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[0:00] There,
we are with the pirate broadcasts once again. And it is it.
Well does it really matter what day it is. Because to me it is are kind of like Wednesdays and kind of like Mondays.
But on the pirate broadcasts we can do whatever we need to do to bring interesting people to and with interesting thoughts and ideas and creating interesting stuff to share with you today.

[0:26] And also I just want to remind you that if you're not unlinked and if you're on Facebook or if you're on YouTube or you're watching this elsewhere you're listening to the podcast.

[0:37] Let me know. Give me a shout out. Just dial it in.
Allow us to communicate and join a community of people like minded trying to do good things and make a difference. Make it matter.

[0:51] Today is no different because we have a vet and a vet is going to drop some nugget,
nuggets of knowledge and some information with you that is going to just increase and probably make a smile or two because smiles are free. Right Brad.

[1:08] Yes. Yes. Right.

[1:10] And I just I just love I just love her smile and that's what attracted me it is like she has an amazing smile and I love the way she smiles and her energy in it and I and I want to welcome you to the pirate broadcasts.
I think this is your first linked in live episode so.

[1:27] Well I know. And thank you for having me. It's an honor to be here.

[1:33] And it's cool that you take the time to hear and listen and share stories that allow people to have more kindness and well that's a very positive impact you're making. Thank you.

[1:45] Well all the gratitude in the world and for everyone joining in if you're able to join in it's awesome.
Drop in. Let us know where you're from.
And just kind of give us a feel for what you're looking for.
Ask questions if you can. I'll I'll get on my phone and look for for those questions and the really important thing to understand here on the show though is if it is an individual that,
has had to go through some pain and challenges and you know some down times in order to really appreciate the gratitude and the gift that she shares and this,
individual is an amazing individual we've had conversations in the past and she's a brilliant,
brilliant individual as it relates to strategy and business so if you're not connected.

[2:34] Get connected. Reach out and say I told Russ and me just say Russ sent me and I'm sure you'll you'll find an end. So.
So tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get to doing what you're doing right now at this point.

[2:51] Yeah. So so yeah. Russ County sent you and you've got an automatic in front of Russell's friend of mine. So we're good there.
So I help business owners grow their business. Having more fun and fulfillment.
So how did I get into that. Real talk is that I've actually been doing business strategy and growth even since before I graduated from college so I've always done that.
It is a love of mine. I've started five businesses this summer when I was 10 years old.
For fun I didn't need a dollar. Actually I just thought it was fun to start a business.

[3:28] I did the lemonade stand. I was a. I mean literally my little 10 year old mind was like this our wives parable it's hot.
These people just drive by me. This is a bad idea.
So then I went to a cookie selling business that I go to your house and you're in my neighborhood it's like OK these people are home versus you drive by me in a car. It's my walking neighborhood. Everyone's in a car.
Don't get lemonade and then I'm driving home because I'm in a cul de sac.

[3:55] No they have water at home. So I had a deep passion for it for a super long time.
I started out helping really large businesses like I've launched with Horizon I launched an app that got one point six million downloads.
When it was supposed to have twenty three hundred and thirty seven and then at one point big.
And so I put then after a while I wanted just to give in a different way.
And I also wanted the different lifestyle. What I noticed is really big companies have these Ivy Leaguers and really smart people when I had Wharton Harvard grad work for me.
So those were the people who reported to me. I was the boss then.

[4:35] And then I went through this huge personal development journey which really started when I was in college really early.
And so even in my corporate career my real mission was helping people have more wealth and more freedom.
I started that by thinking OK. Help people with personal finance. So on the side I had a financial planning business.
I built a team and we top 5000 people how to invest in there for one case and buy company stock and they invested over nine million dollars on their own.
Well then as I as I start to look at the data I realized you can't people what people aren't really creating freedom because they're spending their whole life saying I'm going to wait till I'm 65. Have fun.
Well I mean dang it. I mean. I mean most of your life with the time between there is a divide that you still have an opportunity after 65. But like you and I are now such a threat. Yeah.

[5:27] Why not find something that you enjoy so you can do something you enjoy the whole time.

[5:33] Exactly and it's something you enjoy.
But also the mentality of just it put it basically had this whole mentality where you say you push fun forward cause you some people I realize even enjoy that now.
You push fun forward push fun forward because.
So the mentality when people are just focused on retirement is I'll have fun then yeah.
Do I even find that people will have a job they like but their mentality is this isn't supposed to be that fun.

