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[0:02] Check it out. Check it out. Hey we're here on the Pirate broadcast it's Friday the 13th a full moon,
and we're going to pull some shenanigans on the pirate broadcasts with Terry Bean and I just want to thank you for being here if you're on the replay tap in replay hashtag replay,
so I can actually come back and respond to comments if you have any questions drop them in the comments.

[0:26] And you know you may be you may be knowing it by now that I'm on social media here and there.

[0:33] And if you follow me I'd love to have you like share and comment on on anything that you see along the way.

[0:40] And Terry good morning how is Detroit today.

[0:44] Choice awesome man I'm. I'm about 30 miles just north of it.
But it's wow what a what a comeback story that places.

[0:53] Well you should. You should know. Brenda Miller up that that way.

[0:57] Brenda Miller is the reason I'm talking to you specifically. I've known I've known Brenda for a minute,
gosh probably 2007 2008 back you know maybe even right before her Walsh college days but definitely during and then I caught the entrepreneurial rise and take flight.
What about just that ladies.

[1:20] So how did you arrive here today doing what you're doing.
Because I know you got a lot of things going on and I just wanted to make sure that we understand what those things are.

[1:31] You know it's it's been it's been a long strange trip right. It's like we did to him a little bit. I know I'm a I'm a.
I'm a sales guy by trade but an educator at heart.
So I you know I started out doing some doing some sales in the technology space I sold boxes and people and a bunch of different things.
But what I was really really good at was going in understanding the customer need and then connecting them with the resources they needed to see those filled.
I was much better at getting other people business than my own company business.
And so fast forward a few years I started a networking I started with a networking group in Columbus Ohio.
26 27 was an area director running a handful of chapters move back up to Michigan and couldn't find what I was looking for.
So he made the confluence of what was going on an online networking scene,
and Mary backed up with the real world networking scene and really put together one of the first hybrid local business networking organizations probably on the globe.
And I've been doing that for close to 15 years now as a result of that.
Somebody said hey we need a speaker to come in and talk about networking and I'm like a lot of flap these goggles Baby I'll make.

[2:54] That took off man. So it started speaking. Start teaching people social media and teaching folks how to use LinkedIn since 2005. Yeah.
And other social tools and I do some leadership talks and some business growth talks and some personal development talks and you know speaking is fun but there's a lot of people who like you want to speak.
I have lunch for you but that doesn't pay a lot of bills.

[3:21] Doesn't keep the lights on.

[3:22] Yeah it doesn't. It does it like you Beverly the gas to get to the Lux right.
You know doing some business coaching and some personal coaching. So I play in three spaces man.
I train I speak I coach my coach would tell me those are the same damn thing. Stop acting like they're different.
You know you're right. It's all the same. Like I'm a I'm a knowledge worker. Mr Johns.

[3:48] Well here's the beauty of it is you know what used to be in Detroit is a perfect perfect example of,
an organization in the city in a community that has gone through so many transformations just like us as individuals.
You know I've been in and out of corporate organizations I've been doing my own thing.
I started out as a musician you know I started I built networks at different times and in bringing people together.
And really it's about it's really about understanding that you have a community that you can actually connect with and become a part of.
And for those watching and those listening on the podcast you can connect with what Terry it linked in.

[4:34] Dash I n dash Terry Bean or try being is another. Another connection there.
So yeah definitely definitely use the Terry beam the tribunals.
The business page that I have but not that I use. Right. There's a there's a big difference in terms of having things and using things.

[4:56] Well explain that to us a little bit more detail Terry.

[5:01] Oh it's like one of those things where you've got the time and the energy but you don't necessarily keep the focus right.
You know it's a social medium for me as a really weird world because there's so many different places to be to play and to stake your ground and to actually hang out right.
And as a as a business guy and a practitioner there's really like you kind of have to focus.
So I mean I have to try being page I have the networks page I have the Motor City Connect page I have the business growth time page I have the right age and that's linked in that's Facebook that's Twitter that's Instagram right.
I do it. There's one of me I'm not.

[5:44] So there's so many places to play and so many distractions along the way.

