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[0:04] Let's see if this is going to work for us all right.
I'm curious because this I was experimenting with this and you know I was looking forward to,
a December 24th broadcast and I wanted to share today and tomorrow.

[0:30] You know not everybody's focused on work getting on a pirate broadcast.

[0:39] They're not focused on too many things except maybe a last minute shopping rushing around.
I don't know. Tell me what you're focused on, or are you focused. I'm not focused.

[0:52] I'm pretty relaxed actually and I just wanted to share a little bit about what the last decade has brought us where we are going what I'm planning on doing.

[1:08] I just want to kind of share a few things about kindness and generosity.
You know thinking about having a little respect for the people around you and understanding that there's empathy that needs to be in place for us this time of year a lot of people get stressed out.

[1:29] You know the holiday season is not necessarily the most joyful time of year for some individuals.
You know some individuals that have lost family members you know I you know holidays for me are not necessarily the best time of year.

[2:00] And I could go down story Lane and I may tomorrow.

[2:05] However not today. I want to keep this upbeat. I want to keep this positive.
I want to keep this moving forward because it's important for me to understand that everybody has something that,
is challenging in their life.

[2:23] You know until you've had challenges you really haven't lived fully though you know the failures of some of the things that you've started.

[2:34] Some of the projects you've got going may not go exactly how you want them to.
And those times in your life are the most important time because it's not,
it's not as important about what happens.

[2:54] It's about how you handle what happens to you.

[3:02] And a lot of people lose track of that fact and they go to shame and blame and guilt and all these burdening.

[3:12] Emotions that are wasted time a lot of luck and a lot of cases.

[3:19] Well yeah in all cases and the reality is is that we're human we're we're expected to work and improve test and adjust,
perfection is it's a lie. And people that expect you to live in perfection will.

[3:49] It's a lie. I'm just I'm just telling you it's a lie so I'm going to I'm going to come in here and I want to ask you if anybody's here.
We'll see who's here. I had a couple of views. ANGIE Good morning.
It's working for us. Focused on taking it easy and friends and family. That's fantastic Maureen.
I love that you're here. Angie I love that you're here. Jeff you know we can go down this path. Relax and enjoy a little bit of freedom today and tomorrow.
I know that I'm going to do that although I have some projects that I'm working on that I really really enjoy spending. I would do this.
Regardless I mean this thing is something that I find passion in and I enjoy sharing this and I enjoy it.

[4:47] I enjoy projects I,
have a video editing project in and I'm teaching my sister how to edit video and run it.
However her laptop didn't necessarily,
allow video editing to take place so I went we went and found a laptop last night at Best Buy and,
so because she's going to be travelling Roger Merry Christmas and so we're gonna be trapped.

[5:23] She's gonna be traveling to see her daughter next week and she's enjoying video editing which is something I don't find joy in as much.
And so she is going to be taking that project.
And the reason I bring this up is because we all have something that we can contribute to others,
you know find a circle of people that you can surround yourself with like,
you know like Maureen and Roger and Angie and Jeff and people individuals that are willing to contribute and,
understand what your goals are.
And my goal is to help people understand that we're all human.

[6:11] We all have a gift and we all have the ability and the opportunity to share that gift.

[6:16] And when you really understand what that means and you're willing to expose yourself and liberate yourself from the expectations that others have burdened upon you,
you can actually do something greater than you imagined.

[6:35] It's it's so liberating the opportunity that you can actually just go out there say what you feel and enjoy what you're doing.
You're not planted in a seat where you're you know where people don't appreciate you you know go go to the place where people appreciate you and do the things that people appreciate you for that you enjoy.
And that intersection of of you know enjoyment and value and trust in what you're doing is exceeds all expectations and when you find that place.

[7:14] It's like it's like Christmas. It's like Christmas. It's iconic. In all of those things all wrapped up in one.
So Kyle. Happy holidays.

[7:26] Love that you're here. I hope you're getting some relaxation and let me know what you are planning on doing tomorrow.
Let me know what you are doing today.
I'm just kind of curious in the comments so you know everybody celebrates a little differently.
Sometimes it's quiet laid back sometimes as big parties and family. Sometimes it's you know you have kids involved and engaged. And there's lots of activities around that.

[7:55] My family here you know we had our parties earlier on.

