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[0:04] We live are we live.

[0:08] Are we live.

[0:13] So I'm I'm thinking we're live or we live,
I want to make sure that we're going live because.

[0:26] Yesterday I was kind of feeling like I was catching a cold and just you know run down fatigued.

[0:39] I'm sure that you have felt this way before in the past.

[0:43] I mean we all have moments where we're like yeah not feeling quite 100 percent. However,
I stayed up last night and I was working at a client website and had some updates to zoo and then I programmed the coffee machine,
to start making coffee at 620 and,
I thought Well that gets me in a time I can get up to my morning thing and only coffee was a made like dang it.

[1:24] Dang it.

[1:25] So I made so I'm I was a little tardy. I apologize for those of you waiting and I also wanted to see did did we make it in the comments.
Did the announcement go out because some people have been asking me Russ,
how do I get notifications or how do I find your pirate broadcast after you start,
if I don't get enough vacation and,
so I did a tutorial I did it's true there's Q and A so I want to I wanted to catch up make sure that people see that so I'm going to go into I'm going to go into the comments here and see it all activity see if anybody's here.

[2:15] Most oh there I am. OK. We got we got a few people,
and thank you so much for being here.

[2:24] I'm going to I'm going to jump in and turn my phone down so that I would want to feedback this morning. No feedback please,
Sherri So Sherri did you get your notification. Did the notification go out and did you receive it.

[2:43] AKA Wendy.

[2:45] Laurie,
Jennifer Angie Carol,
you saw the notifications.

[2:57] You did awesome. Thank you so much. So here's the here's the deal.
The timing on this and a lot of people have asked me about this is like OK I'm stream I'm streaming to YouTube Facebook and actually two pages on Facebook.

[3:17] And linked in live and of course linked in life is where I like to hang out because I could see friends pop in and. So.

[3:28] Happy Wednesday. Wendy.
I love this. Laurie Kennison Good morning all.

[3:36] Coffee is important. Yes coffee is important especially when you not 100 percent you're like running on.
Fumes as it is sometimes I do and this brings up a great point and I think I've talked to too many of you about this in the past. But you know self care is important.
And when we get excited about an opportunity we get excited about what we're doing and we get passionate about helping others.
It really sometimes the love we give has to be to ourself and around the idea that it's really important to take care of ourselves.
And it's not always possible when our schedules are back to back and we're you know especially when ever raising a family and we're you know taking care of things because you know,
it tell you a short story because I think it relates to that.

[4:37] You know I raised my kids my my my boys were in their 20s and well Logan's now in this is twenty seven.

[4:46] So my youngest is 27.

[4:51] And so now I'm in Arizona caring for my folks Dad's ninety. He hasn't had a driver's license for a while.
My sister my brother were in town for Christmas holiday and we had family in town and we had a lot of things.

[5:06] So there's this there's this place we can go to to get pick up extra beds so you know it's just like this.
And it's a retirement community. This is a pretty common thing.
So we had these things and Dad was adamant about picking these things up.
It's like Dad I'll help you do this I'll take care of this when I'm done with my calls and client calls.
So he was really he has dementia. So to frame this.
So he has dementia and he was adamant about getting these beds back. Now.
And I should just have a little patience. I'll wrap up this call and we can take it back.

[5:53] It already loaded up the car he had figured it out it loaded up our and.

[6:04] So they were all loaded ready to go.

[6:07] And he was starting to search for keys because he couldn't wait. So needless to say I stopped what I was doing.
And we went and returned the beds.

[6:18] I was on the call in the car and he was talking to me because he can't hear he was talking to me but I was talking to the people on the phone and so it was,
it was just Laureus and it's hilarious because I could either be angry and upset. It's like OK.
Because he was so adamant about getting this done right now.
And it reminded me when my kids were really young and you know you go to the grocery store and they watch cookies and they throw a tantrum.
And you just have to navigate through that. Well life is the same way life is the same way it's going to be happening to you or for you.
And so the lesson I want to share is that sometimes you have to help other people.
And there are times where you have to help yourself and the better you decide and choose when that happens is.

[7:26] Will determine how how healthy you are in it. And I sell them.

[7:35] I don't always take care of self care as well as I could. So,
my CEO who works at Target in tech.

[7:45] Yes.

[7:49] Jennifer unlinked a lie. I know this must be your time. Happy morning.
This time is Russ John's time life. Lifetime. Jennifer your dear when they decide they want something done it has to be done now even without even without dementia.

[8:07] Yes yes I know.

[8:10] I just I just thought I would frame that a little bit in courage.
The thought process the visual nature of the story because,
I love my dad dearly love my family.

