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[0:00] I'm lost. It's live and we're on the pirate broadcast. We made it.
Alison is here in the room and I just want to thank you so much for being here and it's amazing that we can actually grab interesting people doing interesting things and share what they're doing with you.
And I have Alison Alison Buckland in the room and I just love the fact that you're here and you're actually,
doing some amazing things online and part of the random act family is is one of the things where we have in common and I know that that's something we are both passionate about and so,
new and I have both been through a number of transitions.
You know it's like OK we go in and out of circumstances I'll say and then we evolve and we come back out.
And you've been helping so many people change their life and do some good things so welcome Welcome Ron.

[1:03] Yes it is wonderful to be here.
I know it's like I've been seen watching your shows here and there and I saw a couple friends on and some new people and I was like I need to get on that. That looks fun.
I want to talk to Russ and. Yeah.

[1:18] Just it seems like a lot of fun and I'm actually coming live with you from my balcony I'm vacationing with my family in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I'm from Baltimore Maryland.
So we're down here on vacation and it's just beautiful it's a beautiful day.

[1:35] And I was going to sit so you could see the view but then the sun was all in my eyes I'd like to clear some blue skies and I.

[1:45] I have actually been to Myrtle Beach so I know it's been years however I know the area and the type of weather you have and I'm in Houston I'm I'm visiting my son in Houston so.
I'm not in my traditional their zone a habitat and it's just you know this is Thanksgiving week from for most of,
America that celebrates Thanksgiving and it's a time of gratitude and we all have to really kind of understand and appreciate the little things in life.
You know it's it's like I loved kindness every day. I love you know opening doors or doing small things or you know just being kind is is a is a mindset and I think a lot of people,
appreciate that.
I don't know I think you do. I think you're one of those people that really appreciate.
Thankfulness and gratitude and those types of attitudes. So.
So tell me a bit about what you're doing right now and besides vacationing with your family.

[2:52] That's right. Speaking of random act I tell you that's how we met you and I.

[2:59] Last year during the random act. So yeah. Not just during Thanksgiving week.
And as you mentioned certainly kindness and thankfulness is is definitely an attitude.
And we're so yeah. Shout out to our Blue Angels in the house.
But yeah I know. Coming up on the end of our week where we were being ambassadors I just definitely want to start this off by,
sharing kindness and speaking to your listeners and those people on LinkedIn that no act is too small no act of kindness towards ourselves.
I'm big on self love and self care but towards other people as well and it can be as simple as smiling at someone.

[3:43] It could be as simple as just looking green but when smiles are free looking somebody in the eye when you talk to them I mean that is kindness up to certainly in this season of giving not just giving money.

[3:58] If you have the extra money to give but given your time as well and make sure you record your act of kindness in our I'm sure we'll put a link in there so you can record,
an act of kindness in our group. So to answer your question what am I up to.

[4:13] So I'm not doing a lot of things which is awesome.
I'm mom boss so first and foremost being with my family and being a mom and.
You know that's really at the heart of everything I am.
I mean when I became a parent that just kind of shifted my career and my goals and really had me looking inside as to what is it that I really want to do with my life.
And so right now I am. Helping people really that's at the core of what I do.
So I help people through a 30 days to healthy living lifestyle reset kickstart reboot.
So really that's at the core of what I do when real.
On LinkedIn it's a matter of growing relationships,
interacting with folks like yourself bringing those online connections off line so we can grow relationships and learn from each other and spread kindness and health and self-love and all of those wonderful things.

[5:16] Absolutely absolutely. And you've done a couple of things because you're having family is so important.
And also the opportunity to actually kind of shift your energy on to someone else with kindness or gratitude is is so important it's like,
one of the things I love to think about is you know when I help someone else and I and I help the others around me you know it always comes back to me.
It always seems to return the investment and not always in a.
In a one to one kind of fashion. But the gratitude that I have and helping others.
You have to feel that way because when you're resetting somebody's life when you're resetting you know when you're helping them make different decisions about how they're eating or how they're working out or how they're whatever they're doing in life.
It really has a difference in a longer term effect in their life as well as your own.
And so have you seen some of those effects impact you and those around you.

[6:19] Oh my goodness yes. I mean a big part of what I do is is,
legacy leadership and what that means is really creating this legacy not with my child of course but being a mom but with other people as well that ripple effect.
I mean it's so foundational to be able to give the gift of health to somebody and.

