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[0:03] Is the pirate broadcast and we are waiting for Wayne.
Wayne is in China and his computer locked up which is not I mean it's a Friday.
So what we're doing is I'm just you know if you schedule a live broadcast and you don't start on time it will it will delete the broadcast.
So I wanted to go ahead and start the broadcast while Wayne sorted out his technology and his getting his things in alignment and I just thought I would say happy Friday or whatever day it is you happen to be watching this.
I know that your busy schedules fill up and this may not be available for you to watch live.
It's 7:00 a.m. Arizona time.
I'm currently in Houston Texas. And so the time difference is a little off and I just I just thought it would jump in any way different circumstances different environment.
However that doesn't stop us with the technology we have today we can broadcast anywhere. And that's why I wanted to bring Wayne on because he's actually in China.
And so being that it's in China.

[1:17] You know we're going through this whole process that he's is attempting to get connected in everything else and that's just the way that this technology is at this point in time is you have to be flexible.
You know it's it it's an experience. You know we we're bringing interesting people doing interesting things and Wayne was a commander in the Navy and he's written some books and he's doing lead generation.
I want to talk to him a little bit Lee about lead generation because that's an area that we all need to pay attention to and our business is how are we developing our relationships our leads and our reputation.
That's another area that Wayne talks about in his speaking engagements and I just thought it would be.
A good conversation to have and I wanted to bring that together today in order to,
educate somebody you know maybe drop some nuggets of knowledge in the in the basket today and I want to know what's going on in your world.

[2:23] Also I want and I want to find out I'm on my phone.

[2:27] I'm looking at my my post here.
I'm looking at this is I've got a couple of comments now so too.
Let me reduce my volume so we can get here. So rodrigo still about two hours on Friday left here in Singapore.
Awesome awesome.

[2:48] Web RTC works well to and from China last time I checked while Wayne was on earlier and apparently his laptop decided to require an update.
So he got a blue screen death and had to reboot Rodrigo. So hey I just want to give you a shout out Rodrigo while we're here.
We got you coming up on a future broadcast pirate.
Since you're already a pirate and let me give you a backstory there are no individuals that helped me put this together and get this started Rodrigo is one of the early adopters.
We have talked for nearly an hour on one of the early shows and I didn't have it streamed into YouTube and I didn't have a streaming to,
Facebook and I also didn't have the files saved and or the podcasts created or the blog post created.
So now that I have got I have a number of those pieces in place I just want to go ahead and invite some of those early guests on to highlight because their stories are amazing.
And one of the challenges we have in lengthy end is finding those older stories and putting those in place so we can.

[4:03] Kind of review that information and it's just I know Ellington's working on it and I love linked in it.
It's great potential and everything that's going on.
Sherry Wu seeing the notifications. This is awesome.
It's awesome Wayne had to Wayne had to drop off and reboot his computer so we'll look forward to him coming back here shortly.
In Singapore it's it's getting a little bit almost tomorrow.
So your future Rodrigo and the whole thing that we're talking about today is lead generation reputation management and also some of the interesting things that Wayne has been doing. He's been a commander in the Navy.
Hopefully he'll come back soon if not I'll just continue to have another Friday follow up conversation with together.

[4:58] Because we know we know this is the pirate broadcast and we're doing what we need to do in order to accomplish our goals right.
So Sherry Happy Friday to you. I appreciate you jumping in. Hopefully you'll be able to see this on your mobile.
I don't know if anybody else has experienced this but the pirate broadcast on mobile Sherri was having problems with that.
I was I was curious if anybody else had had that same experience.
I'm not sure if you have or if you.

[5:33] If you can report on that or what your experience is actually it would be great to get some feedback on that because,
well anything I can do to help out or you know adjust my my settings or adjust feed or put something out there,
we can do that and in the meantime let's talk about why I got to you.
Because now Rodrigo that I'm streaming this to Facebook and LinkedIn.
We are also I'm taking that link and putting it in my f why I got to yo platform and that way I can actually share those episodes out again and again.
And when I share those back out to LinkedIn then it makes it much easier to find those individuals those individual recordings and those those highlight reels of previous guests.

[6:29] So I love the fact that it does that so,
yeah. Desktop rules so there is.

