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Join Russ Johns and the #PirateBroadcast Q & A

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Sharing Interesting people doing interesting things.

I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

With technology today, you can create your own broadcast. YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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[0:03] Hey we're alive. We're going alive. It's a Monday morning.
Do you have your Java chai or anything else is going on.
I want to know it's still interesting.

[0:26] The technology is so fascinating to me.
And I really I really love the idea that we're here together and a lot of people have been asking me about you know how do I get started where do I go.
How do we how do we get this moving forward. How do I get this video thing down.
And you know there is a great video,
that I was watching about strategy you know and you know even though we can actually pick up our phone we can just pick up our phone and we can actually in fact let me jump on the phone.
This is this is the pirate broadcast by the way.
We're really happy. I'm really happy to be here and all the gratitude in the world.
If you're here I just really love the fact that we can jump in on a show every every morning 7:00 a.m.
Arizona time and talk about interesting people doing interesting things.

[1:25] And the reason I want to do this is because there's so many wonderful people out there that have connected with me conversations we've built relationships we've developed friendships and I just you know it's amazing.
It's always amazing to me about who I meet and the value that you bring to the table.
Every time I turn around there's there's more great news in store and a lot of people are doing some amazing things and I just want to share that with you because it's important,
it's important to understand that you're not alone.
The challenges you're facing in your business right now or your life even are not I mean they're unique to you and I don't want to diminish any kind of struggles or challenges anyone is having.
You know I've been in some dark places before and I know what it's like to have those challenges.

[2:22] And so I want to highlight a few people today and share a few things with you. And this is Q and A PIRATE broadcast Q and A.
And because a lot of people have been asking me about this whole process that I go through in order to get people on the show what I do and how I how I respond.
So there's a couple of people here let me lower my volume now.
So because we're in stream yard which I'm a gauge if you're watching this or if you see this ever come on the show.

[2:57] I love it so Angie. Good morning. Love you Marine. Love you.
Lewis thank you so much for being here. You're awesome sir.
Crystal best regards.

[3:13] It's people like you that make my day just a little bit better and there's so many things out there that people are doing that are interesting to me and I just really love the idea that we can actually build a community around this.
Reach out to people anywhere in the world with Internet access and discover something new.
And it's really it's really fascinating to me to to say well you know Russ how do you how do you connect with these people.
Well there's a lot of different ways you can connect. In fact I've created a workshop that's going to be the Saturday,
I'm putting it together I'm getting it together and if you want to learn more about it drop your name say yes in the comments.
Yes in the comments if you're on the replay and you want to learn more about how this all comes together step by step in building a strategy around your video.
Your video production dropped.

[4:15] Yes. In the comments.

[4:17] It's gonna be a small intimate group that I'm going to be teaching and helping others develop their strategy.
I'm not here to sell it but I do want to let you know that this is something that's good that's going to be out there.
So Lori good morning. How are you.

[4:36] So many wonderful people. Rodrigo. Yes yes.

[4:40] Want it. We want it. And I just love the fact that you guys are here. You're developing your your your community.
You're developing your relationships and everything that goes along with that so I wanted to also highlight a few people that are here in the community.
Now if you've been on the pyre broadcast Lori's been on the pirate broadcast Rodrigo's been on the pirate broadcast.
You guys are pirates. So,
I also have a Facebook group over on fate.

[5:16] Yeah group on Facebook. We need some redundancy redundancy redundancy so join the Facebook group and oh you know what I'm not doing.

[5:29] There's a new feature here that I wanted to add to it. Where do you find me.
How do you find me pirate broadcasts and Russia has Scott follow the pirate broadcast. Is that pretty cool or what.

[5:42] That's kind of cool. I think it's kind of cool just saying,
Laurie it's OK if you miss me. I miss you too.
And I know that we get busy in life it gets full. So Laurie said.
She was busy last week and missed me.
That's OK I'm going to continue to broadcast.
In fact what I do with each one of these broadcasts is I after the show.

