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[0:01] Camera we can look at the camera and we are live on the pirate broadcasting into fantastic day for just kind of talking to some interesting people doing some interesting things.
Judi Hayes is none other than one of those people because we have an amazing opportunity to tap into some talented individuals here on the pirate broadcast.
And I want to talk to Judy and see how she is today and share some of her nuggets of knowledge that she's going to drop on us today.
So Judy good morning how are you this fine day.

[0:35] Hi. I'm doing fantastic. What a great day and I may sound kind of somber because if I put it all out right now by 3 o'clock I'll be like,
yeah you're going to pace yourself. You know what I do have the prerequisite courses. So I'm a second shot.

[0:56] Good for you. Good for you. You're you're in the future so you're a few hours ahead of me so I'm still like that.

[1:01] I like being in the future and it's safe for us it's safe.

[1:04] So so being in the future and helping so many people out.
I know that you've you you're like this master of you know profiles in doing lots of Lincoln things.
How have you been on linked in a while and how did you arrive at doing the thing you do do right now today.
I mean kind of walk us through the journey so we can kind of get a framework on what you're doing.

[1:29] Yeah I think I really got into social media.
Back when I was working for a trade association I think that year was back 10 years ago 2000.
It was trade association and basically I was working to build another Web site and get them on social. And LinkedIn was there.
Yeah back in the days when Lincoln was really good.

[1:51] You know where they had the Q and A where they had you know all kinds of great things where you could tag your connections and follow up and you know. Yeah that's one.
Not that is bad now it's just different. So it's different.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then from there I went to the Chamber of Commerce Austin Chamber of Commerce I lived in Austin for a number of years.
And yeah I started I had a really small network and I started connecting with every single member.
I said OK. So I was a big communications and I said OK I want to get to know the members because my role in the Austin Chamber was really to help our members grow their business right.
So one of the chamber right. Oh yeah.
And back then the groups were really new and they were really cool.
So what I would do is I would do a weekly roundup of all the things happening in the chamber and I used it as a newsletter and started really connecting with people on LinkedIn and then the members said hey can you help me out with LinkedIn.
Can you help me figure this out.

[2:51] You know we got a dam and the link in the dam broke and Judy's the expert.

[3:00] These are good members. They're supporting you know the chamber and supporting business growth in Austin. I was like Sure.
So we started giving jobs there and then and you know fast forward it Linked in I think for me.
And like most people started out as a job platform.
It's a place where you know and you have to be careful what you put out there cause you don't want someone thinking you were looking for another job.
You know sure with a stealth mode and you know I think a lot of people started linked in that way but then they never went back to look at it as a sort of them as a.
It's a real business development relationship building tool. Yeah.
You know because that's where it is now and especially with the acquisition of Sales Navigator which by the way is a separate platform with rapport or something like that.
All right PPR T and now it's folded in now.
But the problem is now too many people have think they think LinkedIn is like a shortcut to lead generation. It's like okay.
And all this spam crap is coming in.

[4:03] You know there's a there's a lot of this discussion about that and you know when it comes down to and you've had other guests on on your show that have talked about you know LinkedIn is really where you build relationships is where I met you,
and my hashtag is in real life I in real life.
Because what I would like to do is like to find people through LinkedIn right.
We look locate one another and then let's take this conversation to a real life whether you know obviously not going to fly to Phoenix.

[4:35] Oh yeah. You might you have create evasion is coming up in your town in a month which is one of my clients trade shows.

[4:45] You know let's have a phone call. Let's have a conversation. Let's meet in an event something like that.
Yeah let's you know I connect with I I work with a lot of event marketing so I connect with a lot of others in my go meet the speakers and don't like inbound.
Oh my gosh I get to meet Quentin and I got to meet Keenan and all these people that you know in my mind were like on this podium in real life they're just real people just like we are. Oh heck yeah.
And that started with social media marketing world was when again I connect all the speakers and then I made it a point to get selfies with these people.
Yeah I wanted to have that I want to touch them and see that they were real.
Yeah just regular people.