[7:59] My sister was in town my brother was in town my brother in law was in town.
So we celebrated early. We had a nice dinner and everything else and it was really really fantastic.

[8:10] So I'll. Good morning. Our Cut. Sorry.

[8:16] What are you doing for the holidays and how are you celebrating. What are you. What is it that you are doing and what. How are you celebrating.

[8:23] Because I want to make sure that I understand you get kind of a landscape.
Go on. Find out what what it looks like and how it feeds your soul.

[8:35] How does it feed your family. How does it feed your environment.
So is,
just taking time to reflect in 2020 is coming right around the corner and it's really about the opportunity an entirely new decade.

[8:53] Time is is not really time.

[8:57] I mean days go by things go by and when you lose track of time and what you're doing that's that's really that's really the value in pursuing what you're doing with joy.
I'm off on a tangent now. So. So 2020 what things are you going to be doing in 2020 that you have practiced you have refined you have worked toward in,
the last decade this decade has been kind of a growth decade for a lot of people that I've talked to and you know change and transformation,
you know it's been it's been challenging for some I know a lot of people are in transition from you know corporate work you know they've,
had the opportunity to be come part of this corporate orphanage and they really want to look for something greater than themselves.
They want to do something more so.

[10:03] It's really about how you can redefine what you're doing how you can actually understand that yes I can be something different than what I was doing.
You know I I spent 25 years in organizations that no longer exist and sometimes we get caught up in this idea that our job is who we are and it's not necessarily who we are it's it's really about,
being ourselves and understanding the value and in what we're learning and what we can learn and pursue going forward,
going to Zambia with my little girl probably will be a madhouse. Kyle says,
yes just a. And that's that's the whole thing.
That's the beauty of it. Kyle is that you can actually understand that it's going to be a madhouse anticipate it and relax around that fact,
as you know if you get all wound up and you get attention and then it doesn't really you don't enjoy it.
And if you understand that it's going to be chaos and you just allow yourself to imagine that that's OK then it's probably going to be OK.

[11:28] So what else. I look forward to joining your monthly mastermind.

[11:36] Angie bring up a great point. So,
in 2020 I'm starting I'm going to be doing a couple of masterminds I'm going to be doing a mastermind on,
video strategy live streaming and some of the things that it takes to actually,
generate leads because a lot of people have been asking for stuff and and I've kind of hesitated.
However I think in 2020 I really need to go back to sharing some of the things I've learned in the last decade and understand how I can help you even more than before.
So I know that that's that's coming up I actually have my,
I have a workshop on January 4th I'll share more information about that,
and what it is is you know you can come in real started the workshop as a strategy session in 2020.

[12:42] And there are some tools that I've been using that are just phenomenal and there's a process that I've been using for years that is,
it's organic it's real it's relationship based and everything and I like to do is you know all about relationships.
In fact it's talking to my sister last night.

[13:08] Right now at this point in time every single,
bit of revenue I have coming in every single client I have right now is a direct result of having a relationship,
I don't have any I don't have any revenue that wasn't related to a relationship,
that I've developed over time,
and some of this work has I started a relationship over a year ago two years ago.
And now it's it's going its relationship and everything else.
So I want to pursue helping more people in 2020 in the next decade around how,
that will impact your business how it would impact your life and how it will impact your bottom line.

[14:08] That's to me that's really important. You know to help more people so yes.

[14:16] Happy holidays. Robert Stern how are you doing.

[14:25] I haven't seen you here recently. So thank you so much for being here live streaming two to three times a week amping up my show with Side A Side B twist Oh I want to hear more about that Kyle.

[14:41] Side A Side B that likes a throwback to the album the vinyl.
I like that idea. I like that concept. So I was thinking about also doing the,
the morning broadcast the you know this show here pirate broadcasts and also doing the two minute tips ad hoc when I feel like it.
So I'm not sure that's going to take place but Lewis good morning.
Hope you have a holiday. Absolutely nothing.

[15:14] You say up,
out about 20 20. Let's get let's go let's get it applaud you.

[15:22] Let's let's go with enthusiasm I love that thing. Let's let's make it happen.

[15:30] GERRY Happy Holidays Russ and all. Thank you so much for being here.

[15:34] I really appreciate you.