[6:16] My ad men now she does. She downloads the audio and the video and then she creates an audio file and a transcription.
We go to the podcast we create a podcast around that and then we upload that to rush John scum slash pirate broadcast,
which all these shows you can go back and watch all of these shows now like RODRIGO.

[6:42] RODRIGO was an early pirate. He was like one of one of the earliest pirates in existence here.
And the show that we did was over an hour long and I've invited Rodrigo. When are you going to be on Rodrigo.
It's like in January.
he'll be back because I didn't have all of these systems completely adjusted the way we needed them to be adjusted.
So there's Jay Andrews Doug Thompson Rodrigo and a few others that were there early to help me get this organized and put together,
and I I'm inviting all of these individuals back these all these pirates back on the show now that we've got the format little dialed in everything's there things going right.
However today when I wanted to do I wanted to highlight a couple of people that have really yeah.
Rodrigo says he's on the 6th of January. So don't put that on your calendar Don't miss it.
Rodrigo is a amazing individual. And yes I do put the YouTube video links on the fly.

[7:52] That T.O. page so I I need to update those and get those out there on the world.
And if you if you hashed if you search hashtag pirate broadcast you could see what kind of impact owning your hashtag will do for you on your content.
So when you get a chance after the show just start putting Google open up a Google tab.

[8:18] Or any search engine that you have and type in hashtag pirate broadcast and you'll see a few if you'll see a few things there.
And the reason why you see those is because it's I'm doing this consistently I'm putting I'm using that hashtag I'm owning that hashtag,
there's still some things on Twitter that are not quite there yet. I'll get there though.
So with your help we will get there. We will get there.
We'll all be a bunch of pirates enjoying the fruits of our labor.
So let's let's go join in.
OK. So I want to do. I want to. I want to change this out now and I want to be able to I'm going to turn this Q and A full screen layout.
I'm going to turn this off and I might turn the brand off. I'm going to hide this.
So one of the things that I wanted to do was share Brandon Miller. Brandon does the.

[9:25] The Millers marketing list. And it's she does a couple lists.
If you're not connected with Brenda connect with Brenda because she's awesome and she's an individual that has,
a lot of knowledge on Linked In and she shares some tremendous information and tips and she's just an awesome person.
So if you can connect with Brenda she does presentations a lot of these people do actually help people with their LinkedIn profiles and their profile they're linked in performance.
And you too can improve your LinkedIn performance and.

[10:12] I'm going to grab that. I think I'm going to want to try to grab that Rodrigo.
Let me let me finish this and I'll do that. Another one is Shelly and I and I and I don't want to pretend I know how to pronounce her last name.
So it's just Shelly and she's a superhero of mine because she's so good at putting out great information highlighting others doing great work.
And if you're not connected to Shelly you need to be connected to Shelly because she's an awesome individual that is really doing some great work out there.
She's she's out of Toronto now another individual that I love dearly.

[10:58] Oh I got two screens going so that the navigation is a little sketchy right now.

[11:05] However I am only on my first cup of coffee so forgive me.

[11:14] Kenyatta Hey good morning Kenyatta is gonna be here tomorrow.
So join in Kenya not as another rock star that is gonna be there.
And she is another she's going to become a pirate tomorrow.

[11:30] But Joe Sullivan Joe Sullivan she's she's a wonderful individual that I just,
have all the respect and admiration for she's she's going out she has random act ambassadors group Blue Angels and they've done some great work.
Anyone in the Blue Angels dogs in the Blue Angels.
You know Steve Sullivan he is you know some of these individuals are pirates as well.
So this is what I call a community.
If you're if you're out there and you have a community and you're building a community you're building relationships.
Make sure I know it's I know it's difficult. We all get busy. We have.
We have to do our work. We have to do everything about it.
And if you just spend a little bit of time nurturing those individuals and highlighting them and make some comments on their their content when they go out there and makes them you know makes just little baby steps.
That's all it takes. That's what it takes.