[5:29] Speaking of regular people. We have some regular people and some awesome amazing individuals in the chat session.
So I want to say hi to Sherry Lolly Vicki O'Neill. Always awesome. Rex powers I haven't heard you.

[5:43] I was thinking about you yesterday Rex and Ashwin and Lewis.

[5:52] Thank you so much for being here Angie. I love all you guys being here in the morning listening to interesting people do interesting things and I just wanted to bring you Judy Hayes.

[6:03] She's a Power Connector in is in New York New York. Yeah Brooklyn girl Brooklyn girl.

[6:11] So she's had some experience on Lincoln now and then and we're talking about Linked In and the power of Lincoln about building relationships because I have friends all over the world Judy.
As a direct result of connecting having conversations and it's not necessarily you know some of these people I've met in real life and I've traveled to events to go and meet other people just like yourself.

[6:36] And it's amazing what you can do to build relationships and maintain relationships as well.
You know I've got I've got connections back.
I lived in Portland Seattle Houston. Now I'm in Arizona I've lived up in different parts of the country and I know these individuals and I connect with them on you know on Linked In and maintain conversations.
So what are some things that that we need to look out for or be aware of unlinked in today compared to what it was because I still go to networking events and people say well I thought it meant lengthy was a resume a site.
Like its intention was never to be a resume a site per say it was to build connections and read you know relationships.
And so it is evolving. You know like you say with your reporter and in Sales Navigator and things like that the premium features.
I mean it's an incredibly powerful tool. So what do we look forward to in the next little while from LinkedIn and what's really working for you and others around you.

[7:43] OK. Well there's a couple of perspectives you can look at it.
One with LinkedIn I think is most people don't have a Web site.
OK. So that serves as the Web site is linked in is considered a highly authoritative site. So when somebody search in your name you're linked in profile it's going to show up first. Yeah.
By the way if you haven't finished your name go on Google and search your name and set up a Google alert for your name. But that is the first thing that's gonna show up ahead of anything. All your stuff will show up.
OK. You know Twitter all that. So you know it's a great way for people to get visibility and that's what I do as I help people become visible.
And maybe the term is visible experts of visible professionals.
So whether you're looking for a way of showing your career and your accomplishments Lincoln is a way of going forward. So we talk our future.
A resume is looking back and that's the mistake people make is they treat LinkedIn as their resume. Looking back. It's really about where you want to go.
Is in my header. I have pictures of me speaking because that's all forward. I want to be.

[8:55] That's the attention you're setting in the out there in the world to say hey I I'm going to be a speaker.
I am a speaker and this is how you can connect with me.

[9:05] Exactly. And so think LinkedIn This is your aspiration.
Make stuff up but put. Use it as it's almost like a like a newsletter. In a way I mean cause you can change things all the time.
You can change your headers you can change your headline you can change your summary check it doesn't once it's not done and done it.
Oh my gosh. I have update that you know it's five years.

[9:28] Well I really like the idea of putting you know content that you've created elsewhere and drop it into your your your profile.

[9:37] You know Charlie I have to update my first three lines but I usually put on my next event and if I'm traveling a little airplane icon and it says up next.
And that's a great way because those three lines are generally all people will see. Very few will click Seymour.
OK. So that's one thing is to look at your LinkedIn whether you're a job seeker career change or a professional. Yeah.
You know as an entrepreneur or business owner look at it as is going forward.

[10:06] I like that. I like that a lot. I like that a lot. Marion LaSalle Hello good morning from Houston Laurie connotes and Jeff Young is here. Hey Jeff.
Jeff. Yeah. Awesome. And Vickie Neil ask the question when I search my name.
It's my Web site. Then Facebook surprised by that says I closed my personal page not my business page and then linked in and I thought Lincoln would be second I wonder why people you know browser.

[10:34] Because again if you're searching in your browser or it is filled with your information.

[10:39] Yeah. Cache your browser.

[10:40] Although you know it's interesting if your Web site's coming up first that means you got pretty darn good Web site. Yeah. We'll be updating it.