[6:06] I'm going to enjoy later suffering I have to go through in order to start to save enough to have fun later.

[6:13] Yes. And so even so even if people liked their job their mentality is I'm supposed to have fun in retirement.
Yeah. So that wasn't what I wanted to bring to the world. Yeah.
And that's when I went from go ahead.

[6:28] Just go say so. So that's a change in a mindset that really has to sink in because not everybody because.
You know I went through a lot of transitions in my life and I've been in and out of corporate environments and you know led people and you know have have had to evolve because of circumstance.
And it's really important for everyone to understand that the rules that you're given growing up aren't necessarily the rules that you have to live by in order to accomplish your goals and your mission.
Because like yourself you know you went to finance you sold lemonade you know you you bought you made cookies.
There's a lot of different ways that we can actually create abundance in our life and joy in these opportunities can show up at the least at the last possible minute. Right.

[7:22] And I'll go even further and say the world you grew up with are not the roles that will bring you joy.
I'll go even further and just be very declarative.

[7:32] You're there because when you were dead I mean when you're a kid your parents don't know who you're going to be. It's like what do you do when you're there.
Yeah. The universe doesn't know who you're going to be.

[7:43] We'll talk some of the jobs my friends have today didn't exist like without you know like I was just oh I'm doing up I think I'm helping out a friend who he's like twenty one that made a million dollars drop shipping when he was twenty one,
ten fifteen years ago like it does today.

[8:03] So you can play by the rules from like ten decades ago. I mean obviously life just changes.

[8:10] So I want to say it's not just that your parents are mean or bad or not smart or society's wrong or blame the school system or victim victim here. Life just changes you change I change.
And if you listen to yourself. So like for me I thought personal finance was it I had a blog I had trusted the CFO of the New York Stock Exchange about an app to help people with personal finance.
I was constantly having people wanting to interview and hire me. I was about to go full on into financials. I've done all the education to be a financial planner. I mean I was so in and but I never felt fully right.
And it took a while for me to really hear that and say if you have every opportunity you talk to the CFO the New York Stock Exchange about an app to transform how people manage might be getting offers for jobs and you say no.

[9:06] That tells you something. I also want to stress the fact that I think I think the educational system is not designed to teach individuals growing up about the inner workings of finance.
You know how that works how lending works how you know all of these structures can actually hold how to leverage your money you know how to how to absolutely not so public.

[9:32] OK so there's two I'm a history buff. I don't know that.
So post education started actually because when we freed the slaves we wanted to create an education system because these people were legally not allowed to get educated so that was actually the reason we first started.
Then we really went all in during the factory system because we needed to train workers for factories.
So you needed them to have a basic education and then the third reason is we're a country of immigrants even though sometimes we disagree about that. Yes we are. And so we need an education system so everybody had some similar culture. So those are the three economic ground.
Yes. So notice. OK. So we free people we're trying to bring them into the fold to do work.
OK. We have immigrants we're trying to make them all similar so they get along and can do work factory workers are right.
Exactly. So them in the back and it made sense back in that time.

[10:30] It makes sense. Yes. And industrial revolution would never have happened had they not had the workforce to industrialize.

[10:38] Yeah. And it was better you were leaving you're a little like I worked super hard and I just bought a farm and I had milk sometimes too.
I'm in a factory and I do some that's kind of boring. It's super easy but now I got a house and a car and upgrade then.

[10:52] Well a lot of people love left the farms and that's why farms. Farming had to become industrialized to.

[10:59] You know because the local that super efficient I mean we can do so back and there's a time when 98 percent of people farms. Now it's like 2 percent.
We produce more than they did so well. Whether it's healthy or not.

[11:11] I'm sorry but that's a different episode. Bring it on now.

[11:16] Yeah but to. So I realize that as much as I like this I didn't love it.
And people often say like How do you find your passion go out and do it.
If you fall out of love with it that's a sign that it wasn't your passion.
And so when I really went all into the financial literacy and I realized that I wanted to help people have joy and wealth now and money is important because,
we need food shelter,
clothing you buy all of those things.

