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[0:00] After a while. And then. Oh my gosh. We're live on the pirate broadcasts.
And as you know the pirate broadcast is here to bring interesting people to and talking about interesting things.
And I have someone that I'm I'm excited to talk about and I hope that you have equal amounts of excitement in your day.
And things are going on if you haven't heard of the pirate broadcasts and you're joining us for the first time follow hashtag pirate broadcast in Linked In.
You know I'm on social media. Follow us Johns anywhere we go. And also you know drop a note in the comments.
Where are you from and how your day is. I'd love to hear from you and ask any questions of Anton and what we're doing here.
So Anton I know from Arizona and he moved to Colorado.
He's he's an amazing individual that's doing some incredible things for to help others.
Anton Good morning how are you.

[1:01] What's up brother. So good to have the privilege to be a pirate for you know 30 minutes.

[1:07] Well you're officially a pirate. And just to frame it you know pirate.
It's it's kind of this thing you know the FCC originally.
If you don't have a broadcasters license you're a pirate broadcaster. OK.
So you know it's also kind of you know a little tip to the pirates when you're working outside the box so to speak you know.
So the rules are ours. We have the rules. We could do what we want today right now and on time and so I just want to dig in and dive in and talk about some of the things that you've been doing with your coaching business because,
I think one of the most important things an entrepreneur or business owner can do is have,
a mindset that is productive.
And I know the enemy you know a production and being proactive and doing all the right things is like right here in our head.
So talk a little bit about how you got to where you are and what you're focused on today so we can kind of get people up to speed on who and tell it is.

[2:11] Yeah I mean at the core of who I am. There's two words. It's human sustainability right.
And to some people that may not mean a lot to me it's really the foundation of everything I am everything I do.
Perfect example Lake Oaks oaks are sustainable my son's name is oak.
My other company's name is oak tree consulting because they represent sustainability. But ultimately why human sustainability.
First of all I think people with what assignments and say is people don't buy what you do to buy why you do it right. So why human sustainability.
Back in nineteen ninety five. January 4th my father passed away at forty five years young and he passed away from lymphoma.

[2:49] But it wasn't ultimately you know that's ultimately what was the final thing that broke the camel's back per say but for that it was stomach cancer that turned into lymphoma.
But it wasn't that that killed him.
It was the behaviors that he exhibited throughout his life that caused his health to expire.
And it was stress. My dad was a big time politician in the Soviet Union.
I'm from Russia I was born and raised in Russia and he was actually recognized in a final address of the Union by Gorbachev for all the things that he's done.
And the party was like a big deal like a really big deal.
And he gave all himself away. He kind of gave and gave and gave it the most amazing leader I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life.
Sure I'm a little biased but he's my dad. But from there you know it started the mission of you know what,
what if people just took 10 percent of themselves for themselves and instead of giving 100 away what could have my dad done had that 10 percent allowed him to live 40 more years.
Right. All the things I knew all the things that he could do and all the capabilities he had acquired but forty five years old what more could he have done with another 40 and all he had to do is give up 10 percent of what he was giving to everybody else and then keep it for themselves.
That's kind of how it started with human sustainability and then coaching game around you know a different level of development a military the Marine Corps.
I was an artillery Section Chief so I had to train young Marines and how to fire you know triple 7 cannons and stuff like that big old.

[4:14] And it's all about speed efficiency. You know I had a lot of young Marines that came in I had to train them develop them improve them you know constantly work on them and then you know they move on and do something else and I take a new crew in.
So I fell in love with development. It was more leadership side of things back then.

[4:29] And then I got out of military and I went into a gym as Bally Total Fitness I'm not going to be remembers them but ballet fitness back then.

[4:38] And they I was working out as a big boy as a two 17 solid muscle and probably like one eighty five right now so I imagine me a much bigger person.
That was me me me the rest met.

[4:50] Yeah.

[4:50] Yeah but I'm working out at this gym all the time every day and as GM comes up to me it's like you know what you're doing you want a job.
It's that easy like really but I really feel that nature is a personal training it's valuable liquids. Come on let's get real.
It says we do this fitness manager she talks to be good at anything I know how to work out Yeah I do that.
But having trainers like it's OK here's a go take this weekend certification by the way people,
if you are looking for personal trainers do your research it's very easy for a team certs to get certification and it's literally they gave me all the answers to the task just so I passed the test and weekend after this weekend I was done I was a personal trainer Oh my God exciting right.
The certified personal trainer back I was terrible dude I was so bad I thought that all I had to do was just push people really hard and it would be you know successful military me Marine Corps me right.
As long as you work hard enough you can overcome anything no doubt like that. So then just put more work into it for sure.

