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[0:07] Are you having a fabulous Thursday.

[0:12] Are you excited about today well you should be.
Because we have the pirate broadcast.

[0:22] Thank you so much. And I really appreciate the fact that you're here. We'll get you,
started here. You know the pirate broadcast is here to entertain educate inspire and do a few things that will help you through your day.
Also. You know something that you can reflect on, on a regular basis. So I just want to share a couple of things. As you can see I'm in a different environment. I'm like somewhere else today.

[0:58] Yes. I'm in Houston.

[1:03] Anyone on online in Houston let me know where you're at.

[1:07] Let me get here and see if I can actually,
sit there's anyone joining me this morning.
I have to go through these gyrations.
Entertainment I'm entertaining myself. Sorry.
It takes very little to keep me amused.

[1:36] Oh where am I even going. I'm trying to.

I can work anywhere I am.
I work virtually. I have clients all over the world and I really like the idea of this traveling.

[2:03] And at the same time, every environment that you're in power is at a different place. You have to be prepared for that.
You know the lighting is going to be different and it's overcast than it's been rainy.
In fact, the entire time I'm here it's probably going to be raining cold or cooler not cold.

[2:22] It's just one of those things that you have to be prepared for.
Be prepared. That's one of the things we talk about right.

[2:34] And so what are some of the challenges.

So what are some of the things that you do to prepare to travel?

[2:49] I'm one of those people that I could get up in the morning decide to go someplace throw a couple of things at a bag and take off.

[2:59] Not everybody is that kind of individual.

[3:06] You know it doesn't take me much to survive for the week. It doesn't take me much in terms of clothing and preparation and everything else.
I'm kind of ad hoc, I have been known to just get away for a little bit and like here in Houston you know it's I'm here for a couple of weeks.

[3:31] And if you're in Houston and you know me and or you want to be connected or you hear this broadcast I mean drop me a line.
I know there are a lot of people out there that I'd love to get together with and connect with and I do have some engagements and dates.
And at the same time, I have to also work. But my point and I'm getting kind of off on a rabbit trail is the fact that it doesn't take a lot of preparation for me to take off,
and then it doesn't take a lot of planning or forethought you know.
And some people are very methodical about how they prepare what they pack the expectations and how they plan for each day.
It's neither good or bad it's just a different experience. And I'm just kind of curious if you're out there.

[4:22] Cincinnati Ohio and so I'm just kind of looking at those experiences I know some people have been trying.
Hey Vicki O'Neil how are you today?
I hope you're having a fantastic day. Hello Trish morning Trish.
How are you, Shelly Lally? I know you've been traveling you've been on the road you been at a few sporting events recently and you probably have a few more in the future coming up.
So what are your thoughts on travel? Are you a quick pick him up and go traveler or are you planning and preparation person.

[5:01] So Neil OH KATIE Yeah.

[5:07] Newell How are you doing. I saw your events.
Gail you and Gail have some events out and Katie don't you.
Laurie can you too. Good morning. I hope you are having a great visit.
I am having a wonderful visit. Spending time with my son is always a good experience and it's nice to catch up with him.

[5:37] Frank how are you today. I appreciate you dropping in.
You pirate you, Angie. Thank you. Thank you for being here.

[5:48] If you don't know Angie she sells magnetic lashes.
She has magnetic lashes so connect with her if you want to check that out. That's awesome.
Roger Wilkerson always have a bet. Always have a go-bag.
I love that. I love that. It's it's Yeah.
I always have a go-bag
Two minutes and you're gone. That's all you need right. Travel light.
It's like I bought it once I could buy it again. It's somewhere else. Kate Howden Good morning afternoon. How are you?
And Vicki I'm so glad you're super fantastic.
Super-cali-frag-alistic-expe-ala-doshus. There you go.
I need to learn how to pack lighter I have to tell you, my sister, I love her dearly and she over packs all the time. And it's like.

[6:53] I went on a vacation with us traveling one time and there is a group of us traveling a family and.
Not my family but another family and I showed up and I had one small bag.

[7:08] I said where's the rest of your luggage. It's like we're here for two weeks.

[7:13] So yeah what I. I know it's a vacation.

[7:19] I don't need a lot of things for two weeks of vacation.
There's laundry you can do wash your clothes. I mean it's like I think I spent and this goes back to being a musician and traveling with six guys in a bus.
Literally I had a file folder box that I had all my clothes and everything I needed in a single box my drum equipment took up so much more.
The amplifiers and everything else and I just had a small box and it was just one of those things that you just got used to travel and light and if you needed something else or,
you did laundry you travel you had what you had it was great,
camping too.

[8:04] I used to have everything organized where it was like everything was in three bags and so I could pick those bags up and throw them in the car.
I could be gone for two weeks so that was nice.

[8:21] So May, how are you?.
Having traveled thirty-seven countries I've learned the pack light now because part of life I love that I've not traveled thirty-seven countries.

[8:37] And I do appreciate people that pack light and learn how to live with less I guess that's the whole point.