[12:28] Yeah. The pirate broadcast Kenyatta Lori shout out to Kenyatta and everybody.
And I just love the idea that we can reach out to people anywhere in the world and connect and it's amazing that this this takes place.
So another,
DOUG THOMPSON Like I was telling you now Doug he does some mundane motivational.
I think he did it on Sunday this week so quick videos very thought provoking and I and I have a tendency to lean toward positive information positive.

[13:11] And I believe everybody you know can have a little bit more positive kindnesses cool smiles or free. You know my you know my rant.
Cathy love random acts. Good morning thank you so much for being here.
I really appreciate you other gratitude in the world for you for being here.
I mean this truly makes my day a lot easier.
A lot lot more exciting.
So but Doug as an individual is a speaker a storyteller and,
he does a lot of good things out there. If you're not connected follow up with Doug and then I want to also give a shout out to Randall constant.

[13:54] And he does. He follows. He's also on stream yard he loves stream yard like I do and he also does he does shout outs for lengthen life people go on linked in life,
and his son Calvin they go out there he's he's in the food industry he does a lot of business and food and he's been contacted by the television stations and people that wear it there looking for information on different food products and things like that.
So he's an outstanding individual to know about in the Lincoln Community.
Also another thing about Randal is he's really good about sharing data and some of the things that he's been doing with his his LinkedIn profile and what kind of traction and activity.

[14:38] And he uses a a and I'm going to forget it now the shield app the shield app is great if you want to look at data regarding linked in,
the shield app is available.

[14:54] It's in the browser. It's basic extension and it just it just gathers the data on some of the things you're doing so you can kind of see what you're what's taking place on your.

[15:07] And I'll do a maybe I'll do an episode on that maybe I'll Maybe I'll do an episode.
I'll get Randall on here and we can talk about the shield app. How would that be.
Would that be interesting yeah.
Rodrigo Doug also uses hashtag 8 Step 2 a great story so yeah reach out to Doug and get that,
connection going.
Storytelling is so powerful and I know you know that Rodrigo Kenyatta you also do that. These are.

[15:47] These are things that you can do. Just baby steps and they make a little you know a little adjustment here a little adjustment there and you can actually take your strategy to the next level and really start crafting a workflow,
system that you can repeat over and over again. And it's it's.

[16:08] And it makes it so much easier to get through your day and and get your content out there and get it processed.

[16:14] And this this live show is on a podcast.
It's broadcast on on Apple Apple podcasts as they like to call it.
Now it's not iTunes anymore it's Apple podcast and Spotify.
It's on Spotify it's on a number of different platforms that share podcasts on Google.

[16:39] I think it's on Google and I'm going to get with. I'm going to get with somebody that's doing Alexis skills and maybe look at that potentially.
So that's another thing that I'll be testing out and sharing that information with you.

[16:55] But then another another individual that was an early adopter on the Piper Cub broadcast almost one of the first ones as well and I'll have back on the show and that is Jay Andrews.

[17:07] Jay is an individual that is really promoting positive vibes and information out there.
He's a speaker impacting one person a day.
I love that. I love that phrase. I love that idea and everything that goes along with that.

[17:26] So don't be afraid to connect with any of these individuals I've tested them all and they're all pirates and I love them.
And so another one that I love is Jeff Young Darlington grow him in Brandon Miller are really.

[17:50] They go back and forth. You should see their banter. I love them.
I love the way that they interact with their community I love the value that they bring to the table.
Jeff has done hundreds of LinkedIn tutorials and training sessions around the world and it's just an amazing individual and a resource that you can actually go to and get information.
So it's it's a simple thing that you you have to understand that it's OK to.
It's OK to be out there and you know connect with these individuals because.
They share information freely and it's it's valuable information.
And if you want to hire them for a speaking engagement or an activity or anything like that if you think that there's a group that you know about that they would be willing to speak at or participate in.
Reach out to. I'm sure that they can work something out with you. So I just want to make sure that everybody.
Marlo pirate love. Thank you so much. Our God. Happy morning.
Where are you at. I am. Yeah. Whereas everybody at Jeffrey Fitzgerald Laurie Garretson.