[5:47] For sure got out of that went into lifetime.

[5:50] Lifetime big old gym much better quality development and I felt really health just the bigger picture of health.

[5:57] You know after the entry to a loving training and coaching in general the practice of coaching in general right.

[6:07] More training then right. It was just development it wasn't coaching yet because coaching is very misunderstood.
Right coaching. Many people call themselves coaches that are actually trainers and I'm like It's and I'm not saying this is what I want to be clear to all the viewers out there.
There is a place for a trainer. I know some amazing trainers who I could never I could never even touch.
Their ability to educate and develop education or injury in a way that's their skill set.
There's consultants that can come in and figure out all the different things for you and give you the answer but do an analysis on you or your or your business.
And then there's coaches who are kind of that middle of the road they can't do some training can do some consulting.
But our job is more about pulling out the information out of you with questions. It's not here's the answer.
It's what do you know how do you see things here's some question isn't it true to frame up your mind correctly. Now let's play with that information.
So I fell off a development but it wasn't coaching. Coach you didn't come around until about five years ago six years ago,
when I became a manager or you know more middle of mid-level manager and I started taking over broken teams and I had to basically take over and then a twelve month cycle rebuild this team six management leadership and that's where the club for coaching came in,
kind of like going back to your roots of teaching people how to shoot big guns yes they can kind of go back to that systemic right. It was there was a lot of business development right.

[7:25] So it's a bit there is a model and you teach that model and there's still a little bit of training but the difference this time there's a framework involved because I think I see it really as you know.

[7:38] I mean five people could be doing the exact same thing only they're going to do it uniquely to their individual experience right. We're a product of our experience.

[7:48] I haven't I haven't heard a statement in a long time a teacher said it yesterday. My economics teacher is like there is more than one way to skin a cat.
Like oh my god that's awful I used to say that all the time. You don't say that anymore. Sure you probably grew up David.
Oh yeah. That's the truth right. There's there's there's more one one one we accomplish in the coaches.
What's cool about coaches is that especially experienced coaches I know that you know you coach as well as your area of expertise and we know so many different ways we look at it from a macro standpoint we understand.
Here's the big thing that needs to be accomplished.
How you accomplish that thing. It can be specific to who you are your environment and your skill set but there's so many ways of doing it.
We just want to make sure the framework that you set is established and it's being followed.

[8:29] Well I don't want to unpack a little bit because I'm going to go back to one thing.
Like with your dad you know and I want to really make sure that this sinks in because,
paying yourself first is a business practice that a lot of successful business owners have implemented in their own life.
And it goes across all levels of your life.
It's across your health you know your your mental stability your mental attitude and ability to sustain what you're doing over time.
And it also has to do with you know for a lot of people it's the spirituality it's you know family it's everything else.
And you have to be able to especially when trying times when you're going through struggles and your challenges of life in general.
And it just it's not business owners it's life period.
Is that you have to take the time to invest in yourself and in the way I look at it as every day as a gift.
You know let's make it matter you know because because if you're not looking for.

[9:37] The joy in the day and you're not looking for the the ability to make a difference than that it's really.
It sometimes gets a little discouraging and I think that's one thing that I want to take away from this.
You know your journey to where you are today and then we'll talk about you know your future.
But I think it's really important to you know pay yourself first.
And that's investing in your health as well.

[10:03] Right in every aspect of us right. And that's it. Every person should sit down and think about who I am right. Who am I as a person. What are my competitors.
I as an example I'm a father I'm a husband I'm a coach I'm a business owner I'm a CEO but I'm also a person that loves to learn.
I'm also a person that loves to have fun. I'm also a person that has health right so all of those components are part of me.
I need to make sure that I'm not neglecting any of them because if I I'm the best human being can be I need to give time and nurture it nurturing shows up in different ways to each component right.
But ultimately it's investing into ourselves and giving time to each one of those components. And it doesn't mean equal. You don't divide it and say OK here's this time this time this time that different amounts.
Right. With kids I always say we can't run out of abundance. Yeah yeah for sure.
And with kids as an example people like I don't have time I have time like you'd be surprised how little time you need to give to your kids to make it important it just needs to be undivided attention that's all about that.
Not on your phone not on other things but the point that I'm making is there's so many parts of us besides being an employee or a business owner or something like that.
We often tend to put ourselves into that one lane and think of ourselves as our job or you know our our title or whatever and we forget and neglect everything else that we're walking around miserable figure out why am I miserable. Why am I.