[8:23] I'm just really you know I care for my family and I'm here for a reason.

[8:27] And you know it's it's it's to encourage people around me to to be ok with what's happening you know because we all have,
to people like us talking to Canada yesterday two people could be in the same experience.

[8:48] Like a concert or a movie or a show or a play and they can both be at the same thing. Both.

[8:57] Received the same experience and perceive two different completely completely different experiences.
That makes sense. Yeah that's it that's right.

[9:09] Because we all perceive things in our own unique way based on our experience our history and we see it in a positive negative neutral you know exciting whatever happens to be.
So my question to you is what do you do when you're in a funk or you're not feeling 100 percent enthused about what you do and you're in a dip.

[9:36] I call it the dip. What. What types of activities do you look forward to to get get you out of the dip.
What is it. What do you do for self care Brenda your dear. Thank you so much for being here.
I'm talking about the dip and sometimes when,
a little pirate broadcast Q and eight but I wanted to start off with the story about how how there are times where we actually have to do a little self care and reset.

[10:15] I want to know what you guys do to reset your yourself care.
Advice I'm looking for. I'm looking for your feedback.

[10:25] And also I wanted to find out if you are.

[10:30] If you're getting notifications as well because I started the show late.
However I wanted to make sure that notifications without Sherri Lolly had an experience where she wasn't receiving notifications anymore so I'm just checking in with you guys.

[10:53] Anyone Bueller Bueller,
I call.

[11:03] When I do it.

[11:04] Angie says when she gets the dips she just goes to bed. That's great. I work out with yoga.
Brandi you're a rock star so can I work out. It helps a lot. And I spend time with friends make me laugh.
Laughing is very therapeutic. My friend I'll read a Loughlin ad in Houston.
There's actually your brain releases things when you laugh and when you smile when you smile even when you're not feeling like smiling when you smile it releases it.

[11:38] I want to say endorphins but that may not be the right may not be the thing thing that helps.
Wendy says she's prayer and meditation helps too. I do.
I do gratitude journal to it for gratitude.
In fact on my desktop every day when it comes up I have a screen savers called moment.
It ties in gives me a couple of features and functionality. It's really clean and nice.

[12:09] And it allows me. I type in gratitude everyday so that this gives me a moment to pause and think about.
And I'm grateful. I'm grateful for everyone in that that supports the pirate broadcasts.
All the pirates that have been here and all the pirates that will be here.

[12:28] So I just really love the fact that you're here and just joining in and I just I'm so appreciative. I'm so appreciative.
And it brings me joy to be here and help others.

[12:46] And I I love the idea that we can actually create a community anywhere in the world around the world and bring some joy to the world.
So if you're not if you're not connected in a look in the comments and there's some people that are like minded individuals that are here I know Lori windy Jennifer,
Angie Sherri Carol Brenda.
I mean these are individuals that are just awesome awesome people amazing individuals.
And I just really encourage you to build a community and start having connections and conversations around ideas that we can actually be a little bit more positive world.
You know open a door smile if complements you know encourage others to do well.
Because when you encourage others to do well it just seems to allow yourself to be in a different place.
And it's usually a more positive definitely a more positive place.

[13:50] I was talking with,
I was talking with Vickie or O'Neill,
and how she's been on the pirate broadcast a few weeks ago and,
she was talking about how the transition from entrepreneur and building a team and how you have to think about because sometimes when you're working alone you get this idea of scarcity.

[14:21] My light went off.

[14:25] But the sun is coming up.

[14:27] Well I guess we'll be OK. Technical issues.

[14:32] I use these cool lights. I have a light. I have a light boom in the top and then I use these lights I have lights.
So when I film stuff I can turn them on and then they can.

[14:47] Like I can put it here's a little spot near you.
It's not really that great is it. I see the help that help does that look OK. Is that lighting look OK.

[15:05] I love this you know those those days where anything that could go wrong will go wrong.

[15:11] This isn't that day because I mean a lot of things are going right.

[15:16] However it's just it's one of those things that mindset is just a mindset we have to get our mind because it's the battles in our head no party like a pirate broadcast party.

[15:31] LAURIE That's awesome. Love it. Kenyatta Good morning.
Hey beautiful morning Vicky O'Neill and Laurie and.

[15:41] Nick.

[15:42] Nick thank you so much. Lighting looks great. See now we had a light go out and all of a sudden rather than panic or anything I just turn another one on.

[15:58] I love it.

