcast.[18:45] And part of her Facebook group her live.[18:49] She’s doing a seven day seven minute seven post so video seven days a week,or less than seven minutes,and I don’t know the other seven days or I just been posting video over there. So it’s fun yeah.[19:13] Also. Oh yeah.[19:16] And on the pirate broadcast on i Tunes this this podcast is,this is converted to a podcast and then sent out items.[19:29] So I would love you to subscribe and you know give me a new five star rating here some love,would you love me. I love that. I love that you there.Gabriel thank you so much.[19:53] You’re awesome I appreciate you are Scott remember Orlando and Disney in the 90s also Chicago and Illinois’s.[20:04] Freshman mirror Kate good morning pirates our cuts always pitching in is awesome individual.If you’re not if you’re not following go connect with him,art.[20:20] Yes. I’m not going to forget art.[20:22] I love art music arts all the creative process to me.This is the creative process as well. So we’re all in it. We’re all in this together Wendy.[20:36] So let’s get it.[20:40] Angie.[20:44] If you did have a product I would buy it.[20:47] I love you. Thank you so much.[20:52] Pom pom Gabel. Good on you. Thank you so much.[21:00] What do you own. Here’s Tanya.What do you use for graphics on your video.[21:07] I use Kanda I have Photoshop and I have other tools that I use my my primary go to product for my graphics that I use on the podcast.The other ones you know if you see some of these you can see like here I have the lead wizard two minute tips.You know two minute tips I got the pirate broadcast Q and A and then Patrick will be tomorrow.Patrick Ward These are all done in Canada.So Dan was a free program now I think you have to pay for the can.App you have to have a paid account in order to build out the transparencies,and the platform that I’m on right now is called stream yard so stream yard is a streaming platform that allows me to stream to multiple platforms.[22:07] I pay for it because I want the because I want to the the benefit of being able to stream to multiple channels at the same time.[22:19] Now I heard a post from Gary Vaynerchuk that says you shouldn’t you should all you should create all your posts natively.It’s like the app you have a team of 20 people doing things for you.I mean it’s easier. I have help. I have people working for me that help me with this process.[22:42] And you get it. We’re absolutely no cost whatsoever. Like in life I love lengthen life.I wish they would improved a little bit.Gabriel says I love using can be used to print out my book cover.[22:59] The teddy bear looks nice. Yes the teddy bear is nice,maybe I’ll tell you about a story about the teddy bear when the,so what are some other questions you have so also another platform that I love is dubbed dot com dub dot com is the program that I used to,start the conversation the books all of the people on the pirate broadcast.[23:29] I’ll do a video response. I’ll do a video response and put it out there.So here’s here’s one other item.You know going back to what Angie said I want to create a workshop that I’m thinking about creating a workshop and I want I want your feedback on this one that’s in the in the feed right now.I want to put together a workshop and it would be a paid workshop. You know I do this for. I do this for business this month.This is kind of my business strategy and development and platforms and and helping people build their online presence and their branding. So part of this equation is there’s a lot of moving pieces in creating the higher broadcast.Not everybody wants to start a live streaming. Not everybody wants to start a podcast.However I think it’s important for every business owner to understand what it takes in order to accomplish the goals and understand how all these parts fit together.[24:29] If you saw Samantha Glover on she was on the podcast higher broadcast last week an amazing individual.She’s a mathematician she’s an artist.She’s a actress actor creative she’s an amazing individual that I just truly adore and she is doing a lot of the things in the back office.You know words like Google analytics and data analytics and keyword research and some of those things and put in you know pixels on your Web site so you can see who’s visiting your website and all of these things.That’s one part of the equation. And then the other side is the things people see you know.And then in between there’s a lot of the content creative you know I create a lot of content I create content every single day.Because I love creating content. It’s like the art piece that.[25:28] That was mentioned earlier who mentioned that art was a windy windy windy mentioned the art piece and I think is absolutely critical because,there is so many talented people out there that are on there.They’re not at a place in their life where they’re sharing this information.So what I’d like to accomplish is what I would like to share with you and I want your feedback is a build a workshop.We can do like probably a two day 90 minute workshop to build a kind of develop your strategy and then we’re put together like a six week mastermind intensive to actually help you put this all together.And if you if you have any interest in something like that or you think that that would be interesting or something like that would be interesting I would really really like to talk to you about that.I’d really like to develop something that you actually want.I want to develop something that you actually need. I want to develop something that people actually join into and appreciate.So those are some of the things that I want.I’m thinking about and for me this is easy process I’ve been teaching social media and marketing and all kinds of platforms for years.[26:53] And I enjoy it. So if I can do something I enjoy and you can participate in this and receive value from it that’s something I’m willing to do. So.I need your help I need your help. I’m asking for your help. I don’t ask for much. So.[27:15] Our Scott says he’s with a group called multidisciplinary and also a multidisciplinary group. Yeah. Morning. Hey Nick I just mentioned to you earlier echoed the mention of your art. Yes.Thank you Andy. Appreciate that.[27:30] That was a great interview.[27:34] Samantha. Yeah. Samantha was a great interview Laurie.[27:39] Thank you for being here. She’s a pirate. All these pirates in the room.[27:43] Nick’s a pirate.[27:46] The whole point is we’re all part of the same community this entire organization of you know people from all over the world are coming together geographic distances mean nothing.You know we’re able to and it’s amazing piece of the puzzle in our evolution in what we’re doing here. It just blows my mind away because I came from the I started in bag in my day,before I had this phone up here.[28:24] Laughing just laughing you know if you’re not laughing,Why why are we here.[28:33] We just it’s we have to appreciate what we have. Just appreciate everything that surrounds you wake up with gratitude every day is a gift. Every day is a gift.Your loved you have permission to do what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.[28:52] I just gave it to you.[28:56] Yes Canada.[29:01] So I couple of things.[29:05] Please follow me on other social platforms.[29:08] I’m going to be shooting more videos on TV so I haven’t been as active on Instagram as I have in the past.I have a few followers over there not as many on an as I do on LinkedIn.[29:24] However that could change and I’ll be going on TV Marti on YouTube so subscribe over there at just you know what.What happens is the pirate broadcasts as we as we generate more interest in and enthusiasm for this than if I can I can do more of it.I can share more individuals and people out there and offer assistance to other people.And you know it helps out.And then I’ll create some classes the some people that are interested in doing this work together,and actually learn more about all of the pieces of the puzzle so I can go in the room and I can ask and answer questions you can ask and answer questions.And it’s it’s a group that will allow us to learn together grow together and succeed together because I think it’s important that you know you have support,individuals or entrepreneurs that are working as a freelancer independent of,you know the support of a corporation or a large business.[30:37] We need to help each other. We need to how it’s the backbone of what we do.So so many industries are born out of the basement or a garage or a kitchen table.And so the thing that you need is support and the opportunity to learn from others experience and you know pull out altogether,and everyone’s. Yes.[31:06] Angie everyone starts.[31:13] Everyone starts at zero. Everyone has zero interest in zero followers.And and you can follow it as well.So I appreciate you and I love the fact that you’re here.[31:30] And thank you for being here,and so with that. You know what I’m going to say or maybe you don’t kindness is cool smiles or free,until next time you enjoy the day,care.

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