[11:50] So you need and then you also want to make sure you have money and teach your kids get sick you get sick your parents get sick.
There's a there's an emergency. So you need money for your basics and then you need enough that you're not worried all the time.
And so you want to create you use. And we spend more of our life working than anything else.
If you're spending eight hours a day you're most of us don't sleep that much. I do. Most people don't.
You're not all with their kids that month you're not with your family that much.
So you want to enjoy what you do it is necessary for the basics of life.
And then the fun of life and work money is actually the number one stressor that people go through life with a goat.
Number one Chester for work it's the number one reason. Number one argument that couples have in the first year of marriage.
So anyway I said How do you really really help people right away. And I was like oh help them grow their business faster.

[12:49] Oh I'm really good at that. Oh that's really good.
I like complex things that involve numbers and growth and people.
Oh boom.

[13:03] The next thing you know you're helping more people help more people.
It's all compound interest right. Yes.

[13:12] Yes. And that's a good thing. Yeah.
And I always encourage people when you I would like the financial literacy.
Yeah. I love business growth strategy.

[13:28] Well speaking of business growth I want to I want to give a shout out to some of the people that have joined us.
Jessie Diana from Melbourne. She's in the room. Angie Shuman love you.
Sherry Marine Troy Deepak.

[13:47] There's just just amazing to see these people join in live in.
I just want to appreciate where with the bet she's talking about business strategy and growth and change and evolution in her life and all these things.
Amazing interesting things she's doing interesting things to help you too. So stay tuned.

[14:09] Eighteenth and Diana.

[14:13] Love you. So this wasn't always the case so you went through the financial industry but there was a personal incident where you because you were a bicyclist and wanted at,
the turn of events that maybe I don't know maybe it was maybe it was a change in a thought process after you had an accident that,
you know maybe developed some thoughts and cleared up a little idea. A few ideas in your mind.

[14:45] So I would. I have. OK. So that version that sounds close. I had this accident and then I realized that life was different.
And then I was a better human being the next day and that version sells books. And that version sells videos. It's not a living.
Yeah. Having lived this life I know that what usually happens is they just cut out the middle.
So I was take I was on a bicycle pain and suffering Pardon me. Yeah yeah.

[15:11] You know the whole growth part,
is just for a minute.

[15:17] Yeah. Yes. Exactly. Like a movie montage. Crazy. So I was I was sick.

[15:24] I was on a bicycle going to work. So OK let's paint a picture of my early 20s I live in D.C.
I am doing business growth strategy I'm also doing ballet because I got really into it a couple of years back.
I go for work I swim three times a week. I do yoga in the morning sometimes at sunrise so I'm super active I'm meditating on a regular basis.
Now at this point I realize I'm into a mental financial stuff but I'm not doing that. So this is really really key intuition.
I did not want to go to work that day and I really enjoyed what I was doing. I actually would have gone in because it was guilt because I wasn't feeling.

[16:02] So I hope that they write such a big part in our life right.

[16:07] Yes. That your gut and some of you are going to be like I'm your gut. No. And there's a.
And so these are just little things that maybe you can build upon and start to notice. So anyway I'm taking a bicycle to work.
I got hit by a car. Not a bad person. Accidents happen. Right. I'm knocked unconscious flip over the car.
Yeah. That car you can't see my hands flip over the car laying on the ground unconscious in the ambulance to the.

[16:37] Emergency room getting scans done.
There's a whole journey of low quality health care. But let's just say my mom had to call in and specifically tell the doctor what scans to do for me.
And then I went back to work probably a couple of days later which was crazy I had a neck brace a respirator crutches and I it hurt to read.

[17:06] I didn't break anything. Thank God. But everything was so weak. Every muscle every fiber like I am still physically unhealed from that.
Like we there's some really deep inside work I started doing. And the guy asked me. I said Oh my God I feel so good. He said Oh how long has he been hurt. Six months. Well I said 10 years.
Wow. He's like I've heard a year. He's like I've never heard. I mean there are still places that you so normally we think of breaks.
But we'll keep going deeper with a messaging like for. Sometimes things don't fit in they're not working. But it's not so obvious as a break. But you know it when I mean when it hurts to breathe do it.

[17:47] You know I've had broken Oh no I know what it's like not to want to laugh.

[17:54] Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh you know what.

[17:56] It's so funny you say laugh I actually feeling like first the challenge was it hurt to breathe and then it was a year later where it stopped hurting to laugh.
So I mean enter progress progress. I see that as progress. So.

