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[0:00] Or do I need to watch it through another screen. You can watch it through another screen.
And here's the thing is you can if people comment on YouTube Yeah Facebook or Periscope we can see it on this screen. Is that right? That's clever.
So LinkedIn is a little behind and LinkedIn I know you watch my show every day.
So the pirate broadcast is here and we are actually live today with someone across the pond as they say,
yeah, we are broadcasting on behalf of everybody in the community and we want to bring the pirate broadcast to You to share interesting people doing interesting things.
And Richard is no slouch when it comes to interesting content in comments here.
He's had over well over 100 episodes every Monday at 1 p.m.
And catch him if you're not connected get connected.
So Richard good morning. How are you today?

[1:04] I'm really well thank you. I'm the one Part business owner, one top domestic goddess today.
I've just finished putting a potato on a fish pie and I'm rushing to the station in the school runoff. This has been everything today.
But otherwise, I am well

[1:21] You know it's one of those things we just have to do and part of the reason we run our own business or start our own thing or you know to become a freelancer or entrepreneur of any kind is I think principally it's, the freedom that we have to adjust our own schedule to do our own needs.
And you know you've talked about this a lot on your show and the idea and the concept that you know we have things that have to get completed.
We have responsibilities to ourselves and to our family and to our business.
And some of the things that you bring to the table are. you know we were talking before the show is consistency.
You have a consistent change in how do you manage all of that.
You know with the family and schedules and everything else you stay distant.
However, there are interruptions and so how do you balance the consistency versus the interruptions.

[2:15] I'm gotten what's really important is like that holy, I've said it before the holy grail is flexibility.
And if I was 20 and when I was 20 had no responsibilities then things very easy. I'm 40 this year.
What wife and kids and stuff. So I need to make sure I'm OK, Happy Birthday. Thank you. It's not for a while but thank you. I'm still mid-30s in my hands. It's all good.
I'm but I'm very much of the opinion that it's all good stuff.
So you know complaining that I get to pick up my children from school and things that I support part of it.
But I think that consistency helps make sure the things that matter get done.
And it's all about that you know managing expectations the family knows that on a Monday at 1 p.m.
U.K. time I'm having that hour during my broadcast and it's been like that for 3 1/2 years we've booked holidays around it, Russ.

[3:05] It doesn't mean that everything else is reduced like that's the little island is a couple of things here and there throughout the week where they get done in the same way,
as the business has to chill because sometimes it's like both in the morning at this time I'm doing the school run so everyone has to be flexible around the schedule.
And I just believe that inverted commas success isn't just a big bank account is actually making sure you're being a good dad and a good husband and doing all the other stuff as well you know. And it matters to make sure you don't just wait for yourself too much in one direction because otherwise, you drop the ball.
It's just important because otherwise things just fade off. Well like you know last night before bed I was super-gluing things together to make a toy work again and you just got to make sure all the plates keep spinning and it's fun right. Who doesn't want variety?

[3:56] Well it does give you a variety because ultimately.
You know we are curious beings you know as long as we stay curious and continue to learn.
This is an exercise in adapting. Adept patient in business is key.
You know looking at the markets and everything else and we can learn so much from just our kids you know how they look at it and see the world and how they observe things and you know it's like when they're 7 and going on twelve you know it's like OK what's the mind shift here.
What's the transition in their brains that are taking place.

[4:31] But I'm fascinated in that and not just for children but for grams on.
I'm fascinated so much now by someone's reaction sure in the moment but the like what preceded that why have they got that world view.
Because everything can be explained if someone explodes at you.
If someone has a passion about something if someone's feeling tedious the,
life around whatever it is, however, the children are acting is always behind it so it's quite interesting to look back and say here's why they're acting in this way right now and it's when you understand it's interesting to watch it and play.

[5:07] And it's fascinating and the same can be held true for business and the idea that OK.
Because a lot of times we only look at the symptom instead of the cause. You know we see the symptom.
It's like OK well just like well let's talk for example specifics You've been broadcasting your Monday program for over three years,
and I suspect when you started you know how many people did you have on your broadcast before you started.

