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Join Russ for Thursday Thoughts 11/28

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Sharing Interesting people doing interesting things.

I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

So… I invite them to become a PIRATE on the

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

With technology today, you can create your own broadcast. YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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[0:04] I am alive,
and it is Thanksgiving.

[0:10] For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving and I just want to give all the gratitude in the world out. I know I'm a few minutes late.
I was thinking to myself It's like,
the weight the layout here is a little bit different. And so.

[0:31] If you have an opportunity to,
change it out and make it unique. It's broadcast to show and if you're listening the podcast,
just some visual cues and make it unique usually have a guest on the other side so you know next to me broadcasting from somewhere else.

[0:53] And today I'm just. It's Thanksgiving.

[0:57] I wasn't really thinking about,
having a big long extended show but I wanted to extend my gratitude for everyone.
And I wanted to change the graphic out so I was playing around with the graphic thinking how do I want to do this. And it's like OK.
And here's the challenge is if you schedule a Facebook Live and you don't go live within a certain time frame your show won't get deleted. Which I've mentioned before. So.

[1:25] The clock starts and and I do want to start on time I do want to make this as consistent as possible and,
because there's occasions where it doesn't necessarily work out exactly the way you want it.

[1:40] And that's exactly the point of the pirate broadcast.
You know the fact that we're doing this I'm incredibly thankful for I'm grateful for.
And I really appreciate you and every one of you that have joined in shared a moment checked it out and investigated the possibility of thinking wow I could do this,
this by Be Cool how do we get on the pirate broadcast what's involved what's engaged what's what's necessary and you start thinking through those thoughts and identifying what it is that you can do,
In your business what is it is going to generate something that you find joy in because I find joy in doing this I find I find a lot of.

[2:35] I find a lot of.

[2:39] Satisfaction and the opportunity to bring on people that I find interesting people that I have a relationship with.
And that's one of the criteria I like to have is you know people I know like and trust.
I understand and appreciate that there is going to be other people on the show five days a week.
You know you have quite a bit of material here and if if there's something that you enjoy in something you'd like to do it doesn't really feel like work. And this doesn't feel like work to me.

[3:12] It feels like I'm creating content that is important.
It's long lasting. It's it's going to help someone and if you're thinking about doing video you're thinking about starting a podcast you start thinking about doing something to get your voice out.
Share your gifts and produce your message.
You know this is one way and stream yard actually just announced yesterday that it's it's no longer in beta.
So for linked in live any way you have to apply to be on in life you have to go through the application process and you might get turned down.
It's it's potentially one of those things that you can get turned down on and but and don't be disillusioned.
Don't be disillusioned by the first time or the second time or the third time.

[4:11] Because I think what they're looking for is people that want to be putting themselves out there creating content on a regular basis producing results with it or at least extending the invitation for people just to start a community here.
LinkedIn is very community minded.

[4:28] In my experience a lot of people might have a different experience.

[4:33] I'd love to hear what your experiences. And I'd love to hear what your stories are from LinkedIn and how it is impacting your life.
I know random act in blue angel group and you know some of the friends that I've developed over the years are incredibly powerful people you know,
people like Angie and Jill and and all of these individuals out there in the world.
You know Kanata and Karen Joseph and you know we lost a friend here recently and I just want to extend my condolences to the friends and family of chef Henry Bronson.
You know I had him scheduled to be on the show and and he passed away and.

[5:19] It matters. You know it matters. These are real people and real relationships.
These are real connections that develop into friendships.
And I think that's the best way in all of the noise and social media and everything that's going on in the world and all the potential negativity that's out there.
You really have to hone in on. What's the what's her what's her goal what's our mission.

[5:49] And for me it's it's creating friendships it's creating community and it's creating,
something that's people appreciate and find value in an interesting and curious can be asking questions in the,
and the ones that want to learn something can can take something away from it.

[6:12] And that's my goal. That's that's the mission of this podcast in this broadcast.
And the whole pirate mentality is it's it's like the good pirate.
It's like the the person that wants to be different work outside the box and find their own groove,
because you know some of the things that we're told during our lives is like you know go go get a job go to college raise a family.
All of these things I'm not saying it's bad thing. I'm just saying sometimes that path isn't necessarily meant for all of us.
And so if you can find your path and you find gratitude and you can be thankful for that path.
Then. I support you all the way. You know there's a lot of people out there that will support you on the stakes giving you I.
What are you thankful for. What is it that you're thankful for. What do you what is it that you really want to see in your world.
And you know I've received lots of texts already this morning saying thanks. Happy Thanksgiving and.