[15:39] And also another thing kind of we should.
Let's let's connect. I want to talk to you about that little more detail.
I know you've been you've been live streaming for a while you've been doing video for a while so,
love to have you. You should be a pirate. That's what I've got to say. That's what I say.

[16:06] And here's another thing that here's another thing that we need to think about and consider is how are we adding value.

[16:14] What is the value that we're adding to this platform. What is the value we're adding to the community.
What is the value that we're adding to ourselves our lives or are the people surrounding us our families.
It's just a simple equation. It's like contribute. Just simple minor contributions to throughout the day can make all the difference in the world.
And if if you don't believe me just open the door for someone pay someone a compliment smile.
You know it's like you go through the you know here's an X here's a social experiment I want you to I want you to try next time you're in the grocery store. Just smile at people.
Now there's two reactions you're going to find either people are going to pretend they don't see you and ignore you completely because they don't want to be exposed or they don't want to be seen,
or they're going to smile back and there's no downside.

[17:13] Right. And if you smile it's like you could see somebody that looks kind of cross and they're probably just in thought deep thought or something like that.
And you just smile at them and get them to do what you can to get them smile.

[17:27] I I,
trust me this is so. It's fascinating.
It's a fascinating discovery in human psychology of just walking around in public and right now you know everybody's out there.

[17:44] They're probably a little bit stressed out right now if they haven't you know they're still in the stars stressed out and it's like last minute things.
So I didn't want to I just want to remind you that you can have fun with it.

[17:57] Enjoy your surroundings you know try not to take things so seriously that you can't enjoy the day.
You'll find those moments even if it's a small moment. Just take a breath relax and say it's OK it's all right it's good life is good Dr. Linda.
Also try this. Look at look the cashier in the eye and say thank you.
And then use their name if they're wearing a badge.

[18:30] I love love love that I love that,
and also in restaurants when the waitstaff attend your table and they're rushed or something like that just ask them what their name is.
Then repeat their name and then every time they come to the table say thank you thank you.

[18:52] And then use their name it travels for miles.

[18:58] Your service improves your the attitude improves your attitude will improve.

[19:04] Things will improve around you.

[19:08] It's really simple. It's really simple yet. It really really works.

[19:16] And I I I just ask that you give me it Give it a try and let me know what you think about it is very hardships. Take us forward.
May. Amazing Grace Yeah. You know there's a there's a a little bit of,
you know when you reflect on the hardships that you have in life you know and trust me I've had a few.
And when you have hardships I think it tempers your attitude towards being able to have a little grace for others have a little more patience.

[19:58] You know that tenderness in your and your heart saying you know for me every day is a gift.
If I wake up it's a gift if my parents wake up. It's a gift.
If my sister wakes up it's a gift and when I text my son and he responds It's a gift.

[20:22] I know that people around me I know that people are here and I know that I have people that care and love me and.

[20:32] That is a gift and we can't forget that people care and you know surround us and they're here.
They're in our community they're people that we don't even know yet are probably thinking about us and I know that sounds crazy but it's not,
so things that you've done in your life and you shared in your life and journey are probably impacting somebody right this second.
They're out there in the universe. They're there for infinity.
You know this is why I get so passionate about what the time we live in.
We you know 200 years ago you wrote a story,
the chances would be that very few people would ever get the chance to experience that story that but that part of your life that brings joy or brings a smile or you know.

[21:30] Something happened.
And now we have it the ability and the opportunity to share it and the ability and opportunity to inspire others across the world is geography is no longer limit.
Geography is just a mere byproduct of getting gas in your car.
So think of that way and they expand your expand your opportunities and your abilities to connect with people build relationships and true relationships not just.

[22:04] Hey I saw you on LinkedIn you know there's there's really a lot of lot of opportunity here and I think it's really important for us to as humanity,
as as humans we have to find the connection and we have to lift others up and we can do it in the kind way.
And there's no reason that we can't Ill help others along their journey you know.
You've had experience in your life that you can share if you shared with that with your younger self imagine what that what kind of an impact that would have on your life.
There's someone that's like you your younger self right now that's looking for guidance they're looking for some direction they're looking for just some someone to bounce ideas off of,
you know and if you have an opportunity to mentor somebody or share that with someone I encourage you to do so just like this.
You know I'm putting this out there because I want to share interesting people doing interesting things.
I want to share the things I've learned and understood and tested and you know bailed out and adjusted for and you know developed over time because it's important.
It's you know if you can help someone accelerate their education and understanding on a topic.