[5:41] Not so many. It was on Facebook and I was I was building an audience but yeah it was like 8 but it was good fun to do that. Yeah.

[5:52] So the symptom is that you know the cause and effect is that If you continue to develop this over time. Yeah. Week after week after week after week.
And then ultimately that grows your audience that grows you more people happen to find you.
And the thing that fascinates me is that you never know where they're going to come from so you have an audience around the world I'm sure.

[6:22] That's the bit I love the most. And that audience has been migrated to the Entrepreneurs Business Group on Facebook and in turn whenever we have live events we have them all the time around the world.
There is that component of the live stream to the group.
Then I sat watching them from here in the UK watching the Ottawa event in December.
And you know there's this group of people learning having their networking event.
The other side of the world you know a bunch of people there but there I was sitting there. Someone from Singapore someone from like L.A. or whatever it was.
People all over and then we had a Q and A together just a big fan of building community and that requires that consistency.
And it's interesting because that was something that stood out was I think two days ago there was a thread I was involved with online talking about LinkedIn groups.
Then it got into a talk about Facebook groups and the general consensus is our groups aren't all that rubbish.
They do send in spam all the time and might know they're not really good as long as you're consistent.
You get out we pull in and if you show up every day and literally all that committed to doing something every day and hosting the party feel like you get something from it.
So it's just disseminating things is like trying to get it done or whatever. You just got to show up each day.

[7:43] Well and I think that you're spot on with that because what you put into it is what you receive and in you have to contribute and add value at every turn in order to accomplish your goals in it.
I mean in my life I've seen this over and over again when I'm in a scarcity mode and like the last thing I'm the I'm chasing down some revenue stream of.
I didn't like it always is a base. It's always like right almost there but not quite there yet.
Like when you're adding value and you're contributing to the community of any kind of what it's a group or a you know a live space and contributing to the group things start.
Showing up in your world.

[8:35] Yeah. I. My background is selling in the pure sense. Yeah.
I'm a very big student of human behavior and psychology. I'm not trained in any way.
I've just not been on the pitch long enough to understand these things.
And one thing's for sure is that there is value. Sure the practical tips and things that for instance you give it in a life Jane but as the emotional value as well,
I can just you know it's something I always have on a Monday as it kicks off my week is the thing I love the most. Do not mind doing but I.
Some weeks you know you just on form and you kill a bit more sass about it and maybe you have a bit of a fun runs or you just you know you made the point really well and you just feel it you feel it from the audience as well. Then you get is always nice the off the stream and have the messages that sometimes you just get that many more and then like Oh that was a really good one today and he's like yeah is when you get and I'm that emotional value matters to it lubricates the audience,
wanting to understand your practical value. It makes it want to lean in more because your because this is the human part right. It's as compelling as a host.
I'm not saying I'm can't class host but you know those days where I really riff correctly.
It's interesting that translating this weird way that you know it's already palpable but you can somehow feel that that people are loving it a bit more. It's kind of weird.

[10:02] Yeah it's well it's fantastic it's exciting because all of a sudden you when you're tossing things out.
Yeah, and contributing the community. And you get a reaction and you get that response.
You know I shared this with many many people and you know coach clients on this idea that until you put something out there you have no feedback.
And so you know I'm one of these people that OK I think about halfway through the process I just start creating it. Yeah I love the content creation and then I love the feedback and yeah sometimes you're you know it's like OK. Well yeah that didn't work very well. And you still receive an experience from that you still need some feedback.
I don't want to I want to jump in here. Richard and thank everyone for being here.
Rachel loved your tips this morning. I heard I thought pants were optional. I don't know to say.

[11:07] So, chill out, I load this quickly so I can see it as well.

[11:11] Oh yeah. And Laurie Knudsen thank you. Good morning.
And Sir Richard Vicki O'Neal, Lori Knudsen the pirate crew. Yeah.
We've got the pirate crew flexibility I love that Wendy Gihula.
Fan of Richards and I'm not in sales.
So you have fans Richard that are not necessarily focused on sales.