[6:43] Educate them and give them the tools to last a lifetime and that's what I think about as a legacy. What is the infringer.
Are we leaving on this world one person at a time and I mean if I can help somebody you know sleep better or feel better or make better choices towards their health or take a look at,
something that may they may not have learned before and then they you can't help but share that when you're in a state of like,
feeling and looking and being more confident and learning new things you can't help but share that with others.
And as you stated that energy that you have then becomes infectious and that's what leaves that ripple effect and that impact and that legacy.
So it is a gift that I get to share that with other people because it started with me.
Somebody shared it with me and. I took the step and I've just created that ripple effect and moved it forward.
And of course now with platforms such as LinkedIn and some of the other social platforms that I'm active on as well it just allows.

[7:50] Us as change makers and as up lifters and as legacy leaders to impact others on a much broader scale,
not just in our own community but around the world as well. So it's so fun.

[8:06] Well the thing that I love about what you're doing and what other people are doing like in the Blue Angels is it's it's really about the community you know and we.
I mean really people care about each other and the beauty of it is is you don't know if I happened to be in Baltimore I could I could connect with you and we could probably go lunch and have coffee or do something.
You know it's like we're friends and we even though we have not met in person there's things about our relationship and our our connection that is I think it's.

[8:44] It transfers across and around the world.
Because I have people that I know around the world that I've made connections with.
I've developed a relationship with. I've had conversations with and I've had him on the pirate broadcast or I'm gonna have them on the pirate broadcast.
And it's just amazing the kinds of community that we can build and I think that's I think that's important key distinction and in the time we're living in right now is is we don't necessarily need to be next door to help someone,
we don't need to be next door to encourage someone to do better or make better decisions or work through some of the challenges that they're working through,
and it's so simple and so powerful that it's really amazing that we can do this and I just encourage you to reach out to someone.
Have a conversation with somebody you haven't had and you know build that community and build that relationship with others.
And I don't know that you probably have ways that you do it.
Is there is there some of the things that you do that really surprise you as as far as the results go.

[9:54] Yeah. You must have read my mind just now.

[10:00] I have a job a pirate broadcast.

[10:04] You read my mind because I'm just thinking about how I got started building relationships through LinkedIn and it was,
over just about two years ago when I kind of started engaging in LinkedIn and,
a year prior there had been some changes at my job and I turned to LinkedIn really to find another job because that's what I thought it was at the time to get out of the situation and the toxicity that I was in.
So I used it as a job search platform for about a year and then I also have my own business as a brand ambassador with our boss. And I was like well.
There's millions of people on this platform. You know I can utilize this to grow relationships and so I was I followed that one of these lead a leader whose name is Bob Heimlich in the profession that I'm in.

[10:56] And he had suggested this purposeful prospecting challenge really and got hold of that challenge as a way to meet others and grow relationships and here's what I did.
One of the things that I've been really impacted from is Simon Sinek start with why his TED talk that he did.
Yeah well everybody has a what they do how they do it but it's really when you look at why they do what they do or why I do what I do really just connects,
with others on this like untouchable commonality that you you really can't find.
So I set out as part of this challenge to connect with as many people as I could on LinkedIn bring the conversations off line simply by reaching out.

[11:49] Thanking them for their connection establishing that ongoing just you know not raising resistance about what I was doing but what really worked for me is simply just asking the question yeah.
Would you like to come off line with me and have a conversation.
I'd love to find out why you do what you do and share with you why I do what I do and when starting with that why I mean it kind of just like release that resistance.
And I was able to just meet the most incredible people and plant those seeds that then have just kind of blossomed over time and you know through practice because I can be hard,
hard reaching out to a stranger and engaging in and doing those things and we our inner voice kind of stops us and it's like no that's out of your comfort zone don't you like what are you doing.
But taking that step to move forward. So it had a lot to do with why I do what I do.

[12:47] Yeah they call that the resistance it's the resistance the War of Art by Steven press Bild calls it.
That feeling of resistance is the thing that you know you need to do intellectually and emotionally it's just pushing back and saying No I don't need to do this I don't want to do this I don't have to do this.
And so we stay stuck because we have imagined in our mind that it's something beyond our our ability to do and it really isn't.
Because if we go out and we takes baby steps you know and it's it's like you the first 100 people you could actually reach out to and have absolutely no agenda.
You just it's just to understand what other people are doing.
Your profile looked interesting.