[5:49] That's it. You got to just figure out where are you going to spend that time and where are you going to be found.
Right. So it's good if you have those and then you have a pointer.
Hey yo I'm here but not really. I'm really over here.
So yeah you got it you got it you got it on the ground right you got to stake your claim but you got to tell people where you're going to be so they can actually engage.

[6:14] And over time I think you know we're having some tough love and having another person or some other coach you know tell us you know that's why coaching is so important,
and in you know having someone pointed out that because we getting our own space and we get kind of blind to these things and we go off and,
squirrel you know and here and there and everything else and next thing you know it's it's like OK we've got another project.
I'm constantly I mean I never run out of ideas.
I'd never have had a shortage of ideas it's just a shortage of time.
And so you have to really step back and decide OK what am I going to do with my time.
You know how am I going to use my time to the best advantage possible to help the most people I can.
And that's really what it's about. I want to give a shout out here Terry to some people.

[7:07] Vicki O'Neil ANGIE Good morning Sherri Lawley.
Can the Turner thank you so much for being here. Brenda good to see in metro Detroit excited to see Terry.

[7:20] Yeah we just glad I'm talking about you Brenda. Yeah we were talking about you and Dr. Anish.
Lewis. Thank you so much.
Good morning. Feeling better. Good deal. Kathy you know this is the thing.

[7:35] If we have questions drop in the comments we'll try to answer them as we're live in,
this broadcast is about interesting people doing interesting things and Terry is one of those individuals that I get the sense Terry that you know looking at some of the things you've done and having conversation is that,
you you are able to do a lot of things you're multidimensional and one of the one of the benefits of that.
Do you have an opinion and a thought about a lot of things and you can help a lot of people.
The downside though is is much like what I've experienced in my life is is that a lot of people have sometimes struggle about how you can help them because you could do so many things right.
And I know that in branding and marketing and sales you know if you're known for a thing.
Then it is much easier for people to to attract people and engage people and really grab onto people that.

[8:40] Does that resonate with you. And can you speak to that a little bit.

[8:43] Not at all. And I've never experienced it. What do you what are you talking about.

[8:49] The world is kind of full of box checkers. Yeah we're going to be a box checker.
They want to be able to put things in a box right in and I'm not using think outside the box or anything to do with the box right now.
But I you know I used to tell people I'm a I'm a triple threat man. I can I can write.
I can speak at present. I can.
I can dance I can sing I can act. I get it all.
Trust me.
You know if you can. Does doesn't mean you should write.

[9:22] We talked about you know even like my car is like can you stop please.
The shower turns off in the middle of it it immediately goes cold.
You are done with you and your singing boy.

[9:35] But when you when you have when you have a multitude of talents right in people want to put you in a box.
That was a recruiter for a number of years and that's what we did.
Right. The whole job was how do I fit you into this little compartment.
And is really kind of difficult to put an entire body of work into that you know ultimately I would tell you that I'm a I'm a promoter at heart you know I'm that you know being an educator.
But you know because of the way social media is I like to you know like Brenda does I like to shine the light on people that are doing good. Like you're doing right here.

[10:11] So that's the whole purpose of the pirate broadcast. If I can if I get to highlight a few people around the neighborhood here you know that just strength to me it just strengthens strengthens the community in a different way.
You know these tools we have the social media we've never in the history of mankind humankind have ever had this opportunity to highlight and shine,
and then and share information like we do today.
I mean five years ago this would this broadcast like this would not be possible.
And now we're jumping on mourning. You know you didn't have to do anything except hop on you know and connect with me and be connected.
And now we're broadcasting on Facebook or broadcasting on LinkedIn we're broadcasting on YouTube and before the end of that day it will be up on a blog post and a podcast.
And the the opportunity to connect is.
Amazing. It's pretty staggering right.
And it's been one of those things that I've been fascinated by and dare I say pioneering for the last couple of decades right.

[11:22] Yeah yeah. We people people confuse me with a social media expert because I've been on the socials for so long. Right.

[11:31] I got on Twitter before Twitter had a million people but that was because I was on Facebook the day that Facebook opened to grey hairs and no haters.