[6:42] An advantage of having all of those on the flight RTL platform and one of the advantages we have is the fact that we can actually,
go back and collect all of those episodes just like a podcast. So if you want to watch those you want to binge file on some of the guests that we've had on prior broadcasts that would be a excellent way of doing it.
So I love that we've got a few more people in the room but it's Friday pirate broadcast we're wait for Wayne.
Wayne is a former commander in the Navy and also a speaker an author and a lecturer on reputation marketing.
Lead generation and also just online in general so we're waiting for him.
However like I mentioned earlier. It's kind of challenging because if you.
Schedule a Facebook Live and then you don't go live it just deletes it and then you can't start it again if he comes back on so we'll just do that.

[7:53] So in the meantime what I'm going to do I'm going to try this experiment a little bit.
SINCE I GOT I GOT A okay there.

[8:04] We'll see how that works. How's the.
Boom. Or I could just talk about here let's do this.

[8:16] I moved to the other side.

[8:23] Where you talking about the lead was there now. So this is so cool I can just change the show up as immediately.

[8:30] But Wayne's coming in so I'm gonna go back to Wayne,
Come on Wayne you can do it you can do it Wayne take a simple copy of your.

[8:46] Do coffee tea chai. What is it. What's your what's your favorite drink in the morning.

[8:54] OK.

[8:56] Very good.
OK. We have Wayne and Wayne in the room now. Welcome back. How you doing. Oh I'm doing OK. Hopefully we'll stay here.
Well let's let's make it happen. Let's make it happen. I've got the big blue screen of death I've never seen that before.
Well we all have the experience the Blue Screen of Death once in a while. Yeah.

[9:20] Fantastic. So so Wayne OK.
We connected. We've never talked before but we connected on LinkedIn.
And you're in China. I'm in Houston and we're going back and forth here. Now you've got your computer going.
You're a commander in the Navy. You did that for a number of years.
Yeah back in the old days back in the old days and now you're doing reputation marketing you're doing lead generation an online Mark.
And you and your keynote speaker and you're also an author. So walk us through you're going from a Navy commander to online marketing.
That sounds like a big transition to me and maybe it's still.
Maybe there's a relation there relationship there that you can talk to us and walk us through. Because I'm curious. I want to know.
Interesting people doing interesting things right now.

[10:16] That's right. But there's really no relationship. They left the Navy I didn't.
I didn't want to go into a job where I had to start. I was a commanding officer and then I was essentially the chief operation officer of a 5000 person organization.
Yeah. And so what were they looking at when I retired. You'll work at some corporation and be a middle manager and have to work my way up again. Yeah.
So what am I going to do. I don't know. And so this is,
whatever 2002 2003 timeframe so the internet is just developing because there's no such thing as an Internet Marketing Course a university. Doesn't exist right.
And the only way people are becoming experts at this is by learning of themselves.
And I figure well at that point the the Internet for for business was so new that I could learn this,
and do it and I started with Ezio because at that time.

[11:24] Kidding getting ranked was something that was not that difficult to do if you knew how to do it right. I mean there were still rules.
Sure in the end and in reality the rules really haven't changed that much. People like to go on and on and on about this. This change that changes change and that change. But the basics still remain the same.
But I I felt that there was going to be a big demand for the CEO.
So I just I took classes with the guys who were already the experts in it.
Yeah and I learned that then I grew everything else grew out of this CEO.
Everything else online marketing as it developed for me grew out of ICU the need for leads the need for Web sites the need.

[12:08] Well then I also I also got certified as a copywriter along the way. I had nothing better to do than write and copy. In,
fact I just got a note the other day somebody offered me a job to be the senior master copywriter. I'm like I have an answer to get I don't know what I'm going to say.
Well there's a copy for that response right.
But I want it to be in charge of myself and I saw that as a good way to do it. Yeah. And I've got a business partner.
He's in New York. You stay there. He hates the Internet.