[8:45] Living with less. And the idea that you know kindness and generosity and gratitude can have such an impact on the way you live.
And I was having this conversation with my son last night. And he's thinking about changing you know doing some different things in his life.
And there's all of these things that he has you know stuff that you have and the US is one of the few countries that has the idea the concept of storage units.
You know it's like I store stuff because I don't know what to do with it.
I have this stuff and I don't want to throw it away but I don't have a place for it. And so it's this minimalist idea and this concept that we have and traveling with burdens and same with life you know it's like oh my shoulders are heavy from all,
the baggage that I've carried my entire life.
And the thing that we have to consider is why do we carry it. Why do we store it?

[9:45] Why do we have it? You know yesterday is in the past.

[9:51] Sometimes we just have to let it go. You know have a garage sale if you imagine if you can have a garage sale and have somebody purchase and take away all of your emotional baggage. Wouldn't that be great?

[10:09] No. Maybe we could work on that. To go on to Mars or do prior work on emotional baggage right.

[10:19] However some of the scars that we carry, are the things that actually propel us to be who we are.
The damage that we've done, the damage that we experienced, the problems we have and the challenges that we've had to work through,
All of that tempers who we become our resiliency is a place that we can actually travel to and from because we've had this experience.
You know there's a lot of material that's been written about emotional resiliency and the grit and the idea that you can be and do something better than you imagined you can because.
We only have the experience of the past and like any experience, can only take us so far because we've been there done that, and to go forward it takes imagination it takes the faith to travel forward and we have the opportunity to imagine a different outcome.

[11:50] Thank you, Jeff Young. Good morning. We all have too much stuff like George Carlin says yes. We all have too much stuff.

[12:06] Physically mentally emotionally. We have too much stuff. Life is really simple when it comes down to it.
And that's why I'm such an advocate for kindness is cool you know.
And if you could in smiles or free you know we can make it matter.
We can take that emotional baggage work through a work past and letting go,
and getting rid of and not hoarding or holding onto these things that.
They're actually holding us back it's really limiting our beliefs.

[12:48] It's limiting our imagination. It's limiting our ability to grow and move forward and flow with who we were meant to be what we were meant to do anyway.

[13:00] These are Thursday thoughts that I've been having and I just wanted to share this with you and get your feedback and get you thinking.
It's like why do I do the things I do. Well, it's because the experience you've had is exactly where you are.
And so in order to expand your horizons and your imagination and your potential is you have to have different experiences and some of those experiences are good some are bad and they're all educational, so just instead of reacting to an event, just notice what that reaction. Creates in your body. How does it feel? Why do you think it feels that way? and just reflect on it.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. And see how you're doing. Rodrigo.

[13:53] Derek holding on to negativity creates bitterness in the heart. It sure does.

And I'm surprised by people that hold on to that negative emotion because it's like life is so amazing.
You know we want the DNA lottery that we're even here. No one I mean what are our chances of even being born.
And then the fact that we're I made it I mean literally I've had several experiences that I.
Two degrees away from plus or minus easily could have been. A different outcome a completely different outcome.

[14:40] I was talking to a friend of mine and we used to work together years ago when I was 18. And I did odd jobs and worked in the commercial construction and,
we had an experience together where you're building a building and these buildings when you build them out of the foundation of a tall building you go down very deep into the ground in order to come up you have to, you have to build walls and in order to pour concrete. You have to actually use a vibrator. That has a motor on one side and a tip on the other side. You insert the tip into the concrete to make sure that you get all the air bubbles out and everything like that.
You know it's a process anyway. The point of the conversation is is that we would be long before OSHA was really a thing in my life and I wasn't really aware of gravity.
We would walk on top of these walls 40 feet in the air carrying this vibrator pouring concrete out of a hose that easily could have knocked us off and you know it's like,
and we were talking about this incident where I had wrecked a car and this car, I was traveling over 100 miles an hour and I literally sheared a power pole off going as I exited the road sideways. And there's nothing more humbling than looking in the backseat of a car and seeing nothing. When a couple of people used to be there. So that's a story for another day.
My point is gratitude for what we have because it could be so fleeting.

Life is so precious. It can you know you don't know what's going to happen.
Split-second decisions poor decisions you know it doesn't necessarily mean you if it can be somebody else's decision.
You know so I just I want you to appreciate every single day I want you to understand that it's something that we need to,
and should you don't have to if you don't want to? You can hold onto all that stuff if you like. I know I'm not a hater,
but the other side is what if. What happens if you actually take that and you and you pursue some release of things you've been carrying around.
Just think how much lighter you'd feel you know just that resistance that you've had for years is like,
just let it go just and there are processes and there's I know it's not as simple as that for some people.
So I'm not going to diminish the fact that you know trauma and tragedy you know has a different effect on different people.
And I don't want to diminish the idea that that's something real I want to just encourage you to think about the possibility that the outcome,
of letting go can be the benefit you receive in the future.
And it's as simple as that. That's the only message I'm having. And I just want to thank you so much.
Yeah not everybody Kenyatta has been teaching this. Gabriel thank you so much.
I like the new corner graphic Russ kind of cycle.
Thank you so much, Sherri. I probably have been going back and forth and hiding behind it.