[11:40] And that was because I was on LinkedIn before they had no hair don't care.

[11:46] Brilliant. I gave myself a haircut today. HOW DO I LOOK MAN My.

[11:50] You're looking pretty sharp Terry sharp but not bad.

[11:54] So it's you know when you get on these tools and I got on them with the sole purpose of being able to help people get better connected. Right. How do I.

[12:05] How do I serve more people. It was really the question.
That's why the Motor City Connect exists in Motor City Connect kind of birth Ted Detroit.
And that's why we do this stuff over at 10x Detroit.
Well we're having a couple 3000 people show up to a day long event and we are all juiced up and ready to go.

[12:26] You know and those things kind of perpetuate each other. And it's it's your thing.

[12:33] It's it's just him. We need to step back and you realize the,
way we connect today and the possibilities of making those connections like there are so many of us talking to somebody the other day about,
dropping into different countries and traveling around the country and just putting together you like sherry,
Shelly does you know she does the Lincoln lattes you know and she if she's anywhere around town you know she can.

[13:05] Hop in and have a coffee with somebody I linked in and that to me is the most powerful thing in the world is being able to build a relationship across,
any geography any boundaries and social media has brought that.
You know I really and I really encourage people to build a deeper relationship build a connection and have a conversation just like this because it's one thing to leave a message and say hi you know.
Great post blah blah blah but dive in a little deeper and allow their personality come on the table.
There's a lot of people that have never seen you speak or talk or have a conversation with you but they know your posts.
They know you're your content out there on social media in a way in a unique way.
But having a conversation so I think the next level deeper right.

[13:59] That's why that's why Motor City connects that online and real world stuff right.
You can build a fast ton of relationships online. There's no ifs or buts.
You can actually kind of ferret out who you want to take a deeper dive with. And I think that's really important.
But if you're not taking that deeper dive right in it doesn't have to be toe to toe and face to face.
But it definitely has to be a voice to voice where we're we're sharing some level of time together and with with video communication the way it is.
You know I was a huge fan of blab 3 4. All right.

[14:35] Were you on that. That I love blab now object. What was. What was it about blab that just made it so magic.

[14:43] I mean it was just the magic platform that I was just I wanted to cry when it when it finished because I would just jump on and the community was amazing and people were just loving it. And it's like.

[14:57] They pulled the plug on it's like yeah. We're not going to do this.

[15:00] It was. It was Twitter two thousand eight man. That's what it was it was like. Super curious.

[15:06] Early Adopter type cool cats that were like man in those that make time for people.
Right. Because the difference I like.

[15:19] I went and did a speaking tour a couple of years ago and it was called stop telling everyone you're busy all right.
Because that's like the mindset we have over the last couple of years.
I'm great in hustling I'm busy.
I'm like stuck with all that noise right. That in order to be busy you know I want to have fun.
I want to meet cool people I want to do cool shit right. I want to. I want to enjoy what's going on.
I don't want to stress just in the language I'm using.

[15:49] So it's you know most people I'm blab I think viscerally understood. Yeah. That's what separates it.

[15:57] That's it. That's a great way of thinking about it too because you know the first thing I type on the computer when I when I come in after my password is gratitude you know so.
So my mindset every day in the big Brussels passwords gratitude everybody I just like if you ever see his laptop just great.
I had to show you my screen.

[16:23] You know in fact in fact Tanya Alvarez yesterday on the on the pirate broadcast or,
she puts out a PDA in one of her tools is momentum dash and moment momentum Dash is a cool tool that you can actually installs.
It's a plug in and it allows you to actually write your priority list for the day and check off your list and make sure that your agenda and your priorities are taken care of.
However I use it in a slightly different way than putting me in my tent out there and I want to find joy in the day. You know I want to.
I want to be able to help someone you know make some smiles because smiles are free and you know you share a little kindness in the moment.
That's why I do this in the morning Terri is is it gets my day are off on the right right dimensions and it's just a way and in a you know taking action develops habits.

[17:19] Right.

[17:21] You know you you you said you were working out this morning and it's like OK good.
Good on you man. This is my workout right now.
So I'm working out trying to put a few smiles out there trying to share a little bit of information from interesting people and do good. What.
What's wrong with that. I mean what's the downside.