[12:46] That's not easy. He's the opposite of me despite the fact that I'm blabbering on and on with confidence on his screen that I'm I'm a terrible high anxiety.
I mean the doctors actually say I'm I forget the word for it but I have a level of anxiety that most people can't deal with. And they told me that.
And I think it just I I went to psychologist after I left the Navy and they said how to succeed in the Navy you're you're your anxiety level is not one that people succeed with. And so.
He is the opposite of me. My business partner can walk into rooms.
It's just start talking like How dare you question whether I should be or not.

[13:37] You either owns the room. Yeah he is and he is. He is the expert networker.

[13:43] Yeah he can be extrovert but he but he knows nothing about the Internet.
He's like he's like a dick when it comes to Internet questions he's like OK well you need to talk to him.

[13:54] It's like a lion tucked away.

[13:56] If you want to learn how to network 32 years you know you're still essentially working in operations in a low anxiety environment so you can get projects and jobs and and actually do the work and,
you don't have to worry about going out and shaking hands and,
hanging out with ten thousand people in a room.
So that's kind of a link didn't look so good to me. Yeah. Yeah well you did.

[14:24] So you could build reputation and you could build relationships on LinkedIn very easily and it really affords you the opportunity to be anywhere in the world right.

[14:33] Pretty much. I mean I'm a man. I mean my business by way decided we're never gonna do offices. I mean yeah.
I told him and I've told many. So I was doing virtual before people ever knew what virtual was.
And I'm not about to force myself to have to go rent offices somewhere when I know perfectly well how to control getting things done from anywhere.
And we do without it you know just I'm all right.

[15:00] I don't want to get in the car and go commute someplace place to lot.

[15:04] That's. Well that that actually you know I realized that when I was living in Washington D.C. and I didn't have to drive anywhere.
I was the only person in Washington D.C. It was peaceful.
I had to drive to work.

[15:19] Is had the right to do work. It was all right.
All right. I could walk I could walk to the grocery store I didn't have to drive anywhere. It was like I was great.

[15:29] I love walking cities I love walking cities I live in Phoenix and it's not a walking city per say.
There are some areas in neighborhoods that are a little tighter but.

[15:42] When I lived downtown Seattle it was really easy because I was like two blocks from the market and I could walk up the street and grab food and you know it was easy easy access and I didn't have to.
I could get on my bike and go go somewhere and it was it wasn't.
And you realize that that's really an advantage.
And so what I like what I love now is when I travel it's like OK let me find interesting things right.
So you've been in China for a couple of years now and I'm sure that there's a ton of interesting places to visit and interesting things to do and it's just a different way of living. It's just a different lifestyle.
So what's the most fascinating thing that you've discovered along your path in online.
You know the online world since 2002 and as it relates to lead generation or what.
What are some interesting things that you can share with us drop some nuggets of novel knowledge here today.

[16:38] Wayne. Well you know it kept changing from then so.
I do like to stay in the present with that because you can't do lead Jen the way you did it then because it really isn't that easy.
It's no it takes a little bit more work. It was easy then but it isn't now.
I mean I think everybody knows that getting somebody to sign an opt in form on your web page is not easy anymore.

[17:06] People usually increasingly more difficult.

[17:09] Every time you turn around you drop their email like crazy but they don't anymore.
I get on LinkedIn I forget what year they started but whatever year that was I was on it.
You know I have like now like 14000 connections on it which most people don't give me a number of years to realize how powerful it could be and should be for lead generation.
And then then when I did we decided we gotta figure out how to work this into our business and delete Jim because it actually works much better than the opt in forms. Yeah.
I mean the technical word I don't have is technical word but the word that they use for it now is called social selling right.
It's and there's some people that don't like that term because they say oh I'll go on social media to be sold to.

[18:04] But the whole selling you're not really going there to sell.

[18:09] You go in there to make canals relationships connection. Really. Yeah. Relationship with.

[18:17] And of course you're gonna choose people that you're most likely want. Ultimately would be able to sell to because that only makes sense.
But that's the same way you network when you go to network meetings or stuff like that.
So then he isn't already the event. Yeah.
You don't go to a network event that has nothing to do with anything that you would want to sell. It would be stupid. Waste your money.