[11:37] That's fine. You can stay. You're allowed. They all don't permit it. No pressure. You don't have to sell.
And oh here's Roger Wilkerson Hey Rod big man himself.

[11:53] What's going on. Gabriel in the house Hello everyone.
Thank you for being here Wendy. Hello. Yeah. Watching it in the US too. That's amazing.

[12:04] Yeah. And so the reality is that we have an opportunity like this conversation here. You know we're having this conversation a casual conversation.
It just happens to be broadcast on multiple platforms all the all over the world.
You know that consistency has a direct effect on how we can build an audience and a culture around doing.
Yes. What is your experience in that being consistent? What did you notice and what surprised you in the consistency journal.

[12:38] So on this is not me controversial but it is something that must be added.
I know you'll agree but it underpins this idea of consistency because there is a myth in there too.
And the thing about consistency is that. It's dangerous as well as very practical.
And what I mean by that is and I found this to answer your question directly is that if you are consistent in that you doggedly continue every single day showing up doing the same thing all the time. It doesn't mean you're entitled to any amount. Forget success but any amount of even organic uplift. It's not how it fully works. Consistency is like.

[13:25] It's par for the course. It's a minimum level of acceptable performance.
It's not the device that grows you. It's just is the platform it requires sitting on top of that is effective community management and distribution of your content and you know,
you go on a livestream and then there's the Instagram story to say I was on the livestream and then sitting and messaging those people who are in the stream here now afterwards saying thanks for showing up get me into the ad you know,
that this is the bit that levels you up but,
you can't have one without the other is my point and I think is dangerous for some.
I don't agree. I'm sure you will but it's danger to some because they think if I just keep showing up and not do anything different there's that definition of madness. Of course mindset.
But if I keep doing something different then I'll come eventually. And in fact in the world of say digital marketing in the world of linked images I'm sitting on right now for example that is is front and center.
We're seeing it all the time. So for instance corporates will go well we'll just post that blog post again then today.
And that's what that takes of social media.
Day in day out literally nothing happening.
You know you need to add something to that consistency which is getting in amongst the people and talking to them as well. And I think that matters.
You've just shown it just there by pausing for a moment and saying thanks to the people who really make the show it is your audience right now.

[14:53] Absolutely. And I love the fact that we're talking about this because.
You know so many people just think well I'm just going to continue to post this post I'm gonna send this meme out and without engagement it really doesn't mean that much.
You know you have to continue to follow up and I know you being in sales one of the things that moved the needle more than anything is having a relationship with the people that you're working with. You know unless you're selling a commodity that you know has no face it really is critical that you build a community around your value that you bring up.
And here's the other thing that I think is social media is really really good at is becoming the resource for the answer. You can actually be on social media and for years a lot of people I built networks here in Houston that you know and.

[15:56] Created a lot of energy around these things and a lot of people didn't have any idea what I did right. And part of that was by design because it's like well what are you looking for you know. And I would introduce them to somebody else who could help them and if I could help them I could say well here's something we could do. Yes. And that way you're as you're adding value by being a contributor to solve their problems. Yeah that's I'm not selling it. You know I'm not being you over the head because you know you're on your Web site or you need name you're all marketing campaign or digital content. So I think it's really key in the sales process and in life in general is build a relationship and engagement.
And what we're seeing now is that the platforms are noticing that and when especially as is like pushing towards engagement you know they only are also so many things. And so.

[16:56] That's how it should be. And that should be that you're rewarded for doing that.
And the funny thing is the way I put it is that you have to take cues from the offline world.
You don't sell someone straight away you get to know them because before there's the buyer in a job title in a company there's the human that needs to interface you with you in a human way and say trust and familiarity matter and anything. And the great thing that social media does is it allows us to condense the amount that's like really kind of put it in an intense way the fact that people can consume more of you.