[16:01] You know I'm going to do today I'm going to tell you all right now I'm going to take a nap today. I'm going to take a nap and I'm going to do a little self care and probably get a rest in because I just roll with it Brenda. Yeah we love. Just love it. Just love it.
Your day is making me smile. Thanks for being here. Thank you Wendy. That just warms my heart. That's just this is the reason I just love doing this.

[16:26] You know I I I got a trip planned.

[16:36] And I have to think that you know because I think about this I think OK well I need planning my trip and I need to make sure that I'm taken care of the pirate broadcast because this is a priority in my life.
And I really love and enjoy it and doing video and cranking out video makes a difference. It really makes a difference in life.
And so when I'm traveling I have certain things that I take with me and you know it looks different.
It doesn't look like this setup and it could be very similar.
So the limitations are there and I live in with living with constraints sometimes increases your creativity.

[17:21] And as Kenny Ortiz can attest to there's a lot of I love to live outside the box in my creativity because we did the DNA behavior testing and if you didn't hear that the,
pirate broadcast episode is up on Russ John's slash pirate broadcast so it's up there already.

[17:47] And the transcription is there even though it's not a hundred percent. Jeff Yung jump jumped in.
Jeff mentioned that it's not quite perfect. Well it's a transcription.
So it's it's just machine listening so my Annunciation probably screws it up.
So Oh Angie says I should go float today who has floated in and who's floated.

[18:10] Has anyone been in a deprivation tank where they they puts,
epsom salt in water so you get zero buoyancy and you float on the water and then you can listen to like meditative music or quiet music or no music or.
And then you be complete darkness or you can have different colored lights who's who's had that experience. I have.

[18:41] And you know you have,
because we talked about it. Has anyone done that.

[18:49] I love the 80s.

[18:55] Aka you should float today miss the programming days breadfruit we're now first connections oh people making connections I love that,
we're having coffee mates who had an appointment cancel working from home Brenda that's awesome Jeff Yang on this morning too I don't see Jeff this morning Brenda,
he he I know Jeff has been popping in making comments after the fact catching up later but I just wanted to give him a shout out because he's an awesome individual and.

[19:35] I know that we can we can do this together never have put putting the cards where you go in Arizona I'll add it to the next one. Okay cool.
That would be fantastic. I would love to do that. Oh I'll get some. I'll share it with you.
I'll share some locations. I'll see if I can't do that. I have to tell you though I was feeling down I was I was actually laying down and I missed the massage I was supposed to take a massage on Monday night and I missed it.

[20:08] So my bad I missed my appointment.

[20:17] That's a great quote. Kenyatta. We all float down here Penny wise,
so here's the thing that I want to tell you today is is that whatever happens to you.

[20:34] Look for the lesson. Look for the look for the outcome that will best serve you.

[20:40] Going forward good or bad experiences just experience it and you have to understand that things happen for a reason.
And when you're looking for the lesson because your life is like an instrument we have to keep practicing it.
There's no rule book that says that this is exactly the path for me is the path for you.
The path for me may be a different path that may be your path and my path.
Just remember that there's a lesson involved in every experience and you have an opportunity to learn that and understand that and grow from it.

[21:18] And when you share things that you've learned from your experience like the urgency for my dad Dad to go to,
return something back at the store it's like has happened now. You've got to do it now.
It's not on my timeline however it's urgent to him. So.

[21:44] Learn a little patience and then learn a little bit of patience on my side just to serve you know my father and make sure that he's OK with it.
Because he was getting a little anxious and so we don't need that.
So can you says thank you for sharing me on the pirate broadcast yesterday. It's awesome.

[22:14] And Nick Norman has a cat. I hope everybody knows that.

[22:23] Too claustrophobic. It doesn't feel it doesn't feel claustrophobic though.
As very relaxing. It's very relaxing. So if you just need to unwind it could be. You don't have to close the door.
You can leave it open. It doesn't it just the floating the idea of floating is.
And it's I.

[22:44] I urge you to think about it and I'm going to check it out today because I may want to go check that out. We'll take some time for myself.

[22:54] So never have put into the comments where you go in Arizona.
OK I there's there's a couple other things that I want to share with you because a lot of people have asked me this in Q and A,
I use cowardly to book people for calls when you go to rush John's book Russ it's called Book Russ dot com and you can schedule the time to just have a chat with me.

[23:28] I use calendar Lee. That was one tool I think Brenda you use that as well.
But book calls I think a few other people use that. And it's integrated.
And then if anybody has used you know my video message has seen my video messages back and forth on occasion I use it app called dub dot com.
I mean actually creating a tutorial on dub dot com.
So if you want to see that tutorial let me know or actually just go just go to Russ Jones dot com slash pirate broadcasting get notified for updates and I'll share that with you.
I'll share the dub app tutorial with you. So if if you're looking to,
create video and video strategy that's that's something that's coming on board as well.
I'm creating a I'm getting ready to wrap up a video strategy session.
I'm a little behind. I'm not going to lie.