[10:46] You know we're pretty sure yeah he's pretty sharp.

[10:50] You know Vicki. She's in the Midwest she and Jeff Young.

[10:55] And Vic you're close and they were John Experian from UK introduced so it's like that's the power of LinkedIn.
I just have to tell and share people that you don't know where connections are going.
Geography is no longer the limit. You know it's not how far can I drive today to meet someone. Right.
Exactly. And it's amazing it's amazing. The other thing that I really like Judy and I'd like to like to have you share with this is.
Articles versus posts vs. comments and increasing your visibility across those three.
I'd like to get some thoughts and opinions on that because you know people right now are I see a lot of traffic and I see a lot of tagging.

[11:39] Yeah. Yeah. The tagging is becoming out of control. Yeah.

[11:45] It's just kind of frame each one of those in a little bit and talk about those a little,
or most let me just say that if you're on LinkedIn and you're not creating content or engaging to some degree with content you're missing a huge opportunity because it doesn't cost you to do those site for your time. Yeah.
So think of it again. An article is something that lives with your profile.
It will always stay with your profile. It's indexed by the search engines and it becomes like a like.
Think of it as a big rock is there. OK.

[12:19] Oppose your anchor content.

[12:21] Exactly. It's where you can kind of define your expertise.
Or you can use it like I publish a list of digital marketing conferences. My big wants stakes there and then I update that on a regular basis.

[12:35] So Brendan Miller's contact list.

[12:38] Exactly. Judy Hayes is the is the queen of.

[12:44] Events.
Here's the your first one.

[12:51] Oh boy. Okay so the next thing is you've got this article.
You can push out snippets of that article quote quotes list infographics whatever the term somebody called it like like the Thanksgiving turkey and it reminded me of my mom's.
You know she would make a turkey over the holidays and then she would meet all these different things from it and you'd never know it was from that original turkey.
Yeah. Rossini and croquettes and Turkey hash or whatever.

[13:20] And we had left over for the last 30 years village your meal has never been found.

[13:26] Cook the bones she'd cook everything and then she'd bring the bones up for something who knows.
And then you get the wishbone right. So if you think of the article as the turkey right.
Yeah. And you think of post posts have a very short life it's like a tweet the last 15 minutes only 1 to 10 percent at best of your entire network. We'll see your post.

[13:50] Well they did bring back the opportunity to save posts which is kind of nice.
I haven't figured out exactly how how to to productively use it so well I forget how to find it.

[14:04] I can only is this. Now here's the thing about a post is I'm really big on metrics OK.
I'm tracking and by the way I keep looking at you over there so I should be looking right there.
So I track metrics and I track two engagements that can mean one important metric I track the number of views on the number of engagements and their engagement rate.
OK so it's not so much that you're getting high.
I mean high views are great but if you're not getting engagement then nobody's doing anything with that content. So right.
Right total the likes the comments and now shares are starting to pump up.
Mark Williams is talking about how shares are now getting a little more cred because here's the thing.
You can't you can't hack the algorithm sustainably.
You can come up with ways to work around it but you can't hack it because LinkedIn will control how they want you to see content.
And right now they're really pushing Company Pages and sharing from Company Pages of shared content is starting to get some traction because you like this post like comment and share is the,
highest form of flattery right. Because I like to share it but now.
So here's the thing about comments comments.

[15:30] Comments indicate to the platform that there's something interesting here.
Now they can't discern whether the author is commenting or not which is pretty cool.
So what I typically do I still don't put outbound links in content that I want to get some traction.
OK so what I'll do is A and putting links in really kind of limits the visibility that I know all because yesterday I posted something about the discussion about automation,
and it was an article that a Forbes Council member wrote and his point.
Great article fantastic article was written in 17 but he talked about using automation which I tell you that will get you suspended.
Now I want people to automate in terms of messaging people in terms of just doing stuff that humans should do yeah.
So anyway that article because I strategically tagged some very savvy LinkedIn trainers we all started engaging with it you know.
So now I don't even know it any look this morning to see what I up.