[11:20] 90 percent of you being avoided. Like you're not looking at that and doing anything to help yourself whether you're not investigating what a lot of people don't take the time to actually understand how they feel.
Oh God I didn't get it.

[11:34] Or why didn't you understand how they feel and how I feel right now is gratitude because there's so many people in the room right now. Anton.
Doug Doug Thompson. Yeah.

[11:46] The inspiration man. Keep doing your thing and I love seeing your your your health turning to keep going keep going.

[11:53] That's all I had to keep going. Doug he was in the gym this morning.

[11:56] Windy Gould.

[12:00] Sherry. Thank you so much. You make me smile every day. Kenyatta can the honors in the room for me.
Yeah. You know Kenyatta Jeff Young and I just.
If you're in here for the first time. Follow the pirate broadcast the hashtag and linked in among all other social media as well you can go follow me and also connect with Anton.
He's an amazing individual that you need to know and I just want to.
I just want to acknowledge the fact that you're here taking your time.
Anton I appreciate your your ability to drop in and share some nuggets of knowledge with us in the community.
And the thing about you know our journey each each journey is unique and we're all individuals and everything like that.
And I think it's really important for us to also understand that we're not alone in this journey.
Doug's working with some people you know I'm working with people you're working with people. Well we all have.

[13:02] Even if it's not a conscious you know,
contractual agreement to work with somebody we have people around that we can tap into and understand and say hey I need I need a little bit of encouragement here or I need a little bit of or I need to give a little encouragement you know.
And you know how do you how do you lift others up.
How do you how do you help others and what is it that makes it unique to you and what brings you joy in your day.

[13:32] You know,
it's what I focus on is obviously human sustainability and health because I think that health is the greatest limiting factor in our lives right now across the board and just universally speaking.
But how I live things people up is a little different.
And don't see why I became a coach for the longest time people told me Anton you see something in us that we don't see in ourselves and I was my teams when I was a manager.
And that's how I lift people up. I see them for their raw potential.
I see them for you know this amazing thing that they have on the inside.
I don't see this shell that we've built up on the outside. For some reason I don't know how I know if it's the way my dad raised me but I look at the person's core and I see that deep down inside real good.
I even think that criminals and the worst people in the world has done some horrific things in the core. We're good.

[14:22] It's the shell that gets built out on us to become invisible and then push it the world out and we become bad people or some people with poor I say because if you watch a baby or you watch children interact before the age of five and there's no evil or not it's pure,
it's pure and it's just amazing to watch that level of interaction in.

[14:43] And it's just amazing to me when he sees you for that.

[14:47] When somebody you that's what this is from feedback that I've got from a team.
This is not something I know about myself is it just people telling me like when you see a need for that.
When you see me not for the wrongs that I've done when you see me for what I can be not what I am.
It makes me want to be that more right. And without even needing to do a lot of hype because I'm not a hype person like those people that work with me and know me I'm not like you're,
rah rah I'm like you know big big personally that I can be at times but I'm more and more like you have this amazing potential.
Don't we like don't throw it out because you have Dow because you have you know limiting believes you have no scarcity mindset whatever it may be.
Don't waste that potential because at the core you have all the tools you need to be amazing.
Now can we get rid of all the noise and all the things you've created over your life to block that out to make it happen.
It's a different question but at the core I believe you can do it and that's how I let people love them.

[15:41] Jeff Yang says that's the perfect definition of a coach. So that means a lot.
Yeah. Laurie good morning. Residents on Laurie.
Laurie Kennison Angie thank you so much for being here.
You know the thing about coaching is that it's you know.

[16:04] Especially say in the physical health world there's a lot of people that can help motivate Venus and it seems like and I don't know if you believe this but we kind of resonate with certain individuals and certain personalities,
and even though that we may need something different,
you know to bring the best of ourselves out in to the world.
You know a lot of people are hesitant you know.
You know they could be you know whether it be confidence you know I help people with their video strategy or I might help them with their online presence or things like that.
And for myself you know because I've done it for so long it becomes you know practicing this practicing part makes it easier.
You know we we gain skills through practice and repetition builds muscle and all of this stuff.
And I think that a lot of what we do if we go back to the core. I think it really for myself anyway.