[24:39] And so a video strategy session this weekend I want to do it on Saturday afternoon is what I'm thinking about doing it and I'm going to,
invite people in and the the whole point of this strategy session is to,
help you create your strategy for using video how how you can use video for your to promote your business to promote your,
your outcomes to whether it's lead generation or brand awareness or build.

[25:16] You know influence or authority.
There's a lot of different reasons and a lot of different ways you can create video and I want to.
I want to take a small group of individuals and put them in a in a in a,
workshop and we're actually going to work through this and talk about it and understand what it takes,
to develop your strategy for an outcome and make sure because I believe that,
with YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world and lot Linked In alive and linked in video taken off like it is there's very few people that I mean we see a lot of video.
However it's still in the beginning stages and I think that there's gonna be a lot of expansion on this platform for video.
And if you have your strategy in place and you have it dialed in and you have things.

[26:09] Developed to the point and do agree that you you're you're growing then it really helps you out and makes it easier. So anyway.

[26:21] It's online.

[26:23] Sherry I'm going to I'm going to put it online and I'll use it. I'm going to use a product that I've been friends with for the developers and I.

[26:31] I did did beta testing for this it's crowd cast that I owe and I'll get that up.
I'm going to get that up today so I've been kind of quiet about it because you know anytime I launch things it's I like to create a beta you know a beta kind of group before I expand it.
And I've taught classes I've taught. I started teaching first aid and CPR defensive driving in the early 90s and,
so when teach in tech for four years and this is one of those things that people have been asking for is like how do I get started. What do I do first. How do I do this.
And I think more than anything after you know teaching a lot of people on podcasting you know and I don't I don't share a lot that stuff online for some reason I don't know.
It's kind of odd but I taught a lot if you like.

[27:28] In fact I taught at university level on podcasting how to get a podcast started how to grow your podcast How to develop your podcast and the first thing you had to start out with is strategy.

[27:38] Why do you want to do this. What's the push. What's the reason behind start with.
Start with the reason why. Like Simon Sinek says start with your why.
To understand what the motivation is. Because when the numbers don't grow like you expect it to.
I was on the podcast I think.
Monday I was on the paused cast Adam Posner and we're talking about this and you really have to understand that it's a long game and it's it's relationship building.
And the reason you do these things just like the pirate broadcast I do this because I love building community as my DNA indicated with Kenyatta yesterday.
So if you go back and you look at that that brought broadcast you can see the DNA and how I how I love to create communities and sometimes I build relationships that well maybe I shouldn't be building and.

[28:42] Yeah. Laurie I'll I'll be more than happy to teach about broadcast a love crowd cast and live training.
I've set up a number of these things.
And I'm at the point in my life where I want to start giving back.
I want to start teaching these classes and putting them in a format that are more accessible more available to you.
So that's that's my intention in the world is to,
bring value to the world and share these things because I've spent 30 years working on technology and systems and processes and you know all this nerdy stuff that goes out the door. So.

[29:26] Crowd cast can't wait for the workshop. Angie says strategy plus fact equals productive out performance.
Love that. I love that Alcott,
Wendy sounds amazing.

[29:41] Your event Saturday's library online. It's online. I'll share I'll share it out with everybody.

[29:48] I love the dream the stream shower and sauna and I have no idea for this to go the spot for that would it be nice just to have it in your house.

[29:59] It's like I just want to go to the spa for a minute. It's like I just want to I don't want to drive anywhere I just want it done.
So maybe there's an uber app for that but there's an app for that right.
Well I just,
I woke up.

[30:19] Coffee wasn't made. I have coffee now. Life is good.

[30:27] I love you all.

[30:30] And thank you so much for being here. I'm going to let you go about your day and get things done and going and moving forward.
I answer a few questions about platforms video strategy and why video strategy is important is is kind of the intention that I'm working toward,
and I want to put that out there because you know when Booking Booking calls with people building relationships get on a Zune call with somebody this week is,
just you know organize it get it out there and,
a minute.

[31:08] And then once I get the dub app tutorial completed I'll share with everybody.
If that's if that sounds fair if you can say yes in the comments if you want it.
So I love that Anyway I'll let you go.
I hope you wish you the wonderful Wednesday and a beautiful week and an amazing weekend. Kindness is cool.

[31:36] Smiles or free and you enjoy the day.

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