[16:33] It's gotten some traction when it takes off and you start having conversations in the conversations about with each other they have nothing to do with the contract.
It's a conversation that originally started is that Don Payne a new viewer from Houston.

[16:48] Great program. Thank you so much. All the gratitude in the world.

[16:53] Jeff Young is making some kind of Judy and I have been connected for over a year and a half. I'm going to moisture.

[17:01] I always learn something new. Well here here's the other thing is I'm not trying to be like anyone else.
I do my shtick and I'm a New Yorker. I'm controversial.
You're going to say you know I don't I don't sugar coat. It's to the chase. You know I cut to the chase.
And so like I said earlier some people can be nice or some people can be off put it.
So I like to stir controversy I don't want to have engagement. I want to show different points of view.
I don't like negative but I do want to challenge things that I may disagree with and to avoid politics and religion on social platforms just because I have to represent all sides.
But her sure hear a thing about post now when you have a post that has engagement what I do as I track it I track the engagement.
So this is what goes into the category of Evergreen content everything content is is content that performs well that is not necessarily time sensitive. OK.

[18:02] And you can bring out again and again and each time it performs well. And just keep doing it.
And I'm not saying do it every day and I'll go back into my library right library and I'll pull out.
I do this my client's content that has performed well once will perform well again because only 1 to 10 percent of your followers are seeing it.
Now every time a comment happens or what gets posted it pushes it back to the top. So it goes back in the feed.
So you will see something come up and it's like oh well that poster because somebody commented on something.

[18:34] And I'm doing I'm missing out because like when I.
With this show you know I I have been posting a new post with this very similar content.

[18:49] Hey hey Joe. Judy is going to be on on the first you know the Monday yeah or whatever day a guest is on.
And what I need to do is post it once and then go back in and make comments. So it comes back into the feed rather than posting it again.
Experiment. Yeah sometimes.

[19:08] And that's that's the experiment that I found out is the ones that I make that I make comments in after the fact come back and perform better than if I posted again the same post twice.

[19:22] Yeah it's interesting. So I mean I'm like a chemist here you know writing down OK try this.
Don't have too many variables you know because I want to know what works. But guess what.
Today doesn't work tomorrow. So the point is there's no way to game the system and it comes down to producing great content.

[19:38] Well I think I think long term I'm a fan of relationships. I believe that you don't have a lot of connections.

[19:45] However I I I'm really focusing this year on the number of connections that I can build and develop because longer term,
you know it's going to be more productive if you can actually build relationships and people look forward to your stuff and and you have,
a consistent theme.
You know just like you posting things about events you know people can go to you and understand where they can go for your because then you become a resource then you be then you're in the intersection of that information.
You know you're you're you're valuable to them for a specific goal.
Yeah. And that's. And when you become and it's take me long you know I've.

[20:30] For years I've really been hesitant to put my line in the sand and say this is what I do.
This is what I should be known for and it's not you know I because I have so many different interests and I has a lot of different skills and because I've been doing this for a little while and,
it's not necessarily your advantage.
You have to be known for something beyond brand beyond point be consistent.

[20:58] Well the thing about putting a line in the sand once I because I'm a digital marketer I've been doing this for 40 years really gives them a level 60.
So when somebody cracked me up hey I'm proud.
Good. So here's the thing is once I put my declaration that Lincoln is my picks it's the one I enjoy the most. I love you.
I participate in a lot of Twitter chats. Sure sure.
I get a lot of good feedback and good good conversation once might have slid that all of a sudden.
No one I can charge a higher fee. Number two people look to me for that expertise. And number three I'm getting to do what I really enjoy.
So that's one thing about declaration I'm going to give you a tip a hack. I love hacks.

[21:45] And Joe and I did last week live training.
I wanted to experiment with a couple of things on the platform. So number one what I did was I came up with a variation of a script. OK.
And I went through and filter my connections New York City base because the location was New York City.
And I looked for certain job titles and wanted filmmakers CEOs heads of marketing whatever.
I sent them a photo. I'm going to see about three hundred and fifty various messages kind of around.
And the first was it was a full price offer for the event.
And letting people know and what was interesting is I got feedback I got feedback from some people that added that I got three people that said hey I want to know more about what you do. Let's schedule a time to talk.
Great. That wasn't my intention. I want them to come to the event.
OK. So then I also tested something which I will tell you do not do this.