[17:04] When I think about what I love to do and what brings me joy in the moment know because happiness is a different thing.
But if you bring joy in the moment and I lose track of time while I'm doing it then I know that I'm doing something that I should be doing more of.
You know it's like the the genius zone. They call it you know it's like you know working in your genius zone and then delegating everything else that doesn't allow that to take place.
What are you thoughts about that. Because I've been thinking about that a lot.
You know it's like do what you're good at and delegate the rest. It's like so you could do more of what you're good at.

[17:40] So people think I'm kind of getting older and become a little bit more of an asshole to my friends. For the viewers it's because of that factor.
Because I realized I want to sound really bad right now but I'm going to sound really bad right now. I had to. You need a lesson.
How people feel like I do too. I feel like I'm meant for something big like I'm meant to make a difference in the world with human sustainability.
I've had that thing for 15 years even before I became a coach. I knew something was going to happen there.
If that's the case and that's the mark I want to make on the world I have to get rid of distractions I have to get rid of everything that's not suitable for me but I can't teach to my clients.
There is there is a belief that I have that there is something that Russ can be the best in the world that there is something that Anton can be the best in the world.
But it's only what you can be in the best number of what I can be in the best world. Nobody else can be the best in the world at that. The problem is that by clogging our.
Book of a book of business or schedule or whatever with a bunch of stuff that doesn't suit it it's not doesn't it is not meant for us that just further away from that. Best thing in the world.

[18:43] So I'm going to be distracted by the things that we should be doing.

[18:48] But things my other things in life you know we should be doing not should be doing. But we think we should be doing right.

[18:54] And this is it's a while we can go down that path because you know we're taught from a very young age that you know you you have to get in line,
get good grades you know go get a job you know do A B and C you have society's rules in what we should be doing.
That lays a heavy blanket on on some activities that we could be doing right and our parents.

[19:20] I mean everybody partners everybody puts a certain degree of bias. It's sometimes unintentional. Some Texas vacations expectations right they did go on there and then we follow it. But the thing is it's not meant for us because we start out.
Everybody starts out as we like even like we're not even we're so diverse.
Why are we starting out on this flat surface that we just at this level. Right. And then we could go through school the same school and everything.
And it's crazy going through school now as a coach that it was back then because I could do it so much better for I'm like Oh my God I just want to raise my hand and say No don't do it like this. Do it like this and still resonate better but it takes us away from us and it takes us we all have our own journey though on.

[20:03] An upbeat note. And some people are it it takes courage to go decide and identify and here's the thing.
This is just like the content creation process to me is like you had to put something out there in order do you have enough feedback to decide whether you like it or not.
It's like how many times have you pursued something. And then when you arrived you're thinking Why the hell did I want this like this isn't what I imagined it should be.
Only you imagined because you had this perceived notion that this was going to be where happiness was going to land right. Play the word joy.

[20:44] And you know what happens then why did you keep going. Because the problem is not that that happens.
The problem that I see is that key people people keep going they stay in that lane. Why do you think they.

[20:55] Yeah well because they don't. I think a lot of people have no understanding that there there's a bigger choice there's a bigger it's like going to the buffet table right.
You know there's a seafood that they might not like but then after they taste it they might like it until you actually have that experience in life.
You can't understand the variety you have to choose from and felt like myself you know I like a lot of different things you know from music to creating to you know all kinds of activities.
And I'm always distracted because it's like squirrel.
And it's so it's really it's my challenge is almost the opposite.
I have a hard time focusing on what I loved doing because I have all these other things that I think I might want to love doing.

[21:45] It's like Pandora's box right now. You know when you're like Oh my God I want a little bit of this happen.
A lot of times of people they've been living in this lane they felt like they were living in a tunnel and they opened it up and almost always possibilities but I'm gonna go a little deeper and to see,
all the things we've talked about so far although I hope all the coaches listening probably are gonna be knocking it boils down to the wrong story.
It boils down to that person is running the wrong narrative through their head in the moment they're making that decision or they're not making a decision right.

[22:15] It's I'm not making the decision is a decision it's a decision in itself right.

[22:19] So the wrong narrative sits there. We tell ourselves the rock story and this is where coaching advising mentoring Lake buddy on the bench.
Having a beer with you comes in whatever that avenue that that your checks and balances are in and you go here's what I'm thinking.
And that person goes yeah that's good. But like Try this thought maybe that'll serve you.
And then that starting if their beliefs and shifting beliefs shift their actions shift their outcomes right. That's that's how it has to be.