[13:35] You have a history of things and I believe that you if you follow and have a conversation long enough there's always a common thread always a common thread.

[13:44] If you if you take the time to have the conversation and it's like OK yeah there's either a profession a location a geography or anything.
And it's just amazing what you can do and there's no agenda intact and then all of a sudden after you have a conversation and you're you're connected and things and you start to discover a little bit more about a deeper level of what you're doing.
It's amazing to think about what you can do with that conversation. I just want to give a shout out to everybody that's in the room.
Allison Sherry Angie Sean Carroll or if Kannada Good morning Canada.
And and.
People are amazing so amazing.
And I just it just I'm I'm impressed and surprised and amazed everyday by what people are capable of doing and what they're doing out there in the world.
And I've always been fascinated by what people do.
You know it's like so. So I guess I would ask the question Alison why do you do what you do yeah.

[14:59] Thank you. Thanks for asking that question Russ. I mean it's so true. It is amazing when you find out what people do.
You know one thing I've learned through growing relationships is that we all we do have these common connections that you find that you figure out right.
So why I do what I do so really it comes from my background.
I grew up thinking that and learning that,
I was supposed to go to school and get a good good good grades and go to college and pick a major and graduate and get married and have a family and all those wonderful things that like OK and work for like the rest of my life. This checklist right.
Like a checklist can fill these boxes. I'm like doing my thing and successful sales and marketing career I've always worked for others companies helped them succeed and,
top performer all those wonderful things. Check in the boxes.

[15:55] I put at the heart of that I always knew I wanted to be a mom. But when my husband and I. We had been married for about five years doing our thing.
We decided that it was time to I guess not not try or kind of try I guess like like this is it. We're gonna make a baby now.

[16:14] It didn't go as planned. So we ended up having over four and a half years of trying eleven fertility attempts. Total.
We had a miscarriage at number three. I lived on bed rest for seven weeks in the hospital. So that is a lot.
That is a lot. But that I learned my resiliency to keep going for what I want and that you know God doesn't put anything on your heart that isn't meant to come to fruition.
So even despite all the knock downs and feeling like I wasn't reaching my goal we just kept trying and so when I became a mom that really changed everything for me and just kind of opened my eyes to OK I have this legacy now.
I have this little person that was meant for me and I go through everything I went through again in a heartbeat but when I went back to work I quickly realized that I wanted to I and I desired more flexibility.
I wanted to own my own schedule I needed to make money to get further ahead.

[17:14] That's a tall order for anybody but for a busy working mom who's balancing career and family and all the other things on my plate.
You know it just was overwhelming that friends of mine from high school she introduced me to Auburn.
She came over and she's like Can I give you a facial. And this was after I'd gotten out of the hospital after I had evolved and I was like OK well you know it's great treat me treat my girlfriend.
And so I from there I just fell in love with the products and they met my standards for the things that I wanted to use in my body and on my body and not tested on animals and all of those things and so I became a product of the product and then.

[17:56] A lot changed when I started this 30 days to healthy living lifestyle program but also a lot changed when I started mentoring a human trafficking survivor.
No because that has always been an issue that has just talked to my heart how kids can be sold for sex in every neighborhood of every city of every town not just overseas.
Here in the United States and I just broke my heart and so I aligned with an organization I started mentoring a survivor and I started to think well if I'm supposed to be helping her with her goals and her dreams and moving forward,
what is it that I really want. What does.
And once you know what standards do I have for myself.
And so through cleaning out my gut feeling great looking great.
All of those things. Getting our confidence. I started to kind of uncover more goals that I had for myself and,
just set on a path of building a business through helping others through diving into personal growth and,
why I do what I do is so because it fulfills my values my core values and this aligns with my core values of having fun.

[19:16] Making a difference doing meaningful work.
Being compassionate helping others and all of those things.
So that's why. And of course I'm building time and financial freedom for my family so that I can have choices so that I can not only,
give our family the choices that we want for where we want to travel where we want to live and what we want to do and all of those but,
so that I can have the money to be able to give back in a big way to organizations that tug on my heart,
like a human trafficking,
organization that I'm aligned with. So that's my wife.

[19:56] Yeah. Isn't it.

[19:59] I find it fascinating that you know a lot of times after we learn about checking the boxes that we're told we need to check,
that a lot of people the fortunate ones the lot of the people actually create their own list and decide hey these are the these are the new boxes that I need to check out because it's not.

