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Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And let's get this party started.

And it's another great day for the #PirateBroadcast. And we bring #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. And we're here to rise and grind this morning, right, Glenn?

Glenn Lundy 0:30
That's right, man. Rise and grind.

Russ Johns 0:34
Absolutely, absolutely. Thank you, everyone for being here. If you're watching the show live, drop a comment or two in the stream so we can actually have a conversation. And if you're not connected to Glenn, please do so. He's on LinkedIn as we are also on LinkedIn, and let him know that you're part of the Pirate community. Say hi Glen I'm a pirate, and he'll know where you're coming from. So,Glenn, I want to start the story off a little bit differently, You're, doing a lot of different things, you're putting together a movement and you know, you got some big responsibilities, you're doing a lot of different things you speaker, coach, author, whatever it happens to be. It didn't always start out this way. You know, it's like you've had a journey and when we back it up, and we say, How the heck did you get here. What dots did you connect to get to where you are today? So I like to start with the backstory and kind of move into it because it's I think we have a similar history.

Glenn Lundy 1:47
Because there's was a lot of dots and regretfully my dots kind of went all over the place. There's no straight lines for this guy. I had to zigzag my way through the process you know but when it comes into my life I kind of look at it is two major seasons lots of chapters but two major seasons and I had a season where I was living what I call a 2d life two dimensional so it was very mind and body if it looked good and if it felt good Count me in right and then now I live more of a 3d life so mind body and spirit where if it looks good and it feels good but it goes against you know my spiritual understanding of self and my morals well then that's a red flag and I didn't have that before.

Russ Johns 2:47
the compass in it you brought the compass into your life a little bit more than

Glenn Lundy 2:52
that is correct man. And and prior to that I lived a very fast footloose and fancy free and I burned a lot of bridges took advantage of a lot of people. And that ultimately led me to a season of my life where I was homeless. A season of my life where I was deeply depressed, suicidal, actually attempted to take my own life at one point. You know, and so really my dots kind of went to like chasing the the girls, the fast cars and the money, you know, chasing those things which I was able to do through the automotive industry, which is what I've been in for 22 years now. And so I kind of lived that life hit that low point with homelessness, you know, suicidal and depression. And then after a failed suicide attempt, is when I started to realize that there was A. a spiritual factor that I wasn't Factoring into the whole equation. And B. I started to realize that I was the I was the the constant in every negative situation in my life, no matter what state I was in, no matter what city was I was in no matter what people I was around. It always ended up the same because I was always there. And that revelation for me was like, Okay, well, if I'm the root cause of all the problems, then I can also be the root cause of my ascent and my success. And so that little shift mentally understanding that I was not a victim, but I was actually responsible for the results in my life, led me down a journey of spiritual understanding self development, things like that. And over time, those layers started to come together to get me where I am today.

Russ Johns 4:55
I love that and I want to unpack a couple of things here, because it's absolutely great. critical to understand that, you know, you're the Firestarter, burning things down as you go along. And then all of a sudden, you're also the inspiration for creating things that are positive, you know, and whether you're a victim and saying, hey, it's everybody else's problem, it's not me. And all of a sudden you change your perspective, and you change your attitude and you're saying, Hey, I gotta be responsible, because it's only it's only me that's causing these challenges. And then I, you know, the element that little bit of spiritual, ingestion can go a long way. It's like, okay, is this really what needs to happen in my world? And sounds like, you know, that was a pivot point, or was it? Was it a single event? Was it like, hey, I realized that I got to make some changes and was it a kind of a transition into it or what how did that happen?

Glenn Lundy 6:00
Russ? Dude, I'm hard headed man. I am hard headed son a gun, dude, I'm the type that has to learn, you know, my lessons over and over. So, that that, you know, once I started to connect and understand, you know, the spiritual side, you know, from there, it was a journey of, you know, two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward one step back, you know, I had been programmed a certain way for nearly 30 years of my life. And so, to reprogram all that, really, even to this day, I'm 42 now and I still have to have very structured habits and disciplines to continue to reprogram my thoughts to make sure that I continue to make good positive decisions. My friend, Elena Cardone, she wrote a book called Building an empire. One of the things she says in there is, with every action with every decision, you are either building your empire or tearing it down. There's no in between. Right. And that what I had to discover, you know, over time is that every action matters. What you choose to do the night before affects how you're going to perform the next morning, the words that you choose to use in front of your loved ones are ultimately going to impact your relationship going forward. And so when you start to look at your life seriously, like, Okay, wait, every decision, not most decisions, not some decisions, every decision. It either moves me forward or tears me down.

