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[0:02] Yes.

[0:03] It's another episode of The Pirate broadcast Q and A so I want to get on my phone here and I know that there are so many talented people in,
the world today that I suspect we're gonna have some people entering the pirate broadcast and understanding,
a little bit more on different subjects around the world.

[0:33] So welcome.

[0:35] This is where we bring interesting people to talking about interesting things. And today is a Q and A Day.
I take the week out at least one day of the week out and answer some questions and,
you know just kind of highlight some people that are doing some amazing things that I like and also to remind you that you can fight.

[0:59] You can follow the pirate broadcast. Hashtag pirate broadcast right here.
It's right up here on the screen,
yeah right there and follow that hashtag and also follow me on other social media platforms.
You'll linked it live is one platform but I'm also on here. Let me let me actually show you.

[1:28] Let me let me put this ticker up Is this it.

[1:37] Russ Johns dot com I can be there and I'm trying to get to the,
I'm working my way to the profile here so we can actually get an engaged engaged Captain.

[1:55] Oh.

[1:58] So let's see what we got here take this down.
Sherri good morning So Sherri. You asked a question yesterday about U.S. it.
Anton if it's better to create a habit Phillip Good morning Vicky. How are you.
Let's ask some questions here.
Is it better to create a habit. I don't remember the exact phrasing you use on the on the question sherry but it was do you replace a habit or do you need a goal to replace a habit.
And I wanted to do and I tagged Antonin that I haven't seen that he's responded yet either.
I haven't gone through all my comments yet and.

[2:50] Goals are great in setting attention.

[2:54] This is the way I look at it.

[2:55] Setting attention and start going for it.
With and then daily practice creates habits.
Motivation is sometimes elusive and if you create a habit of doing something then then your goals by doing,
active steps toward your goals will it will create a habit.
And then just like this show if I do it every day a year from now I'll have a few episodes.
Probably a few more people will know about it and I can highlight several more people.
And that's kind of the way it works for me. So,
super fantastic Russ.

[3:42] Thanks for asking. You know I'm very well on this Thursday. I'm super excited.

[3:48] I cannot believe that 20 20 is right around the corner because it just feels like 1980 was 20 years ago.

[4:00] Seriously I just like I'm amazed at how quickly time flies when we're having fun right.
And I know that every day isn't it not every day is the best day possible.
However sometimes you have to choose to make it the best day possible.
It's not always you know it just doesn't arrive automatically. That's kind of work for it sometimes.

[4:30] It takes six weeks to change your habit Philip. That's what Philip says.
I don't disagree with that. What do you what's the what's the consensus here. Vicky what do you think. Six weeks to change your habit. Yes. Daily comments to follow through smaller goals are more achievable as well. I just love that idea.
And you know I think a lot about motivation is like OK I know and I liked what Anton said yesterday about you know give 10 percent pay yourself first.
And that goes to your health. And I and I haven't taken care of myself like I need to.

[5:06] And obviously you know it's the new year you start thinking about things like that. And it's like well you can start thinking about that anytime.

[5:14] And it's just not that it's just pick a day you're worth it.

[5:20] You are worth it choose to make your day.

[5:24] Yes I choose to make it a great day. It's not always easy and it's that simple choose to make it a great day.
You cannot allow somebody to ruin your day unless you allow them to ruin your day you have a choice it's right up here.
So do that four to six weeks to change a habit.

[5:50] Really depends on how long you've had the original habit. It makes sense Jeff.

[5:58] So what's your big question for the day. On a Thursday thoughts pirate broadcast Q and A let's talk about something.

[6:08] What's the one thing you're challenged by today that we can talk about,
is it thinking about what is,
what is 20 20 going to do. What is the new decade.
How is that going to be for you. That's my question. What are you thinking about in 2020.
What is it that you want to accomplish the next decade that you've been working on for the last decade and for the last decade.

[6:40] I've been working on exactly this working towards understanding how I can simplify this process to get to the point where I can broadcast and highlight people and you.