[17:32] And that's why video works better than text. Sorry copyright is more compelling because more of the senses are consuming more of the quote-unquote celebrity person if you like that that you might end up buying from. I just feel that the great thing about it is that whilst face to face is so strong at the same time the wonder of social media is that we can drip feed and keep warm. An audience of people who potentially may need what we need and if not they know that we potential someone they can reach out his beak with and then we might as you say help them connect with someone else. But the trust has to be there and it stems from is continued consistent exposure to someone even if it's seeing a video and much like classically a celebrity on TV or in the film. If you see enough of them you tend to feel like you have a sense of who they are and what's happening nowadays. If you look at link 10 is in the business world people are watching each other's shows. People feel that they know Russ Jones that much more because they get what you like. That's why live wins now.

[18:41] It's raw. There are no do-overs productions. You haven't you and I haven't got Snapchat filters on our faces unless you've got some big thing.
I know but out it is another it doesn't look that good. These days the Beard must be real. I'm sorry. I think that that means that the material but not authenticity thing genuine trust as a platform to reach out to you.

[19:06] It is then and the fact that you can accelerate that through socially is fantastic.
So I love that gives us access to people.

[19:15] And it warms us up in the right way. But people are still behind in that they're not thinking that way which is so counterintuitive because the moment you take the camera or the P.C. or the mobile when for the person in front of you.
That's how you act. That's the thing. It doesn't even make sense. But those people want the shortcut or the quick win.

[19:37] Yeah well we're used to instant gratification we're used to Amazon Prime delivery tomorrow you know go will deliver my groceries everything else I want to break out a couple of things.
A key points that you brought up that I think are critical to share,
is that you know because you've done video for an extended period of time and you're showing up on a consistent basis if you were to go to a networking event that has any part of your community involved.
People recognize you. They already feel as if they know your personality your position your thoughts and the way you think. And that removes all the awkwardness of the introduction.

[20:20] Yeah. That irritating bit. The start when you like this dude like.
Yeah that is literally the play to walk and build the events I run and I've said this a million and one times, So literally one year ago to the day we had our first international events that was the New York One about 40 odd people came.
And as lot of LinkedIn people. And you know everyone's like hugging like oh I said Good to see your kind of thing and everyone is like it's like an Old Friends reunion. Yeah yeah.
And I remember looking around that evening because I once I call this let's take you out Richard you know let's go out in New York.
They took me to an Irish bar and like what am I doing here. So it's kind of funny. They would come to the States I was like I need a Hamburg. But anyway it was good because I remember looking around like nine 10 o'clock at night thinking like all these people are so familiar the face is like it's you know it's like,
there's Christine Robinson there's Jamie Cohen There's JUDY FOX is Kurt Magadan to him it was like this is so weird and yet,
because there isn't this part of you that's like. Like how what happened. How do we get here so quickly because it happens?
Yeah but then equally as like everyone felt comfortable and all the events built on that and that's the point.
Because otherwise that the awkward school disco thing we're going to stands on the edge and speaking to each other and we're grown-ups come on. So it's nice to do it this way.

[21:46] I think it's a brilliant move in order to accomplish that goal and I'm one of the experiments that I have with piratebroadcasts is the idea that this platform and this technology and this idea could be extended to other avenues you know business owners industries think of what it would be, in terms of value for someone in a large organization that wants to develop culture,
and have a voice as the CEO or you know somebody from H.R. saying hey if you need this help you can go here if you need help you know and have stories internal to the company and organization. And I think that's. That's the next stage that we're going to you know that's that's where I'm.

[22:32] I mean I'm drawing me to think how cohesive it'd make a team.
It's not entirely the same. But for instance, on Tuesday I was with a company in London and so many of them have watched the live show and they know the videos and things like that.
And that means the external means coming with hundreds of people in it I can walk around it's not like I'm not high five everyone is not quite red carpet.
But the point is that they've seen the videos and their awareness of me. And so like as someone who's like I run nonstop training sessions all day.
We just can speed up with things and when one feels that they kind of know me a bit more and it allows us to gel so much better. They know what they're getting.
They know how I'm going to speak to them. They know kind of the subject areas and it's a great way of doing.
I totally agree and it doesn't even need to be internal. But some industry leaders speaking to the world and therefore their company is a great idea.
I know you see it with Richard Branson Elon Musk anyway. Yes. There's the fair in front of it unknowingly and then the awkwardness of what if I say something wrong but some,
that soon goes away when you realize actually the upside is so tremendously high that it's a good idea to share,
and if you look at it from a branding perspective let's use that term instead of the human sharing themselves perspective,
compare Blue Origin and Space X and I'm a big fan of both kinds of businesses. But what Space X has done well is bring to the masses in a cool way the live stream of every single rocket thing and you know it's warts and all and it's all the things that go wrong and right as well and it's like and everyone's feeling part of the journey and to a lesser,
degree Blue Origin is not done that and so we're not feeling like We're gelling as much with their journey.
So sharing consistency again and that's what matters.