Russ Johns 7:48
It moved me forward, or does it move me away from my ultimate goal?

Glenn Lundy 7:53
That's right and so it took a lot of reprogramming, you know, and still, still to this day, I'm just constantly reprogramming. But that was like really an eye opening moment for me to where I decided, okay, I'm going to go down this rabbit hole of spirituality, I'm going to go down this rabbit hole of self development and I'm going to really try to understand my power, right? My gifts and my powers.

Russ Johns 8:20
Right? Right. Well, anybody that has a lot of experience like yourself, you know, where you've experienced the downside of bad decisions. And then you can see the kind of opposite results from good decisions. And then you can kind of compare those together and you say, wow, I know what I need to do. I know what I know what's gonna benefit me. And so it's not it's not one and done. It's practice day after day after day because there's a lot of things that you could slide into and say okay, I don't want to go to the gym, I want to just sit on the couch and watch this movie, I want to catch up on this, I want to binge watch this series. Right? And, or, I want to do something other than what I know I need to do. And sometimes those decisions are difficult and challenging. So how do you how do you power through those? How do you start this #riseandgrind, it's on your profile, it's out there in the world. And, you know, I go back and forth on that, because I believe in consistency. You know, I believe that consistent action over time. You know, we're 200 and some odd episodes into the #piratebroadcast so it's really about staying consistent, being present, continuing to add value, in some way, shape or form. So how do you balance that in your life right now, today

Glenn Lundy 10:00
So So by definition, you know, the the word grind is a consistent repetitive action. That's, that's what that's what grind means. And, and in my mind, it's a consistent, repetitive, repetitive action that is moving you towards a positive result. Right? So, sometimes we do consistent, repetitive actions, but they're not moving us towards the pocket.

Russ Johns 10:26
They're not moving us toward the goal. Right.

Glenn Lundy 10:30
And so that was a shift, you know, for me is is adding that little piece, we got to continue moving towards a positive result. So the word rise in itself, to me has lots of definition, right? We're like we can rise in our careers, we can rise and elevate ourselves spiritually. We can rise early in the morning, right? A lot of times people think it's okay, well, you have to wake up at four o'clock in the morning, and I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying we need to rise every day with intention and purpose, and then we need to, we need to continue with those repetitive actions that are moving us towards the goal. So, in response to your question, one of the shifts that I've made mentally, is I would I've actually gotten away from that word consistent. Because consistency leaves space, it leaves gaps, right? You could say, well, I consistently take care of myself three days a week, right? You could say that. You could say, I consistently don't cheat on my wife. Right? I consistently don't. But you know, there was like, there's some little gaps in there. And so I've changed the word consistently mentally to the word daily. Daily, right? Daily, I'm true to my wife and my children. Daily. I'm true to my career and my goals. Daily, I'm true to my fitness, right. So by switching it to daily, it adds kind of an level of discipline. I run into it all the time, Russ where I'm like, I don't want to do this, like I'm not a runner. I don't like running. I don't necessarily like biking. I don't necessarily like working out. I don't like any of those things, but understanding the power of momentum, and then the compound effect? When you look at those two things, which the compound effect you know, we've all heard the, if you double a penny, you know, every day, you've got millions of dollars in a month and you've heard of compound interest and all of those things. So for me, it's like okay, I just got I got a little Jiminy Cricket over here on my shoulder that's going daily, daily, daily, and then I got another one over here on the other side, that's going Dude, you can't lose the momentum. Because momentum is powerful. Momentum is fierce, right like, just gotta freakin do it. And then I got another little Jimmy cricket over here. That's going compound effect, dude, compound effect you got to remember. So by reprogramming through books, through videos through studying successful people, all of those things I've allowed myself you know, I'm aligned like you're looking at just Glenn right now you can see as Glenn, but really it's Glenn and Eric Thomas and Jim Rohn and John Maxwell's over here and Les Brown's over here on the back and you know, I've got an arsenal of soldiers and that's who helps me that's who helps push me through is just those those volumes of content that I've consumed that have now become, you know, the Gemini cricket on my shoulder.