[17:42] Nothing man. Nothing at all. You know and you talk about you know having having good days and having good memories throughout the day and kind of being focused on that positivity right I,
conceived this concept called momentary mastery a long time ago and it's really about you we have to just focus on being more present to what's going on right.
And one of the themes I used to support momentary mastery is love the moment you live and you will live the moment you love.
Right. And it's really just that idea of how do you be so present.
I haven't had a bad day since 2005 that's when I started thinking about moments. Right.
They answered nothing but a series of moments. We were well I had a bad day now.
Something went really sideways on you four sixty three seconds and you decided to wallow in it for 24 hours.
I'm not saying that stuff doesn't build up and you don't have to and you not love what's going to happen every day.

[18:40] It doesn't really matter. Let it go. Let it go.
Right. And you don't throw it in a little box and then put that box in a compartment in your mind and then go visit that ship whenever you need it.
You don't have to carry all that crap with you into every single interaction.

[18:56] You just know I love that. I love that. That is a brilliant way of looking at it.
And I much the same way you know it's like OK I can choose.
And I think it's a decision you know as I go OK somebody pulled out in traffic right.
Right. You could choose to say.
What what an ass at. Or you could say they must be in a hurry.
I don't know you could frame it a perspective in two different degrees.
Can change the way you your day runs and operates right.
So you. You're the only one that is impacted. You're the only one that has any awareness of the frustration that you're feeling.
It's like you're angry. No. Well let's hear. I don't think they're gone.
They think. They're out of there.

[19:45] They were in a hurry. Remember they took off cut you off. They did that.
Three other people they did not think twice. They did not think twice.
You're talking about. I was reading a post earlier about the idea of forgiveness right. And how how it's a value to you right.
Is the person who's doing the forgiving and that's the point right.
It's like if we're forgiving somebody is because they hurt us or they made us mad or sad or whatever they did.

[20:12] And by forgiving we're allowing that emotion to go away. Right we're not harboring or carrying that crap with us anymore.
Right. What's important about forgiveness. Not like how they're going to feel about being forgiven.
I just said I like I want people to see the light from the other side right in and just understand the flip perspective of what most of us do.
Yesterday you were talking and it might have on Wednesday but I think it was yesterday you were talking about blind spots,
I mean how people have blind spots and the challenges for most of us with their blind spot is it's not like right here or here it's not just outside of the periphery.

[20:54] It's normally 180 degrees from where we're face right.
So it's the last thing we can ever see without totally spinning ourselves around and most people don't spin themselves around.

[21:07] Yeah you're you're too busy grinding it out right.

[21:12] Busy busy. Kind of got to hustle got hustle.

[21:17] I want to take a minute here and thank everybody for being here Kanata.

[21:21] Kathy. Kathy says you need to identify what starts it and let it go because it can snowball snowballs grow and they can they can be destructive but they could bring destruction.

[21:35] Let it go early. I totally agree. Kathy you can. You couldn't say it better than that.
I said I didn't really hear she got the whole Rosen thing going right.
She got a letter. Oh she got snowballs like I'm feeling Disney bound Kringle and I'm feeling it in Vicky.

[21:52] She loved blab too as well so Kenyatta deeper dive.
Brenda love it. Yeah.
We both trim our hair before you get on every morning and it just gets crazy.

[22:08] It is and it is crazy but it's pretty simple.
It's pretty simple cut you know like that's easy and I just I just love the opportunity to bring a little bit of joy into the day and a little bit of opportunity to connect and you know,
if we have if we have anything that we can do during the day.

[22:31] You know do something positive for someone you know compliment something simple. It doesn't take a lot of effort. It doesn't take a lot of time.

[22:40] So. So what's another way is what's on your future journey.

[22:45] Terry we got 20 20 come up a new decade.

[22:50] I can't believe that.

[22:52] You know 1999 was 20 years ago but then so is 1980 right.

[22:58] It was 1980 and it just seemed like the other day all of it. All of it all of it all of it.
You know it's interesting you talk about this is a shameless self plug.