[24:32] Yeah transparency and visibility I mean we're all human we're all you know soaking up the same sunshine.
There's no way there is some sunshine here. Russ this is the UK. I mean it's like the middle of the night most of the time it feels like just having spent years in the northwest.
I understand why cloudy days. However, the sun is just on the other side of those clouds.
No that doesn't make me feel better because I think while there's a nice sunny day. Great now I want to kind of tighten up this because I know that you know one of the things that I love about what I'm doing with this show that I think is a little bit unique is the fact that it's live it's consistent.
It's on four platforms streaming it for platforms right now.

[25:25] And then at the end of the day by the end of the day I'll have the transcription of the show and it'll be a podcast which will then all be broadcast out on all the clouds.
Yeah. So for yourself you know afterward you know you have another piece of content that you can share out and distribute to your community and also the fact that you know a few years ago this was nearly impossible to accomplish.
And so what we're seeing is the availability is increasing and improving the quality and the stability is getting to the point where we can trust it a little bit more. Tech kind of works now which is good.

[26:06] Yeah. Yeah. And so. So what we have is now you know because I you know like yourself you're in it and you're doing this not everybody is in it and understands everything.
And the complexity and the simplicity between you know what you can do on what is possible you know so I really want to share that with everybody and add that value to the community and said Hey just get started. Give yourself some feedback.
Yeah just realize that the first episodes and you know we're learning it's a process of watching them anyway.

[26:39] It doesn't matter. That's the thing. That's what we need to understand is that that in the first seven or eight when you're getting over yourself you don't get much of an audience and no one cares if you're not looking at the camera properly and no one cares if you know you wipe your nose.
You know it's not people who prefer authenticity. That's what works. Now if you're being all polished then people can't relate as much so.

[27:05] Well I think that there is a lot of opportunities out there and I will continue to pursue it. And thank you so much for being here Richard.
It's great. So one thing you want to leave with the world today what. What's it what's the nugget of knowledge you're going to drop today.

[27:20] Okay. Well, let's keep it I'll keep it tight. We've kind of thematically what we talked about today.

[27:25] I don't really feel that people should ask themselves if they're hesitating or fearing to put themselves out there and that even means just writing a post let alone video or live.
But really to do with video for instance people are fearing it especially when they're trying to build a business behind this and using marketing whatever they need to ask themselves what matters more. And is it the safety of their emotional state, or is it the health of the business and how I overcame it and get on with video was by not being confident that I've got this and I'm going to smash it. It was that no matter how fearful I was the business required it or the business would thrive with it. So that has to supersede how I feel and some of the businesses watching represent a service or product that can directly and positively impact people's lives. So feel good really change people's worlds,
so to not do this kind of thing because you as an individual and feel how you feel and perceptions is to withhold wonderful value from people who really might need it.
And I think we need to supersede that level of stuff you know over and above how we feel in the moment and that's how I squared it with myself. You know what.
Suck it up and do. Because it matters more for the bigger picture.

[28:53] Yeah. It's better for the big picture right on. Yeah.

[28:57] Well thank you so much for being here Richard. I love the fact that we're connected and I appreciate the fact that we're we're able to have a conversation on the pirate broadcast and as you know kindness is cool smiles are free. They are great,
and you enjoy the day.

[29:15] Thank you so much. It's been an absolute pleasure and I hope to see you really soon. Take care. cheers

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