[20:18] It's so unfortunate because there are so many people that just go day to day to day and they live for the weekend and they don't understand how much opportunity is actually out there.
I see you have been doing this a long time and I've been in and out of corporations and I've you know I spent time in you know twenty five years in companies that no longer exist.
And I've done some amazing things I've had some incredible experiences and I just I thrive in those environments.
I mean it's the excitement of not knowing is almost as exciting as the comfort of knowing.
Does that make that make sense.

[20:58] I mean yeah. Exciting. Yeah. And so.
So traveling to a place or doing something you've never done before.

[21:08] You know it's like. Like yourself you you cannot teach without learning. Right.
And when you learn and you listen to what you're you're really.

[21:19] When you really know from the inside out is when you start your own checklist and I think it's really important for people to understand that you have a choice there.
You know it's not always easy and it's not rainbows and unicorns.

[21:32] No. And I have a visitor. I have a visitor to a pirate broadcast,
on. I don't take the table because we work careful.
So when I say hi to my friend Russ. There.

[21:48] Does it remind you of Santa.
I went back back baby.

[21:56] Are you going to sit here while we talk. She doesn't want to say hi but she's said right I.
OK. All right. So you still have your wish. Yes. We'll talk about it when I'm done.
Love Latvia.
OK. I'll find out for sure. Visit our mother she wouldn't even put her face on camera.

[22:20] That's how you get it. But we had a guest appearance that didn't quite appear so I guess it's from Avalon Brooklyn.

[22:29] Why why.

[22:31] So so precious. So Alison let's.
I know that you know this week is special and you're traveling and things like that and I do appreciate the fact that you're here and we finally got to connect,
her several little things that go on us like OK the links and you know the show is what I'm doing here is is amazing.
I mean I think it's amazing because I've been working in tech since 92 and it's like finally the tech is catching up with my ideas of what I want to do.

[23:02] That's wonderful. Why did you start this. What's your why private group broadcast.

[23:09] Because I love I love the idea that I can I can.
If I can do it you can do it. It's like this. We are in.
We are in the most amazing period of time in humanity.
I mean more content is being created than ever before and video is so important in just being able to put this together and communicate and build communities and build relationships with people all over the world.
I think it's I think it builds a stronger unity.
And as we learn more about other people we become more tolerant and we become more.
I think for forgiving and sharing in and we understand that it's not about it's not all about me.
It's about what other people are doing around me that helps me become me.
It is really about how can I help other people grow and expand and share their gifts. Because everybody has a gift.
Everybody has a gift. And there are so many people that fail to find their voice.
And if I make it easy and useful and beneficial for them and easy access to share their message then that's one more person that gets to share their message.

[24:29] So that's wonderful. It's interesting I picked up on what you said is about finding their voice because,
I think it's so important that we all have a unique first of all we all have our unique experiences that just make us who we are.
And you said something earlier about we have to learn in order to teach and certainly learning through our life experiences allows us to share.
Our experiences that things that we've learned that can help others.
You know I have our hindsight B or foresight. I think it's how it goes. I don't know who said that but you talked about having your voice.
I mean I know a big part a big catalyst for me.

[25:15] Learning to own my voice came when I found in my corporate career that I didn't have a voice,
and therefore I sought out a way and a culture. Or maybe it just came to me.
The organization of my line with that's where I had a voice where I could help others find their voice share their voice empower others uplift others and I think it's so important that,
when we share our voice and when we have the courage to share.
Our voice we not only find others that have those similar connections and values and in learning those relationships but it's so empowering,
to share your voice and to see and learn from others that are doing the same.
I mean I know when I first started sharing content on LinkedIn it's scary to two to share your unique voice and your new unique perspective.
However there are people out there that are just waiting.

[26:21] To hear what you have to say and you may you know don't shrink from what you have to say out of fear or self-doubt or not wanting to or who is going to what people are going to think because,
first off other people are not thinking about you.
They're thinking about themselves but what you say could spark something in somebody else that gives them the courage to then share their voice. I love that.

[26:50] Yeah yeah yeah. Well if you can inspire one person to make a better choice that's that's it matters. It all matters.
And I just think that if I can you know I love the technology side I'm a nerd from the herd.