[22:44] And where you become a pain in the butt job if you go and look at my profile my my Judy hazing.
It has that event and I updated and I made sure broadcast that went out to my entire network.
I got congrats on the new job for people I don't even know where they are.
So that but what was interesting was it activated some relationships that basically I had forgotten about.

[23:10] Oh yes.

[23:11] Great way to reconnect with people so use it wisely. Don't do it more than four times a year.
Yeah well I we should become one of those people that oh my gosh changing jobs or whatever and when I responded back to people that said Congrats on the new job and I said thank you so much.
It's actually not a new job. It was an update to something I'm offering.
And I told him what it was. I said hey let me know if you want more info from here.
I received yes. Tell me more info.

[23:40] Able to sell more seats to the event. So I went back and I followed up with the other people that never responded to 350 and said hey if price is an issue let me make it easy for you. OK.
At that point we had a goal of filling the room. Right. Right.
And it was an intimate room. It wasn't like a large hall but it you know again people pay attention to what they pay for.
Exactly. They really do. And so we knew that they were going to get value from this event.
So then I went back and made the offer and I had various offers with codes and they filled the room,
and I told you what happened then what happens from filling the room is,
you know during the event we're doing some some live posting and we're doing fees we're tagging we're doing a post event wrap up and we had so many people that said in my initial outreach Oh I can't make it.
You know the holidays let me know if you do another one now I got a whole list of people that they got a waiting list for the next one.
Yeah. And so and you know again this is not I don't believe in doing promotional crap on LinkedIn.
If you can't offer value then don't waste people's time you know don't actually partially however.

[24:50] However there is because of the noise and the frequency and the volume of information that's going past a lot of people would love to know about this stuff,
don't see it because they might log in once a week or when their own.

[25:07] Yeah.

[25:07] Or they forget the password and they can't. But it's not our job.
I don't think it's our responsibility to decide for them what they need to know.
You know if you can bring it out and you can bring it out in a productive positive way.
I'm not a fan of spam because you know it's it's something that's going to eventually go away because of just the Yes side.

[25:34] I mean just like here's another thing though. People that I believe in asking permission.
So that's messaging people. I'm not going to regurgitate a bunch of links to things as I'll get these welcome messages or messages that I connect to people as this whole thing with all these paragraphs and links is like whoa whoa.
I don't even know me. You know you're giving me your whole financials and all this stuff. I don't know. Yeah a little exaggeration mission. I'm doing this thing would you like to know more. Yeah.
Yes or no. Which is the response yes maybe you No thanks. Right. OK. I don't want to waste anyone's time and no more. I want them to have a little skin in the game here. So.

[26:22] And what you're doing is valuable.

[26:24] It's believed what you're doing is a valuable service to the right person.
And you know it's it's like that old adage there's three types of people people never use your service people to love your service and people that don't know enough to make a decision about your service.

[26:37] Right. So it's it's one of those things you just have to educate.

[26:42] Be consistent and put put yourself out there and I think a lot of people just like video a lot of people put the class together this weekend on video strategy building a video strategy for your business.
And I'll do another one in January.

[26:57] And you know and it's a paid event. It's like Hey I spend you know I've been in advertising.
Eighty five. I know.
What. I know a few things about a few things right.
No. So video strategy is incredibly powerful and in 2020 it's gonna be amazing and incredibly valuable in my opinion.
That's my opinion and that's it. That's my story and I'm going to stick with it.

[27:23] So it's strategy and that is the differentiation.
If people want to be successful on LinkedIn meaning what success I want leads forget that you want relationships.
Yeah well to people platform.
But if you don't have a strategy and you're just posting stuff without really thinking you know I say step back and think about it personally you have to know your audience and that's a that's another nervous thing for people as well as any people that live in New York City.
Well no no maybe business owners of 2 million to 10 million that may sell professional services or yo.
So know your audience and then think about and this is a little role playing is how can I help my audience be a better buyer of my service.