[18:15] I think that's a massive to use the word impact in your life.
I mean that has to cause you to reflect on some of the things that you're doing in your world right.

[18:28] It did and it didn't. So I went back to work about a week and then I went on short term disability which means your home not working. I literally cried every day.
All right Billy I always believed that I would be physically OK. So in my head I had a kind of a traditional model of medicine.
My parents are both doctors. That probably is part of it.
And I was like oh I can get fixed up but I didn't break anything.
And that's why I paused to say just because you don't break something doesn't mean there isn't severe damage right.
Our wet our medicine right now is really good at severe acute damage so it's actually harder to heal.
One thing that is really bad off but isn't broken is not.
I had to I I mean I'm. This is the book right next to me and there's the amount of science books I've read to self heal.
So there is really a it's a break. They have a process for that.
If you're Myo Fashola and your tissue and your muscles are just so badly warped. There isn't one.
So that is actually harder in a way. And it's not and it's kind of like,
it's not obvious like when we have obvious dysfunction breaks followed them physically getting beaten like we're like I'll get a problem but we have less obvious dysfunction we feel stuck.

[19:50] You're unhappy as we look at the symptoms and we don't look at the cause.
Yeah. And with muscle tissue it's often it's it's not because you can't necessarily see a small tear as well in x rays you know they're getting better with them our eyes and you know different types,
and it doesn't always have to be I mean a little on a gland there's arthritis there's so many things that layer on top and the other thing is some of it can't always be seen in technology and if you can't see it in technology.
You have to just believe the patients. Yeah. Yes.

[20:31] So there's a whole during you with not to your point rest about.
I had to get to a point where my truth is truth. Like I've been to doctor's offices where I share the symptoms and I know the moments when you as a doctor realize I'm more aware of this problem than you are now because you're a bad doctor. Yeah.

[20:49] This is such a small percentage of people have it and we can go down another path here where doctors are not allowed to investigate to the degree that a lot of doctors would like to you know in terms of you know,
not necessarily tests because I think tests are being overused a lot but I mean just the conversation having with patients,
and being able to connect the dots on some of the illnesses and the symptoms that are actually being caused by a source of illness not necessarily you know as proactive care too I think.
I think we really need to start thinking about. I mean I'm I'm overweight you know I'm older. It's like I need to meditate.
I need to be in yoga. I need to be biking I need to be doing it.

[21:35] I need to have choices in my life. And there you know it's like OK it's not as prevalent and it's getting I think it's getting better.
I think that the races have to be I don't know it's just I've been in and out of medical you know every and everything else and it's just it's everything. I mean I've done.

[21:58] At one point we thought about having to cut a bone on my leg and Mike.
I mean it's crazy. I mean I got everything from people who healed me energetically through laptops to top Oxford surgeon in Texas.

[22:12] Look if it works it works as my theory. I have so much CBD oil sitting right there.
You think I have will online store not personal.
That's the next adventure right. Yeah.

[22:26] But just the same about all of this whether we're talking about passion or your health is you gotta say we I we've all got to stay aware and conscious to what's going on.
And it was only when I was conscious and I was proactive and I stopped saying well it still hurts and the families are just listening the doctor is and fixing it.
I was like well you know they're trying their best and definitely not working and we year six seven of this year.
What am I going. And it wasn't that I didn't do anything.
What I just realized was that it wasn't working.
Yes. And you have to take personal responsibility for it and literally everything in your life.
And it can be overwhelming. And that's why I go back to the point of what I do.
Right. And so I believe in life as a team. So you guys are going about a whole lot about me.
So I live life as a team sport right.

[23:19] And so that's why I like when you help people create wealth you because there's a lot to take personal responsibility for.
Nobody's done it. But when you money helps you do that there's three ways to get help.
Family friends and pay people want it on time consistently.
Usually we need to pay people or you're going to get a lot of phone calls and say oh my god I had to work because people did the thing that paid them first.

[23:47] Like Mo doesn't have the luxury of managing their own schedule a lot of times. So.

[23:54] Yes I mean I literally know what it's like to be it like I couldn't I physically couldn't put your grocery cart.