[6:54] Good morning Bill. Every day I wake up and tell myself that I choose to be good and I want.
I choose to be the good. I want to see in the world. That's awesome. Be the change be the change it.
I wake up with gratitude. You know there've been many times in my life where a different outcome I probably wouldn't be here. Just a little bit. You know I'm. I've read cars at high speed.
I've been I've had guns pointed at me I've fallen three stories,
nearly go off a cliff. One time what does that have to do with gravity. Gravity thing.
The point is is that every day is a gift. I wake up and I care for my parents. You know I'm here in Arizona.
Dad's 91 when he has dementia and Mom's 83 and she has some health issues as well.

[8:01] Neither one drive.

[8:02] So driving appointments doctor visits things like that and I know one day they're not gonna be here.
So every day is a gift.
Remember that once we think about it we are becoming good. Then it works.
Paul remarketing perspective if you have ten two hundred fifty five hundred,
Where do you spend the first in a small business or where do you put your money first.

[8:36] Where do you put your money first.

[8:41] For a small business owner where do you put your money first.

[8:46] Let's talk about that.

[8:52] Sherry.

[8:54] Everybody's different. However it depends on the business.
If you're brick and mortar business it's going to be different than if you're an online business. If your.

[9:07] Say for instance if your.

[9:12] A small business owner that has a product and a product launch you know one of the best investments you can make to quickly build relationships for me.

[9:24] In my opinion the best results have been going to conferences meeting people that are two steps ahead of you.
Building a relationship and maintaining those relationships.
The other good investment that I would suggest and being a marketing person I could say just spend it on marketing.

[9:50] And I think I think there is a certain foundation that needs to be in place and understood is that if,
you know a web presence a social media presence and then just just take the time and this doesn't cost anything.
You can create content you can create a web presence you can create a you can create a online presence very cost effectively.
You know you do it simple start simple and see where you can grow.
However I would engage in you know Ronan Leonard is on line.
He's also a proponent of masterminds masterminds are a good place because what it does is it gives you a group of individuals that are like minded individuals that are struggling,
excelling succeeding in the same ways that you are in your business in kind of a parallel fashion.
And then what that does is allows you to see the blind spots that others have experienced.
And so if you go to conferences build relationships and and maybe get a couple of people together and start a mastermind,
I think that alone and I've been doing masterminds for probably four years now.
And the reality is is that.

[11:15] Blind people that'll tell you when you're off course and you're not doing what you need to do.

[11:21] We'll call you out on your B.S. That's what it is.
So Sherry that's that's an excellent question. I love that a question,
Building relationships is and I 100 percent agree with you.

[11:37] You can have a couple of almost I can I can track back.

[11:44] I picked up another client yesterday and a lot of my clients are relationship based almost all my jobs in the last 30 years have been because I have relationships with people.
So whatever you can do to invest in a relationship and conferences are good because you got a lot of people in the same place with the same goal in mind you know you have people meet the speakers,
attempt to get you know a relationship going with influencers that are,
you know an influencer to me is just someone that's ahead of you.
You know when I talk about this you know you stand in line for a new iPhone.
People are behind you. People are in front of you. That's the way it is in any business industry.
Is there going to be people that know more and have more experience than you.
And the reality is is it probably have a little more sleepless nights and there's people that are looking at you going wow how did how did she get there so,
work on your own be build will these people good questions investigate details so and I'm,
Lewis good morning.

[13:08] I hope everybody has a groovy day. I love that you know as a musician and I turned into a tune farmer because it was because I used to be a farmer and I was performing in Houston,
and I did it digitally so I was digitally grown grooves so have a groovy day little sidebar story there.
Up. On average it takes two years to build enough relationships to become successful.
And here's the thing and a good point Philip is there's really you know what does success mean to you.

[13:49] To me it's not all about the money it's about the freedom it's about flexibility.
You know I'm I'm here spending time with my parents I'm spending time with my family.

[13:59] And to me that's it.
Then I fly to Houston I go spend time with my son about every 30 days 60 days and being able to do that and work anywhere is as important to me.

[14:14] That's not necessarily important everyone. You know everybody has a different goal but relationships I think are the key and that's where you can invest the most time.

[14:27] Absolutely a man you'll never learn anything if you're the smartest person in the room.
Thank you Angie. I appreciate that.
That's why I love LinkedIn because there's a lot of smart people here and they are we're all working towards the same goal.