[27:08] You know it's like I'm there already. And if I can actually broadcast you know I believe in you know that's the whole idea of pirate broadcasts is we don't need permission we can just fire up a phone and start broadcasting.
We don't need the FCC we don't need permission from a producer or broadcaster Channel a television station or a radio station,
we could just turn the phone on and start broadcasting and a lot of people don't really understand the impact that that could have on the world.

[27:38] And I think it's really important for us to to get that understanding in place and motivate others to do share their gift.
I mean just imagine if you could sit down and listen to your grandparents like we're talking right now.
And get an insight in kind of a perspective on what they were thinking when they were our age and growing up.
You know it's it's like the generations of individuals that we've lost information from.
We now have the opportunity to capture and to me that's that's a gift that you give them.

[28:16] You know I never really thought about that before. I mean I I've seen it like personally because I can go back and see the things I've done in the past like me.
And it's so true. Like it's like this time capsule. And I love how you do these live and because going live being live is it so transparent like it not only shows,
your flaws.
I mean it's just so transparent and it takes practice. I get it either and I totally get it.
But going live it's just it does. It brings this like transparency we're all human we all have our day to day struggles we all have our crap that we've gone through we all have our,
things that we wish that we that tug on our heart and our why and our share and I think that connects us all.
So I appreciate what you're doing here and with the pirate broadcast press and what you're doing to kind of spread your story and,
help empower others to share their place and bring this platform to everybody else. I love it.

[29:17] Well and I like to keep these you know I started out of seven days a week and I thought you know I probably need to give,
I need to take a break on other two weekends and you know set it up get subsistence in place and what I've done now is I've.
I've set it up on Russ Johns dot com and so your luck later today.
There's there's a podcast. So if you want to listen to a broadcast if you want to share that you can share that.
And then I take the transcripts from the conversation and I put it in transcripts on a page on a post and then I take the video and put it up on the pirate broadcast.
So each each show is gonna be highlighted on Russ John's dot com as well as YouTube Facebook Linked In live.
And also you know iTunes and you know all of.

[30:14] The places where you heard the fans out to like reach a broader of it. I love it.

[30:22] You don't know where people are going to find you. I mean you know you could be found anywhere.
So you know it's like it's not my decision to tell you where I need to where you need to go it's like OK I'll put some things out here and people will find me or they it's they haven't found me yet or they'll find you.
You know it's like OK I want to know more about Alison. I love that.
I love listening to her on the pirate broadcasts. I want to know more about her. I'm going to connect with her on linked. So is linked in the best place for people to connect with you.

[30:53] Facebook on your website. Alison Buckland dot com. It is one L L I S.
Land dot com. Yeah I'm on social.
Reach out send me a message. I'd love to connect online off line.
Yeah. That's the best way to contact me. And before we go I had an I. It's funny I was like I got to wear a hat.
I didn't know if I was going to wear a hat. Or.

[31:18] Not your hats and we had a going away. But I was having a really good hair day. So I did. It looks great. But I have a couple so.

[31:31] Up a fight.

[31:35] A little break up.

[31:42] You guys need space in and you're like.

[31:55] And so.

[31:57] Shout out to the Baltimore Ravens.

[32:00] Awesome awesome. We broke up a little bit there Alison but I know you got family vacation.
We're going to wrap this up and connect with Alison on LinkedIn.
Social media tracked her down. I'll also include links to two where you can meet her and greet her and connect with her.
And also if you want to go on.
I'd love to have you subscribe to the youtube channel. I'd love to have you join me on pirate broadcasts on Facebook if that's if that's where you hang out.
And I would love the opportunity to have a connection with you and understand and build a community around what you're doing and understand what you're doing.
And so thank you so much. Alison I love that you're here and thank you so much for your time and generosity and in sharing your story and in helping others understand that you can change your checklist you don't have to keep the same old checklist.

[33:01] It can change so it can change you learn and you grow we're eternal students we're where we're learning and growing throughout our entire life.
And I look forward to connecting with any of your listeners especially any that are looking to create choice and time freedom and get healthy and I'm girl.
So yeah wonderful to chat with you Russ. I appreciate your platform I appreciate you kindness the school smiles are free kids thing.

[33:29] You got it. You got a random act. Don't forget random app document that stuff.

[33:35] So let's share something. Let's share something positive today.

[33:39] All right. Friends thank you.
You enjoy it. You enjoy the day. You do as well. Take care. Hi.

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