[23:07] So I went dark.
That's perfect. I'm not going over my whole setup. You can see it right now.

[23:15] That's awesome.

[23:16] The the TED talk we just did Ted x Detroit and I got up and I talked about casting a positive Stone and I'm going to I'm going to throw that up the video up on my LinkedIn profile.

[23:27] Yeah. Would eight ideas and how you can do that.
How can you be a positive ripple in other people's day.
And it's all simple stuff that you could probably do seven of them today.

[23:42] Right.

[23:42] Just that quick that easily as far as 2020 goes I'm to kind of double down on what I'm doing and I'm gonna spend more time engaging with the right folks.
I am going to threaten to do this off and I'm going to top grade my network a little bit.
You know I was at I was at a happy hour the other day through a linked in local Detroit.
And at one point because it's kind of an open cattle call I was talking to someone that I probably wouldn't normally talk to not because of anything to do with them but they just might just circumstance.

[24:17] Yeah yeah yeah.

[24:18] So I was I was talking to them. I was looking at a friend of mine who was talking to someone he probably wouldn't be talking to.
And I was like why are we doing this right. So from now on I'm going to be much more intentional and you'll get an invite to a happy hour to me show up because it's gonna be for the super cool people.
I can promise you that but you're not gonna see it until after it's going so don't don't miss it. Brenda I'm talking to Brenda.

[24:47] Yeah yeah yeah. I love you I did it. But you know we're talking about you.

[24:52] Yeah. So now but. So maybe a little bit more intentional about that.
I want to take on a couple of more coaching clients because I like the impact I had a meeting with all my clients yesterday that I just love what you do I have to figure out how to pay more and spend more time with you next year.

[25:08] I was thinking you had to pay me more to the source.

[25:11] So I do a little bit of that. I'm going to go.

[25:15] Actually Brenda referred me to the best referral I've gotten in my life.
Will go speak on a cruise and a Royal Caribbean hanging out in Cozumel and Grand Cayman. It will be all very cool. You'll be sad about that.

[25:27] True. Fantastic. When I do that I spend more time talking to some H.R. people and getting in front of their little folks and I'm going to move away from some of the social media talks and talk a little bit more about the person stuff.
Right now communication side the psychology the personality type the execution focus the getting stuff done kind of deal is always running around.

[25:53] I might be busy and I think I think that you've been on social media long enough to understand that you know really social media is just a tool to have a conversation.
That's right you know and when we frame it like in the other tool you know there's there's lots of tools we can use to have a conversation,
and it's an introduction to a conversation in the real magic happens when we when we actually have conversations not just,
social post out there you know you can you can build brand awareness and everything else and I'm a huge fan of video and I'm I think that there's,
some magic in having video available and communicating some of your messages to to build that authority that trust that level of interest,
in the market and so I'm going to I'm going to continue to to pursue helping others with video as well.
And I think that's part of the equation you know like the Ted x talks.
You know they blew up because they could then be shared on video and shared with thousands and millions of people in some of these videos from Ted x talks or you know they blow up they they just,
go everywhere and it's and it's one of those things that,
you know when you focus on the relationship everything else seems to fall into place.

[27:18] So I just I just believe that that's the case and if we if we share a little kindness and you know I love the idea,
Terry of create a ripple in someone else's day you know and I think Vicki O'Neill said that she loved that as well. Sounds cool.
There's so many people out there that are looking for a little bit of direction and little assistance and just some encouragement.
So if you could pass some encouragement along and help somebody that's in you know has a question or need some assistance along the way.
The analogy I use is you know like you're going to a movie or something everybody's there's people in front of you and people behind you.
You know there's always going to be somebody else but you're the unique person standing in line.
And you have piece of information you have a gift that you can share with others and your gift Terry is is being able to be that multi-dimensional the networker the connector the instigator of conversation.
And and I just applaud you for being here and thank you for your time.

[28:25] So it's been a pleasure. And I was I was excited about that and as soon as I was I heard there was a pirate broadcasts like where's the rum let's go.
I got yeah. Yeah.