[22:47] Yeah. So. So say that again shift your.
Bleep Kermit. So when I'm speaking to his results Berryman results pyramid.
Most people don't fix the results because they only go one level below to fix a result.

[22:59] Most people go and fix an action or they try to do a different action with their tactical rather than strategic.
What's that they're tactical rather than strategic.

[23:09] That's the day. Yeah they're tactical versus strategic is a good way to put it.
But yeah right underneath the action is a belief system right something that drives your action.
So if you're going to change an action you can't skip a belief you have to first revert to belief but to change a belief you have to recreate or change an experience.

[23:28] Well that goes back to what we were originally saying. A lot of people don't go deep enough to understand how they feel.
That doesn't change their actions to become habits to change or so spot on.
So here we go full circle. You're either being coached or you're coaching right nonstop nonstop.
So accept it for what it is. Go deeper find your belief find your core find your truth and know your know your beliefs and what they can achieve for you.

[24:01] So you'll be amazed what you can accomplish when you start breaking it down and making systems out of our behaviors.
Yeah it things become so much easier because there's so much noise in the world it is so hard to live it is only distractions.
Everybody's got a tip for you especially the that everybody's like Hey I got 10 tips to make you the happiest person in the world this person has got 15 this person has got 20 and I'm like Oh my God.
People are so confused when all else fails. Love is the answer. Yeah I'll do it.
Simple Pepsi. This what I love about you man. I get it that's simplicity. Focus on love. Throw everything out the window if you focus on kind of just cool.
I work for work it's amazing how certain things will work.

[24:42] I have to. Here's a trigger here's a trigger. It's like.

[24:48] How is it possible someone learned that it was OK to throw trash in the parking lot.

[24:58] How is it possible somebody learned there was OK to throw trash in the parking lot. They don't have a bigger picture.
Their actions are not connected to greater outcomes right. So yeah their parents their society whatever.
I'm going to come from a standpoint didn't teach him that every action has a reaction and has a much bigger ripple effect that we don't see and that's what people have to understand.
If you're going to give a crap about the environment you're gonna give a crap about anything in that matter.

[25:22] Yes so even no oil spills. Love is the answer but if we can't love our planet we don't screw it up. So.

[25:31] So I just want to make sure that everybody connects with Anton and just love this guy and make sure that you understand he's a much deeper individual.

[25:41] And I just being oak tree there's a story behind that and we start off if yeah if you just call us and you're just watching the replay or something like that.
Watch the entire episode and.
Anton I want to go back to a couple of things because your journey.
I when I heard your story for the first time I kind of understood it like you know I resonated with you because it was like.

[26:10] May not have these is childhood growing up you know maybe played in a few drugs here and there and you know how to add some side tracks on on,
behavior and things like that and you came back and you decided to to get things together and now you're out helping other people.

[26:27] You know my goal is to help as many people as I can that are possible.
And it's like I feel the same. You're in the same you know.
You're in the same lane as us that you're helping so many people.
And I know that it's really possible to make an impact and a difference in the world.
And so in the next 18 months 24 months you know what's your vision what's your goal what's your intention that you're throwing out to the world so you can share it here today.

[26:56] Our biggest focus right now is going to be human S.O.S.
It's a conference that perspective forces putting together but which we're going to change the way that organizations treat people.
But we're going to go about a little bit different because right now everybody's saying yes the human being needs to be taking better care of but the reason it's not being done at the level of it can be because companies are not seeing the financial gain behind doing that.
So we want to show how by taking care of your people you actually are gaining the greatest competitive advantage and as you can against any competition that you have but we're also doing it from a two pronged approach.
Right now what I'm seeing a lot is a lot of employees are going I need to be cared for more.
But when I come back to I did a post on this a while ago is that any relationship look at any relationship doesn't matter what it is.
Does it work one sided does it ever work one sided. No it does.
So it's not enough for employees to go I need to be taken care of.
Yes that is a fact there's no question about it. But at the same time that they're raising their hand and saying that they're saying I'm willing to take care of you the company and,
employee and learn how to be a better employee so that we can work together and how to meet this environment the best possible. So we have two conferences one in May.
One will be in the fall the human SARS 2020 in the May is going to be all organizational.
So it's about how to find the right talent. How do you know how to grow them how to onboard them and then manage them.