[14:46] We're all working towards the same goal.

[14:49] And it's to me it's all about community. It's about building relationships.
I have a lot of connections and I continue to build relationships with people and investigate because I'm fascinated by what people are doing.

[15:02] And if you stay curious and you and you stay invested in what people are doing and you care you know did you guys realize that Jeff Young his,
delivered 60 free LinkedIn seminars this year.

[15:22] 60 seminars this year. That's amazing.
Hats off to you. Jeff and I would like to know Jeff if you're still on and you're here.
What kind of introductions do you do. Is that relationship based.

[15:40] Do you do you promote that. Do you ask questions. Do you go out and talk to people about that.
How do you how do you out. Do you have an outreach program.

[15:49] What do you what's your system what's your process man to have you back on the pirate broadcast to share that is Jeff is already a pirate.

[15:58] So flexibility means a lot. It does to me it does to me.

[16:07] Paul,
there's so many things in this world that people want to define for us.
And I think it's really I think success in a lot of respects has an opportunity to reflect on how we define what is right for us.
You know some people go to the trades some people learn on their own.
Some people go to college. Some people have a job and build job experience.
There's so many ways you can learn. There's so many ways you can do things.
And now more than any other time in the history of humanity there's so much information available to us right now and it's continuing to grow.
So if you want to investigate something you want to go out and achieve something.
Even on a small scale.
It's possible it's it's available to us.

[17:07] So I just. That's just my opinion.

[17:14] There's so many opportunities out there. The opportunities are endless. So,
being retired for the military has given me the freedom to do whatever I want.
Hats off to you and thank you for serving. Appreciate that. Our Scott guitarist to the classic rock city types guy.
Yeah I love the 80s I played I toured round the northwest the US and Canada.
In the early 80s. We had a bus and a bunch of guys floating around the countryside playing at different towns.
It was a good time thoughtfulness I love thoughtfulness,
you know if you take the time to watch the news you can get depressed and I encourage you to maybe filter some of that out of your life. I haven't owned a TV.

[18:10] I haven't officially owned a TV since 1995,
1995. Yeah and.

[18:21] I haven't missed it.

[18:23] I mean streaming media is out there you know Netflix Hulu Disney and they're still media available.
However everyday stuff is is filtered out of my life for a reason and I think I'm a more positive person as a result. So.
All the time in the world but I feel like I'm starting over. Philip I understand that and I encourage you to embrace starting over again not because it's hard but because think of it as a clean slate.

[19:02] You can do anything you want because you can do anything you want.

[19:07] Sometimes you have to decide that's not necessarily.

[19:10] It's the fear of choosing the wrong thing I think is overwhelming to some people and you know it's like well what if I waste my time doing that.
We'll think of it another way. Think of it as I had an experience that I learned a few skills and I found out that I didn't like doing the what I thought I did.

[19:31] I wanted to do how many times I just show of hands here how many times have you thought you wanted to do something.
And then once you actually did it you discovered that it wasn't exactly the experience that you had anticipated.

[19:48] Good or bad.

[19:52] So think about that.

[19:54] Think about the experience that you imagined versus the experience you had and the difference between the two. What's the gap.
Because it's just experience achieve it.

[20:08] Enjoy it. Recognize it for what it is.

[20:14] You get told your overqualified well many of us are overqualified.

[20:24] About a lot of things.

[20:29] Oh yeah.

[20:32] Yes. Clean slate. We decide what we want to write it on. I love that.

[20:40] Starting over as best thing that happened to Angie.

[20:46] And it's it's not the worst thing in the world. You know I fell thirty five feet three stories shattered my arm.
I was a drummer changed my life and I can't say that it's changed it.
You know I nearly lost my arm I was in the hospital you know I.
I was really sick because I got I got I had a really bad infection and I had to be hospitalized and you know because I got a lot of complications. Let's just say there are complications.