[18:37] Well I spoke to somebody the other day and it's like life is this life is a transaction.
It's you know we decide what we do with our time.
Every time we decide something to do with our time that's a transaction we choose to make and we have to say no a lot you know.
So making those relationships building those relationships and and developing your relationship and your reputation around what you do how you do it and then who you help is I think it's key.
And that's part of the social media exercise that you have to go through is like OK set up your profile and let people know what you do how you help them.
You know it's like reading your profile it's you know it's very clear what you what you can help out with.

[19:21] Yeah do nothing.

[19:24] Well I retired already once you did quite a long time.
My wife says we're gonna live to one hundred and fifty so yeah a long time to go.

[19:35] Yeah well hey people are living longer.
You know it's much easier it is much easier to get around to and it's much easier to connect in and there's so many things we're discovering about the world around us.
And and I always love to say that you know if you have a conversation with somebody long enough you'll find a connection. Right.

[19:58] You know I think there's being,
there's good reason to do it on LinkedIn versus Facebook to other places too. And you just look at LinkedIn who's on it.
It's business people. Yeah. And I mean the stats are out there.

[20:15] LinkedIn has I believe it's like three hundred and fifty six percent higher conversion rates than either Twitter or Facebook.

[20:26] And so why would you want to especially in the business the business world. Why would you focus on Facebook.
Well maybe when you get to the point you're selling to consumers that's fine.
But when your stuff is business business and you really want to help other businesses then Facebook and Twitter is not the place to be.

[20:48] No. You know it's like people like you.

[20:51] I think a presence. I call it Real Estate social real estate. It's it's like if you have.

[20:57] You can have a piece of property there as just a social proof.
You know it seems like every day now that when people are doing research they first thing they do is Google Yeah.
You know and it's and it's in it's part of our exercise that we go through.
So if a business is even on lengthy and very aggressively or actively participating in LinkedIn,
it would still be I think valuable for a business to have a Facebook page and a you know oh yes you know it's just a president do.

[21:30] So I'm not saying that you shouldn't be there. Yes. I'm saying if they want to do lead legion in advertising to other businesses.
This is the place to be by is the place to be in the social world or on the online social.
Well they expect to find you on on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter.
Yeah. On good. They expect you to be there so you should be there.
There's no doubt about that. That's the question of where you focus your efforts for advertising or in the case.
The way I prefer is the social selling the networking on LinkedIn.
It's it's gonna be far more effective than trying to do it on Facebook.

[22:11] Absolutely. Absolutely. I agree with the hundred percent. That's where that's where I spend my energy is I spend it on LinkedIn I love LinkedIn I love the community and if you haven't heard,
there's I'm just going to do a quick plug for random act random act initiative is you know just documenting sharing kindness sharing acts of kindness and putting that out to the world.
So there's no random act initiative that we're doing doing some work on I did a video the other day for it.
And so if you could drop by there and mentioned something that an act of kindness you've seen or noticed or shared with somebody it'd be great.
So what are some other things Wayne. Because I know we're wrapping up time but I want to make sure that you have an opportunity since we were a little bit laid to to get out there and and talked about how do people get a hold you.

[23:11] How do what's the best way through LinkedIn through your LinkedIn profile.
Well yeah actually because if you look at my profile the very first thing off the top of it tells you exactly I could put my Skype on there and my my email and it's all right there.
So it's different there take some lessons from my profile.
The first thing is contact me. The rest is how is you know what I do. If you want to read rest of it.
Yeah that's that's the copywriter and me. If you look at my profile it's the next copywriting copy right.
That's why the company just asked me randomly out of the blue. You know the the LinkedIn.

[23:55] Would you call him.

[23:58] No job guys looking for people trying to recruit me the recruiters. Oh yeah.
They recruit me right off my profile.

[24:08] That's kind of the way it can work. So I got Rodrigo Sherry's here.

[24:14] Jordan's here we're talking a win share. He's over in China. We're talking about lead generation.
We're talking about online marketing and media and building relationships and social selling.
And I think it's really important for people to understand that all of these pieces come together. It's not just one skill set anymore Wayne.
It seems like you have to be adept at several different things to really bring it all together all at once.
And Lincoln allows us to actually bring that into our profiles communicate and have conversation with so many people in the in the community. So are there any things.
Are there things that you're seeing right now in the world of online that you're noticing any trends that we want to we want to pay attention to as a community. Yeah.