[23:30] What's the downside you're bringing value to the world. They're asking for help. You provide help.
It's it. It's a constant cycle. It doesn't really. There's no downside.

[23:46] You can't run out of abundance. Right. You cannot run out of abundance and you have to understand it by not sharing what you've learned and experienced over life.
It's it's it's something that's going to be lost.
You know it's it's don't allow. Right now you can share it.
It doesn't have to go away. It doesn't have to leave with you. So share what you can put it out there. Produce the results. Help others that are in the same journey. Let's accelerate this thing.
This thing is is you know we're just all on this planet together.
There's really no reason why we can't help each other out so humanity goes beyond race creed culture religion it's all.

[24:38] One thing we all share. True story.
Yes. Yes. We're all we're all connected.
You know. I'll bring the same oxygen we all know and experience the same gravity everything else in you know when we're born we're a clean slate in.
We don't have any shame guilt prejudice anything like that,
and then life builds out upon us it increases in unfolds in front of us and teaches us lessons about you know,
things that we don't need in our life.
And when you get to the point where you can actually think through that and release those those lessons of,
prejudice or hate or you know negative thoughts there's another way of thinking and I encourage you to think in a kinder more loving way.

[25:51] That's all I'm saying though I don't see that I found the downside love anyone find the downside love.
I mean yeah I've had my heart broken more than once maybe twice more.

[26:10] And it's an emotion that you feel it's a feeling it's things that you go through it's experiences.
That's what makes life so wonderful.
It's an experience it's feeling. It's feeling those emotions it's feeling those thoughts it's feeling,
those things and share those stories because somebody is aching right now they're in pain right now this very instant thinking about something you've already gone through,
and you can help them you can help them you know that.

[26:46] And I my mission in life and one of my one of my gifts that I want to share is kindness is cool.
Miles are free and I really truly believe that in all my heart you know and,
I really I really know that that's part of the fabric that holds humanity together.
Is that a little bit of kindness that love that kindness in you know a lot of people especially a lot of you know stoic guy types.
You know the strong man kind of personality is.
Yeah. I can't be I can't be vulnerable. Well I can be vulnerable. I'm very vulnerable.

[27:34] So I think it's I think it's important to our gut relationship empower the youth the had the right relationship at the right time at the right place.

[27:48] Make a Difference. Anyone can contact always like a guide. And whenever you need suggestions.
Yeah we can all be receiving education and we can all be presenting education experience and compassion.
So it's it goes both ways. Always Be a learner.
Lifetime Learning. Anyway I just wanted to share this this today and tomorrow I kind of just wanted to reflect on the last decade and some of the things I'm thinking of 20 is coming up.

[28:23] I want to be able to share a more educational process more formal educational process.

[28:30] I want to share and produce a lot more content as it relates to conversations with interesting people,
discussions around topics that I find fascinating and you might find fascinating as well.

[28:47] I think it's important for us to kind of go out there and explore what's possible what other people are doing because there are so many things that are taking place around us that we don't even notice,
we don't even notice and there's interesting things that are taking place in industries and people doing fascinating things that I want to uncover and share and develop a story around.
And I think it's important for us that we can actually,
produce a positive. Conversation around.

[29:22] Allowing people to think about more positive things.

[29:26] Period end though.

[29:28] Anyway this is the pirate broadcast,
I encourage you to follow the pirate broadcast hashtag on linked in this broadcast is also on Facebook link linked in YouTube.
I suppose set it out on Twitter as well. And you can follow me at Russ John's scone.
Here let me get this ticker up.
I like this ticker. This is fun.

[30:00] All right.

[30:04] Yes follow Russ Johns the pirate broadcast on all social channels.

[30:11] And at Russ Jones dot com. It's pretty simple.

[30:18] I love you all and I wish you the very best in your adventures today. Michelle.

[30:24] Yes Linda.

[30:29] Makes me feel better too. Yes it does.

[30:34] Thank you for being here. You are appreciated. I care and kindness is cool.

[30:42] Smiles are free and you view enjoy the day.

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