[7:19] Well thanks.

[7:20] Thanksgiving is bittersweet for me because yes last time I saw my son alive.

[7:29] Couple of years ago. However I'm still incredibly grateful,
for all of the people that join in.

[7:39] Listen in support this pirate broadcasting and the things that we're doing here.
So I don't know who's on today because I mean it's it's you know it's something that is really going to be up.
I'll see if there is a see who's a see who's if anybody's jumped John let's check it out.

[8:04] It's like Oh I'm alive. Oh there's twelve comments here. Yes let me.
Oh Maureen I love you. Yes I miss Henry too.
Leslie Osborne linked in family is hers.

[8:27] Michael no better message for Thanksgiving morning. Authentic gratitude a man brother.

[8:35] It's it's really it's really one of those things that we have to work together in order to create kindness that is going to spread throughout the world.
And I know that when all else fails Love is the answer because,
you know what better way to get passed or through or beyond what you're working on.
You know there's a lot of pain in the world a lot of suffering and you know I could I could talk all day about what I'm thankful for and I just really just a couple of things I'm thankful for my family.
I'm incredibly thankful for my family.
I'm a caregiver for my parents and my caregiver. You know,
my sister and I work together. She she does a lot of work for me.

[9:27] And so I love Mel. I love what she's doing.

[9:34] And my sister Sheila she's in Texas. She's very credibly busy.
I love what she's doing. Danny is an awesome individual mom and dad I love you forever and my son Logan.
I know. I'm just thoroughly incredibly grateful for.

[9:58] Everything that I have in my life and everything that I've experienced in my life and you know many times.
And it's a different story for another day is many times.
There have been in my life that just slight difference. I wouldn't be here.

[10:16] So when you come very close to death you appreciate life a little more and I've lived an incredibly amazing life and I wouldn't trade anything for the world.

[10:29] And I also am thankful for those experiences that have not been necessarily comfortable for me.

[10:38] You know when those experiences those people that come into your life that teach you lessons that you need to learn that may not be,
may not be good experiences however they are training episodes for who you need to become.
Because all of these experience accumulate to the person you become.
And as we develop as individuals and develop as humans you know,
you have to release the pain and the hurt and the history and everything else and just find some joy in the lesson,
whatever happens to be whatever it happens to be.
Find some join the lesson because there's people that love you.
There's people that care for you. There are people out there that appreciate something that you're doing and whether it's as simple as a complement or opening a door or you know,
moving to the side so they can get down the aisle in the grocery store whatever happens to be those small instances.

[11:41] And I think Jay Andrews calls it the ripple effect because it's it is a ripple effect.

[11:46] It's one of those things that you really have to appreciate and understand in order to accomplish some of these lessons in your life and you can give and take and you can receive.
So be good at receiving those gifts. Yeah.
Somebody that I met Lincoln and Angie. She's an amazing individual that is offered me lots of encouragement and direction and guidance and some of the things that I've been working on and.

[12:18] She's incredible individual and those people in your life you have to learn how to appreciate.
You have to learn how to understand what the gift is that you're receiving.
And just be open to those ideas and those experiences.
Thanksgiving is about something completely you know being an appreciation to have appreciation for what you what you currently have in front of you you know and in the US you know where,
sometimes abundance is too abundant and,
there's always something we can do to help others lift each other up help each other out.

[13:02] So I could go on all day. I won't.

[13:05] I know we've got we've got,
probably Turkey in the oven or some fixings somewhere or family to visit or travel.
I wish you if you're traveling today have safe travels if you're staying home enjoy the day if you're if you're if you're by yourself.

[13:30] Pick up the phone text message phone call phone a friend you know don't isolate and reach out and you know stay connected with individuals.
It's really important for us to build a community around that but I just want to thank you so much.
Happy Thanksgiving.

[13:55] Yes. Leslie.
Yeah. We've all lost people at it's really hard.
And I'm sorry for your loss Leslie too so I.

[14:11] I really love what I'm doing here. I really love the fact that I have community I really enjoy it appreciate everyone that I can connect with learn more about and understand.
And so I just I want to send out loving thoughts,
kind wishes and many blessings for anyone out there that needs it. And those that don't.
Act. In fact all of you just all of you. That's all.

[14:47] Anyway I wanted to make it quick short and to the point of gratitude thankfulness.

[14:54] And kindness is school smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

[15:04] Hey Jeff Yang is tomorrow so join us for Jeff take our.

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