[25:10] As far as LinkedIn. I mean you've got to follow their blog.

[25:15] I mean I like doing this live broadcast this is a beta thing for them.
But those things all go live. I must say I was lucky. He's already got his I've been waiting for them to prove me.

[25:28] They Wesley I'm not good at numbers but I don't know but just keep banging on their door.

[25:35] Wayne I had to I had. That's the process I went through.

[25:38] I said to every two weeks I sent him a new location.

[25:42] But the thing with LinkedIn is is just stay up with their blog to see what their cause they will tell you what they're going to be doing.
If you keep up with them and if there's one social network I would keep up with in that fashion it would be LinkedIn and not the other ones.
The other thing I would suggest people do is totally outside of LinkedIn but we ever heard a voice first technology that's that stuff.
Alexa is using it with a little go dots and everything else even on your phone for voice searches and everything else.

[26:23] That the stats on that they keep predicting them year by year since 2015 and every year those stats have been too low.
They've they've under predicted on that voice. Perfect technology.
If you're a business owner and you do any kind of content marketing you want to start putting that content on Alexa.
If you need help call me but it because we do that in our ability,
to be awesome but that that is your secret weapon right now you can get in it Alexa get your your skills onto Amazon and you can become the owner of that skill because,
I'm going to tell you there's there's like ninety thousand skills there right now.
If you break them into categories you'll find there's very few and in the end the majority of the categories good people just don't know.
Plus Alexis never easy to get on.
If you if you had an Amazon S3 account and ever tried when they first had that out there loading.
Yeah well Alexa was like that too. They're actually getting better now.
So making it easier for people to put them there. But I'm telling you you've got a business and you do any kind of content marketing you want to get something on Alexa and get something out there because.

[27:45] It will just get picked up.
There are people they really literally get picked up by luck and they start building lists that they couldn't get like.
Like some podcasts they podcast failing.

[27:59] Well we tell you what that about getting the podcast. You know the pirate broadcast on an Alexa.

[28:09] They do web video. It's written content.
They take it they take it all and it can all be you know people use these devices in many many different ways. Yeah.
But if you want to be in people's home the prediction is that this voice first best technology by 2022 will be fifty five percent of people's homes in their home. OK so.
And like I told you for every year since 2015 they've under predicted. Wow.
So their prediction right now for two thousand twenty two is fifty five percent.
And if the trend remains the same it's gonna be more than that because they keep under predicted every year that intellect is the big boss.
I mean Google is there. Yes. And so.
So where is Apple. Alexa the boys at Amazon actually got that market rolling.

[29:02] Yeah well I think that's going to be a big push in the very near future.

[29:07] So I see it all the time. So Alexis skills are an area that you can actually pursue. So you here.
You heard it on the pirate broadcast today. So why so Wayne.

[29:18] I know I know you got We all got busy lives to do and I love love to keep these these pirate broadcast episodes to about 30 minutes in I and I,
I really appreciate the fact that you're here and all the gratitude in the world for you taking a moment and sharing it so.

[29:36] So to recap we have Alexis skills we have social selling we have lead generation we have relationship marketing and also you speak on on on occasion here and there.
So even with your social anxiety you still go out and speak and help people along the way.

[29:54] The thing I've been good at because once I get the microphone I get focused on it.

[30:03] You know there's a lot of truth to that because I always like that is what got me through the anxiety is my ability to focus on stuff that Navy aviation teaches you how to focus on the mission.
And I did that well and that's what got me enabled me to do it. I was the great enabler for me.

[30:26] That's fantastic. That's fantastic. Well I'm so pleased that we had the opportunity to talk today and I know that we'll be going back and forth,
and I'd like to talk a little bit deeper at some point in time about the Alexis skills and what that process looks like so maybe we can get back on another,
another call in the near future and talk about that because I think that's I think that's worth exploring at a deeper level.
So really appreciate being here Wayne.
Thank you so much for being on the prior broadcast and this is all for having me.
It's a Friday and we're talking to interesting people doing interesting things and more interesting than Alexis skills.
So Wayne appreciate you. Thank you so much.
And kindness is cool smiles or free and you enjoy the day.
Thanks. Here in.

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