[18:36] So Jeff Young thank you so much.

[18:42] There are so many things that we can learn the DNA lottery I love that one. Yeah, every day is a gift. Jeff I totally I know that we relate in that regard.

[18:55] And I know that there's so many things that we can do to help others along the way.
You know we're not alone in this. And I just encourage you to reach out to people that are less fortunate I know people that make good money that are miserable.
I know people that have made amazing careers and are somewhat lost. And, or circumstances that they're in at this point in time or you know difficult and,
it's not always easy.

[19:35] And I understand. So. It's just one of those things.

[19:41] I want to shift gears here a little bit.

[19:48] This Thursday you know it's a rainy overcast day and I don't mind that I mean coming from the northwest in Seattle and Oregon.

[20:00] You know it's kind of just relaxing to me it allows me to focus a little bit more. Arizona's nice. It was 70 and sunny when I left.
And I'll be back there next month and so I just want to take Thursday thoughts is kind of my break in the week to you know I like to highlight people on the week tomorrow.
We have Richard Moore in the show Richard. I don't know if you'd know Richard or not. He's been on live a little while.
Does Facebook some business stuff shout out and you know. Next week we have another amazing week. I'll share some highlights of the guests next week.
And also this system that I developed my goal. Today's Thursday isn't it. Holy cow.
My goal is to book February by the end by Monday.
So I got some guests I got some imitations out there so I want to fill up February with guests and maybe I should give a rundown of the month.
Everybody that's going on maybe it like maybe a pirate calendar. Would that be cool? That be kind of fun wouldn't it?
I could do a pirate calendar who's on your pirate calendar today.

[21:30] My son doesn't drink coffee so I had to stop and get coffee today. I have his dog is here too. So again I'm going to be walking a dog today.

[21:41] She's a good dog. So anyway I am fantastic. And I hope you are too. And I just want to make sure that you have an opportunity to. Know that you're appreciated. And you are. Oh, Kenyatta rocks the day. I love the comments.

[22:10] And you know this is what it's all about as the community that we have is just amazing. And I just encourage each other to have conversations start the conversation here or elsewhere.

[22:22] I'm not I'm definitely not the center of the universe, and I want to encourage you to reach out and build a network of friends people you can reach out and have conversations with deeper conversations not just. Hi, how are you? How's the weather? You know I don't want to talk about the weather with you know I mean I bring it up because I'm looking at it outside and I'm thinking, it could be. It's a wonderful day. The sun shines just on the other side of the clouds.
That's all Maureen. How are you Rob what's going on Rob.

[23:07] You're on the West Coast there you're in B.C.
Vancouver. I sure that I'm probably thinking that it could be some weather in your neck of the woods but let's connect soon.
I love the idea that we can actually build the community. I've got a lot of exciting things coming up. And I want to start expanding this. This broadcast to other people an offering this service and assist other people in creating their own broadcasts. And so I got some things coming out in that direction that I'm really really excited about.
You know for years I networked out in the community and I've done a lot of great projects and amazing things.

[23:54] You know broadcasting sporting events and shooting you know podcasting better the podcasting world.
A lot of people out networking and I know a lot of people say I'm not really sure what Russell does. So.
In fact, Michelle Peavy who was on yesterday it's like four years. She asked me one day. We met at a friend's house at a party. And she is now what is it exactly that you do.

[24:31] Depends on what you need.
And that's not really mission down. However, I'm really really excited about this. This potential this thing that I'm releasing so stay tuned for that. I really am really excited about it.
I want to be able to expand and highlight other people in an amazing way. The video is here. The video is here. Podcasting is here. People are you know Spotify.
Did you hear that Netflix is getting prepared to spend 17 billion dollars.

[25:14] Be with a billion, billion with a B on content this year 17 billion dollars,
and we have an opportunity broadcast every day not that Netflix is going to pick up the pirate broadcast today so we're not in talks, were not in talks.

[25:38] However if you would like to talk. I'm happy to help you. I just want to bring a little ray of sunshine in your day and hopefully, you'll be able to go throughout your day or your evening wherever you happen to be in the world and appreciate the fact that there are people that care.
There are people that listen and there are people and friends around you that will support and encourage you in some way.
And don't isolate yourself and. Get out and just have somebody that you can have a conversation with and explore some other ideas beyond.
You know the grocery list or you know filling up at the gas station kind of conversations go try to go a little deeper in your conversations when you can. And.
Explore the idea that you have so many things to be grateful for in life because that's where the magic happens that's when you when you're.

[26:47] Educating yourself on what the possibilities are and when you start to think about possibilities opportunities show up.
It's I can't explain it. And you have to experience it before you really understand it.
And the more you put out the more you expand and the more gratitude you have for life and things around you.
It just returns and it's just amazing. So. With that being said I just want to go ahead and wish you the very best in your day.

[27:26] Present you with possibility and open the door to opportunity. And you know kindness is cool. Smiles or free. And you.
Enjoy the day.
See you tomorrow.

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