[21:26] It changed the course of what I had imagined I was going to do,
and I don't regret the experience I don't I mean I don't put any weight on it it's just that experience,
it taught me a lot I learned from it I I decided and made different choices as a result of that experience,
and you take what you're doing and see how you can make the best of it because if you if you look at it from an opportunity versus a challenge things look a little bit they look a lot different.
So what can you learn from the experience you're having today. Bill I love learning new things.
In fact I love learning new things too much so.

[22:22] I encourage all of us all of us to keep working together.
Keep talking keep having conversations and I just love the opportunity to do this show and and share some of the highlights and some of the people doing some other things.
And it's really satisfying to me to understand that you can you can make choices in your world.
You can you can choose who you hang out with in or out of work sometimes work is a little challenging because you don't necessarily get to choose who you work with.
Ari you might be able to adjust who you spend time with at work.
To encourage enlighten you. And if you're always working with people that have a bit more experience than you you're always going to be learning.

[23:11] Always be learning outer. Good morning exactly Russ.

[23:18] Life happens. Take it for what happens and keep trying to make it better.
A man just take what you have,
you know amazes me like Elon Musk you know it's like going to Mars big audacious you know big audacious goal,
Harvard he's doing other things and you know Microsoft you know Bill Gates is doing different things now that he's outside of the company,
you know we all matter we all matter and you can make a difference in your world and it's not and don't diminish the fact that you're here don't diminish the impact you have.
Remember smiles are free.

[24:03] You have an opportunity to impact someone's life today you let them in traffic.

[24:10] Open the door share a complement have someone smile.

[24:22] Do I get bored mastering these things,
yes. Repetition is is my biggest weakness. I don't I don't care for repetition. However.

[24:37] I look at his building systems. If you can document you can delegate and if you can delegate you can you can achieve scale.

[24:46] Because if I'm working I only have so many hours in the day. I only have so many hours in the week.
However if I can document something and delegated then as a business owner and entrepreneur I can actually delegate that task.

[25:00] And now it allows me to scale more just like this show.
Most of the work I've done is I've documented this show I've delegated the tasks and my sister who is also my administrator my business associate.
She actually puts it up. She gets a go on. She posts it.
It's it's all out there. She does the graphics. Everything else is and I get to do the show,
so think of it as what can I do and how can I change repetition INTO DELEGATING or build a system for it.
So it's just it's just framing in your mind is just framing in your mind and Hunter six to eight hours a week.

[25:51] Yes unless you have five people working for you then you have a few more.

[25:55] Right.

[25:59] People that.

[26:01] Will the learner strength can feel bored.

[26:04] Once they master something Yeah. Lori good morning.

[26:11] They want to learn something new. I'm always curious. My curiosity has caused me to learn more things than I would probably normally learn.

[26:21] But I'm curious it's like OK this weekend I'm going to be doing a video shoot for a yoga studio and another in Flagstaff so,
that's kind of random I think.

[26:41] Gradients say yes I'll cut thank you so much I really appreciate that.

[26:47] I truly do.

[26:51] Doug.

[26:52] Tell my children to learn something new every day. Be inquisitive responsible. I love that. I love that. Thank you so much for sharing that.
Yeah. Encourage it carry encourage yourself to ask questions about things.
Dig in a little deeper and ask somebody that's doing it you know.
Say for instance like with Philip you know if if Philip.

[27:18] If you're gonna go if you're thinking about something in your in you're struggling because you know they say you You're overqualified are your this or that or the other thing.

[27:30] There are some things that you know maybe you look at a different industry,
or a different opportunity that drives you to learn something new that allows you to expand your curiosity and in a different focus a different area.

[27:48] You know I've I've been everything from a farmer to a firefighter to a musician to a project manager to a business owner.
I mean the diversity that I've had in my life is when I think about it it's kind of insane.

[28:11] And it's given me a lot of experiences that I would not normally have as a result of these experiences that I've leaned into investigated brought out my curiosity and and done some things that are different.
So it's it's crazy it's crazy.
Keep your mind open for exploring experience and learn new things.

[28:35] I love that Angie thank you so much. You always good to keep your mind open in exploring new experiences and new things.
Always keep an open mind.
You know a close minders is a terrible thing.

[28:54] Overqualified vide is a card that you cost too much or they're afraid that you be bored of the role. That's true. That is very true.