[28:37] It's so funny because I started it is as a joke with Roger Wilkerson and he goes why do you want to be on Linked In. It's like.
AND SO I STARTED broad. I started streaming to YouTube and then putting it up like a.
Like linked in life. Now wasn't unlinked in live.
It's just like him pirate. I'm just going to go out there do it. It's like the pirate broadcast.

[29:05] You don't need the FCC permission you don't need a producer to say you can do this you don't need a record company to say I can create this music I and you.

[29:15] And we all can produce the content and the information is shared to our to the degree that we can.
So I think it's an amazing opportunity and a time in life that we when you realize them the magnitude of what we're doing here and the opportunity here it's just it just blows your mind and it blows my mind anyway.

[29:37] It's well and it's cool about it it is it's nonstop man.
Whenever you're inspired to inspire you've got the platform to do that.
Please do game continue and keep it up.
Hey man I don't like so and I didn't I should have looked and I didn't. So what do you do.
And when you're not pirating and broadcasting it what do you do sir.

[30:00] Well very much the same way. I I have a. An agency.
I have clients I do virtual marketing management and video strategy for clients and I help them get their message out broadcast you know be seen be heard be talked about and,
and I'm at a point in my life where,
you know I I flexibility and freedom is my priority and joy in the day and the moment.
So I I have a few startups that I help with their strategy and building out their systems and automation and I you know I'm I'm I'm one of those people that,
in fact I got called out the other day because my branding is off because it doesn't.
My Web site if you go to Russ Jones dot com here I'll put this up here. Russ Jones dot com.
The pirate broadcasts you can you could see some of the effort and things I I do but it doesn't really tell the story about what I do.
So it's like I need to really be the key player.
Mr. Cavalier is that what I'm hearing. Well you know yeah. Plumbers sink always leaks right.

[31:14] However however I've always been hesitant to put a put a label on what I do because I like doing a lot of different things.

[31:26] So that was my in my intro on Linked In for a year was if you ask 10 people what does Terry Bean do you'll get 10 smiles and nine different answers.
I. That was brilliant. And then I realize now the joke's on you fool. That doesn't help explain.

[31:43] That doesn't help attract people to you to what you do and so it doesn't matter.

[31:47] However I do have to tell you I'm I'm putting together a,
one of the things I'm really passionate about is helping people get their their video production online,
and just like the you know I've been testing this thing called Pirate broadcast and the real secret source is the fact that we can go live and I can have,
a live feed of content on Facebook pages YouTube podcasting and a blog post and then back on Linked In in in the same day.

[32:26] That's awesome. And that's.

[32:28] And how was the how was the process you went through to get on the pirate broadcast.

[32:33] Well Mr. Johns you know that I was running a little bit late and I have never used streaming yards so I had to sign up log in and then figure out how to navigate my way here.

[32:44] That whole thing took at least 48 sites and made you 52 I'm not sure I didn't time it but yeah man it was like a part of us because I spelled my name.

[32:58] Guess that's the type of fast way a big thumbs little phone. Yeah. Now it was just it was stupid easy man.

[33:05] But that's but that's the whole point is is taking the complex and making it simple and helping others get to that point.

[33:14] And that's a beautiful thing. And it didn't it at this point in this day and age if it's not people bumps in it.
I mean that's a lesson I don't care if you're having an opt in form on your Web site or you're trying to gather stuff in a survey monkey or whatever.
If it ain't easy people are leaving.
So you've gotta take the time to simplify it. The work needs to be on your end not there.
You did a good job with that for sure.

[33:39] Well I just appreciate that you're here and I'm glad that you were able to make it through that.
That log in that that treacherous path of logging into the website of web page and spelling your name correctly.

[33:54] It was a it ended up being like Venus or Brennan's being easy.

[33:59] I'm like that anyway. I mean it just it's a different story. Well awesome.
Well I thank you everyone for being here today.
It's amazing Friday in go out and make the best of it do something to cause a ripple in someone else's life make it positive make it full of joy find find the moment,
and enjoy it in your day.
And Terry thank you so much for being here all the gratitude in the world I really appreciate you and your efforts online and off line and you know kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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