[28:12] Well I call it removing the friction.

[28:14] Yeah removing the friction I like that. But how can I inform them and educate them and delight them to the point where in Bryn says this way you give away so much for free,
and you keep giving it in a way that people think oh my gosh if you're doing this for free what would you offer me if I paid you where.

[28:33] Right. Wow factor. Exactly right. I'm surprised and delighted.
And I wanted our cartoon here.

[28:41] Julio Phillip Sherry.
And I just want to thank everybody all the gratitude in the world. I just really love the fact that we're here talking to Judy.
She's just bringing nuggets of knowledge in. This is what it's about.
This is this is what it's all about is developing a relationship. You know now if Judy if we showed up at an event I'm sure that we would connect and find each other and say Oh there you are.
And the the restriction to to being comfortable talking with each other is gone. Right.
Like you go to a linked in local or something like that and you you know I wear the hat just like in my you know my my Web site.
And that's how I look. I mean that is me. And so when I walk into a networking event and people that I'm connected to recognized me they come up to me immediately say hey we're connected on LinkedIn. That happens all the time.
And there's a reason for that. And it's the alignment of what I'm doing who I help.
How I help and and the the intent that I'm you know like we talked about earlier is the intent that we're putting out there is consistent with who we are.

[29:59] Well the thing that Brenda talked about is called cooperation or quote code whatever we cooperate operation knows that cooperation it's competition.
Competition. That's it. Yeah. I love that because I don't see people as competitors. We're not compete. There's 600 million accounts.
There's enough business for all of us in abundance out there.

[30:23] You can't run out of abundance.

[30:26] Well the fact of competition I think she called it was brilliant. And I think Jeff you were on that conversation with her. Jeff.
And I will always reach out to Lincoln experts Lincoln trainers whatever if they say that's what their shtick is because I believe that we have the opportunity to help this platform.
Be the most it can be by training people. Best practice in really how to really behave.
It's like think of it you know you think of these visuals. OK I'm going to a networking event.
I'm going to dress up in a bag over my head.
For applying to a networking event and I'm going to stand in the corner and I want to talk to the wall.
Yeah or I'm going to be there and I'm going to hand out business cards like I'm a blackjack dealer.
Yeah. Or I'm going to get really personal and up close with people right away before they know who I am.
Those people. So why do you behave like that on LinkedIn.

[31:29] Yeah. So it's just LinkedIn is a tool to build a relationship with.

[31:35] That's also a rented platform. And what I tell ever is number one regularly download your database.
I've got emails from people who download that database.
And number two is don't put all your eggs in the LinkedIn basket.
If you do if you are a business owner and you have a Web site that should be the the origin of your content and you should use some tools to then use LinkedIn as a way to serve it.
But if all your equity is in LinkedIn and the platform changes then you're screwed if you don't have your data and you've built all that or for some reason you do some stupid you get it you know you,
go into Lincoln jail yeah go don't go and going to jail.

[32:19] And for people that are just watching this now we're listening to the replay.
Drop your comments and ask your questions because we have an opportunity to come back in this conversation and respond and also for those that are not aware.
By the end of today this broadcast will be converted into a podcast and transcribed into words,
and words images audio and video and it'll be up on rush John's slash pirate broadcast.

[32:53] Brilliant. Russ what you said by the way video in 2020 what Gary V says is audio and I think he's hit on something there. Yeah.
People I know and I live in New York City but I do live out on Long Island so I drive and I'm in my car which could be the other day I'd go to Staten Island and it was a two hour trip back to listen to podcasts I listen to audio.
And so I think having using video as your big rock and getting the text out of it and then from there you can even get cell salient little quotes right.
You can get snippets soundbites you might right soundbites and then you die and everyone else who is participating can engage in the comments you know.
And so again you can really having a strategy is to OK.
I love the idea I think Steve Gordon said it in exponential networking his book.
Interview people.
And for people that are looking to build their business interviewing potential clients.
Interview people afraid to ask those big names because what's the worst they can say is No.