Russ Johns 13:39
And we need we need that balance of understanding and saying, Hey, we're not alone. You know, we are not going on this journey by ourselves. And it doesn't necessarily have to be an individual that you meet with in person face to face. It could be a person like you said, it could be a Jim Rohn you know, the wisdom and evidence that he went through and he shared with his experience can be also consumed by us today. So it's like, you have to be a constant learner and educate yourself on these principles and, these guidelines that come together in how we present ourselves in the world, you know, how you present yourself, how you how you look at yourself in the mirror, and you say, okay, well, like you said, I'm going to get up, I'm going to do it daily. I'm going to get up here and I'm going to build momentum, I'm going to do all of these things, and put it together. So one of the things that I wanted to kind of, like speak on is, it's almost as if we could create a movement around this and, you know, pursue a bigger goal and share this information with more people across multiple disciplines, multiple locations, platforms. So What's taking place in your world that you're going to be doing some bigger things with this, this concept, this idea.

Glenn Lundy 15:08
So we've been, you know, constantly trying to evolve, you know, hashtag rising grind, what it looks like and how we can best serve humans across the globe. And so my team's been expanding a little bit so that I can do more things like this. You know, right now behind the scenes, my team is creating content and you know, posting and they're creating newsletters and, and things like that, while you and I are doing things like this to push out to the world. But really, we're what we've built with rise and grind is a series of so I have a daily show Monday through Friday, at 5:30am live on Facebook, and we've reached a lot of people that way. We're also now using some new software that takes that show, turns it into a podcast for us shoots the podcast out into to the world. So we're kind of expanding our reach that way. Live Events, when it's not a covid season we do, we like to do a lot of live events to kind of spread the message in the word. And ultimately, you know, now I have something called rise and grind elite, which is, it's a paid mastermind group, where I'm pulling together, a lot of people that have that have seen success through rise and grind mentality and philosophy. And now, we have this big group of 30,000 people, how do we make it small, really pour into those smaller and then make those ambassadors so that they can go out. So my target is if I can get 1000 people that I can pour into, really help them evolve, then those thousand can go out and get 1000 people. Right and like you said earlier, we're not alone. It's not a one man show. It's about helping someone serving someone. Then turning around and showing that person how then they can go and impact somebody else. And, again, following compound effect, man, the more people we get out there daily, that are just evolving, the more people we can impact.

Russ Johns 17:14
I love that I, you know, I'm on board with that concept, that idea because right now, I've been teaching and preaching on this idea that you are the media, you know, you have a story, you have a message and if you're willing to pick up the baton and run with it, there's a lot of value you can share from your life experiences that will benefit other people and inspire them to do better, inspire them and show them the example of your journey and how they can change their journey and become a better citizen. You know, you know, encouraging and helping others along the way and, you know, those, mentors that you build up and you you assist along their journey. They're gonna touch so many lives. It's the ripple effect, you can't stop it. And so, you know, that's why I pursue #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree, you know, giving a smile away for free is, there's no downside for that. And it's fine. It's just one of those things that I feel very strongly about. And like yourself, you know, this, this live stream right now will turn into a blog post, a transcription and I podcast before the end of the day. And getting that out there to the community is important to me.

Glenn Lundy 18:41
Yeah. You know Russ it's interesting man as as a student of success, right? I'm always I'm always just studying, studying, studying, and really put your religious beliefs aside, no matter what, what the listeners are listening to when you study successful people you cannot, you can't not include Jesus. Right? So Jesus is one of the most successful humans in history, right? He's sold more books than anybody, right? He's got more books than anybody in the history of all time. He had a message that he delivered over 2000 years ago, that's that spurred a movement that still exists to this day, right? Like, literally the most successful human in history. And so, I remind myself all the time, when I study Jesus, I think about the barriers and the way that he had to, to get his message out, right. So say, say you're Jesus, and you're like, I want to go share a message of hope and love with 50 people. So you got to go out and you got to like pack up a mule, or donkey or something, right. And then you got to travel across the desert. Then you got to risk like people want to kill you, and you and you risk like disease, and there's no air conditioning, and like all of these things, right, just to get an audience of 50 people in a village to sit down and listen to you for an hour. Now fast forward to 2022 do you kidding? We have click of a button. We're live on Facebook, on LinkedIn on YouTube, we can click another button, we've got podcasts we can, we can sit in our air conditioned studios in our office and drink bottled waters and, you know,