[24:01] Like you're looking at me you're looking for other people to provide you food and they have to balance that around their priorities.
So I had a great I had a phenomenal mentor. I was I was really miserable in D.C.
And you said that there's various to get help because when you told me this family friends and paid help you don't have enough of any and you have a bad mix.
Practical. I was falling.
Boom. Yeah. What is this.
Oh if you if you saw him and you saw me you would be like how would these two best buds.
He's this text that I lived in Texas but he's so like traditional and like just the way he acts.
I used to. Yeah I lived in three Texas parts of Texas.
I work in four continents and over like 38 homes probably eight different places.
I never was anywhere one in five years. Anyway he was just so it was so powerful what he said.
And so I guess I moved to Texas and it was it was easier to live.
You could drive and work was off easier. South Florida.
And now is why I mentioned you. Oh yeah.

[25:10] Yeah I lived in Montrose for a while and eat it.
Yeah of Washington right. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. You and and it was so funny I went to Texas to rest I thought to be a short stint and then I'd be in New York where I wanted to be where I am now,
and I grew so much in that short stint of five years which is actually the longest I've been in any one places five or six years.
What it was like why I was so focused on I'll get better and go do what you love.
It was like I grew all these things happened and that's kind of how life is.
And so when I did get to the point physically where I could move to New York and then I moved to New York it was like.
In some ways I'm picking up a lot of the same interests. Just like month before the accident but now I'm a person who has way more skills way more insight.
I've had this whole life experience and so I had the ability to do those things at a significantly higher level.
And if you go back sometimes though the sad part is that I'm picking up the same things from before the accident.

[26:20] But now I'm picking up the same things when I was nine because that go.

[26:26] Well I think what I hear you start. So really what I hear you saying though is is this theme of regardless of your circumstance.
Do what you can with what you have right now because there's waiting waiting it is only going to prolong the inevitable.
If you're really going to be committed to what you're going to be doing anyway so why not do it now.
Build a team around it and grow.

[26:53] Yes boys and girls right. Yes. Oh.

[26:57] Oh you bring my life as a new sport to the point where so when I was growing growing the business I was like Oh my God I love doing it.
So this is what's funny. So when I work in corporate nobody you work with me. Listen to this.
I work really really fast. So I worked 50 percent less time than anyone else. I just never told anyone because I try. I would try to help them but then people just felt guilty.
And I slept a lot. Sometimes I slept 11 hours a day especially when I was in a lot of pain. I slept a lot but I slept eleven hours a day while helping a company save money.

[27:24] Like a lot,
you have to be rested.

[27:32] When I say my own business. It wasn't the same. It's when you. This is the thing with me it's a business.
Your kids want to go to the Olympics whatever but you wanted to take Londo or whatever.
You go all into what you love. You love it.
So I like it. I love it so much and so it actually pushed me with my help. I was like I really want to do more of this. The number one barrier right now is I get my body gets exhausted what I can do and I just created solutions out of nowhere.
Again I've had this one hundred experts try to work with me and we've made progress. When I was like I'm doing what I love and I need more energy.

[28:10] I so it just change and it's a team sport. I had this housekeeper for So first she would come clean you know once every three months blah blah blah and then I was like You know what. I get real exhausted doing this years my back. Well she could do the dishes but I mean to get a couple more frequently.
What if she came more frequently than she could cook. And that gets exhausting.
Basically this woman when I on my team basically she keeps you alive and well but that's what I mean when I say it's a team sport right. So they have but also like she goes so above and beyond.
She's got kids about my age and I can tell that when I give her is the ability to nurture.
So she worked and then she stayed at home. She worked that as a cleaner than you.
You really loved doing it just stayed at home for 17 years.
Now she's working her kids as an adult and then she gets this person who is basically your customer who needs nurturing.
Right. I mean she has literally called me before and said I see some storage baskets on sale and my daughter just bought some. Do you want some. Yeah.

[29:14] I mean we all have a gift. What I truly believe.
We all have a gift. We all have something that we're we're all that possesses us or we should be sharing and you know nurturing is is in that category.
It's like being able to give someone the gift of time is so important a critical in our lives.
And I really love the story and the message that you're bringing to the table because this is what life is about as well.
Let's not wait till forever in the future. Let's let's do what we can with everything we got put into it because every day every day is a gift.
We cook with gratitude and I think Man I get to do what I get to do.
And it's really it's empowering. And I just know that.
You know I have a lot more to deliver to the world.
Before I'm through and people like you just invigorate that feeling and you know just amplifies the message.
We cannot wait. We cannot hold back right now.