[19:10] You know all of these people.

[19:14] Nighttime here.

[19:16] So you must be on the other side of the world aka.

[19:21] So some of these people and individuals that you want to connect with are also pirates in my opinion.
You know I haven't connected with all of them and the pirate broadcasts will continue to highlight individuals every single day like we have a great group this week.
We've got Tanya Alvarez.
Kenyatta is going to be on tomorrow. She's going to be there and then also Terry Bean.
So these are these are individuals that are going to really highlight the we can make it make it worthwhile so let's go back and,
see I I'm going to try this here is this I want to I want to know if this is too small for you is this too small to read.

[20:16] Let me know in the comments is is that a comfortable view is that a comfortable view for you on your screen it may be it might be on a phone it might be.

[20:29] Jay Andrews Randall constant Doug Thompson Jill Shelley and Brenda,
so that is an amazing lineup of individuals that you can connect with amazing individuals.
Now once again,
is the bee's knees. Yes Kenyatta Yes I love the connections here and I love the opportunity to share this information with you because,
one of the things that you know in fact I think Doug,
did a video recently and if I were thinking about it,
I can't play a video in a video very well because it's just it doesn't work out that well our it is possible and I've done it.

[21:27] It's just not right now at this show. Howard Doug Thompson did something about abundance versus scarcity and mindset and when.
There's no in fact I think Jeff and I talked about this is that there's there's.
So much opportunity out there that there's no reason to have a scarcity mindset and saying I can't share this information because it's,
because it's you know if I if I share something and then they won't want to hire me that's and that's not the way it works the way it works is that.
This is my experience. This is just my experience it is is that if use help them solve a problem they will want you to help them solve their problem and there.
And you're willing to get paid for this information.
And I'm I'm improving on this and I'm working continuing to work on this.
And right now 2020 is going to be an amazing year.
And it's it's and it's only because I continue to help other people increase their business and improve their business.
So strategy I'm going to put I'm going to put putting together a strategy workshop.
It's not it's not a webinar. It's not anything that is is going to be you know a pitch.

[22:52] And it will have it will have some actionable items that you can take and you can put things together.
So if you want to you want more information as I develop that and put that out.
Just say yes in the comments and I'll be I'll be more happy to share that with you because I think it's important that if you're going to think about doing video you need to have a strategy around doing video.
And my strategy is to highlight other people in the in the marketplace other people doing great work interesting people doing interesting things.

[23:27] It's as simple as that. And I want to make sure that you know one understands some of these individuals that are doing some incredibly good work.
And it doesn't take anything away from me and allows you to meet someone that's doing some amazing things that you can also.

[23:44] You can also utilize some of the things that they're using and sharing.
So it's a full circle it's it's. And then how to the other thing about traffic and Q and A and one of the things that people ask me is like where do you create all the. How do you create all this.
This this content is I'm on Facebook I'm on Twitter I'm on you know and there's there's some things systems that you can use.
And I'm a believer of you know doing things myself and I'm there every day I'm on social media because it's part of my department.
Business is I spend a little bit of time a couple of times a day going in repot responding to comments sharing Commons sharing information and putting this in place.
And I do have a team that helps me get some of this out there and I didn't start with the team I started with me and I built these things over time so I've been doing this for years.
And if if you want to accelerate some of the things you're doing I'll be happy to answer your questions. So.

[24:59] Yeah one from Telstra and Jeffrey. Absolutely.
I just don't have wire stream hooked up on this OBSS you can do it. They'll be asked to.
There's a couple of things too small on the phone. SETH That's great feedback. Tony on my cell. But good on the laptop.