Russ Johns 20:27
We can connect over the country, just outreaches around the world, you know, we can connect with anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Glenn Lundy 20:35
It's unbelievable the opportunity that we have in today's day and age and when I look at Jesus, he just shared he shared his message. He shared his story and he lived it out, right he, he lived it and lead by example, and was able to create a movement that still exists 2020 years later, and so that's where my head always goes. I'm like, dude, if he could do that with a donkey, you know whether whether with a donkey and all the things with all of those challenges, then why can't we we should be able to do it 10 times faster and reach everybody on this planet with a message of hope. And like you said, smiles, man smiles and let people know that we're not in this alone. We're all in this together

Russ Johns 21:22
It's a simple equation. It's a simple equation plan. And the thing about the amazing thing about what we're doing here is setting an example of what is possible. You know, and I think it goes back to our original point of building out something as a daily habit, you know, chapters in the book of life, we went through some things, we had some experiences that were not positive. We had some experiences that were a little bit more positive. And now we're on this mission where it comes together and we're very focused on what needs to take place next? and building, that roadmap and building that path? To the degree that others can follow it, I think is is part of the equation, it's being able to plant that seed, nurture that community, and build on that information daily, every single day. So I applaud you, and thank you so much for doing it. And I know that there are a lot of people that are out there starving, for some hope, you know, there's a lot of transition right now, there's a lot of challenges out there people are, you know, not necessarily comfortable. They're a little bit nervous. So anytime we can put out some hope and inspiration, I think, is a good thing.

Glenn Lundy 22:09
I agree. a million percent and even more than just a good thing. I think it's a responsibility. You know, I think that all humans, you know, we have a born on date, we have an expiration date, and then there's that little dash in the middle and think that that dash the meaning of life, people are always like, what's the meaning of life? And to me that little dashes is impact on other people's lives. Like, that's the meaning of life. What kind of impact can you have on other humans? So, I believe we have a responsibility. You don't want to do that. And I take that very seriously.

Russ Johns 23:22
Well, you know, in the scope of humanity, we're gonna be dead a lot longer than we're alive. So let's make it work. Let's #makeitmatter. That is a single day. Let's #makeitmatter.

Glenn Lundy 23:38
That's right, man. I love that. Yeah, man.

Russ Johns 23:45
So what's ahead for what's what's ahead for Glenn and what's the mission and how do we, how do we track you down? Because right now social media, let's let's face it, there's a lot of messaging going out. There's a lot of people that are, you know, there's a lot of noise, you know, with anything, what we can do is stay present, continue to share the message, continue to share what inspiration where we have available and at times you know it's difficult to see the results you know firsthand and and even though we may not be able to see it, we sense it and we have to continue to pursue it. That's that's coming from me hopefully you have a way of describing it that may be unique to yourself. I don't know how you how you stay motivated to continue to pursue that goal that mission

Glenn Lundy 24:49
Yeah, I think that so we my my whole company in every everything that we build from the automotive side over to the rise and grind side, you know, We build it around four core values. And that's, you know, the our four core words, are rise, evolve, impact, together, those are our four words. So we believe that if we can help people rise every single day with intention and purpose, that they will then evolve into the absolute best versions of themselves that they can possibly be, which ultimately increases their ability to impact their friends, their family members, their co workers. And the best part is we do it together, everything's together, right? As humans as a race as a, whatever. And so, we just continue to build around those four core principles. And as far as my individual, you know, motivation dude right now is the craziest season. For a lot of us that we've ever been through, right and In this season, you can't get away from it because they've done a phenomenal job of, you know, from if you look at it from a marketing standpoint, I'm not trying to offend anybody. But if you look at from a marketing standpoint, from a business standpoint, they've been incredibly successful at delivering a narrative across the waves, right? You, I mean, let's cover everybody's face with a mask. That way you cannot ignore the narrative that we, whoever we is, whatever that looks like, you can't ignore it. Right? You can't ignore it. You can't hide from it. There's nowhere you can go. It's in your social, it's in your media. It's, it's in your face. It's on your kids, when you take them to the grocery store. It's everywhere. phenomenal job marketing wise, right. So knowing that dude I've had, like, especially early when this stuff first started kicking off, you know, I had some nights where like, I just wanted to crawl into my closet and go into the fetal position and stick my thumb in my mouth. And like, pray it away right.