[34:04] Right. Exactly. Exactly.

[34:06] Oh well you know and use it as a way to further your expertise and get it.

[34:13] So it's a slow start now.

[34:17] What you imagine you want to do a year from now because right now is the time to start you know don't be afraid of.
Don't be afraid of starting. BE AFRAID OF NOT STARTING RIGHT.

[34:30] KEEP AN drone is just like people's now I've got to get into that is I just do it.

[34:34] What's down to doing right now we have we.
I tell people all the time it's like we're living in the most amazing time in humanities and the opportunity. And that's the pirate broadcast. We don't need the FCC to tell us we have permission to broadcast.
We don't need a producer to tell us when we can shoot the show.
We don't have to. We don't have to have somebody tell us that it's OK for us to do this. You have permission I just gave you permission. Go do it right. Judy we got this. We got this down.
And you've probably done a few shows like this. And I just want to I just want to tell people how amazing it can be to connect with people all the way across in New York and have a conversation about something we're passionate about LinkedIn. Right.
And and and build a relationship that's it's it's as simple as you want to make it. So I encourage you to get started.

[35:32] So it's really if not now then when. But here's the other thing I'll tell you about LinkedIn and I and I'm getting more and more into the event marketing aspect.
I just get another tip to people if you're going to any industry events.
Connect with the speakers because they're going to have strong networks. Yeah do whatever you can to meet the speakers and that means showing up your session in a couple minutes ahead. Get selfies with the speakers.
That's what I call unofficial conference guides. Yeah.
It went from HubSpot for inbound and the people from HubSpot Kyle and a couple other people Dan tire like oh cool this is awesome.
And I got blasted out to the entire network after and I do like tweeting at the events and I do some prep before that so I can actually do it.
But that's why we're not taking it for the event.
Write up a summary. And what happens is what you've just done is you've align yourself with the thought leaders of that event and whatever industry you're in and if you're an accountant or your real estate whatever,
line yourself there you know you you put your proximity closer to,
potential clients potential partner guilty by association.
Exactly. And so I don't know what to write I don't have content. There it is.

[36:48] I mean that you can document the process document the process document your journey.

[36:52] Oh my gosh it's so valuable it's so valuable.

[36:56] And Judy thank you so much for being here today. This was tremendous. You have been a pleasure and I just I just.
And Jeff Young actually made it to a live a live broadcast this morning so time zone is one where Jeff where are you.

[37:12] He's in Cincinnati. Oh OK. OK so cool.

[37:16] I believe Jeff speak out if I'm in if I'm completely incorrect. But is it right in that area.

[37:23] Anyone hearing from New York City in the comments. We're doing a Lincoln live tomorrow in Brooklyn in Dumbo.

[37:28] So if you're in. Oh yeah. And me out of your life.

[37:33] So you live in DUMBO it's the big holiday party. So Dumbo is is Brooklyn OK.

[37:38] Yeah. You know what that means.

[37:41] Sorry. Indiana a double stands for it's not an elephant.

[37:44] No its prey an acronym like Soto.

[37:47] And all the other cities have district under the Manhattan Brooklyn overpass.

[37:55] In Columbus OH ACTUALLY Ohio. Columbus Ohio. I was wrong.

[38:01] Columbus. Thanks Jeff. Great city. Love Columbus.

[38:04] Yes. Yes. Sorry for the mis misspeaking. Whenever you tell your looking around Cincinnati for you they won't find you.

[38:12] I will look up locations and see if you know there and how you know I've got a planet trip to Amsterdam because now I've got all these connections in the Netherlands. I've got it.
Me and everyone else in the UK or England whatever you call it go to all these places. Now they're all over the world.
It's just great. It's fantastic.

[38:34] Well thank you so much for being here. As you know kindness is cool.

[38:38] Yeah Miles of free as is a bitch and you enjoy the day. I think you're right.

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