[30:24] And the thing is people want to be a part of that.
And I guess that's the other thing I really want to come through. And it's often not your family and friends could very be part of something being your family and friends.

[30:35] But I feel like well it doesn't matter what like 30 something we have a role that they have and they're doing it and they have their own passions and hobbies.

[30:46] But this woman likes to nurture. I need it. It's great. She get I mean she comes.
She's giving me. She she's she's Muslim. They eat.
They cook special food. She's like Do you like this. Like when she has a holiday and she's cooking special meal for her family she will ask me weeks in advance if I like that type of food so she can bring me some squash.
I give her a nurturing. So I have people on my team like one woman.

[31:10] She wanted to learn how to edit the video. I do a ton of links in video editing video.
So I found steps she's becoming a video editing expert. Like it really is a team I have a friend he wants to nurture. I need some. So we have become really close friends.
You know I have another friend who I'm really good at scaling businesses and he's really good at building online stuff and selling. So I'm helping him with the scaling people who work for you.
Put them in a role they like and they're getting the value of what they could accomplish when you're in your genius zone right.
Yes. And put the people around you like there's a saying If you want to do it what you want to do it fast do it by yourself. If you want to go big build the team and the team is the family the friends the Paid help me.
Everyone you are part of the team. You have given me this platform today.
In getting to know you to get to this point we've developed a relationship. So I really think it's over.

[32:16] It's not over yet.
I really just I really want people to get their messages of listening to your intuition doing it and recognizing like yeah your family your friends honestly are probably going to tell you you're crazy anyway because people like change but there is eight million people out there in life.
Eight million humans eight billion to eight billion humans.

[32:37] There's a lot of people that will want to help you with this and there and they show up when you're when you're listening right.

[32:46] Yes. And one year yes. When you're ready because I love how I'm going to use a house cleaner example again because when I say a team if I said a mentor every right to be like you I got it. I see a parent if I see an employee they're going to be like.
So this is someone I want you to understand just how big I see the team.
Yeah. Yes. He's always been this kind nurturing person. And I've known her for three years.

[33:07] Not that I had the particular need and the focus to say hey I really want someone who's coming to my home with a kind nurturing person who will do these things because they know that I need it and we have relationships. She was always that person.
She know the things she does for me. She does for no one else has she.
Of the relationship that we have. I get the videos from her son's wedding.
That's part of a relationship that's part of building your community that's part of building.

[33:36] The deeper.

[33:38] You know I always always say and I know people get tired of me telling saying this is like if you have a conversation long enough with somebody you always find a thread you know you always find the relationship.
We're all connected and I just believe that you know the differences are sometimes what holds back the conversation that we that allow us to find that connection.

[34:03] And I'll add to that our insecurity is very insecure.

[34:06] You can connect with the other person you just like this guy room in a networking group right.

[34:12] Right. I love that I mean sounds like me he's like yes I'm so shy. Then put a gun to your head. You'd be back in.

[34:22] Well thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you and this this.

[34:28] These moments are what really fueled me because like you said if I can continue to highlight and shine a light on others around me that that brings me joy that brings me life.
And I really know that through these connections there is gonna be a lot of abundance taking place and when that happens,
there's there's more energy in a positive way that gets shared throughout the community and people grow from that. I just believe it.
It's just you can't run out of abundance right.

[35:01] Yes by definition by by definition you can't abundance and our disorder our just highlights some of our people before we jump off and Jessica's here.

[35:14] Thank you Jessica Kanata you're awesome.

[35:17] Milton Cheri Angie so many wonderful people here joining in and I just really appreciate you and all the gratitude in the world for you being here live.
And if you're listening to the replay just drop a replay hashtag replay and continue to bring comments back in.

[35:37] And if you don't know that connect with her say what you say Russ sent you then.
It's so wonderful to have you here today. I'm so glad it's one of many conversations we're going to have over the next several months I'm sure. So.

[35:55] Yeah. I guess more things like you want to share with you at some point time. So. I'm gonna.

[36:04] Sell knowledge secret.

[36:06] Thank you. Thank you for having me. You've been a great host a fun interviewer and you know I borrow from each of these experiences so I really want to thank you for having me here today.

[36:19] Yeah anytime. Yeah come on back now. So.

[36:25] Much. Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving for all of those they're traveling. Be safe and do well. And you know as always kindness is cool.

[36:38] Smiles are free and you pay.

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