[28:22] Men in the fall will be the individual side of that where we're going to bring in people and teach them how to be employees better how to take care of your boss how to look out for your boss how to be loyal to the company how to not go on social media put stupid stuff up that makes the company look bad.
Whatever it may be but really coming from both ends of the spectrum to say we are on a common goal of making the human being exist better in organizations. But we're coming from both standpoints.
And I think if you really boiled it down to one possible outcome is it's mutual respect for what is going on around you and not and removing some of the ego and the,
and the,
the outcome that.

[29:07] You know not everybody needs to be taken care of sometimes when you take responsibility for yourself and your and you do it with a respect for others.
The outcome is all positive.
You know it's a it's amazing what you can do with a little respect and making sure that you're under you understand what's going on around you.

[29:30] It's balance man. That's what you do that listens to me a lot. I'm always I used to be an extreme person and I've been on both ends of the extreme where I was.
Your militant like your days you look at me raw meat to punch you in your face and I'm not exaggerating like I've gotten in fights walking by people in the street before,
you put it back then but then no index and I went into yoga and and became a doormat for people where I was a complete pushover and I thought that all I had to do was be kind and all this and then I realized it's not an either or it's it's in the.
Knowing how to apply each side to a degree need you for the situation and people need to be the same way.
Personal accountability and corporate responsibility have to be together.
Is it one versus the other. Until they unite we're never going to have the optimized environment we're looking for.

[30:15] And I think that's universal in all relationships. So on this has been a gift to the world and a treat for me.
I know that there's a lot of people. Kyle Diana.
Dancing Diana from Melbourne. It's late there. Diana thank you for jumping in. Kyle Burt morning how are you doing.

[30:39] Cherie Lolly Oh my favourite only therapy thing out on deposit Park and I've been here more often and I love everybody that's chimed in.

[30:47] Yeah it's it's amazing and you know the real thing is that,
we at times just like we're talking about a times we fail to understand what we can what we're capable of doing,
you know and and I just want to make sure that everybody out there understands that you have a gift you have the value,
and there's some you know secret sauce to unlocking it and talk to people have conversations because a lot of times people notice.

[31:19] Things in you that you're failing to see in yourself and if you allow in here and receive that information say Yeah well maybe that is true.

[31:29] Maybe that is right. Maybe I can do more. Maybe I can make an impact maybe I am making an impact.

[31:34] I think it's really important for us to understand that you know people out there love you they care for you and you're important.
So don't forget that can you.

[31:43] Can I actually get one story on that because I'd like a real life story that was so impactful my life that's really hits that but if we're out of time. No no no.
We can do what we want. Boot camp boot camp in two thousand and five. This is probably March timeframe. No it's February.
I'm not I drove instructors door. Bam bam bam. Recruiting like request permission to speak the Jones structure.
Just like the first sergeant. Staff Sergeant Clifton ramble on.
They have really about I come in his office. That was the guy at that time the person who was responsible for the platoon that was the main person. Even though we're in the same place Frank or whatever I come in I'm following I can't do this job I can't do this because it's too hard.
There's people in this building in this platoon that are better than me that are more suited that will do a better job leading this genius platoon pulls me aside and goes to I see something in you.
You don't see in yourself. Get the f out of my office. It's not your decision how hard you know late whatever but straight to the point.
The message was the same that what you just said there's something in you that you don't know that I see that you just need to trust and move forward and just move forward and that's what I did. Guess what happened.
I ended up being a guide for twelve weeks out of 13 which is unheard of and I graduated number one recruiter out at three hundred sixty three.
That's what happens when these people believe in us and they see something in us and we walk through that door. We just keep walking.

[33:06] Yeah just keep walking.

[33:08] I think that's the message you're going to leave and if you like if you'll like me more.

[33:11] Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming and.

[33:16] This is not the last time we're going to talk so I just want to make sure that you're aware of that and also if you're in the if you're in the feed I love you.
God the gratitude in the world. If you're watching a replay.

[33:29] Same thing. Rinse and repeat. Make sure that you follow the pirate broadcasts.
Comment and share this stuff because what we're doing here is highlighting interesting people doing interesting things and follow the feed.
I mean it's not about me it's about the people that I'm able to have a conversation with the pirate broadcast.
It's about right below my name in the middle of the broadcast here.

[33:57] Oh no doubt. OK. Get a face like I'm so like just pay attention to you I don't pay attention to details. That's me.

[34:05] So anyway smiles are free.

[34:08] Kindness is cool and you enjoy the day. Thanks for having me. You're awesome.

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