[29:02] I remember back in,
I think was 2000 a decade ago. All right. A decade ago now that I think about this I was working in corporate,
making a lot of money in the downturn in the downturn and the company went bankrupt.

[29:22] Chapter 11 I know it ended that thing ended and when you're climbing the corporate ladder sometimes you're on the wrong building right. Just sayin.
And so I got out and.
I wasn't exactly the youngest guy in the room so the wages the experience and everything else that was code for like,
we don't want to spend that much because there was a lot of people looking for work right now.
So I just started my own thing again and started it up and I always had side jobs.
So maybe you should look at something that you could do that interests you.
Phillip maybe you maybe you create your own job.
You know if you're skilled you have talent and you have the ability everybody has the ability.
Not everybody has the desire. So and I'm the first one to tell you that it's not easy.
It's challenging to start your own business and do your own thing.
You have to decide everything yourself. There's not a corporate structure in place that tells you what the rules are.

[30:33] It's like being a pirate you know it's you get to make up your own rules.

[30:44] And it could be good or it could be bad depending on your perspective so keep an open mind. Yeah.
Veterans transitioning military need to hear this conversation up.

[30:58] There's a great OP.

[31:03] I'm one of the mentors of new organization called Vets speak a vets speak,
and it's unliked in there's a group here and it's transitioning males who are 270000 military veterans transition into civilian life.
And I think there and I believe there are a lot of transferable skills that people don't realize because the military has a certain personality and they have naming conventions and they have nomenklatura that they work with and they have,
you know processes that they've developed over years of being there.
And when veterans come out of the military they don't always recognize this you know public life because some of the terms are different some of the names are different.
And I think that there's a huge opportunity.
And I have a couple of opportunities out there that for people that are looking for jobs.
So DME I'll get you connected and.

[32:04] Yeah. There's things out there that are happening that you can get plugged into.
There's lot of people helping out and a lot of people that are interested in contributing to that cause.
So you're not alone. You're definitely not alone.
So making is fun making your own rules but challenging at the same time without having someone to bounce ideas off.
That's why I encourage you to think about having a mastermind and it doesn't have to be.
I mean I have a mastermind that's it's all over the country.
You know different ages different diverse you know businesses in the same kind of community but different focuses.
And so it's been the best thing that's happened to me in my business over time is get some feedback,
build relationships and have someone that you can bounce ideas off of ask hey is this makes sense.
Does this make sense to you. Does this really you know. Is this possible. Have you heard of it. Have you done it.
Have you experienced it self certified then take video. SB And then take.

[33:22] Go to market strengths to be a group. That's awesome Sherri. I love that idea.

[33:29] Lewis regardless of what color uniform we wore the veteran's lobbies have structure and understanding.

[33:36] Teamwork. Keep pressing forward. Absolutely. Lewis thank you so much for saying that. Thank you so much for being here.
Sherry thank you for being here. Our aka Angie Lewis Lori.

[33:53] Jeff Kanata I have all the gratitude in the world.

[33:59] And the reason I do this is because I want to give back to the to the community I want to get back to the world.
And I believe that by giving back and helping others that we all we all win.

[34:11] We all work together for a mutual goal and understanding that there's things that we can do in life.

[34:20] That we may not believe we can do until we actually go out and try it.
And I encourage you to go out and try to expand your ideas your mind and your opportunities and bringing interesting people on the pirate broadcast,
and talking about interesting things and being here and available to open up the two to just the conversation have a conversation around it.
I think it's important for us and I'm also on YouTube and I'm also on Facebook and I'm on Twitter and I'm also on social platforms so if you're out there connecting please connect. Let's build a relationship.
I I like to bring up you know regular regular people all the time and,
I encourage you to reach out and ask questions because I'm happy to bring someone on and look at that and ask the questions and and find somebody to get an answer for us because that's what what we want to do for the community.
So anyway I really truly appreciate it. The year is coming up to a close.

[35:29] 2020 is right around the corner and you you are amazing. Go out. Enjoy the day.

[35:37] Make the very best of it. Because kindness is cool smiles or free and you enjoy the day.

[35:49] Love you all.

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