Russ Johns 27:07
Yeah pray it away this is a bad dream and I want to wake up tomorrow.

Glenn Lundy 27:12
Yeah totally man. And it's I had those moments but luckily for me, and what I suggest for everyone is when I end a night like that, it's so I always have hope for the next day because I start every day with intention and purpose. So I do five simple steps every single morning to it's a reset button for me is really what it is. So in the morning, step one, don't hit the snooze button. Just don't don't hit the snooze button. There's science behind it. I could explain it. We don't have time. Don't hit the snooze button. It's bad. Number two. Don't touch your phone first thing in the morning like you're not ready for all of this. You're not ready for riots, you're not ready for looting, you're not ready for racism. You're not like you haven't prepared yourself for all that yet, and it's coming. You can't avoid it right now. It's coming. So just stay off your phone, that first hour of the day would be amazing if you could do that. Step three, gratitude and goals. Write down the things that you're thankful for, and write down your goals. Now, a lot of people are like, well, Glen, that's two steps. I disagree. Some people will tell you to write goals and writing just your goals can actually end up being a negative thing, right? Because you're like, I wish I had this. I wish I had that. Why does my life suck? Right now? Right. Like it can be negative. So writing your gratitude first. I'm thankful for my home. I'm thankful for electricity. I'm thankful for running water, and then writing some goals like your goal might be a bigger house. That's totally cool. But let's be grateful for What we have right now it's a shift in frequency makes a difference. So that's step three. Step four, is to take care of yourself physically. Go play golf, go for a walk, go for a run, just something to get the body in motion. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. objects at rest, tend to stay at rest. And then step five, you've spent the entire morning working on your frequency, you've been selfish, which is great. You need to do that. You've been selfish, you didn't touch your phone, you're not answering your emails. You know, you didn't snooze, you wrote down your gratitude. You had your dreams you took care yourself physically. Now Step five is I need you to release that energy out into the world, send somebody an encouraging message, whether it be a text message or messenger, maybe it's your spouse, maybe it's a kid released that energy out into the world so that you can impact others and when you start your day like that, you're now foundationally ready to take on whatever you got come and trust. By the end of the day, you might be worn down again, you might be back in the fetal position, but at least you've set your day up for success.

Russ Johns 30:07
Yeah, I love that. And, you know, one of the things that I truly enjoy, I wake up, I commit to gratitude, I go through that list and make sure that I have something in place. And then as I go through my morning, I I, every day, I have somebody interesting to talk to. So yeah, something inspirational to have a conversation around something to set the set the goal for the day and share the message out. And conversations like this Glenn are always encouraging and motivational. And I know that there are going to be people out there that are be inspired by this conversation. So I just know the pirate community and everything that we do is around that goal. And so this morning, I just wanted to, you know, before we wrap up again, out. It looks like Jeff was saying that there was a problem with live locked up. So, you know, we're on Facebook, we're on Periscope or on YouTube, we're on LinkedIn. So this show will also be aired on russjohns.com afterwards and you can always get ahold of Glen. Glen, where do you what's the best way to get ahold of us? Can you go to our broadcast?

Glenn Lundy 31:29
If you go to glennlundy.com, that connects to all my stuff, my Instagram, my Facebook, my, all that you can also go to themorning5.com, and that's the number five themorning5.com if you'd like and you can download my free eBook which breaks down those five simple steps to an extraordinary life. You can get that there.

Russ Johns 31:52
Fantastic. Fantastic. And what about your podcast?

Glenn Lundy 31:56
It's on the glennlundy.com

Russ Johns 31:59
Perfect. I'll have to review a few episodes there and track you down.

Glenn Lundy 32:00
Oh man I would, I would be honored. And I hope you and I can do more things in the future. Going forward, I really appreciate you sharing your space and your time with me today means a lot.

Russ Johns 32:16
Well, and I appreciate you and all the things you're bringing to the world and making sure that we understand that there is hope. And you have an opportunity and an obligation to make it better for not only yourself, but to those around you.

Glenn Lundy 32:32
So that's exactly right. Yes, sir. And as you know,

Russ Johns 32:35
as you know, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday. Thanks, Glenn. Appreciate it.

Glenn Lundy 32:46
Awesome Man. Thank you. Appreciate you so much.

Russ Johns 32:50
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