[25:16] Perfect.

[25:19] That's good to know. All right so let's go back to here. Let's go back to this one and I need to get another graphic on here Don a,
because this I think the graphic needs to be the way the layout is. I'm thinking it's a little bit off for you.

[25:36] Does this look OK,
mentioned in the copy. Copy that. Yes. I need money coffee.

[25:50] Love you all.

[25:56] Angie says it's fine horizontal on my phone so if it's too small on your phone turn your phone sideways and see if it looks a little bit better.

[26:10] Angie is gonna be on the show in February.

[26:18] I'll cut. Love you man. Our cut you looking cool.

[26:28] You're awesome,
let's make it happen Angie.

[26:35] Yes Kenyatta I. I'm working with Kenyatta on behavioral superpowers.
It's it's a project you'll be sharing tomorrow and more in the show tomorrow.
So that is that is something that I'm fascinated by and we all have a personality we all have a gift.
I believe we all have a gift and we all have something that we can share that with the world.
And the sooner you identify with that gift is in what you find that makes doing this show is very easy for me.
You know some people say oh no I couldn't do that. No it's not me.
Some people are writers you know they can write a novel by the time I can.

[27:13] You know create a post you know and some people are are creative in different ways.

[27:22] Some people like to teach. Some people like to help others get organized. You know there's all this.
That's the beauty where we are right now is we can all help each other out.
We can all learn from each other. There's no there's no shortage.

[27:41] You know there's there's just abundance,
Yeah. Yes.

[27:47] You better get booked now Angie because I am filling up fast,
and I've got a few slots left in December and then I'm starting to book parts in the I'm starting to book my pirates in January.
And don't forget Rodrigo is gonna be here. I saw it in the comments you shared it Rodrigo's at the sixth.
Let me go back here and see if I can find it.
6th of January. Rodrigo is gonna be in the 6th of January.
Lori connotes and we should probably have you back because I think I think we can probably highlight you again.
So follow the hashtag pirate broadcast. Follow it. And if you if you.
You know how to follow you know how to follow I don't have my screen up but following the pirate broadcast is very simple.

[28:50] Just type in the hashtag in the search and they'll come up and it'll allow you to follow.

[28:54] So very simple process so hopefully this week is gonna be an amazing amazing another amazing week.

[29:05] And I've got some things that I'm going to be sharing again as I get closer to this Saturday's workshop.

[29:15] I want you to think about one thing though is that the you know the power of what you're doing is impacting someone.
And like Jan Drew says it's the ripple effect.
It's it's you don't know who or how people are gonna go in there.
Right now there's twenty one people watching this program mean that's 21 individuals that,
I didn't have a connection with like this you know a year ago and it's it's like what would you do today that can just you could take,
small steps and make progress toward a different outcome from a year a year from now,
and it's not difficult.
It's it's really just have a little bit of vision focus put some vision out there and what you want to change how you want to change it where you want to go.

[30:16] So I'll leave you with that and also as you know I appreciate you all the gratitude in the world for you being here.

[30:25] It's really important for me to highlight different people. Maureen Laurie Kannada Rodrigo. Angie,
I'm just I'm just overjoyed. Cathy Jeffrey.

[30:43] Our cat Seth,
it's just it's just amazing.

[30:49] All everybody that is so supportive and so amazing.
So go make some connections today.
Do do what you have to do in order to spend a little bit of time building your strategy out on whatever you're doing.
And it pays off in the long run.
There you go. There's my Q and A for the day. So,
stream yard shield app is good is good for following the data and also I'm going to be doing a full session on,
dub because dub Rubin asked me to do a tutorial on that and I'm gonna put that I started that tutorial so I'll be putting that tutorial out to share with you in the in the near future.
I'll just share it and then you can have it and then you can decide if you wanted to use it or not.
So there you go anyway. Kindness is cool.

[31:49] Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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